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Women with Curves

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Angelica Bowman looked around for her boyfriend, Stewart. She couldn’t find him anywhere in the large, sprawling mansion. She wanted to have fun at her company Christmas party, but that wouldn’t exactly be easy without her boyfriend to reassure her. She had only been with Markham Industries for a few months and she didn’t know most of her co-workers very well. She liked the people she did know, but Angelica tended to keep to herself.

She was trying to put herself out there, although it wasn’t in her nature. Even this low-cut dress wasn’t something she normally would have worn. It clung to her and showed off every curve. Her family was constantly telling her she had too many curves and that she should work out or go on a diet – something. That was easy for them. Her mother had been a model in her teens and her father was a baseball coach. Both of her sisters had inherited their parents’ genes. Angelica’s had gone back a generation to her Irish ancestors. It had taken her a while to realize there was nothing wrong with being 5’9″ and having some curves. She certainly made up for any shortcomings in the boob department and tonight’s dress was her chance to flaunt it.

Her friend Barbie had to talk her into buying the revealing dress. The pint-sized beauty had a great outlook on life. “Look at me,” she said to Angelica. “I’m a 5’2″ pipsqueak and I’d like to be taller, but so what? I wear heels and they put a sexy wiggle in my walk,” she giggled. “I’ve got a great body, a terrific figure, I’m cute as a button and I have a great smile. I’m turning them away and I have a great sex life. Get your ass out there and flaunt what God gave you,” Barbie smiled as she handed the dress to her friend.

Angelica had the good sense to listen to Barbie. Her friend had a love life she envied and she was an adventurous scamp who slept with whoever she liked. The only kink in their friendship was Barbie’s intense dislike of Stewart. “It’s a boyfriend’s job to build you up and make you feel sexy and he doesn’t do that,” she told Angelica. “You’re hot and he treats you like you’re the lucky one. He isn’t all that. You’ll see that some day.”

Angelica sure hoped that day would come soon. She walked around a corner in the lavish mansion and saw her boyfriend engaged in deep discussion with a tall, willowy blonde. Deep as in his tongue down the woman’s throat.

Angelica decided enough was enough! That asshole! She had driven them there so he could find his own way home! As she made her way to the door, she was stopped by Woodrow Markham. She had only met him on the day she was hired, but he had impressed her as much then as he did now. Close up, he was a true Adonis, dark and handsome with a disarming smile. “Angelica, please don’t tell me that you’re leaving already?” He said. “I wanted to have a drink with you and introduce you to my wife.” The word was that Woodrow Markham’s wife was a stunning, sexy blonde with a terrific figure. Still, she actually felt like he was flirting with her, just a tiny bit. His eyes certainly lingered on her body.

“I – I’m sorry, Mr. Markham, but I have to …” and then she lost it. He took her to a quiet corner and explained the situation to him. His jaw set tight as he looked deep into her brown eyes.

“I will personally make sure he’s removed from the property,” he said to Angelica. “What a monumental idiot. He’s with the sexiest woman at the party and he’s making a play for someone else. Dick!”

Angelica laughed in spite of the situation. She looked up at him with her soulful brown eyes and managed a smile. “You do know how to build up a girl’s ego, but really? The sexiest girl at the party? Me?”

Woodrow looked at her as if astonished. “Someone’s really done a number on you, haven’t they? Christ yes, you’re gorgeous. I noticed you the minute you walked through the door and thought your boyfriend was a lucky bastard. I even pointed you out to my wife and she agreed with me. That’s why I was looking for you; she wants to meet you and get to know you better. Come on, let’s go find Sandra and we can have a drink or two! This is a party!”

Angelica agreed and started feeling better about herself. If this handsome man found her sexy, then dammit, she would be SEXY! She held her head high as they went off looking for his wife.

It didn’t take them long to find his wife. Sandra Markham was descending a beautiful oak staircase that looked as if it had almost been designed for her to make a grand entrance. The curvaceous blonde was wearing a dark blue satin dress with matching long blue gloves. The magnificent dress could not contain her ample breasts. They threatened to spill forth at any minute. As the dress went down, the bottom turned to pale blue lace and Sandra was wearing black stockings and dark blue spike heels. Looking every inch the vamp, Sandra Markham was a stunning Amazon beauty.

