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Trips We Take

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Some times, we go places we didn’t intend to go, but are happy to get there when we do. That is certainly true with the way my wife and I developed sexually. We married after she graduated from college. I was two years ahead of her. I graduated and moved about 30 minutes away to my first job. We saw each other each weekend and also during the week. Sex was a priority then. I really liked sex with her. We would spend a lot of time naked. I liked that.

After we got married, sex became more humdrum. We both worked and would plan getaways every few months where we would end up naked and fucking most of the time, but even that became common. Don’t get me wrong about one thing: I liked her with her clothes on also. We talked and messaged from our jobs all the time.

Then she got some handcuffs.

She said that she wanted to have some fun during sex. She wanted to put them on me. By nature, I am an in-control person. But not being in control is a big turn on for me. I had a lot of fantasies about it. The cuffs became a way for her to take charge with me. We tried the cuffs on her once, but that wasn’t as much fun for her as just having me control her with my voice.

The first time she put the cuffs on, she hand me face up on the bed and then straddled my face. She rode my tongue to a major orgasm. Afterward, she wanted to be used by me and I used her. I looked up while tonguing her and trying to breathe and she was in her own world, eyes closed. When it was my turn, I straddled her face and fed her my cock. I made her hold onto the bed rail above her head and keep her hands there. It was a rush to be in charge and spray my cum in her throat. Another time we did it, I fucked her, holding her ass in my hands and really pounded her. She seemed to like fucking, and I used my fingers to get her off just as I was cumming.

It seemed like she was taking things in steps. These sessions would happen about once a month, usually when she was fertile. When she wasn’t fertile, we liked to practice sex in public places, but when she was fertile was when we often got kinky. She couldn’t take the pill and neither of us really liked condoms, so there was a practical side to being kinky. The next time she used the cuffs, she had me face down on the bed. She spread my legs and played with my anus. She had done that in the shower before, but this time was different. She wanted to fuck me. She told me so. I was scared. We had never had anal sex before. We had come close to trying it a few times, but had chickened out. But she was serious. I wondered what she was actually going to do.

What she did was ask me to trust her.

After she uncuffed me, I ate her ass. I knew how vulnerable I felt with my ass exposed, and I returned the favor of that feeling. I started by eating her pussy, then after she was warmed up, turned her over and spread her out on the bed. I was playing with her pussy and I trailed my tongue up and down her crack, and cautiously dipped it across that tightly folded flesh. Then I pushed my tongue in and she gasped. And she came.

We had crossed over into serious ass play. And we both liked it.

We tried anal sex for the first time and she seemed to like that. I certainly did. Then there were the handcuffs. She got to try out a lot of things with me. She got a butt plug and used it on me. The first time we used it was during a cuff session. That was hot. I was cuffed to the bed rail and she was in full control, playing with the plug, teasing me, then pushing it home. Then we started using it during regular sex. I liked the feeling of it filling me up and rubbing on my prostate while I was fucking her.

During another cuff session, she loosened me up with the butt plug, then started smacking my ass and telling me she was going to fuck me. I was face down on the bed and I felt her remove the plug. I wondered what she was going to do. She showed me the big dildo she got as a gag and sometimes uses on her self. It is the one that is advertised for “size queens”. You know the one. She got back in back of me and I started to panic. That thing would split me in two! It was over two inches in diameter. I felt something touch my anus, and I started telling her not to do it. I started to shake. I felt it push into my lubed ass. She was telling me that she controlled me and she was going to fuck me. She got between my open legs and pushed her pubic arch against the base of the dildo. My ass rejected it, but she would push it back in. I was surprised that my ass could take it, but my wife was pounding my ass with it.

