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Private Duty Nurse

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Years ago Denver had retired from a career enlistment in the military and at the age of 50 decided to settle into a quiet rural area where he had been raised as a child. A few years had passed and although he dated he was still lonely at nights. His days in the military had always had a strict itinerary and structure, and he had never formed a serious bond with any one woman because he knew that any day he could be called to a different base or front to serve. Although those days were long gone now he wished he had payed more attention and sowed a few oats that had found root and given him an offspring.

But that was neither here nor there now, here he was at 52 and still in good shape, still working out and running but starting to show a little graying finally through his black hair. He was also starting to develop a small bit of stomach over his once six pack abs.

This is when the story took a turn for the worse, on July 11, Denver was out running and made one misstep and stepped into a hole in the woods. He twisted his knee and felt an agonizing pain. It was all he could do to sweat, and claw and crawl his way back to his little rustic cabin to call for help.

His head spun from the pain and the next thing he knew he was waking up in the hospital hours later having been rushed in, and had immediate surgery on his knee. He had torn a blood vessel as well as his ACL and he would be recuperating either in the hospital or at home if he could afford a private nurse the doctors told him. He knew that his retirement and healthcare would pay for a private nurse and he desperately wanted the privacy of his own home.

So with the arrangements made on July 13th he was picked up in a car by a cute little twenty-something nurse and escorted home. He could put no weight on his knee and simply struggled to limp in even with the girl’s help.

They had made small talk in the car and he had found out she had graduated nursing school one and a half years ago and was indeed just now 22. Her long black hair and full lips mesmerized him as they had talked. He had watched the sun give her raven locks a shine and with each word she spoke his cock had twitched at her lip movement.

Denver realized as they drove away from the hospital that he didn’t even know this beauty’s name. He would soon rectify that but he had other thoughts wondering through his mind as well. Such as was this nurse going to help him with his day to day activities for instance bathing, going to and from the bathroom, so on and so forth. He decided the best approach here was the to be straight forward and ask.

“First of all my new private nurse dear, what is your name.”

“Oh,” she giggled, “silly me where are my manners, I am Constance, but everyone calls me Connie.”

Denver smiled he rather liked the way Constance rolled of the girl’s tongue and thought he would much prefer to call her that as opposed to her shortened version. “Well, Constance, I think I will call you by your given name for a while at least it sounds more…um just prettier I guess.”

Constance looked over at Denver as they pulled up to a stoplight, she wondered if the old man had been about to say sexier but figured she would find out if he was interested in her later today. She had a little surprise for him tomorrow if he was and she liked what she saw from him today. Constance had just ended long term relationship about two months ago and then flung herself into her work, not allowing herself any downtime for bar hopping or any sexual enjoyment. Maybe it was time to change that she thought.

“Denver, you can call me anything you want,” she teased, batting her lashes at him as she spoke playfully, “you are after all the boss for the next few months.”

Denver let this all sink in, was she openly flirting and leaving open ended responses as a form of foreplay, he hadn’t been with a girl this young in that way since he had been about thirty, so more than likely right around the time she was born was the last time he had received interest from a pretty, young girl of consenting age.

“Well, Constance it is then, alright, I also have a few questions of formality that I would like to address before we get back to my home. By the way you will need me to help direct you anyway unless you know your way around the back country here. Also just a passing thought but unless you have stocked up on groceries we may need to stop before we leave town.”

Constance was ahead of him as she was turning into the local supermarket even as he said this. She had anticipated that Denver had lived a bachelor’s life out in the country and figured in case of bad weather or impending devious thoughts roaming her mind she would like to stock up and not have to leave the cabin for a week or so if it could be helped.

Equipped with a wheelchair she managed to help Denver do quick shopping that took nearly an hour as he steered the chair around the store pointing out things he would like to have. As they left the store and loaded up the station wagon the nursing service provided her for transportation like this one she realized there were a few other items she really wanted to go back in and get without his presence.

“You stay here in the car Denver, and I’ll be right back, I realized a moment ago there were a few items I forgot to get.”

Denver watched as the nursed ran back into the store from his seat in the car. He was mesmerized once again by the sway of her hips and the way her breasts pressed against the thin t-shirt she was wearing.

Another hour later and they pulled into the cabin’s driveway and started to settle him before unpacking the groceries and her belongings. Denver had found out along the way home that she would indeed be giving him sponge baths and helping him use the bathroom at least for the first few weeks. He couldn’t get the bandages wet and she knew he couldn’t bend his leg with the stabilizer on so he would need assistance propping his leg up before he could be left alone to use the bathroom. She assured him these were routine tasks she was used to after working in a nursing home for the better part of a year and that he needn’t be ashamed.

