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The Chauffeur & the Lady

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Julie duly accompanied her husband Richard to the airport as he left for another of his overseas business trips. The Rolls Royce cruised along the country lanes with Peter, the recently appointed chauffeur/stable master, driving in the front seat. Richard had his nose stuck in business papers and as Julie gazed out the windows her mind once again turned to the smell of the leather.

Every time she sat in the Rolls the aroma of the leather seats made her so wet and she shifted in confusion on the cool rear seat.

Julie had married Richard eight years ago and the marriage soon lost its gloss. She had everything she could possibly need in the large manor house and plenty of money to purchase virtually whatever she desired. Amy, the maid/cook who had been employed at the same time as Peter, looked after Julie and the house. But the lack of attention from Richard grew more frustrating as the months passed. Julie was a highly sexed woman but her vibrators in the bedroom drawer were not enough to satisfy her desires. Two years ago she had purchased a computer and that had opened up a whole new world. She gratefully found that her fantasies of pleasure and pain were not hers alone, that there were thousands of others out there with similar needs. But of course Julie had to keep to herself and could not speak to anyone about her desires.

Julie jumped as Richard gave her a kiss on the cheek as the car came to a halt on the airport concourse. Her daydreaming stopped as she bade farewell to her husband; he would be gone for nearly two weeks. Julie waited in the car as Peter carried the suitcases inside, wanting to touch herself so badly. She was grateful when Peter returned and they headed in the direction of home.

“Ma’am you know I have to drop the car into the dealers for its regular service?”

“Oh yes of course Peter, how do we get home from there?”

“I have arranged to borrow a car Ma’am, then I will return it tomorrow and collect the Rolls.”

“Very good Peter, I should have known you would have everything arranged.” Julie smiled at Peter’s reflection in the rear vision mirror. She was aware that Peter kept glancing at her while he drove and it pleased her that she still attracted the looks of men wherever she went. While she knew that Peter was forbidden fruit, the fact that he was in the ‘tall, dark and handsome’ category made him good to have around. He was an excellent worker, his dual duties with the transport and the stables being efficiently handled every day. “Tell me Peter, are there any good chauffeur jokes? I could do with a laugh.”

“Chauffeur jokes? Yes Ma’am I know a few, but they are all a bit rude.”

“Come on Peter tell me one,” Julie pleaded, “Cheer me up.”

“Very well Ma’am. A chauffeur was driving the eighteen-year-old daughter of his employer home from boarding school for the summer holidays when the car got a flat tire. The chauffeur got out to put the spare tire on but he was having trouble getting the hubcap off the wheel with the tool from the car’s kit. The young lady was watching his futile efforts and said, “Do you want a screwdriver? To which the chauffeur replied. “Might as well, I can’t get this bloody hubcap off.”

There was silence for a short time until Julie suddenly burst out laughing, “Screw driver! Ha ha, very funny Peter!”

Peter smiled his thanks into the rear vision mirror while Julie giggled to herself in the rear seat.

A short detour brought them to the Rolls Royce dealer and it wasn’t long before Julie was seated again on leather in the front passenger seat of a sporty BMW roadster. A thrill of excitement ran through her body as Peter settled in the driver’s seat beside her.

“Please put the safety belt on Ma’am,” Peter asked as he eased the BMW into the traffic.

Julie complied with his wish and soon they were cruising down the hedged lanes towards the manor house.

“Peter, you are a trained driver right?” Julie suddenly asked.

“Oh yes Ma’am, I have done courses in defensive driving and I did race cars some years ago.”

“Well why not show me what this car can do,” Julie demanded, “I get bored driving slow in the damn Rolls all the time.”

Peter’s answer was to drop down two gears and floor the accelerator. The BMW shot forward and was soon moving quickly but safely down the lane.

“Yes that’s better!” Julie cried as the air rushed in the open window blowing her hair awry. The familiar dampness between her legs reappeared as Peter worked the steering wheel smoothly through the turns, also enjoying himself.

The car slowed and stopped as they came to a main road.

“Ma’am, you seem to be enjoying yourself, may I make a suggestion?”

“Yes Peter?” Julie was intrigued.

“There is too much traffic to really let this car go, but I could go to the old airfield near home. The access roads around the perimeter are still in good condition and quite safe, that’s if you want to Ma’am.”

“Wonderful, I need some excitement in my life, let’s go!” Julie exclaimed.

Peter grinned and soon he was opening the gates into the old airfield.

