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Witches Dance

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Camille is my petite wife, 34B-22-34, dark hair, very good looking. She has always been very stylish and popular. Her solid French stock is apparent, and her exquisite taste in clothes, jewelry, and lingerie has always been a source of great pleasure to me. I love her with all my heart.

“Tim, we’re late for the ward meeting. Remember, we need to drop off Brad and Jeremy with Nana for the weekend.”

“It seems strange to be away from the boys on Halloween. Are you sure this is the right thing to do?”

“Certain. My mind is made up. Now help me into my dress.”

At the ward meeting, we found our clique. We had joined together to fight an increase in our property taxes, found out we had a great deal in common, and soon the wives became so close that they were signed in to pick up each other’s children from school. We trusted them. I liked the guys, but we were all so very different. But here in Alexandria, in the suburbs of Washington D.C., different was beautiful. Nobody wanted to be labeled a conformist. Everybody wanted to rebel a little.

Hannah came to me, her large figure still sultry, as her 42DD-36-40 frame was never far from hot thoughts. She wore low cut, sheer blouses, with bras to accent and reveal her deep cleavage. She wrapped herself around me, practically smothering my face with her huge hooters.

“I’m so glad you are here. I brought your order. We’ll get it from the car on the way out.”

Hannah ran an erotic toy company from her home, for women only, and her persuasive nature had doubled and redoubled the number and variety of sex toys in our home. I often had erotic fantasies of the wives trying all the
toys out on each other before they bought them, and the memory gave me a harden right in the middle of everything. Luckily, Hannah had moved on to Camille, giving her the same hug, and I could have sworn I saw my wife wrap her hands around Hannah’s big ass. Before I could check, a beautiful woman stepped in front of me, elegant, obviously rich.
“Hello, Tim. SO glad to see you here tonight. Can we count
on you two for Friday?”

“Absolutely, Rachel. You look stunning tonight, by the way.”

“Oh, I’m so very glad you noticed. A woman like me just feeds on the attention you know. All I have to live for. Not like you and Camille, with Brad and Jeremy.”

“Matthew loves you. You mean everything to him.”
“Matthew loves his money, his power, and the fact that no one can say no to him. If he doesn’t get me pregnant soon, I’m sure he’ll just move on to another beauty.”

“How can you say that? He talks about you all the time!”

“Just like he talks about his yacht! I’m a trophy wife. Oh, gotta go.”
“Kirsten bounced up, her short blond hair in a page boy cut waving like pom poms.

“Hi. Johnathan got a gig. You coming

“Why is everyone so concerned about Friday? I thought this was the big bash, tonight the councilors report on the tax increase.”

“Taxes go up. Taxes go down. I had to pay for a sub for Jon-Jon, so he could have the weekend free. Gotta boogie. Later.”

Nora came up to me, her long, straight blond hair flying like a flag behind her as she moved with great style. At least three to four inches taller than Kirsten, they both had roughly the same body, 36C-26-36.

“Just back from Aspen, dear. They already have such delicious powder out there. Why don’t you and Camille join Michael and I sometime?”

“I ‘m sure Camille would Love that! I love that you’re the first woman NOT to ask me about Friday.”

“Oh, dear, you ARE cumming, aren’t you?”

“Yes, of course. I just don’t understand…”

“Shhh, darling. Some mysteries must remain mysteries to the uninitiated That’s what they always told me in my sorority. Now do be a dear, and help me find my husband.”

“Michael’s over there, bending the ear of our councilman.”

“Thanks. See you. Friday.”

Heather pinched my butt. “Hey!” I exclaimed.

“”Hay is for horses. You know a pinch from an Irish lass means good luck!” Heather was no Irish milkmaid. Her body was much closer to Camille’s, petite, small breasted, firm, but with thick swimmers thighs Her tight, firm frame and pixie cute face had fueled many fantasies in bed with my wife. Her impish and brazen assaults on my body did nothing to discourage my interest.

“Come now, kiss me good and rub my hair for luck!”

Planting herself on me, she kissed me passionately, until her tall strapping husband, Wil strode up.

“And what do we have here? Having a go at wife, are ye? And in public, then!”

Before I could answer, Heather said “Tim was just trying to get lucky, I mean he was kissing me for good luck.”

“If that be, then you better be movin’ on then”.

As she left, Wil bent down to me and said “Pinch her on the ass next time me boy, or tweak her nipples a good one. It’ll serve the witch right!”

Kevin joined us and pretty soon his easygoing nature took over the conversation. Wil left to go harangue another target of his flirt of a wife, and Kevin started to confide in me.

“I don’t know what is going on, but something is definitely UP. Every single one of my wife’s friends has asked me about the dance party, the costume ball on Friday night. What do you know?”

“Hell, Kevin, you know more than me! I didn’t know it was costumes, and didn’t know there would be dancing. About the only thing I do know is that everybody insists we go, and we had to clear the entire weekend. I hear signals from Camille that Rachel is involved. Maybe we are being taken for a cruise on their yacht. I hear six couples could fit in it and have room to spare.”

