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You Can Crash Here

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Hot morning sun blistering one side of my cheek, along with the sound of a shrieking bird outside my window as I lay on my bed woke me up. I scrambled to the floor, forgetting for the moment, in my sleepy state, that it was Sunday and I didn’t have to go to work. Looking at the clock on the bedside table I saw that it was eight thirty. I felt like going back to bed but habit got the better of me. Growing up, I had heard my late dad on numerous occasions speak on the virtues of early rising, claiming that persons who liked to sleep late got nowhere in life. I usually got up at around 5:45 to 6:00 am to start preparing for work.

The previous night I and my mom had come home from a family wedding at about 2 am. We had left home since midafternoon that day to help with preparations at the reception hall and with transporting food, drinks and other stuff from the homes of other family members. Our family had its share and more of good cooks, including two professionals, so whenever there was a family function we did our own catering. Though tired and sleepy we had both, after putting away some stuff, taken quick showers and retired to our beds.

I decided to go into the kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee and a sandwich. Passing by my mom’s bedroom I saw through the slightly ajar door that she was still asleep; I even heard her soft snoring, which suggested her sleep was deep.

After finishing my coffee I made a cup for mom and took it along with toast to her room. With the tray in my hands I pushed open the door with my foot and entered the room which like mine was bright with morning sunlight. I was already well inside the room when I noticed that mom was in a very revealing position; one of full her breasts, the right side, was completely out of the nightie’s cup. Her legs were spread wide apart, one of them bent at the knee. The short lime green nightie she was wearing just covered part of her crotch, leaving the lower portion of orange, thong covered mound delightfully exposed; a ripe fruit in Eden teasing and testing my decency. I stopped in my tracks as my eyes fastened onto the stimulating sight. I felt a slight stirring in my loins. I thought about going back out, but neither my mind nor body seemed to be in total agreement with that. The stirring in my crotch picked up pace.

I walked around the bed to her left and put the tray down on the table. I really wanted to leave but I couldn’t bring myself to just walk away from that enticing sight. I stood there for a few minutes enjoying the sexy vision of her exposed breast rising and falling as she breathed. I looked at the plump crotch and felt my mouth water and my ears get hot; my cock was now more than halfway erect in my boxers. At forty five her light brown body was in excellent shape, smooth and firm rounded thighs tapered into shapely legs. Her breasts of B cup size were the cone shaped type with almost half of it being shiny, dark chocolate areolas that tapered down into rounded points with just a hint of nipples. She had a small mouth with full pouty lips which were now slightly parted. Arched natural eyebrows bordered full eyes which when opened would reveal light brown watery orbs with dark pupils. She was a beautiful woman widowed too early, but taking it in graceful stride.

I thought of pulling the nighty down to a less revealing level, but realized that if she woke up just then, my action might be misinterpreted. I called out to her a couple of times but she did not stir. I walked over and sat down on the bed at her side and gently shook her shoulder, even as I eyed the tempting breast and piece of exposed mound tightly hugged by thin nylon, fine hairs sticking out around the edges and a few through the thin material. After the third shake she opened her beautiful eyes slowly and gave me a sweet, trusting smile that made me feel ashamed of my lascivious feelings. She reached up and squeezed my arm and closed her eyes again, letting her head fall to the side. I reached out and tousled her kinky, shiny, short locks.

“Wake up sleeping beauty” I said softly.

“Not before the kiss, Prince charming” she whispered groggily.

I leaned over and placed a soft kiss on her cheeks, willfully letting my lips barely touch the side of her lips. She grabbed my head and kissed me back softly on the lips, then opened her eyes about halfway.

“What time is it?” she asked in a low voice heavy with sleep.


“What?” she brought her hand to her chest, “thank god it’s Sunday, I think I’ll sleep all day.” She closed her eyes.

“I brought you coffee and some toast and jam”

“Oh, that’s sweet baby, I hope you also brought a cup of sleep, because that is what I could do with most at this moment” she said, giggling.

I picked up the cup of coffee and she drew herself up placing her head on the bed rail as she took it from me, her bare thigh pressing against mine. The sudden hot contact of soft femininity made my semi erect tool pulse pleadingly. She hadn’t yet become aware of her brazen breast languishing in all its glory outside of the nightie cup, being she was looking away toward her left. She took a couple of sips of the coffee and handed me the cup then quickly slid back down into a lying position, leaving the Venus mound exposed in entirety. I stared at it in awe, and noticing the direction of my she gaze looked down at her exposed beauty lump. Looking away I reached forward to place the cup on the tray as she prudently pulled the hem down her thighs.

“I’m so tired and aching, I think I’ll catch a few more hours rest. How did you sleep?” she asked, smiling warmly.

“Like a log, it was the hot sun on my cheek and a screeching Kiskadee that woke me up.”