As he climbed back in the BMW he said, “I know these roads well Ma’am so don’t be alarmed. I used to race here many years ago and I came here a few days ago in my car on my day off. Just sit back in your seat and hold onto the grab handle.”

Peter smiled at Julie as he reached across to make sure her seatbelt was correctly positioned. The back of his hand brushed against the swell of her breast as he adjusted the belt. She wondered if the touch had been accidental but said nothing as Peter revved the engine and dropped the clutch.

The rear wheels spun with the squeal of rubber on tarmac and the car was soon speeding around the old track. The ‘G’ forces made Julie hold tight as Peter flung the BMW around the corners, braking later and later for each corner as he adjusted to the car and the optimum temperature was reached in both tires and brakes. Julie squealed a few times making Peter grin as he deliberately slid the car sideways to wash off speed as he entered the corners.

After about ten thrilling laps he brought the car to a standstill. “I think I had better stop now Ma’am, the dealer may complain about the tire wear if we continue. Did you enjoy that Ma’am?”

“You can see I loved it Peter, thank you so much.” Julie leaned across and kissed Peter on the cheek. Both of them blushed at the sudden show of affection but said nothing. “Oh I needed some excitement in my life, can we do it again sometime in your car?”

“Of course Ma’am,” Peter replied as he drove from the airfield, stopping again to shut the gate.

They were soon home and Julie walked quickly to her bedroom. Her pussy was sopping from the excitement of the drive home and it did not take long to strip and for her practiced fingers to give relief. Afterwards she lay relaxing on the bed, thinking about Peter and the fast driving, the brush of her breast and the kiss. Julie drifted off to sleep for a while to be awoken by the sound of horses hooves outside her window. She quickly donned a silk robe and went out on the balcony to see what the noise was all about.

Peter, dressed in riding gear with leather boots and crop, was astride her husband’s favorite stallion and having some trouble controlling the beast. Julie’s nipples hardened and her pussy flowed again under the robe as Peter used the crop on the horse’s flank. The horse reared trying to dislodge Peter but he retained his seat on the saddle as he gradually brought the stallion under control.

The bucking ceased when the horse finally realized he could not win and Peter looked up at Julie on the balcony. “It’s alright Ma’am, he has a lot of spirit but I know handle anyone like that.”

With that Peter saluted Julie with the crop and set the horse off up the driveway at a gallop. Julie shivered and walked unsteadily back into her room. As she lay on the bed again with her vibrator humming between her legs images of the crop rising and falling flooded her mind. She could hear the crack of the leather tip on the horse’s flank and a huge orgasm swept through her lovely body. Later she drifted off into a restless sleep, dreaming of herself nude, Peter and the crop.

Julie was woken by a knock on her bedroom door from the maid, Amy.

“Scuse me Ma’am, dinner will be ready in thirty minutes, will you be down?”

“Oh yes Amy, thank you, I will be down in a few minutes.”

Julie had a quick shower and dressed in tight jeans, a see-through blouse with a white lace bra and a red thong splitting the crack between her lovely buttocks. After dinner Amy left for her regular visit to her nearby parents and Julie was left alone in the large house. She tried to watch television for a while but could not concentrate. Even the familiar BDSM sites on her computer failed to keep her interest.

Without making a conscious decision Julie found herself walking from her home to the stables where lights still shone brightly. As she walked into the stables Peter walked towards her, still dressed in his riding gear, slapping the crop against his leather boots.

“Evening Peter, is everything all right?” Julie asked.

“Yes thank you Ma’am, the horses have settled well, unlike yourself if I may say so.”

“W, what do you mean?” Julie stuttered.

“You know what I mean Julie,” Peter said as he grabbed her left arm and guided her strongly toward the equipment room. “The fast drive in the car and my use of the crop on the stallion really made you excited and wet didn’t it?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Julie spluttered, “Take your hands off me now!”

“Just do as I say Julie and you’ll be all right, it’s time the stuck up brat was brought down a peg or two.”

Peter guided Julie into the room full of saddles, reins, riding boots, whips, rope and all the equipment needed for a busy stable. A freshly polished saddle gleaming in the bright light sat on a timber frame. Peter pulled Julie over to the saddle and pushed her face down near the freshly polished leather.

“Smell the leather Julie, breath in deep, you love it don’t you?” Peter said forcefully. “I’ve watched you in the Rolls, leather turns you on doesn’t it?”

