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Autumn at the Winery

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It’s a lazy afternoon in the early Fall and the weather is crisp and clean, yet still quite warm. The leaves on the stately oak trees are still green and you can hear them rustling ever so lightly in the soft breeze.

We’re tasting wine at one of the local vineyards. After a number of tempting samples we decide on a bottle gently carrying it outside to a picnic table along with an assortment of imported cheese and crackers.

As we settle down, we cannot help but notice a very attractive woman sitting alone at the table next to us. The three of us exchange brief glances and smiles.

I whisper a comment to Terry, as is usual for me, “Does that lady turn you on?”

And as usually is the case, she whispers back, “I would consider doing her”.

This always turns me on and she knows it, so she poses the question back to me and of course I say, “Do you even have to ask? – As long as I get to watch”.

It’s our little routine that keeps the fantasy burning and our sex life churning.

As two of us chat and sip a couple of glasses of wine, we observe that the woman is still seated alone slowly and sensuously sipping her wine, looking even more beautiful with every passing moment. We fully expected that her partner would have joined her by now, but it appears she is not with anyone. The lone woman periodically glances our way in a flirting gesture, and smiling without saying a word. It’s not clear if she is looking at Terry or me.

Finally its time for me to find the boy’s room and I excuse myself, getting up from the table and walking by our sexy neighbor. As I pass behind her she turns in her chair and accidentally bumps into me spilling a few drops of wine on my trousers.

She excuses herself profusely, “I am so sorry”, and instinctively begins to attempt to remove the stain from my pants with a table napkin.

I tell her, “Don’t worry, I am headed for the bathroom and can take care of it there.”

But I can’t help but notice how great she smelled – its one of those fragrances that really turns me on, but I’m a guy and couldn’t identify the brand if my life depended on it.

As I emerge from the restroom I see that the ladies have struck up a conversation in my absence and better yet the sexy stranger has moved to our table. It turns out she is visiting from out of state on business and decided to take in some of the local culture. She is average height with long auburn hair and blue eyes. The stranger has smooth silky complexion with traces of childish freckles on her cheeks and around her nose. She is very pretty with that girl-next-door sort of look. Soft and kindly looking. Dressed in a casual skirt and silk blouse I can tell she is adequately endowed and in great shape. Her legs are long and shapely leading up to well-defined buttocks to die for. She is most likely a former cheerleader. Her name is Ellen; she is married and obviously a bit lonely.

Soon the wine is gone and of course we go for another bottle, inviting our guest to join us. The discussion somehow turns to relationships and after another glass of wine we’re exchanging sexual fantasies like college roommates. How did we get here? – Who cares! This talk is getting me extremely excited and my mind is leaping ahead, rapidly creating a fantasy with my two tablemates as their conversation continues.

I imagine what they would look like totally nude, going down on each other. My mind is drifting; totally engrossed in my thoughts I lose touch with their conversation. Terry is really getting into this as is our new friend Ellen – they soon start to discuss Terry’s one very erotic sexual experience with another woman. Apparently this lady was an experienced bi-sexual seductress who made a practice of preying on younger women that visited her shop.

Terry tells Ellen how her friend Joanne seduced her one evening in her clothing boutique after trying on an assortment of sexy lingerie. They were alone and it was after closing time.

She placed the closed sign on the door and asked “Terry, would you like to join me in a glass of wine to wind down the day?”

Soon they downed several glasses of white wine and of course the conversation drifted to discussing their sexual experiences with men.

Joanne asked Terry, “Have you ever had an experience with a woman before.”

She remembers that she admitted to Joanne that she had not and Joanne led her on with a short, “well?”

Joanne placed her delicate hand on Terry’s knee and said, “Come into my back room I want to show you something.”

Terry said she hesitated, when suddenly Joanne leaned over and kissed her full on the lips pushing her tongue deep into her surprised mouth. When they got to the back room Joanne pulled open a drawer and began to pull out several pairs of sexy lingerie holding one pair of shear see-through thongs and bra.

“I’d like to see you in this”, Joanne said. Her words now slurred a bit due to the wine.

Terry remembers that she said something to the effect that they were “really sexy”.

Joanne moved closer to her and began to unbutton her blouse. Terry recalled that she was feeling the wine and did not resist – instead standing there motionless, she started to get turned on as Joanne removed her blouse and began to undo her tight jeans.

