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Submissive Heights

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My sexual awakening really began when I finally gave in and revealed to my husband my desire to be submissive. No, not the master/slave scenarios that seem to be so predominant and to my mind borders on abuse. No, not the spank me until I cry and can’t sit down for a week activities that would label me a masochist. No, I don’t want to be violently raped, even by my own husband in the name of sexual freedom. What I was looking for was to be able to surrender completely to my husband and allow him to have his way with me, over and over again.

Since I opened that door to my dark desires my husband has enthusiastically embraced the concept and allowed me to explore my boundaries and I quickly found out that I have a long way to climb before things go too far. It started out simply enough when he blindfolded me, tied me spread-eagled to the bed and then teased and massaged my quivering body for an hour before plunging his cock into my drenched pussy producing so many intense orgasms that I was left gasping for breath. I wanted it to go on forever.

In my naïveté I thought that being restrained like that was exactly what I wanted but fortunately my husband wanted to explore my boundaries even more than I did and so it wasn’t too long before I found myself once again tied to the bed but this time my toes were pointing toward the sky and my puckered anus and glistening pussy were lewdly exposed for his pleasure. After he teased my nipples into hardened peaks, I felt a pinch as he placed clamps on both of them and then turned on small vibrators that drove me absolutely crazy. The sensations shot through me as my nipples responded by stiffening even more until they actually ached. My body writhed against the restraints and I actually screamed in ecstasy. My passion oozed out of my pussy, between the wide-spread cheeks of my ass to drip on the bed. My toes curled with the thrill of it all and my hands clenched and unclenched as I tried to deal with the flood of feelings that rocketed through my body.

The touch of my husbands’ tongue between my legs pushed me right to the edge and when his tongue swept over my tight pucker and then buried itself in my juicy pussy, it was all over. I thought the orgasms before were the best but this one took me to another dimension. I actually strained a muscle jerking against the ropes as my body arched off the bed trying to get that thrusting tongue even deeper into my hot hole. I was still shuddering through that mind-blowing orgasm when my husband slid his cock right to the hilt into my clutching pussy and I found out that I could actually get over- stimulated. I had to beg him to stop as a machine-gun burst of orgasms swept over me leaving behind a limp, sweaty and thoroughly satisfied woman. After he untied me, we cuddled until my heart stopped trying to leap out of my chest and I rewarded him with a slow and sloppy blowjob. Just the way he liked it. It definitely couldn’t get any better than this.

Oh, but it could. My husband seemed to know my body better than I did and this new me brought out a sexual inventiveness that had been sorely missing in our relationship. If we had stopped now, I would have been more than satisfied but now it became a challenge for my husband to see if he could top the last time with an even better one which meant we had to push the boundaries again. I was almost dancing with excitement as I found myself in the exact same position as last time but with my first moan everything changed as my husband stifled the noise with a ball-gag. Now I was tied down, spread wide and gagged. I lay there waiting to see if things had finally gone too far.

I felt an object thrust into one of my hands. My husband’s lips brushed my ear. “Drop this bell and I stop immediately. You can’t change your mind after that. We’re done for the evening. Understand?” The words were a raspy, fierce whisper, almost begging me not to drop the bell. I nodded and flushed with excitement, realizing the picture that I must be presenting right now. Naked, blindfolded, gagged, arms outstretched and wrists tied down, legs up and spread wide, pussy and ass open and available for whatever my husband wanted. The head of his cock traced my gagged lips and I actually felt my pussy moisten and fill with my juices which oozed out in an almost continuous flow.

I found myself breathing rapidly through my nose and sucking in air around the gag as cold lube was slathered over my slit, mixing with my own hot juices and then smeared over my tight anus and it was then that I realized what the next level really entailed. My tail! I almost dropped the bell right then and there. We had actually tried anal sex when we had married but over-eagerness and inexperience had doomed the experiment and I had not wanted to try it again. Now it looked like I was going to be subjected to some Greek-style loving. I gripped the bell tighter and waited to see how far I was willing to go.

Even though my husband had left me some control over the situation, it was easy for me to ignore the bell and surrender myself to what was happening. The feel of the ropes and the fact that I couldn’t see or speak heightened all my other senses. My skin felt like it was super sensitive and just the feel of fingertips on my breasts was enough to send an orgasmic twinge to my pussy. That now familiar ache returned with a vengeance and I resolved not to drop the bell until my husband was finished with me.