“No, no, I don’t know what you mean,” Julie cried, not willing to admit that she was indeed very turned by the current situation. “Let me go right now or I’ll scream.”

“Nobody will hear you Julie, Amy has gone until tomorrow and Richard is thousands of miles away.” Peter pushed Julie’s head down so her nose was right on the saddle. “Breathe it in brat, you know you love it.”

Despite her protestations Julie found the smell of the saddle having its usual effect and being forced by Peter was making her vulnerable and bewildered. She knew her pussy was flooding and that her nipples were rock hard.

“Let me go Peter and I won’t tell Richard when he gets home. You harm me and you’ll never have a job like this again.”

Peter laughed and pushed Julie right down over the saddle so that her arse was high in the air. His strength made it easy to hold her in position with his left hand while his right hand held and raised the crop.

‘Whack’ – the crop landed across Julie’s tight jeaned bottom.

“Owwwwww” Julie cried in shock at the sudden pain.

‘Whack, whack, whack!’ – Peter continued to land the crop across Julie’s lovely arse, ignoring her cries and struggles.

After ten strokes an amazing change took place. Julie stopped struggling and collapsed over the saddle, making no attempt to stop or resist the beating. She was moaning constantly but it was the sound of a very turned on woman, not that of someone in distress. Peter gave Julie a few more strokes with the crop then pulled her to her feet to face him. Julie’s eyes were shining and her hard nipples pressed against the thin material of her blouse. She stood there making no attempt to escape, her breasts rising and falling with excitement.

“You love it don’t you brat?” Peter said confidently. “Just do as I tell you and you will be taken back to the house later.”

Julie amazed herself by nodding her head and remaining silent. She thought to herself that it’s like I’m daring him to continue and marveled at her own courage.

“Put your hands out together straight in front of you,” Peter ordered as he took some leather harness from a hook on the wall.

Julie held out her hands as instructed, thrilled at being ordered and controlled by this strong man. Peter wrapped the harness around her wrists, securing them together, then threw a length of rope over a beam and looped it through the harness around her wrists. Peter pulled the rope and raised Julie’s hands above her head; she was now secure and unable to run.

Peter stood in front of Julie and smiled, “See I know what you need brat, and judging from the lack of resistance you don’t mind too much either.”

“What are you going to do now?” Julie asked, her uncertainty showing in her shaking voice.

Peter’s answer was to grip the front of her blouse in both hands and rip it off. The buttons flew as he tore the material and threw the remains on the floor. Next his hands went to the buckle of her belt which he unclipped and slipped from the loops in her jeans. Julie’s panting increased as Peter undid the button and the zip, and soon the jeans were around her ankles. He reached down, took them off and threw them aside. A flick knife suddenly appeared in his hand and with quick movements Julie’s flimsy bra and her thong were also lying on the dirty floor.

Peter held the flick knife up in front of Julie’s face and shook his head from side to side at her distressed expression. He folded the knife and slipped it back in his pocket before running a hand over her pussy.

He held up the moisture-streaked hand for Julie to see and smiled, “See I was right, you love it don’t you? Now let’s see how you like the crop on bare skin.”

Peter moved behind Julie noting that she made no verbal effort to stop him. He took a black cloth from his pocket and secured it over Julie’s eyes.

“No, please, no blindfold Peter!” Julie pleaded, then, “Owwwwwww!” as the crop bit into her smooth white buttocks.

‘Whack, whack, whack!” Peter was very accurate with the crop and criss-crossed red lines appeared across the curves of her arse.

Julie was crying out at each blow that stung a lot more on her bare skin compared to the first whacks over her jeans. Her legs were kicking and her body twisting as Peter continued to rain blows of the crop on her rapidly reddening cheeks.

To her amazement Julie felt the onset of an orgasm and cried out, “Oh God! I’m going to cum!”

Peter immediately stopped swatting Julie and ordered, “Do not orgasm Julie, wait until I give permission.”

“I can’t, I can’t!” Julie screamed.

“Yes you can Julie,” Peter said as he stroked her back soothingly, “You will not orgasm until I say so! Six strokes and you may climax on the last one, understand?”

Julie nodded her head as she moaned loudly.

‘Crack’ – “Ahhhhhhh”

‘Crack’ – “Oh God!”

‘Crack’ – “Shiiiiiittttttt”

‘Crack’ – “Urrrrgggghhhhh”

‘Crack!!’ – “Yes! Yes!”