Terry recalled that she was suddenly standing there naked in front of her friend feeling a bit self-conscious. Joanne moved closer and kissed her full on her lips as she cupped her large breasts with both hands. Then she moved her right hand down to her crotch and began stroking her blonde pussy. Terry remembers instinctively spreading her legs a bit so that Joanne could place her fingers in her now juicing slit.

“My, my” Joanne said as she drew back from Terry’s lips. “You need a trim.”

Terry, a bit surprised at her comment said. “I need a what?”

“A trim.” “Your snatch is too hairy.” she exclaimed.

“I guess it does” Terry responded almost without thinking.

“I like my pussy’s slick”, Joanne said in a low seductive voice.

In the back room there was a washroom. Joanne walked into the washroom for a few seconds and Terry could hear water running. When she emerged she was holding a basin of warm water, shaving cream and a safety razor in her hands.

“Now sit down hear on this chair and relax”, Joanne insisted, pushing her backwards.

Joanne knelt in front of her and lathered her pussy lips with shaving cream and began to ever so gently shave her cunt.

She pulled Terry’s legs open to fully expose her crotch commenting, “You have a very beautiful pussy – I can’t wait to taste it.”

Terry recalled how she remembered how awkward yet exciting it was to watch this woman kneeling in front of her shaving her pussy. Terry remembered how Joanne’s eyes were fixated on her pussy with an expression of shear lust. Terry closed her eyes and remembered how she could hear the shaver make a slight rasping sound as it made its way through her pussy hair – stroke after stroke, and how she could hear Joanne rinse the razor after every pass in the basin of warm water. Soon her cunt was totally bare. Joanne rinsed off the excess shaving cream and began to apply a warm oily lotion over her slick mound.

When Joanne finished massaging in the lotion she moved her lips up to Terry’s breasts, gently kissing both them. She took each nipple in her mouth and alternately licked and softly sucked on each one. Terry recalls how her nipples hardened and how wonderful it was to experience the sensation of having another woman suck on them.

Joanne moved to Terry’s mouth and whispered in a soft sexy voice, “Now there, your pussy is nice and clean.” “Why don’t we move over to the sofa?”

Terry obeyed almost instinctively rising on her woozy legs as she moved to the sofa only a few feet away. Joanne quickly removed her clothes down to her sexy underwear in the time it took Terry to reach the sofa.

Joanne stood in front of her as she sat on the sofa and said, “I am going to make love to you like you have never had it before.”

At that moment Joanne pushed Terry back on the sofa. One leg was resting on the floor and the other pulled up half bent on the sofa cushion providing her with a wonderful view of Terry’s open pussy spread out in front of her. Joanne knelt at Terry’s crotch and pulled her pussy lips open with the slender fingers of her right hand. She reached her arm over her stomach so she could spread her labia as she lowered her mouth to her slit. Terry remembered how warm and sensuous it felt as Joanne’s slippery tongue slowly slid up and down her pussy hole.

Joanne continued to spread Terry’s labia further to expose her love button and began to rapidly lick it, up and down at first, then from side to side. As Terry began to feel the welling sensations of a growing climax, Joanne slide two fingers in her oily snatch and forcefully pushed up on her g-spot, rapidly pushing them in and pulling them out. Terry recalled experiencing the best cum of her life as she shuddered and writhed under Joanne’s expert tongue and fingers. She vividly recalled how wet she was – her pussy and inner thighs literally coated with a thin ooze of female cum and Joanne’s saliva.

When she was nearly recovered, still rapidly breathing in and out to catch her breath, Joanne stood up and began to pull off her bra and panties.

Joanne softly asked, “How would you like to taste my pussy, sweetheart?”

All Terry could manage to get out was a nearly inaudible response, “Uh Huh.”

Joanne leaned over and planted a deep tongue-probing kiss on Terry’s heaving lips as her head rested on the arm of the sofa. Deliberately Joanne pushed her tongue deep into Terry’s throat, as she wanted her to taste her own flavorful pussy juice.

“Taste good?” she asked.

Terry could not muster a response only to slightly nod her head up and down.

Joanne positioned herself at the opposite end of the sofa with her head resting on the arm and legs spread toward Terry’s wide-open cunt.

