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You Get What You Need

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I enter the bedroom and you are exactly as I requested. This is good as I am extremely horny and would prefer to get straight to fucking you rather than taking the time to punish you before we get started. Your pleated black skirt is wonderfully short and your ass is cocked up into the air as I demand when I enter. I can even see the slight flash of white between your legs where the thong I requested is barely covering your lips.

The dress white shirt is newly ironed and your long hair is pulled back into the required ponytail. Topping this off is the fact that you are handcuffed to the rail at the foot of your bed, the key on its rabbits foot chain lying in the middle of the bed out of your reach. “Thank you” I say as I lower my face to you and kiss your beautiful mouth deeply, while running my finger from your clit along your slit and up to your asshole. Your panties are quickly moistening as as my finger continues its trip from clit to asshole and back, each trip drawing more moisture from your hot wet cunt.

I break off our kiss and remove my hand from you and take a step back. You look up at me, your lips slightly parted, the deep red lipstick accentuating the dark makeup around your eyes. “What a beautiful little slut you are” I say as I all but rape you with my eyes. I am beginning to harden just looking at you so I quickly finish undressing so I can begin to take advantage of this vision of sexuality in front of me.

Naked now, I walk up to you, your lips part and I slide my hardening cock into your mouth. So warm and wet, and even as I fully harden you willingly, eagerly choke yourself on my manhood. Soon I have a lovely ring of your lipstick around the base of my cock and your saliva is beginning to drip from my balls. I pull your mouth off of my cock and kiss you. It is amazing how good I taste when mixed with your mouth.

Walking around behind you I press my hardness against your still covered crack. Running it up and down between your ass cheeks. I flip your skirt up onto your lower back and gaze upon the glory of your ass. So firm and large. Placing my fingertips on the sides of your thong I run my hands down towards your knees. The fabric rolls and slowly reveals first your asshole then the back of your pussy. Stopping I leave the panties still barely touching your cunt and drop to my knees. I place a hand on each cheek and spread your ass. Flattening my tongue, I run it from your clit to your asshole, wetting the entire area with a layer of hot spit. Then pulling my head back, I blow softly on your wet sex, cooling the heat but stoking your internal fire. “Please” you say. I repeat the tongue, clit to asshole and then the cooling breath. “Please” again you say, this time more urgently.

I put one finger inside of your hot cunt, slowly, until its full length is inside you. “Do you want me to fuck this?” I say. “Please” you respond. I remove my finger, wet with your own juices and suck them off. You do taste fantastic. Then, my finger wet with spit I place it against your asshole. You flex and allow it to slide easily into your tight ass, until again its full length is inside you. “Do you want me to fuck this?” I ask. “Please, my ass, my pussy. Just fuck me, I’ve been here for over an hour!, you’re late!” you say. It is true, I was delayed coming here but I cannot allow my little slave to be so rude. I remove my finger from your ass and quickly lay a strong full hand slap upon your right ass cheek followed up by a blow to the left.”Owww!” you scream, “Please, forgive me master.”

I stand and place the head of my cock against your drooling pussy lips. You push back towards me trying to impale your self upon me. I pull back, allowing just the barest penetration, not even allowing the head to get inside you. When you have achieved the limit of your movement and the handcuffs are preventing you from moving any further, I remove my cock head from your opening and lay two more quick spanks upon you backside, left and right. This time you do not cry out, only arch your back to more fully expose your sweet opening to my eyes and say quietly, “Please.”

You look so amazingly sexual. Your legs spread, the panties still around the top of your thighs, the skirt framing your beautiful ass and sex, the crisp white shirt and your amazing green eyes, staring at me over your shoulder. I know you love to be teased but I need you. I place my cock against your warm pussy and push hard, burying myself completely in one thrust. Grabbing your ponytail with my right hand, pulling your head back, I thrust hard into you.. once.. twice.. my left hand comes down hard on your ass, SLAP! More thrusts, pulling myself into you by your hair, my left hand coming down randomly on your ass. Your arms are fully extended in front of you and even though the cuffs are fuzzy they must be painfully digging into your wrists. Harder now.. letting go of your hair and grabbing your hips with both hands so I can pound you with all my strength. “Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!” your cries in time with my thrusts, “YES! YESSS!! YEESSSSS!!!” as you go over the edge into orgasm.

I thrust a few times more as your body twitches and lean my weight on your back. Reaching around I find the button front and tear your blouse open, buttons flying, my hands find your exposed breasts, your nipples and squeeze. “Ohh god!” you moan and I feel your pussy spasm again.

Time passes, your body calms, I withdraw and you collapse to your knees. I get the key and release one of your hands guide them both behind your back and cuff you again. You look at me over your shoulder, “round two?” I ask, “Please!” you respond.

