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Peaches & Cream

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Back in ’72 I spent the summer mowing lawns. This particular morning I was cruising down the road listening to my newest album, Eat A Peach. I had picked this cassette because I was on the way to a friend of my mother’s to cut her lawn. Her name was Dolores but since she was a kid everyone called her Peachy. I had known her since I was a kid and without a doubt, she was a total babe. I had spent many a night dreaming about Ms. Peachy. Well dreaming is not the right word. Ms. Peachy had to be without question the finest looking of my mother’s friends.

And also without a doubt, she had the finest boobs I had ever seen. So I had many a fine time thinking of those boobs, jacking my cock until I spewed streams of creamy cum upwards like an erupting volcano. I had hoped that eventually I’d be able to splash the ceiling but as of yet I’d been unsuccessful. So as you can see, what else but Eat A Peach?

I was getting a late start on my grass cutting that day. I arrived at Ms. Peachy’s home to mow her lawn a bit later in the day than I had planned. It was already 11 a.m. and, with a bright sun overhead, getting hotter by the moment. However I had already missed her lawn the week before so it had to get done. I rang the bell as usual and, getting no answer, decided either she was busy or not at home. In either case I got started with the front lawn. It went fairly fast and in less then 30 minutes I was ready to move to the back.

Because of the heat, I was already drenched with sweat and stripped off my T-shirt. I now only had on a pair of old jean cutoffs. I took a good look at them and wondered if they had always been so short. And as I usually did at home when mowing the lawn, I was not wearing any underwear. “Oh well,” I thought to myself, “who will notice.”

As I opened the gate and moved into the back yard, I saw Ms. Peachy laying out on the chaise lounge she had on the deck. As I closed the gate to the 6 ft wooden privacy fence, she looked a bit startled, sat up and stretched, bringing her arms up over her head.

‘My god,’ I thought to myself, ‘she’s sunbathing.’

“Oh puddin, its you,” she said, “I must have dozed off there.”

“Yes, its me Mrs. Keene,” I replied, “Sorry if I woke you!”

My eyes must have been bulging as I took in her fine body clad only in a bikini. I had never seen her in a bathing suit much less a bikini. Her skin shone with a layer of oil and boy did she look fabulous. And those boobs were there in all their glory, almost falling out of that bikini that seemed two sizes too small for her.

Coming back to my senses I said, “Oh Mrs. Keene, should I just come back some other time?”

“No puddin,” she was quick to reply, “not at all, you just go right ahead and continue there. I’m just here working on my tan. And one other thing which I know I’ve told you before. I am not nearly as old as you may think I am, so please call me Ms. Peachy, OK?”

“Sure thing Mrs. Keene, oops, I mean Ms. Peachy,” I replied with a big smile.

To my dismay she rolled over onto her stomach. Now I still enjoyed her long beautiful legs and very shapely butt, although neither of those could compare in my mind to her magnificent mammaries. “OK dude,’ I thought to myself, ‘enough fantasizing, back to work.’

So back to grass mowing I went. Her back yard was very private with her fence but even more so with the hedges that ran around the inside of the entire fence-line. It wasn’t that much bigger than the front yard, but somehow I felt it would take me a good deal longer than the front had.

The day was even warmer now, and without my T-shirt the sweat rolled down my chest and back soaking my cutoffs. Soon my cutoffs were clinging to me, which, thanks to my many glances at Ms. Peachy’s bodacious body in the lounge chair, only served to show a bulge where my slightly hardening cock was located. “Damn,’ I thought to myself, ‘of all days to wear these super short cutoffs.’

As I mowed I continued to steal some glances over at Ms. Peachy’s bikini clad body. I was beginning to acquire a much better appreciation for her fine, poochie butt. As I was going back and forth near the deck, I noticed that her face was turned to the side facing me and that now and then she would open her eyes, just as I passed by. Once we made eye contact, and I noticed a nice big smile on her face. Little did I know that she absolutely loved my body, especially my hairy, muscular chest, strong legs, and the way my cutoffs showed my cock.

A few minutes later she leaned up a bit and called out, “Puddin could you come over here for a minute please.”

I turned off the mower and went over to her. As I got close I said, “Yes mam, what can I do for you.”

“Puddin,” she said with a big smile on her face, “be a darling boy and put some of that suntan oil on me please.”

“Sure thing, Ms. Peachy,” I replied, “I’d love to, ahhh wait, I mean I’d be glad to.”

