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Xtreme Underwear

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Brian and I weren’t best friends, but we shared a love for winter sports — especially snowboarding. Our other friends bitched about the cold. Brian and I considered it a challenge, and we were always trying to out-do each other by buying the newest designs in winter sport clothing. I had jackets, pants, and underwear made of silk, wool, polar fleece, polypropylene, and just about every other thermal plastic you can name.

Brian, though, topped me by finding a one-piece polypropylene under-suit that I’d never seen before. He’d ordered it over the Internet. I was awestruck the first time I saw it.

It was a Friday evening — we’d driven about three hours to a ski resort and checked into a motel for the weekend. The slopes stayed open late on the weekends, so Brian and I went straight to our room and started changing clothes. Brian stripped completely naked and put on a pair of thermal socks. Then he pulled on the white, one-piece suit. My jaw dropped as he wiggled and contorted to pull the skin-tight underwear up over his legs and hips, inserted his arms, and zipped the chest closed. It hugged every muscle. His nipples were obvious. And there was no doubt that his dick was circumcised — the suit showed everything.

I am gay, but was not out to Brian. I knew he dated women, and I’d heard him make some homophobic jokes, so I never tried to do anything sexual with him. I couldn’t resist touching that one-piece suit, however. As he told me where he’d ordered it, how much it cost, and what it was made of, I ran my hand over his shoulders, down his back, and even over his butt cheeks. And I couldn’t stop telling him how impressed I was with the suit and how well it fit his body.

“Turn around,” I told Brian. “Look at the way it hugs your chest and your stomach,” I said as I touched those parts. I knew I was being too forward, but he wasn’t stopping me, and I knelt down in front of him and ran both hands down his hips and over his thighs.

“Man, it stretches to fit every part of your body,” I gushed.

My face was only inches from his crotch, and it looked like he was reacting to my examination — his dick started getting hard. At first, I pretended to ignore it, thinking he would be embarrassed. Then I thought, “Hell no, that’s too nice to ignore.”

“It REALLY stretches when it needs to, doesn’t it!” I said, as I ran a finger over his hard dick. Brian gasped, but he didn’t back away, and I grabbed his dick through the material. It had been a few weeks since I last touched someone else’s dick, and once I had hold of his, there was no stopping me.

Besides the chest zipper, the suit had a zippered crotch. I opened it and freed his dick and balls. Brian was standing there with his legs spread. I played with his balls with my left hand, and stroked his cock with my right. He was fully erect, and he had a fat dick. I decided I wouldn’t have any problem swallowing the length, but I wasn’t so sure about that width.

I licked all over his cock, bending it up, down, and sideways to reach every centimeter of skin. When I had it good and wet, I wrapped my lips around the head and started sucking it into my mouth.

Brian whispered, “Oh, yea!”

I had one hand on his balls, the other on the base of his dick, and most of his dick in my mouth. I teased the head of his dick with my tongue, and then tried to suck the whole thing in. I grabbed the back of his thighs with both hands and pulled his body toward me, forcing his dick farther down my throat. My nose was buried in his pubic hair. I moved back, and then forward again. I loved taking that whole thing inside me.

Brian loved it too, and he put his hands on the back of my head and started moving in and out at his own speed. I didn’t like not having control, but he was strong, and I was extremely turned on. It didn’t take long for him to ram his dick down my throat one last time and hold my head there while he pumped come into me.

When Brian finally let me go, his only comment was, “Wow! I can’t believe you did that.” He walked to the bathroom, dick and balls flopping through the opening in the suit, and he stayed in there a couple minutes. I was immediately panic stricken, wondering whether I’d just ruined a good friendship. But his body was so hot, and his dick so hard and fat and beautiful, that I don’t think I could have passed up that opportunity. I wanted to jack myself off, but I didn’t know what Brian would do when he came out of the bathroom.

“Get dressed! Let’s hit the slopes,” was all he said. I rushed to put on my long underwear and snowsuit; we grabbed our boards and headed out. Brian was hot on the slopes — I guess the blowjob relaxed him. I wiped out a lot, much to his amusement. At least my dick wasn’t hard anymore. Having snow go down the back of your neck tends to cool you off, so to speak. We quit boarding shortly before the bar closed so we could have a couple drinks before going to bed.

