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Last Goodbye

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I strained my eyes to peer through the windshield of my car as I made my way slowly along the treacherously slippery road. Every few moments I could feel the car slide from side to side and my heart would jump before regaining control once again. My field of view extended only a few yards beyond the hood of my car and my visibility was severely hampered by the endless stream of snow blasting against my windshield.

My body was tensed and my hands gripped the steering wheel tightly enough to cause my knuckles to turn a pale shade of white. Nervously, I glanced down at my watch only briefly before turning my gaze back to the dark stretch of road extending out before me.

“Shit!” I cursed.

I silently hoped that Lena had not left yet, although deep down inside I knew that the chances of that were slim at best. I slowed down as I proceed onward, struggling to read the signs on the side of the street that would lead me to my final destination. Through the blustery haze I finally made out the words “Preston Street” on one of the green signs and turned to make my way down the equally snowy side road. Some amount of hope returned to me when I neared Lena’s house and noticed a light on inside. Pulling up to the curb, I turned off the ignition and took a deep breath before exiting the car.

As soon as I stepped outside, the icy snow bit into my face like tiny needles and the wind almost knocked me over. Pulling my jacket tightly around me I put my head down and trudged forward through the deep snow that had so rapidly accumulated along the sidewalk. Finally reaching the front door I leaped up the steps before pausing slightly. Was I actually going to do this? Was I really going to tell her how I feel?

The stinging wind led me to come to a decision much faster than I normally would have, and I reached out and pressed the doorbell without a second thought. A brief moment passed although to me it felt like an eternity before the door finally opened. Lena stood before me, mouth agape and eyes wide. She was dressed casually in a pair of blue track pants and a loose fitting soccer jersey with her hair tied back in a sporty little pony tail. Any other girl might have looked quite plain in such an outfit, but Lena always looked amazing.

“Damon!” she exclaimed. “What on earth are you doing here?”

Before allowing me to answer, she took me by the arm and pulled my shivering body in from the cold.

“You must be freezing! It’s a blizzard out there you know?”

“Yeah, I noticed that,” I said with a smile, brushing the snow from my hair. “But I was hoping to catch you before you left.”

Lena cocked her head and her face softened into a gentle smile as she helped me out of my snow-covered jacket.

“Well you caught me,” she said, hanging my jacket on a nearby hook. “My flight was cancelled because of the storm. I’m not leaving until tomorrow morning.”

Silently I thanked Mother nature for the blizzard that I had been cursing only moments before.

“Well come on in,” she said. “I was just about to make some tea and it looks like you could use some as well.”

I kicked off my snowy shoes and followed Lena into the kitchen watching her cute little ass wiggle as she walked.

“So where’s Adam?” I asked, trying to get up the courage to say what I really wanted to say.

“He’s in Bremerton. We said our goodbyes this morning. He actually doesn’t even know that I’m still here.”

“And Rachel?”

“She’s at her boyfriend’s place.”

“So it’s just you and me huh?”

“It sure is. Actually I’m glad you came. I thought I was going to have to spend the night all alone. This blizzard is kind of scary.”

I silently watched as Lena stood in the kitchen preparing the tea. I could watch her for hours. I had always been completely enamored by her from the first time I had ever laid eyes upon her cute cherubic face which always seemed to be glowing with a warm smile. My eyes began to fixate upon her ponytail which bounced freely along the back of her neck. I would have given anything at that moment to be kissing that neck. Her skin was so smooth and glowed with a subtle golden hue, as if she had just stepped off a beach somewhere. I swallowed hard and once again tried to find to confidence that I required.

“Lena?” I stated, my voice trembling.

“Uh huh?” she answered, her body still facing the opposite direction.

“The reason that I came here…”

Slowly I made my way across the smooth tile floor as I tried to get my words out. Lena turned and a strange look washed over her face as she looked at me.

“There’s something that I really need to tell you,” I said gingerly reaching out to take her hand in mine. “This may not be the best timing but I just had to tell you before you left.”

She bit her lip nervously as she looked up into my eyes.

“Ever since the first time I saw you I’ve…I…”

“Damon?” she said softly, reaching up to stroke her hand lightly across my face. “Are you about to say what I think you’re about to say?”

I just gazed down at her beautiful face and nodded.

With that, Lena leaped at me, wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing her lips into mine. At first I was surprised but within a few seconds I opened my mouth to accept her warm, wet tongue. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her tighter as we continued the most passionate kiss I had ever experienced.

“Damon!” she said gasping for air as she pulled away. “I feel the same way!”

We spent a long moment gazing into each other’s eyes, before our lust overcame us once again. Placing my hands on either side of her face, I brought my mouth to hers. She let out a quiet moan as our lips touched and my body pinned hers up against the counter. The long, sensual kiss soon turned into a sexy make-out session as my hands migrated to her soft, curvaceous butt, pulling her tightly to me. Her moaning increased and she began to gasp as she lifted a leg and began to grind her body into mine, feeling the hardness in my pants pressed firmly between her legs.

“I want you!” I said, trying to regain my composure.

“I’m yours!” she countered back, staring lustfully into my eyes.

With that, Lena took my by the hand and began to lead me towards her bedroom. My heart was racing with anticipation as we made our way through the house. While passing through the living room however, I became so overcome with desire that I stopped and grabbed her from behind and pinning her up against the wall. I pressed my hips into her ass, eliciting more sexy moaning as my lips kissed her smooth neck. She thrusted her ass back against my hard dick, which was now straining against my pants. Even through all our layers of clothing however, my shaft found itself nestled comfortably in the valley between her two delicious cheeks. I began a slow rhythmical movement, grinding myself into her ass as one of my hands wrapped around her body to wantonly grasp the firmness of her breast. Lena continued to moan and clutched at my hand with her own, enticing me to continue. My other hand, which was placed passively on her hip, began to migrate forward. I kissed her ear lobe as my fingers slipped into the waistband of her pants.

“Yesss,” she purred as she soon felt my fingers caressing her through the thin material of her panties.

Slowly I stroked two fingers along her little cleft, feeling her underwear moisten with every stroke. Lena tossed her head back with pleasure and pushed my hand lower, pressing it firmly against her pussy. I complied with her unspoken request and nimbly pulled the crotch of her underwear to the side before sinking my middle finger into her warm, wet little hole.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as she reached back with her hand and jammed it between our bodies.

She then forced it downward, cupping the bulge in my pants and giving it a gentle squeeze. The feeling of her hand on my dick increased my arousal and I slipped another finger inside her. her body was now writhing with pleasure as I fought to contain her between myself and the wall.

