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Testing a Husbands Desire

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Though we have been married for 6 years our adventurous sides are becoming clearer. So as our lives become ever more chaotic all I can think about is how much I love you, and the naughty little things I would like to do to you.

Coming home he finds that the house appears empty. On the front door is a little note …

“Dinner is on the stove. You are to eat dinner and then take a nice long shower. You are to shave and trim all the appropriate areas. No Playing or Self Pleasure in the shower. After you are through with your shower you are to put on the silk boxers and robe that is laid out on the bed. Once you have completed these tasks you are to call my cell phone and let me know.”

His hands tremble as he removes the note from the door taking in a quick breath before fumbling a bit to get the door unlocked. Looking around at the dimly lit house and can see the lights on in the kitchen. Slowly he makes his way in there. Making a plate of food he sits down at the table and eat it quickly, his mind racing at the thoughts of what may be coming. He places the plate in the sink and heads off to the shower.

Stripping out of his clothes, leaving them in a pile by the tub, testing the water he enter slowly. Taking his time as the warm water trials down his body. Closing his eyes he listens to the water as it hits his body and the tiles below. Slowly opening his eyes he takes the razor and carefully shaves and trims his body. Doing his best not to nick anything important, he finishes making his body where I would be pleased. Shutting off the water he steps out of the shower grabbing your towel. Drying completely off, a little tempted to give himself a few strokes, yet he pauses and decides that it isn’t worth disobeying… yet.

I smile watching his progress happy he has decided to play along. All this time he has longed for me to take control, yet how far was he going to allow me to go? Tonight I planned on finding out. My heart raced as I watched his hands move expertly across his naked body, carefully trimming and washing for me. All that he was doing was for me. The dim light of the monitor making things seem a little more dream like for me but I was enjoying every moment.

Now that he is completely dry he heads to the bedroom, slipping the cool boxers over his already growing manhood. Donning the robe and not tying it he sits on the edge of the bed trying to calm his mind. Wondering if he should continue or just call it all off. Reclining back in the bed he decides he might as well see where this goes, especially seeing how worked up he is and nothing has happened.

I click a switch to follow his movements through the house. I had wired the place slowly over the past few months, just for today. The little red light burned since the moment he had arrived at the front door and read the note.

Feeling nice and relaxed he calls me. Before he can say anything I speak. I smiled knowing that anything audible was also going to be recorded. I had plans for this session but that can be discussed at another time. I quickly speak up before he can say anything and ruin my little plot.

“Are you interested in a little fun tonight or do you want to call off the adventure that is planned for you?”

“What’s going on? What are you doing? How long is this going to last?” A million questions fly through his mind as he begins to give me the 3rd degree. I stop his questions.

“The answer only has one word. Whether the word is yes or no is your choice. Tonight you will be mine and should you decide to go along, this will be a night you will never forget.” I can hear him breathing, pondering his options. I smile to myself loving the sight of his squirming.

“Yes.” His voice was just barely above a whisper.


“Yes, please.” His voice plainly heard now as his confidence in me builds along with his excitement.

“Are you sure? This is the last chance to back out.”

“Yes, I want to do this.” His voice was stronger and a little more convincing.

“Look under the pillow. I want you to do as it says.”

Dearest Husband, I know you are wondering what is going on but this should be fun. You should be in the silk boxers and a robe right now. Please remove your robe and get into bed. I want you propped up in bed, not laying down. On the head board there are some magazines with erotic stories. Pick out one that you think you will like and start reading it out loud to me over the phone. I also want you to start rubbing and caressing yourself as if I was doing it or how you would like it to be done to you. You do not have to keep the phone next to your ear but you do have to leave it so that I can hear everything. If you hang up the phone then it is over. Do not finish yourself. If you feel that it might happen then slow down or stop long enough for the urge to pass. Remember I love you and I want you to enjoy all that is coming. Your Loving Wife

So he puts the phone on the headboard and starts reading the story of the threesome. Two females and one male. I knew he would pick that story for it has always been one of his fantasies. His voice is steady at first, yet the more he reads and the more he strokes I not only hear the arousal but can see his lust building.