I’d really hoped Brian would want another blowjob that night, but he crashed as soon as we got back to the room. Brian was snoring before I’d finished undressing and brushing my teeth. I ended up jacking off while sitting on the toilet. I felt like I was thirteen years old again, jacking in the bathroom and trying to be quiet so my mother didn’t hear me.

I woke up the next morning when I heard the shower running. After his shower, Brian came out wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. He said, “Good morning!” and seemed to be in a great mood. I fell out of bed and staggered to the bathroom for my shower.

When I came out of the bathroom again, Brian was lying on his bed, naked, and stroking his dick. “You want another go at this?” he asked me, waiving his dick in the air.

“Sure.” I got on the bed with him. It was easier to suck his dick with him lying down. And I was more in control. He thrust up into my mouth a couple times, but I maneuvered so that he couldn’t get his hands on my head. I knelt beside him, with my head facing his feet. I had no problem swallowing his cock from that angle.

I only had a towel around my hips, and Brian ran a hand up the inside of my thigh and started feeling my balls. I spread my knees a little hoping he would grab hold of my dick. He didn’t. He kept moving his hand around, playing with my balls, stroking my thighs, and rubbing my butt cheeks. All that just encouraged me to work harder on his dick, sucking it all the way in, and licking around the head when I pulled back.

Brian played in my ass crack for a moment, and then pressed a finger against my butt hole. The only lubrication was whatever moisture was left from my shower, but it was enough for him to press in a little. My body instinctively moved forward, causing his dick to ram down my throat. I was caught between his finger in my ass and his dick down my throat.

I swallowed a couple times, which caused my throat to massage his dick, and he reacted by thrusting his hips up and firing his come into me. As soon as he came, though, he pulled his finger out of my ass and moved away from me on the bed. I lay down beside him to catch my breath.

Eventually, Brian went to the bathroom, and I could hear him washing his hands. Then he pissed, washed his hands a second time, and came back to start putting that one-piece suit on again. I sighed. Seeing him in that skin-tight outfit is what turned me on to begin with.

I got up and put on my silk long underwear. Brian swatted my on the butt, even holding his hand there and rubbing it around on the silk for a second, then said, “Get your ass in gear. We came to ski!”

Brian started asking me questions as we rode the chair lift up the hill.

“How long you been sucking cock?” Since I was nineteen, I told him.

“You been with a lot of guys?” No, maybe five in the last six years. I wasn’t counting Brian. With him, that made it one a year — I had no idea whether he would think that was a lot.

“No one can ever find out about this, okay?”

I quickly agreed. I would have agreed to just about anything if I thought he would let me suck him off again. I wasn’t falling in love or anything; I was turned on by his masculinity. I loved his muscles, his power, and his fat, stiff cock. I was pretty sure I would go down on him any time he asked.

He made a couple sick jokes about it that day. Around noon, I asked if he wanted to stop for lunch, and he said, “Do you want to eat my hot dog?” When we did stop for a break, I ordered coffee. “Want some of my cream in that?”

Also, Brian touched me a lot. He’d hold onto my shoulder when we were standing in the lift line, and he’s slap my butt anytime he thought no one else was looking. Whenever someone else was nearby, he was the same old Brian. As soon as we were alone, he would say something, or do something, to keep me on edge. If I didn’t think he was so hot, I would have considered him a pest.

At sundown, we stopped for dinner, and after dinner we went back to the motel.

“I want to fuck you,” Brian said. “Is there anything you have to do to get ready?”

I’d been fucked before, and I was downright giddy at the idea of doing it with Brian. I told him we needed condoms and lube. He left for the store, still wearing his ski clothes, and I went to the bathroom. Brian was back before I finished showering.

Brian had already removed his coat and shoes. “Do you want to undress me?” he asked. Oh, yes! I quickly removed his turtleneck and pants, leaving him standing in that one-piece. I unzipped the chest and ran my hand over his pecs. I even played with his nipples until he made me stop. I pulled the top off his shoulders and down his arms, feeling every muscle along the way. Once his upper body was free, I put my arms around his waist and tried to touch every inch of his skin from there down to his hips. He let me massage his ass, but balked when my fingers slid into his butt crack. Instead, I pushed the one-piece down farther and reached for his balls.