“Those darn kiskadees, they have no manners” she said, and burst out laughing, causing the freed tit to jiggle. I found myself hoping she didn’t notice its indiscretion before I left, for two reasons; I didn’t want to give up a minute of that lovely sight and I also didn’t want to add to the embarrassment that she must have already felt knowing her scantily covered pussy had been seen by her son.

“It’s only habit that made me get up, I am also beat” I said, yawning.

“I can tell; just go back to bed then” she said reaching up a hand to tousle my head, which sent shivers through my body and my cock which I had been struggling with all this time to keep under some control, suddenly had enough of containment and shot up to full stance, tenting my boxers.

“It was nice last night though, everybody had a good time” I muttered, trying to bide time for my erection to subside before I got up.

“Yes, it was a nice party, but what we both need now is some nice sleep” she said yawning.

When she brought her hand from her yawning mouth it came to rest just above my knee and as the soft flesh touched me with its stirring heat I knew that there was no way my cock was going down now or any time soon. I was in a calamity. She looked at me with a little searching smile.

“I have a feeling if you get up you won’t make it to your room before you fall asleep, and I don’t want to have to get up and drag you to your bed. You can crash here with me if you want. And when you wake up, which I know you will first, you wake me up and we’ll go out somewhere for lunch.” Her eyes bore into mine and I hoped she didn’t read anything more than the relief I felt. And there was definitely much more to be read if she looked closely.

“That’s a good idea” I said, my mind quickly toying with lustful possibilities, and I quickly jumped on her suggestion, literally.

Not wanting to walk around the bed to get to the other side with my hard cock sticking out as it was, I decided to just hop over her and land face downwards to hide my state of arousal. I couldn’t very well let my mom see me with my cock fully erect and tenting my shorts; never mind I was thinking how nice it would be to stick it into that fine looking pussy. I crouched and started to spring over her when at that same moment she quickly dragged her body further into the bed to make room for me beside her. I couldn’t stop my flip, and landed flush on her, my thighs between hers, my hard cock smashed against her knee and lower right thigh, my head coming to rest on a soft breast. She squealed.

“Oh my god, Ty, I said crash here, as in sleep here” she said, patting the mattress on her left. “I didn’t mean crash land on me, baby; Jesus, you knocked the wind out of me” she started laughing and the bucking of her soft body under mine made my cock more rampant and my head swirl with ecstasy. I knew that I was not going to get off this sweet woman unless thrown off. I just lay there on top of her enjoying the ride as we both laughed. My closed lips were touching the tiny nipple which seemed to have hardened and lifted up a bit. I longed to wrap my lips and tongue around it, but knew that was out of the question; after all this is my mom and I had to show respect, but I’d be damned if I didn’t squeeze as much as I could out of this situation. So I remained lying on her even after the laughter had ceased.

“Hey you’re heavy as lead, come on, get off of me before you drive me through the bed” she said, giggling.

But I did not budge an inch; instead I put on a sudden fake snore, knowing that she would realize I was only playing.

“You’ll have to do better than that young man, come on take your heavy self off of me. You’re killing me with your weight, you eat too much.”

I revved up my snore, taking it to a higher pitch. She laughed and tried raising her body as if to throw me off her. I pressed down harder without skipping a beat in my snoring.

“That has got to be the worst fake snore ever; that wouldn’t even reach nomination stage for best supporting act in a comedy.” She said, laughing heartily.

I couldn’t keep in my laugh and I rose up a bit and looked at her smiling face. Her eyes looked a little glassy and met mine with a kind of puzzled look. And I had a hunch she was questioning her own feelings. I laid my head back on the soft comfortable breast and opened my mouth letting a tiny hardened nipple slip in. I began sucking on the nipple.

“What is that, what are you doing? She asked.

“Baby wake up, baby want milk” I mumbled through a mouthful of nice tasting breast.

“You are no baby and there’s no milk in there she whispered softly and then started to giggle uncertainly.

“Baby wants milk” I repeated without removing my mouth. I felt her body squirm under mine.

“Come on you’re too big to nurse and too damn heavy, get off of me” she said pleadingly. But I paid her no heed as I drew more of the tit into my hungry mouth.

“I know how to get you off” she said firmly.

Suddenly her right hand reached down and she poked me under the arm, tickling me. When I raised my hand to hold hers she reached out the other hand and tickled my other armpit causing me to howl with laughter. She continued tickling me wildly and as I tried to fend off her hands I moved my body forward, higher up onto hers and felt my cock settle flush onto her vaginal mound. Pretending to arch backwards to avoid her hands I pressed down hard on her soft pussy. Then I got an idea and started tickling her back causing her to laugh out loud and thrash about frantically. Soon we were trying to outdo each other, tickling armpits and ribs and laughing and rolling all over the bed, thighs between thighs.