I didn’t know what to think at the time. I was scared but thrilled. I had often wondered what it would be like to be fucked, to be in a totally submissive position and give myself up. I had these thoughts every time I was handcuffed, but this time it was coming true. My wife tired of trying to fuck me and climbed off. She slid around on the bed to where I could turn my head and see her and I saw her pull the fat dildo from her pussy, and the smaller one that I had expelled from my ass. She had a wicked grin on her face from the fear she had caused, but now I knew that she hadn’t been trying to kill me by fucking me with a log of a dildo. She said that fucking was harder work than she thought it would be. Also, trying to keep the big dildo inside was trickier than she thought it would be. She uncuffed me and I rolled over. I was mostly hard and she sat on edge of the bed and had me take her mouth. And I did, although she reached between my legs and pushed a finger into my ass. I came deep in her throat, thinking about fucking and getting fucked.

“I wish I had a cock. I would fuck you. I would fuck you hard.” she said. “I wish you had a cock, too. I would let you.”

Had I really said that? I wasn’t worried. It was sex play. I was straight, and this was sex play that couples did. I would never go gay. I had one gay encounter in college, just after I met my wife and before we hooked up. There had been a gay guy, Andy, in my dorm, and he sucked me off in the shower once, late at night. When it was my turn, I wouldn’t do it, wouldn’t kiss him, even though he wanted me to. I gave him a hand job though. I avoided him after that, like you avoid any one night stand where you know you made a mistake. But I remembered what it felt like to have a cock in my hand.

I had never told my wife about that encounter. I lied and told her I had never had a gay experience, never touched a man. It was fiction, but it was the fiction that I told about myself because that is what I wanted to be. I wanted to be straight. And I was.

But then my wife showed up with a strap on dildo. It happened during one of our cuff sessions. She had me on the bed, face up, hands cuffed over my head. She ducked into the bathroom for what seemed like a long time and came out wearing the dildo in a strap. It was a double ender so she had part of it inside her. I grinned, but then the grin faded when I wondered what she was going to do with it. She started telling me that she was going to push my comfort margins. She had a cock now and there was nothing I could do about it. She came up and straddled my face. “Open up, bitch” was how she started. I wouldn’t. She poked my cheek with it. “Suck my cock, bitch” was not going to get me in the mood for this kind of play, and I let her know it. “How about if I just fuck you with this, then?” I told her that I was not going to go for that, that was just too gay for me. She told me that it wasn’t gay, that I had hang-ups and she was going to break me of them. “I’m going to break you to like cock. That doesn’t make you gay. I’ll still be making your coffee in the morning. You’ll just like cock when you drink it.”

She dragged the dildo across my lips. “Think about the best blow job you have ever gotten from me and how you would like to return the favor.” I finally opened my mouth. The dildo slipped in and I ran my tongue across it. It tasted like silicone, but I was thinking about a real cock. I wished she had a real cock. We had had a lot of good times together, and I wished she could experience what it was like to have a cock and have someone really worship it.

“That’s a good cocksucker” she crooned. I tired of it and she could tell. She pulled out and turned her attention to my cock. She got it hard in a hurry and climbed onto me. She pulled the dildo out of her pussy and rode me. She looked a little funny with the fake cock bouncing in front of her. She hopped off, saying that she forgot something and returned with a dildo which she lubed up and slipped into my ass. She straddled me, facing backward and fucked me in time her fucking me. I really liked that and came like a fountain. She climbed off and straddled my face again.

I refused to eat her with my cum in her. That was gay. But she had her way with me. She pinched my nose so I would have to breath through my mouth and rode my tongue. I gave in and ate her pussy well. I could taste my cum, and know that I ate some, but I realized that it was no big deal. I actually laughed when I thought about how adamant I had been about not eating my cum and then it didn’t matter.

The next cuff session was when I gave up my cherry ass to her. When I think back on it, being fucked by her was such a hurdle to get over. It was just so gay. Being penetrated in my most vulnerable place and not being in control was more than I could take. But I guess I knew that it would happen sooner or later. She had me face down on the bed with a butt plug in, being her dominant self. She relished the role reversal and used to talk to me like I was a cum slut. She started talking about taking my ass and making me beg for it. I was really scared. I wasn’t gay, but she was acting like I was. I couldn’t see what she was doing, but when I felt the tip of her strap on dildo poke into my ass, I knew that she was serious. She told me that if I begged her not to do it, she wouldn’t do it. She wanted to hear me beg. I begged. I really begged. I did not want to be gay.