‘CRACK’ – “Aiiiiieeeeeeee”

On the completion of the sixth stroke Julie screamed, her back arched and her body shook violently as the long awaited orgasm swept through her perspiring body. Peter wrapped his arms around Julie and hugged her tight. Her body continued to shake and shiver for some time as some stresses of the past were released.

When Julie has calmed a little Peter knelt down behind her and grasped her ankles, spreading her legs wider apart.

“Please Peter, take the blindfold off, I want to, arrrrrggghhh! Julie screamed in shock, “Who is that?”

Julie’s exclamation came as a second pair of hands suddenly touched her breasts, fondling, squeezing, stroking and pinching the nipples. She gasped again as the stranger’s lips touched her right breast, sucking, biting and pulling the nipple away from her chest. Another scream as the assailant’s mouth opened wide, cramming as much as possible of Julie’s breast between the teeth and then biting hard into the soft flesh. Julie tried to kick her legs but Peter’s grip was too strong as her left breast was subjected to the same biting treatment.

Julie gasped as she felt the tongue licking lower, slowly down over her tummy towards her wet pussy. Practiced fingers spread Julie’s hairy labia apart and the tongue licked and teased her hard clitoris. Julie’s back arched as the unknown person ate her cunt and she screamed again as a finger pressed against and then entered her arsehole. The excitement of the whipping combined with the oral assault of her pussy soon had Julie screaming again as another orgasm swept through her body. The lady of the manor’s legs refused to support her anymore and only the ropes to her wrist straps stopping her from collapsing on the floor. Peter quickly lifted Julie in his arms while the other person untied the rope and released the straps from her wrists.

Julie’s glowing and marked body was still shaking as Peter held her in his arms and carried her from the stables to the manor house. The long staircase did not slow his powerful legs and soon Julie was being laid on her bed. Peter took the blindfold from her eyes and pulled the covers over Julie’s still panting body. Without a word he left the room and Julie soon slipped into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Julie was surprised to see the clock showing 9.25am when she awoke. For a moment she wondered if last night had just been a dream. Then she looked at her breasts and saw the teeth marks and knew it was real. Julie rubbed her still sore marked buttocks and her mind spun as she recalled the events. The sting of the crop had been an amazing turn on and the orgasms the most powerful she had ever experienced. But what would happen now? How could she face Peter again and who was the other person who had tongued her so well? Would Richard find out? Confusion and a feeling of helplessness were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Ma’am, are you awake yet?” It was Amy the maid with a breakfast tray.

“Oh yes Amy, come in, I didn’t realize it was so late.” Julie made sure the sheets covered the marks on her breasts.

“Are you all right Ma’am? You seem to be a bit flushed.” Amy inquired innocently.

“Umm, yes thank you Amy, I just didn’t sleep well last night, I think I had a nightmare.”

“As long as you are well Ma’am, I’ll come back for the tray in thirty minutes and draw your bath.” Amy curtsied and left the bedroom.

Julie ate the breakfast and laid back on the bed again, her mind still troubled by the events of last night. Thinking about the way the stranger’s tongue made her pussy very wet again, who could that have been?

A knock on the door and Amy entered again; lifting the tray from the bed and placing it on a table near the door. To Julie’s surprise and annoyance Amy walked back to bed and stood beside it looking down at her employer.

“Did you enjoy your breakfast? She asked, “Did you like the taste?” Without warning Amy suddenly reached down and pulled the covers completely off Julie who tried in vain to cover the marks on her nude body.

Amy sat down on the side of the bed and continued, “I certainly loved the taste of your cunt last night Julie and you sure loved being whipped by Peter didn’t you?

Julie lay there, her mouth open and her mind whirling. This was getting too much for her to comprehend. Her eyes widened as Amy took some silken cord from her apron pocket.

“Spread your arms and legs out wide Julie, NOW!” Amy ordered.

“What? You must be joking Amy!” The tremor in Julie’s voice showed the shock she was feeling. “Why should I?”

“Why Julie? Because deep down you want to, like in those bondage web sites you keep looking at. We know all about you Julie and we are going to give you the control you need so desperately. Last night was just the start, I bet you are very wet right now, right?”

Julie nodded, she was very wet and all that Amy said was true. As if in a dream Julie spread her arms and legs apart in obedience to the maid. Amy smiled and tied the silk cords to Julie’s wrists and ankles with the ends being attached to the corner posts of the large bed.

