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Working Together

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I got the call from my sister at six this morning, Mum had passed away, now both our parents were dead. Dad had died just last month, now Mum heartbroken had simply switched her life off to join him.

She had refused all medication and barely ate, she had lost the will to live and just stole away in the night. Jess, my sister had been there, but I had walked away too hurt to stay. With both parents gone my anchors in life had started to drift.

Jess and I hadn’t been close since our teens, we had fallen out big time and never really recovered what had been, until then, a stable and happy childhood. The fracture was not instant it had been brewing for a while, but it was violent, shouting accusations at each other, exchanging verbal and physical blows and then long brooding, simmering silences. Now we had no one else but ourselves.

Neither Jess or I had found a partner, we each seemed to prefer our own company. Yes we had friends, well I assume, like me, Jess had a small group of trusted people that she called friends.

We had no other family that we knew of, both Mum and Dad were only children, a strange thing for their generation where with the war and depression, two, three or four brothers and sisters were the norm. In our turn we were expected to wed and raise the two point four children expected of Mr and Mrs Average.

I lay in bed, wondering what to do. Since Dads death, I had to return to our parents home, but, except for the funeral, had not visited at the same time as Jess was there, tacitly arranging things so we were never there together. Mum said nothing but she had lost everything and what was left was too fractured to heal.

The funeral was a bleak windswept affair at the local crematorium and only we three and a few friends attended. The Priest was perfunctory, none of us were regular attendees, so the service was quick and almost bland. We huddled outside to look at the flower tributes, then slunk away to have tea and sandwiches at the village hall, before the others feeling they had put in the required time also slipped away.

Mum had to he helped in and out, crying silently into her hankie. Jess one side me the other. We stood in the car park, looking at the small group of friends and well wishers. Then we simply mumbled a few thank you’s and Jess took Mum home, as I returned to work. This was no real wake or celebration of Dads life, the reality was it simply ended at the crematorium.

I showered and dressed quickly, skipped breakfast for the drive to the hospital. As usual it was a mayhem of relatives and staff, all heading in different directions and criss crossing each other. Eventually. I found the ward and was ushered into a side room. Mum lay peacefully still, hands crossed on her small frame. Jess sat by her side, but stood to allow me to sit next to the bed. I put my hand on mums, feeling her cooling heat.

I mumbled a few thoughts, remembering the good times and then rose in tears to leave. As I did, Jess moved to me and without thinking I took her in my arms. We hugged tightly as the tears flowed. I felt like someone had ripped my heart out with a chisel, There was a gaping wound in my chest and it hurt. I howled and howled, as Jess held me and silently wept. I ran my hand over her hair pulling her head into my shoulder.

“Sorry, I’m sorry, so sorry, I love you and I miss you so much…” I managed to gasp.

Jess shooshed me and ran her hand over my head as she reached on tiptoe to hold me. I realised her effort and hunched slightly to allow her to put her feet firmly on the ground. She held me tight for what seemed like hours, but wasn’t. Finally I relaxed my hold and she stepped back, her hands running around the sides of my face. I reached for her hand.

“We have to arrange another funeral, and we’ll need to sort the house out, can you get time off for a while?”

“Of course Dave, I’ll speak to the office and take some leave, we’ll have a lot to deal with. I need to sort out a place temporarily, I can’t stay at home on my own, not now, not with Mum gone.”

“Stay with me I have a spare bedroom, please, I really want to make things up to you, I was a bastard and I know it. I knew it then but couldn’t deal with it, I’m so sorry to have hurt you so much. Please stay with me!”

“OK, OK, of course I will, we need to talk about what’s happened and also what happened back then. I think we owe it to ourselves to sort things out. For their sake, as much as ours, it would be what they would have wanted.”

I nodded and leaned in to kiss her cheek, she let me and pecked mine. We hugged again then looked back at Mum.

“Bye Mum, we love you, so much, find Dad and be happy. We’re going to be alright, we promise”

Jess sobbed and I put my arm around her shoulder, we held each other again. Then with a sigh we separated and holding hands walked out of the room. We made arrangements with the ward sister and she gave us another copy of the little booklet which detailed what would happen next and included the numbers of organisations we needed to contact. Much of it was still fresh in my mind from Dad’s death a month ago.

I followed Jess in her car to Mum and Dad’s, where I checked through the post and discarded the junk mail. Jess came downstairs with a suitcase and I carried it out to the car.

“Jess, there’s not a lot of parking spaces at my place. Would you be prepared to leave your car on the drive here and come with me?”

“OK, sounds like a plan. If I need the car you can drop me off here.”