I have found someone to join us and knew that you would like her. I can tell he is really getting into the story, his strokes longer and more concentrated. I look over to the other monitor and flick a switch a couple times. She sees the flickering light and knows its now her turn. She pauses looking in the full length mirror then heads to the main bedroom where my husband continues to stroke himself.

In she walks and my husbands jaw drops to the floor. I had dressed her for this and knew he would react that way. She is wearing black leather hooker boots and carrying a note in her hand. She walks slowly and deliberately across the room to him, one hand is a note and the other is hidden behind her back. His eyes watching her every movement as she stops beside the bed next to him. Her delicate fingers holding a note out to him, he finally snaps out of his daze and takes the note. His hands trembling in the presence of this voluptuous red head, he opens the letter, reading it.

Dearest Husband, She is yours to enjoy. You have 45 minutes to finish in her or on her. Do not hang up the phone at all during this time. If you finish sooner that is ok, but you must finish before the alarm goes off or it will all end. Remember that I love you so much. Your Loving Wife

As soon as he finished reading the note she dims the lights (as per my request so he has to go along with it) returning to the bed she reveals what was behind her back. It is a small egg timer, she sets the alarm for 45 minutes before kneeling beside the bed awaiting his command.

He pulls her up on the bed with him laying her on her back. He starts with her neck and kiss down to her nipples. Licking and nibbling her nipples, then moving down to her pussy. He longs to taste her sweetness, leaning in inhaling her scent, he begins to hungrily explore her pussy. She moans softly as he slowly insert his fingers into her tight wet pussy. Her moans coming louder as he laps away at her pussy, his mind spinning wanting to get as much pleasure as he could before the timer went off.

As I sit their watching them my hand absently brushes across my nipple, sliding slowly down my belly I find the edge of my shirt and slip underneath. I never knew how erotic it could be to watch him in action, especially knowing what he feels like. Their moans fueling my desire as flesh finds flesh. My nipple hard under my fingers. I feel myself growing wet and wanting more than anything to go in their and begged to be fucked. Yet tonight was not to be like that, tonight he was going to beg me. Returning my attention back to the monitor as my other hand slides past the waist line of my pants seeking the wetness beyond.

Suddenly she pulls away from him. She leans over to the side table and pulls out a condom. She removes the condom from the wrapper and leans forward sliding it over his throbbing dick. Then she rolls over with her butt in the air tempting him, offering him her tight ass. His heart leaps as he registers in his head what she is offering. His dick so hard just from the thought of it he takes a breath trying to make sure he doesn’t cum just from entering her.

Never to turn down such and opportunity he places the head of his cock in her ass, pressing in lightly as her body accepts him. He slides in the tight constraints, moaning out in pure ecstasy. His thick cock deep in her ass, he begins fucking her with long slow strokes. Their moans growing louder and stronger with each thrust. His eyes are closed tightly as his momentum builds and he takes her ass faster and deeper.

Watching from my hidden room my hands continue to explore my body. My own excitement building watching them. My hand slips into my ever growing wetness. As my finger press past my soft wet folds a soft moan escapes my lips. I can imagine him fucking her in the ass while she fingers and licks me.

“Oh yes!” I softly exclaim as their moans begin to increase. Their momentum builds he fucks her furiously in her ass, their moans filling the room matching my moans, their excitement about to explode.

He pulls out of her as she cums and yanks the condom off before exploding all over her back. His thick warm cum oozes slightly down her back as he collapses on top of her. They lay there spent and breathing heavily. I watch the two making sure my timing will be just right before heading towards the bedroom. Taking one last look to make sure all the gear is functioning and recording I silently make my way to the bedroom, my cell phone in hand.

He picks up the phone and tries to ask what next but I am not there. I am standing at the foot of the bed with my sweatpants and tee shirt on. I had been watching you the entire time. He looks up a little worriedly at me not sure what to do, the reality of what had just happened begining to sink in he freezes.