“Now puddin,” she said, “be sure to unhook this bikini top. I certainly don’t want any tan line there.”

“Oh indeed I will Ms. Peachy,” I responded, “no problem.”

I grabbed the suntan oil, then, standing at the head of the lounge, bent over Ms. Peachy to unsnap her top. I began fumbling with it and could hear her chuckle. Finally I got it. I squirted out a portion of oil onto her back and began applying it in broad circles massaging the oil in with a firm hand.

I started in with her shoulders then leaned over more to reach the rest of her back. Finally I got a bit daring, leaned over a bit more and started moving to the sides of her back. I thought I saw Ms. Peachy open her eyes a time or two as I bent over her. Moving up and down along the side of her back, I gradually was going lower and lower with each pass. My hands were getting really close to her boobs, but I decided to play it safe and stopped there.

I then moved over to the back of the lounge and started applying the oil to her legs, beginning at the ankles and moving my way upward. As I got to her thighs, I began applying the oil as if I were massaging her, and was really getting into squeezing those thighs of hers. Ms. Peachy was rather tall, and had really nice legs and especially nice thighs. I was now moving up closer to her butt, and my hands were getting really close to the bottom of her bikini. My eyes were fixed on her butt, and especially at the junction of her butt and thighs. I found myself bending over slightly now and could see a bit of dampness there at the Y.

Feeling her body like this was really getting to me, and I could feel my cock getting really hard now. Finally I asked her, “Would you like me to do your front side now Ms. Peachy?”

“Sorry puddin,” she replied looking back at me, “I got that pretty good before you came back here. Thanks for doing my back and legs. You sure do have nice strong hands too. You know, you ought to think about becoming a massage therapist after you graduate.”

“Why thank you Ms. Peachy,” I said, “I’ll give that some thought. Now I better get this lawn done before it gets any hotter.”

I got back to cutting the lawn. After a few minutes, I saw Ms. Peachy reach around, hook her bikini top, then turn over onto her back.

‘Great,’ I thought to myself, ‘finally I get to see those awesome boobs of hers. I made a point to go extra slow whenever I was within sight of the deck. I was really enjoying the sight of her bodacious boobs there in the bikini. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end (or so I thought), and within about a half hour I was finished mowing. As I shut the mower off, I noticed that Ms. Peachy sat up in the lounge chair. “Puddin,” she said, “I was hoping you could help me with something else.”

“Sure thing Ms. Peachy,” I replied, “what’s that?”

“There are a bunch of leaves stopping up my gutter down by that downspout there,” she said. “I was hoping you could clean them out for me. There’s a ladder around the side of the house there.”

“No problem,” I replied.

I went around and got the ladder and brought it to where gutter and positioned the ladder there. I noticed that the ground was not very level, and the ladder didn’t seem too stable. I walked back over to the deck and up to where Ms. Peachy was laying on her back again. ‘Damn but those boobs were outstanding,’ I thought to myself as I got a close look. The sight of them was really getting to me now, and I only hoped she would not notice the effect.

“Ms. Peachy,” I said as I arrived next to the lounge, “this ladder isn’t very stable here. Do you think you could hold it while I clean out the gutter?”

“Why sure puddin, I’d be glad to,” she replied.

I stood there for a second and realized that as she turned to look at me she stared directly at my crotch. Turning away quickly I said, “OK let’s do it,” then walked over towards the ladder.

Sitting up quickly, she got up in the lounge and walked over to the front side of the ladder, grabbing it. I climbed up on the ladder, and noticed that, where I was standing on the second rung of the ladder, my crotch was just slightly higher than her head. Her eyes looked down at my legs then as she began to move her gaze upwards, she paused as she caught sight of my crotch. Unable to move, I stood there, and saw the smile on her face as her lips parted slightly.

I quickly looked away saying, “We better take care of this gutter.”

“Sure thing puddin,” she replied and took firm hold of the ladder casting her eyes downward.

I reached my arms over my head now, began to throw out some of the leaves that had accumulated in the gutter. Fortunately this seemed to help take my mind off of this beautiful woman whose face was mere inches away from my cock. The ladder was shaking badly, and Ms. Peachy did her best to hold it. She spread her legs a bit, and grasped a little higher onto the sides of the ladder, and stopped much of the shaking.

I glanced down for a minute and watched as her gaze once again moved from my muscular calves, then up to my bulging thighs, then finally directly up at my crotch. Quickly returning to my chore, I had to reach way out to the side now. I knew that with the way I was leaning to get to the leaves, my cutoffs drew away from body a bit.