I nodded, “Deal,”

We laughed and I put her case in the boot, seeing how she skipped to the passenger side and jumped in. I got in and keyed the engine to life then pulled on my seat belt and looked in both directions, before pulling out onto the road. I smiled as I caught Jess in the edge of my vision.



“You smiled as you looked at me.”

“Why not, you’re looking good.”

“Same old Dave, you’ll never change.”

“Well you haven’t changed, you look fantastic, do you exercise or what?”

“Ha! like I have time for that, no I just work hard six days a week.”

“Wow! what are you doing now that takes up six days of your week.”

“I’m a detective in the Met Police, major incidents and stuff.”

“Bloody hell! Jess, I’d never had you pegged as a policewoman, aren’t you too pretty?”

“Don’t you start, I have enough with the crew at work. I’ve worked hard to get where I am, I didn’t shag my bosses to get a leg up and I don’t date anyone I work with.”

“Whooo! OK, I get the message. Do you like what you do?”

“Yeah, I get a real buzz out of nicking scumbag shits, and knowing they’re going to be off the streets hopefully for a long while.”

“So are you a DC or what?”

“DCI, I take it they never told you?”

“Detective Chief Inspector, holy shit! you’re a ranker, I’d better call you Ma’am.”

“Ha! so what do you do?”

“I’m in aah! well I’m sort of working for the Government.”

“Is my big brother a spook?”

“No, no, not really, well sort of, look it’s nothing really, I do a lot of analysis stuff, boring really, just basic Intel and stuff. That’s all, nowhere as glamorous as my little sisters job.”

“So where are you based?”

“Well, it’s just a big Government department, out in the west side of the City.”

“You’re in MI5 aren’t you?”

“Well yes but I’m no spy-catcher, I’m more of an analyst, looking at stuff and making judgement calls, filing reports and requesting more information, that sort of thing.”

“They never said, wow, Dave, I never knew, strange our paths never crossed, I’ve dealt with a couple of cases with security angles.”

“You actually might have, I have cover names, just in case, when we deal with the public at large.”

“Anyone I might know.”

“Simon Flint, Donald Maybury, Angus…”

“Simon Flint sent us a stop and desist on a case we had last month, that was you?”

“Uh Huh, yes, that death in Hoxton, foreign national, no papers?”

“Yup, the very same.”

“Sorry, I don’t see the investigating officers name, just got sent a red flag notice to say “call them off”.”

“Oh wow, well thanks for the notice, it was going nowhere anyway, at least this way we can put a closure notice and it helps the stats.”

“Happy to be of service to the Met., how strange we both work in a similar area and yet…” I let it slide.

“I did check once, you’re down as a filing clerk at the Department of Work and Pensions.”

“Yes I know it was passed to my desk, I wrote the response.”

“Bastard,” she said smiling, she punched my arm lightly. “did you ever look me up?”

“Yeah, you were a lowly PC Plod pounding the streets of London Town.”

“That was a while ago now, you never thought to check again.”



“Jess, I didn’t think you’d want me interfering and those checks can leave a trace, I didn’t want to upset you.”

“Alright, I think I understand, it’s just, well we have a lot of history and stuff, we need to revisit, I’ve waited years to get back to you, I really want to sort us out, I think it’s what they would have wanted, I know it’s what I want.”

“Me too, I’ve been an arsehole and I know it, wasted years not doing the right thing, and regretting every day of it.”

“Two way street Dave, I’m not proud of my behavior either.”

“You married, divorced, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, significant other?”

“None of the above, you?”

“Same, no one in or able to enter my life.”

“What about me? can I get behind the armour, can you put your shield down for me.”

“Here we are, grab your stuff we’re on the second floor.”

“Don’t change the subject.”

“Come in, get settled; have a brew and we’ll talk.”


“Scouts Honour.” I raise my hand in salute.

Thirty minutes later, Jess emerged from her room, showered and changed. She sat on the big sofa and swung her legs up under her and ran a brush through her drying hair. I brought coffee in and a plate of biscuits. She smiled and touched my hand as I put the tray down.

“Wow, totally domesticated, you have changed.”

“Yeah, well loneliness means I have time on my hands and housework helps it pass. I made those biscuits by the way, I’m a domestic Kitchen God too now,”

She smiled and reached for a biscuit,biting into it carefully,

“Wow! they’re good big brother, very, very good.” She ate daintily and flicked her fingers over the plate, letting small crumbs fall from her fingers. I watched fascinated by her long slim hands, with a few freckles on their backs.

She looked up and smiled,


“Nothing, just looking at you, you haven’t really changed, you look about twenty, but I know you’re not, you are beautiful you know.”

“Compliments too! What ever are you after Dave Philpott?”