“Come here baby,” she said as she pulled open her pussy lips with her fingers. “I need your tongue right here.”

Terry sat up and moved over to position her face above Joanne’s cunt. She looked down at it with curiosity in her eyes. She paused for a moment.

Joanne spoke, “Put you finger in it sweetie.”

Terry responded as asked and pushed her middle finger into Joanne’s hole. She remembers watching it disappear into her lady friend’s snatch. As almost a reflex she began to move it in and out noticing how it became increasingly coated with Joanne’s cunt juice.

Joanne broke the silence, “Take it out and lick my juice off your fingers.” “Taste my pussy, I am sure you’ll like it.”

Terry did as asked and marveled at how delicate it tasted, not strong but slightly musky with a trace of spicy fragrance.

“Now put your tongue on my clit young lady” Joanne ordered.

Terry did as told as her tongue gently traced its way over another woman’s labia for the first time. Terry continued that she was a bit timid at first, but really started to enjoy the taste and creamy texture of Joanne’s pussy. Just then her friend slid her body to parallel hers, arranging them in a 69 configuration, she knew she was going to get another guided lesson in pussy licking. She told Ellen how her inhibitions vanished as the other woman stiffened her tongue to explore the deepest inner reaches of her soaking pussy. Soon Terry was following suit licking from her friend’s clitoris to her ass in long deliberate strokes, savoring this new and exciting taste, pausing only to poke her tongue as far into her vulva as possible – imagining she was fucking her with a hard cock.

I am surprised by Terry’s extremely vivid description of her first female encounter, especially with a stranger. Both Terry and Ellen start to squirm nervously in their seats as the details of the story evolve into an introduction to double dildos and a warm candle-lit bath.

By this time I’m just listening without saying a word. Ellen confesses that having sex with another woman is her fantasy as well and she feels very attracted to Terry. Terry brushes her hands across Ellen’s exposed thighs and moves forward.

As if I wasn’t there, they spontaneously kiss each other on their now swollen red lips, their eyes closed and looking very sensuous.

“Let’s go for a walk.” I suggest, mentioning that I have a blanket in the car.

Surprisingly Terry and Ellen think this is a great idea simultaneously responding, “OK.”

We head toward a wooded area at the edge of the vineyard. Spreading out the blanket the two ladies seem to be in a trance as they touch hands and slowly descend next to each other. No sooner than the blanket hits the ground they are exchanging deep kisses and I can see their tongues penetrating each other’s open mouth. Ellen quietly murmurs something to the effect that she never did this before but always wanted it to happen. At this point I am baggage – but whose fantasy is it anyway.

Terry instinctively starts to unbutton the stranger’s blouse, removing her shear bra, and leaning forward she gently licks Ellen’s hard nipples just as her bra falls to the blanket. Both of their chests are rapidly expanding and contracting as they feel the excitement.

I am sitting beside them and Ellen opens her eyes looking at me with a wink, running her tongue across her wet lips. Terry is really hot now and I can smell the strong scent of sex-hungry females wafting in the warm air mingled with the smell of the forest.

Terry seductively slides her hand under Ellen’s skirt to stroke her pussy and I can see that this has an immediate electric effect. Ellen begins to moan in pleasure as she keeps whispering, “yes, yes, yes.”

With a new boldness Ellen whispers to Terry, “Eat me, please eat me, I’m so hot, I need it.”

Terry slightly lifts Ellen’s round ass a few inches off the blanket removing her skirt in one brief motion. Terry begins kissing her from lips to breasts to her smooth heaving stomach and finally to her deliciously smooth thighs. Ellen is resting on her elbows watching as Terry pulls her legs up and positions her lovely blonde head between Ellen’s spread thighs in preparation for what comes next. I can see that Ellen’s neatly trimmed pussy is glistening with juices. Her entire pussy has opened up; it’s a pale light pink in color, her taut little inner lips appearing to grow with each pulsing throb. Ellen’s pussy appears small and delicate. Much smaller than Terry’s it looks like a thin slit that runs from just below her mound to about an inch above her pink tightly puckered ass opening. Her inner labia are extremely small and barely protrude beyond her outer lips. It is entirely shaved smooth except for the small tuft of brown curly hair on her pubic mound. Barely noticeable is a thin liquid trail of clear fluid running out of the base of her cunt opening over the tight pink skin that separates her pussy from her anus. This clear fluid appears to be collecting in her ass before finally dripping on the blanket in tiny droplets forming a tiny puddle. I can smell the sweet fragrance coming from Ellen’s pussy, as can Terry.

