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Author – Gravidact, Submit…finally. A couple of weeks of plot development, reading, rereading, spell-checking, finally come to the one button. Harry Stewart sent the latest story up to the ‘erotic literature’ site, to see if they would take it. It was a tough site; usually they’d require an editor to look over the piece before it got uploaded.

Still, he’d managed to get one or two pieces up and the reviews were favorable. Not that he was famous or anything; with a couple of hundred stories a day shoehorned onto the web page, he had a lot of competition.

The fact was, Harry just liked to write. Some people smoke, some people jump out of perfectly good airplanes, but it was just fun to create your own world, and it was an exercise in description, dialog, and how many synonyms for ‘cock’ you could find for a given story. That was the only drawback, setting the tone for the tale, and not having some jarring adjective interrupt the flow. Who wants ‘fun bags’ anyway? It still made him laugh.

He was about average-looking, 5’10’ or so, dirty blond hair and green eyes. With the glasses perched on his nose, he looked like a writer, which helped (or not) with the ladies. He didn’t have a 12″ schlong, but he was in shape, and though in his early 30s, still looked younger than he was. He didn’t have a girlfriend, the last one was a little freaked out by his fantasy, and ran off with another guy.

Harry liked pregnant women, which scared most women under 29, and made them nervous as to what his ultimate intentions were. Some of the women around that age scared him, trying to ‘get him to commit’, and coming up with baby names. Of course, price of admission was a gold and diamond ring, and a house in the ‘burbs’.

Still, it would be nice to have a woman who really got into the fantasy, while not obsessing on colors for the baby’s room. Oh, someday it would be nice to have kids, but he just hadn’t found ‘the right one’ yet. And if he had some fun along the way…

So one more preggo fantasy was uploaded to the site, and he shut down for the night. It could get anxious, waiting for the hit count to go up, or not go up; usually it would take a few days to get over a hundred. The comments were what he lived for; seeing someone really enjoy one of his stories made it all worthwhile. Check it in the morning before work, he mused, see how they liked it.

The next morning he fired up the PC, and waited for the connection to be made. Sitting there with a cup of coffee and a ratty housecoat made him feel like a writer, and the smug satisfaction of rescuing said article of clothing from the line of disgusted women who tried to throw it out gave it sentimental value. Looking at the hit count, it was up to a respectable 51 or so, and a couple of comments were registered.

He noticed one from SwellingBelly, who had a couple of her(?) own fantasy stories on the same site. Women who wrote stories like him were very rare indeed, and it made him appreciate her comments. He read on…

Hi, that story was hot! You got the attitude right, and grammar’s a bit off, but it was worth the read. I just put up one of my own (how’s that for a coincidence?) maybe you could check it out! – SwellingBelly

That made him smile, so he looked until he found it. It was called ’29’, and it was a very erotic piece about a woman deciding to get pregnant before it was ‘too late’. She had a way with words, and it was eerie how close her style seemed to be to his. A bit more polished, but as he started to read, he could feel himself getting hard. He looked up at the clock and groaned. Work was interfering with another perfectly good fantasy. Definitely check this out tonight, he promised himself.

The day flew by, as it does with too few people trying to handle too much work, and soon it seemed he was soon back at his apartment, going back to the site. He found the story after scrolling back a few dozen entries, and picked up where he left off. She knew her way around dialogue, and the way she had the heroine begging to get knocked up had him hard in minutes. Thank goodness you could scroll with one hand. He was impressed; she really did feel the same way about sex that he did, and he wished he could meet her. Knowing his luck, it was some middle-aged fat guy.

He sent a carefully-worded reply back. Your story was just as hot as I could hope for. We seem to be on the same wavelength. Maybe someday we could write a story together. Keep ’em coming, this is great stuff!

Ok, fairly lame, but comments are what some writers live for. He checked out a few others, then went off to check his email.

He noticed a new message in the inbox, from sbelly. Coincidence? He opened it up.

Dear gravidact;

A collaboration sounds great! I have an anonymous site, with sound and video. Would you like to chat? Here’s the login info. SwellingBelly.

Wo. He needed to check this out. He went to the site, made sure his webcam was working (5 times), and found himself looking at SwellingBelly, in her computer room. She was about his age, short-haired, dark green eyes and thick brows, an hourglass body, with a decent C-cup in front. She had an impish smile about her, sort of teasing, and a little jumpy. She almost looked like a happy Vulcan, if something could be imagined. Strangely enough, there was something familiar about her.

“Hi” he said, as she looked up at the camera.

“And who are you?” she replied, cautious, a little tense.

“Gravidact. You sent me an invite….”

“Oh, right!” she giggled. “I certainly did. Listen, I like the way you think…”

“But not the way I write?” he teased.

“Nah, you’ve got some good stuff there, and you seem to like my stuff…”

“Like is an understatement. It’s great!”

She smiled, dimpling coquettishly back at him. “Flattery will get you everywhere” she adjusted her camera so she zoomed in closer.

“Gravidact, could you zoom in, I want to get a look at you.” she shyly asked.

