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Office Play

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It was a pretty typical Tuesday afternoon. I sat in my office with the door closed and surfed on the internet. It had gotten all my work done that morning, and now I had several hours of boredom to look forward to.

The biggest problem with this was that when I had nothing to do, nothing in particular to occupy my mind, I began to think about my assistant.

She sat right outside my door at a little desk of her own. All I had to do was think about the way her golden blonde hair fell over her shoulder when she bent to hand me my coffee in the morning, and my throat closed up with desire. I picture her hands, perfectly manicured with light pink polish like a little girl, and I closed my eyes and imagined those fingers running through my hair. I wanted to kiss her full, soft lips and feel her tongue in my mouth. I had lusted after from the moment I first met her, and it was absolute torture.

Thinking about her, my hands strayed of its own accord to my blouse, and I slid a hand inside and gently caressed my left breast, pinching the nipple just hard enough to send a delightful dart of pain through my body. I could feel myself getting wet. I knew my face was flushed. I smiled, thinking that perhaps I’d just lock the door and relieve myself, when the door abruptly swung open and she came in.

“Alice.” I sat up, jerking my hand out of my blouse as I felt my face burn with embarrassment. Oh Christ, had she seen me touching myself? She must think I was some sort of sex addict or pervert, unable to control myself even at work.

“Sorry,” Alice said in her low, smoky voice. God, where did she get that voice? It was like a practice whore’s voice coming from an angel’s face. Her wide blue eyes looked at me, all innocence, and I felt myself go soft inside. “I just wanted to see if you needed anything.” She smiled slightly.

Something about the smile struck me. I looked at her more closely. Had that been… a come-on? From Alice? Impossible. I forced a smile on my face and shook my head. “Thanks, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” She bit her lower lip, and gently closed the door behind her.

Now that was a little harder to ignore. I swallowed, trying to look casual, but I felt my leg begin to bounce beneath my desk. At least my hands weren’t fidgeting. I clasped them before me and looked levelly at Alice. “Was there something in particular you thought I needed help with?” I asked, thankful my voice sounded calmer than I felt.

Now Alice’s smile was soft and confident. She turned the lock on the door. “I thought maybe you’d like it if I kept you company. It gets so slow around here in the afternoons.” She walked slowly forward, eying the papers on my desk as she came around it. She idly pushed a few things around, then to my surprise she lowered herself to her knees in front of me. “I thought you might like it if I ate your pussy.”

My breath froze in my throat. Christ, she didn’t really just say that, did she? I stared at her mutely. She looked up at me with her long-lashed sapphire eyes, her full mouth smiling just a little. She was wearing a button-up pale yellow blouse over a light gray skirt. She put a hand to her blouse, unbuttoned the top button.

“Would you?” she asked. “Would you like it if I ate your pussy, Miss Green?”

My skin felt as though it was on fire. I nodded, half afraid she’d laugh and get up as though it had all been a joke. Instead she reached out and grabbed the arm of my chair, turned me so that I was facing her. I was wearing a skirt myself, a black knee-length skirt, very professional. She smiled and slid her hands beneath it. Her palms smoothed their way up my thighs to my underwear. I felt the fingertips of one hand gently stroke between my legs. She smiled again when she felt how wet my panties were. She hooked her fingers through the sides and pulled them down.

“Here, spread your legs. There you go.” She spoke softly, lifting one leg and draping it over the arm of my chair. She pushed the skirt back gently until she could see my pussy. She stroked it lightly. It was hairless; I always shaved because I liked the smooth feel of it. Apparently she did, too. She petted it gently, as though it were a kitten. Then she parted her lips and leaned forward.