Terry gently eases open the upper part of Ellen’s vagina with her fingers to expose her tiny pink clitoris hiding in the folds of her labia. Terry pulls back the lips and I can see the little bud pop out. It is small and glistens with wetness between Terry’s two fingers. In one motion Terry lowers her lips and tongue to her clitoris. Ellen moans in delight throwing her head back and then leaning it forward as to watch what Terry is doing to her pussy. Terry is now licking her cunt from bottom to top, long stokes with her full tongue, swallowing her juices in audible gulps. With her tongue rigid and extended Terry probes deep into her canal, she is fucking her with her tongue, her head bobbing in and out between Ellen’s spread thighs. She can’t seem to get it deep enough as her nose is pushed against Ellen’s swollen clit. Removing her tongue she inhales deeply to savor the sweet fragrance of the stranger.

Ellen’s clit has grown and Terry gently grasps it between her full lips sucking it to her teeth slightly nibbling the smooth protrusion. Creating a vacuum she sucks Ellen’s entire clit and labia into her mouth as her tongue dances wildly with her friends little nubbin. I can see her inner elastic pussy lips being stretched between Terry’s lips as she pulls her head back.

Ellen softly moans, “Mmmm, yes, that’s it, suck my hot cunt lips into your mouth baby.”

Inserting two fingers, Terry begins to move them up and down and from side to side inside Ellen’s pussy as she continues to suck her clitoris. I can see that Terry is hitting her spot and I suddenly feel inspired to offer to lend a hand at that moment.

Terry is on her knees propped up by her elbows fully engaged in probing Ellen’s pussy with her slimy tongue. I begin to remove Terry’s clothes, she doesn’t resist, and when she is completely naked I can see from behind that she too is oozing with lustful juices.

With Terry’s beautiful exposed ass facing me I enter her pussy with my middle finger to feel a cavern wetter than I ever felt before. As I maneuver behind her with intentions of licking her dripping pussy, Ellen interrupts my plan.

“I want to lick your pussy Terry,” she whispers.

She wants to taste Terry first. I oblige, pull back and the two women hot with passion and oblivious to the world, arrange themselves in a 69 position. Ellen on top, she lowers her head to taste a woman’s juices for the first time. Terry is still working on Ellen’s pussy now positioned over her mouth, she has three fingers inserted and is moving them rapidly in and out, pausing every other thrust, removing them and licking Ellen’s cum before reinserting them in Ellen’s wet hole.

Ellen, lying parallel over Terry’s body is gazing intently Terry’s engorged large red pussy lips. Her head is positioned only inches above her love hole, as she seems to be taking time to savor her first sight of another woman’s cunt lying only inches below her mouth. Terry’s cunt by comparison is larger than Ellen’s, with the inner labia protruding about 1/2 inch beyond her outer lips. It is a deep glistening red and open, exposing her oval fuck hole at its base. Terry’s entire pussy and inner thighs are drenched in her own gleaming love juices.

Ellen wraps her arms around Terry’s smooth thighs pulling them up so she can reach around them and grasp her pussy with her fingers. With her fingers at either side of Terry’s labia she gently pulls them further apart. Terry’s familiar cunt seems to suddenly pop open even further – you can see her soaking wet love canal open to depth of about 2 inches in the dim sunlight. I have never seen her this open before. With the slender middle fingers of both hands Ellen gently pulls open her pussy lips and then slides her right middle finger into Terry’s hole. She immediately follows with her other finger – now both fingers are inserted into her pussy up to her second knuckle.

Terry lets out a slight gasp of pleasure, “Oh, yes.”

Her anticipation mounts. Ellen slides her fingers out and slowly glides one of them up and over Terry’s clit. Terry’s clit is much larger and a darker pink color than Ellen’s. It is swollen and sticks out beyond her labia looking much like a wet pencil eraser. Terry shudders again as Ellen moves her head down to lick her finger as she pulls it away from her clit.

Ellen lets out a little sigh, “Mmmm good”, as she moves her lips and tongue down closer to Terry’s pussy.