Amy licked her lips as she gazed on Julie’s body then quickly slipped out of the clothes she was wearing, unstrapping a crop from her left leg. Boldly she climbed on the bed and knelt beside Julie, her finger tips gliding over the contours of her captive. Amy’s fingers played with Julie’s breasts and pinched the hard nipples, causing long moans of lust. Slowly the fingers moved lower until they were pulling the thick mound of pussy hair.

“Mmmm I think this will have to go,” Amy mused, “Definitely a candidate for shaving, don’t you think Julie?”

“Don’t you dare Amy!!!!” Julie was shocked by the suggestion.

“A dare, oh I love dares!” Amy said gleefully, leaping off the bed and heading for the bathroom. It wasn’t long before she reappeared with scissors, shaving gear and towels.

“Please Amy, no don’t shave me,” Julie pleaded as Amy clipped away with the scissors. ““I’ll give you a raise, money, anything you want.”

“Ah the rich bitch is back,” Amy said, almost snarling. “You can’t buy me or Peter sweetie, so just relax and keep still, I don’t want to nick you with the razor.”

Julie accepted her fate and it was not long before Amy’s skill with the scissors and shaving gear resulted in a smooth and hairless pussy.

Amy ran her hand over Julie’s labia, “Oh yes that’s much better, smooth as a baby’s bum as the saying goes. I’m looking forward to keeping it like that every day too Ma’am, as part of my duties.”

“Oh, what will Richard say?” Julie said in a fearful tone.

“Don’t worry love, I bet he will like it, might even get his dick up for a change,” Amy laughed loudly at her own words.

Julie moaned in apprehension as she watched Amy pick up the crop. Amy ‘whooshed’ it through the air a few times for effect, the sound causing Julie to shudder. But Amy was not a sadist; she knew how to use the crop to excite and thrill. She held the leather tip a few inches from Julie’s skin and gave small stinging flicks. The crop moved up and down the soft flesh on the inside of Julie’s thighs and around her breasts. When the tip flicked her hard nipples Julie screamed before her body shook with small orgasms. Julie was pulling against the ties that held her on the bed and her breasts were heaving as she fought for breath. Never in her life had she experienced anything like the amazing sensations flowing non-stop through her body. Her eyes widened as she saw Amy holding the tip of the crop over her newly shaved pussy.

“NO AMY!” she shouted, then “AAAIIIIEEEEE” as Amy flicked her pussy lips five times in quick succession. Orgasm after orgasm swept through Julie’s shuddering body as she thrashed within the confines of the silk cords. Finally she collapsed down on the damp sheets, her lungs noisily drawing in much needed air and her body glowing with perspiration.

Amy wiped Julie down with a soft towel then released her ankles and wrists. She gave her Ma’am a hug, kissed her full on the lips then rose from the bed, grabbed her clothes and went to the bathroom. Julie heard the sound of water running into the bathtub and soon Amy returned, fully dressed and ready to return to her duties as the maid. She collected the breakfast tray and left Julie alone with her thoughts.

The rest of the day seemed outwardly like any other in the large manor house. Amy went about her duties as if nothing unusual had taken place last night or that morning. Julie spent much of the day sitting outside on the patio in the sunshine, thinking and worrying, wondering what would happen next? What would happen when her husband returned home? Should she telephone him now and if she did would he believe her? The memories of Peter and Amy using her body flooded her mind, but she knew this was real and not a dream.

Amy interrupted Julie’s thoughts, “Excuse me Ma’am, dinner will be ready in thirty minutes. Please go and change now into your silk robe, nothing else. After dinner I will be taking you to see Peter again in the stables. And Julie, no speaking after dinner commences.”

“Oh yes Amy, I will be ready,” Julie was amazed at her submissive reply to Amy’s instructions. As she walked up the long staircase she was aware of her hard nipples and wet vagina and a shudder of fear and excitement shook her body.

The churning in her stomach diminished Julie’s appetite and she ate little. She sat waiting as Amy silently cleared away the dinner dishes, the waiting increasing her tension. Finally Amy returned from the kitchen, a collar and lead in her hands. Julie sat demurely as Amy fastened the collar around her neck and then followed like a puppy as Amy led her back to the stables.

The smell of the equipment room once again thrilled Julie as Amy led her to stand again in front of the highly polished saddle. Julie made no protest as Amy slipped the robe from her shoulders and once again she stood nude, awaiting her fate. A little voice inside Julie’s head was saying ‘run Julie, run back to the house’ but she stayed still, standing at attention, amazed at her own obedience.