“You!” I smiled and stared at my gorgeous sister, what on earth was I doing? I blushed scarlet and gripped my cup tightly.

“Oh really! well you can’t have me, can you and I suspect that’s what caused the bust up. Am I right?” Her eyes flashed at me and her mouth lost the grin.

“Bang to rights, it’s a fair cop officer, I’ll come quietly, serve my time and pay society back. Go easy guv!”

“You idiot! I’ve missed you so much you twit, we were so stupid, stupid silly kids, well perhaps with time we can be more mature, we certainly owe Mum and Dad that.”

“Yes, you’re right, we do owe them that.” I sat back and let my gaze run over my sisters body.

“Will you please stop looking at me like that? talk to me Dave, what went wrong between us. We just erupted and you were gone, I hated it, but I wasn’t going to back down from whatever it was. We really hurt each other and Mum and Dad. What was going on in your head. I loved you so much, admired you, wanted to hang around with you, then Bang! What happened Dave?”

“I..I.. Look this is really difficult to talk about, I don’t want you getting all weird on me but.. well I went from wanting you around to wanting to get away from you. Please don’t panic, this is really, really difficult for me; it’s something I’m not sure I’ve ever come to terms with; but I wanted you as more than a sister. I fell in love with this beautiful, intelligent, clever and active young girl, who used to be my admiring gangly, skinny little sister…

I wanted to hold you and stroke your hair, kiss your lips and feel your body against mine. I wanted you physically and I panicked. The result was the very thing I didn’t want to happen happened, I lost you and I lost all reason to go on. On the surface I carried on working and learning, but inside I was dead. I never looked at another woman.

I had a few come on, but I let them know I wasn’t in the market. I even had a couple of guys I worked with put out feelers, but I convinced them I didn’t walk their side of the street. So there you are, I love you more than anything else in this world and I screwed up your chances of happiness in a selfish stupid act of anger.”

“Oh Dave, I never knew, I’m so sorry, Oh God, I feel awful, all those years of being alone and hating you for ruining my life. You ruined your own too, what a stupid, stupid waste of our lives.” Tears began to flow and she sobbed quietly as her body shook.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I moved to her side and enveloped her in a hug, kissing her hair and holding her tight. She shifted round and suddenly she was kissing my face and holding my head in her hands. Her lips touched mine and instinctively our mouths opened to each other. Our tongues danced around each others and our grip on each other tightened. I could feel her breasts pressing against me and my cock was trying to stiffen inside my pants, constricted by them and my trousers.

Her hand insinuated itself down my front then began to rub my cock through my clothes. I reached for her breast and held it in my hand, firm and round. I managed to get the other one in my other hand and gently felt the luscious firmness of them. She pulled back from the kiss but pushed her breasts into my hands.

“Dave, I haven’t had the full guided tour, what’s your bedroom like?”

She pulled back into a kiss, as I tried to stand still holding her. Reluctantly I released her breasts and swinging up and around, lifting her into my arms. I carried Jess, still kissing into my bedroom and lowered her to the bed. She broke away and panting, asked me to undress her. I needed no second bidding and quickly rid her of her gown and nightie, as I finished she began undressing me.

Naked we spread our self over the bed. I kissed, licked, sucked and caressed her body, as she did mine. We kissed again as she pushed me down and straddled my hips, my cock trapped in her soft warm wet groove, the head pointing up to my body. She began to wriggle on my cock, her body undulating over me, her panting loud in my ear.

“Jess. Jess, I’m going to… uuuuggghhhhhhhh”

I felt my balls boiling then spurts of cum jetted up my stomach, Jess rocked on lost in her own world.

“Dave, I love you, arrrrgghhhhhhhh…” she screamed, her rhythm increasing until she stopped, pushing hard against my deflating prick. She fell forward and I held her to me as she struggled to move her legs out behind her. My cum squashed against our bellies, my cock now withered back to normal size.

We lay together for ages until I felt her shiver, I pulled the bed cover over us and we held each other tightly. I must have dozed off, as I didn’t feel her shift off me, waking I found her tight against me a leg over mine and and an arm round my neck. I kissed her cheek and ear, she giggled and muttered into my chest.

“Can’t hear a word Sis, what did you say?”

“I said I love you, you big dummy, I’ve waited years to be in your arms, I can’t believe it’s finally happened. I love you so much Dave, so very much.”

“Wow, really, so you thought the same way about me as I did for you?”

“Of course stupid, God I love your smell, what do you use?”

“Promise not to laugh?”


“Well a guy at work, his wife is an Avon lady…”

Jess snickered, then giggled and finally laughed out loud.

“Oh.. My…God, my brother has an Avon lady.”