“Sure, no problem.” he adjusted the lens (while surreptitiously adjusting himself). She made a small gesture, looking down his chest, one eyebrow raised in interest.

“Hey, have we met?” she asked.

“Not that I know of. But you look kinda familiar”

“I bet you say that to all the guys”

They started talking, discovering several interests in common; fantasy literature, sword and sorcery, even some authors in common. She loosened up, looking closely in the camera at him, and he at her. She was very cute, though he did find himself flirting with her, which she seemed to eat up. She flirted back, and he found himself looking at her, wishing he could be in the room with him.

About that time, the hour changed over. As in many small southern towns, the local church would ring the hours, and then play some recorded hymn over the speakers. He frowned at the distraction, until he heard the sound from her end. She didn’t notice at first, but soon she looked up in surprise, as they heard the same music, and then at him.

A fearful look crossed his face, and he saw her starting to slam down at a big red button behind her, which was labeled Do Panic! The screen went blank, and then he got an error message from her chat site. The connection had been broken.

What the fuck? he thought. What had he done? Aside from knowing that she lived within earshot of his place, what had gone wrong? She seemed nice enough. Was it him? What had he been doing when she slammed down that feed? It sucked; they’d been getting along so well, for a while, at least.

Hell, he’d be happy to meet her in real life, and he thought she’d be happy to meet him. And she was so close…but where would she be?

Sitting back down, he thought for awhile, then sent her an IM.

Dear SwellingBelly; I’m sorry if I startled you; I had no idea you were in the neighborhood, I was as surprised as you were. If it bothers you, I won’t write again, but you seem very nice to me….oh, that sounded so lame! He went through 3 or 4 versions before sending something non-threatening, and waited.

After about 10 minutes, he gave up, then trundled off to bed. Check it in the morning, he supposed.

The next morning, he rolled out of bed, and checked. There was a message.

Dear Gravidact;

I am so embarrassed about last night! It just freaked me out that we lived so close, I just cut off the feed without thinking. I only use it for axe murderers, vampires, and generally creepy guys, but I think I made a mistake in your case. Please send me another note, and let me know everything’s all right. I’d like to work with you on some stories, or even pictures, and more. Maybe we can meet somewhere like Ponzi’s, a restaurant on 15th and Glen Haggis. Let me know when would be a good time. SwellingBelly ps – are you from around here? There’s something about your face…

He’d seen the place, and it was only a few blocks from his place, so, why not? He sent her a message, and went off to the j o b, wondering what she would say by the time he got home. It was a haunting feeling, that she seemed familiar. Well, he’d been living in the neighborhood most of his life; his own apartment wasn’t that far from where his parents lived. He even went to colleg locally, when he was younger, it was the ideal spot; ‘far enough for privacy, and close enough for laundry’. Maybe they’d gone to school with each other, or seen each other at dances or parties. There were eldritch reminders of her face; just nagging at him. He should know her, who was she?

He got through the day without too many screwups, despite his distracted feelings. His co-workers were suspicious, yet willing to let him be. Of course he couldn’t tell them; he’d sound like a perv. He got home as fast as possible, opening his email, but nothing yet. Finally, he heard his email ring, and saw she’d be at the restaurant in about half an hour. With a guy’s usual amount of angst about what to wear, he spent nearly 30 seconds going through his clothes for something ‘dressy’, but not too blatant. He decided to walk, though his laptop bag got heavier with each block.

Finally, he saw the restaurant, and then her, sitting next to the bar, swirling a straw around in her drink. She looked up at him, face brightening, then gasped.”Harry! Harry Stewart! I knew it!”

He looked around behind him, seeing her face momentarily drop, then she started giggling. “You don’t remember me? Mary? Mary S. Phafnic?”

Slow realization dawned on his face. Holy shit, 8th grade geometry…she’d sat behind…no wait, next to him in class!

“Mary Sue? I don’t believe it! You’ve uh…grown up!” he said, reaching for her hand. She took his, then pulled herself a little closer.”I don’t go by Mary Sue any more, Harry. There are….some unfortunate implications to that name.” She raised a single eyebrow in a practiced manner, and he was once again reminded of a Vulcan. That’s right, she was a Trekker, or Trekkie, or whatever the slightly more sane variant was.

“I remember now. Yeah, Mary Sue; with the compassion of the Doctor, the Bravery of the Captain, the Intelligence of the Science Officer…and sleeps with all three.”

She rolled her eyes, then laughed again. “And do you know what they call male Mary Sues?”

He shook his head ‘no’.

“Harry Stu’s!” This set her off again. “So no grief about my name!”

“Your secret is safe with me. Thank heavens I came up with a different handle.” Looking around, he noticed a waitress. “So, do you want to order something?” She nodded, and grabbed her own laptop bag.

The slipped past the other tables, and found themselves in a relatively secluded section of the room, with long checkered plastic table covers descending nearly down to the seats. They set up their laptops, getting a few dirty looks from the older patrons. He flushed a bit, hoping no one could read over their shoulders. The corner was a bit dark, but the light from the displays shone on each of them, like modern alchemists over a phosphorescent cauldron.