Glancing down quickly I saw Ms. Peachy looking upwards. The look on her face though confirmed my suspicion. Her jaw had dropped and I knew that, leaning over as I had been, my cock and balls were in full view. She just stared at me for a few moments, then I noticed her eyes shut, and her body began to waver a bit as if she felt a sudden weakness overcome her. She was now gripping the ladder more for her own support.

She then opened her eyes once again, and I saw them riveted on my crotch. Knowing that she was watching me only caused me to become more aroused. My half erect cock began to swell and enlarge. And sure enough, even as she watched, she saw my cock slide from under the bottom of my loose shorts. She watched that finely sculpted head slip out into the open, my cock swelling larger until a moment later it was stretched way out of the shorts, and it gleamed in the bright sun light.

Ms. Peachy glanced up at me and I looked at her. We both seemed to know that there was no further need to ‘pretend.’ She reached out her hand and wrapped her fingers around my cock. She began squeezing it methodically now. I could feel it getting even harder and she continued to massage it. I could see a look of pure eroticism on her face now. She was totally mesmerized by my cock now, her face only inches away.

She released my cock, and reached up unsnapping my cutoffs. With a slight tug she pulled them around my knees. She once again grabbed my cock but his time encircled her thumb and forefinger into the shape of an O. She began sliding them up and down now from the base of my cock to the bottom ridge of the head. Up and down, up and down she went, her eyes only inches from my cock.

I just stood there, my head swimming as waves of total joy swept through my body. My cock was hard as a rock now, and Ms. Peachy kept pumping away. My aching balls, laden with cum hung low now, only inches away from her face. With her free hand, she reached out and took them, and began to squeeze them in rhythm to her other hand. She stared intently on her task in hand, almost oblivious to me.

For several minutes now she continued her manual assault on my cock and balls. I could feel the tip of my cock now begin to seep a few drops of precum. Upon seeing that, I watched in ecstasy as her tongue snaked out of her mouth and she moved her head towards my cock. With the tip of her tongue she began licking the tip of my cock, gathering in the pearly drops of cream. After taking them all, she opened her mouth wide and, glancing up at me for the first time in several minutes, licked her lips. She looked me in the eyes as she slowly wrapped her lips around the head of my cock.

My body started to quiver as she began moving her mouth up and down on the head of my cock. I could feel her tongue probing the tip of my cock for more sweet white nectar. Continuing her sucking on the head, her thumb and forefinger began milking the shaft of my cock again.

I could feel the cum churning in my balls and my legs were getting a bit wobbly so I held onto the ladder even harder and pulled myself closer towards it for support. This caused my cock to drive deeper into her mouth. Ms. Peachy wrapped her lips tightly around my cock, pulled her hand away, and began to take it deep into her mouth, bobbing back and forth, taking more and more of my cock with each motion of her head. She was taking me all the way into her mouth now, as I could feel my balls against her chin with each stroke. My cock was getting even harder now as I saw her mouth inhale my cock time and time again. Up and down, up and down, she went. There was no doubt in my mind that this woman knew her stuff and was fully intent on giving me a fabulous blowjob.

I felt like I wasn’t going to hold out under such voracious sucking. Not wanting to cum so quickly, I began to pull my hips away from the ladder. But Ms. Peachy had other plans. Reaching her hands through the opening in the ladder, she grabbed a butt cheek with each hand. Pulling me back towards her until my body was pressed against the ladder, she resumed sucking my cock with a quick rhythmic motion, pistoning back and forth like a well drilling for oil.

Her lips felt like a vise around my cock and I knew there was no holding back now. I thought to myself, ‘This woman was going to get a mouth full of cum and real soon too.’

I began humping my hips against her now as if trying to drill a hole through the other side of her head. Her mouth seemed to grasp my cock even harder now, and I knew I was ready to unload. Ms. Peachy seemed to sense it too, and buried my cock deep in her throat. With a gasp, I felt my cock twitch and then I began spewing load after load of hot, creamy cum into that hungry mouth of hers. She gripped my butt harder as I unleashed every drop of cum that had moments earlier filled my balls.

As Ms. Peachy swallowed the last drops of cum, I felt her hands slide off my butt and her mouth slip off my cock. I looked down and saw her smack her lips as if she had just finished a delicious meal. She stepped away from the ladder saying, “Thanks puddin, your cream is very tasty and so much of it too. I certainly enjoyed that.” She then crooked her finger at me saying, “Now, I’ve got some other chores for you today. Please come with me.”

