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You Can Take Me If You Want To

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Just as she always did, Lisa stopped in the doorway and told my son to go and start the car for her. And just like always, he did. Just like always, she made sure that Charlie wasn’t looking and turned back to give me a goodbye kiss. And before she did, just like always, Lisa cupped my face in her hand and whispered in my ear, “You can take me if you want to.”

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and turned and walked down the sidewalk to the car and her husband.

I shook my head in amazement. Admiring her cool. Missed opportunities. Wishing I was younger. Wondering what went on inside their marriage. Imagining actually taking her up on her offer.

Lisa had met my son in college. I didn’t know at first just what had attracted them to each other. She wasn’t particularly beautiful, but she was pretty enough, with long dark hair and had a killer set of legs. She wore glasses, and they gave her the air of a librarian, which fit her personality to a “T.” Lisa was a quiet girl, with a soft laugh and a gentle soul. The more I got to know her, the more I got to like her. Still waters, and all that.

After graduation and a tasteful wedding, Charlie had gone to work for a brokerage firm, and Lisa got a job as a loan officer at a local bank. They were building a life for themselves, and I was very happy that they were including me in it.

My wife died just before Charlie and Lisa met, and I often regretted the fact that she had never met her daughter-in-law. Charlie and Lisa took care of me as if I was some kind of old man who needed visits and home cooked meals and the like. They came over three or four times a week just to spend time with me, and you would have thought that I was an old geezer instead of a pretty good looking 45 year old guy with his own architecture business.

Not that I was exactly a social butterfly. My life had narrowed with loneliness since my wife died, and I guess that I wasn’t really all that surprised that nobody seemed to believe me when I said that I was all right.

About six months ago, Lisa was over at my house waiting for Charlie to show. He had a big new client he was wooing, and she’d decided to wait for him with me instead of alone. We had a glass of wine and kind of hung out.

We got to talking about this and that, and I found myself opening up to her quiet questions about what my wife had been like and how much I missed her. I found myself telling all kinds of tales about our life together, and Lisa drank in every detail.

Then she said, “So, how’s your sex life now? I mean, don’t you miss it? Isn’t it time you had a new girl? Someone to screw silly when you need to?”

I tried for a giggle, but I don’t think I was very convincing. “Yeah, I guess,” meaning, “None of your business and leave me alone.”

“Then why don’t you?”

“I don’t know.” Actually, I did know. I still missed my wife, and I spent too much time alone. I had just gotten used to it. I’d reached a point where it was too much trouble to go chasing girls. I’d buried myself in my work because it was just easier to do that than to cheer up and look around me. And my social life had shrunk to the frequent visits from my son and his wife.

Like I said, Lisa had a big heart, and she was obviously convinced that I needed some help, and wasn’t going to let me off that easily.

“A good looking guy like you should be getting laid regularly. A man needs sex for his emotional and physical well being. It isn’t exactly a secret. And you’re no exception. In fact, a widower might need it more, because he’s used to having it.”

This wasn’t exactly the kind of talk one expected to hear from one’s daughter-in-law, even if she had become about my closest friend. I was trying to decide if she was kidding or not when I saw the somber look in her dark eyes. She appeared to be dead serious.

“Why? You got somebody in mind?” I used my best sardonic voice, trying to let her know that I wasn’t taking this seriously. I wasn’t sure if I was interested, but maybe letting Lisa set me up with one of her banking friends wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

“Well, you can take me if you want to,” she said softly.

I was positively floored. Did she just say that? No, it couldn’t be. I didn’t know how to take it, what to say. I didn’t want to dismiss her out of hand. If she thought she was making a serious offer, the rejection might seriously damage our relationship. But I sure as hell didn’t want to encourage her – she was married to my son.

I decided that my best route lay in condescension. “Thank you very much. I’ll keep your generous offer in mind.” I thought that the way that I said it left no doubt that the answer was an unequivocal “No,” but she gave me a funny little smile and suddenly I wasn’t so sure that my message had been received. Maybe I’d have to work a little on my sarcastic voice.

Since that day, Lisa had never passed an opportunity to tell me again. Whenever she and Charlie would visit, she always seemed to find a way to get me alone once or twice just for a moment, just long enough to whisper “You can take me if you want to.”

Charlie, bless his heart, is a good kid. But he never noticed. Once he was talking to me from the other room about the Jets game while his wife put her hand on my chest and whispered in my ear. “You can take me if you want to.”

