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With the Boys

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“Steph?” Sean walked through the front door of the house he shared with his girlfriend as he and his buddies Kyle and Brock walked in the door. All of them were still in uniform since they had been in a hurry to get home and watch the game and had needed to make the necessary pit stops for pizza and beer. Sean had expected Steph to be hanging out in the living room waiting for them to get home but she wasn’t there.

“Just put the beer in the fridge and I’ll go find Steph.” Sean motioned Brock and Kyle forward into the kitchen and climbed the steps to the bedroom two at a time.

“Steph?” Sean walked into the bedroom and found Steph asleep on top of the covers. Sean grinned as he saw the small puddle of drool pooling underneath her chin. For some reason these small imperfections always made Sean’s heart melt when he saw them. They had known each other for a long time before they ever got the chance for all of those simple day to day things that other people took for granted and Sean still found great delight in each and every one of them.

Sean walked up to the bed and slid his hand through Steph’s hair and then tightened his fingers. Just enough pressure to gently wake her up and keep her head still as she did so. “Sean?” Steph opened her eyes and took in Sean’s uniform and her eyes actually dilated with desire. That uniform fetish of her’s was also a source of delight for Sean. He thought it was adorable how hot just the sight of him in his uniform could make her. Of course the sight of him out of his uniform was equally as arousing but he was always too busy when they got to that point to appreciate the cuteness of that particular character trait. Sean heard the small intake of breath that was almost a gasp and watched as Steph wiped the drool from her chin self-consciously. “Fuck…” this was whispered under Steph’s breath as she realized that she couldn’t move her head and her breath began to sound suspiciously like panting.

“Hey Sean did you find her?” Kyle called up from downstairs and again Sean saw that flash of arousal in Steph’s eyes. Sean grinned when he spotted that flash and he suddenly realized that the game might be called on account of games of a different sort.

“Yeah I found her.” Sean called down. “Just relax and we’ll be down in a couple.” He turned back to his girlfriend with a grin, “Time to get up and serve our guests Steph.” Sean said and Steph’s eyes widened at the double entendre she heard in Sean’s voice. She knew that Sean had talked to his friends about taking part in a foursome because it was something that Steph had always been curious about.

“Today?” this was squeaked from Steph’s throat and Sean saw the arousal and fear in equal portions warring for supremacy on Steph’s face.

Sean’s hand tightened in her hair and he crouched down to look straight into her eyes. “This one is your call love.” The look of tenderness on Sean’s face coupled with the constant pull of his hand on her hair made the decision for her. She wanted this experience. She had wanted it for a very long time but she had never felt safe enough to let go and actually do it. With Sean she knew she was safe with every fibre of her being. He would keep her safe and that meant she could let go and just be.

Sean saw the moment Steph made her decision and she confirmed it by pulling slightly against his hand to reach for a kiss. Sean dropped his head and pulled Steph up the three inches so their tongues could tangle with each other passionately. Steph moaned deep in her throat as Sean’s hands slid down to her shoulder’s and held them firmly but not too hard. “Are you ready?”

The look in his eyes was mischievous and playful and Steph took a deep breath to steady her nerves. She did want this but the reality of it was overwhelming. She looked deep into his eyes and was reassured by the steadiness of his gaze. She knew he would stop everything if she said the word, but she didn’t want to stop.”Ready.” Steph said and then returned Sean’s grin with her own.

“Get yourself ready then, love and meet us in the tv room.”

Steph nodded with an answering smile and said, “Don’t get naked yourselves babe. I want the pleasure of peeling off those uniforms all by myself.” As she said this she gave a husky chuckle and Sean felt his cock start to stiffen at that sound. Oh this was going to be fun!

Sean bounced down the stairs like a kid on Christmas morning and met his buddies in the tv room. “Hey guys,” he said as he walked in. “Looks like we are PVRing the game for some other more energetic fun.” Sean chuckled as he said this and Brock and Kyle looked over at him. As his words registered with them they both broke out into identical grins that made Sean answer with one of his own.