As Ms. Peachy began walking towards the house I quickly pulled up my cutoffs, buttoned them and stepped down from the ladder. I followed her into the house. As we went down the hall, I could already feel a twitch in my cock as I watched her butt sway before me. We entered her bedroom and stopped at the edge of the bed. Ms. Peachy turned and looked at me first with a smile that quickly turned into a scowl.

“Puddin,” she said, “we can’t have any fun with those shorts on can we now?”

“Mmmmmm no,” I replied, “I don’t guess we can.”

Ms. Peachy kneeled in front of me, unfastened the snaps of my fly, slid my shorts off onto the floor, where I stepped free of them. She then guided me back onto her bed, having me lie flat on my back. Quickly reaching behind her back, she unsnapped the top piece of her bathing suit, freeing those beautiful, huge boobs. While looking at me she cupped a hand under each, then lifted them one by one to her mouth where she first licked the nipple a couple of times then gave each a good hard suck. Her hands now unfastened her suit bottom, stripping it off and tossing it aside. Licking her lips, she now stood completely naked before me.

She bent over me, then cupped her hands beneath my cock and balls and lifted them slightly. With a smile and sigh, she pressed her face against my cock and balls, rubbing them against her face, inhaling that delicious sexual odor from my crotch. She gave a welcoming sigh as she began to feel my cock returning to life.

Looking up at me she said, “Ah, the glory of youth! This sure is a fine cock you have here puddin!”

Kneeling beside me, she took gently hold of my semi-hard cock, and guided it closer, moving her lips until they were pressing against the now wet tip. Opening her mouth, she slipped out her tongue, licking around the tip of my cock.

Then, once she felt that cock well lubricated, the eager woman slowly lowered her head, stopping only when she felt the tip of my cock just short of touching the very back of her throat. She began sliding her lips up and down along my cock, taking it from the head to the base. As she reached the base she would pause. I could feel a gentle humming from her mouth and felt my cock begin to reverberate in response. After a few seconds she would move back up to the tip, where I could feel her tongue probe for signs of my juice. She would then repeat this cycle, time and time again, my cock getting harder and harder as the rhythm increased.

“Ohhh, ahhhhh,” I sighed, bracing my shoulders and feet against the soft bed, and arching my back as I thrust upward in an attempt to enter even deeper into that hot mouth. A series of quick short grunts escaped my lips. I knew that she was bringing me once again to brink of exploding deep into her mouth.

Ms. Peachy must have recognized the signs of my ultimate climax, but continued to work her head back and forth for a moment. She then raised her head, freeing my cock from the velvet embrace of her delicious mouth. She then shut down all systems by squeezing her thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock. Applying more and more pressure until she achieved her objective, I felt that tremendous sexual feeling simply leave my body as my cock wilted like a limp noodle.

“Not so quickly this time my sweet young man,” she whispered.

I raised my head and saw my cock, a look of dismay coming over my face. However, after a few seconds, Ms. Peachy released her fingers and inhaled my limp cock, taking it deep into her mouth. This time pressed her lips so firmly into the shaft and started squeezing it. Using her mouth like fingers, she worked my cock like taffy and quickly had it back at full mast.

She then slowly began to suck, lick and work her head up and down. I was getting back into it again, reveling in the pleasure of her velvet mouth on my cock. This woman’s mouth was magic and I knew she could have finished me off any time she wanted to. The sensations were incredible and I could feel my cock throbbing.

On occasion, I could feel drops of precum oozing from my cock, only to feel her tongue pry open the tip and lap it up. Her expert mouth and tongue continued to give my cock a mega workout. Once again my hips started their involuntary humping. She seemed to raise her head a bit and I began using my legs and back to arch my hips higher and higher. One more time, Ms. Peachy brought my cock to the brink of ejaculation. Just as I was sure I was going to spew, she pulled her mouth away and once again applied that finger clamp of hers, and, like a wilting vine, my cock shriveled.

Ms. Peachy now leaned over me and began brushing her nipples into the hair on my chest, dragging them back and forth. I could feel them as they became more and more aroused as she continued to snake back and forth across my chest in a figure 8. She seemed to give special attention as she passed over my nipples.

She then moved up over my face and paused a second. I could see her looking down at me, and her magnanimous mounds dangled just out of my reach. She smiled, and then lowered her boob to my waiting mouth. I took it in and inhaled as much of her tit as I could into my mouth. I then began sucking hard on it, while tonguing the nipple. It was already hard but I could feel it harden more as my tongue gave it a workout. She then leaned up and moved over slightly to lower her other boob to my mouth. I was sure to give it equal treatment.

