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Wrestling Maria

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I knew I was close to orgasm, knew that she knew it too and that that knowledge might expedite her own orgasm that seemed just as imminent as mine. We were naked. Dripping with the passionate perspiration we had squeezed from each other’s tightly intertwined straining bodies. We were wrestling. Not just to pin each other on both shoulders, but to do so AND overcome her last ultimate defence and have her shuddering in ecstatic erotic submission.

Maria was French, and it was during a wrestling tournament in France that I saw this gorgeous creature standing in the corner of the wrestling mat as my next opponent, showing off her beautiful breasts. We were both 19 and at the peak of our physical and erotic condition. Once we locked eyes, I immediately knew that we both wanted much more than just an athletic contest. That we were both eager to challenge the other to see who could obtain an orgasm fall on the other.

The public match was just a vivid foreplay to what would inevitably come later, but nevertheless we would both give it our all. It was also a great opportunity to check out each other’s strong and weak sides. I had seen her previous match against another French girl and seen the joy in her eyes at the other’s obvious fascination of her breasts. She almost got her lips around a nipple at one point.

I had just sat there watching, with damp briefs and stiff nipples. But now it was my turn, and I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on her.

She was stronger than she looked, and fast as lightning. At the same time, she was able to apply holds from every angle, and her way of ‘reading’ me, made her always one step ahead of my intentions. After two minutes she was leading 5-2, and I knew that I had to take a chance. I went for a headlock, but she countered and got me down with a sort of bear hug coupling. She ended kneeling at my left side with her arms around me as I bridged high. Leaning forward, she pressed her chin against my chest and applied weight, trying to press down my bridge. I had both arms above my head to stabilize my bridge, and just fought to hold out, while I could feel her chin slide over first my right breast and then my left. She quickly found my iron hard nipples, and the feeling made me more than damp. After two seemingly never ending minutes, the ref’s whistle saved me from a pin loss, but she won 7-2.

We sat down very close side by side on a bench beside the mat to watch the next match, both red cheeked and a little out of breath. Our still sweaty thighs were in contact, and neither of us cared to move away. The feeling made it hard to concentrate on the wrestling. I glanced sideways furtively, taking in Maria’s deep cleavage and the stiff nipples that were protruding from behind the damp fabric. Looking up, I saw Maria ogle my front eagerly, making me turn slightly sideways and flex, so my stiff-nippled breasts stood out even further. She copied my motions before looking up, and our eyes locked up teasingly as we smiled, both understanding what just happened. We held the keen stare for just a bit longer than normal, and it was as if a lot of information flew between us, information of lust.

After some hot moments, we both returned our attention to the mat just to see the most obvious fuck-me eyes on a pinned girl who had her chin on the upper wrestler’s breast. By now, we both found it very difficult to sit still, and our movements made our naked thighs slide together. Also, we couldn’t keep our eyes from one another. Suddenly, she placed her hand on my upper thigh and complimented my strong bridge. She then slid her hand up a bit further and stated with playful eyes: “Bet I would have pinned you, if I had had a minute more!”

Seeing what was coming, I smiled and refused strongly. “A minute more, and I would have escaped!” She smiled even brighter.

“Want to have another try?”

There wasn’t hardly anything at that moment I would rather, so I just nodded and asked: “But where?” She got up and took my hand.

“I know a place, but first we have to get out of our singlets!” Hand in hand we almost flew down along the hall to the locker room where we took off our wrestling shoes and singlets and put on a plain shirt instead. In the process we keenly studied each other’s naked forms.

A minute later we entered what she told me was an abandoned training room. A huge wrestling mat was still spread out, and with its soft lighting and sweet smell of female sweat, it seemed the perfect venue for a intimate wrestling tryst. I strolled onto the mat, and at its centre, I arched back into a high gymnastics bridge, got down on my head instead, and reached both arms out invitingly towards Maria. “I’m all yours!”. Although my vision was upside down, I could clearly see her smile appreciative and lick her lips expectantly, and a moment later I could feel her grip me in the same hold she had had in our match.

It’s kind of a puzzle to me why I enjoy bridging in another girl’s tight hold so much, but I really do, and it wasn’t making it easier for me to feel her chin begin its search on top of my left breast. It wasn’t difficult for her to find the target and her chin circled my nipple until it was at the peak of its receptiveness. I jerked a little as she closed her lips over it and pulled the cloth tightly around it. The fabric of my shirt provided a wonderful tactile barrier that heightened the senses and the desire for more, leaving anticipation for even greater satisfaction later. She was still applying pressure on my bridge, but feeling me being able to keep my bridge, she leaned over further. I felt her lips leave my left nipple and slowly slide down my cleavage to climb the slopes of my right. Here she chose another approach, letting her chin slide down the deep V of my shirt, baring my erect nipple. When she closed her lips around it, I couldn’t help emitting a keen ‘mmmmm’. Noticing my approval, she sucked the nipple very hard, and circled her tongue around it several times. This was getting almost too good. I can orgasm from just having my breasts stimulated, and the increasing tickle in my crotch convinced me that I needed to get out of her seductive lip-lock.