She seemed to know all the waitresses, who gave him inquisitive looks as they came and went. He looked at her questioningly, and she waved at the restaurant.

“I worked here all through high school. I even came here with some dates once or twice. I knew all the ins and outs of the room. This table is the height of ‘make-out row’. You’d be surprised what’s gone on in this very booth”. She put her hands to her face and stared at him. She looked down, and then started to speak.

“You know, Harry…” she began, as he watched her flush. “I had the worst crush on you in Middle School.” she began. “I kept wishing you’d notice me, and ask me out, but it’s hard when neither of you have a car”

He put his hand out to touch hers. “And I wanted to ask you out, but I was….uh…well apprehensive that you’d turn me down.” He flushed slightly himself, as he looked back at her.

She caught his eye, and winked. “No, I think we were both a bit nerdy. We might have been clumsy, but we might have been….” she sighed softly. “Listen to me, I sound like I’m a hundred or something!” she joshed, as she looked back at him.

“No, just old enough for regrets, but young enough for changes.” She smiled back at him.

“I like that. Did you make it up?” He nodded back at her. He could almost see the wheels turning as she calculated the conversation. Was she coming onto him?

“So, are you, well…seeing anyone?” he ventured.

She winced. “Not any more. People grow up, well, some of them anyways.” Frowning slightly, she looked back at him. “How about you?”

It was his turn to grimace. “I was going to get married, but she left me for another guy.” They were interrupted by the waitress, who took their orders, leaving a glass of water for each. He stared at it, lost in thought.

She reached over to his hand, and gave it a squeeze.”I know how you feel. Roger just never seemed to grow up, and become an adult. Then he ran off with some Peggy girl, and I…” she looked at him in surprise. “What?”

“Roger..Peggy? Peggy Martin!?” he rasped. Both her eyes went up. “Yes!…Harry, you’re creeping me out here…”

“Peggy Martin was my fiancé. She left me for a Roger Aylered.” Mary’s hand flew up to her mouth. “Roger left with your fiancé? They both worked at Consolidated Adjudication?”

“Oh this is too fucked up.” he muttered. “Mary, I’m so sorry…” he began.

“What for?” she asked, confused at his answer.

“If I’d been a little richer, or taking better care of Peggy, you might have kept Roger…”

She rolled her eyes. “Harry, stop it. Roger was cheating on me from the word ‘go’. He and Peggy were an item 4 years ago, right after they went to that Conference in Seattle.”

“I thought something was different when she came back! But she denied everything, of course. That explains the condescending attitude” he growled.

“Harry, please. We both got hurt. It’s over now. I feel I’m a better person. Roger was never going to commit to me, for anything. He had her knocked up two months after they met. Then they disappeared, where, I don’t know.”

“Miami. That’s where the movers took her stuff. Come to think of it, she was a little plump around the middle…I just thought she was overeating.”

She laughed again. “Harry, you are so sweet, but you have got a lot to learn about women.” she looked sad for a moment. “I wanted a family, all the usual things you want when you finally start growing up. Which he never did.”

“I can imagine. I wanted kids too, but Peggy was so focused on her career. She was getting close to 30, and that usually makes women think about how long they have left.”

Mary looked down suddenly, a single tear on the edge of her eye.”You’re right about that. In fact…” she stopped as their food arrived.

They ate in silence, each thinking about the past. Occasionally, he would look up, seeing her staring back at him, an unfathomable expression on her face. There was a sense of vulnerability in her eyes, combined with a hopefulness that…something was going to happen.

They started talking more, happily, comparing their lives in general, as she started to lean forward a bit, showing some delightful cleavage of her C-cups, as he figured it. They were both laughing, interested and interesting. She started flirting with him, and he returned her, entendre for entendre, compliment for compliment. She had a gift for language, not extemporaneous sonnets, but she had a way with instant limericks.

He felt her toes on his leg a short time later. She was smiling a wicked little smile, as he felt her foot slowly creeping up his leg. He doffed a shoe, and started working his own foot up her well-turned calf, as she looked down at the table, then up at him. Feeling her legs part slightly, she moved up to his inner thighs, the toes delicately brushing against his balls. She closed her eyes slightly. “Oh, those are big” she breathed, as she fixed him with a penetrating gaze, sliding forward slightly to envelop his own foot.

He felt her legs growing warm, and a small hint of moisture as she shuddered. “Oh, that’s good” she moaned softly, as she started to work up his shaft. “How big is it?” she asked him.

“Well, it’s supposed to be 12″, but I had to get it in installments. The final 5″ is in the mail…somewhere” he got out, and she collapsed in hilarity.

“You little shit!” she laughed, causing the others around her to look at her in surprise and suspicion. She looked around quickly. “I know it’s a cliché, but your place or mine?” she inquired. She gestured to the odd waitress, who was ‘studiously’ looking at her watch. He looked at his own, and realized they’d been there nearly 2 hours.

He leaned forward, finding his shoe. “I thought we were going to write.” he teased her.