Ellen licks Terry’s clean-shaven pussy from top to bottom and pauses for a moment only to softly mention, that the taste is wonderful and better than she ever expected it to be.

Terry with Ellen’s pussy covering her mouth is barely able to mumble to her to put her fingers deep in her pussy again and make her come. She guides Ellen’s fingers to the spot just under her pelvic bone. Ellen obliges and soon both women are shaking and coming in unison. Their mutual orgasm lasts over a minute and I can see Ellen’s juices appearing to literally squirt from her pussy, coating Terry’s chin, nose, eyes and running down her cheeks in a clear shiny stream.

All Terry can whisper as she laps the juices from the inner creases of Ellen’s trembling pussy is “Wow, you needed that.”

Both women collapse next to each other and Ellen moves up to Terry’s face giving her a deep wet kiss exchanging each other taste from their cum coated lips. Their kiss lasts for a long moment and both open their eyes simultaneously motioning for me to move between them.

Terry grabs my now throbbing hard cock and whispers in my ear, “I need something hard in me right now.”

Ellen watches as Terry lays back and pulls my unbelievably hard cock to her pussy. She places her feet flat on the ground raising her knees and props our discarded clothes under her beautiful ass, raising it so that I can penetrate her the full 8 inches.

Pulling me in with both hands she says “Fuck me, hard”.

I plunge in and the wetness astounds me – her pussy is still throbbing from the services of Ellen mouth and fingers. I begin to thrust in and out as deep as I can possibly get. Ellen is now positioned behind us and to our side so she can watch as my rigid penis goes in and out of Terry’s pussy. Our fucking is noisy as I slam into her slippery wet cunt – “squish, squish, squish”. My balls slap against her ass with each thrust. Her cunt and my prick and balls are soaking wet from her cum.

I stop for a break with my cock still lodged deep in her pussy and Ellen uses the moment to touch Terry’s knee saying, “I never saw two people do it live, let alone this close.”

She notices we are both shaved clean and how it provides a good view of the “action”. Terry looks at me and makes an eye gesture indicating that it is OK for Ellen to join us if its OK with her.

Terry poses the question, “Would you like to join in?”

Ellen ponders for a moment and then says, “Why not – what do you have in mind?”

Terry assures her, “It’s your option. Although I’m sure he would love to fuck the two of us. I’ve never shared him before.”

Terry orders me, “Lie on your back, facing me.”

She lowers her pussy onto my cock. It goes in easily since she is well lubricated at this point.

Terry tells Ellen, “Sit on his face, he is a very good pussy eater, the best I ever had.”

Ellen crawls over on her knees and facing Terry lowers her still dripping pussy to my waiting lips. The last vision I have before my tongue touches her fleshy pussy lips are the two girls initiating a deep kiss.

Ellen’s taste is sweet and thick with the essence of that mystery perfume permeating her vaginal area. They both begin to grind on me. I can see Ellen’s cute puckered ass hole pushing backward and forward over my mouth and nose. I strain to get my tongue as deep as possible and make sure that I get her clit with a few licks as she rocks her pelvis forward and backward. I can taste Ellen, it is getting stronger and a thin liquid begins to flow from her pussy into my mouth.

Within moments I am ready to come and Terry senses this as my cock begins to swell in her pussy.

She stops to let my pending cum explosion subside, asking Ellen “Would like to switch places.”

“OK”, Ellen nods and they exchange cock for tongue.

Ellen grabs my cock and guides it to her hole pulling her vaginal lips apart with her fingers. It slides in with one slow steady motion as she lowers her tight ass to my thighs. I notice that it is unexpectedly tight and feels different from Terry’s pussy.

Ellen mentions, “I have never done this with anyone but my husband.” After thinking for a moment she corrects herself,” Maybe once or twice.”

Ellen pushes her shapely hips forward and I penetrate her to the base of my cock in one motion. I can feel the tip of my cock hitting her insides and wonder if it is hurting her, but the contrary, she seems to want to get it in further. Terry lowers her pussy to my tongue and I can feel the heat flowing from her squishy cunt caused by our fucking just a few moments earlier. The taste is familiar, tangy-sweet, but much wetter than usual.

Terry gets a bit curious and wants to see what my cock looks like as it goes in and out of Ellen’s pussy. She has never seen this before and I guess it is a kinky thing she needs to do. Removing herself from my mouth she positions herself behind Ellen’s pumping ass. She intently watches as my wet and shiny prick disappears and reappears from Ellen’s pussy hole. She instinctively touches my cock and Ellen’s pussy and anus simultaneously.

