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Wrong Sister, Right Time

Category: Incest
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Wow what a party. When I married my wife I had no idea who else I was actually “marrying”. My wife’s family it turned out really liked a good party. My wife had a mother that wanted everybody to have a good time and often ran the family functions with a theme. I have no idea why it was done like this, but my wife’s family interpretation of a pirates theme was for most of the women to dress like wenches and it was pretty shocking! My three sisters-in-law were all there along with a bunch of cousins my age.

I am blessed I guess I can say that I married into a family of bigger chested women and these same women were not at all ashamed of showing a bit of what they have at the right occasions (actually most of the time…)

Two of my sisters-in-law are brunette and if I had to guess I’d say something like in the D or DD range. My third sister-in-law is definitely smaller but that is the one that I always secretly lusted for. She is blonde, and while not the classic leggy model type that most people are probably picturing, she is very attractive and has 36C breasts and usually wore sexy thong panties. Now how would I know such a thing? It’s pretty simple actually I could see down her pants/shorts/skirts on occasion and I almost always saw flesh below the band of her undies. Also she often would change at our house in order to swim or use our hot tub and she tended to leave her clothes in the master bedroom (my wife let her change there for more space and privacy) and every time there was a pile of clothes on the floor, there was a pair of sexy thong panties there with them.

So this party was going pretty well. Most of the people were over legal age and consuming their fair share of alcohol. My wife was definitely hitting the deep end as were some of the cousins. I drank myself and managed somewhere just past a “nice” buzz towards the end of the night. Finally things were calming down and I was ready to hit the hay. Most of the relatives were sleeping outside but a few got lucky enough to have space in one of our 2 spare bedrooms or the family room downstairs.

I cleaned up for a very short time as the rest could be done in the morning. I went to the bathroom and noticed that I was pretty stiff down below, no doubt fueled by the booze and also the fact that I couldn’t avoid looking down the shirts of just about every relative my wife has. I really tried not to, but sometimes I couldn’t resist. I made my way to the very dark bedroom and saw my wife laying face down on it. She was stripped to a tight t-shirt and her bikini-style panties and her ass looked so tempting. I knew she was passed out but I decided I would give this a little try anyway. I started kissing up her smooth legs, up her calf, down into the back of her knee, and then up the back of her thigh. I loved how sexy and curvy her thighs were and slowly made my way to her gorgeous curvy ass.

I tried to be oh so good. I kissed only the exposed flesh, sucking deeply on the part of her ass that jutted smoothly out from the back of her thigh. I thought I heard a faint moan so I continued to kiss and suck on her warm smooth skin. Somehow I justified that this was ok to do: I pulled a little bit back on her panties and holding them out of my way, I kissed and now actually licked the wonderful curve of her ass. I definitely heard a moan that time. I slid my other hand under her shirt and rubbed her sexy back while my mouth continued to explore her. She started to gyrate her hips somewhat in reaction to my attention. I knew I was getting somewhere.

After some more of this slow exploration I finally asked if I could pull her panties down and just go for it. She moaned and managed a pretty muffled “yessss” so I pulled down her panties over her ass and about halfway down to her knees. I started to massage her cheeks. They were so full and round and lovely. Finally I pulled them apart and took a nice soft yet long lick right between them. My wife would probably never admit to anyone but me, but she she loves having her ass licked and that worked out well as I loved to do it. She smelled so sexy and I licked up the cleft repeatedly gently exploring her behind. Every time my tongue passed near or over her opening she let out a special moan and almost seemed to push back into me.

I could take a hint and started to pay special attention to that naughty forbidden area. The muscle around it was tight but so receptive to my soft tongue strokes. I circled it over and over, and licked across it slowly opening her up. Her moans were unmistakable at this point. I felt so good to have my face planted between my wife’s ass cheeks, daring to her explore her in a way she’d never ask to be explored but loved all the much more because of that. Slowly I slid my tongue over the opening and pressed a little down into it. She was definitely opening for me. I licked her like this a few times and then just went for it. I slid the point of my tongue into her hot ass. She almost seemed to grunt so I repeated this action several times and then started to slide it in deeper. I felt so dirty to be fucking her amazing ass with my tongue.

After a lot of that I started to get extremely turned on. My cock was bulging in my shorts. I pulled them off along with my boxers and started to touch myself with one hand while I tried my best to spread her open with the other hand to allow my tongue to continue my adventure. She seemed to realize that I had a handicap so she reached back and spread herself open for me and that sight alone drove me to just dive in and devour her. I had never really eaten her ass like that before but she seemed to really love it. I slid up onto her and started to slide my cock against the roundness of her ass. With a wad of excitement in my stomach I whispered in her ear if she wanted me to slide inside of her. I really wanted to utter the words “can I fuck your hot ass?” but my wife doesn’t use dirty words and so I would just have to be satisfied by my dirty actions.