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing… aggghhhh.”

I began tickling her and she tried to move away, I lept on top of her pinning her to the bed. All those years rolled away and we were teens again. I knew just where to touch her to cause the maximum screech and squirm, leaving her powerless to try to resist.

I crowed in victory as she squirmed under me. Suddenly I cried out as she slipped her hand onto my sticky cock and began to rub it between her fingers, I tried to move but she just gripped it harder. It grew and gave her more purchase, I fell to her side. She laughed and pulled me to her, we kissed again. Hands exploring everywhere.

Before long I was pushing my cock into her opening, her face flushed as she begged me to enter her fully. I said her name over and over and declared undying love. Suddenly there was a barrier. I stopped and looked down at her, a question on my lips.

“Yes I am. I saved myself for you, you’re the only one I ever wanted, still want; take me Dave, make me a woman.”

She thrust up to me and I pushed down. I felt myself passing the barrier as Jess grunted and tensed. I held still and waited, finally after a while adjusting to my cock being in her, she nodded and began to run her hands over my back. I slowly started to move inside her delicious love tunnel, feeling her lubricating my passage as we set up a slow dance together.

Again I soon felt the rush of my orgasm. I warned her of my imminent climax and this made herself move faster as she mewed and grunted until I could hold back no more. I came in shuddering bursts inside her, and she screamed my name. I tried to continue until I felt the walls of her vagina spasming around my wilting cock. We lay together until we both drifted of again.


“Hey sleepy head, this is all very well, but a girl could get hungry round here, what’s for lunch?”

“You’re hungry?”

“Ravenous and if you don’t feed me soon I’ll start eating you!”

“Is that a euphemism for oral sex?”

“No it’s a promise from a hungry girl.” she giggled and played with my cock. “Anyway I’ve never done that, but we can try later, but food please, does all this sex makes you hungry too? I hope I don’t put on weight because of you.”

“Shit Jess, we haven’t taken precautions, are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Relax Dave, I’ve been on the pill since I was fourteen, just in case you got lucky.”

“Really, you took precautions even then?”

“Of course, there was no way I wasn’t going to let a chance to fuck you go by.” she giggled and her hand came to her mouth.

“Jess, I have never heard you swear like that.”

“I know, I have no idea why it came out like that, oh brother, you really have got to me.” She slipped an arm round me and we kissed again.

“Lunch please. I’ll go shower, you get lunch, please.”

I nodded and she slipped out the bed, as she did, I saw a small pool of cum with blood spots on the bed.

“Jess are you bleeding?” I shouted after her.

“Probably but it’s not hurting now, the feeling is definitely pleasure not pain. Thanks Big Brother for popping my cherry, it was well worth the wait.”

Then the toilet flushed and the shower door clanged, followed by water spraying as she showered.

I pulled on my trousers, nor bothering with my pants or a shirt. Padding into the kitchen I began to assemble a lunch fit for a princess. As I lay the counter with napkins, coasters and cutlery, she wandered in, a small towel that did nothing to hide her body almost wrapped round her. Smiling she let it drop to the floor, as I marveled at her flawless skin and curvy shape. I stared at her like a lost puppy. She was perfect, pert breasts, flat stomach, shaven pussy and a light last summer tan. I grinned,

“Shit! you are so sexy, I’d confess to anything if you asked me. I can’t believe just how beautiful you are, Jess you’re perfect. I really can’t take my eyes off you.”

I smiled as I enjoyed the view. Jess turning a slow circle on the balls of her feet. Breathtaking, her perfect breasts rose and fell as she breathed. Her flat stomach broadening to her hips, her pubis bare of hair. Her tight backside and slim back , almost covered by her long brown hair.

“I’m glad you like what you see, I hoped you’d like it, like me I mean.”

“Jess your body is just one part of the reason I love you, you’re strong, intelligent, beautiful and my sister, what is there not to like.”

“I fart a lot after I have beer and curry?”

“I’m sure it’s not that bad,”

“Well you’ll know afterwards I can assure you, now don’t say you haven’t been warned.”

“I’ll put that in the file.”

“I would, now can we eat, it looks spectacular, you really do know how to please a girl.”

“Darling Jess, it’s only for you.”

“Come on then, let’s tuck in.”

We sat and ate and talked and drank and talked and talked and talked. Finally Jess admitted to feeling a little cold. I smiled and nodded at her stiff nipples and crinkled aeriola, she grinned, slapped my leg and disappeared into her bedroom to slip on some clothes. I headed for the shower. As I washed I heard the bathroom door open and saw her shape distorted by the wet and steamy glass.

“Hi, need a wee, you okay if I go whilst you’re showering?”

