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Yes Master

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“Please stop, no don’t” Suzie could hear these words through her thin apartment walls, you would think she should call the police, but she had been there done that. Suzie remembered that day very well, she panicked and called the police after hearing the same pleas through her wall. She had been there when the police kicked in her neighbor’s door, there was her neighbor bound and gagged tied to a chair.

How was she supposed to know they were role-playing, Suzie had never had a very adventurous sex life. Now whenever her neighbor Amber would see her in the hall Suzie always knew a death stare was in order, she had never felt so embarrassed.

Suzie could no longer take the moans and smacking sounds, she grabbed her coat and raced out her door bumping right into a hard body. She looked up meeting Max’s tortured eyes, Max was Amber’s high school sweetheart, and she immediately put two and two together. “Oh Max I am so sorry, I assumed that was you in there.” Suzie frowned knowing she had fantasized about Max doing those things to her, but it wasn’t Max doing those things, of course he would never do that. Max was the nice guy type, always helping her with her groceries and holding the doors for her when they met up in the halls.

Max was fuming when Suzie had ran into him, he was pacing back and forth debating beating down the door but knowing deep down he did not want to see what was happening to his now ex girl friend. Max was thankful Suzie had come out, he always felt protective over her and he didn’t want her to witness his temper. Suzie was the cutest blonde he had ever seen, she was tiny and pale with a nice round ass that had not been taken over by gravity. “It’s ok Suzie, I need to get out of here, would you mind coming to my place for a coffee, I don’t want to be alone at the moment.” Max looked down at Suzie with softened eyes.

Suzie stood there shocked at what Max had just asked; of course she would keep him company. Max was tall dark and handsome but his eyes were also a dark brown that when he looked at her it felt like he looked right into her soul. “Of course I will come keep you company.” Suzie followed Max out and into his car, they drove in silence while Suzie felt this pull like she wanted to hop on his lap and kiss him passionately. She realized how much she loved Max, his softness and kind personality she couldn’t wait to get to his house.

Max focused on the road trying not to think about Amber which seemed easy to do with Suzie sitting just inches away. He had always been protective of her making sure she got home ok and helped her with her groceries, but right now all his mind kept drifting to was the image of Suzie tied to his bed her pussy dripping wet for him. He finally pulled into his driveway and helped Suzie out and led her up the stairs and into his foyer he took her coat and peeked down her loose tank top his cock twitched at the site of her nipples hard and waiting to be licked. Max couldn’t believe she wasn’t wearing a bra he had always thought Suzie was the shy conservative type, maybe he had been wrong.

Suzie walked in and let Max take her jacket she felt her nipples harden, she felt her cheeks heat up at the realization that she had not put a bra on in her haste to escape her apartment. She spun around and smiled up at Max “Could I use the washroom please?” Suzie asked Max knowing her nipples were well visible through her thin tank top.

Max chuckled and pointed upstairs “Of course you can, you don’t have to ask me Suzie.” Max watched Suzie’s ass sway as she walked up the stairs, he wanted to smack her ass and make her do whatever he pleased. His cock was pushing against his jeans hard as a rock, he couldn’t stop his mind wandering. Max started to think Suzie had escaped out his upstairs window, she had been 15mins already, Max started walking up the stairs. He checked the bathroom, but she was not there he frowned not understanding why she would leave. Max walked to his bedroom to grab his cell phone but when he stepped around the corner and into his bedroom he couldn’t believe the sight in front of him.

Suzie had finished in the bathroom and as she walked out she wondered what Max’s bedroom looked like. Suzie walked in and gasped, right in the middle of the room was a weird looking contraption. Suzie walked over to it and bent over placing her arms and head in the correct spots suddenly she hear a click and the top lowered down trapping her. “oh no, oh no” Suzie tried pulling and tugging but nothing worked she couldn’t move just then she heard someone walk in. “Max I am so sorry, I was just curious” Suzie could feel her face burning from embarrassment.

Max grinned he couldn’t let this opportunity pass him by, Suzie was trapped bent over for him to do as he pleased, if she protested he would stop, but if she didn’t, his cock throbbed in his pants. “Well what do we have here, Christmas came early” Max smirked as he watched Suzie’s wiggling freeze. “Maybe I should unwrap my gift” Max reached around and unbuttoned Suzie’s shorts; he slid them down slowly giving her plenty of time to stop him. He stepped back and admired her nice round ass; she was wearing a pink thong that showed off her pussy nicely. “Now spread your legs” Max said in a harsh tone.

Suzie was still in shock, a very excited shock her pussy was twitching she knew Max was admiring her ass as she was bent over still trapped in this contraption. She hesitated when she heard his harsh tone, she had never heard him speak that way. Suddenly he smacked her ass three times each time he rested his hand on her cheek for a second. Suzie felt the stinging after but she also felt her pussy moisten. Suzie immediately spread her legs as wide as she possibly could and mumbled “sorry.”

“You will not hesitate when I ask you something or you will be punished, do you understand?” Max asked.

“Yes, I understand.” Suzie said feeling extremely turned on. He was going to control her she thought, then another hard smack left her right ass cheek aching, Suzie winced.

“You will address me as Master, you are my slave tonight, so what do you say?” Max ordered.

“Yes M..master” Suzie stuttered a bit with excitement and confusion.

“Do you trust me Suzie?” Max asked softly not wanting to scare her away.

“Yes Master” Suzie answered without hesitation.

“Good, now I am going to fuck your tight little asshole, and you cannot do anything about that can you?” Max grinned wondering if she would let him go that far.

“Master, please don’t do that.” Suzie had never done anal sex before, it had always made her nervous. She felt another smack on her left cheek this time she winced and ached for his touch.

“You will let me do it and you will enjoy it.” Max yanked down her thong and slid his finger inside her pussy. “You are already excited, aren’t you?”

“Yes Master” Suzie moaned as he swirled his finger around inside her. He pulled it out and she jumped slightly as she felt his finger slide into her ass hole, he moved it around then slid another finger in. She bit her lip and moaned loving the feel of his fingers moving in and out.

“mmm your ass is so tight, but I think it’s almost ready for my cock” Max slid his fingers out and walked around to face Suzie, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. “Now I want you to get my cock nice and wet for your ass.” Max pushed his cock into Suzie’s mouth, he groaned as she sucked and swirled her tongue around the head.

Suzie sucked harder after hearing his groans all she wanted was too please him too make him cum. He pulled away abruptly and walked behind her, she felt the head of his cock ease into her ass, she clenched and held breath.

“Suzie, you need to relax.” Max could feel her body tense so he was going to try a different approach. He pulled out of her ass and shoved his cock deep into her soaked pussy with one smooth motion. He continued in and out slowly teasing her, “What do you want?” Max asked.

“I want to cum Master.” Suzie could feel her pussy spasming she knew she was close, suddenly he pulled away and she moaned missing the feeling. She felt his cock push into her ass and his fingers were in her mouth, she sucked on them until they were drenched. He pulled them out of her mouth and began teasing her clit, Suzie moaned and squirmed wanting to pull away from the over whelming pleasure but she couldn’t move.

“That’s right, you’re going to take my cock.” Max began to push his cock in and out of her ass, he groaned loving how tight her ass was.

Suzie felt her orgasm tear through her body “oh Max yes!” Suzie nearly passed out from the pleasure.

Max groaned and pumped a few more times then he filled her ass with his hot cum. Just then Maxed heard Amber’s voice behind him.

“What the fuck is this!”

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