She returned his question with a smoldering gaze. “Oh, we’re going to write too. Where’s your car?” she said.

“I actually walked. It’s only about four blocks from here.” She calculated swiftly, then looked up. “Takes too long. Get in my car and give me directions.”

“Well, well. This is looking more like one of my fantasies all the time.”

She kissed him on the cheek. “You have no idea. I’m going to indulge some of my fantasies too. Let’s go.”

Ten minutes later, they stumbled in, put the laptops on the kitchen table, then fell into each others’ arms.

As soon as their lips met, he felt like he was fulfilling a fantasy of his own. Her mouth opened, as their tongues danced and darted into each others’, groaning softly as she pulled him close. Her body molded to his, every inch of soft, pliable skin pressed against him, her hips rotating forward, rubbing against his hardening cock.

The kiss went on, as she grabbed his hand, and shoved it against her breast, squeezing his fingers against the soft flesh, and hard nipple. She broke away, reluctantly, but looked up at him. “You don’t know how many years I wanted to do this. I used to lay in bed at night, feeling my growing breasts, and imagine that they were your hands, your fingers, tweaking my boobs, getting me horny and wet.”

Rubbing the soft curves, circling the areoles, feeling the nubbin flip back and forth, listening to her gasp in pleasure, as she started to move her hand downwards. “So how does it compare to your fantasy?” he teased, his other hand moving against the other mound, twirling the hardness on her chest as she closed her eyes for a second.

“Mmmm…very nice. But do you know what else I used to think about?” Her hand found his hardness, and a lazy fingernail traced around the length of his erection. “mmm…” she repeated. “Nice and fat, nice shape to it. Why is it guys get so worked up about how long it is, when it’s just as important to have good…” she squeezed him as he groaned “shape? A nice….hard…fat…cock, that just touches everything, as it slides in…and out….oh, is that bothering you Harry?” she grinned, as she studied his face.

“Did you ever…oh fuck…actually see one at that age?” he asked, small beads of sweat forming on his forehead. She squeezed again, thrilling to the effect she had on him.

“Oh, not until high school, I forget who…” she murmured in false composure. “I got pretty good at hand jobs at the movies, but I didn’t really get good with a cock until Summer moved in…”

“S-s-summer?” he stammered. Her hand, never ceasing it’s ministrations, seemed to know exactly how to touch him.

“Oh yes, I was shocked when I found out she was a ‘fluffer’ for porn movies. Part of me was disgusted; I mean, imagine blowing guys all day long, and never letting them cum? But we had some looooonnng conversations” as she moved her fingers slowly up his shaft. “I learned more from her than years of sex ed. She even let me watch once, when she brought her boyfriend over. I sat in the closet, and watched her give him the longest, sloppiest, most erotic blowjob I’d ever seen…not that I’d seen that many. I couldn’t tear myself away from that slightly open door; she just pulled out the stops for him. Kept him on the edge for….ohhhh” she started moving his zipper downwards, “about an hour. And fuck, did he cum!” she giggled. “I mean, it was like a fountain! I felt so jealous, watching her with that spurting monster, drops of cum spraying everywhere, coating her tits, her face, in her mouth…I even got a drop on my nose…and I just had to scrape it off and put it in my mouth. It was so good! I used to lie in bed after that and just jill off, remembering the sensation, the texture of that slippery sperm, and how it tasted and smelled.” She stopped for a second.

“Why Harry, aren’t you supposed to be doing something with your hands?” she mocked. “Unbuttoning something, maybe?” He’d stopped moving them, just holding her, until he came to.

“I’m sorry, but you’re very distracting, you know that, right?” he riposted.

She smiled again. “Good. Why don’t you taste them, they’re just aching to have your mouth sucking on them.” He started finding the buttons, opening her blouse as he drank in the sight of her luscious tits coming into view. Pulling the thin fabric aside, he reached in back of her, searching for the clasp, until she kissed him on the tip of his nose.

“Psyche!” she laughed, as she slid her other hand to the clasp in front. “You do it like this, Harry” she breathed into his ear. Looking down, he saw the cups part in the middle, as he grabbed on in each hand, and thrust them aside. She stood there, her boobs framed by the buttons, the front of the blouse, and he pulled them away, leaving her topless, her fully-erect nipples poking against his palms. She sighed, then pulled his head down between her chest, he hands weaving into his hair as she felt his mouth close over one, then the other of the tips, as her body started to sway.

“That’s right” she said, as she kissed the top of his head. “That’s soo good, Harry. lick them, suck them, get me horny!” she begged, watching the ends of each tit disappear between his lips. Sharp tingles seemed to rocket down to her dampening pussy, as she held him close. “That’s really making me hot. Why don’t I return the favor?” she chuckled, as she grabbed his belt and pulled the leather ends aside, undoing the button, and pulling his trousers aside.

“Why, what a nice ass you have!” she cooed, as she pushed his pants to the floor, moving them down with a leg, as she reveled in his attack on her tits. He mumbled something, but she couldn’t make it out, because he was still engulfed in sucking every inch of her. “Harry, I want to move this to you computer” she whispered, sliding a hand into his boxers, and starting to pull them down. “Why don’t we leave the clothes in here?”