“Sure no worries.”


Her shape moved and shrank as she sat down. I heard the flush and the taps as she washed her hands. I finished showering and stepped out.

She smiled, “Here.” reaching for a towel she wrapped it round my shoulders and patted my back. I let her dry me and then we wandered into my bedroom and I dressed while she replaced the bed sheets, sitting on the end to watch me finishing dressing.

“Well what shall we do now?”

“Up to you, we could go for a walk, sit and talk, anything you want?”

“Well I quite fancy making love again, how about you?”

“Well I actually would love to talk to you, then make love, what do you think.”

“How about love first, then talk?”


“OK? that’s not like you, you usually argue your case forcefully,”

“Have you looked in the mirror lately?”


“I’d be a complete arse to refuse an offer of making love to you. Hell we can talk all we want later, come here”

“Say please?”

“Please, please, please come here.”




Later, we lay in bed and ran fingers over each others bodies, tracing contours and crevices, idly playing with each other.

“Dave, where are we going with this. Do you think we have a future?”

“I really, really want that. Above all having found you, I don’t want to lose you again. That would be unbearable, you really matter to me. It’s more than the love thing. You are the parts of me I don’t have, I just feel whole with you here, next to me. Even if the sex side of things stopped, I would still want you next to me.I can’t explain it, but I feel at peace with myself with you here. I don’t suppose any of this makes sense, but that’s how you make me feel.”

“Funnily enough dear brother, I can understand just how you feel, I feel as if a part of me is suddenly free, I can’t describe it, but it’s as if some locked up part has been freed.”

We lay together for a while longer then made love again, ending in tangle of bodies on the bed. We showered together and dressed each other. We went out for a walk and then ended up in my local. We sat in a corner and drank a single glass of wine before wandering into the High Street. Jess’s phone beeped and she took the call, speaking tersely and quietly.

“Sorry, there’s been a murder and they’ve called in all hands, looks bloody, Dave I have to go. They’re sending a car for me. Seems the Commander asked for me personally to lead the case.”

“go, I’ll see you later, wait.”

My phone went, I answered. It was the office, I listened, nodding and “ah hahed”. I hung up.

“Well here’s a turnip for the books,” I said, she smiled at the old joke.

“Seems Simon Flint needs to report to the Incident Room at your place and to make himself available to the SIO to help in any way he can to expedite the investigation.”

“You’re joking?”

“Serious, look I’ll let you get organised then call in after about forty minutes ok?”

She nodded and we walked back to the flats, we heard a siren and I made myself scarce, watching the uniformed officer hold the door open for her. Forty minutes later I turned up at the police station which held the command centre. Walking in I produced my card and was ushered up to the newly opened Incident Room. Looking cooly efficient my sister turned and smiled.

“Ah Mr Philpott, how are you?”

“Well DCI Philpott, or may I call you Jessica, good to see you, and it’s Dave from now on” I pecked her cheek. She looked at my pass and frowned slightly.

“Heads up everyone, This is Mr Flint, AKA my Big Brother Dave, who is here as a specialist for the purposes of this investigation. Use him as you need on anything with a Security aspect. Be nice to him though or you’ll have me to answer to. Dave we’ve set you up over there, I understand one of your boys has set up a secure line and PC for you, there’s also a PC and phone connected to our phone system and LAN, so you can integrate with us,” She moved over to a small cubicle next to her office.

“Wow, Dave working together, you OK with this?”

“Sure, I need to run it past the office though, give me five, OK.”

“Sure call in when you finish, oh, tea, coffee, etc down the hall second door, and Wednesdays you bring the milk.”

“Noted, see you in a minute.”

My Supervisor was aghast initially but his boss was sanguine about the whole thing. As a leading SIO with Major Crimes and Murders Jessica would normally handle big cases, it was inevitable we would cross paths at some point. She told me to carry on and run with it. A “Minute” would go the the commissioner and his ADC to let them know and confirm my continuing presence.

I wandered into Jess’s office,shutting the door quietly, she had her back to me and was bending over, I whistled and she jerked upright and blushed.

“Shit, you scared the crap out of me you wassock.” but she was grinning.

I sat in a vacant chair and we began to discuss the case. A DC knocked and she beckoned him in.

He placed a sheaf of papers on her desk and she glanced through them.

We discussed my angle on this. The deceased was on a watch list, we had him tagged as a potential problem, why I couldn’t say but I could provide a list of known associates whom she could contact, but they must not suspect that they were under surveillance by us.

Jess scribbled notes and asked me to add the info to the Incident register and log the names in the database of contacts. I agreed and we parted,

After work I slipped out and disappeared as a few of the boys were angling for an evening in the pub and probably an opportunity to question me.

