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Yard Work

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It was the middle of July. Ninety plus degrees with heat advisories but here I was pushing the mower over the world’s largest lawn because Dad had been ragging me about getting it cut. I’m dressed in shorts and tennis shoes, soaked in sweat barely able to keep a grip on the slick handle imagining I’m about to collapse as I finally finish the last strip of grass.

I shut the mower down and drag it across the football field (I know I’m exaggerating but CHRIST! After eighteen years, Dad can hire people for this shit) and stow it in the shed. I stagger back to the house and stop at the back patio and turn on the water hose and adjust the head to ‘shower’ and hold it over my head. I jerk only a second at the cool water but it feels like jumping into the pool and I wash the grass and sweat off until I no longer feel like fainting. I turn off the faucet and rewind the hose and walk around to the the garage. I kick off my grass covered shoes by the garage side door and step inside the stagnant air. I strip off my wet shorts and toss them in the hamper by the washing machine grabbing a towel from the top of the heap. I toss my shaggy hair and pat my face and realize it’s the towel Dad dried with this morning from the familiar after shave.

I towel myself dry and return the towel to the hamper. I push open the kitchen door and shiver at the cool air conditioning. Glancing at the sink I’m reminded of how dehydrated I am and I grab a glass from the dish drainer and fill it with cold water and drink the entire glass before filling it again.

“Burned!” I hear and jerk around to see Mom standing in the den doorway looking at me. At first I can’t understand what she means until she starts across the tile floor in her bare feet.

“You are absolutely burned up!” she says. I look down and notice how red I am. I didn’t realize I’d become sunburned since I’d been running around without a shirt since spring.

“I’ll get the aloe.” she said and disappeared before I could say a thing.

I drank more water and within seconds she reappeared with the sunburn cream.

“But Mom, I’m about to take a shower. It’ll just wash off.” I complained. She pulled a kitchen chair away from the table until it was under the kitchen overhead fan and said “Sit”

I sat bare-assed on the chair still drinking the delicious water as she unscrewed the the top of the cream and dipped her fingers in. She sat the container on the counter and rubbed the cream on her hand and then gently pushed my wet hair back and patted it on my face. I closed my eyes as she ran her fingers over my forehead and cheeks, then she dipped again in the container and began rubbing my shoulders and chest. She laughed and I opened my eyes looking at her big tits through v-neck of her t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra and they swung between her arms as the rubbed my chest. “You’re really burned.” she laughed as she gently pinched my nipples that had hardened in the cool air. “Lean forward,” she said and I bent closer to her chest as she rubbed my back. Now I could see completely inside her shirt and began to lust over those huge pink nipples that begged to be sucked.

As she finished rubbing below my shoulders she said, “Just wait about 20 minutes before showering and put his back on again afterward so you won’t peel.” She screwed the top back on the canister and was handing it to me when she looked down popping her eyes as she said “Well, at least THAT didn’t get burned!” I followed her gaze down the giant woody I had popped. I instinctively started to cover it with my hands when I noticed the smile on her luscious lips. I said, “Maybe you should put some on anyway?” She set the container back the counter and said, “I’ve got something better for that.”

Mom got down on her knees and took my throbbing dick in her left hand. I spread my legs as she took my balls in her right hand and gently squeezed. She bent forward and took my cock in her mouth, going all the way down the shaft. I grabbed the sides of the seat of the chair to brace myself thinking I must be in the throes of a heat-stroke related dream. Mom was sucking my dick! She sucked and moaned as she bobbed her head like a sewing machine needle on high speed.

I touched the back of her head with my right hand and said, “Oh, Mom it feels amazing!” She stopping sucking and starting stroking me and said “I can make us both feel amazing. She let go of my dick and put her hands on my knees and lifted herself up. She peeled her t-shirt off and unbuttoned and unzipped her blue jean shorts and jerked them down. She straddled the chair and, holding the back of the chair with her left hand, she guided my dick inside her with her left as she lowered herself down.

She closed her eyes and began riding me like the prize pony at the State Fair. I held her hips as she went up and down. Thank God Dad had the sense to buy those quality Shaker chairs as it creaked and shook with every thrust. I ran my hands up her sides and cupped those amazing tits and then, as I was about to lean forward and take the pink left beautiful nipple in my mouth, I snapped my head around as the kitchen door jammed shut and there Dad stood!

Busted! Burned! And being fucked like a racehorse…and there Dad stood grinning, holding the bottle of wine he’d gone out to buy for dinner. I panicked wondering if he was going to kill me, Mom, or both of us, but he simply walked over the fridge, opened the door and put the wine inside. He closed the door, leaned against it folding your arms and said, “The yard looks great, son,but this looks way better.”

He took off his t-shirt and stepped out of his sandals, unbuttoning the shorts. Mom never stopped moving nor I even noticed her opening her eyes as she kept up a steady rhythm of fucking. I took that amazing nipple in my mouth and sucked and nibbled making Mom moan louder. I felt the cum gathering in my balls when, all at once, I felt warm hot flesh against my cheek. Out of my eye I saw the huge red head of Dad’s cock. I let Mom’s tit go and looked up as he smiled down at me and said “Mom can’t have all the fun.” I opened my mouth and sucked Dad’s hot cock inside, swallowing down to his pubs. Mom finally opened her eyes and she took Dad’s balls in her left hand as he bent down to kiss her. She never stopped momentum fucking me and I pinched her left nipple tight while sucking Dad’s massive cock. Dad fucked my face while pinching her right nipple with his right hand and pinching my burned right nipple with his left fingers.

It was the most amazing experience of my life. Fucking my Mom and sucking my Dad! The heat, the sweat, the smell, the rhythm all combined was more than I could stand and I blew my load up Mom’s hot cunt. She screamed quietly and I felt the tightened release of her orgasm dripping down my cock while our screams and moans pushed Dad over the edge and he pulled out of my mouth and shot four hot, long streams of cum over Mom’s amazing tits.

Dad stepped around and grabbed Mom by the hips as she got up off my dick. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on the neck as she raised her arms around his neck, smiling.

I sat spread-eagled in the kitchen chair covered in cum, sweat, and aloe panting. They both looked at me and laughed and Dad said, “I think we all need a shower before dinner.”

Dad and Mom walked over and each gently took a sunburned arm and lifted me up off the chair. As we headed out of the kitchen for the bathroom, Mom grabbed the aloe off the counter and said, “Don’t forget this.”

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