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Working in Rio

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I’ve been a massage therapist for 15 years, and love the hours and the interaction with people. A friend had been talking about his trip to Brazil, and kept telling me that we should go together and work at the club there, apparently they catered to ex-pat’s and liked to have an international staff working. I finally agreed to join him, so the two of us put our stuff in storage and jumped on a plane.

A week later I found myself living in the housing provided by the club- a condo overlooking the ocean in Rio. The Club was not pretentious, but was very nice; a large outdoor pool, weight room, dance studio, and a special section designed for some crazy core fitness workouts. There was a section near the locker rooms that housed the spa- several comfortable massage rooms, as well as steam and sauna rooms. An added perk was that in off hours the staff was encouraged to workout and use the facilities.

Two weeks in and I had picked up enough Portuguese to get by- fortunately many of my clients spoke English, Spanish, or French, and we could converse more freely.

One day, after working out, I decided to do some laps in the pool. It was early and no guests were there, so I was able to knock off some laps without interruption. I use to swim when I was younger, but over the years I had done less and less. The perfect weather here inspired me, and before I knew it I had worn myself out. As I reached the end of the pool, I clung to the side trying to catch my breath. I pulled myself out, and lay panting on the side. What didn’t help was the beautiful dark haired woman arranging her things under an umbrella. Strong legs that rose into what passed for a conservative bathing suit in Brazil. The two pieces of cloth did little to hide and everything to accentuate her curves. I had been gawking for what must have been several minutes when I realized that she had sat down and was applying lotion to everything that was not covered. I felt myself beginning to get aroused, and so as not to get fired or embarrassed, I grabbed my towel and headed for the showers.

The vision of this woman and her luscious ass was in my head as I lathered up in the shower. I found myself with my soapy cock clenched in my hand as I replayed her spreading lotion on her toned legs, spreading them slightly as she worked her way up toward her bikini, and then further still as she reached the back of her thighs. It was a mere moment before I was exploding all over the shower wall, falling back against the glass door as I tried to catch my breath again (out of breath twice in one hour- I really need to work out more often!).

It was over a week later that I next embarrassed myself with this sexy little woman. The sauna and steam room were clothing optional, although most guests covered themselves in a towel. Further, there were coed hours as well as hours for just men and just women. I was enjoying a steam during the men-only hour, when in walked the woman from the pool. I was reclining on the wooden bench on top of my towel, exposed completely to this woman in a towel. Now when I say she was wearing a towel, I should explain that her revealing suit at the pool may have covered more.

Not sure if I had mixed up the steam room times, I kept quiet. Sitting up I drape the towel over my already stiffening cock. She, apparently not expecting company, sat on the far side of the sauna furthest away from me. Through half shut eyes I noticed that she was having a terrible time keeping herself covered in the tiny towel. I realized that I might have been straining to see if she was shaved, and decided it was time to hit the shower again before I embarrassed myself further with a gigantic tent in my lap.

As before, I headed to the staff locker room. Apparently it use to be the locker room for the guests, until they remodeled. It was slightly smaller than the new locker rooms, and had been converted for use by the staff only. This worked out well for me, since no one was around I was able to lather myself into another breathless orgasm moments after leaving the steam.

Apparently the staff at this club changed frequently- people such as myself looking for a year or two abroad, and so many of the clients just called and asked for a massage, not specifying which therapist they wanted to see. In that way, you never really knew who you were going to get.

I had spent the afternoon massaging first a 70 year old woman from Denmark, who wouldn’t stop trying to talk to me in Finnish, and then capped off my day with her 80 year old husband who looked as if he had spent the past 80 years drying his skin in the sun 10 hours a day. I had just finished up and was looking forward to glass of Bourbon on my deck when the receptionist grabbed me and asked if I could take one last client. Apparently a woman in one of the dance classes this afternoon had strained her hamstring and asked for the last minute appointment. In my head I put the bourbon back into the bottle, and quietly hoped the woman was not from Denmark. The receptionist then asked if I would lock up afterward, as everyone else was already gone, and the she and the rest of the staff wanted to head to a place on the beach and start drinking Cachaca- a drink the locals love in Brazil. I reluctantly agreed, putting the bottle of bourbon in my head back on the shelf in my apartment.

You can always tell the difference between a first time massage client, and one who has been there many times. First timers always wear too much (anything) and wait for you to instruct them before they take off even their coat. Veterans come in and are often under the sheets before you have introduced yourself. My client was the latter. She was already face down but I could tell by the outline under the sheet that she was probably a professional runner or athlete of some sort. When she raised her head to say hello she recognized me quickly, and after saying hello she gave me a somewhat shy smile.