I went home and started to prepare a meal, remembering to make enough for two. Jess appeared later, tired and hungry, we ate in silence. A glass of red wine untouched in front of her.

“Spill it Sis. What’s up.”

“Dave, is there a problem I’m not seeing?”

“Meaning,am I sitting on something that I’m not going to let you have sight of, or something I’m going to withhold which might stifle your investigation.”

“Exactly that!”

“If there was I would tell you that you need to back off, and leave it at that.”

“Were you expecting this?”

“No, we thought he and the others were planning something, but this may be an honest to goodness mugging gone wrong.”

“If it is one of your group of people, will you stop us arresting him or her?”

“No, for my part if this was an argument gone wrong, then it’s in our interest to let you arrest the killer, as it would tend to make the others think they’re not under surveillance.”


“There’s more isn’t there?”

“I shouldn’t have introduced you as my brother.”

“Not a problem, wheels have turned, Mr Flint will be retired.”


“And we have a cherry pie for dessert, are you interested?”

“You know what I mean, but yes please.”

“You must have been surprised to see your long lost brother appear and find he was a member of the security services and just blurted it out, natural reaction, there’s no harm done. It’s actually refreshing to be known by my real name, don’t worry.”

“And what about me being at your place instead of my own place?” She asked looking at me anxiously.

“I invited you back for a meal, you collected a bag of gear because it’s actually closer here than your place to the office. We’ve been distant for years, our parents have just died, you didn’t want to be alone in the house and we’ve been thrown together on a case. Stranger things have happened.”

“If you’re sure?” she bit her lip.

“Hey what happened to the big sassy senior officer I’ve been working with today. Man up sis, this case could get you another leg up, and I will be as helpful as I can.”


Why? because I love you, and you are good at what you do, and so am I, now do you want some pie, or have it later after sex?” I winked.

“Fuck the pie, come on lets get naked.” she rose from the table and began unbuttoning her blouse as she turned towards the bedroom.

“You know sex has really made your language coarser.” I called to her as she shed more clothes in her eagerness.

“Get your arse over here and get naked buster, I need you in me now, then it’s pie time.” She giggled as she rolled onto the bed arms uplifted to me.

“Yes Ma’am,” I sighed with a grin as I pulled my pants down and freed my cock to wave at her.

“Wow is that truncheon meat all for me, bring it to mamma.” She laughed as she spread her legs invitingly wide.


All appeared to be going well, the driver didn’t react to picking Jess and me up from my place, as we discussed the case on the way to work and back. Everything all seemed to be hunky dory, until about three weeks into the investigation.

We had buried Mum and we debated selling the house so Jess could buy her own place in a more convenient spot for work. Then I had a call saying my regional director wanted to see me. I knew there was a real problem, but assumed it was the case. How wrong could I be. Making the journey into central London was a drag, I hated the commute more than I ever had. It meant less time with Jess.

I went into his office with the case papers and sat at his desk, he turned from his pc and looked at me sourly. In his late sixties he had survived various internal upheavals and was known for his thoroughness and attention to detail. He was a legend of the Cold War and was apparently responsible for setting up valuable networks of agents in the old Eastern Bloc. Now approaching retirement he lived his last working days running our department and handing over to my Boss Shelagh, his successor.

“Ah! Philpott, this meeting has nothing to do with the case, so you can put the file away.” he opened a thin folder on his desk.

“As you know, we regularly re-accredit our staff; background checks etc. Well this time I’m afraid there are one or two, how can I put it, anomalies in your most recent report.” He eyed me balefully.

“Are you sleeping with your sister?” he asked bluntly, and I knew he knew the truth. I knew that there was no hoodwinking him on this, best to come clean.

“Yes I am, I love her very much, we have just lost both our parents, and we have been estranged for about twenty years, we came back together on my mothers death and well…” I trailed off.

“Philpott, far be it for me to cast aspersions on your private life, but as a Security Service operative, you have to be more careful.” He glanced at the file, flicking the pages and tutting.

“Do you know how this was picked up?”

“No sir, no idea at all.” I replied flatly.

“Bloody idiot, you’re sisters staying but only one bedroom light ever goes on, your sisters either eating too many carrots or she’s sleeping with you. For Gods sake man what were you thinking, apart from the bloody obvious?”

“Sorry I never thought about it like that. I’m so sorry, if you wish I will resign, especially if it ends the matter here and doesn’t affect my sisters career. Are you passing this to the Met may I ask?”