I soon found myself on top of her winded body, pinning both her arms down on the bed. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard. By now both her lovely breasts were freed and swollen red with lust driven blood, the nipples stretched as far as their tiny stature would allow. Her face and neck were also red. Her nightie had ridden well up her body settling in a bunch a few inches above her navel. I arched my back and looked down and under at her crotch into which the panty material had slipped deeply between plump swollen vaginal lips covered with short carefully trimmed hairs. I put one hand to the mound and met with telltale wetness. Beside pissing herself or just emerging from a bath no woman could be so wet down there unless she was sexually aroused to a high degree. I pulled out the cloth and shifted it aside and cupped the wet, sticky, hairy flesh in my eager palm. Her body jerked under the pressure of my hand. I massaged the soft flesh gently and heard her moan.

“No Ty, stop please, this is going too far now, we can’t let this continue” she whispered as her hips betrayed her true feelings as it rolled under my hand.

I slipped a finger into her hot soppy cunt and she gasped loudly.

“Ty no, don’t do that. This is wrong, this is not right, I am your mother, for god’s sake don’t do this to me, to us…” her voice trailed off.

I inserted a second finger and began to finger fuck her slowly. Her body writhed and jerked and twisted in obvious uncontrollable pleasure. I leaned forward and drew the previously neglected breast into my hot mouth, causing her to squirm as I sucked roughly on it.

“Please baby, let this be all, ok, and don’t let’s go further than this, it would be wrong son, I am your mother” she pleaded.

“Don’t you like it” I asked softly.

“This is not about what I like or don’t like baby, this is about right and wrong.”

“But you like it and want it.”

“Yes… no…Yes…oh, I don’t know… Please help me” she whispered brokenly, her head trashing from side to side as tears trickled down her flushed cheeks.

“I will help you mom” I said reassuringly.

Slowly removing my fingers even though she was jerking against them welcoming the penetration, I quickly grabbed my cock and positioned it against her wet opening. Feeling what I was attempting, she started to pull back her body, but I beat her to it, pushing forward I sunk my cock almost all the way into her pussy. She gasped and shivered. I gave two or three quick thrusts and went all the way into her.

“No Ty, don’t do this, take it out, this is inces…” she cried out, her voice fading away and leaving the word incomplete as her body began to buck and thrash under mine as a mighty orgasm claimed her senses.

I remained sunk to the hilt in my mom as she thrashed about and trembled under me. When I was satisfied she was good and done, I began to stroke her pussy with urgency; Slamming in and out of her with quick rapid strokes of my engorged, wood like, hard cock. She soon got into the passionate play, rising up her body to meet my strokes, urging me on with caressing and stroking hands against my wet back. I poured sweat onto her as I rode her hard. Every now and then she would rise up her body and lick sweat from off mine. She began to curse shamelessly, sometimes bringing her mouth to my ears as she talked sweet dirty.

“Oh fuck, fuck…yes, you wicked, sweet fucker, fucking your own mother, making her your fucking whore…Yes, fuck mommy, fuck her hungry cunt, slam this sweet lonely pussy till it is battered…You wicked son of a bitch, tricking your mommy into making her let you stick your big dick in her…oh yes, fuck, fuck, fuck…this is what you always wanted eh…to fuck your mommy’s cunt…go ahead give it to me, hit my pussy hard, fill my hot hole.”

She continued like that for a long time keeping me heated and vibrant with her bawdy whore talk. After riding her pussy for about half an hour I felt the raging tornado inside me break away from whatever was holding it in check and reared its head preparing to spit with vengeance. I started to pull out as the tornado made its first hit, but her hands clamped onto my clenching buttocks, sinking into the flesh as I jerked and howled in pleasure.

“No you wicked fucker… you keep that cock right in there…fill my pussy with your sperm…if you’re man enough to dare fuck your mother, be man enough to face the consequences…if a child grows in my belly you will have to own it you mother fucker. I emptied into her as she suddenly started sobbing under me as her pussy contracted wildly around my cock, milking it dry. I had never before that moment heard my mother utter a cuss word. How long she must have been holding all that inside her waiting for an opportunity. I felt glad that I was the one who helped her get it out.

After I’d drained my all load into her I felt her tighten her grip on my ass cheeks pinning me there as she started to roll her hips sweetly under me, keeping me hard. I remained still, letting her do her work, listening to her curse softly as if talking to herself. She told me to grind hard against her pussy as she rolled and jerked under me and I obeyed. Suddenly she shouted…

“I’m coming, I’m coming…oh fuck…aaaaghhh…oh fuck”

As she bucked wildly under me her hands flashed upwards and she started slapping me hard in my surprised face. I endured the stinging blows, allowing her to vent whatever rage was in her.

