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This is a story about life at Sheri’s Place. All the characters portrayed herein are eighteen years old or older. This story is pure fiction.


“Come on bitch, suck on it!” demanded Jerry.

Just then Phil a graduate of the high school came around the corner of the shed. What he saw was Xenia on her knees with 18 year old Jerry’s cock in her mouth.

“Oh yeah, do me!” Jerry wailed. His hips bucked and he emptied his load into Xenia’s mouth. She dropped his cock and spit the load on the ground.

“I told you to swallow it, bitch,” Jerry screamed. He doubled up his fist and was going to hit her. Phil kicked him in the nuts.

Jerry was on the ground screaming in pain. “I’ll kill you, you son of a bitch!” he shrieked.

Phil kicked him hard again in the same place. “Don’t call my mother a bitch. Xenia gave you a blow job but you thought you had to beat her up too? If I see you around her again, you sicko, I’ll kill your ass!”

Phil helped Xenia to her feet as Jerry hastily ran away. “You shouldn’t be doing these things. One of these guys is going to hurt you real bad.”

“I can’t help it. I have to have sex as often as possible. When we graduate next week, I’ll have plenty of time to get what I want.”

“Damn it Xenia, you’re nineteen, you don’t have to fuck everybody you meet!”

“I can’t help it! Even though you are trying to help me, right now I’m thinking about how to get you to fuck me.”

“You’ve got a real mental problem! Do you know what nymphomania is? I think you’ve got it.”

“That’s probably true. Daddy said I had it when he caught me fucking my brother.”

“Your brother? You committed incest with your brother?”

“Both of them right after they graduated from school. Then I caught daddy in the shower one night and I ambushed him and fucked him too. I really need some cock and I need it now! Come over to my place so I can screw your eyeballs out.”

“No way! You’ve had a thousand dicks in you and any one of them could have given you some kind of STD. No, I won’t fuck you, not now, not ever.”

“I guess I’ll have to go home and fuck the neighbor again. He is an old man and he has a little, tiny dick, but at least it squirts.”

“Why don’t you go see a shrink? You can’t be happy with the way you’re living. You need professional help!”

“I can’t afford a shrink. I’d probably fuck him too.”

Xenia made her way home. When she got there she looked for Charlie, the next door neighbor, but he was nowhere to be found. She sadly stumbled up the stairs to her bedroom. As she walked down the hall, she heard some strange noises coming from her brother Charlie’s room. She quietly slid the door to his bedroom open.

Her brother was lying on his back totally nude. He had his fist wrapped around his cock and was furiously rubbing it. “Don’t cum!” she cried as she ripped off her clothes.

Her brother stopped in mid stroke and watched his sister get naked. She almost ran to his bed. Straddling him, she jumped on his cock and rammed it all the way into her dripping pussy. She reveled in the feel of his big dick head as it plowed her ground. Soon she felt the familiar onset of an orgasm. She gripped his cock as tightly as she could and squeezed the cum out of his dick.

“God Xenia, I’m cumming in you!!” Charlie cried. He seed burst out of his cock and deep into Xenia’s hot pussy.

She got off and lay beside him. “Fuck me Charlie. Please fuck me now!” she wailed.

“Damn Xenia you’ve got to give me some time to recover.”

She scooted herself around and sucked his wet cock into her mouth. Her hands gripped his nuts as she forced his pecker to rise. “Okay, it’s hard enough,” she informed him.

Charlie couldn’t believe how fast she had gotten him hard. He crawled between her knees and slid his throbbing cock into her. He pumped her as hard as he could. She trembled as another orgasm shook her. Charlie could last a long time his second time around. Half an hour later and three more of her orgasms she finally cried, “That’s enough! My pussy is getting sore!”

“Too bad cunt,” he replied, “I’m gonna get at least one more nut into you.”

“Ahhhh, Charlie it hurts. Please stop.”

“No way bitch. I’ve got to shoot you full right now!!”

Charlie straightened out over her and shot his load directly into her cervix. Finally drained, he rolled off.

“By the way Xenia I never asked if you were on the pill. Are you?”

“Pills are too expensive. Fuck the pills.”

“You know that you’re bound to get pregnant don’t you? You’ve had a hundred cocks cum in you. You won’t even know who the father is.”

“I don’t care who the father is. I just want to keep a cock in me all the time!”

“Well, how about I just fuck you again right now?”

“No way. You made my pussy sore. I probably won’t be able to fuck anyone for at least a couple of days.”

“In that case, get your lips ready. I’m gonna face fuck you until I get off again and you’re gonna drink the load.”

“Now Charlie, you know I don’t swallow. I won’t do it.”

Charlie’s cock was hard again. He crawled over Xenia and shoved his dick down her throat. She tried to bite him and he slapped her hard across the top of her head.

“Start sucking bitch. Make it cum or I’ll beat the shit out of you.”

Xenia felt his big cock sliding in and out of her throat. She tried to swallow his dick. As her throat contracted, Charlie yelled, “Here it comes!” and shot his wad right down her throat. He left it in her mouth until he was sure she had swallowed the whole load.