“Take me Damon!” she blurted out. “Right here!”

I relinquished my hold on Lena and she immediately spun to kiss me once again, thrusting her tongue into my mouth as her hands frantically roamed my body. She then pushed me backwards until I felt the back of my calves pressing against the sofa. With one final forceful push, she shoved me into a seated position and quickly climbed onto my lap. Her hands grasped the back of my head, running through my wet hair as I felt her hot lips and tongue on my neck. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling as she reached down and slid her hands up under my shirt.

“Lift your arms,” she whispered into my ear before giving it a couple sexy flicks with her tongue.

I did as I was told and extended my arms over my head as Lena wrestled to pull my tight t-shirt off of my body. It finally came free and she tossed it aside before pulling hers off as well, revealing her honey colored, sexy breasts. My eyes lingered on those beautiful globes for a few seconds before she pulled my head back roughly and wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing me deep and hard. I could feel the warm flesh of her tits pressed firmly against my cold naked chest and the sensation sent a warm shiver through my entire body.

As we kissed I took the opportunity to undo a few of the snaps on the side of her track pants and slip my hand inside. I felt the smoothness of her leg as it flexed taut with every thrust of her sexy body. She pulled away looked deep into my eyes.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked

I nodded, hoping that Lena wouldn’t think less of me for bringing a condom.

“Good,” she countered back before reaching down to undo my pants.

Her fingers worked frantically to first undo the top button and then to unzip the zipper. Within a few seconds I was relishing the feeling of her warm soft hand digging into my pants and her fingers wrapping around my agonizingly hard shaft.

“Mmmm,” she moaned with a cute smile, feeling the hardness of my cock with her hand.

Lena then lowered her head to my chest, kissing her way down my body as she climbed backwards off of my lap. She paused momentarily to poke her little pink tongue into my navel causing me to squirm at the tickling sensation. She gave a playful giggle before coming to rest on her knees before me. I just peered down at her perfect face as she smiled and began to pull my pants down. I lifted my hips to help her out and Lena proceeded to yank them free of my legs, taking my underwear with them. I was now sitting completely naked in front of the girl that I had been secretly lusting after for more than two years.

Lena’s gaze soon shifted from my face to my dick which was rock-hard and laying flat against my stomach. Running her tongue over her lips in anticipation, she reached out and took my pulsing shaft in her tiny hand.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long!” she said casting me a playful glance before closing her eyes and wrapping her soft lips around my head.

I let out a long, drawn out moan as I felt her warm wet mouth enveloping my aching dick. She gave my swollen head a few sucks before sliding her lips down my shaft, coating it with her saliva. I reached out and ran my hand lovingly through her hair, which apparently encouraged her to continue. Stroking me slowly and methodically with her hand, Lena began to move her mouth up and down as her talented tongue swirled around my shaft. As she continued sucking me I reached over and retrieved the condom from the pocket of my pants.

Lena’s eyes lit up when she saw the tiny package and extended her hand.

“Give it to me,” she said as she ran her tongue seductively up the underside of my dick.

I passed the condom to her, which she accepted readily. She then pulled her mouth away from my cock as she began to fumble with the package. Frantically, she ripped it open and pulled out the small, white rubber object. I held my dick with my hand as she rolled it over my head and down my shaft.

“Oh my god, I want you so bad!” I gasped as Lena rose to her feet in front of me.

She smiled and proceeded to tear away the remnants of her track pants, leaving me with a mouth-watering view of Lena standing before me wearing only a pair of pink cotton panties. I was expecting her to take them off but to my surprise, she simply crawled back onto my lap, reaching down to pull the crotch of her underwear to the side. Biting her lip, she grabbed a hold of my cock and aimed it at her descending pussy. With intense concentration she separated her little pink lips which then began to surround my invading dick as she forced it up inside her.

We both let out simultaneous moans of ecstasy as her tight little hole swallowed up my latex covered shaft. As Lena nestled down onto my lap with my dick fully embedded inside her she gave her hips a little wiggle.

“Fuck, you feel good!” I exclaimed, reaching out to grasp at her naked breasts.

Lena smiled and took a deep breath before leaning back in to kiss me. Our tongues wrestled as she wrapped her arms around my head and started to grind back and forth. The feeling was incredible. I could feel her pussy walls contracting as if trying to suck the cum out of my body. I pulled her close and took a nipple into my mouth first sucking, then softly biting. My hands worked their way around behind her to grasp her ass which was also contracting with every thrust. I sank my hand into the back on her panties, sliding my finger down the smooth cleft between her ass cheeks.

“Yes,” Lena whimpered as her pussy grasped at my cock hungrily.

I used one hand to pull her ass cheek to the side as my other drifted downward, my fingers tracing a line down the fleshy ravine. Lena then reached back and placed her hand on mine. At first I thought she was preventing me from any further exploration of her ass, but soon was proven wrong as she forced my hand lower, thrusting it in between her soft cheeks.

“Right there!” she reiterated with a lusty whisper as she placed my finger right over her puckered little butt hole.

I smiled to myself as my fingertip traced the outline of her tiny hole, massaging it softly.

“You like that?” I asked, pressing my finger a little harder.

“Uh huh,” she affirmed, grinding her pelvis forcefully into mine. “I love it.”

My cock was buried deep inside her as she began to rock back and forth. Boldly, I began to wiggle my finger in an effort to penetrate her tight little ass. Slowly I felt her rosebud open up to accommodate my invading finger.

“Oh my God!” Lena blurted out in a raspy voice. “I’m gonna cum!”

Suddenly I felt her asshole clench up, pushing my finger out as a shudder spread through her body. She wrapped her arms around me tightly, pressing her now sweaty body in mine. Her pussy was convulsing when she muffled an orgasmic scream by burying her face into my neck and biting hard into my flesh. I just pushed back, trying to get as much of my dick inside her as possible as my fingers continued massaging her ass. Within a few moments, her climax subsided and she withdrew her teeth from my neck, panting softly.

“Mmmm, that was great” she said contentedly, giving me a quick kiss on the lips. “Really great.”

I smiled an kissed her back, allowing my lips to linger a little bit longer.

“I hope you’re not done yet,” I stated, running my hands up her smooth back, which was now lined with tiny beads of sweat.

“No way!” she said, grabbing me by the hair and pushing her tongue back into my mouth.

As our kissing increased in intensity I dropped my hands to her ass and gripped her firmly. I then stood up from the sofa eliciting a startled shriek from Lena’s mouth. Quickly I dropped to my knees and laid her down on the carpet, keeping my dick inside her the whole time. Her legs wrapped around me and squeezed hard as I pressed my body against hers, once again feeling those firm tits pressed against my naked flesh. I was now on top, and soon began pumping my dick in and out of Lena’s pussy which was now soaked with her own juices.