“I don’t know about that. What I do know is that Hannah has been sewing like crazy for the past two weeks, with black and red cloth, and all the wives have been over for fittings. SO put that in your pipe and smoke it!”

Like Hannah, Kevin was either slightly overweight, or slightly under tall, but he was the most loyal, friendly, easygoing person you could ask for. His own balding crown was “due to the intense libidinous fire within” he often told us, which never failed to produce chortling and laughing beyond measure, as he took bows. He never minded being court jester, never took offense, and He and Hannah doted on each other with obvious, evident love. Their affection for everyone else was well known, and rumors of her erotic toy parties wide spread.

Friday came, and Camille picked up the boys at school and took them to her mother’s. We came home and started getting dressed for the party, which was at seven. Camille put on her best Victoria’s Secret lingerie, trying several different colors and styles, until she decided that basic black was it, after all. I thought she was doing it just to drive me wild, which it did. Then she put on her costume. It had an almost knee length skirt, slit all the way to the waist, a top with long sleeves that zipped up the back. In front, she adjusted it several times. The padded shoulders yielded to a plunging neckline, which only ended down around her navel. A loop went right across her breasts, pulling them together. I saw why she chose the quarter cup bra: other than the small band of fabric between her breasts, it looked like she was wearing no bra at all. The intense sensation of staring at my wife’s cleavage was broken by her chiding me.

“Oh, Tim! You should be dressed by now! Don’t make us late!” she quickly suited me up in my Knight’s costume, and we were off.

The party was in the gym that had been grafted onto Rachel and Matthew’s house. She gave ballet lessons here, but it looked very different tonight. There were roses everywhere, and only three tables. One long one against the wall had a set of obviously catered drinks and snacks. Another, near the door, had set out seating arrangements printed with little name cards, and Halloween decorations, which like the roses, were everywhere. The last table at the back, had a big black cloth draped over it, and a sign warned “Don’T Touch!”

There was already music playing, fashionable, pop, and dancible. “Let’s dance” Camille offered. She swayed her hips to the music, and I watched every move.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder “Cutting in!”

Heather grabbed my ass firmly in both hands as the music changed to a slow tune. Pressing her small breasts into me, I noticed she was wearing the same outfit as Camille, and looked damn good in it, too. I noticed Wil playing a little grab ass with my wife, as the dance floor filled with all six couples. As each song came on, they would switch partners.

Kirsten pressed her full set of knockers against me, and I enjoyed her hands roaming all over me. Rachel came for me next, during an especially slow song, hugging me deeply, laying her head on my shoulder. It was a very tender moment for everyone on the dance floor. The beat changed, and suddenly Nora was in my arms, flashing the red satin lining of her cape, vibrant and active. The next song was slower, and Hannah wrapped her soft body around me as she held me tightly. We danced like that, we ate, we chatted, socialized, drank a little, except for Wil, who drank a lot. Time flowed by. At ten, Rachel called us all to listen to her. “I’m so glad you all came here tonight. We are having this party to celebrate a very special event. Gentle witches, reveal your first secret.” Camille bowed in front of me, as did all the wives in front of their own husbands. Then she rose, and her costume was gone, except for the cape! My wife was standing there in nothing more than her lingerie, concealed by the cape. The music started again, and we danced.

“You like?” Camille asked, her face smiling widely. “Of course I like you like this. Do you want everyone to see?”

“Oh, yes. And more.” she teased.

The song ended before I could follow up on that question, and Rachel’s smoldering beauty was in my hands. She wore passionate purple lingerie, pressing her tight body into me after I’d gotten a good eyeful, wrapping herself around me as we danced slowly.

“What’s going on? Why are you dressed like this?”

“It’s Halloween. Trick-or-Treat. DO you 1ike my treats?” Rachel kissed me, and the room faded. Her kiss was so intense, there was nothing else in the room for me right then, just her near nakedness pressed against me. She moved my hands down to the twin spheres of her ass, and I reacted with a hunger for her I never knew I had.

Then the song changed, and Heather was pinching my ass again, so I tweaked her nipples hard. She crushed me in a deep hug, kissing me like she was burning up inside and only I could put her fire out. Nora had to peel her off of me when the song ended. Her slow luxurious kiss was in direct contrast to her active nature, but her soft body soothed me, and I heated up and cooled down all at the same time. Her basic black lingerie was soaked, and I could smell the excitement rising in waves from the women.

Kirsten came to me, bouncing and wriggling, rubbing herself all over me, kissing me with burning liquor on her lips. Hannah glided in when the music changed, then her hot tongue took my breath away. I’d found three women who could really kiss, and my guess was that Nora and Kirsten had other talents that made up for their kissing. I knew Camille could kiss, and my first thought of her in a half an hour was framed by the look of ecstasy she had, obviously enjoying kissing Michael.

The music changed, and Camille came back to me. My wife was very turned on. Her hot kiss drove me back, as she started rubbing my cock. Superman, Batman, Tin man, Captain America, The Flash, we were all getting very personal messages from our wives.