It became her little mantra, something she’d say in a soft voice while we were standing side by side getting the salad ready for dinner. Or when Charlie left for a minute to go to the bathroom. Every once in a while she’d look around to make sure he wasn’t watching and she would take my hands in hers and look me in the eye while she said it, like she was trying to will me to say yes.

But aside from her one line, Lisa never mentioned our conversation. She continued to be her sweet self, coming over with Charlie to visit every other day or so. She never threw herself naked at me or contrived to come over when Charlie wasn’t around. In fact, I sometimes wondered if I was imagining the whole thing. But then she’d make sure that Charlie left the house a moment or two before she did, just so that she could give me a goodbye kiss and whisper in my ear.

I had fully decided that this wasn’t going anywhere. So my daughter-in-law had a little hole in her bucket. She was still sweet, intelligent and very caring. I always enjoyed their visits. Who knows what goes on inside a marriage? They seemed happy enough, and what Charlie didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

One day after I got home from work, Lisa arrived by herself. She’d brought the new James Bond DVD, and the plan was that we were all going to fix a steak dinner and then watch the movie. I’d share some stories about the building my firm was putting up, and they’d entertain me with stories of their lives.

Lisa explained that Charlie had been delayed by a meeting with a client, and she made me believe that Charlie would be here any second. I didn’t worry too much about being alone with Lisa for a few minutes. What could happen?

Lisa had come over straight from her job. Although she was an officer and didn’t have to, sometimes she wore the uniform that the tellers and counselors had to. She had on practical dark shoes, hose, and a company supplied beige suit with a loose skirt, a white blouse and a tight jacket. I’d been to her bank a few times, and I knew for a fact that most of the female employees didn’t look as good in it as she did. Even a drab uniform suit couldn’t hide those spectacular legs.

We stood around and talked about Charlie’s burgeoning business and Lisa’s desire to leave the bank for a better job, but her mind was obviously somewhere else. Eventually she drifted over to me, standing a little closer than usual. I saw her mind cease its wandering, and she looked me in the eye and said “You can take me if you want me.” For a change, she didn’t just throw the offer out and then go on to something else. This time she questioned me with her big dark eyes from behind her eyeglasses, and waited a minute for an answer. I didn’t have one.

“Come on,” she said. “I’ve been throwing myself at you for six months. You know you want to.” Lisa stepped right up to me, and began playing with my tie. “Take me,” she whispered. “I know what you need. I know what a man needs. A man needs to cum in a woman. You’ve been doing without for so long that you’ve forgotten. But I’m more than willing to help you out. You know, until you can find a girl of your own.” She looked me in the eye, and whispered again, “Take me.”

I was still in shock when I saw Lisa steel herself. Then she reached up and put her arms around my neck and pulled me down for a kiss. This was no sisterly goodbye kiss, either. This was the real thing. Her lips were soft and pliant, questioning. God I had missed kissing. I kissed her back before I could comprehend what we were doing. It had been way too long since I’d had a willing woman in my arms, and suddenly I was acutely aware how much I’d missed it.

My mind was still too dazed from her sudden audacity for me to form an objection, much less to actually speak it. The memory of kissing my wife like this flooded my senses, and I became a little dizzy.

Lisa leaned back, leaving us still touching at the waist. She wiggled her pelvis against me, and I realized that my dick was sporting an erection the likes of which it hadn’t worn in years. Lisa smiled and said, “See? Your body doesn’t lie to you. It needs some sex. You need to cum in a girl.”

Still looking me in the eye, she reached down between my legs and took me in her hand. She stroked my rod up and down as lightly as if it was naked, and it responded by thrusting itself against her.

“Come here,” she said, walking backwards holding my dick in her hands. I don’t know why, but I just followed her along. Her kisses had done something to me that all of those months of talk couldn’t. I was seriously thinking of what it would be like to screw my daughter-in-law.

Lisa sat on the edge of the sofa, her legs spread wide. Somehow I found myself on my knees and between her legs. She leaned forward on the edge of the sofa so that she could keep kissing me as she fondled my dick. As we kissed, Lisa stopped her caresses long enough to unzip my pants and free my straining dick. It was already dripping pre-cum, and her soft hands spread the warm liquid around my rod. My god, I’d forgotten just how good a feminine hand felt.

Lisa leaned back on the sofa, smiling. Then with one delicate hand she slowly raised her skirt so that I could see her crotch. She had no panties on, and through her pantyhose, I could make out the wedge shape of her dark fur. My cock was pulsing, red and angry, the only part of either of us that was actually naked.

“Come on,” she said, wrapping her pantyhosed legs around me to pull me closer. “Take me.”

