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The Next Step

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Matt sat on the edge of the bed looking down at the steel tube which encased his cock. He’d waited so long for this moment, but still he was tremendously nervous. As he looked down he caught sight of his face, reflected in the highly polished surface of the chastity device. Could he really go through with this? He steeled himself and pushed the small padlock through the locking holes and snapped it shut.

His breathing was heavy as he dressed quickly, determined to get this part over with quickly before he backed out of it once again.

He walked down the stairs, the two small keys pressed firmly into his palm. About half way down the stairs he panicked. What was he doing? What was he thinking? What would she think? He paused on the stairs, his mind in turmoil as he debated whether to retreat back upstairs, but now it was too late, she was calling him.


He froze like a deer in headlights, squeezing the keys tighter and tighter until they left an imprint in his palm.


Matt slowly took the last few steps to the bottom of the stairs to see his gorgeous wife Suzanne standing there holding out a jar.

“Can you open this for me please?”

Matt looked at her stupidly. They had been married for six years now, but he still found her absolutely stunning and couldn’t believe he had been so lucky as to marry a woman like her.

“Oh, yes, of course.”

He reached out to take the jar and then realised that he was still holding the keys to his chastity device. He quickly stuffed them into his pocket and opened the jar with relative ease. Suzanne kissed him on the cheek and took the jar back before returning to the kitchen.

Matt watched her walk through the kitchen door and stood in the middle of the lounge feeling slightly foolish. He noticed he was trembling slightly, but worked up the courage to follow her into the kitchen.

He surveyed the worksurfaces and quickly realised that she was in the middle of cooking something.

“Are you busy?” he asked.

“Well yes, a little,” she said.

“Oh, okay…it doesn’t matter.”

He turned to leave, but Suzanne sensed something was up and called him back.

“I know that look,” she said mischievously. “What have you done?”

Matt couldn’t help but smile to himself, he was prone to nervous laughter at the best of times.

“Umm, can I talk to you for a moment, in here?”

“Sure,” she said, looking a little apprehensive as she followed him into the lounge.

“Sit down… please,” said Matt.

Suzanne sat on the sofa and Matt sat down next to her.

“I….I have something to give you.”

He fished in his pocket and retrieved the small key ring and two keys, he held them out to his wife saying “I….I would like you to have these.”

Suzanne looked at the two small keys hanging from her husband’s fingers. She instantly knew what they were for, but she was still more than a little surprised. She continued to stare at them as Matt twitched nervously next to her.

“Are they what I think they are?” she asked softly.

“Y…yes,” he stammered.

She looked at him, a mixture of emotions bubbling over inside.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

He paused for a moment, concentrating his thoughts.

“Yes… I’m sure.”

The silence hung heavily in the air as they looked at each other, Suzanne still not making any move for the keys.

“And you understand what this means?”


Suzanne arched an eyebrow slightly and Matt hastily corrected himself.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Suzanne reached out and held her upturned palm under the keys. Matt let go and the two keys clinked together as they fell into her hand.

“Thank you,” she said and leaned over to kiss him.

As they broke they kiss, Suzanne said two words; “Show me.”

Matt understood immediately and stood up. He undid his button and pushed his trousers and boxers down in one movement, revealing the highly polished metal chastity device that encased his cock. Suzanne gasped as she saw the curved tube for the first time. She had only seen plastic chastity devices before, cheap-looking horrible things, but this was quite different. She reached out and traced her finger along the length of the tube and then moved down to softly massage Matt’s balls, causing his cock to swell inside the tube.

“Mmmmm,” purred Suzanne. “Is it comfortable?”

“Yes… I’ve worn it on and off for a month… I wanted to make sure that it was okay before

I gave you the keys.”

“I see… what’s the longest you’ve had it on?”

“About three days.”

“And it was okay?”

“It chaffed a little, but a little cream sorted it.”

Suzanne smiled and bent her head closer to her husband’s groin. He felt her breath on his balls and then her tongue flicking against them, coating them with her saliva. Matt’s cock was quickly as hard as it could get inside the tight tube and he was soon groaning as she sucked his balls into her mouth, knowing full well what she was doing to him.

Matt looked down and saw that Suzanne had hitched up her thin red summer dress and was rubbing her pussy as she tormented him. The sight of his beautiful wife giving herself pleasure at the very moment that he had surrendered his own to her was almost too much for him. Abruptly Suzanne let go of him and leaned back on the sofa, spreading her legs and exposing her soaking wet knickers to him. Matt was on his knees in seconds, while Suzanne lay back further and lifted herself up so that he could peel away the wet cotton.

Matt tossed the damp panties to one side and then moved closer, drinking in the sight of his wife’s delicious pussy. He breathed deeply, inhaling her luscious scent and then bent closer, gently kissing the small patch of neatly trimmed hair above her slit.