Later that evening after eating a delicious meal she had prepared Constance came into his bedroom with a rolling cart and two large tubs of water. “Alright Denver, time to wash you up and get you into bed for the night.”

Denver couldn’t help but notice the girls beautiful smile as she relayed the steps that she was about to take in undressing him and bathing him. He was a bit distressed over the fact that he hadn’t maintained that hard body he had still had a few years ago but still pulled off his shirt to reveal a moderately well toned chest and only slightly pudgy stomach.

“Well, sir, from where I stand you’re still as handsome now as you were in all those pictures in the foyer.”

“Thank you Constance, but I have let myself go slightly the last year or so, no one to impress and I don’t go out on the prowl much anymore so there isn’t a need to stay as perfect as I always thought I had to be.”

Constance smiled and gave a small sigh as she untied the string to the sweat pants he had on. “Now don’t be nervous, all men have penis’ silly and yours is just one more to add to the list I have seen on duty.”

Denver hadn’t felt this awkward around a woman in years but something about Constance and her way of speaking made him a little at ease and he also felt he would be struggling to not gain an erection as she washed him.

Sure enough a few minutes into the bath as her hand grazed his cock as she washed his thighs, his cock started to lengthen immediately on his thigh. It grew in girth and size even as he willed it to stay down, and in a matter of only a minute or two he was rock hard and his cock pointed up towards him.

“My, my, I have seen quite a few cocks in my day Denver but that is one proud specimen hanging between your legs. You have nothing to be shy about, I’m sure that big boy has pleased many a woman in its day.”

She had said all this with a coy smile and he noticed that her nipples were pressing against the thin fabric of her shirt unfettered by a bra now. My god, he thought, what is this girl doing to me, she is going to drive me insane if this keeps up the whole few months she is here without release.

“I thank you madam, but a gentleman never kisses and tells,” he quipped.

“That’s very good to know Denver, but some naughty girls do kiss and tell if they really like it,” and with that she gave him a wink and patted his cock as she washed the rest of his body.

“So Denver, can I use that computer I saw in your den, and if I may ask does it have internet service?”

“Be my guest Constance, all you have to do is click on the explorer icon and you’ll be online, I managed to get the cable company to lay lines all the way out here by sweet talking the head of the company that happened to be the son of a officer I served with several times during my enlistment.”

“Oh well that is great Denver, good to know you have good connections out here,” she said, knowing she was using all kinds of double entendres to work up the older man she found more attractive by the minute.

“Don’t hold anything against me you may find on there though Constance, I am a bit of an old pervert and a few of the bookmarks are sex sites,” he said sheepishly.

“Honey, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a single man no matter what his age.”

Finally the sponge bath was finished and his erection had somehow managed to subside, she helped him urinate into a bedpan so he wouldn’t have to get up again and then dressed him in light boxers and tucked him in.

“Denver if you need anything at all the two way radio on your night stand will reach anywhere in the house so just push the buzz button and then give me a minute to respond.”

“Thank you Constance, dinner was magnificent and I appreciate the care you have given me thus far. I hate taking the pills you are going to give me though because I will be knocked out moments later. But such is life, while I would love to stay awake and talk to you, I suppose I do need sleep.”

“Don’t worry Denver, we have months to amuse each other and talk and soon enough you may just be sick and tired of having a nurse at your beck and call,” she teased once more.

“Ha, like that would ever happen, a beautiful young nurse at my whim and I’m going to grow tired of her? I seriously doubt that, silly girl.”

Later after the lights had been turned out and he had taken his pill she had kissed his cheek and walked out of the room closing the door behind her. Denver thought about calling her back into his room but even as that thought went through his mind he drifted off to sleep.

Nearly three A.M. on the morning of July 14th, Denver awoke with a raging erection and couldn’t go back to sleep. He could hear the girl in the den typing away on his keyboard and wondered why she was still up and just what sites she had perused on his computer. He slowly pushed the call button on the walkie talkie. He held his breath and listened as he heard the chair push away from the desk in the den. Each step she took towards the bedroom made his cock just a bit more erect. He felt larger than ever before and wondered if she may have the same hungers at this time of the night that he did.

Slowly the door pushed open and through the light cast from the hallway, he could just make out her silhouette. She appeared to be nude standing there with one hand on the door frame and her hair cascading around her shoulders in the dim light. Her thighs were slightly parted and even from here Denver could smell her arousal. It was a smell he never grew tired of and since it was rare a woman had been in his house lately, it was a foreign unmistakable one.