“You have no idea how many nights I’ve thought about doing this,” I muttered, forcing my cock deep inside her. “Kissing you. Licking you. Fucking you. You drive me crazy!”

“Oh God Damon!” she moaned, grabbing my ass with both her hands and pulling me into her. “Me too! I’ve wanted you so bad!”

Lena’s body writhed under me as I ground my hips into hers, causing her body to lurch inch by inch across the floor. My balls were making a wet slapping sound as they repeatedly struck her wet pussy lips. Suddenly she grabbed my head and looked directly into my eyes as I continued fucking her.

“,” she managed to say between thrusts.

“What?” I asked, slowing down moderately.

“The condom.” she reiterated. “Take it off. I want to feel you in me.”

I didn’t need any further encouragement. I quickly slipped my dick out from her tight, wet pussy and began to remove the slippery latex condom. Tossing it aside, I replaced the head of my cock at the entrance to Lena’s sweet little hole and began to push it back inside her.

“Oh yeah,” she said, her face beaming with satisfaction. “That’s better!”

I looked down and marveled at the sight of my dick disappearing into her wet pussy until my balls were once again pressed firmly against her swollen lips. She felt even better without the condom although now I was unsure about how long I was going to last, since the absence of the rubber sheath surrounding my cock had increased the sensation ten times over. Slowly I began to build up my rhythm once again as Lena clawed at my back with clenching fingers. Her pussy felt so hot and wet that even with her incredible tightness I slid in and out easier than ever.

“I don’t know how long I can last,” I managed to say between thrusts, looking down at her beautiful face.

“That’s okay,” she countered. “Just keep fucking me. Fuck me until you cum!”

It was strange hearing such filthy words coming from Lena’s mouth. I always imagined her being quite innocent or naive in bed.

“Do you want me to cum inside you?” I asked, panting heavily.

“Yes!” she beamed with pleasure. “Cum inside me! I want to feel it.”

I picked up the pace, thrusting deep inside her as she continued to moan with ecstasy. Soon I felt my balls begin to tingle and I planted myself as far inside Lena’s hole as I could. As I felt the cum rising in my dick I tensed up, firing it hard against the inside of her pussy.

“Oh yesssss,” she she said quietly as she felt my cock pulsing inside her.

Once I had finished, I dropped my head down gasping for air. Lena ran her hands through the back of my hair and kissed me gently on the neck.

“Now,” she began. “If only we had done that two years ago!”

I gave a short laugh and rolled off her prone, naked body to lay beside her on the soft carpet. Lena propped her head up with her arm and turned to look at me. I cocked my head to the side to see her perfect face smiling down at me.

“So,” she said, brushing a strand of hair from her eyes. “Just how long have you been keeping these feelings of yours all bottled up inside?”

“Since the first time I saw you.”


“Yep. I remember it perfectly. You were wearing that black skirt with the white top. You know, the one with the really low neck line that shows off your shoulders? I was just amazed. I remember just staring at you.

Lena giggled.

“Okay I remember now. I can’t believe you remember what I was wearing!”

I just shrugged.

A few seconds past before she spoke again.

“So why didn’t you make a move?”


“A move. Why didn’t you ask me out or anything?”

“I don’t know. I just couldn’t get the courage. That’s not really my style.”

“Oh yeah?” she said playfully. “And what is your style? Waiting until a girl is about to leave the country for two years and then show up at her door before screwing her on the living room floor?”

I laughed as Lena gave me a harmless punch on the shoulder.

“And in two years, you couldn’t find any other opportunity to tell me how you feel?”

“Well,” I began. “We kind of just became friends, and then you started dating Adam.”

“Oh shit!” she said suddenly, running her hand over her face. “I forgot about Adam. How am I going to tell him.”

I just shrugged, now feeling quite uncomfortable.

“Well, You could not tell him at all,” I suggested.

“But that would be so mean.”

An awkward silence followed before Lena finally spoke once more.

“Whatever,” she said, sitting up. “I’ll figure it out later. Right now I’m going to get some clothes on.”

With that, she hopped to her feet and began to gather up her clothing.

“Ill be right back,” she said, heading towards her bedroom. “Feel free to watch TV or something.”

I watched her as she left, still trying to process what had just happened. Lethargically, I pulled myself up from the floor and began to put my pants back on. I left my shirt off, but grabbed it as I slumped down on the sofa. Picking up the remote, I turned the TV on, but all I could get was static and a very annoying sound.

“Fucking storm,” I cursed before turning the TV off and tossing the remote to the side.

I was beginning to wonder what was was taking Lena so long, when I heard her sweet voice calling out form the bedroom.

“Damon? Can you come here for a second?”

Sluggishly I pulled myself up from the couch and made my way down the hallway. Lena’s door was open just a crack but it looked dark inside her room. Suddenly feeling very confused I approached the door and slowly pushed it open.

“Hey!” Lena greeted cheerfully. “Recognize this outfit?”

I stood mouth agape in the entrance to her room as I watched her saunter towards me. The lights had been dimmed and Lena was dressed in the exact outfit she was wearing the first time I had ever seen her. The white top was stretched across her ample chest, exposing her sexy tanned shoulders and smooth, succulent neck. Her skirt, although not terribly revealing, showed enough leg to peak my interest just as it had done so on that day two years ago. Smiling adorably, Lena clasped her hands behind her back and dug her toes into the carpet as she let me complete my view.

“Well?” she said, holding her arms out. “What do you think?”

I just stepped forward and took her in my arms, kissing her harder than ever. She let out a quiet moan of approval and kissed me back as my hands pulled her close.

“So I guess that means you like it?” she joked.

“Yes.” I smiled down at her. “Yes it does.”

Lena put her hand at the back of my neck and pulled me down to kiss her again as her other hand grazed over my dick.

“Hmmm,” she said, giving it a playful squeeze. “Does this mean you’re ready for round two?”

My response was non-verbal as I placed my hands on her hips and lifted her off of her feet, tossing her on the bed. Her face lit up with excitement as she bounced off the soft mattress.

“I’ll take that as a yes!”

