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Working with Joe

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Working away from home for a couple of days with a hunky, straight guy Ron finds that alcohol allows him to get something extra from his colleague.


“It’ll mean staying away for a couple of nights,” the foreman said. “It’s a pain especially when the weather’s so fucking bad but the job needs doing and you and Joe are the only ones free.”

Some suspended ceiling had partially collapsed in a supermarket and we had the contract to look after it. Generally I worked within moderate reach of home but the team on the next area were rushing to meet target on a new superstore and we had been asked to do this simple job. I was kinda new to the job having only been here two years and Joe was a straight-talking 35 year old who had been in the job since leaving school. He was a surprisingly well groomed and good looking guy, married with two kids and a wife all the guys drooled over. My problem was that I drooled over Joe. He was a shade over 6 feet tall, slim to well built with a great body and not too many muscles. His hair was blonde and short and he had a tattoo on each upper arm each showing a crest. One was his family coat of arms and the other his beloved Manchester United.

Now at 24, I felt positively childlike against him. I was 5 feet 8 inches, slim, red hair, a few freckles but at least I was good looking. The guys ribbed me by calling me Weasley after Ron Weasley, the character played by Rupert Grint in Harry Potter. Apart from the red hair I looked nothing like him. The fact that I was a Ron didn’t help.

Joe stocked the van and organised a B&B at the other end and we were off. We arrived at the store around 10.30am on the first day and worked our balls off until 4.30pm when we headed to the B&B. We left the van in the car park and checked in.

“Oh sorry lads, I thought you were a couple and I’ve given you a double room,” said the owner. “We’re full tonight as well but I’ll try to give you a king-double if that helps.”

I was horrified for Joe’s sake but he just shrugged his shoulders and said, “I just need a shower!”

Once in the room he stripped down to his white briefs and disappeared into the shower room. I stripped down too and waited until he came out about 10 minutes later, towel around his waist and his body glistening with the remaining drops of water. I dived in and showered too and when I came out Joe was already dressed to go out. I quickly finished and we hit a local pub for some food and a few drinks. When it came to drinking, I was a lightweight. I usually drank wine but this was not wine company so I had to stick with beer.

It was around 11.30pm when we returned and Joe was staggering a little having drunk on a 2 to 1 ratio with me. He went into the toilet, leaving the door open and stripped. I could see his muscular arse as he stood over the pan, pissing. He then turned to the sink, wet a face cloth and rubbed it over his face, chest and then cock and balls, quickly drying when he had finished. He walked through and I tried hard to avoid looking at his swinging cock. It was heavy and thick, the foreskin draped over the head and a thick bush of pubic hair. The hair spread up to his stomach and onwards to meet his light chest hair.

All he said was, “I’m fucked,” and climbed into bed, turning his back to me and was soon breathing heavily, even before I was finished in the bathroom.

I freshened and decided to follow suit, not wearing anything below. I would have put my underwear on but found it slightly erotic being in bed with Joe naked. I could easily pretend I was drunk too.

I lay for about 45 minutes, drifting in and out of sleep and listening to him breathe. My cock had started to grow. I just couldn’t help it as I lay on my back relishing the excitement of just being naked in bed with him. He suddenly turned and as he did, one of his legs straddled mine and his head nestled into my chest. I froze. His hand then wrapped around me and brushed my erection. He seemed unaware and I assumed in his drunken state, he assumed the warm body was his wife.

I lay frozen and a little numb for another 15-20 minutes and the breathing became much deeper. I decided to try to get him off me so gently lifted his arm up and pushed him back. He rolled on to his back and his legs flopped open in a “V” formation. I pulled the covers back slightly and in the process revealed his top half in the light of my bedside lamp. I snuggled gently up to him and licked his nipple. It went firm and he moaned slightly. I pulled the covers back a little more until the covers were tantalisingly at the “reveal” stage just above his cock. Then I pulled them fully back.

His cock lay dormant over his balls and this hunk of a man was before me. I quickly leaned over to my phone and took a couple of shots thinking I may never see this again. I gently lowered my head until I was resting on his stomach looking down at his cock and lifted the soft flesh with my right hand, stroking as I pulled back the foreskin and then pushed it back over again. I put my head further down and tucked his cock in my mouth, rolling my tongue around the soft flesh as I caressed his heavy balls. My own cock was stiff.

I was aware my mouth was filling and realised blood was rushing at some speed into his cock as it filled me. In under a minute his organ was standing close to 8 inches long with only the head in my mouth. I gently wanked it while I sucked. My phone was quickly used again as I took a picture of my face as his cock filled my mouth.

After having my fill of oral sex I pulled myself up to face this beautiful creature in bed, gently kissing his lips as my hand traced his cheeks. My hands were on his hips and his were by his side. I wet my finger and worked it into my hole imagining the pleasure he could have been giving me if he hadn’t been straight or unconscious. My hole was wet and willing but sadly my partner was not.

Suddenly he grunted and pulled me closer, my legs still slightly open so the his legs went between mine and his hard cock pushed into my balls. Even in his drunken sleep his body was thrusting in an animal-like fashion. I lifted my legs further until I was in a slightly awkward position of having both legs up towards my chest while still facing him. His cock was still humping, trying to find something to do. I gripped it and aimed it to my arse which was still slightly slick. At first his cock tried to enter in one hard push and I had to grip and control it. I wet myself more and aimed once more and this time the head plopped in. The humping continued as I tried hard to control the automated fucking machine. Soon I had about half of him inside me and at no stage had he stopped humping so this was difficult.