Her warm, wet tongue caressed me from anus to clit in long, slow strokes. I closed my eyes and sighed at the utter pleasure of it. She licked every part of me between my legs as thoroughly as if she were trying to clean me. She pushed her tongue as far inside of me as it would go, then moved up to flick my clit teasingly. I couldn’t help grabbing a fistful of her gold hair and urging her closer. She began to suck and even nibble on my clit, causing my hips to move as though they had a will of her own. She slowly inserted two fingers into me, then took her wet middle finger and slid it into my anus. She moved her finger back and forth, in and out, while she suckled and teased my clit. I closed my eyes and bit back my moans, not wanting anyone to hear what we were doing. Christ, she was amazing! It felt so good. In a matter of minutes I knew I was going to come. I lifted my hips to her insistently, and she responded with more pressure. She sucked harder on me, pulling my clit into her mouth so she could rub it with her tongue, and her finger in my ass moved faster, harder. I heard myself gasp and groan softly. My hands clamped down on the arms of my chair, and then I came – so hard and so long that I couldn’t help giving a soft, satisfied cry of, “Oh, yes yes yes” as it rolled through me. I could feel my anus tightening around her finger, the muscles in my vagina pulsing as I came on her hungry mouth.

She licked me clean with light, careful licks, teasing my now sensitive, swollen clit. Then she lifted herself up so that she was kneeling between my thighs, and she began unbuttoning my blouse.

I took her face in both hands and kissed her. I could taste myself on her lips as they parted for me, and I put my tongue in her mouth and kissed her as deeply as I could, as though I were trying to swallow her. Her skilled tongue stroked mine, her lips moving obediently beneath mine as she pushed my shirt down my arms and then tossed it lightly aside.

She bent to take my nipple in her mouth, and I arched my back and sighed. I ran my hands through her hair, down her back, caressed her firm butt. She parted her legs slightly, and I pushed my fingers between them, feeling her heat and wetness through her panties. She sucked on my nipples hungrily, massaging my breasts with her hands, her pink fingernails bright against my pale skin.

“Here, sit back,” I said, pushing papers and pens out of the way. She leaned back against my desk, and too impatient to take her panties off, I pulled them aside with two fingers and buried my face in her pussy. God, the taste and smell of her was amazing. I licked and sucked as though I was starving for her, pushing my fingers inside her, touching and tasting her at the same time. She moaned encouragement, putting her hand lightly on the back of my head. I found her clit, spreading her lips with two fingers, and licked and sucked at it, moaning deep in my throat when I felt her shudder with pleasure. She gasped and writhed, but I held on to her, pushing my mouth insistently into her. Her thighs were hot and damp with sweat on my cheeks. I lapped at her, crazy with desire. I rubbed her clit with my fingers, licked her juices as they ran out of her. When she finally came, I sucked her clit into my mouth and held on until her knees collapsed and her stomach spasmed.

She sank to the floor, eyes glazed, her hands reached for me. I lay next to her on the soft carpet, and we kissed and stroked each other gently, exploring breasts, hips, stomachs, soft warm necks. I bit her shoulders gently. She stroked my clit with her fingers, put her fingers to her lips with a smile. She began to rub me, getting me ready again. Then she whispered, “Make yourself come for me.”

I lay on my back, and she lifted herself up on one elbow to watch. I put a hand between my legs, felt how wet I was. I was practically dripping. I knew my body well, and I put two fingers on my clit and began to work it in small, hard circles. The pressure began to build in me almost immediately. Alice put her head to my breasts and sucked and bit my nipples, her eyes on my hand between my thighs. She put her hand over it lightly to feel the way I touched myself. I closed my eyes, tensed my body. The orgasm built and built inside me, and as I came, gasping and writhing on the floor, Alice thrust two fingers inside me hard and finger-fucked me as I rode the orgasm to its shuddering conclusion.

We lay in comfortable silence for a few minutes after that. Alice lay next to me, her sweaty breasts pressed to my sweaty side. Then after a while she rose, and we both began to dress. She smoothed her hair and smiled at me.

“Maybe I could keep you company again some time.”

I returned her smile, lazy and satisfied. “Any time you want, Alice.”

“Good.” She bent and kissed me softly, then with a brief wave she headed back to her desk.

I sat back in my chair and sighed. God, what a great afternoon it had turned out to be.

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