Slowly, I crawled up her body taking in her sweet scent as I periodically lowered my head to kiss her various body parts. When I got to her face, I kissed her deep, pressing my pelvis into her hers. Braking away, I then worked my way back down her body. When my lips touched the naked skin of her leg she jumped a little. I smiled and pushed her black skirt up her legs, exposing more of her honey-hued skin. She giggled when I ran my tongue along her thigh, but the giggle turned into a quiet sexy moan as I gently pushed her legs apart. Assisting me, Lena reached down and pulled her skirt up over her hips. To my surprise and delight, she was no longer wearing her panties.

Alternating from leg to leg, I worked my way up, kissing and nibbling her firm thighs. As I neared her naked pussy, I could smell her intoxicating scent.

Slowly and methodically, I kissed Lena, although avoiding her her tight little hole, which was now beginning to glisten with the signs of her arousal. I was also happy to see that she was completely shaved and I had to restrain myself from simply diving right in.

“Oh God!” she moaned as she felt my hot breath on her sensitive lips.

I extended my tongue and lightly touched her swollen little bud, causing her body to tense with pleasurable anticipation.

“Hey!” she accused. “I didn’t tease you this bad!”

I gazed up into Lena’s eyes with a contended smile on my face as I slid my wet tongue along her damp crevasse, gently parting her pink lips. Suddenly she bucked her hips up into my face, driving my tongue between her soft folds. I grabbed her thighs, holding her still as I found the opening to her wet hole before plunging my tongue in as deep as it could go.

“Oh yessss!” Lena exclaimed, grabbing my hair with both hands.

Wrapping my lips around her pussy, I gently sucked as my tongue continued its exploration. She was getting wetter by the second and I pulled my mouth away from her hole only long enough for me to wiggle a couple fingers up inside her. Lena continued to moan as I twisted my digits inside of her, taking her tiny clit between my lips. Her legs opened wide as if to beckon me further and I responded by pulling my wet fingers from her pussy and replaced them with my tongue, forcing it deep inside her. I kissed every inch of her tight little cunt before moving lower to test her limits. Within seconds my enthusiastic tongue was stabbing at her tiny puckered asshole.

“Mmmm,” she purred, feeling the warm wetness on her most private area.

Placing my hands under her knees, I forced her legs up and away, lifting her hips off the bed. I then renewed my oral assault on her anus, licking with unbridled lust.

“Oh God damon!” she exclaimed as my tongue made a passing swipe over her tightly closed hole. “I want you inside me!”

Although I was reluctant to pass up any further opportunity to ravage her pussy and ass with my tongue, the prospect of sinking my dick into that sweet little hole once more was more than enough incentive. Giving her puckered butt hole one more lick, I began to work my way back up her body.

As I lay my body over hers, she grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me passionately, forcing her tongue past my lips. My hard cock was laying across her wet, swollen pussy lips as she bucked upwards in an attempt to feel more of my shaft pressing into her. Reaching down, I grabbed a hold of my dick and slipped it back inside her hot, tight hole.

“Oh yeah,” she said softly, grazing her finger nails up my back. “You feel so good!”

Reaching down, I grabbed her thigh, pulling it upwards against my body, fully sinking my erect cock inside her. Slowly, I resumed pumping up and down, filling her pussy with every stroke of my turgid shaft.

“Damon?” Lena said quietly, looking into my eyes with the innocent visage that I had come to love.

“Yes?” I responded, slowing my thrusting for the moment.

“Let’s do something different. Something that I’ve never done. So it can be…You know. Special. Between us.”

I just stared down at her, my dick still fully embedded inside her.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, my mind wandering.

“I’m not sure. I just know that I want to do something with you that I can think about for the next two years.”

“Well,” I began, stroking my hand up the underside of her thigh. “I think I can think of something.”

“Oh yeah?” she responded with an excited tone. “Let’s hear it.”

With that, I ran my hand down under Lena’s ass and lightly grazed her asshole with my fingertip.

“How about here?”

Lena froze and for a moment I thought I had made a huge mistake. Then her expression softened into a shy smile and she answered.

“You mean…?”

“Uh huh,” I nodded in affirmation. “what do you say?”

“Well…,” Lena said, rolling her eyes. “Maybe if you ask nicely.”

I let out a bit of a laugh before speaking again.

“Oh, please, pretty please?” I asked in a phony babyish voice.

“Please what?” she said, flashing an irresistible smile across her perfect face.

Leaning into her, I put my mouth right up to her ear before answering.

“Please let me fuck your ass.”

No sooner had those words escaped my mouth then Lena had grabbed my head and planted her mouth on mine. I kissed her back with renewed vigor and ground my cock into her soaking wet pussy.

“Do it!” she said, breaking away. “Let’s do it now!”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Not only was I fucking the girl of my dreams, but she was now telling me to fuck her in the ass! I was in heaven.

As I pulled my dick from her pussy, Lena grabbed her legs and pulled her knees up to her chest. I swallowed hard as I gazed down at her in the vulnerable position. I then ran my hand from her tailbone up to her clit, stroking her tiny hole as I passed. Submerging my fingers into her wet pussy, I then returned to her ass, rubbing her juices over her tight rosebud.

“That feels kind of good,” she said, staring intently at me with her cute brown eyes.

I smiled back at her and slipped one of my wet fingers past her tight muscular ring. Lena’s body tensed up before becoming accustomed to the feeling. I tore my gaze away from her irresistible face to watch intently as her tight little butt hole hugged my glistening finger. Her breathing became more erratic as I pushed deeper into her ass, lubricating the inside of her hole with the slippery fluid. As she relaxed a little more, I added another finger, plunging both into the confines of Lena’s little pink ring.

“Oooo,” she cooed, shifting her body, not with discomfort but rather with pleasure.

Her eyes closed and her hand drifted downward, stopping just short of her clit. She seemed apprehensive in touching herself in front of me. I laughed at the irony of the situation. Here she was, laying there with my fingers up her ass and she was now getting shy? I decide to help things along by taking her hand in mine and guiding it to her quivering pussy.

“Go ahead,” I offered. “It will make it easier.”

Lena gave a slight nod and began to run her fingers over her pink lips. She even pushed two fingers into her pussy, and I could feel them pressing against the two that I had buried in her ass. Somehow, I managed to kick off my pants without removing my fingers from her ass. I then continued slowly finger fucking her until I could sense a feeling of relaxation flow over her body. She was ready.

I spit into my palm and began to lubricate my dick with my own saliva as I began to withdraw my fingers from Lena’s tight-gripping asshole.

“Aww,” she complained in a whiny little voice that would be better suited to a five year old than a twenty year old. “It was just starting to feel good.”

“Don’t worry,” I reassured, shifting closer, gripping my own cock with horny eagerness. “The best is yet to come.”