Once his subconscious knew he was embedded in flesh, the animal took over and he started really fucking. He was saying something as he did it but I had no idea what. It was never going to be a romantic episode as he fucked. My hole was quite sore but the pain was exquisite as his big manly cock fucked me. I held him tight with my legs around his back terrified that he might waken and realise what was happening. His movement became more erratic and I realised he was pumping cum in my hole. With a few more thrusts, he dumped a hefty load inside me, and then simply pulled his cock out and turned over to continue sleeping.

I slipped from the bed and went to the toilet, my fingers exploring my hole and releasing his liquid as it ran down my legs. I took some of it and rubbed it on my cock to bring myself very quickly to an almighty orgasm, firing my load in the sink. Once clean, I pulled on my briefs and slipped back into bed and was soon contentedly asleep.

Joe was up and it was the sound of the shower which brought me into the real world. I slid out of bed and watched morning television until he appeared, once more with his towel wrapped around him.

“Looks great out there today,” he said. “Obviously you can’t hold your drink so I let you have a few minutes more in bed. I feel great today!”

I quietly thought, “So do I!”

There’s no point in taking you through the day but needless to say the afternoon and evening were a mirror of the previous one. If anything Joe was drinking slightly more. He pointed out that I could drive back home the next day anyway.

I didn’t dare hope I could repeat the previous night’s exploits so had no illusions anything was going to happen. When he started to knock back whisky shots though, I wondered if it might!

This time it was slightly different. I was sure that Joe had no idea that anything had happened the night before but during the evening he was a lot chattier and did comment more than once, of not knowing why he was so horny.

“If I wasn’t a married man,” he said, “I’d love to pick up some bitch and give her a seeing to!”

I quietly thought, “Like you did last night?”

Probably his horniness had been brought about by his sex with me the previous night.

When we got back to the B&B, it took all my skills to keep him quiet and get him to our room which thankfully was at the back of the building in an extension. He sat on the bed and asked me to pull his shoes off which I did. He fumbled with the shirt and the belt but finally was standing in front of me naked.

“Not bad for my age, is it?” he said looking down.

He walked into the shower room and again, pissed and washed himself down but came out and asked me to dry him which I did. As I did his cock slightly grew.

“See told you I was fucking horny, didn’t I? Just as well we don’t have female engineers eh?”

He crashed back on the bed so I stripped and prepared for bed coming into the room to find him stroking his cock.

“You’re a fit look lad yourself,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said, not sure where he was heading with this as he looked at me and wanked his cock.

I climbed into bed and lay beside him. He was talking slightly incoherently and I just lay as he spoke until finally there was silence. I looked over and he was stark naked in the bed, his eyes closed, his stiff cock in his hand, sound asleep. I quietly took a couple more pics.

I lay totally still for over 30 minutes, naked on the uncovered bed and waited until his breathing was deep, bordering on snoring. His cock was soft again. I knelt up on my side of the bed looking down on his naked body and then dropped my head to take his cock in my mouth. The breathing slightly stopped with my initial contact and then resumed its steady pace. The reaction was not immediate but I found this time I could handle him a little more firmly so I took his balls in my hand and cupped my fingers around them almost making a cock ring as I sucked. The result was quick. His breathing again slightly shallowed and as it did, his cock started its swift rise to full mast.

I was a bit drunker too and probably a bit more brazen than the previous night so I lifted my leg and straddled him so that my cock and balls lay on his. I gripped both cocks together and started to wank them as one. The feeling was electric. Another few pictures were in order as I wanked. He was snoring but also giving little contented grunts as I continued. I needed more of him.

I slid down his legs and once again took his stiff cock in my mouth slurping the full length rather carelessly. Joe, however, was quietly grunting, mumbling and thrusting his cock into me all at the same time. He seemed to be having one hell of a dream.

I went into the shower room and rummaged through my toilet back for some hand cream I had (even workmen get chaffed hands). I slithered it on my arse and ran back to the room, once again sitting astride Joe. I gripped his hard cock and aimed it at my hole, slowly lowering myself on to his stiff pole. All was going well until in Joe’s dream he decided to “give that bitch a seeing to,” and rammed his cock straight into my arse all the way to the hilt. It took all my self control not to scream. I had little time to recover as his cock started thrusting into me. It wasn’t the steady thrust of a fully conscious male fucking a female but a slightly more erratic variant.

His cock would thrust in, slightly pull back, slightly push in then he would go silent. When I moved, even a little, the cock would be hammered back in again. Obviously fucking in your sleep is a slightly different experience. I was able to let Joe fuck me like this for about 10 minutes but the hand cream was drying in and my hole was beginning to ache a little with his big cock. I slid off him and went back to get the wet face cloth, wiping the remnants of the cream off his cock. This time I wanted his load in my mouth. I just hoped I could make it happen without wakening him.

I had once read that to cum in your sleep, a man has to be partially awake. It was difficult to cum whilst in a deep sleep. What I did was to wank him until he grumbled a bit, did his thrusting and then waited until his breathing went back to the steady rhythm. Then I would suck him a little and then go back to wanking. His cock stayed rigid throughout this long procedure. I was about 25 minutes in when I was aware his cock was harder than it had been before and I felt I was getting him near. His dick started to spasm slightly so I put my mouth down over it and grabbed my own cock with my left hand. Sure enough the familiar thrusting meant he was on his way and a jet of cum rocketed out of the tip hitting my face. My mouth quickly covered what felt like 4 or 5 more spurts. Joe grunted as I shot cum over my leg which was tucked under me as I sat alongside him on the bed.

Once again Joe, grunted something like, “Gotta sleep,” and rolled over.

I mopped up and again had the sleep of my life.

On the way home the following day Joe commented on how clear his head felt considering how drunk he had been.

“You know Ron, you must come with me next time we have a job like this. You’re obviously good for me and know how to look after a guy when he’s had too much to drink.”

I smiled.

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