Kyle reached up to begin taking off his uniform but Sean shook his head. “You know how Steph is about uniforms,” Sean said with a grin, “She has informed me she wants the pleasure of peeling ours off all to herself.” Those words made Kyle groan just a bit. And Sean answered that groan by grinning still wider. Steph was pretty damn hot and Sean knew that Kyle had been antsy to get his hands on those luscious tits of hers ever since Sean had brought up the possibility of this foursome. Kyle was the shortest of the guys with the stockiest build and brown hair and eyes. Right now those brown eyes with beaming with lust and Sean let out a chuckle.

When the three guys heard the sound of Steph walking down the stairs they all turned to look over so they could see her enter the room. When she did, Sean and both of his buddies groaned in unison because Steph was gorgeous. She had on a black and red bustier and matching thong and she had left her thick, dark hair long and flowing to her shoulders. Her tits were an ample 36F and her hips were slim with a softly rounded ass that filled out her thong to perfection. Perhaps even more attractive than her physical beauty however was the fact that she was comfortable in her own skin.

There is a look that a woman has in her eyes when she is aware of her sexual power and revels in it and Steph had that in spades. It was one of the things that had first attracted Sean to her and even now when they had been partners for nearly a year that self confidence that seemed to ooze unconsciously from Steph still had the capacity to make Sean want her as often as he could get his hands on her. The things they had done sexually with each other would make most people slack jawed perhaps but the thing that amazed Sean most was that no matter what kinky, delicious things they did together and occasionally with other people Steph had a way of making Sean feel like the only person in the room that mattered. Even now with the three guys looking over at her with near identical expressions of anticipation and lust Steph looked over at Sean first and held his gaze as she paused in the doorway. She waited there for a sign from him as to how he wanted to proceed and he felt his love for this woman roll over him like a tidal wave. It wasn’t that Steph wasn’t perfectly capable of taking charge sexually. She did that frequently and it was exquisite to witness but she seemed to recognize instinctively that in this situation, with his friends, he would want to be clearly in charge. The fact that he didn’t even need to verbalize those thoughts with her just made him adore her even more.

“Kyle why don’t you pull out the computer chair and take a seat.” Sean said this without breaking Steph’s gaze. Kyle rushed to obey and sat down with an audible thump. This brought a chuckle from both Sean and Brock but all of the guys heads snapped up as Steph uttered what could only be described as a growl as she sauntered with unconscious grace towards Kyle. She kneeled at his feet and reached her hands up to run them firmly from Kyle’s shoulders down his body. Steph had a huge thing for uniforms especially military ones and having three soldiers to undress and play with was a special treat. The look in Steph’s eyes was almost feral as her hands slid down Kyle’s chest to rest on his thighs. She licked her lips and then angled her head towards Sean again and saw his nod of assent before reaching forward to unzip Kyle’s pants and free his cock and balls from within the confines of his boxer briefs. Kyle leaned back in the chair to allow Steph easier access and he moaned as he watched her lean forward and begin licking his cock with long, slow licks using the flat of her tongue. She started at the base of his cock and worked her way up and around the whole circumference of his shaft. His cock had dimensions similar to the rest of Kyle’s body in that it was short but stocky but even so Steph took her time reaching the head and Kyle squirmed in his seat and bucked his hips up in a non-verbal plea for more. When she reached the head of Kyle’s shaft Steph began gently sucking the looser skin on the side of his cock into her mouth and nibbling down his length using only her lips and tongue. When she reached the base she swirled her tongue around his balls sacks and gently sucked them into her mouth. Kyle moaned harshly and Sean smirked knowing that if he could have formulated a thought in his lust addled brain it would have been to curse Sean for being the luckiest bastard alive because the whole time Steph was licking and nibbling at his length Kyle could see her eyes looking over his shoulder to where Sean was watching.