She told me it wasn’t good enough. She pulled the butt plug out and told me to beg some more. I was completely under her control. I begged. But I felt the dildo start to penetrate me, pushed by her hips. “Come on, baby, beg harder!” “Please don’t fuck me. I’ll do anything you ask. I’ll wear your panties to work, I’ll do anything.” The panties thing was something that she had tried to get me to do also, but there was no way that I was putting on a woman’s panties, especially not a whisper thin thong and wear them to work. That was too queer.

But it wasn’t enough. I could feel the dildo inch its way into my ass, a little at a time. I opened my eyes and looked at her, her great breasts, down to her little navel and then the straps of the strap on. She looked so tough. My dick must have twitched because she said “You really like this, don’t you?” I protested, but then she pulled all the way out, put on a little more lube and pushed into me with a single push. I gasped, not because it hurt, it didn’t, but because it was such a lot of sensation to take in a second. She took the gasp for acceptance and started to fuck me. It was gay, so fucking gay, but I liked it. She pulled out and had me roll onto my side, still cuffed to the bed. She entered me again and then reached a lubed hand around to grasp my cock. I was in heaven. The dildo in my ass, her lubed up hand on my cock, I couldn’t believe how great it felt. She fucked me slowly but I came pretty quickly. Afterward, I fucked her ass and gave her a reacharound also.

Strapon fucking became part of our sex play. She stared shaving my taint and around my anus. This usually led to great sex. I couldn’t believe how much I liked ass play. My ass was so sensitive after being shaved. I kept all the other hair because I didn’t want anyone thinking that I was gay when I was in the health club shower. But I liked washing my ass there, feeling myself and wondering what the other guys would think if they know that my ass was shaved bare. She also trimmed around my nipples so that she could suck on them when she fucked me face to face and really bitched me out.

It had been a year since we had gotten the cuffs and it seemed like there wasn’t much else we could do. We already fucking in public places, copping blow jobs in closets, and strapon fucking. What else was there? That is what I was thinking when she got out the cuffs one Saturday night. We had talked about seeing a movie, but there wasn’t anything that we wanted to see. We had been to the health club and just came home. What else could we do? I didn’t know, but I was game for it.

She brought in a desk chair and cuffed me naked to it, hands behind my back. She gave me a kiss and said that she would be right back. She walked out of the bedroom and was right back. With Andy. The guy I had jerked off in college. “Do you remember Andy? He was in the same dorm as you. Remember how you have never touched another man?”

I was mad and scared. She knew that I had lied to her. I hadn’t wanted to lie, but I had. Lack of trust is the one thing that can ruin a marriage faster than anything, and she had known about my lie for a long time. “You lied to me about men. You have had sex with another man but are so hung up about being gay. Well, here is where you atone for your lies.” She wanted me to jerk him off again?


“You’re going to give him the blow job that you didn’t give him five years ago. I have known about you and Andy because I met Andy just after you graduated. He told me all about you.” She paused. “I don’t have a problem with gay. I think that it is all just nerve endings and body fluids. What matters is your heart. I’m in love with your heart. You are a good and generous person. But you have hang ups. Here is where you get over one of them.”

That was laying it on the line. I looked at Andy. I liked him. Before the escapade in the shower, we had actually been friends. We had a lot in common. I wonder what the last five years would have been like if he had continued as friends. He wasn’t bad, just gay.

“Sorry I led you on back then.” I really was sorry. Not too keen on giving a blow job though.