After a few minutes of boob action, Ms. Peachy pulled away and stood next to me. “Now puddin,” she said, “I think its time this pussy of mine got some attention,” she said.

With that, she climbed onto the bed, carefully straddling my body, and while facing my feet, she slowly eased herself down on my waist. I stared at her fine butt for a minute. Ms. Peachy began to back up across my chest and, with her legs on either side of my head, she stopped as her pussy was directly over my face. I lay there staring at those juicy thighs and that hot, wet pussy. It looked so incredible, and I couldn’t wait to taste it. Finally she began to lower herself down towards me.

“Eat it puddin,” she sighed, “eat Ms. Peachy’s pussy.”

I reached up and grabbed her butt pulling her down the last couple of inches to my waiting mouth. I first began lapping at her pussy lips. Her sweet juice soon coated my tongue and I drank down as much as I could. As I licked, I could hear Ms. Peachy moan and could feel her sliding her pussy up and down along my tongue.

“Yes, yes, ohhhh, that’s feeling sooo good puddin, keep it up”, she gasped. I then shoved my tongue deep into her pussy, feeling her body spasm as I probed the depths of her honey pie. I began lapping faster and faster until Ms. Peachy’s body suddenly began to spasm. She let out a load moan, then her legs clamped around my head as her body shook in a thunderous orgasm. I was rewarded with even more juice then I could handle her cream beginning to coat my mouth and chin.

I had Ms. Peachy raise up a bit then I reached up with my hands and gently pried apart those thick pussy lips until I could see the wet, gleaming flesh inside. She gasped as she felt my finger slide inside her drenched pussy. As I began to drive first one finger then a second in and out of her pussy, I leaned up and began to lick her clit with my tongue. I stabbed it a time or two, then started running my tongue down one side then the other.

Ms. Peachy in the meantime was tossing her head back and forth, staring blindly at the ceiling. She began churning her butt up and down as my tongue now began to skillfully tongue fuck her clit. She was in heaven as she fucked herself on my talented tongue, feeling herself swiftly approaching another orgasm.

I could hear Ms. Peachy breathing harder now. She leaned forward now and grabbed hold of my cock. She started stroking it, quickly pumping it up to full strength. She took it in two hands now, and began riding my face while using my cock like it was the horn of a saddle.

I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it inside my mouth. Within a second she screamed at the top of her lungs and began once again began convulsing in a tremendous orgasm. I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers as her copious juices began running down my hand. This time Ms. Peachy’s orgasm continued for what seemed like an entire minute.

When she had recovered she bent over and gave my cock a quick lick from the base to the head, then sucked it into her mouth. She then swung her leg over me and stood beside me. Grabbing my cock she said, “I’ve got to have this in my pussy and NOW!!!!!”

She quickly moved to the edge of the bed, quickly rolled over onto her back so that her butt was right on the edge of the firm mattress. She raised her legs and wrapped her arms around them under her knees, then looked at me and said, “Well, what are you waiting for?”

I needed no further word and jumped off the bed and stood on the floor immediately in moved in front of her. I grasped my cock and, with Ms. Peachy holding her legs open even wider, I looked down and guided my cock to her pussy. I stroked it up and down along her pussy lips, coating it with her copious juice. I eased it up a bit and poked her clit with the tip of my cock, then putting it at the opening to her hot, wet box I pressed forward, easing my shaft into her. I watched as inch after inch my cock slid inside her incredibly hot twat until I felt my belly pushing against the back of Ms. Peachy ‘s raised thighs.

She now had pulled her legs apart to the utmost, until they were almost lying beside her on the mattress. I began driving my cock in and out of her pussy, feeling it grabbing at me. I reached out and took her boobs in my hands, squeezing them together. My eyes grew wide with the fabulous view I had of them. I then began massaging them in a circular motion, first clockwise then counterclockwise all the while her body shaking as I continued pounding that sweet pussy. I could feel her nipples in the palms of my hands so I stopped rubbing her boobs and took the tip of each of my index fingers and began strumming her nipples. They seemed to have a life of their own and quickly became hard.

I then took hold of her boobs and once again pushed them together. Lowering my upper body down over hers, I began rubbing my hairy chest against Ms. Peachy’s boobs. I could feel her nipples against my chest. I concentrated on fucking my cock in and out of her seething pussy while also brushing my chest across her nipples bringing them into a hot blaze.