Her eyes lit up when she saw Angelica. “Oh good Woody, you found her,” she said as she moved down the stairs a tiny bit faster. The blonde beauty seemed to be thrilled that her husband had located Angelica. “I sent him out on a mission to find you and he did, I’m thrilled. Where was she?”

Angelica went to tell Woodrow not to bother his wife with the petty details, but he beat her to it. Sandra had an angry expression on her lovely face. “That dick! I’d kick her out too, but she’s my fucking sister!” She laughed. She saw Woody’s face frown and laughed harder. “Sorry Angelica, he’s always telling me I swear too much – like a fucking sailor!”

“You do swear too much,” Woodrow told her.

“Well, excuse me, husband sir, but not all of us went to fucking Harvard,” Sandra shot back.

“I went to Yale Sandra, and you damned well know it,” Woodrow replied.

“Well, la-de-da, fancy Ivy League bullshit,” Sandra retorted. Angelica wondered if these two were really arguing and then she saw it was friendly, teasing banter. “Come on with me Angelica, we’re going to open a bottle of the really good stuff and get ripped. Woody’s going to make the rounds and say his good-nights, but you and I can get to know each other better. Christ, your boyfriend’s a fucking moron. Woody’s right, I told him when you walked in – she’s the best looking bitch at this fucking party,” she grinned.

Angelica liked Sandra, despite her tendency for using profanity. She was gorgeous and rich, if the jewelry she was wearing was any indication. She seemed friendly and down to earth, plus she was a bigger girl, like Angelica herself. She knew her worth and wasn’t afraid to flaunt it. Angelica found Sandra Markham to be a very sexy woman and as Sandra fetched them a good bottle of champagne, she told her so.

“Coming from you, I’m very flattered,” Sandra smiled as she sat across from Angelica. She crossed legs that seemed to go on forever and caught Angelica looking. “Yeah, I did get double blessings from the Leg Fairy and the Boob Fairy, didn’t I?” She laughed. “I’m 40 on top and in heels, I’ve got an inch on Woody. I’m 5’11” without them. I’m a big girl but I’m built solid and I like what I’ve got,” she said as she handed Angelica her glass.

“I like what you’ve got too, darling,” Woodrow said as he entered the room and gave his wife a kiss on the cheek. “Damn, I know a lot of CEOs who’d give up half their salaries to be in this room tonight. To beautiful women and we lucky bastards who love ’em,” he toasted.

Angelica drank and enjoyed the champagne. It was easy to discern that it surely was the “good stuff” because it was making her giddy.

“Good, what a fucking hot body you have,” Sandra breathed. “Don’t get me wrong, I love a slender model type at times, but you and me, Angie love, we’re built for guys like Woody here – real men who know what we’ve got to offer.”

A slightly-tipsy Angelica asked “Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“Curves, baby doll. Big tits, lush curves and we know what to do with them. We’ve got power and we can take what they can dish out. We won’t break if the action gets a little rough, you know what I mean?” She grinned.

“I think I do,” Angelica smiled, crossing her own legs. The slit in her dress opened, revealing her own sexy legs. Sandra made no attempt to look away. “Thank you, Sandra. I like your attitude.”

“I like your – everything,” Sandra flirted. “Well Woody, isn’t she an absolute treasure?”

“She is that,” Woodrow answered, taking a seat beside Angelica and not his wife. “Sandra and I liked you from the minute you walked in tonight. Oh, I thought you had potential when I hired you, but tonight, you really brought the wow factor!”

Angelica giggled. This evening certainly had taken a turn for the better.

Sandra leaned close and her gorgeous cleavage was on full display. This time it was Angelica who did not look away. “We were wondering if you might want to stay a little while longer,” she said with a glint in her eyes.

Angelica looked over to a stately Grandfather clock in the corner. “Oh no, I really shouldn’t impose. It’s after 1 and the party will be ending soon and I …”

“The party ended an hour ago,” Woodrow told her, squeezing her knee. “You wouldn’t be imposing; you’d be doing us a favor. Angelica, we’re both very honest people, my wife and I. We’re attracted to you – we’re very attracted to you.”