“No I’m not, much as we are, so to speak, “in bed” with our colleagues along the river, as far as we are concerned, this is “in house”. And I don’t want your bloody resignation, you’re doing a good job and it would be a waste of your talents to cast you adrift. I also don’t give a fig about your relationship with your sister. just be more careful. Get a timer fitted to put the second bedroom light on at random points when you’re in and remember to draw the curtains in there at night. Ok that’s it. carry on and good luck.”

“Thank you sir.”

“You’re a lucky bastard Philpotts, I’ve carried a torch for my sister for years, she cares not a jot, be careful and think it through. Now get out and earn your salary man.”

I stepped out of the office quickly and headed off back to the Incident Room. I explained that I had to pop into the office and attempted to catch up on the day. Jess stuck her head in the cubicle.

“Five minutes in five minutes, ok?”

“Sure DCI Philpott, your office?”

“Please and could you bring coffee, I haven’t had a second this morning.”

“No problem,” I rose and went to make us both a coffee.

A tall gangly Detective Sergeant was making a drink in the small kitchen. He saw me and smirked. Waiting until I was pouring milk into the cups he approached me and tapped my arm.

“Hiya Double ooh Seven,” He said using the nickname that had crept round the office,

“Sergeant,” I answered.

“It’s Paul, look, this is off the record, but is your sister seeing anyone?”

“Ha! why? do you fancy taking a crack at her?”

“I wish. she’s well you know, sorry; look I know she’s your sister, but she’s as fit as a butchers dog, even you must see that. Well we’ve got a book going, because for the first time ever, she’s being bloody reasonable about things, overtime, time off, coffee rotas that sort of thing.

Well the betting is she’s found a bloke and is getting it regular. So I thought if I sort of asked the resident spook you could probably ferret around and find out. Look there’s about five hundred in the kitty and I’d split it eighty twenty with you.”

“Sorry, too personal. I wish you all luck, but as far as I know since she’s been staying with me, no blokes been round.” I grinned and threw the spoon into the sink, ready to go. His arm rested on mine.



“You’re not..”

“No, you’re right I’m not, she’s fit, but she’s my sister.”

“So you would?”

“She’s my sister end-of.”

having made the coffee I pushed past him and walked back to Jess’s office. Kicking the base of the door as a knock, I held the two cups up and she walked round her desk and opened the door.

“Good timing, come in. How did your meeting go?”


“Interesting good or interesting bad?”

“Interesting, interesting.”

“Hmm.” she sipped her coffee. I sat down and sipped my brew.

“Well are you going to tell me or what?”


“Come on, is there something I should know?”

“Two things actually, one about us and one about you.”

I told her of my meeting and her hands flew to her face, I explained what the boss said, including his final comment. She grinned. Then I told her about the sweepstake and she reddened and screamed. I saw heads come up in the outer office. She looked out and her face set. She stood and walked to the door. I grinned, knowing how volcanic my little sister could be. This might be interesting.

“OK listen up everyone,” she waited as the room quietened and phones dropped back on their bases.

“I understand there is some discussion and wagering on whether I have a romantic involvement, which may have mellowed me. Just to put everyone’s hat on straight. The fact is…”

She paused and looked round the room. Her eyes flashed and shone,

“it’s none of your bloody business if I am humping a generously endowed gentleman who knows how to shake my fillings loose. However if you really want to know, the answer is yes I am being banged regularly by an expert lover, who pleases me no end and I love it.

I’ve come to sex late in life but I fully intend to enjoy a large portion of his cock as often as possible. I thank you for your concern, but suggest you put any money into a worthwhile charity. Meanwhile we have a murder investigation to pursue, so can we skip the gossip and de-digitate, I want results and I mean yesterday. If I find anyone is behind after today, you’ll be pulling on the old blue serge and doing permanent nights before you can blink. OK go on back to work.”

A ragged cheer and a round of applause ran round the room, then everyone went back to their tasks and the room hummed and buzzed again.

I clapped loudly as she came back in with a huge smile on her red face.

“That’ll be over the Yard in an hour betcha.” she grinned widely.

“That felt good, I’ve wanted to say something since we came back together, you don’t mind?”

“Bit late now, but no you run your outfit as you want. I have no complaints.” I shrugged and plopped a folder on her desk. She raised an eyebrow.

“Your eyes only, that’s an assessment of the threat potential our friends represent, No one except you is cleared on this, you read, digest and return, you do not discuss, copy or make notes of the contents. OK.”

“OK, thanks for that Dave. We think we have a witness and we’re following up on it. No one on your contact list, so it looks ok so far.”

“Good, keep me posted and I’ll get details of the others whereabouts, so onwards and upwards.” I rose to leave.

“Dave, I meant what I said, I want you every minute I can get.” She smiled at me,

“I know sis, me too, you’re not getting away from me again.”