Laughing, he pulled his dick from her mouth. Xenia looked hurt and confused.

“You really hurt me,” she moaned. “Let me up. I’m going to take a shower.”

She struggled from under him and fled down the hall to her bedroom. Charlie had almost dislocated her jaw. She got into the steaming hot shower. The needles of water massaged and caressed her. She douched out her pussy and dried it. Stumbling back to her bedroom, she cried quietly wondering how it had come to this. She was a cum slut, a handy receptacle for anybody with a hardon.

She cried herself to sleep. She was aroused around midnight by someone slipping beneath her covers.

“Be quiet Xenia. I want to fuck you and I want to do it now!” her daddy said with an urgent tone in his voice.

“Oh daddy please not tonight. My pussy is really sore and my jaw is almost dislocated. I’ll do you tomorrow, I promise.”

“Spread those legs! I want some pussy right now!” he said as he pried her legs apart.

She didn’t put up much of a struggle and soon her daddy’s cock was sliding in and out of her worn out hole. She clamped down hard with her cunt muscles to make him cum as soon as she could. It worked and it wasn’t long until she felt his hot, gooey cum splashing around in her twat. Daddy got off of her and went back to his room. She got up and went back to the bathroom. Once again she washed her equipment off. What a night!

In the spring she graduated from school and moved out of the house. Her daddy didn’t want her to go. “Where will you go and what will you do?” he called after her as she walked up the street and out of his life. She never answered.

She got on a bus to Los Angeles and soon put Virginia behind her. Every time a man got on and sat beside her she soon had his cock in her mouth. She got fucked five times on the way to L.A.

Life on the street in LA was a lot tougher than she thought it would be. She survived by going home with men and hoping they had food in the refrigerator. One night she was staggering along Wilshire Blvd. when a limo stopped by the curb. The window went down and the guy inside said, “If you want to give up life on the streets, get in the car.”

Xenia had had several close calls from men she had gone with. Many of them wanted to torture her or beat her. She was definitely ready to get off the streets. She got into the limo. The man who had spoken to her was a small guy, almost as short as she was.

“So what’s the deal,” she asked.

“The deal is, I am affiliated with a brothel in Pahrump, Nevada. We are looking for some new girls. You must be eighteen to work there. Are you eighteen? The working conditions are great and the money is outstanding.”

“Yes, I’m eighteen. You want me to go with you and be a whore?”

“Yup. I can almost guarantee you’ll love it. And you won’t be on the streets anymore. We have been watching you for quite a while. You have had some narrow escapes from the bums you have been going with. We can guarantee that won’t happen in our brothel.”

Xenia thought it over. She knew she was doomed if she stayed on the streets. It was a miracle she hadn’t been seriously injured. She didn’t really like the idea of becoming an official whore, but her alternatives were limited and dangerous.

“How soon do you have to know?” she asked.

“I’m headed for Nevada tonight. I have to know now.”

Xenia’s brow wrinkled as she thought this opportunity over. Finally she said, “Can I go look at this place and talk to some of the other girls/”

“Absolutely! We want you to be happy. If you don’t like it there, we’ll get you a bus ticket to wherever you want to go.”

That sold it to Xenia. “Okay, let’s go,” she told him.

“We’ll stop by your place and get your things,” the man offered.

“I don’t have a place. I live on the streets,” she answered.

“In that case, we’re off.” He spoke into the intercom and the big limo headed for I-15.

As soon as they were on the freeway, Xenia curled up in the seat and went to sleep. When she woke up they were already in Nevada. It looked hot. It was hot but the limo had a good air conditioner so it stayed nice and cool inside.

Half an hour after she woke up they pulled into the brothel parking lot. Evening was approaching so the lot was almost full. When she got out of the car a blast of hot air hit her. She had never felt heat like this. She was almost sure she was going to hate this place.

Inside it was nice and cool. The furniture was better than any she had ever seen. An older woman met her and escorted her to the office.

She sat behind a big desk while Xenia sat in an overstuffed chair. “This is the best brothel in Nevada,” the woman started, “it is also the cleanest. For that reason, if you decide to stay you will have a complete physical including blood tests. If there is something wrong with you that we can cure, we’ll do it. Otherwise, you’ll be out. Lana here will show you around. Ask questions and be sure this is what you want.”

A short red head appeared and took Xenia in tow. She showed her the layout of the brothel including the kitchen and the pool. The place was huge.

“So what’s it like to work here?” Xenia asked.

“It’s great! You get a really nice room away from the service rooms. The money is good but the best part is you get all the cock you ever wanted. The brothel supplies us with a cook and you can eat any time you want. Don’t get fat! They don’t like fat whores. We have guards here to protect us from the bad guys. I’m sure that if you like cock, you’ll love it here.”

Xenia was really impressed with everything that Lana had told her. She talked to some of the other girls and they all agreed that this was a great work place.

“Let’s get something to eat. You’re probably starved after driving from LA.”

“I could use something to eat. Where is the kitchen?”

“Follow me,” replied Lana and escorted her to the dining facility. “This area is off limits to customers. Only the staff gets to eat here. After we eat I’ll show you my room and then take you back to Madam Irene.”