He groaned, as she pushed the boxers to the floor, undoing his shirt quickly, as she started to lose control. He broke the suction on her boobs, watching as she pulled his shirt back, and started to lick on his nipples. No woman had ever done that before; it felt like he’d stuck his finger in a light socket, but it was arousing at the same time. She was already flipping her sodden panties to a pile of clothes in the living room, looking with anticipation towards what must be the bedroom.

He managed to get undressed at last, watching her body move as she tugged on his hand, wanting to find the source of all his erotic adventures. She looked up at him, her eyes heavy-lidded with a lustful expression. “I’ve got some ideas I want to try” she tried to state matter-of-factly, but he could see she was almost as gone as he was. “C’mon, Harry, please don’t keep me waiting!” she admonished him.

She looked at his desktop with a discerning eye. “Serviceable, I suppose. Turn it on, Harry.” she said, as she pushed him back in the chair. He sat there almost bonelessly, except for one very prominent bone sticking out of the seat. She looked at in fascination. “Niiice” she exhaled, as her hand grabbed him and held him down. “You remember that looong BJ I told you about? I’m going to suck you until you can’t stand it!” she shivered momentarily.

“And I’ll shoot all over the room?” he rasped, and watched her shake her head.

“No, I have something else in mind. But you’ll like it…lots!” she grinned, as she saw the computer up and running. “Now, I’m going to suck this lovely, beautiful, hard cock, while you write down what I’m doing. Then I’ll type some, while you…oh, but that would spoil it!”

She knelt down in front of him, her elbows propped up on his upper thighs. “I don’t hear the keyboard, lover!” He pulled up the word processing software, as he started to type.

“She kneels down in front of me, her sexy body glistening with anticipation as her mouth slowly grows closer to the head of my cock. Her breath is soft and warm, as I wait for her pouting lips to encircle the purple head….what?”

“Pouting lips? Do I look like I’m pouting? Only if you don’t continue…c’mon, Harry, get creative! What is this, a ‘dark and stormy night?'” she giggled, as she laved the front of his cock with one lengthy, excruciatingly-slow lick. He gasped, as she flicked the rigid edge of his cockhead, causing him to jump. He started to type again.

“She encircles my shaft with her talented tongue, knowing every inch of what causes a man to melt under her expert ministrations. I sit there, half- paralyzed, as I try to will her lips over the angry tip, and feel it sink deep into her….oh….fuck…..” she had done exactly as he described, as he watched her sink inch after inch into her greedy mouth.

“I watch in amazement as she takes me deeper than any woman I’ve ever known, the velvet sensation and gentle suction making me even harder than when I started. Only an inch or two from wholly engulfing me, she holds me there for just a second, then slides back, as she flicks her tongue back and forth, scooping a small amount of pre-cum as my cockhead comes into view. She looks at me with an evil glance, relishing the pleasure she’s giving me, knowing I would do anything for her at this moment, just to have her to continue to please me.”

“Damn this woman can suck cock!” he cried, as her eyebrow went up in that ‘Vulcan-like’ motion. She took out his cock, kissing the tip, and smiled up at him. “Anything?” she chided. “What if I want someone killed?” she tickled his legs, as he jumped again.

“Ah…yeah…oh, please suck it!” he cried, as she looked up at him mischievously.

“Well, maybe I’ll call in that favor later. But right now, I want you so hard, you’ll come gallons when I’m ready. Where was I? Oh, yes…”

She opened her mouth wide, and started breathing heavily. Suddenly she slid him up over her tongue, and part-way into her throat, as her lips kissed his pubic hair.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” he chanted, as he felt his whole cock inside her mouth. He wasn’t a giant or anything, but it was fairly respectable, and he groaned as she slide it out again.

“Why Harry, you’re not typing! And you sound like a broken record” she laughed, as she licked the front again, hefting his balls. “I can tell you’re getting worked up, these are getting harder.”

“You are a sadistic woman; Mom warned me about girls like you” he panted, as she shook with laughter.

“Harry, I am a maestro…maestra? I am a damn good cock-sucker! Start typing, and I’ll resume gobbling this tasty, hard, meaty mouthful.”

He laughed. “Meaty mouthful? I sound like dogfood!” they both started to laugh helplessly.

She pointed at him accusingly. “You’re just spoiling the mood!” she wiped the tear of laughter from her eye. “You’re going to pay for that remark, Mr. Stewart. Prepare to face my wrath!” she shouted, over-acting, but swiftly swallowing his hardness, bringing him back to a rigid pole that had him totally focused on her as she bobbed rhythmically up and down. He felt himself get closer and closer, the pre-cum starting to ooze out the tip, shivering as she sucked it down, causing him to come to the brink of climax, when….she stopped.

He wheezed as he felt her motionless against his prick, his hips already hunching back and forth to resume the ecstasy she’d been giving him.