“That’s okay, Andy. He’s going to make it up to you now.” She was not giving an inch. Andy peeled off his clothes and stood before me. He had a good body, better than mine. He leaned down to kiss me and I turned away. He kissed my lips anyway. He said that he had liked me for a long time in college, but that I was straight and would always be so. But he still liked me. I looked at his cock. It was engorged, but hanging down. This wouldn’t be so bad. My wife lowered the chair and he straddled me. His cock was right in front of my mouth. I took it in my mouth and did my best to suck it. My wife started giving me directions, not that I needed them, because Andy’s moans told me I was doing a good job. He got really hard and that was pretty amazing. It was kind of heavy on my lips, but hard and soft at the same time. He rocked in and out of my mouth in a gentle way. My wife uncuffed me and I took his cock in one hand and reached between his legs with the other. I ran my tongue around the head of his cut cock, in the piss hole, underside, gently stroking the shaft while sliding my fingers along his taint back to his ass. I got into a rhythm and felt the slippery precum leaking out. He had his hands on my shoulders and he started stroking my neck. I knew that he was going to hold my head in his hands when he came and I wondered what I would think when he did. But he was stroking my neck and that felt good. I could feel my wife in back of me with her pussy against the back of my head. I could feel the heat of her crotch through her warm-ups. I didn’t have a long time to think about that because Andy’s hands cupped my head and his cock went deeper into my mouth. I didn’t gag because my hand on his cock kept it from going in too far, but he was cumming. He came a gusher in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all, but didn’t.

He tried to kiss me but I stood up and wouldn’t let him. My wife asked me if that was so bad and I said no. Really it wasn’t. I felt oddly elated, like a burden had been lifted, but I was also a little raw because she had tricked me. I wondered what we were going to do now. Did she plan to do this again? Did she want threesomes? I wondered what she was thinking but she led us into the kitchen and poured some wine. It was a little awkward, but after a glass of wine, we loosened up and I was laughing about the whole thing. I apologize profusely for leading Andy on during college and then jerking him around and off. They had been planning this for a while. She had bumped into him around a year ago, after our first hand cuff session and she had been thinking about it since. I thought that he had cum a lot and he told me that she told him not to jerk off for a week, so that I go a good load. I said thanks a lot.

After a second glass of wine, I thought that it would be time for Andy to go. He and I were in bathrobes in the living room, but my wife had other ideas. She said that there was one more hang up for me to get over. She wanted Andy to fuck me in the ass. I said no way, that I wasn’t gay. She said that I needed to do this. She had led the way this far and that I needed to accept the fact that I liked anal stimulation and that a cock was better than a dildo. She told me to go into the bedroom. I didn’t want to do it, but I did it. She showed Andy our collection of toys and took out a butt plug. She told me to get over on the bed on all fours.

There was an edge of finality in her voice, so I did it. I felt very vulnerable, on all fours on the bed, and then I felt her hand on my back. I had kept my robe on, but she pushed it up. She reached back and felt my ass. I she put some lube on her fingers and the butt plug and she eased it in. I was as open as I could be to the world. I felt scared but excited. She said that she wanted me to be good and open and relaxed so I could really enjoy this. She had me lay on my back, stripped me of my robe, and Andy joined me on the bed. He started touching me, the way I touch my wife when I am going to make love to her. It caused me to be very annoyed, knowing that I was taking the woman’s role, but also because I liked it. My wife was in back of me, still wearing her workout gear.

Andy was kissing me and my body, my nipples. They had become more sensitive since my wife started sucking on them and they responded to Andy. I could feel her tugging at the plug, pulling it out, and pushing it back in. I realized that she had put in a slightly larger one with more lube. The larger one was larger at the neck and I could expel it if I pushed. I started to push it out, but she pushed it back it. I was already getting fucked. Andy was playing with my cock and I got hard. I hadn’t cum earlier and I wanted to cum now. She told me to take him in my mouth and get him hard.

I scooched down the bed and took him in my mouth. He was about the same size as the largest of my wife’s strap on dildos, so I knew that I could take him. He got hard and she told me to lay on my back. I did and she handed me a condom and told me to put it on him. That was pushing my limits. Now she wanted me to put a condom on this cock that was going to fuck me.