I pause for just a moment to see the surprise/excitement on your face. You slowly start becoming hard in your nervousness. It takes everything to not giggle at your new found predicament. I pull up a chair beside the bed and escort you to it. I sit you down and give you a big passionate kiss. Leaning close to your ear I whisper softly.

“Just watch.”

She is now sitting up on the bed watching my movements. standing where they can both see me I slip my pants down to the floor and step out of them. Then with a quick motion I tug the bottom hem of my shirt and pull it over my head revealing my now naked body. My heart racing as I toss the shirt on the pants.

I look at her and place my hands on my hips.

“You girl have been very bad. I am all wet and messy now and need to be cleaned. Kneel before me and clean me.” My voice was soft but stern and I could hear him gasp as I spoke to her. He remained motionless as she slipped off the bed and onto her knees before me.

“Yes Mistress.” was all she could say before kissing slowly up my legs and to my thighs. I could see him holding his breath in antcipation.

“Wait. I want to be more comfortable.” I had leaned down and grabbed a handful of hair turning her eyes up to mine. Then pulling her up to me I kiss her passionately on her lips, our tongues dancing deeply before a small tug of her hair breaks the kiss.

I walk over to the bed making sure he gets a full view of all that was to come and beckoned my kneeling girl to me.

“Come my sweet and clean me, its your fault.”

“Yes Mistress.” She smiled and looked excited about getting the honor of being between my legs. I watch him shift and lick his lips as she crawls across the bed and once again begins to kiss up my inner leg. I could feel her soft lips trailing up, her breast brushing lightly as she made her way higher and higher. I looked at him as her tongue traced my wet opening. I moaned softly feeling her hungrily begin to lick and suck me.

My left hand carasses her hair softly before grasping her by her hair and guiding her to take me deeper. My back arching to her mouth as she sucks on my hard button. Her hand glides up my belly and cups my breast. My body rocking under hers.

“Oh fuck yes!” I growl out to her feeling my body edging towards orgasm. I look over at my husband seeing his throbbing member in his hand being stroked as he watches us.

“Don’t you dare… get over her and lick your mess off of her!” His eyes looked hurt but excited and he nodded in agreement. I watch as he gets up from his chair and crawls aross the bed. his naked body pressing against hers. I can see his tongue begin to flick across her skin. She moans into me, I toss my head back as she inserted two fingers deep in me her tongue still swirling around my button. My grip tightens in her hair as my body threatens to give way.

I can’t last much longer as her intensity on me increases. Her moans growing louder as my husband slips his throbbing dick in her hot wet slit. He begins to fuck her in long strokes, each stroke pushing her mouth deeper into my pussy. Our moans and groans of pure pleasure fill the room.

“Please may I cum?” I hear him half growling at me knowing he is on the edge of an orgasm.

“Ask me the right way or your gonna have to hurt.”

“Please Mistress, may I cum?” his voice pleading to me.

“Not yet… wait for me… when I cum you can cum.” my voice was waivered slightly as I knew it would be soon.

Our friend wanted to cum as well so she worked harder sucking my button and sliding a third finger inside me, my husband pounding harder and faster in her. I toss my head back letting the wave take over me. My body clamps down on her fingers as she greedily licks my sweetness. In my explosion I hear them cum, his groans drowning out her loud pants. Our momentums slowlying as she tenderly slips her fingers out of me and offers her fingers to my husband. He accepts the gift licking her fingers clean. Slowly he pulls out of her with a soft grunt and we all collapse on the bed closing our eyes to rest.

Looking down at her resting on my thigh her eyes closed, I brush my hand gently through her hair and whisper to her softly.

“Well done my sweet, rest while you can.” Then seeing my husband still at my feet he nuzzles up to my thigh and smiles weakly. Raising his head weakly he looks up lovingly to me.

“Thank you Mistress.”

I laugh at him as he puts his head next to my leg and dozes off knowing that this was only round one. I look up to the hidden camera and wink before laying back and getting a little rest myself.

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