I held on to her hips and leaned in for another kiss. It wasn’t too late. I could still stop myself when I wanted to, right? She held my face in her hands gently as I explored her supple mouth. My dick brushed against the inside of her skirt on the edge of the sofa. Even that felt good, and I realized that it had been so long that I was afraid I might cum just from that little friction. My breathing was becoming harsh and ragged. I leaned back and gazed at her crotch. I don’t believe that I’d ever seen anything so sexy in my life as that covered up pussy. Lisa had me moving relentlessly towards an orgasm, and she hadn’t even taken off a single piece of her clothing.

Sensing my desire, but that I was unwilling to move to accommodate it, Lisa said, “It’s OK, baby. See?” She reached down between her legs and rubbed herself, exciting me even more. Then she grabbed the nylon pantyhose in her fingers. It was obviously a strain, but after pulling on them for a moment, she managed to tear a hole in them right across from her dripping slit. “See baby?” she whispered. “You can take me.” She put her hand on my cheek. “You need to put it in me.”

I couldn’t stand it any longer. No man could, daughter-in-law or not. I leaned forward, putting the head of my dick against her wet slit. Lisa drew her knees up, wrapped her stockinged legs around me and rested her sensible shoes on my ass. As her legs came up, my dick slid into her tight hole, and I leaned forward to hold her tightly. “Oh god,” I said as I began thrusting.

Lisa held my head in her hands, her lips close to my ear as she murmured a litany of sweet nothings while I pounded away. “That’s it baby. That’s what you’ve needed. Push it in me.” I couldn’t believe how erotic this was. I was pumping away like a man possessed, and she was as calm and collected as if she was taking a loan application.

She held my face gently in her hands she whispered encouragement. “You’ve needed this for so long. Push it in me. That’s my daddy. You need to shoot it into me.” She spoke to me tenderly, like a mother encouraging a child, and she never used even one dirty word. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever heard.

I couldn’t even remember the last time my dick had been this hard. It was like a whole new tool, rigid and unbreakable. It even seemed longer that I remembered. I slid it in and out of Lisa deliberately, trying not too shake and moan with the pleasure as I pounded my daughter-in-law. I’d never made love to a fully dressed woman before, and it was the most exciting and intense sex I’d ever had.

My orgasm suddenly drew near. I hadn’t had so much as a wet dream in months, and I knew it was going to be a gusher. I slowed my thrusts, trying to prolong the pleasure, but to no avail. Caught in our private little world, Lisa sensed my imminent orgasm.

“That’s it baby,” she whispered in my ear. “Let me have it.”

When she said that, my orgasm arrived, and I suddenly ran out of air. I started gasping and panting like a drowning man. Then I had to hold my breath as my tool began spurting jet after jet of cum into my daughter-in-law. I thrust myself as far into her as I possibly could, and it still wasn’t far enough. My back muscles strained to impale her pantyhosed pussy on my steel shaft, and I knew my back would hurt tomorrow, but I was way beyond caring.

My sperm tank had been too full for too long, and I emptied the whole thing into her, spurt after sizzling spurt as she whispered in my ear, “That’s it. That’s it, daddy. That’s what you need.” My stroking slowed as little aftershocks went through my body and Lisa held me tenderly. Finally I was able to catch enough breath to begin breathing regularly again, and I withdrew my spent tool with a little pop.

Lisa leaned forward, her skirt still bunched around her waist and her much ravaged pussy dripping my white sperm onto her pantyhose. We both stared at the dollop of cum sliding down her inner thigh, and then Lisa said, “Now that won’t do, will it? We can’t have Charlie seeing that!”

She reached down, scraped the cum off her thigh with her finger and popped it into her mouth. Lisa had a little smile of self satisfied pleasure on her face that I’d never seen before. She made a yummy noise, and then stood up. Her skirt dropped down and in a flash she had turned from wanton sex kitten into her more customary self, the quiet and studious professional looking banker. It was just in time, too, because we heard Charlie’s car pull up. As I put myself away, she said, “You know, you can take me again if you want to.”

* * * * *

When I came up with the idea for this story (based on a line from a Robert Heinlein novel!) I couldn’t decide exactly how to approach it. I struggled with a couple of different slants but I couldn’t’ make up my mind. Then I realized that I don’t have to – I’m the writer and I can do what I want to, right? So I wrote this story twice, with a different daughter, different characters, etc. If you liked this one, you might want to check out “You Can Have Me if You Want Me,” sort of a sister piece. I also have several other stories published here on Literotica for your entertainment. Thanks for voting your opinion and sending feedback. Enjoy!

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