Amy pushed Julie forward and over the saddle so that her arse was once again on full display in the bright lights. Amy knelt and strapped Julie’s ankles to the legs of the timber frame that supported the saddle. Julie moaned as Amy moved around near her head and strapped her arms to the timber supports on the other side. Julie could see the floor behind her and watched Amy’s legs as they turned and walked out of the room. The suspense built as the minutes passed until finally Julie heard the sound of boots on the stable floor. She saw the boots walk into the room, the inevitable crop slapping impatiently against the shining leather. As Julie braced herself for the first blow she realized that she was looking forward to the sting of the crop.

‘Come on you bastard,’ she thought to herself, ‘Give it to me, I want it now.’

‘Crack’ – “Ahhhhhhhhh, yesssss” This time the expression was of acceptance, not of disapproval.

‘Crack, crack, crack,’ the crop rose and fell, the pain thrilling Julie as the heat flowed through her loins and all of her body. She screamed at each hard stroke, the immediate pain turning quickly to amazing feelings of pleasure as she floated in that wonderful place called sub-space.

After eighteen strokes the whipping suddenly stopped and Julie crashed back to reality as she lay panting heavily across the saddle. As she watched the leather boots stood immediately behind her. She sobbed as firm fingers roughly felt her burning flesh and then probed between her legs, exploring her sopping slit. Julie’s eyes opened wide as the trousers behind her suddenly dropped down onto the boots and a hard cock pushed its way between her legs.

“NO PETER!” she screamed as the cock pushed its way roughly into the depths of her cunt. There was no reply as the cock began to fuck her hard and strong with long strokes. Soon any hatred of being fucked by her chauffeur was blown away by Julie’s need for some hard sex. His balls slapped her shaven skin as each time he thumped his cock into the very hilt. Both were moaning with lust as their orgasms approached and it wasn’t long before he was pumping his sperm into her depths. Julie screamed loudly as she orgasmed, her body pulling against the straps and then collapsing over the saddle.

Perspiration was running into her eyes and she closed them as she felt the straps being released from her arms and ankles. Strong arms helped her from the saddle and laid her down on a rough blanket on the floor. She was held in a firm hug as her still shaking body slowly calmed down and she regained her breath.

The sound of familiar laughter caused Julie to open her eyes and look at the man holding her.

“RICHARD! Oh my God! Oh darling, what’s happening? What are you doing here, oh shit, I don’t know what to say. That was you fucking me………” Julie’s voice faded and she lay looking at Richard, shaking her head, unable to comprehend what was happening.

Richard smiled down at Julie and stroked the hair back from her face. “My darling, everything is all right, believe me.” Richard paused then called loudly, “OK you two, come in here please.”

Julie’s eyes nearly popped from her head as Peter strode into the room leading Amy by a collar and lead.

Richard spoke, “Julie my darling these two people are not Peter and Amy. I’d like you to meet an old friend of mine, Matthew and his slave and student Domme, Melissa.”

Julie found her voice at last, “What the fuck is going on here?”

Richard continued, “Let me explain my sweet. A few months ago you fell asleep at your computer and I saw the sites you were looking at. I crept out, slammed a door to wake you and said nothing. When you went to stay with your parents for that week I checked out the history in the computer and the emails you had sent to overseas friends. I realised that you had a need that I could not fulfill at that time. A few weeks later when you thought I was at the golf championships I actually spent the weekend with Matt and Melissa, learning the ropes of BDSM as best I could.”

“I don’t believe this, it’s like a corny Hollywood movie.” Julie smiled as she began to comprehend what had happened.

“So darling, I hatched this plan with Matt and you know the rest. From now on I will be satisfying all your needs, oh, and our old staff, David and Sarah will be back next week from their long service leave. Matt and Melissa will be returning to their own home.”

“You bastards,” Julie said looking at Matt and Melissa as she struggled to her feet. “You were fucking brilliant. Amazing. God I could do with a drink, let’s go in the house.”

Julie walked the couple of paces to Matt and took the lead from his hands, “Come on Amy, Melissa I mean, I want to have a talk to you.”

The four left the stables and walked across to the manor house where Melissa had pre-prepared a delicious supper. They talked and drank until the early hours when they staggered off to their respective rooms.

As they lay in bed Julie hugged Richard closely, “Thank you darling, I’m still coming to terms with what happened to me but I do know I feel absolutely wonderful. I love you so much you special man, goodnight.”


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