“You wicked, wicked fucker…look what you’ve done, fucked your own loving mom and made her come twice…you deserve to be punished you sweet bastard.”

She let loose a volley of punches to my ribs and my hips and the side of my head, talking all the while.

“You’re a sweet fucker, and I like how you fucked me and filled me with cum, but that doesn’t excuse your wickedness, you have to be punished.”

More blows hit my body and I raised my hand and slapped her face hard, two…three…four times.

“What the fuck! You dare hit me, your own mother, you fucking bastard…that’s what I get for letting you fuck me. So you want to fight eh, you think because you fucked me you’re man enough to fight me…well lets fight.

Her hands flailed again stinging my body, and I gave her what I realized she wanted from me. I slapped her hard a couple of times, then I began to pummel her body with punches, forceful but not hard enough to cause her injury. She relaxed and let me brutalize her at will. I picked the spots well, her stomach, her hips, and her shoulders, her thighs, careful not to give it to her full force. I squeezed her breasts hard, bit into her neck and shoulders, slamming into her violently.

“Yes baby, yes, punish me, punish this fucking whore for being a bad mother and letting her son fuck her.”

For the second time I emptied into her as she started sobbing again under me, massaging my cock with her pussy walls, rubbing my balls with gentle fingers. When I was done she reached up and kissed me lovingly, tousling my hair and rubbing my back.

“You have made me so happy baby, you don’t know how long I’ve waited to have you do this to me…just waiting for the right time. I remained in her till my cock softened then I rolled off to lie beside her body visibly marked from the blows she’d encouraged and withstood bravely. She fell asleep in the crook of my arms and soon I felt myself being overcome.

I awoke to a beautiful feeling of soft wetness ministering to my hard aching cock. I looked down and saw my mom’s scattered locks bobbing over my groin area. She looked up and saw me watching her, and quickly spun around settling her pussy on my face. I let my tongue part the folds and work its way into her hot wet hole that smelled of fresh soap. I lapped at the pussy hungrily while sinking my fingers hard into the huge ass cheeks. Her mouth gripped my dick as her fingers cupped and rolled my balls. I raised my mouth higher and let my tongue toy with her butt hole. She retaliated by slipping her finger an inch or two into mine, a pleasant first for me. I bit and sucked the flesh of the magnificent cheeks hovering over my face leaving birth mark like love marks. Her juices tasted so good and her holes smelled like a nice baked fish in cheese sauce meal, so I ate with gusto.

When she had gobbled and chewed and licked and sucked and swallowed enough of my dick to her satisfaction, still backing me she raised herself up and holding the willing tool in her hand guided it to her hole and sank down on it, letting it slide up into her chute. After it was full length in her, her ass rested on my hairy groin and sitting straight up she began a slow roll which continued for a couple of minutes. Then leaning forward and raising up a bit she started a measured up and down movement. I slapped the tempting cheeks hard, twice on each side and this spurred her into a frantic gallop accompanied by loud hisses and whistling sounds from out her mouth. I wet my fore finger lavishly with saliva and gently eased it into her puckered opening, moving it in and out slowly. This triggered a more hectic ride from her and her ass kept slamming into my stomach almost winding me. I let her ride me as I occasionally slapped the quivering cheeks. She leaned right back, resting her hands on my shoulders as she bucked like an unbroken filly. Putting my hand to her pussy I began rubbing her stiffened clit, and within seconds she was Cumming violently. I held her hips tightly to prevent her from slipping off my cock.

When she was finished Cumming, I raised up, holding her firmly with my cock still inside, I pushed her forward onto her hands and knees. She arched her back inward nicely, allowing me the right height and access to her pussy for a good onslaught.

“Fuck, you wicked, sweet son of a bitch, fuck your mommy’s cunt.”

I rammed her hard while slapping her upturned ass. She rolled and bucked and jerked, loving every minute of my ride. It was a long ride, but it eventually came to an end with me Cumming hard like it was the first time for the day. I pulled out of her and pressed against her ass hole emptying my thick, sticky seed liquid onto the puckered mouth. When it was well smeared with cum I pushed forward hard and drove myself halfway into her. She shivered and grunted under the sudden, unexpected intrusion. I pushed forward again and went all the way into her. I let her fall gently onto her belly with me still inside her. I could hear her grinding teeth as the sweet pain overtook her. I remained on top and inside her until my cocked softened and slipped out.

“We will continue to do this, won’t we baby… please?” she said, rubbing my head.

“Yes mommy, for as long as you like.” She kissed me long sucking on my tongue.

We got up, showered together and then went out to a little restaurant a few miles into the city. The Chinese girl serving us looked knowingly at the love marks and slap imprints on mom’s neck and face. She kept smiling at me from her place behind the counter every time I looked her way.

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