Brian had nice, heavy testicles, and he and I both enjoyed me playing with them. He put his hand over mine, and it was like he was using my hand so he could play with his balls and dick. I was happy to let him, and I think he only stopped because it was getting too erotic for him. I peeled the one-piece down off his thighs and marveled at their size. He had strong legs for snowboarding. And hairy ones. I lightly brushed my fingers up and down the hair on his legs. He couldn’t wait any longer — he hopped on one foot while struggling to get the one-piece off his other leg. He ended up putting a hand on my head to steady himself as he finished removing the underwear.

I tossed my towel on the dresser and lay down on my bed. Brian picked up the sack he’d just brought from the store and got on the bed with me. I figured what we’d just done would be all the foreplay he would tolerate. His dick was hard and straight and pointed right at me. I took the sack from him and got out a condom. I opened the packet and rolled the condom down over his dick, and I spread lube all over it.

Brian didn’t wait any longer. He pushed me back and had my legs up in the air in a flash. I didn’t get to lube my ass — maybe that’s what he meant by telling me to get ready earlier. With my legs over his shoulders, he pressed his dick head against my ass hole and pushed. Hard. He popped right in, and I screamed like a girl.

“Easy, big guy,” I harshly said. “Give me some time to get used to you.”

He didn’t. At least, not very much. With little thrusts, Brian pressed onward until he was buried hilt deep in my ass. I yelled, “Stop!” and he gave me a moment to adjust, but then Brian started slowly pulling back out and then he pushed back in. All the way. He seemed to get pleasure from hitting bottom, and it squished me. It pushed my knees almost up to my ears, and he was close enough to kiss me. He didn’t, though.

While I had taken a shower, Brian didn’t. He smelled gamy after a day of boarding, but I wasn’t complaining. I loved his smell — powerful, masculine, authoritative. I focused on that instead of the burning in my ass. Eventually, I found I was rocking in rhythm to his thrusts, pushing my ass up to meet him on the way in, and clinching my ass tight around his dick as he pulled out.

“Oh, yea, bitch! I’m nailing your ass,” Brian told me. And I was doing everything I could to help him. I reached up, grabbed those muscular shoulders, and tried to pull him closer to me. I wasn’t going to let this stud get away. I may not be able to walk again afterward, but I was going to drain that fat dick of all the sperm he had.

Brian was sweating as he pounded into me, and that made his musk even more powerful. I closed my eyes and let him take me — take my ass — hammer me. I couldn’t stop him, not that I wanted to, for I was blown away by my own orgasm. He made me come just from drilling me. I don’t know if he even noticed because he continued to thrust into me awhile longer until he finally shoved his dick home one more time. He yelled as his come blasted into me.

Brian lay on me for a couple minutes until he recovered enough energy to roll off me. I hated having his dick pull out of my ass — it was like I was being unplugged. I could feel a draft back there, and I thought my ass hole wouldn’t close. I actually reached down to feel, and was relieved to know it wasn’t gaping open.

I looked over at Brian. He was spread-eagled on the bed, still breathing deeply. His eyes were shut. I touched his hip to let him know I was there, and then moved my hand over to circle his dick. I pulled the condom off, knotted it, and tossed it in a trashcan by the bed. Brian still didn’t move. I curled up next to him, my nose almost in his armpit, and I wrapped my arm around his waist. We fell asleep like that.

It was close to nine p. m. when I woke, and Brian was still sleeping. We’d planned to go back out on the slopes that night, but I was content to stay in bed next to that naked hunk. I still had an arm around him, and I moved my hand down to play with his balls. He was warm, and they were loose. It was easy to stroke them, first one, then the other, and then both. I wanted to taste them, so I sat up and moved between his legs. I put my face between his thighs and started licking his nuts. I took one in my mouth and sucked on it. I couldn’t take both at the same time. I let that one go and sucked the other one in. I couldn’t see Brian’s face, but I could see his dick stirring. I released his nut and moved forward to lick on his cock.