Then, overcome with need he buried his face in her delicious pussy, expertly teasing her lips with his own, pulling on them gently while pressing his hand down softly on her mound. Suzanne was soon grinding her aching cunt against him, moving herself so that her clit was in line with her husband’s mouth. Matt took the hint and gently started to use his tongue to stimulate the hood of her sensitive bud and then, almost before he had started, Suzanne’s body spasmed wildly, taking him completely by surprise as she shuddered through a massive orgasm. Matt kept licking her, savouring every drop of her beautiful juice until Suzanne pushed his head away and begged him to stop. Matt looked up in total shock, he had never seen his wife cum so fast in his life!

“Wow,” breathed Suzanne, smiling down at him. “That was… amazing!”

Matt didn’t know what to say, his eyes were irresistibly drawn back between her beautiful smooth legs to her gorgeous, wet, pussy and he couldn’t resist leaning forward and gently mopping up her juices with his tongue, carefully avoiding her over-sensitive clit. Matt adored the taste of his wife’s pussy and Suzanne was used to having him clean up her juices, his too for that matter… although given this latest turn of events it occurred to her that he might not be doing that again for a little while…

After a short while Suzanne recovered and sat up, while Matt remained kneeling in front of her. She bent down and pushed the key into the small padlock and turned it until she heard a small click. Suzanne twisted the padlock open and slowly slid the curved metal bar out of the rings in the top of the chastity device. She sat up and put the padlock to one side and then bent down to remove the metal tube from Matt’s cock. The tube slid off fairly easily and within seconds Matt’s cock was pointing upwards and rock hard.

“Now,” said Suzanne. “Do you remember what I said to you when you asked me if I would be your keyholder?”

“Yes Mistress, you said that if I really wanted to wear a chastity device…that I would have to follow your rules to the letter.”

“And what were those rules slave?”

“I must give you total control of my cock… I must give you all the keys to the padlock… I must accept that you will only unlock me when you wish to play with my cock… I must accept that being unlocked does not necessarily mean that I will get to cum or even that you will touch me…”

“Go on.”

“I must always be ready to pleasure you Mistress….”


“If I am allowed to cum… I must lick it up from wherever it lands, Mistress.”

“Very good slave, although I think you have forgotten one…”

Matt looked quizickally at his wife and Mistress.

“You must accept that there may be long periods when you are not allowed to cum, and you must NEVER cum without permission.”

“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress.”

“And you accept all these rules slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good. Well it looks like it needs some attention, so why don’t you stroke it for me?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress…”

Matt reached down and curled his hand around his rock hard length, he slowly began to jerk his meat as his eyes were irresistibly drawn to the wet slippery flesh between his Mistress’s thighs. Suzanne leaned back and opened her legs to give him a better view of the beautiful slit he craved so much, her fingers sliding either side and squeezing her pink lips together before peeling them apart to show him just what he was giving up for her.

“Oh slave, what have you done… once you’re locked up only I will get to decide when your cock is released and only I will decide if it is to be allowed inside my beautiful pussy… and that might not be very often at all. Can you live with that slave, or would you rather just throw in the towel now and go back to a normal life.”

Matt looked at her, the tiniest hint of doubt lingering in his eyes.

“I only want what you want Mistress.”

Suzanne smiled as she watched his hand pumping his cock a little harder now.

“Don’t you cum without permission,” she warned.

“No Mistress,” replied Matt breathlessly as he stared longingly at Suzanne’s dripping wet cunt.

“If you cum without my permission your first stint in the tube will be one you’ll never forget!”

Suzanne lifted up her foot and pressed the instep against Matt’s balls.

“These are mine too,” she said sharply, before softly kicking his balls.

“Yes Mistress,” agreed Matt as his cock grew harder still.

“Right, I want to see you edge.”

Matt looked up into her eyes and breathed heavily as his hand moved faster on his cock.

“Don’t you dare cum without permission,” she reminded him tersely.

Matt pumped his cock hard until he felt the tell-tale signs of approaching orgasm.

“I’m there Mistress,” he gasped, loosening his grip on his straining cock.

Suzanne bent down and batted his hands away, before very softly stroking his throbbing, aching, desperate cock a few times, only stopping when she saw a clear drop of fluid appear at the tip of his cock. Suzanne dragged her finger across the tip of his cock, collecting the drop of pre-cum carefully and then watching intently as he obediently licked her finger clean.

“You’re going to be tasting that a lot,” she smirked. “A lot more than you’re going to be tasting your cum, that’s for sure.”

Matt gasped as his cock throbbed madly, threatening to erupt even without the benefit of direct stimulation. Suzanne looked down at his stalk pulsing madly and closed her legs.

“I think that’s enough for today, in future I will want at least two or three edges, but I think you are a little too excited today, and I don’t want any accidents.”

“No Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

Suzanne leaned forward as if to kiss him but instead pressed her mouth close to his ear and whispered, “Wouldn’t you just love to grab it, pump it and spray your cum all over my beautiful feet slave?”

“Oh God yes Mistress…”

“Even though you know that you would have to lick up and swallow every single drop of your cum?”

“Yes Mistress, please…”

Suzanne chuckled to herself softly.

“No slave, not today…not today.”

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