Lena pulled her knee to her face, lifting her ass a little higher off the bed as she continued to run her nimble little fingers over her engorged clit. In the dim light of the room, her asshole shimmered with pussy juice, both from my fingers and from the thin trickle that was now flowing downward from her excited pussy. Carefully, I lined up the head of my dick with her small, puckered star and began to push. Lena held her breath as she felt her impossibly tight hole open up around my cock.

She then let out a subtle squealing sound as I slowly forced my swollen cock head past her tiny muscular ring and into her most private orifice.

Lena’s fingers worked relentlessly on her clit, with little regard for the thick penis that was now invading the diminutive opening between her cheeks. I could feel the tight circular muscle tighten around my head, however, as I tried in vain to gently ease it inside her. She removed her hand from the underside of her knee and began to paw incessantly at her own breast through her sexy white top. Her actions encouraged me to proceed and I quickly returned my attention to the seemingly hopeless task of forcing the remainder of my dick into her impossibly tight asshole.

“Mmmm,” she moaned softly, apparently enjoying the feeling of my thick shaft sliding deeper into her hole.

I was about half way in when I began to slide back out, eliciting a surprised gasp from Lena’s slightly parted lips. Back and forth I moved, each time delving a little bit farther into my friend’s irresistibly inviting asshole.

“Uh,” she groaned quietly, increasing the pace on her clit. “Deeper. I…want it deeper.”

I was more than happy to oblige and before long I was buried up to my aching balls in the vice-like confines of Lena’s asshole. She let out a contented moan and stared into my eyes with a lust filled glare. My thighs were pressed up tightly against her taut cheeks as her ass was now completely elevated off the bed. I returned her look of pleasure before casting my gaze downwards to admire the sight of her asshole stretched wide around my shaft. Then, slowly my glistening rod emerged from that forbidden tunnel as I withdrew. I quickly replaced it however, pushing it back in as deep as before causing Lena to squirm with newfound enthusiasm.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “This is amazing!”

I agreed, although I said not a word. I simply smiled and rotated my hips, pressing the shaft of my dick against the entire inside wall of Lena’s asshole. With a slow, methodical rhythm I then began to slide in and out, my dick moving free of her clinging ass. Faster and faster I increased my speed. although trying to be as gentle as possible. I certainly did not want Lena’s first anal sex experience to be a negative one.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” she said in rapid, raspy gasps.

I noticed her legs shaking as she held them elevated in the air. Her fingers her now moving her frantically and her eyes were completely closed.

“Faster. Harder!” Lena demanded in a forced, squeaking voice.

I knew she was going to cum soon and I stepped up the intensity to match hers. My cock was now plunging deep inside her virgin asshole, which was beginning to clench and unclench periodically. Suddenly Lena’s whole tensed and she tried in vain to straighten her legs. I grabbed a hold of her thighs and held her to prevent her from inadvertently forcing my dick out of her ass. Her butt hole tightly contracted, squeezing my shaft as her body contorted with intense pleasure.

“Wow,” Lena exclaimed, allowing her legs to drop to either side of her orgasm-wracked body. “That was great.”

“Good,” I answered, my cock still enclosed in the tight confines of her ass. “Glad you liked it.”

I looked down where it appeared that a river of Lena’s cum had flowed from her pussy down between her legs where it now coated both the shaft of my dick and the opening to her tiny but stretched hole.

“Do you want to stop now?” I asked.

“No way!” she blurted out, before I could say another word. “But can we change positions? My hips are kind of sore.”

“Absolutely,” I returned, allowing my hard dick to slip free of her newly-reamed hole. What did you have in mind?”

“From behind!” she said with enthusiasm, her eyes flashing mischievously.

I smiled and nodded as Lena flipped over onto her hands and knees, presenting her beautiful ass to me. Arching her back and looking backwards over her shoulder, she beckoned me with her sexy stare.

“Do it.” she said simply. “Put your dick back in my ass.”

I never thought I’d ever hear those words but at that moment they were definitely music to my ears. Taking my cock in my hand, I used my other to to pull one of her tanned cheeks to the side, exposing Lena’s glistening asshole to my view. She helped by reaching back and spreading her other cheek, allowing me to admire the sexy scene.

“You look so good,” I muttered in awe, leaning down to run my tongue over her exposed asshole.

Poking the tip of my tongue into her little pink knot, I could taste her pussy due to the abundance of fluids that now coated the tiny orifice. Lena moaned at the feeling of my tongue tracing her tight ring and reached under her body to slide a couple fingers into her drenched pussy as I licked her ass. Moving down, I began to run my tongue along her slender fingers as she pulled them from her cunt and offered them to me. Parting my lips, I took the slippery digits into my mouth sucking them clean before returning to her ass.

“We’re getting pretty naughty,” Lena said with a giggle, dropping her face into the soft pillow.

I gave her asshole one more long, wet lick before assuming the position kneeling behind her sexy body. Taking my cock, I laid it between her fleshy cheeks allowing Lena to feel the hardness of my dick pressed up against her prone body.

“Oh yeah!” she said in that cute voice of hers, wiggling her ass and pushing back against me. “That’s what I want.”

I then took hold of my shaft and rubbed my swollen cock head down over her waiting asshole a couple times before pushing it back inside her. Lena let out a low, drawn out sigh as her hungry hole swallowed up the entirety of my shaft with one fluid motion. Reflexively, her muscular ring tightened, squeezing my cock and trapping it within the tiny tunnel, giving me a most pleasurable sensation. I laid both hands across her ass and spread her cheeks wide in order to take in the beautiful full of my cock fully sheathed in Lena’s hole.

This time, I wasted no time before beginning to truly fuck her, pumping my dick in and out of her insatiable ass. Lena futilely clawed at her sheets and howled into her pillow as my balls repeatedly slapped her wet pussy lips with every thrust. Her sexy back was arched downward, causing her ample ass to protrude high in the air to meet my stabbing cock. Placing my hands at her slender waist I drove hard into Lena, holding her body and preventing her from lurching forward. An endless stream of incomprehensible murmurs and moans escaped her lips every time she felt her tiny asshole being filled.

“This looks so good,” I muttered, staring down as my cock repeatedly disappeared into her tiny pink star.

Lena then reached back with both hands and grabbed a hold of both ass cheeks, spreading them wide.

“Deeper,” she said softly, her voice barely comprehensible through the pillow in which her face was buried.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and pulled her body back towards me as I pushed forward with my pelvis, driving my cock farther into her enticing little hole.

“Oh yeah,” Lena gasped, pushing back with her ass, wiggling it in an attempt to get more dick inside her.