Each of these sessions seemed to introduce another new toy to the proceedings and this one was no exception. I felt a small egg-like object pushed into my pussy and moments later I was shrieking behind the gag as it began to vibrate deep within me. Flashes of light flickered in front of my blindfolded eyes and as I tried to wrap my mind around these new sensations, I felt the first penetration of my anus by a well-lubed finger. It felt enormous! I struggled to relax but the flood of sensations made it extremely difficult. I concentrated on the vibrations pounding through my pussy and surrendered my ass to my husband.

The finger continued to saw slowly back and forth in my tight passage and the vibrations increased with the bullet buried inside my pussy. Soon two fingers were being pushed into my pucker and I found that I was beginning to enjoy the feeling of fullness. Periodically more cold lube was added to those fingers that were slowly stretching my anus. I still couldn’t imagine my husband’s cock replacing those fingers but I wanted to find out just how much I could take.

The feel of my husband’s tongue tracing the lips of my pussy while his fingers slid firmly in and out of my anus was taking me to a new place once again. I was actually afraid to let this orgasm peak for I could tell already that it would exceed anything I had yet experienced. I moaned insistently behind the gag and felt the edges of the bell cutting into my palm due to my refusal to release myself from this exquisite torture.

As if in answer to my unspoken desire, the tongue and fingers vanished to be replaced by the head of my husband’s cock pushing insistently at my backdoor. I felt my impending orgasm taper off as my tight anal passage fought the penetration. I exhaled noisily behind the gag as I relaxed and pushed outward to capture the invader and then inhaled with the new sensations as the head moved forward into my ass filling me up. As soon as the head was in, my husband stopped and my orgasm began to build again as I adjusted to the feeling. The bullet vibe in my vagina suddenly stopped and was removed so that I was fully aware of the penetration of my tightest hole.

My entire focus shifted to the cock being slowly buried in my upthrust behind. I could feel the shaft pulsing in my tightness. The line between pleasure and pain was blurred by the feeling of my first true anal penetration. The shaft inched forward with agonizing slowness and I was glad that there was plenty of lube to ease the way. In fact, I could feel my husband pouring more lube directly onto the hardness that was penetrating my impossibly tight anal ring. I felt like I was drowning as I gasped for breath behind the gag, my nostrils flaring to grab even more precious oxygen.

Time stood still until with a start, I felt my husband’s engorged cock fully buried in my ass. I could feel his balls resting against my butt cheeks. The pain was completely gone and with a sense of renewed wonder I felt my tight hole relax around the big shaft. My husband must have felt it too as his shaft began to withdraw to begin an exquisitely slow ass-fuck. I was screaming in ecstasy behind the gag and tears came to my eyes which were wide open behind the blindfold. Every ridge on the cock that was sawing back and forth in my tight back passage felt like a mountain.

I was already a shuddering quivering bowl of jello when my husband introduced me to one more feeling. I would never have thought I would enjoy it but when a sharp stinging sensation intruded on my senses I realized that I had just been spanked! The hand came down and struck again and just like that the shock and pain were replaced by a rush of immensely pleasurable contractions.

Like the proverbial freight train, the orgasm of a lifetime ripped through me, searing my senses. My nipples tightened and the heat of the orgasmic flush burned like fire. My body arched off the bed and my husband buried his cock to the root. My anal contractions began to milk the invading penis which swelled even larger and began to pump streams of cum deep into my rectum. As I felt those hot jets spurting against my inner walls my husband groaned and slid three fingers into my pussy so that both my holes were filled. My orgasm slid into another gut-wrenching spasm as the bullet vibe came down on my clit. I thrashed on the bed, trying to come down off of the peak where I hovered hoping to stop it but begging for it to go on and on.

The vibe stopped, the fingers retreated and the fullness in my ass vanished without warning. My body continued to jerk for many long minutes. I wanted more. I moaned behind the gag and suddenly my mouth was released and I gasped out one word, “More!” I held up my clenched hand triumphantly.

The blindfold vanished and my husband chuckled. As my eyes adjusted I saw him holding out the tiny bell. I looked at my hand which still held the imprint of the bell. It was empty. One last orgasm trickled out and I sagged against the pillow as my husband released the ropes that held me.

I’d like to see him top that, I thought to myself. More submissive heights are ahead for me. I can’t wait.

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