I was correct in my assessment, as she explained that she was a former professional ballet dancer, and now just danced to stay in shape and for fun. She had strained her hamstring, and was hoping I could massage some of the tension out so that it wouldn’t tighten up completely later that night. We decided to stretch her leg first, and when she rolled onto her back I caught a glimpse of her beautiful tits and (I now realized) carefully shaved pussy. I did my best to tuck the sheet between her legs while exposing the injured one, but when I helped her raise the leg to her chest in order to help her stretch, a good portion of her sex was exposed. A masseur sees everything, and so this was nothing new for me. She realized her exposure as well and looked directly into my eyes.

“I guess there’s no point in fooling with this sheet, is there?” she asked. And then she just pulled it off her completely, exposing herself to me.

Again, this was nothing I hadn’t seen before, but did she realize that I had spent several quiet moments fantasizing about her?

“and to be honest”, she said, “I guess I was one up on you for walking into the steam room a couple weeks ago. I realized afterward that I had the times wrong, but was so embarrassed for walking in on you naked at the time that I couldn’t even leave…”

we both laughed and the tension disappeared in the room. We finished stretching and she rolled back onto her stomach for me to begin the massage. I warmed up her back and ass and legs with a warming lotion, and then switched to a lightly scented oil. I began at her calf, and then moved on to her lower hamstring where it meets the knee. With a hand on either side of her leg, I rolled my thumbs into her muscles, feeling the knots that were already there.

I have to take a moment and mention that her ass was perfect- smooth skin, muscular, and just round enough to keep a man interested.

As I continued to kneed out knots, moving my way higher on her hamstring, she shifted a little allowing her legs to spread so I could reach higher. In doing so she game me a fantastic view of her pussy, glaring at me invitingly; her brown star just hidden between the sides of her ass. As I continued higher I began rubbing the oil into her ass just below her hip. In doing so her ass opened and closed, showing me her tight hole teasingly before it disappeared again. I was ready to get fired for one lick of that ass, but stayed more professional than I wanted.

I had started moving back down the leg when she asked me to do the other side as well. Shifting to the other side of the table, she immediately brought that leg closer to me as well, giving an even better view, and completely exposing herself to me. Not being sure if she was flirting or jus helping the massage along, I worked out he knots on this leg, before moving to that lovely butt. I grabbed both sides and started working each cheek at the same time. I must have lost my mind a little because when I poured some more oil, I directed a fair amount right in this beautiful crack. As I kneed her cheeks I watched the oil run down her crack and across her lips. My thumbs took control on their own and caught up to the oil on the same path. I felt her shudder as my thumbs played over her tight hole and then down across her pussy lips. Back up and then I was circling her tight hole, rubbing the oil into the edges and then slightly inside. She responded by raising her hips slightly- arching her ass to meet my exploring fingers. I continued to tease her little star, but when I put some pressure on it, she pressed up to me and I was in her. She gasped out loud, her head still buried in the massage table. I began working my finger in and out of her, getting a fraction of a millimeter deeper with every thrust. That’s when I noticed she had snaked a hand underneath herself, and was entertaining her clit. She had one and then two fingers buried in her pussy, as she massaged her clit with the palm of her hand… Her orgasm came quickly, and then lasted forever. Both of us massaging her deep and fast. As she came down I lightly massaged her back and whispered for her to take her time getting cleaned up, and that I would be out closing up the club.

I hadn’t heard her leave but the lights were out in all the locker rooms, so I headed back to the employee locker room to get my gear and head to that Bourbon. I was so worked up I was ready for a quick drink. As I entered the locker room I could hear the water running in the shower, and headed back to turn it off before I left. Not realized I could have more of a surprise than that of the past 90 minutes, my jaw dropped as I saw the object of my obsession in the employee’s shower, eyes closed tight, with her hands between her legs. She was obvious having an orgasm again, and was soon (much as I had) slumped against the shower wall in exhaustion. She opened her eyes, and, seeing me she opened the shower door and beckoned me in. It’s not often a beautiful woman beckons to me from a shower, and I didn’t think or stop, I just walked right in with all my clothes on.

For the next few minutes she alternated in covering me with kisses and removing my clothes. When she got to my pants she kneeled down on the shower floor, and pulled them down just far enough to allow my now aching cock to spring free. She caressed it for a moment before pulling my pants completely off. She looked up at me and smiled, saying, ” I want you in my ass, but I wouldn’t be able to take it right now, we’ll save that for later…” and then she had all of me in her mouth. She fondled my balls with her hands as she worked furiously with her mouth. The next ten minutes were a blur, as she alternated getting every part of me in her mouth at one point or another. She teased my own ass with one of her fingers as her tongue worked its way under my swollen balls. She sucked me into her with no restraint as I felt her tongue dancing around my sensitive manhood. Just as I began to tighten, she was in my ass, and I exploded in her mouth. She didn’t stop but continued to pleasure me for another long minute until I was too sensitive to continue.

As I collapsed against the wall, she got out some soap and completely washed me down, bathing every inch of me in soft caresses. When I finally caught my breath she looked up at me and said, “would you like to join me for a scotch?”

“Scotch would be perfect!” I said, and mentally pictured the bottle of Balvenie on the shelf next to my Bourbon…

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