Despite the close contact of our bodies, Ms. Peachy slid one hand between us, and her long index finger found the top of her slit, and began massaging her clit. As she began rubbing her finger back and forth along her clit, I could feel her pussy grab my cock even harder. The sensation was incredible, and, judging by the increasing moans emanating from her lips, Ms. Peachy felt the same. I groaned, feeling like my cock was hooked up to some sort of a milking machine, as that pussy clenched tightly around it, squeezing, plying, sucking on the whole length, but especially around the super sensitive head causing a now constant oozing of my juices to flow from its tip.

At this same time, Ms. Peachy was churning, twisting her body uncontrollably as she felt my cock massaging her insides to the point she was actually losing control. She humped against me to impale herself to the utmost on my cock and bring about her orgasm. And cum, she did. Her body suddenly spasmed, and then uncoiled with yet another orgasm. This one was terrific, long lasting, as she shrieked with delight, arched her back and thrust her hips hard against me, forcing my cock in to the hilt.

Then slowly, gradually, she relaxed, feeling somewhat relieved. I then pulled back and rammed my cock once again in to the hilt. In response to my cock being buried in the depths of her pussy, Ms. Peachy’s body again began to lose it, but this time higher, deeper than before. She cried hoarsely with delight as she felt the yet another orgasm strike her. The feeling descended for a moment like a floating feather, only to be caught in yet another wind, and to rise even to greater heights.

With one last gasp I felt her body go limp, like a wet noodle, falling flat on the bed, her head turning to one side. Her body was soaked in perspiration, gleaming in its wetness as her eyes stared blankly at the wall, and then they closed as she literally slipped into a state if semi-unconsciousness. How many times she had cum I lost track of, but to me it was an incredible orgasmatronic display.

I realized that, in the midst of Ms. Peachy’s latest orgasm I had stopped fucking her to witness the marvelous display before me. But now I realized my cock was screaming for release. I stood up at beside the bed and pulled her by her hips so that her butt was at the edge of the bed. Grabbing her legs by the back of her thigh near the knees, I bent her legs back so that her knees were astride her body. Ms. Peachy still seemed to be out of it but I knew that soon her pussy would awaken her. She looked to incredibly erotic, especially with her body basically bent in half, her legs wide apart showing her pussy glistening with her orgasmic emissions.

I reached for my cock and gave it a few strokes to return it to its former erect condition. I then grabbed it by the base and slapped it against her pussy a few times, then slid it up and down along her pussy sopping up more pussy juice. I positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy, and then pushed her legs back even further until they were brushing against the bed.

Thinking to myself, “Now it the time for some serious fucking,” I looked down at my cock then eased my hips back just slightly. Then with all the power I could muster, I drove them forward, burying my cock in to the hilt in one swift motion. Ms. Peachy’s body shook with the impact, her boobs wobbling back and forth. I paused for just a moment, reveling in the incredible feel of my cock buried to my balls.

I knew it wouldn’t take me long and began fucking fast and furiously. The sounds of my body slapping against hers, the sight of her boobs bouncing in response to my savage thrusts was incredibly erotic. I continued pounding away at that pussy of hers, my hips waling and smashing against her, feeling my cock rasping and grinding against that hot sexy woman beneath me.

Ms. Peachy began a long squeal as her body was once again being wracked with orgasm. Her pussy again began to pump my cock like a fist. The cum that had been furiously churning in my balls began its mercurial journey to my cock. I felt that hot, sweet feeling as my body trembled, and I felt the delight as my thick, hot juices started flowing towards the head of my cock where it paused momentarily. Then as the tip opened, like the pressure of a fire hose, my cum spewed out, spraying deeply into her pussy. I froze still feeling that hot, creamy cum spewing out, filling her pussy, and surrounding my cock in a bath of my own juices. Blast after blast of hot, creamy cum gushed from my cock in what seemed to be a never-ending release.

For over a minute I stood there until the convulsions that had wracked my body began to subside, and the final drops of cream oozed out into Ms. Peachy’s saturated twat. With a final groan, I fell limply on top of her. With my deep sigh, I sprawled over onto my side, startled at the wet popping sound as my cock pulled free from her drenched pussy.

Ms. Peachy smiled, turned to me, placed a weak kiss on my lips, and said, “Thank you very much puddin. You were fabulous. I hope you will mow my lawn again and again.” With that we dozed off into a well-needed nap.

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