“What my husband is trying to ask you and taking too long to do it is if you’d like to stay and have a threesome with us,” Sandra sighed heavily. “I’ve never met a woman who turned me on more. Baby, I’d like to gorge myself on your big tits. I’d like to kiss those legs of yours and turn your pussy inside-out. I know my way around a woman’s body and Angie, Woody has a big cock. A very big cock and he can really put it to a girl. I think you can handle him, the question is, are you up for some fun and games?”

Angelica let her mind think this over for a minute. She knew that she should likely be shocked or put off, but she was neither of those things. She was, if anything, curious. Curious and a whole lot turned on. She found Woodrow to be a striking man and Sandra’s animal magnetism hung all around her. This was a new year approaching and with it; why not bring a new Angelica to the party?

“I think I’d like that, yes,” Angelica smiled. She leaned in close to Woodrow and purred in his ear “I hope you can give me a really good fuck, Mr. Markham. I hope what Sandra was saying about you having a big cock wasn’t just her trying to lure me into your bed. I need a really big cock and a really, really good fuck.”

“I think under the circumstances, you can call him Woody and you can call me Sandy,” Sandra smiled as she stood up and took Angelica’s hand.

“I hate it when she calls me Woody,” Woodrow Markham groused.

“That’s why I do it, but he loves me anyway,” Sandra whispered as she led Angelica up the stairs.

“This is the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen, it must have 15 rooms,” Angelica smiled as they walked towards the master bedroom.

“Twenty and it costs a fortune to run and staff,” Woodrow complained.

“I love a big house and Woody, you’re almost a billionaire, you can afford it,” Sandra smiled as they walked into the most opulent bedroom that Angelica had ever seen.

“You could hold an orgy in this house and not run into the same person for a few days,” Angelica joked, trying to calm her nerves.

“I like the way this girl thinks,” Sandra laughed. “You know Woody, we’ve never done that – had an orgy. We should think about it.”

“What a greedy cunt, we’ve got one new girlfriend and she already wants more,” Woodrow griped. “Let’s handle one thing at a time, Sandra.”

“Good idea, lover,” Sandra purred. “Come here Angelica, I want to handle you right now.”

Angelica was a bundle of nerves; she had never been intimate with a woman before. Yet her heart was racing and her pussy was damp. She wasn’t at all hesitant as Sandra took her in her arms and they kissed. She believed that she wanted this almost as much as Sandra did.

“Oh, so sweet,” Angelica breathed as Sandra’s lips kissed her own. The blonde’s tongue shot out and instinctively, Angelica sucked on it. They continued kissing while Woodrow got out of his jacket and tie. He couldn’t take his eyes off of them, not for a second. His wife was the woman of his dreams, but Angelica was a very close second. She and Sandra tumbled to the bed, Sandra on top and trying to release Angelica’s big tits. When she succeeded, the wavy-haired brunette let out a tiny whimper. Sandra was sucking on her big boobs with a practiced expertise. Angelica was a mass of gooey flesh at the hands and lips of a master bi-sexual.

“Damn, that’s hot,” Woodrow breathed as he removed his shirt. Angelica’s eyes were on him and he was glad he worked out every day. He would need his strength for what lay ahead of him this night.

“You should feel it from over here,” Angelica teased. “Come to think of it, get your ass over here while I undress your wife. She isn’t the only one in this room who is dying to suck on a pair of big tits.” Angelica made a motion and opened Sandra’s dress and scooped out her luscious breasts. She sucked and fondled each one, loving the way they felt on her lips and under her hands. “God, you gorgeous blonde bitch, you make me so horny!” She groaned as she tugged more of the dress away.

“Likewise,” Sandra sighed as she gave in to her new lover’s advances. This hot brunette was adapting quite nicely. She just hoped that Woody wouldn’t scare her away. The two women fumbled with each other’s clothes until their gowns lay in crumpled piles on the floor. Only stockings and heels remained when they were done. Now they rolled around on the bed, kissing and fondling. Woodrow was almost left out until Sandra saw him from the corner of her eye.

“My poor baby, Woody’s being ignored,” Sandra laughed. “Okay Angie, don’t panic – I told you, he’s fucking humungous. Just work him over as best you can, I’ll help. He loves two-girl blowjobs.”