Ellen stops her thrusting telling her, “That feels a bit strange – but sort of nice.”

Terry asks Ellen, “Can he fuck you while you are on your back?”

Ellen responds, “Yes, I love it” as she lays back, legs spread and knees up.

Just as before, now Terry places some rumpled clothes under Ellen’s cute ass to prop it up.

As I go to enter her Terry interrupts, “I need to taste your pussy again Ellen.”

Terry Grabs Ellen’s thighs and this time goes straight for her pussy, licking furiously, running her tongue into every fold of her labia as if to thoroughly clean out her fuck hole before I enter it.

Ellen moans with ecstasy, “Oh yes”, as her pussy is being orally ravaged by Terry’s mouth.

Terry suddenly pops up her head and indicates she is finished – for now, “OK fuck her now”, she blurts out.

As I push my cock into that tight pussy, Terry asks Ellen, “Would you mind eating me again.”

Ellen nods, “Yes”, and Terry straddles Ellen’s head, facing me.

Terry begins kissing me, whispering in my ear, “You’re welcome.”

I whisper back “YOU’RE WELCOME”.

I can feel myself coming and tell Terry that I don’t want to come – its too much fun. She assures me its OK and that it will give her and Ellen some time together while I recover for round two.

She says, “I want you to pull out when you’re ready to shoot.”

The urge to come is now uncontrollable. As I pull my cock out of Ellen’s juicing pussy, Terry swings around next to us with her head between our groins grabbing my cock just as it shoots out a stream of cum like never before, up Ellen’s stomach, breasts and over her face, droplets landing in her hair. Terry grabs it with her right hand and gives it a few swift licks just before she swallows my entire cock in her mouth. I can feel it touch the back of her throat and then she pulls back sucking on my cock with great strength.

She turns to Ellen, “Now its your time to come again”.

As she pushes me back, she attacks her new friend’s pussy, this time with both hands and an open mouth as Ellen lies back to enjoy. Her stomach is rapidly heaving in and out as she moans loudly.

Even though I just came I can’t resist as I lay down next to her putting my cock into Ellen’s mouth as Terry sucks her pussy. She takes my penis deep in her mouth, rolling her tongue over its semi-hard thickness. Ellen vigorously sucks the remnants of my sticky cum from my cock that is coated with Terry’s saliva.

Terry sees what I am doing and slides her pussy over to my face as she positions Ellen on her side, still with her mouth locked on to Ellen’s cunt. We form a three-way daisy chain, Ellen sucking my cock, Terry eating Ellen’s pussy and me licking Terry’s hot throbbing slit.

I can tell that we are all near exploding as I thrust my now-hard penis faster into Ellen’s mouth. The three-way slurping sounds are too much to bear as our mouths are incredibly wet with saliva, cum and pussy juice. I can feel my cock begin to pulsate uncontrollably as I shoot one, two three, four loads into Ellen’s mouth. She loosens her mouth grip on my cock to swallow my cum and gently suctions it to get the last drop.

Ellen softly murmurs, “Mmmmm, I love the taste of your cum.”

The ladies haven’t come yet but are very near. With my cock still throbbing its lasts spurts into Ellen’s mouth I can feel her begin to spasm. Just then I can feel Terry begin to quiver as I lap her clit and simultaneously probe her pussy hole with my two fingers. The two women begin to buck wildly and I can feel Ellen thrust her hips and cunt over Terry’s face as if to get deeper tongue penetration. Both women explode gasping, pulling their mouths away from each others pussies in an effort to breath.

We lie there motionless for a few moments, catching our breath. Terry is the first to get up. She slides over and plants a passionate wet kiss on Ellen’s drooling lips. They probe each other’s mouths with their tongues and it seems they don’t want to stop. Their cunt juices and my cum all intermingled in their deep kiss. After a few moments they break the kiss.

Terry then moves over to me with an open mouth and pushes her tongue into my mouth, softly saying with a slight chuckle, “You taste like pussy.”

Motionless for a while we soon come back to reality. Its getting dark and we suggest retire to our house for a hot tub and swim as we think of other adventures with Terry’s new friend.

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