As I resumed fucking her tight orifice, I could feel an orgasm approaching. Every thrust of my cock elicited more of the tingling sensation that signaled the impending climax. As much as I would have loved to explode inside Lena’s ass at that moment, I was enjoying myself far too much to allow the amazing experience to end so soon.

Before I reached the point of no return, I slipped my throbbing dick out of her butt, educing a startled gasp as Lena’s well-fucked muscular ring closed up tightly. I then pushed her fleshy cheeks aside and lowered my face to her backside and began to tongue her ass with vibrant, enthusiastic licks.

“Oooooh my God!” she said panting lustfully as she felt my warm soothing tongue on her tender asshole.

Encouraged by her exclamation of pleasure, I poked the tip into her freshly reamed hole, probing the tight confines that had so recently held my dick. Lena continued moaning as she reached back and clawed at my hair while I tongue-fucked her tiny pink star. After rimming her ass for a few more minutes, I replaced my dick, sliding it back into Lena’s saliva-slicked tunnel. She purred with appreciation as my shaft slid easily inside her. As I resumed fucking her ass, I began to become more forceful with every thrust. Her ass quivered and her hips were forced downward into the bed as I slammed into her. Soon she was laying flat and my body was on top of hers, my chest pressed firmly against her smooth, sweaty back. I could feel the warmth emanating from her body as I lay on top of her, gyrating my cock around in her asshole. Reaching up I gently took hold of her sweaty hair and pulled her head to the side. I then whispered into her ear as I pushed my cock deep into her hole.

“Can I cum inside you?”

“Yes!” she gasped. “I want it inside me. I want it in my ass.”

The quiet room soon became filled with a sharp “slapping” sound as my hips rose and fell, driving my dick deep into her anus with each plunge. Soon the faint sound of of Lena’s moaning was drowned out as I became entirely concentrated on the way her tight little asshole felt as it spasmed around my shaft. Once again the tingling sensation flowed through my body, but this time I embraced it, fucking Lena harder and harder. Suddenly there was release. My body tensed and my cock pulsed, sending a torrent of hot cum deep into Lena’s ravaged hole.

Letting out a subdued moan, her body relaxed as my dick began to soften inside her ass. Breathing heavily, I lovingly kissed the nape of her neck before rolling off her fatigued, sweaty body.

Lena remained on her stomach, her arms stretched over her head in a relaxed position as her heartbeat returned to normal.

“Mmmm,” she purred, turning her head to acknowledge me. “That was fun.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Too bad you’re leaving tomorrow.”

“Oh, that reminds me,” she said suddenly, sitting upright in the bed, and pulling her skirt back down over her ass. “Do you think you can give me a ride to the airport tomorrow?”

I grinned slyly.

“Does that mean you’re inviting me to spend the night?”

“Maybe,” she said with a cute, playful smile. “But only if you promise to do me in the butt again.”

Without another word, Lena hopped off the bed and headed for the door.

“I’m going to have shower,” she called back at me. “You can have one too it you want. Just use the upstairs bathroom.”

I remained on the bed, staring vacantly at the ceiling as I tried to process the events that had just taken place. Not only had I confessed my love for the girl I had been lusting after for the past two years, but I had actually had sex with her. And fucked her in the ass no less! I exhaled deeply and ran my hands over my face before crawling off the bed and putting on my pants. I decided that a hot shower might do me good, so I made my way upstairs to the bathroom that was generally only used by Lena’s roommate Rachel.

A few minutes later I was in the shower letting the warm water wash over my fatigued body. My thoughts however kept drifting back to Lena and I found myself picturing her in the shower downstairs, her naked body wet and soapy. Surprisingly, my dick began to spring to life once again with the naughty thoughts. Even after the intense session I had just incurred, including two energy draining orgasms, I was still as horny as ever. Lena’s last comment played over repeatedly in my head as I spread soap over my growing dick. I actually had to stop from touching myself to prevent another orgasm that would severely hamper the rest of the nights activities. Quickly, I finished up and headed back downstairs, a towel wrapped around my waist.

As I passed the kitchen, I poked my head in to see Lena standing there preparing the hot tea that I had caused her to neglect due to my unexpected arrival. She looked even cuter than usual, dressed in a fluffy little white bathrobe that barely came down past her ass. Her hair was still slightly wet and was combed back, falling around her shoulders and shimmering in the light of the room. Quietly, I made my ways towards her, stepping carefully across the cold tile floor.

“Well, hello,” Lena blurted out as I embraced her from behind, kissing her softly on the neck. “How was the shower?”

“Good,” I replied. “I feel a lot better now. Nice and clean.”

“That’s good,” she said, turning to face me. “Because you were pretty dirty.”

She flashed me a cute, playful smile before pulling me down to kiss her. Our tongues danced and I held her tightly, pressing my bare chest against the softness of her bathrobe. She moaned softly and reached down to run her hand along the outline my growing cock was forming under the towel at my waist.

“Ya know,” she began as as she traced a finger down the center of my chest. “I think the tea can wait.”

I smiled and grabbed Lena’s ass, forcefully lifting her body into the air. She let out a sudden shriek and wrapped her arms and legs around me as I easily picked her up in my arms. Out lips met once again and I tasted the sweetness that I had always longed for as I staggered over and sat her on the kitchen table. As I placed her on the hard wooden surface, her bathrobe slid up a bit, exposing more of her smooth tanned thighs. With lustful vigor, I slid my hand up the side of her leg as she sucked my tongue into her mouth. I was pleased to notice that she was wearing no underwear, and gave an approving “Mmmm” as my hands migrated around the back of her ass to give her a couple gentle squeezes. Roughly she grabbed my hair and pulled my head to the side, biting down on my ear lobe before sucking it softly. I closed my eyes, enjoying the pleasurable feeling as Lena’s hot breath sent shivers through my body.

“I’m so wet right now,” she whispered in my ear, her usual cute voice suddenly replaced by a sexy murmur.

With that, Lena grabbed my hand and guided it between her legs. Even before I made contact I could feel the warmth emanating from her hot, wet pussy. She let out a drawn-out sigh when I traced my fingers along her velvety soft folds and pressed my hands into her, encouraging me to go farther. I grinned and slipped a couple fingers inside as I grazed her clit with my thumb. She jumped slightly at my touch and I moved my head down to kiss her sexy neck.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, running her hand through the hair at the back of my head.