Brock was still sitting on the couch in a pose that was meant to convey relaxed ease but he was failing miserably at it. As much as he tried to stifle the small squirming motions that his body was intent on producing, he couldn’t and Sean would have laughed at his impersonation of a kid in a candy store but at that moment Steph had finally reached the head of Kyle’s cock again and sucked him deep in a sudden movement that had all three men moaning at the erotic sight laid out before them. Steph began bobbing her head and sucking Kyle’s cock deep into her mouth. Sean could tell that all thoughts of anything except the incredible pleasure Steph was inflicting on him with her mouth and tongue had fled Kyle’s mind. Having been on the receiving end of Steph’s oral attentions for over a year now Sean could empathize.He swore that Steph could suck a man’s brain through his cock because when she focused all of her cock-sucking prowess on you there was no way that any man could resist her power. Steph sucked Kyle all the way to the back of her throat and then hollowed out her cheeks and applied hard suction all the way up his length before pulling off of him with an audible pop.

“Sean,” Steph moaned as she motioned to where Brock was sitting and Sean answered her with a grin.

“You’re up Brock.” Sean motioned his friend forward and Brock didn’t need to be told twice.

He reached up to undo his pants but his hands were slapped away by Steph as she reached to do the honour. “I get to undress my soldier boys” Steph said with a husky chuckle and a grin at Sean. Sean answered with a grin of his own as he leaned back to enjoy the show. Not to say he wouldn’t be jumping into the action in a little while but at the moment he was watching Steph ‘handle the room’ and enjoying the feel of his cock rock hard and making a wet spot on his boxers. Sean enjoyed the slow ramp up of arousal so this was plenty fine by him.

Steph undid Brock’s uniform pants and nuzzled into his cock enjoying the silky feel of his skin on her cheek. While she acquainted herself with Brock her other hand stroked Kyle slowly. Keeping him on edge but not giving him enough stimulation to come. Steph pulled Brock’s cock out of his pants and admired his impressive offering. He was longer than Kyle but not quite as wide. Steph had never seen a cock she didn’t think was exquisite in its own special way and Brock’s lovely cock was no exception. The whole time she was admiring Brock she was aware of Sean’s gaze on her like a physical caress. She had never felt so impossibly turned on in all of her 40 years. Steph would never have guessed that she would ever meet anyone with whom she could embrace all of her most kinky fantasies. She knew bone deep that Sean would keep her safe and help her realize every one of them she wanted to. Just the thought of Sean watching her perform with his friends and getting turned on by the sight of it made her moan against Brock’s dick and she felt him jump at the sensation. She turned her head and mouth towards him and sucked him deep in one quick motion, choking slightly as he hit the back of her throat. Her tongue was moving quickly, massaging the underside of his cock while her mouth pulled on him with a powerful suction.

“Holy fuck.” Brock uttered the words like a prayer and his head leaned back causing his short blond hair to gleam in a patch of sunlight. And while Steph set up a quick pace bobbing up and down on Brock and then stopping to rub her tongue back and forth along the underside of his cock her hand didn’t stop stroking Kyle. When Steph felt an involuntary jerk from Brock she switched tactics and moved her mouth over to Kyle while she started stroking Brock with long, smooth motions.

Steph saw movement from the corner where Sean had been standing and then felt his hands cupping the back of her head as she continued to suck Kyle deep into her mouth. Sean didn’t force her mouth down farther or do anything else to guide the action but the feel of his hands on her head caused a shudder to course through Steph as her anticipation ramped up. God she loved that man.

“Undress them love.” Sean said as his hands gently stroked through Steph’s long dark hair before clutching at it to give it one quick powerful jerk and then releasing it.

Steph moaned at the sensation because having her hair pulled was a huge turn on for her and no one had ever done it just perfectly right the way that Sean seemed to manage every damn time. Steph moved quickly and began to undress her soldier boys as she had cheekily called them. First Kyle and then Brock’s clothing fell into identical piles on the floor and then Steph turned her attention to Sean. She kissed his boots before unlacing them and then began to slowly remove them from his feet. This reverent treatment continued as she kissed each piece of clothing before removing it from his body. Kyle and Brock were getting impatient and Steph felt first one and then two sets of hands rubbing over her body but she was not distracted from her task. Impossibly aroused and incredibly wet, absolutely, but not distracted.