I put it on and I realized that I actually liked touching Andy’s cock. He got between my legs and she pulled the plug out. He started to reach down to find the right spot for his cock and she stopped him. She told me to do it. She got right down by my ear and told me to help him fuck me. I was laying there with my ass on a pillow, legs spread, this man between my legs, cock in hand and she told me to reach down and help him fuck me. He let go of his cock and I took it in my hand. It was hard and warm and I couldn’t help myself. It was so fucking gay, but I couldn’t stop myself. I slid it into just the right place, lifted my hips a little and he pushed into me. I was a fucking queer. I had a queer ass. I had a queer cock in my queer ass. And the queer cock was fucking deeper into my queer ass. And I was helping him fuck my queer ass.

And my queer ass liked it.

I was overwhelmed with the sensations I was feeling. I soon felt his pubic hair against my freshly shaved taint (she hadn’t forgotten anything; she had shaved me before going to the health club, telling me I would have something to think about in the shower). He was above me and my legs wrapped around him and he pushed all the way in. I felt like such a bitch. Such a queer, cum slut bitch. I wanted to give it up, give it up to him. I wanted to be fucked. And he did.

He had cum recently, so he could last a little while and he gave me a good fucking. He sucked on my nipples and wanted to kiss me. I was hesitant, but my wife was there telling me to kiss him. I had put my arms over my head so as not to give in to my want, but she took my arms and put them around Andy, and whispered in my ear that I was making her happy. There was just one more thing for me to do to give up my hang ups. I had to kiss him, kiss him like a man, take his kissing like a man. I looked deep into Andy’s eyes as he slid into me, and I could see pleasure there. I had arched my back when he slid in and I knew that what I was feeling was a pleasure I hadn’t felt before.

I kissed him. It was queer, but I was queer. And I was kissing him. I wrapped my arms around this wonderful man who was fucking me and kissing me and making me feel something that I had never felt before. I gave into it. He was wallowing in my ass, fucking deep, fucking shallow. He was kissing and sucking my nipples, my neck, my lips. Then he pulled back and put my legs on his shoulders and I could feel him fucking me deeper. I felt like such a slut. I was a cock slut and I wanted cock, big cock, as big as I could take it, to fuck me and fill me up. He had my ass in his hands, up on his knees. My wife slid another pillow under my ass and I looked over at her. He had her warm-ups off and had a hand in her panties. She was fingering herself like mad, and Andy was fucking me like mad, and I reached down to my cock. It was inflated but limp. Andy pushed my hand away and started to stroke me, slowly with a lubed hand.

All I could do was hold onto the pillow with both hands as I got turned inside out by him fucking my ass. My wife came first, moaning “I love you” as she did. She had leaned over me, bracing herself with one hand and was kissing me. I embraced her and she broke the kiss long enough to cum before collapsing on me. That seemed to push Andy over the edge because his cock seemed to get bigger in my ass. His lubed up hand on my cock and the feeling of his cock head across my prostate was making me want to cum. He slowed down, trying to save it, and did for a minute or two. He was in and out of me with slow, grunting strokes, stroking my cock in time, pausing to save his orgasm. I could feel his cock move in me and I wanted to cum and my ass wanted to cum and started squeezing him. I was so close, I started to cum. My ass clamped down on him and he came with a grunt, slamming into me to cum, slam, squirt, slam, squirt, slam, squirt.

He stopped, except for one final dig hard into me with a squirt at the end. I had been cumming also, long ragged ropes of cum that squirted all the way up my chest. I came so hard, it felt like my balls had turned inside out. He collapsed on me and the three of us lay there until I started chuckling. My wife asked me what I was laughing about. I said “Being queer isn’t so bad after all.” She poked me and I kissed Andy, kissed him good, kissed him like I meant it. I pulled my wife onto me and held her and looked deep into her eyes and tried to convey the appreciation I felt for taking me on this trip.

I think she got it, because she looked like she was going to cry for a minute.

Andy knew that now was the time to go, but we took him into the shower. We have a shower big enough for two people and the past scene of some good sex on our part. We had a lot of fun soaping each other up. My wife liked being between two men. I played with Andy’s ass and we talked about getting together again, and we did, but that’s a different story.

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