He noticed that as she worked on him, a hand was between her legs, rubbing against her hard clit. Her pussy lips was wide and eager, and he could clearly see the shine from the juices she was making as she sucked on him. She resumed, slowly, carefully, balancing him on the edge, as she slowly drew him down to her throat, then back up again. He whimpered softly, as she looked up at him, enjoying every minute of his distress.

“Mary, please! please let me cum!” he begged, as she gazed back at him, triumphant, and aroused, mouth full of his organ, hand full of hers.

She popped him out of her mouth, and sighed. “I must be an old softy. But you’re anything but soft!” she remarked, slowly sliding her slick hand up and down, from balls to head. She pushed him back slightly, then stood up. She looked a little apprehensive, as she kissed him, leaning down to drape her rock-hard nipples against him.

“Harry?” she asked, in a small voice.

“Yeah?” he responded, holding her.

“I have another fantasy I want to try. You know about my handle…” she brushed his face. “I mean, I think being pregnant is soo sexy. I’ve imagined how it would be, to have a real, swelling belly, milk-filled breasts, a belly button that’s popped out because I’m so big”

Harry nodded dumbly. She kissed him again.

“I want to do that with you. I want you to fuck me from behind, telling me what it would be like to get me pregnant, while I tell you how much fun it would be”

“Hanh….” he squeaked. She moved her hand up and down on him. “Would you want to try that?” she ventured, looking deep into his eyes. He managed to nod once, mouth halfway to the floor. “Just don’t pinch me, I might wake up”

She smiled, and positioned the chair out of the way. “I’m going to type while you’re fucking me. How’s that for collaborating?” she waggled her ass back and forth, spreading her legs ever so slightly. “C’mon, Harry” she groaned, as she looked over her should. “Don’t make a lady wait!”

He came forward, rubbing his hands over her taut cheeks, as she thrust backwards. “Don’t tease me!” she whined, as she felt him grow nearer to entering her. She reached behind and grabbed him, pointing him in the center of her being, and as he thrust home, she growled impatiently. “Now fuck me like you mean it…show me no mercy!” she blurted, as he started to move.

He started to tentatively press forward, reveling in a little erotic payback. He saw her turn to the screen and begin to type. She was doing a lot better than he had, as he stroked into her, watching her hips try to draw him in. “Harry, please, don’t be nice. I want it, I want it all. Just fuck me hard…fuck me now!” she threatened.

He grabbed her by the hips, and started to build into an erotic rhythm that she caught and responded to by slamming back at him. He could smell her, ready, dripping, sloshing as her muscles worked against the thick shaft, filling her again and again. She moaned, still typing, but making a few cock-induced typos just from his hips meeting her ass. He heard something about ‘editing’, but chuckled as he started to smack into her.

“What’s so funny?” she asked

“After all the times editors have fucked me, I get to fuck one back.” he replied, as she shook her head.

“You lovable moron. I can tell I’m turning you on, your participles aren’t the only things that are dangling.” She started to pant as he slid his engorged member deep within her. “Harry, tell me how you want to fuck me and get me pregnant!” she said. “I want to feel you knock me up” she moaned as she typed.

“Well, ever since you told me about our date, I’ve been storing up my cum. I haven’t touched myself in days, so I’ve got a big load to shoot deep into you.” he rumbled. “And all that teasing you just did just made more of my seed. You’re going to get it all, I’m going to cum deep inside you. Your poor pussy won’t stand a chance…I’m going to make you a mama.” he said. She stopped typing for a second, and drooped her head, watching her tits sway back and forth, hearing a meaty slap as he repeatedly connected with him.

“Oh, I want it, Harry, I want all your come! I’ve been dreaming, fantasizing about getting knocked up. And when I found out it was you, it just drove me wild. I want you to erupt inside me, feel the hot pulse of your sperm as it shoots straight into my womb, fertilizing me, putting me in a family way. I want to swell up with your baby, get impossibly big, stick out like a house, so everyone can see how pregnant you’ve made me!” She rocked back and forth, continuing with her taunting.

“Just think of it; my belly growing, and growing, and bumping into everything. My cute belly button popping out as there’s no more room inside for it. My breasts swelling up with thick, sweet milk, one bra size giving way to the next. How big do you want me, Harry? D cup, E cup? And I’m sure you’d want a taste, most bad boys do. ” She wiggled back against him, and he felt her grip him firmly with her cuntal walls.

“Yeah, take that hard cock, Mary! Don’t let a single drop of that get wasted, I’m going to send every one of those potent swimmers straight into your cervix, there’s not a chance you’ll leave tonight without the beginnings of a baby bump.” He started to speed up. “I can’t hold out much longer, baby, I’m going to cum hard inside you!” he gasped, as he felt her engulfing him, squeezing and slipping into her.

“Don’t hold out! Don’t you dare hold out on me!” she yelled. “I want it all. I’m gonna cum so hard all over that beautiful cock of yours. I’m going to get so big from that climax of yours, I’ve been waiting for this all my life!” she finished a sentence, then did some x-rated judo work, and he found himself on the bed, on top of her, fucking harder than ever.