I then dropped and planted a long, wet kiss on her thigh as she spread her legs wide in anticipation. Flipping back her white cotton robe, I worked my way up her leg stopping just short of her delicious little pussy. Allowing her to agonize over the feeling of my breath washing over her wet folds, I then moved back downward, eliciting a disappointed sigh as I ran my tongue down her honey-browned thigh. Lena laid back on the table as I raised one of her legs into the air, kissing my way past her knee and downwards over her toned, muscular calf. Gingerly, I held her leg in my hands and lightly brushed my lips over the top of her foot. Lena sucked in a breath and held it as I went one step farther and sucked a couple of her cute little toes into my mouth. She let out an embarrassed giggle as I sucked her tiny nubs, however the giggles soon turned to moans of arousal as I continued. Once I had had enough of her feet, I moved back up her leg, alternating between long wet licks and gentle kisses stopping once and a while to blow cold air over her wet skin. I soon found myself face to face with Lena’s moist pussy, her lips glistening with arousal. Unable to restrain myself any longer, I dove in, driving my tongue between her wet folds and deep into her hungry hole.

“Ohhuhhhh,” she blurted out in an incomprehensible groan, her hands clawing through my hair with pleasure.

Wrapping my arms around her thighs, I pulled Lena’s body towards my face, driving my tongue deeper into her tight pussy. Her fluid coated my lips as I lapped away, alternating between her clit and her juicy hole.

“Damon?” she asked, causing me to cease the enthusiastic tongue-lashing I was unleashing on her pussy. “Could you lick my butt again? It felt so good before.”

My cock throbbed as those words escaped Lena’s lips.

“Maybe,” I responded, giving her clit a quick flick with my tongue. “If you ask nicely.”

“Noooo,” she whined, throwing her hands up over her face. “Don’t make me ask again!”

“Come on,” I prompted, working my way down, but refraining from touching her tiny, crinkled hole. “Just ask. I know you want it.”

“Please!” she whimpered after a moment of quiet contemplation. “Please lick my butt hole.”

Somehow, even those filthy words sounded cute coming from Lena’s mouth. I flashed her a smile before lowering my head and planting my lips around her smallest hole. A subtle gasp escaped her lips as I kissed her ass, poking my tongue out and tickled her tight little ring. After about a minute of eating her irresistible asshole, she pushed my head away and sat up on the table.

“I want to try something,” she said, breathing heavily and staring with an intense, lustful gaze. “Lay down on the floor.”

I obeyed, laying back on the cold tile floor, wincing at the cool feeling on my bare back. Lena crawled off the table, hungrily eyeing my prone body as she tossed her bathrobe aside. I then found myself staring up at her beautiful naked body as she slowly and seductively sauntered around until she was standing directly over my head. My heart was racing with eagerness as she straddled my head and then began to lower herself down onto my face. My hands rose to meet Lena’s descending ass and pushed aside her tanned cheeks, exposing her puckered hole as it neared my face.

“Ohhhh, Yesssss,” she let out as she placed her asshole directly onto my waiting mouth.

Wiggling her hips, she worked her tight hole around my stiff tongue, completely smothering me with her ass. She tossed her head back with pleasure as my tongue snaked its way up her newly de-virginized hole.

“Oh my God that’s good!” she exclaimed, placing her hands on my bare chest to support her body weight.

She then leaned forward and kissed my stomach, working her way down my body. Unwrapping the towel at my waist, Lena threw it aside and my rigid cock sprang free, slapping against my stomach. Quickly, she grabbed it up and stuffed it into her hungry mouth as I continued working on her asshole with my lips and tongue. I moaned into her ass as I felt her hot wet mouth envelope my pole, sucking it down to the base. Creating an airtight sea, Lena then sucked hard, pushing her ass back into my face. Her hands drifted down and began to massage my aching balls as her lips slid up and down my wet shaft. her hips tilted and I was forced to switch from tongue-fucking her asshole to licking her sopping wet pussy.

“Oh yeah!” she gasped, popping my dick from between her lips and running her tongue down the sensitive underside. “Lick my pussy!”

My tongue found its way into Lena’s insatiable cunt as I reached up and lewdly spread her ass cheeks to expose her saliva soaked butt hole. I then worked a finger into her snug little orifice while she moaned with approval and began to bathe my balls with her hot, wet tongue. Her ass was lubricated with my spit and cum, allowing my finger to slide in and out with relative ease.

“Yessss,” she hissed, reaching back and grabbing my hand, forcing my finger deep inside her clenching hole.

Lena wrapped her soft lips around my cock once again and began bobbing up and down as her hand moved from my balls to my ass, lightly massaging the forbidden area. I moaned with appreciation and pulled my finger from her ass only to replace it once again with my tongue. Her fingers tickled my asshole and her her lips slid easily up and down my wet shaft. The feeling was unbelievable but I knew it couldn’t last much longer.

“I’m…gonna..cum!” I managed to say in between long licks over her tiny pink rosebud.

Lena only increased her pace and even forced the tip of her finger into my ass as I jammed my tongue deep into hers. Suddenly, she let out a squeal around my cock and I felt her tight muscular asshole clench around my tongue. The knowledge that she was cumming with my tongue in her ass sent me over the edge and my dick pulsed as every muscle in my body contracted. Spurt after spurt erupted from my cock, filling Lena’s mouth with creamy hot jism which she sucked down her throat as quickly as I could produce it. Each successive contraction sent a smaller volume of cum past her lips until soon she had sucked my cock dry. Giving me a final kiss on the head of my dick, Lena rolled off my body and cuddled up to me on the cold kitchen floor.

“So how about that tea now?” she asked, nuzzling her face into my neck.

I nodded in agreement although we sat there for a few minutes longer, just holding each other.

Finally after a prolonged silence I spoke.

“It really is too bad you have to leave tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” Lena began with a sad tone. “Oh! That reminds me. Do you think you could give me a ride to the airport tomorrow?”

“Of course,” I responded, kissing her on the forehead. “What time do you have to be there?”

“7 A.M.”

“Fuck!” I muttered, letting my head slam back to the hard floor.

“Oh, don’t worry!” she purred, running her hand up my chest. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

We spent the remainder of the night watching a little TV and cuddling on the couch as we warmed ourselves with some hot tea. Our sexual activities were done for the night and we went to bed in each others arms, falling asleep almost as soon as the lights went out.

I awoke to a soft whisper in my ear.

“Damon,” Lena’s voice cooed, rousing me from my contented slumber. “It’s time to get up.”

I rubbed my eyes and yawned, doing my best to prevent any morning breath from escaping.

“What time is it?” I asked groggily, fighting back another yawn.

“Almost 6,” I heard Lena respond with voice that was far too cheerful for how early it was.

“Jeez,” I muttered, stretching my arms out over my head. “Why are we getting up this early. We still have a whole hour.”