Now Brian was awake, and I watched him watch me take his dick into my mouth. It tasted salty because of the dried come left from earlier, and his aroma was overpowering. My nose was in his pubes again, sniffing his musk. I could hear his breathing quicken as his dick inflated in my mouth. I straddled one of his legs and was practically humping it as I deep-throated his cock — I had one hand holding his cock and my other hand had a death grip on his testicles. Maybe he realized he was trapped, because he twisted his fingers in my hair but didn’t try to force me to do anything.

“Please,” Brian whispered. “Stop for a second.” I did, since he asked so nicely. I sat up, and he took a couple deep breaths. He sat up too, and started scrounging for the condoms.

“I want to fuck you again.”

No argument from me! I ripped the condom out of Brian’s hand and slipped it over his dick.

“Lay face down,” Brian told me. I was disappointed because I wanted to watch him fuck me, but I did what he said, spread my legs, and raised my ass for him. It was easier taking his dick this time, but it still felt huge. I hoped I still felt tight to him. I squeezed my ass shut around his dick. I loved having his full weight on top of me — it made me feel: trapped, captured, overpowered. He started fucking me, and he had to do most of the work — I could move my butt only a little to meet his thrusts.

Brian put his arms under mine and held onto my shoulders so his thrusts wouldn’t push me away from him. We were hot and sweaty; I could feel his sweat drip down on my back. I could hear his panting; his mouth was not far from my ear. I wanted him to kiss me, bite my ear, nuzzle my neck, but I knew he wouldn’t. That would be gay. And I didn’t mind too much because I fantasized about being fucked by a straight guy. Fucked hard, like he was doing. Drilling me into the mattress.

He slowed down and whispered to me, “Get up on your knees.” Brian continued to fuck me, doggy style, and he could push his dick in deeper that way. Sometimes he thrust so hard that it felt like I was being lifted off the mattress. He did something unexpected — he reached under me and started stroking my dick. It didn’t take much to get me off — the idea of his hand on my dick was almost enough all by itself to make me come. I came, and maybe it was the pulsing that caused in my butt that made him to come, too. He held my hips in place until he’d pumped every last drop of come into my ass. Then he sighed and pulled his dick out of me.

Brian got up and went to the bathroom. When he got back, he crawled into his own bed. Not long thereafter, we both fell asleep again.

I woke first the next morning. As I was showering, Brian came in and pissed. We’d never shared the bathroom before, but I suppose there was no sense in being modest now. I toweled dry and brushed my teeth while he showered.

Normally, we would have hit the slopes again before driving home. This wasn’t a normal trip. When Brian came out of the bathroom, he asked, “Do you want to blow me once more before we leave?” How could I turn down such a sweet offer!

Brian stacked the pillows on his bed so he could sit back against the headboard with his legs spread. Still naked, I crawled between his thighs and put my face in his crotch. He was clean, so his scent wasn’t as strong, but I still enjoyed it. That, and his taste, as I took his dick into my mouth. I guess I was inspired, or he was horny, because it didn’t take long to make him squirt come down my throat. I didn’t want to let go of his cock so soon, and he had to pull me off his dick. He put his hands in my armpits, pulled me up, and then flipped me over so I was sitting between his legs, my back resting against his chest.

He reached with one hand to grasp my balls, and he wrapped his other hand around my dick. Oh, yea, I was hard! I watched Brian stroke up and down on my dick. It was unreal, being masturbated like that.

Brian started whispering in my ear, “Do you like having me stoke your dick? I’m rewarding you for being such a good bitch this weekend. Maybe next time we’ll just stay in bed and fuck all weekend. What do have to say to that?”

“Yes!” I hissed, as I wiggled back against him. “Bite my ear,” I ordered him, and I repeated it in case he didn’t understand me the first time. He did. Brian sank his teeth in my earlobe, and then sucked it into his mouth. That, plus his hand stroking my cock, was enough to make me spray come into the air. My come dripped down on his hand and my crotch. I think a bit splashed on our legs.

“You’ve got big balls for a bitch,” he told me. He squeezed my nuts with one hand and wiped the come off his other hand on my chest. I just lay there, happy to be in his arms. Finally, he pushed me off so he could get up.

We had to clean up again, and then get dressed. I didn’t talk much as he drove us home. All I could think about was that he had said, “Next time….”

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