“Give me that wonderful load, I want you to cum gallons inside me. Give me a baby, twins, triplets!” she said staring intently into his eyes. She’d managed to fall backwards over a pillow under her ass (how had she arranged that? he wondered) She kept staring at him, an evil, hungry look on her face. “I want your baby batter, give it to me, soon, oh please soon!” she cooed.

“Baby batter?” he chuckled. “Hadn’t used that one yet” he moaned.

She laughed softly. “Explain…later. Don’t hold back, honey, give it all to me. Knock me up, fuck me, make me a mother!” she said, eyes half-closed, yet never leaving his face.

“Oh, I can feel it, you’re so close!” she cried out. “Come, oh please come in me!” she demanded, as she felt him start.

“Ohh fuuck!” he howled, as he felt his cock swell wider than he could ever remember. His eyes closed involuntarily, as she clamped down, throwing her legs around him, holding him deep as she felt blast after blast of sticky semen fill her up.

“Oh my Gawd, I actually did it!” she said, eyes wide with shock, as she held onto him for dear life. “I really really did it!” she gasped, as she started her own orgasm. “Oh fill me up! Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed, body rigid and shaking against his. “Do it to me! Make me pregnant!”

She shook like a woman possessed, as she held him inside of her. He continued to spurt more and more jism into her center, as her pussy opened up and took all of it inside her. Soon it couldn’t be contained any more, and started to seep over her inner thighs, down to her ass cheeks. She whimpered slightly as she felt the lost drops slid wetly down to the pillow, now pouting dramatically as she looked up at him. He was surprised to see her crying. “Such a waste,” she whispered.

“What’s wrong?” he inquired.

She looked up at him. “I know it’s crazy, but you really seemed to get into it. It’s like you actually wanted to. You know, for real.”

He looked down at her, and kissed her softly. “I know. I kinda surprised myself. I found myself thinking about you, about…us.”

“Yes?” She looked up at him, happy, vulnerable, intimate.

“And you and me. And you actually being pregnant.” she looked up at him.


“And…aw fuck, this is not coming out right.” he muttered.

She grinned up at him. “It’s not coming out until I say so. Just try.” She saw he was pensively regarding her, suddenly serious.

“Mary, I mean…I know we haven’t seen each other in years. We barely know each other from high school on. But…something happened tonight.” He braced himself just slightly above her.

“What I mean to say, is…well, I actually wanted to make you pregnant. To have my child. To stay with me. I’ve been a bachelor far too long. It’s fun at first, but it’s just a lot of tension; having to pretend to be someone you’re not, and not having anything that lasts. I’ve been lonely since your boyfriend stole my girlfriend…”

She scowled. “You mean your girlfriend tripped up my boyfriend…”

He rocked back on that one. She shook her head. “I think we can agree they deserve each other. I hope they’re miserable.”

“Me too. But I hope it doesn’t sound too creepy, but I’d actually like to get you pregnant.” He watched her face, which went through enough facial changes to require two Mr. Tater Haids to adequately express. She settled on either ‘extremely happy’, or ‘very scared.’

“Harry…” she began.

“This wasn’t a fantasy, was it?” he finished.”I mean, you probably are getting pregnant right now.”

She nodded. “How do you feel about that?” he looked at her blankly. “You’re not mad, are you?” she continued.

“It depends on why, Mary. It’s a little sudden, don’t you think?” he looked down at her. “I should be furious, if you’re trying to ‘trap’ me into something. I don’t think you’d do that.” She started to cry again, clearly hurt.

“No, Harry, I’m not.” she held him close as she softly dripped tears on his shoulder.

“I knew pregnant women got emotional, but I didn’t realize it happened that fast!” he muttered.

She looked up, crying and giggling at the same time. “Harry, gawd you can be a little shit!” she pulled out from under him, and sat, legs together. “You really want to know?”

He nodded.

“I’m selfish. And I’m a woman.” He started to speak, but she put a finger to his lips. “Harry, I’m over 30, and yes, you’re right, women do think about things like that. Why do you think you see so many 29-year-olds getting married? It’s not fair that men can father babies into their 60s, but for us, the clock is ticking. It’s always ticking.”

“I was devastated by Roger leaving me, just like I’m sure you were by Peggy. I thought I had what I wanted, but I was wrong. And I was watching the days and months going by, wanting to find a man, and a little gun-shy about getting hurt like that again.” she relaxed some, and was surprised to see a river of white spreading out over the bed. “Oops…” she said, hand over her mouth.

“So I got a little obsessed about getting pregnant. Every woman does at one point of her life. I started writing fantasies about it, Summer introduced me to the erotic lit sites, and I just started writing. I found one of your stories, then read the rest.”

“Oh, no…I wouldn’t do that to anyone…all at once?”

“Shush. You actually have some talent, but you must have been daydreaming in 8th grade English. Split infinitives, mixed metaphors, plu-perfect gerund oblates…”

“You made that last one up.”

“Busted!” she laughed. She kissed him on the cheek, and resumed.