Constance entered the room and leaned over to Denver as he started to lightly shake, his body was tense and he knew he felt stupid for feeling like a teenager again, unsure what to do while this naked beauty stood next to him so he feigned ignorance.

“I just remembered that I need to send an email, I woke up and could think about nothing else Constance.”

“Oh,” she sighed, “well, I suppose I should help you up and get you to the computer Denver.”

Denver had heard the smallest disappointment in her voice and wondered just what she had expected here at this moment. He wasn’t about to rush things with her but yet he couldn’t force his erection to go down, surely she would see it.

Indeed Constance did see his engorged penis but she didn’t say a word, rather she helped him into the wheelchair and went to throw on a uniform from her guest room. She had an idea and was about to put it to good use.

Denver wheeled himself out of the room and to the computer, there he signed into his email and sent a quick message before logging into a website that contained erotic stories. He had written and posted a few stories here and loved the feedback he received, Denver had amassed a few loyal fans during his months of writing and hoped that his latest story was doing well.

As he perused the sites feedback log for him, Denver noticed a few new feedbacks and clicked on them. The first few were anonymous and just said how much the reader had enjoyed his work. But the last of the batch of responses had an address, the name was nytengale_of_desire, at a website he wasn’t familiar with. He read the name and for some reason it stuck out that he should know this name but couldn’t put two and two together in his drug induced cobwebbed mind.

Suddenly he felt hands run down his chest and lips press against his ear. “So Denver, I finally get to meet the RogueWriter.”

“Oh, my, have you read all the stories” he inquired.

“I have sent you anonymous feedback numerous times Denver, sir,” she replied.

With that she lowered her mouth and kissed his neck, her fingers teasing his nipples slowly which he found amazingly erotic. He tongue pressed into the flesh of his neck as her teeth nibbled along it. “I have wondered who was the person behind those stories that always have me wet late at night.”

Denver was speechless and as he sat there with his cock rising again he knew that if she had read his stories and taken things to heart then he may just be a lucky man tonight. He turned and caught her lips and kissed her as she leaned over him and then reached up over his head to touch her heart shaped ass.

“Oh Denver,” she cooed, “I know the last story you wrote pertained to today, National Nude Day, and some of your fantasies in it. I’m about to make them all come true. For today I am your nude, private,” she paused as she said private to run her fingers down his stomach and to open the fly on his boxers and give his cock a tug, “nurse of desire.”

Denver wanted to back his chair away from the computer stand but Constance wouldn’t let him, she stroked his swollen member up and down as she kissed his earlobes and neck and lavished him with wild licks of her tongue.

Suddenly she stopped everything and pulled his wheelchair back, in that moment their eyes met and she slowly unbuttoned her white uniform as she swayed her hips to imaginary music. She bent at the hip and in one quick motion put her ass in Denver’s face and lifted the bottom portion of her skirt. Nothing on beneath her uniform, so this provided Denver with an unobstructed view of her pink pussy lips and well toned ass.

Spinning around she ran her fingers through his slightly greying hair, “You see Denver, I have a thing for older, more mature men, they know not to rush things and how to please a woman.”

With that she continued dancing and swaying, and unbuttoning her uniform, once it was completely unbuttoned she spun around and pulled the top down over her shoulders and down her arms as she pushed her arms together and propped her large breasts up beneath them.

Denver leaned forward and wrapped a hand around her back and tugged down on her uniform dress exposing her naked cleavage. As soon as a nipple was exposed he nearly tipped his chair trying to latch his lips around the swollen bud of flesh. His fingers worked up and down her spine and kneaded her sacrum hard, he had always found this a sexy part of a woman’s body that was overlooked. Denver slid his fingers down lightly tracing her bottom as she pressed her breasts against his mouth.

“Daddy, I want you,” she whispered playing into one of his biggest fantasies.

Denver could follow her lead easily and responded accordingly, “Oh Constance, Daddy wants you too baby.”

Constance pulled away from him and dropped her head to his lap as she held his rigid shaft in her hand. Her lips slid over his cock and dropped down the shaft inch by inch slowly and teasingly. She ran her tongue over every vein and ridge on his cock as she worked her way down Denver’s throbbing prick. She was determined to start this relationship however it would turn out on the right note. Her little hands cupped his balls through the hole in his boxers and she rolled them around as she slurped and slid her mouth up and down his cock.

“Constance, oh Constance,” Denver murmured as he felt his balls tighten and his cock threatening to shoot its load in her mouth.