The food was tasty and well prepared; in fact it was better than anything Xenia had ever had.

“My room is right down this hall. The gym is on the right through those doors. You’ll need to work out if you’re going to keep up with the weekend crowd.”

Lana’s room was small but it was tastefully decorated. “They’ll take you in to Las Vegas after you get your first check and you can fix your room up any way you want. Well, what do you think?”

“I think I’m really gonna like it here. Let’s go see Madam Irene.”

Lana escorted her back to the office. Madam Irene looked up from her desk and said, “Well?”

“It looks a hell of a lot better than where I was headed. If you want me, I’ll stay.”

“Good, good. The first thing is the physical. After you clear medical, you’ll go to school for two weeks to learn how to be a whore. If you make it through school, you’ll get your certificate and we’ll put you to work.”

“How long is it going to be until I get to fuck somebody?”

“It’ll take three weeks unless you flunk medical. Are you worried that you won’t get fucked enough?”

“Yes, that’s it exactly.”

Irene handed her an electric dildo. “This is your fuck buddy until you are certified. Your room is number twenty four.”

“That’s right next to mine,” Lana exclaimed. “Where are your things?”

“I don’t have any things. And I’m flat broke.”

Irene said, “Here’s a hundred bucks. Go into Vegas tomorrow and get a few things. Oh, and don’t go fucking anybody until you’re certified. If you do, you’re gone.”

“Yes maam!” Xenia answered.

Three weeks went by quickly. Xenia buzzed herself off every night with the vibrator.

On her twenty third day at the brothel Irene called her into the office. “Congratulations, you are now officially a Nevada whore. You can turn your first trick anytime. Wait in your room and I’ll call you.”

Xenia practically flew back to her room. An hour later the intercom buzzed her and Irene said, “Come on out and show us what you’ve got.”

Xenia walked into the reception room in the baby doll nighty she had bought with part of Irene’s hundred bucks. There was a short, bald guy looking her and two of the other girls over. He pointed to Xenia and said, “That one.”

Xenia walked to him, “Come on big boy, let’s see what you’ve got.”

By now Xenia was horny enough to fuck a rattlesnake. She escorted the man into one of the service rooms. “Take your clothes off honey. I’ve got to do a little required maintenance on you. What’s your name, sugar?”

“I’m Jack. What’s your name?”

“Xenia,” she replied. “We’re gonna have a real good time. Let me see your ticket.”

The man produced the ticket he had gotten from Irene when he told her what he wanted and paid.

“Oh boy!! We’re gonna have loads of fun,” Xenia giggled. She produced a syringe full of a blue liquid. “Let’s see that cock.”

Jack had a big hardon. Xenia examined it closely and then shot the blue liquid into the hole in the end. She held a basin under his dick to catch the overflow. “That’ll keep you from knocking me out of work.” She explained.

“Just lie on your back and let me take care of you,” she said in a sexy, soothing voice.

She carefully washed off his genitals and then she kissed the end of his dick. Slowly she engulfed it into her hot mouth. Jack had about seven inches and she swallowed the whole thing. She felt him starting to twitch. His hips were gyrating as she plunged his cock in and out of her mouth. When he was just about ready to cum, she jerked his cock out of her mouth and squeezed it hard.

Jack had never felt anything like that before. She rolled over and pulled him on top of her. “Fuck me!! Fuck me hard Jack!!” she cried.

Jack rammed his cock into her waiting, throbbing receptacle and started pumping hard. She was flexing her vagina around him as he tried to shove it up to her throat. Soon she felt him starting to shudder. She clamped down on him with her pussy as he squirted his seed into her center. He was hugging her tightly, not wanting to let go. Finally she rolled him onto his back and started sucking his rapidly deflating cock.

“Oh God Xenia, that was so good, but I think I’ve about had it,” moaned Jack.

“We’re just getting started honey. I’m gonna suck on your peter until you nuts collapse!”

Jack couldn’t believe that he was ready this soon, but he felt himself swell in her wet, magic mouth. She squeezed his nuts, humming a little tune on his cock. Without warning, she jammed her finger into his asshole and Jack started squirting like a fire hose as she tickled his prostate.

He trembled and shook as he finished. “I’ve never felt anything like that in my life,” he panted. He was grinning from ear to ear as Xenia helped him on with his clothes. He tipped her fifty bucks extra. She escorted him to reception where he had a brief chat with Irene. Then he wobbled out the door and into the night.

“What did you do to him?” Irene asked.

“Oh no!! Did I do something wrong?” Xenia whimpered.

“No! Old Jack has been coming here for years and he has never praised anyone like he praised you. You have made him very happy.”

“He gave me fifty bucks. Can I keep it?”

“You can keep everything they give you after you’ve paid me my hundred dollars!”

Xenia hand the fifty over to Irene. “Well, what do you think of your new job?” Irene asked.

“This isn’t a job, it’s my new career. I want to stay here forever!” Xenia cried happily. “I’ll be here as long as you want me.”

Xenia went back to her room and showered. She sat on her bed waiting for her next triumph. She wasn’t going anywhere. She had found her niche.

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