I stand behind you, above you. I grab your ponytail and pull your head back, further, until you are forced to prop yourself up with your cuffed hands or topple over backwards, still further until your head is nearly upside down. I get my first good view of your naked breasts, your nipples slightly swollen from my rough fingers. Letting go of your hair I guide my member into your mouth and allow my hands to caress your breasts, feel their weight, playfully pinch your erect nipples while you suck upon me. Framed by your white shirt with only its two bottoms buttons still intact you are a vision of desire. I roughly grab your breasts, one in each hand, squeezing, and sink my full length into your throat, hold it there, then withdraw to allow you a quick breath and a gasp. Again a rough squeeze and another full length into your waiting mouth, holding longer this time, feeling your throat working my cock, your tongue licking, choking, I withdraw. A quick breath. Harder this time, pinching your nipples, feeling your teeth bumping my scrotum and pelvis, you moan around my cock.

As I withdraw fully, strings of your saliva connect my cock and the lips of your panting mouth. Nearly all of your lipstick is gone, transferred to my cock. I lower my balls into that beautiful, warm, wet mouth of yours and stroke myself. I could cum now but have more planned for you. Reluctantly pulling myself free of your sucking mouth I bend over and kiss you, deeply, my tongue invading you, a hard kiss, pressing my mouth into yours with my body weight behind it.

I pull you to a standing position by your hair and when you are stable I pull you panties to the floor, allowing you to step out of them. I wad them up, such a small amount of fabric and holding you by your throat say, “open” and then push them into your mouth. Still behind you my knee forces you to spread your stance and then I force you with a hand between your shoulder blades to bend over at the waist. I place the head of my cock at you pussies opening and slowly insert my full length into you. I hear you moan around the panties in your mouth. I slowly withdraw my full length, “stay just like this” and lightly spank you. Going to the nightstand I take out the bottle of lube and one of your many vibrators.

Returning to my position behind you I drop to my knees. Your wet, puffy sex just inches from my face. I breath deeply of your scent. I begin by lightly running my tongue along your wet pussy but soon enough it find its way to your ass. I begin to truly work your tight asshole with my tongue. Fucking your tight little ass like a small penis. Up comes the vibrator, turned on, and I use it to massage the opening of your pussy while my tongue works its way deeper into your ass. My face buried in your ass, my tongue so far into you, tasting you.

The panties are keeping you somewhat quiet but you moan and twitch as the double stimulation brings you once again to the brink of orgasm. I pull my face back just long enough to insert the buzzing cock into your sweet pussy and then quickly resume tongue fucking your ass. Your orgasm on its way, I heard you mumbling “oh god, oh god” around your gag. Your ass twitches around my tongue, your pussy grabbs the vibrator like a vise and your orgasm crashes upon you like a wave.

My cock is drooling pre-cum now. I must have the object of my obsession. I lead you by your hair to the bed, remove your panties from your mouth and soon you are positioned and ready. Your head down, ass up and hands cuffed behind your back. “I want to hear you ask for it” I command.

“Please, fuck my ass” you respond.

“Call me Master, Slave!” A sharp spank punctuating my words.

“Please Master, please fuck my ass.”

I pick up the lube and apply it to my cock. You are looking at me as I stroke my cock, spreading the lube fully. You are looking at me with a not very slave like gleam in your eye and say, “Please Master, I need your cock. Please fuck my ass. Please…”

I get behind you and position my cock, just touching your rosebud. You flex that beautiful hole. It is like your asshole is kissing my cock head. “Please Master, I know you need it. Fuck my ass!”

The sham is over. We both know I am your slave. A slave to the fact that you allow me this. That you love and want this almost as much as I do.

I sink my cock slowly into your willing ass but before I am half way in, you thrust back hard. Taking my entire cock deep into your tight ass.

“My Goddess!” I call out.

“My Slave…” I hear you whisper.

I am out of my mind with pleasure. My hands on your hips, my cock pounding furiously into you. It is so tight, so hot, so wonderful and you are such a beautiful slut. Taking my furious pounding and yet pushing back equally.

I close my eyes and am gone. All I feel, my cock, and the mounting pressure, the heat caressing it. With an explosion of light behind my closed eyes I push with all my strength into you. I feel as though I am turned inside out through the tip of my cock. Your ass milking me as I pump hot cum into your ass, over and over.

Completely spent, I withdraw, your ass squeezing the last of my come from my still hard cock. I find the key and place it in the lock of your handcuffs. Then looking at your winking ass I bury my tongue into it once more. With a turn of the wrist you are free and I withdraw my tongue from your ass.

I am sitting there with a shrinking cock as you turn and look at me. Your amazing green eyes holding me captive. Your hand grabs my withering member, then you lower your mouth and suck me. My body twitches and I feel as though I come once more. When I open my eyes your face is inches from my own and we kiss. Deep, loving, tasting all that we have done.

“I love you too.” You say.

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