She moaned a definitive “yes” and so I pulled out the lube from the drawer beside me. I had only successfully had anal sex with my wife on three occasions before this night and I decided since she was already very relaxed and not in any hurry that this was going to be a fun night. I lubed myself up a lot and rubbed a little into her ass and then mounted on top of her again. My cock slipped and slithered in the cleft between her cheeks and it took quite a bit of adjustment until I finally started to feel it get somewhere. I guided my cock downwards with my hand and found a good angle and started to slide inside her incredibly tight ass. It felt so good to be slowly penetrating her like this. She moaned as she normally would do during anal play and just as I managed to get the head of my cock all of the way in, I paused and got my hand out of the way.

I braced myself with both hands on either side of her body and lowered down onto her. It was incredibly intimate to be laying on top of her while I slowly fucked her ass. She can be quite vocal and loud in bed so she buried herself into her pillow and muffled moans were all I heard. I decided that I would attempt to tame my horses and not just pound into her as my body willed me to do. I really wanted to enjoy this and I think I really did. I managed to get a lot more inside of her than I had previously and it was so sexy to pull way back and then to slowly pump back in. I thoroughly enjoyed every inch of her that squeezed so tight onto my fully hardened cock. The fact that I didn’t need a condom made this even more wild. Something about feeling the warm wetness of the lube coating her inside just made everything so sexy for me.

Finally after several minutes of lustful enjoyment I decided that it was time to seal this deal before she told me the show was over. I started to pick up my pace. I leaned up with my arms and began to pump into her. Her ass responded to my renewed invigoration by almost seeming to squeeze me more. Her ass felt oh so good. I felt so dirty for fucking my wife like this knowing full well her parents were not too far away sleeping off their alcohol. Her hot sisters were nearby too and for a moment I fantasized about how hot it would be to be fucking her blond sister right now. With some final lurches I knew the time was right. I decided I was going to let her keep everything I was about to give her and I unleashed my flood of hot white cum deep into her ass. She moaned deeply as I did so, pumping fully into her hot ass. After a few moments of ecstacy I slowly pulled my cock out of her.

I noticed at that point that she was touching herself. I really wanted her to get off so I helped her roll a bit to the side, pushed her leg up at an angle and dove into her pussy. I received the shock of my life when I found that she had decided at some point to get rid of all the hair down there! I wouldn’t have wasted so much time with all of this anal if I’d known that! She had told me earlier she had a nice surprise for me but I would have never guessed it to be this! I plunged in and ate her out like a madman, and slid more fingers into her than I had ever tried. I didn’t realize just how sexy her completely smooth pussy would feel on my face. She came extremely hard and kept her face buried in her pillow while her orgasm swept through her. My face was coated by her wetness and I wiped it off and collapsed onto the bed. What a great night this had been.

The next morning I woke up fairly early but noticed that my wife wasn’t in bed beside me. I decided to take a shower and get cleaned up before presenting myself to the sobering masses of house guests. When I returned to the the bedroom, my wife was there changing. I gave her a deep kiss good morning and thanked her for such a great night. She said she had a great time at the party too. I noticed she had not showered yet which seemed a bit odd considering I had literally dumped a load of semen into her and had thoroughly coated her inside with sex lube. It was right about that moment that I watched as my wife slid off her panties and I caught an eye-full of dark brown hair down below.

Shocked, I tried to act normal for the rest of the conversation. She told me she had crashed downstairs with two of her sisters but hadn’t seen her 3rd sister yet (the next oldest daughter). She thought that the sister had probably crashed outside in a tent or something. All of a sudden she laughed as she held out a pair of panties on the floor and told me she thought somebody was probably missing those. The woman who I thought was my wife had a similar body shape, dark hair and was quite obviously my oldest sister-in-law at this point.

It was time for breakfast and we gathered in the kitchen and our deck for some pancakes and eggs. To my shock, my eldest sister-in-law sat across from me. She was wearing the same sexy skirt she’d worn the night before. Part way through the meal I got up to get her some juice and when I returned I noticed her legs were not crossed. I dropped a fork under the table and I’ll admit this was done on purpose. I just had to know. As I stooped down, I looked towards my sister-in-law and her sexy legs and watched in amazement as she spread her legs apart enough for me to get a proper view between them. A perfectly smooth bald pussy seemed to wink right back at me. What a party!

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