“I’ll hold you to that.”

“Just hold me, see you later.”

“You will,”

I went back to my desk and tried to pick up the threads of the day. I failed to spot the sign on the back of my chair, “Stool pigeon”. Looks like I spoiled their fun. Several of the guys came over and we had a laugh, even Paul, red faced and grinning.

A week later the team made four arrests and co-incidentally found enough evidence to enable Special Branch to pull in the rest of the gang, seems that the victim had a difference of opinion with some of the others. They killed him and the rest is as they say history.

We spent the evening in the pub opposite the Station and nearly everyone else got rat arsed drunk, Jess included. We had hired a Karaoke machine. There were some very drunk people that night, I stayed reasonably sober

I piled into the car with a sleeping Jess and we swept across town to our place. I asked the driver to help me upstairs with her. Inside I put the light on in the second bedroom and saw Jess had laid it out as though she actually lived there. The bed was rumpled but made, shoes and clothes littered the bed and floor.

I swept the clothes onto a chair and we laid her on top of the bed, as she snored gently. The Cop smiled and I slapped his back.

“She is a looker that one, but she’s going to have one hell of a hangover tomorrow, Good luck with that mate she can be an evil sod when she wants. Apologies I know she’s your sister but she can’t half fucking shout.” he grinned on his way out and I locked the door.

I closed up and stripped off, and as I crawled into bed the door opened and Jess stood naked in the doorway.

“How’d I do, did you think I’d passed out with the booze?” she giggled and slipped into bed with me.

“You were playing.”

“Sure; they expect me to get bladdered. I always have before, so why disappoint them. I’m known for it, part of my aura. Good at getting very pissed. However there are going to be some very hungover potted plants at the Albert tomorrow”

“Very clever little sis.” I kissed her delicate lips slowly.

“Mmmm and you are my very big brother, and I need you, God I need you.”

We moved together, coupled, humped our way to orgasm, rested, reunited and made love slowly over an hour or so. Then slept, made love again and finally slept again.

I awoke to an empty bed and heard her in the kitchen. I padded out to find her.

“Oh!, you must be her brother, oh! I see you are her very big brother, well hello to you.”

I had whirled round at the sound of the voice and was confronted by a Commander’s tailored uniform on a trim blonde form.

“I, I, I…” my hands moved to cover myself and I started to back away.

Jess came out the kitchen, and almost dropped the two mugs of coffee she carried.

“Christ Dave put your trollies on, this is Commander Curtis my boss.” she fumed.

“Sorry I forgot, I, Sorry.” I whirled round into the bedroom.

Seconds later I heard laughter and flung my clothes on and came out again.

“Oh now that’s a shame you found your clothes, what a pity, well at least it brightened my morning. Thanks for that stud.”

I grimaced and made my way into the kitchen, returning with coffee and headed for my bedroom.

“No Dave wait, this is for you and Jess.” Commander Curtis said.

I found a seat and sat down.

“Seems the “powers that be” found your liaison an interesting option, they’re thinking of setting up a permanent unit inside Scotland Yard, to provide a better pathway at investigation level. They want Jess to head up the Police side, rumour is your boss has nominated you from Security Services. Well can you two work together do you think?”

Jess nodded and I smiled,

“Yes I rather think we can.” I said.

“Good, I’ll start the paper chase, Jess I want you to take some time off, you still have only just lost your mum and we placed a big load on you whilst this was happening, so I’m ordering you to take a fortnights leave, there are plenty on your team who can cover. Besides they’ll need to learn to live without you”

She sat back and opened her handbag, taking out a small compact she adjusted her makeup.

“Oh and I guess you two are very close, since no brother just ambles around stark bollock naked, especially if his sister is here. But don’t worry I won’t say a word. But do be careful the pair of you. Don’t get careless too often. And if you ever get fed up, I’d like first dibs.” She smiled and popped out a lipstick to recover her generous lips.

“Thanks Ma’am.” Jess said, head down.

“Oh for heavens sake, he’s fit and you’re adorable who wouldn’t.” she shrugged and rose smoothing her skirt down. “I swing both ways and I’d love the chance to get together with both of you. And that’s not an invitation or blackmail, it’s a fact. Now cheer up the pair of you.” She walked to the door and let herself out.


“Yes Dave!”

“I love you.”

“I love you too Hunk, fancy a romp on your bed.”

“Oh yes please.”

“Come on then last one there does the washing.”

“Watch my dust,”

“In your dreams buster. Seen these.”

Jess whipped her top up and I stopped to look, letting her sweep past me giggling.

“You rat.”

“Eat me.”

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