“Because,” Lena said joyfully as she pulled the covers off my tired, naked body. “I wanted to leave time for this.”

Before I could respond, she leaned down and took my flaccid dick into her mouth. My eyes widened with surprise and my cock began to grow due to the stimulation it was receiving from Lena’s talented mouth. I placed my hands behind my head and let out a prolonged sigh of relaxation as her little wet mouth bobbed up and down my slick shaft.

“Don’t get too comfortable,” she said, pulling my wet cock from her mouth with a “pop”. “You still have to do me in the butt again.”

I gazed down at Lena’s child-like face and wondered how I had been so stupid not to try anything with her sooner. She portrayed a certain innocence that was retained even while she was asking me to fuck her tight little ass. Although this time it wasn’t so much asking as demanding.

“Come on,” she prompted, giving my cock a few more strokes with her small hand. “You promised. remember?”

“Oh, I’m not complaining!” I said with a smile. “I’m just a little surprised you’re so into it.”

“Well, what can I say?” Lena answered, turning around and tossing me a coy smile over her shoulder.

I took a moment to take in the sexy sight as my new fuck buddy flipped one leg over my mine, causing her ass to spread slightly. I noticed her little puckered hole was already glistening with wetness.

“Oh yeah,” she blurted out, straddling my prone body with her back facing me. “I started without you.”

I gave her a puzzled look, although she did not see it since was she was facing the opposite direction.


“Uh huh.”

Lena cut me off and turned her head back towards me blushing slightly.

“I couldn’t help it!” she said defensively, her face turning a light shade of red. “I was so horny when I woke up!”

“So what did you do?” I asked slyly, staring into her inviting asshole with hungry anticipation.

“Well,” she began, fighting back the embarrassment with a cute giggle. “I went into the bathroom and got some lotion.”

“And?” I shot back eagerly.

“And…..Then I did a little of this.”

With that, Lena reached back and slowly slid one her slender fingers into her slick hole, piercing the tight muscular ring and pushing deep into her ass. I let out a startled gasp and my dick pulsed as a renewed torrent of blood surged through it.

“You like that don’t you?” she asked in a voice that would be more befitting of an elementary school teacher rather than a girl with her finger buried deep in her own ass.

“Uh huh,” was all I managed to say as I stared, transfixed as Lena’s tight butt hole swallowed up her tiny finger.

“And it feels sooo good,” she said, moaning seductively as she worked the tiny digit in and out. “But do you know what would feel better?”

“I can think of something,” I replied, regaining my composure.

Lena flashed me one more smile before slipping her finger from her ass and reaching down to take a hold of my throbbing cock. I grabbed the base of my dick to hold it steady while she positioned her ass directly over it. Slowly and methodically, she nuzzled her butt down around the head which was leaking copious amounts of precum. Lena then threw her head back and opened her mouth in silent pleasure as I watched the entire length of my dick disappear into the tight confines of her slippery asshole.

“Oh yeah!” she exclaimed, wiggling her ass against my pelvis, my cock now completely concealed inside her. “That’s what I really wanted!”

Moving her ass in a slow circular motion, Lena began to strum her pussy with quick finger movements. I pushed upwards with my hips, eliciting a startled squeak before she she pushed back down, driving my ass against the mattress and forcing my dick farther into her lubricated hole.

“How does it look?” she asked, leaning forward and sliding her asshole back up my shaft. “I bet it looks so hot!”

“Oh yeah!” I confirmed, watching as more and more of my slick shaft emerged from her impossibly tight hole. “It looks so fucking good!”

“Yeah?” she questioned, that cute voice returning once again. “You like my butt?”

“I love it!” I gasped, grabbing a hold of her hips and guiding her back downwards. ‘I love your ass!”

Her asshole constricted around my pole as I pulled her down and her her head fell backwards, sending her pony tail bouncing off her sexy tanned back. Letting out a loud, incomprehensible sound, Lena fell back against my chest gasping with pleasure. My hands immediately covered her ample breasts, groping as I pulled her tight against my body. Thrusting upward, I stabbed her clenching hole, my balls pressing into her tender flesh. I then moved my hand downward to her pussy, but found her fingers already frantically at work there.

“Fuck me Damon!” Lena gasped, overcome with sexual elation. “Fuck my ass and make me cum!”

I planted my lips on her neck and bit softly into her skin as I pushed my hips up off the bed, raising both our lower bodies into the air. Lena squirmed with delight and she plunged her fingers into her soaking wet pussy. As we fell back down to the soft mattress, I felt her ass clench tightly as if attempting to milk the cum from my balls.

“Oh yes!” she squealed. “That’s it! I’m…almost..there!”

Suddenly, her impossibly tight asshole clenched even tighter as her body shuddered with her impending orgasm. Pumping up and down we fucked each other as her muscles tensed and then relaxed. Lena let out a loud feminine howl that soon dwindled to a subtle blissful murmur as I pushed upwards for one final thrust blasting her insides with yet another surge of hot cum.

“Mmmmmm,” Lena purred, arching her back and nuzzling her face into mine.

Wrapping my arms tightly around her torso, I rolled us both over, my dick still firmly embedded inside her cum soaked hole. As the blood began to emigrate from my shaft, my cock withdrew and soon slipped free of her ass followed my a thin trickle of creamy white fluid.

“Oh oh,” Lena muttered after a short rest. “I have to get ready.”

I agreed, although I was less enthusiastic about things and remained in bed as she rushed around to do some last minute packing. Less than twenty minutes later we were both in my car speeding away towards the airport. The ride was pretty much silent as we both pondered the events of the last twelve hours. I tried to make some small talk, but Lena seemed preoccupied. When we arrived at the airport, I decided to park my car and accompany her as she checked in at the airline counter. She said I didn’t have to, but I insisted. Any extra few minutes I could spent with her would be worth while. A deep sadness overcame me as I escorted her through the busy airport towards the gate. I had finally told the girl I loved how I felt, but now she was leaving the country. Would I ever even see her again?

“Hey,” Lena said with a comforting voice. “Not so sad.”

“Well, I guess this is goodbye,” I muttered as she wrapped her arms around me in a tight embrace.

“Ya know,” she said, looking up into my eyes. “My plane doesn’t actually leave for another thirty minutes.”

I gazed down at her perfect face and then we both glanced over to a nearby bathroom, a look of mischief glinting in Lena’s sparkling eyes. Without another word she rushed towards the door, pulling me in tow.

“I guess the goodbye can wait,” I muttered, smiling as she pulled me through the bathroom door.

The End

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