When Brock pushed her tiny bit of nothing thong to the side and slid his fingers past her soaking wet labia and into her dripping wet pussy to tap on her g-spot Steph widened her stance and moaned before kissing the t-shirt Sean wore under his uniform and pulling it up and off his body. On the other side of her Kyle was upping the ante by twisting and pulling at her luscious nipples which he had pulled up out of the top of her bustier. Sean leaned forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth and gave it a sharp bite and Steph gasped and moaned at the sensation. Between Brock pistoning in and out of her pussy with his two fingers and Kyle pulling and tugging at one nipple while Sean sucked the other into his mouth Steph could feel her legs begin to tremble and knew she was close to orgasm. Sean looked up into her eyes from his position at her breast and again bit down with perfect precision and Steph threw her head back and moaned harshly and she felt herself break apart as her orgasm hit hard and fast. Brock gentled his fingers in her pussy as he felt Steph clench and pulse around them and Kyle and Sean gently sucked and licked at her breasts as Steph tried to catch her breath.

“Fu-uck.” Steph breathed the word out in a gasping sigh and her knees buckled slightly as she fell forward into Sean.

Sean caught Steph under her arms and gently lowered her to the floor and she finished pulling off his pants and socks with hasty kisses on his clothing as they were slid off of his body and then reached for his cock with her mouth. Since Kyle was also in front of her she grabbed his cock with her other hand and began stroking. She put her other hand on Sean`s hip and pulled him closer to Kyle so that she could suck him deep and then pull off and do the same to Kyle alternating back and forth and using her hand on the off strokes.

While Steph was busy with Kyle and Sean, Brock lay on the floor and shuffled himself up so that his head lay between Steph`s spread thighs as she kneeled on the floor. He wrapped his hands around her luscious ass and pushed her thong farther out of the way as he pulled her down the six inches to place her pussy at just the right spot to stroke and suck and lick her with his lips and tongue. Steph put both of her hands on Kyle and Sean’s hips to pull them forward so that she could continue sucking and stroking them in an alternating pattern. The motions of Brock’s lips and tongue were damned distracting though and holy hell could the man eat pussy like a dream. Steph wondered vaguely if Brock would be as turned on as Sean got if she ground her pussy into his face so she decided to test it out. The groan that she felt as a vibration on her cunt answered that question with clarity and soon Steph had a definitely rhythm going which involved fucking her cunt into Brock’s willing mouth and tongue while alternately sucking and stroking Kyle and Sean.

“Steph,” Sean groaned above her and Steph looked up as she gave his cock a long and strong lick before wrapping her lips around his head and muttering hmmmm around his cock which made him groan again as the vibration passed through his cock. Sean grabbed at her hair and gave another of his perfect sharp tugs and said, “Need to be inside you Steph. Now baby girl.” Steph grinned with her mouth wrapped around his cock and gave a strong suck and pulled off with an audible pop.

“Where do you want to be Sean?” Steph asked the question and Sean felt a swelling of lust and love and heat for the woman on her knees before him grinding her pussy into his friends face and yet looking at him in a way that left no doubt in his mind as to who filled her thoughts and claimed her heart.

“Want your pussy Steph.” Sean answered with another groan as Steph leaned forward to suck his cockhead with a swirling motion meant to bring any man to his knees.

“Onto the rug babe.” Steph answered with a grin. “I am going to ride you.” Sean answered without words as he pulled away and lay back on the sheepskin rug that lay in front of the fire. He had caught flack from his friends for the fluffy white thing but it was hellishly comfortable so he was going to have the last laugh tonight when his buddies realized what the “frou frou” rug was really for! Steph gave Kyle one more strong and deep suck and then gave his cock a slight tug to pull him towards where Sean was laying on the rug. “Kyle I want to drink you down and Brock,” Steph looked down into Brock’s eyes as they peered at her hazed with lust from his position underneath her. “Grab the lube and supplies that are in the end table over there and get ready to ride me too.” That made Brock moan as he pulled his lips from her soaked pussy and moved quickly to grab lube and a condom.