I flung my arms around her and twisted to the right, going down on my right shoulder while still keeping my left free of the mat. Letting go of my nipple, she got her left leg over mine and slid on top of me, and the feeling of her strong legs snaking around my own, the taut, muscular calves rubbing against my own made me hot. I knew that Maria’s intent was to grapevine my own legs and pin me against the mat. She wrapped her arms around me under my armpits and pulled me into her, slowly pulling me tighter and closer to her until our cheeks were touching and I could feel her hot gasps on my lips. I arched my upper body in a half bridge, and with our bodies now in contact from head to toe we lay almost as one, her cheek pressing into mine, the top of her breasts mashing into the bottom of mine, our arms and hands firmly locked behind each other.

Our shirts were riding up and we both enjoyed the tingle of sweaty skin on skin as flat stomachs pressed so closely together each could feel the ridges of the other’s abs.. With her thighs spread wide, a few wriggles brought her pubic arch in contact with mine, and she began to move rhythmically rubbing her crotch against mine. I lifted my hips, moving in unison with her, our pubes pressing against each other in perfect harmony.

My arousal was growing rapidly, far too rapidly. Pictures of us naked and glistening with sweat began to play on my inner screen. To fuel my burning imagination, I slid my left hand down in her briefs and my right under her shirt, feeling the naked body writhing against me. I squeezed her tight butt and revelled in the glorious feeling of her strong back muscles straining under my hands. It was a risky game. I wasn’t yet out of the danger position, and if I didn’t do something soon, she would have me both in a wrestling sense and in an erotic one. But it was so damned tempting just to enjoy… just a few seconds more… just a few strokes more… Our breathing was getting faster, impatient, both eager for more.

The corners of our mouths were just a millimeter away from each other and being unable to resist the temptation, I turned my head slightly making our lips meet. It was not a kiss, not yet. It was just lips pressed into each other and half open, hungry mouths exchanging breath, half-moaning. Her eyes locked with mine, beautiful and shining with lust as she began to kiss me for real. We were obviously in the same condition. Breathing hard through our noses, our tongues began to duel for possession of each other’s mouth. I felt Maria’s tongue push deep into my mouth as my hands squeezed her butt hard, pressing our bodies more tightly together. Suddenly, the incredible stimulation of Maria’s mouth and the tight rubbing of our pussies became too much for me.

Just in time before my erotic submission, I succeeded in bridging high, writhing to the right, and reversing our positions, ending up on top of Maria between her thighs. She immediately half bridged, keeping her shoulders off the mat, looking up at me, slightly smiling. “Wow! I guess you were right. But don’t you think this would be better if we were naked? I promise to give you a good fight!” In no time we stripped, and I slowly slid in between Maria’s invitingly spread thighs. We both moaned wantonly at the ecstatic feeling of our strong, sweaty limbs gradually fuse together, pressing as much naked skin as possible against each other, both feeling each and every smooth, coiling curve of the other pressing into hers. Her heels locked in the hollows of my knees as we gradually cocooned each other in a muscular, glistening missionary position. As she arched her torso to keep her shoulders off the mat, our naked breasts made full contact for the first time, stiff nipple rubbing over stiff nipple, and I lowered myself that last magic inch until our hairless pussies sealed in a tight kiss. The wettest of wet kisses.

Maria inhaled sharply and her entire body convulsed at the moment of our pussy contact. Her hands roamed down my back and cupped my butt. Chin to chin, gazing hotly at each other, we began to move in a slow, grinding rhythm, and despite my breasts’ full press on hers, she kept her half bridge. I could see beginning despair in her beautiful eyes. I was in control and was about to take us both higher. I thrust down my hips a little more, my labial folds pressing in more firmly to her sex which continued to wipe itself fully across my slick pussy. She had great hip mobility and I found myself doing less and less as her legs, hips and stomach muscles provided complete coverage from cleft to cleft. Thrills darted through me as our clits mashed into each other, and I suddenly realized that she was a big girl. The thrill of this agile girl wrestler writhing beneath me, our pussies as one, moved me dangerously close to the edge, but I had to have her first.

I slid slightly forward on Maria’s straining body, letting my pussy glide up hers. I wondered… The added weight on her torso made her spread her legs wide and bridge hard, lifting her shoulders off the mat to avoid a pin. I could feel her clit in just the right position between my labia, almost an inch of steely, feminine potency and with a small forward thrust it slid into me to the hilt.

A weak squeal escaped her, and her bridge collapsed. She let go of my butt, took me around the neck, and just lay there half bridging, staring hard at me with burning eyes, firmly locked in the most effective orgasm hold one girl can have on another. Passionately moaning and locked tightly together in our sweaty love position, we had established so many sensitive, erotic points of contact with each other that we felt like one sizzling, pulsating organism. Suddenly her eyes turned almost black, her mouth opened in a silent scream and each and every muscle in her naked body began to spasm. I finally had her, her shoulders bolted firmly to the mat and shivering in orgasm. The feeling broke my last defence, and I joined her in the ultimate ecstasy in a violent orgasm that went on and on. For a long time we lay there in mutual bliss, one girl’s orgasm fuelling another in the other.

When we finally calmed down, I heard a dim, high-pitched ‘woooooo’, and turning my head, I spotted to girl wrestlers, still in their singlets, sitting in a shady corner five meters from us, with blushing cheeks and a hand between their legs. I wondered for how long they had been sitting there.

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Steve wrote

Very sexy and easy to read . I love to hear stories from the womans perspective like this. I think it makes the story more erotic.
Well done .