Constance knew how it felt before a man came in her mouth and while she normally pulled away tonight she wouldn’t be, tonight she wanted a mouthful of this man’s warm cum. She bobbed her head faster and using some of the saliva that had dribbled down his cock and wetted her fingers as they played with his pendulous balls she worked her finger back towards his asshole and swiftly pushed it passed the puckered ring sending him into convulsions of pleasure.

Constance immediately started swallowing when she did that as she knew he would erupt right then from the sheer pleasure of what was happening. Indeed he did fill her mouth time and time again. Constance felt her mouth overflow as she struggled to swallow each shot of cum and felt the cum dribbled down over her breasts.

“Constance, babydoll, pull away from Daddy’s cock for a minute the feeling is to intense for you to keep sucking baby.”

Constance reluctantly pulled away but as she did she gave him a wicked grin and rubbed the dribbles of cum into her breasts and across her nipples. She then grabbed his chair and led him out the front door and onto the screened in porch. As he recovered she slid over his lap naked and started kissing him deeply.

Breaking the kiss, she smiled again, “Good, daddy isn’t afraid to taste himself from my lips.”

“Not at all little girl, I find that if you are willing to suck my cock and swallow what I shoot into your mouth then I shouldn’t mind kissing you.”

Constance straddled his lap and realized this would never do in the chair that way. So she turned around and lowered her ass back towards his rekindling erection. Moments passed without words, the crickets rubbed their little legs together providing music for their rhythmic motions. Constance felt his erection pressing into her backside as she gave him an impromptu lapdance.

“Baby, daddy needs to be inside your tight pussy, I need to make you feel as good as you just made me feel.”

Normally hearing something like that from a guy turned Constance off immediately but at this moment it sent tingles up her spine and made her nearly cum from the way he growled the words in her ear.

As Constance backed her ass towards Denver he grabbed his hard cock and aimed it directly at her pussy. In that moment the nurse reached between her legs, looked back over her shoulder and spread her pouting, swollen pussy lips for her new lover. She felt the head push inside past her fingers and she felt that shiver that came from within race through her again, she waited just a moment and then dropped all the way down on his shaft impaling herself on his throbbing shaft.

“Oh, big daddy, your babydoll loves how you fill her up. Mmm,” she purred.

“Oh god Constance, you naughty little slut I can’t believe how that little pussy grips daddy’s cock.”

His hands slipped up from her waist and he pulled her back against his chest as he rolled her erect nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Her movement of her hips around his cock was driving him crazy, he knew that he wasn’t going to last long this time either but he hoped there would be many repeat performances and soon.

“Constance, babydoll, I am going to cum where do you want it sweetie?”

“Fill me up daddy,” she whimpered as she reached down with both hands and used one to rub her clit and the other to rub his balls.

“Oh god Constance, here…ohhh.”

“Yes, daddy, yes, oh sweet Jesus this is incredible.”

Denver shot his second load of the night deep inside the bouncing nurse on his lap, even as his seed let loose inside her body he was amazed at how good she felt around his shaft and against his body Constance began to shake as well and she had a tremendous orgasm, she was sure there would be many others now that she had found her new lover.

Hours later she woke Denver up with light kisses up his thighs as he lay in bed, they were insatiable. She had told him last night that in honor of National Nude Day she would remain nude today for him and be on him every time his cock hardened. It was too her surprise that every few hours he would regain a powerful erection and fuck her all over again. The only thing she regretted at this point was that he wasn’t able to stand behind her or kneel behind her and pound her pussy doggiestyle, but after physical therapy she was sure he would be doing just that.

As she licked his cock up and down and sucked his balls into her mouth, Constance hummed lightly and fingered herself, as soon as he regained an erection she slid up his body and lowered herself onto him once again. “Denver, mmm, sweet Denver daddy, I think I may just have to become a full time private duty nurse for you, oh god. You know that sometimes these knee injuries require years of physical therapy,” she said with a sultry moan and smile.

“Babydoll, I think daddy must just have to experience a lot of trouble, damn you feel good, as well in recuperating.”

One year later she walked into their room late at night, “Honey,” she whispered.

“Yes, Constance?”

“I think I need some P.T.”

“Oh and just what would P.T. be babydoll?”

“I was reading your newest story out here on the computer and how you detailed last years rendezvous between us so well that I need a repeat, a little pussy thumping.”

As she talked she walked towards Denver, he reached out and captured her hand and pulled her down onto the bed and slid behind her and before she could brace herself rammed his cock deep inside doggiestyle.

“Babydoll you know daddy loves two things, National Nude Day and thumping your little pussy.”

“Oh, daddy,” she sighed as she started to cum.

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