“Harry, I didn’t know it was you when I made the offer. And when I heard that church bell, well, that’s called foreshadowing. At least in literature. Some people would call it a sign.” She leaned against him. “It felt that way.” she sighed again. “And my cycle peaks tonight, so yeah, there’s a real good chance you put some lovin’ in the oven’. And when I found out it was you…well, let’s just say that deep down inside me an 8th grade girl is jumping up and down yelling ‘he finally kissed me’!”

She gazed at him, a question on her mind. “So, knowing all that, how do you feel?”

He sat there, willing a grin not to cover his face, failing miserably although he was already rising to the occasion. “Well, Mary, we don’t know if a single time would actually get you pregnant. Why don’t we improve our chances?”

She gasped. “You honestly mean it?”

“We’ve got a whole weekend to make sure. How many times can we make love in 48…uh…hmm..45 hours?”

She threw her arms around him. “I’m going to drain you dry, Mr. Stewart, your balls will be like unto raisins ‘ere the week begins.”

“I’m so scared” he teased back. “And folk will mistake thee for a sailor, fresh-home from the waves, marking your bowlegged walk for lack of land legs…”

Afterwards, she got him up to see what they’d written. Sitting on top of him, his cock nestled deep within her, she read his words, and he hers.

“Harry, your punctuation gets worse and worse the farther it goes on…”

“And yours just keeps going in Regency bodice-ripper mode through the whole thing…except towards the end.”

“Well, I’ve noticed there are not 47 f’s in ‘fuck’.”

“I was distracted. Yours is perfect.”

“Even the 39 o’s in love?”

“That’s not 39, that’s 38”

“Liaya! Liayaaaa!”

“I’m not listening, no one’s listening here!” they laughed together.

“So you like it?” she asked him, squeezing his cock from within.

Well, it’s a bit…feminine.”

“Uh, Harry, I am feminine!?”

“More than a bit. ” They reached for each other, entwining in a passionate kiss, while the worlds glowed on the screen.

“After all the games, the dates, the everything that came before, it comes to this. One woman, surrendering herself to one man, her man. I feel him, as he starts to enter me, the thickness parting every inch of me, slowly filling the aching emptiness I’ve been hiding since we were in the restaurant. It’s always thrilling, the first time I’m with a man; to feel a new cock, get used to it, squeeze it, and feel it inside myself.

“He starts to move, back and forth, so slowly, so frustratingly gentle, not knowing I left that behind a long time ago. I want to feel him, feel his need for me, feel that hard cock thrusting into me. I want to be taken, to be the center of his attention, to have him, totally. I spur him on, talking dirty, begging for his sperm to fill me, to awaken the sleeping child we will create tonight, a new life taking shape while I write these words.

“He speeds up, getting harder, fucking me savagely, his balls slapping against my clit like little grace notes, building an erotic fire that starts to enflame me. I think of all the women reading this, enjoying vicariously what I’m experiencing physically, imagining each slap of male thighs against our cheeks. While others read, I will actually be begging for the one long climax that will pull his essence into the very core of me, changing me forever.

“He doesn’t know, can’t know yet that this is for real. This time I don’t want him to pull out, don’t want all the pills and creams and devices, I actually want him to do what Nature has intended. There can be no more heartfelt a gift to any man than to bear his children; and everything he has done up until now has earned him that privilege.

“I beg him, I tease him, I get him so close, knowing that I can still stop, but don’t want to. A part of me is scared, worrying things are going too fast, that he won’t accept it, that he’ll leave. It’s a chance I’m willing to take; he’s a good man, and I think we can make each other happy.

“Suddenly I feel his balls draw up, and know that my life is only seconds away from being changed forever. My life flashes in front of my eyes; not the past, but the future. My growing belly, all the crazy things that happen during pregnancy, the birth, and our child, holding us together in a love that’s already growing stronger. I feel shocked as I sense him start to cum, the hot fluids flowing into me, and it triggers a massive orgasm of my own…”

“You didn’t finish it” he remarked.

She hugged him close. “It’ll be finished in about 9 months, give or take. Let me send it back up to my email, and I’ll put yours in too.”

“You gotta be kidding! My stuff is trash next to this. And yeah, four ‘fucks’ in a row does sound like a broken record.”

“Well, you were kinda distracted at the time; your words, not mine.” she stared out into the distance.

“Mary, you can distract me that way any time you like.” he stated, as he kissed her neck.

“I thought so. I’ve heard of guys who didn’t like getting head, but I’ve heard of unicorns, too.”

“Both mythical creatures, I’m sure” he said, nibbling an earlobe. She shivered. “So ready for round four?”

“It was three…”

“Remember the computer chair…”

“Oh, that doesn’t count…”

“Did you come?” she interjected.

“Well, yeah…”

“Four it is…in case of duplicate entries, the emission postmarked first wins an all-expanding tour of this hot bod for the next 9 months.”

“I’ll duplicate your entry.”

“You did that the second time we made love…” she corrected him.

“You know what I mean…”

“As long as you know what I want…Daddy…”

He sat there a second. “You know, I kinda like the sound of that.”

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