Brock ripped open the package and went to put it on his dick but Steph shook her head and place it into her mouth and positioned herself over his cock before sliding the condom on with only her lips and tongue. “Fuck!” Brock hissed at the sensation and had to breathe deeply to avoiding coming on the spot at the incredibly erotic sight of Steph sliding the condom down his length with her mouth. Then Steph turned and crawled up Sean’s legs and settled her pussy over his cock before pushing down swiftly and taking him to the hilt in one motion. Sucking him into her warm, wet heat and leaning down to kiss his mouth before taking Kyle’s cock back into her hand and tilting her ass so that Brock had access as he began to prep her with his lube slicked fingers. Steph moaned because even his fingers felt impossibly thick with Sean’s cock filling her pussy to the hilt on the other side of that thin barrier of skin.

Steph began to moan constantly as Brock fucked her ass with his fingersand finally she was ready and she felt his fingers leave her with a sucking sound and she mourned their loss.

She didn’t have to wait long though and then she felt his cock at her ass as it began to push forward. “Oh fuck,” Steph had no words to describe the feeling of fullness as she felt Brock’s cock pushing forward slowly. She panted helplessly and her hand which was still stroking Kyle’s cock faltered in it’s rhythm as her whole being seemed to close in on the feeling of being filled impossibly full.

After a relatively short period of time Sean and Brock had found an alternating rhythm which worked and the friction of the two of their cocks rubbing through the thin barrier between Steph’s ass and pussy felt so good that Steph was moaning nearly constantly. She pushed her hand through Kyle’s legs and pulled him closer with a hand to his ass so that she could suck his cock while Sean and Brock worked their magic. Steph felt like she was drowning in the sensations assaulting her body from all fronts. The friction of the two cocks inside her body was similar to how she felt when Sean used a toy to fill one hole while fucking the other but it was like comparing a spring shower to a tropical storm. Both got you wet but the intensity wasn’t even comparable. Of course there were benefits to the intimacy of just she and Sean in their bed and she wouldn’t give that up for a foursome every night but as an experience for the bucket list this one was unbelievably amazing!

Steph felt Kyle’s hand grip her head on both sides and begin a slow glide into her mouth. She moaned again because she adored the feeling of having her face fucked. Sean kept leaning up and giving her breasts nips between plunges of his cock deep into her pussy and Brock had set up a pounding rhythm in her ass. Steph could feel the absolute sensory overload and then Sean reached between their bodies and put his thumb over her clitoris and that was all it took to have her screaming around the cock in her mouth as her whole body shook with sensation. The feel of her clenching around their cocks had first Sean and then Brock following her over the edge in short order. The feel of their cocks pulsing inside of her at nearly the same moment was incredible and Steph moaned loudly and sucked hard on Kyle’s cock in answer. Kyle picked up the pace of his strokes into Steph’s mouth and then came with a shout of his own as he jetted his cum into Steph’s eager mouth. His knees buckled as he came and he fell onto the rug with a thump and stretched out next to the pile of bodies that were Sean, Brock and Steph.

Brock pulled out carefully and tied off and disposed of the condom. Luckily there was a wastebasket close by because he wasn’t entirely convinced that he could walk under his own power at the moment. He stretched out on the opposite side of Steph and Sean and tried to catch his breath.

Steph and Sean didn’t move from their position curled into each other. Steph kept rubbing her hair back and forth on Sean’s chest and felt Sean’s cock soften and fall out of her body. Still they lay on the rug with their arms wrapped around each other. Sean reached for Steph’s chin and kissed her slow and long and deep and Steph sighed contentedly. She did enjoy their sexual adventures but knowing that when the adventures were done there were always Sean’s arms to curl up into was the ultimate pleasure and one she doubted she would ever tire of.

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