When Woodrow hauled out his cock, Angelica saw that Sandra’s words had not been idle boasting. Her employer was possessed of the biggest, thickest cock she had ever seen. She moved forward and looked up at him with her dark eyes. “I fuckin’ love big cocks,” she smiled as she slipped it into her mouth. Sandra was astonished, even she hadn’t been able to do that the first time out. Angelica was proving to be quite the naughty little partner.

She was moving up and down on it without gagging, so Sandra fit in wherever she could and kept on touching Angelica to remind the other woman that she was there. As if Angelica could forget! They were both sucking Woodrow’s cock and when he came, he almost drowned them with his cum. The two of them shared his sperm until they were both cleaned up and snuggled together. Woodrow knew what was going to happen next and he was right. His wife moved on top of Angelica and they shared a torrid ’69’ that stiffened his cock for another round.

“You’re ours,” Sandra panted as the two of them broke their embrace. “We’re going to keep fucking you so well that you’ll never want to leave us. Go on Woody; give her your big cock. How do you want it, you gorgeous brunette slut?”

Every word Sandra used was calculated to inflame Angelica and she knew it. “I never get to be on top,” she said to the handsome couple. “I love riding cock and I want to ride your big cock. Woodrow, I’m going to fuck you and Sandy, why don’t you ride his face? We can kiss and rub our tits together; I can’t get enough of your fuckin’ hot body.”

Sandra’s smile almost lit up the room because she felt exactly the same way as Angelica did. Angelica lowered her body on top of her muscular boss and started to ride him. His thick prick filled her to entirety, but as Sandra had pointed out, they were big girls and could take what he dished out. She fucked him hard and mashed her body against Sandra’s. This was the way sex would have to be for her now, wild and unpredictable. She couldn’t take simple fucking from idiots like Stewart anymore. She needed it passionate with a touch of kinky. With her new confidence, she didn’t doubt she would find it easily.

“Fuck Woodrow, you really do have a fucking nice pecker, you lucky whore Sandy, fuck me Woodrow, put it deep inside me, I’m cumming, I’m CUMMING!!” She howled as the climax ripped throughout her body. Sandra’s face told of a similar fate and Woodrow followed close behind, with the woman again sharing his spunk.

They shared another fuck or three, with Sandra getting fucked from behind while she tongued Angelica’s pussy. When they all collapsed, the sun was just coming up.

They all awoke at about the same time, changed and went down for a late brunch. “We are going to want to do that with you again,” Sandra smiled. “Angelica, you’re addictive.”

“I agree,” Woodrow said. “And I have an idea that I got from a comment Sandra made last night – about your being ours? My chief of staff is retiring in six month’s time. I can have him train you and you’ll be ready to replace him when he goes. There is a generous salary, bonuses, benefits and you can’t beat the living arrangements,” he grinned.

“Oh? Where would I be living?”

“Here,” Sandra smiled happily and leaned in for a kiss.

“When can I start?” Angelica smiled and licked her lips naughtily.

“As soon as I’ve finished eating,” Woodrow sighed with a teasing grin. “A man needs to keep up his strength.”

“Join us when you’re done,” Sandra said as she jumped off her stool and took Angelica with her. From the smile on both of their faces, he knew he had made the right decision.

A few days later, the office buzz was all about Angelica Bowman and the H-O-T outfit she had worn to work. No one knew where she had got the confidence, but she was rocking a low-cut silk blouse and a tight black PVC miniskirt with boots and 4-inch heels. The men sure weren’t complaining and even some of the women kept glancing sideways at her.

Angelica was determined to put her best foot forward, staring today. It was just as Barbie had told her, she had to work with what she had and she had a lot. She thought of Barbie and dialed her friend at work.

“Hey Barb, you free for dinner? Really, that’s great! Yeah, I’ve got a lot to talk to you about. Listen, why don’t you take a sick day tomorrow – I’ll open some wine, I want to tell you all about what’s happened with me in the past few days,” Angelica smiled. She thought of Barbie’s petite, sexy body and felt a warm tingle between her legs. “I promise you baby, tonight, we two are going to have the time of our lives.”

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