The song ended, and Rachel said “I’m so glad to welcome you all to the Temple of Hymen, the sacred ground, the Palace of Venus herself. All of our good witches have made a pact, to protect you, and to enrich you. Gentle Witches, reveal your second secret.”

Camille undid the clasp on her cape, the clasp on her bra, and simply untied her panties and kicked them away. Each of the other women had done the same, and it was an assault on the senses. Rachel came to me as the music started, undressing me, throwing the costume under the table piece by piece. She kissed me as before, except that her insistent nipples were drilling into my chest, and my fully hard penis was crushed between us. Heather came to me, stroking my hard cock with her hand, guiding my hands back to her nipples. I tweaked them again, and she was digging her nails into my ass like she was clawing to get inside me. Kirsten came and pried Heather off of me, kissing me softly while she rubbed her big breasts into my hairy chest. Nora came to take her place, and her kissing was now more insistent, as she stroked my cock and guided my hand into her wet snatch. Hannah hugged us both, rubbing her soft body into both of us, gently patting Nora on the ass to let her know it was time to move on. Hannah moved my hand between her legs, and at first I thought she’d peed on me, but she was simply dripping with excitement. Somebody had given her a pretty good fingering. Somebody who might be fingering Camille, right now.

Rachel took the mike and spoke again. “Gentle Lovers, Gentle Witches. We are al1 enchanted tonight. We have come so far, without any bad tempers or guilt. I’m going to leave it at that, and ask each Gentle Witch to reveal her third secret.”

There was nothing left for Camille to take off but her stockings, and so I wasn’t surprised when she pulled my hand between her legs, pressed her body to me, and said “Tim, I’m so turned on. You know you’re not the one who made me wet like this. Other men have already seen me, touched me. You’ve done the same to their wives. The six of us have made a pact. One weekend per month, you will get one of us as your wife for the weekend. In return, of course, I must be the wife for another man. You may do whatever you want together, and I hope you will. You can force us to drop out now, and we will never be allowed to return. If you say yes, tonight, now, one of these other beautiful women will take you home. Only Rachel knows who is paired up with whom. I’m so hot, and I beg you to say yes.”

“Honey, is there something wrong? Am I not a good enough lover for you?”

“This is not about performance! You are a wonderful lover, although since the boys, we haven’t made love enough for_me.”

“I never knew. What is it then?”

“It’s about security, safety. We don’t want to lose our husbands to an affair. This way, you get to have your pussy cake and eat_it too. Every single one of these women is prepared to become your lover, if not tonight, then over the next few months. I know you are turned on, and you know I am turned on. I want you to play with these women I can trust.”

Wil and Heather were arguing heatedly. For everyone else, it seemed the matter had been decided, even though they were terribly nervous about it, some with excitement, some with fear. Camille kissed me softly.

“Are you OK with this?”


Rachel took Nora, guiding her to Wil. She rubbed her breasts on his back until he turned around, then really laid a passionate kiss on him as she started stroking his half erect prick. Rachel took Heather over to Kevin, and he looked just like a boy who found his favorite gift under the tree on Christmas. He was clearly not her first choice, but they made their way out to where the robes were waiting.

Rachel came and pulled Camille off me, and she said “Remember, whatever happens, I love you”.

Then Rachel took her to Michael, and they hugged in a warm embrace, then left holding hands. What style. Rachel kissed her husband Matt, and placed his hand in Kirsten’s. She shyly kissed him for a few moments, then hotter and hotter. Rachel guided Hannah to Jonathan, and she wrapped herself around him like a big momma bear. When they had first met, Jonathan had praised Hannah for “I do believe, the largest, most beautiful pair of tit’s I’ve ever seen.” Hannah was stuffing them into his face, giving him a REAL close look.

As they left, I realized it was just Rachel and I. She glided across the floor, pirouetted and fell into my arms. I pulled her up to kiss her, and the room disappeared again. I don’t know how long we were there, kissing, but it was a long enough time for my back to begin spasming from the position. None of us were less than thirty something, and my body was complaining about the abuse.

“Take me upstairs.”

Rachel said softly. I picked her up, her arms around my neck, and I carried her up the stairs to her bedroom. She pulled me to her. It was so different making love to Rachel, after more than ten years of never being with a woman other than Camille. She sucked on my prick like it was a soda straw. It took her a long time to climax, even my usually expert ministrations didn’t reach her. She was turned on, I was turned on, and I realized the advantages of knowing someone as well as I did Camille. I also burned in lust with the new and different ways that Rachel would touch me, the delicate yet athletic way she made love. Rachel spun us through position after position. We kissed and the world went away. Her figure was very much like Camille, but she was tighter inside, and her ass was rounder, since she never had kids. As the night wore on, I found that she came more easily. So did I. We slipped into a long, slow, tender session of licking and sucking on each other. We each rang our bells several more times before we were too tired to continue. We kissed for a long while, then cuddled up and went to sleep. I awoke to the smell of coffee, and she brought me a tray in bed, dressed in only one of Matt’s shirts. We chatted as we ate out breakfast rolls.

“How did this get started?” I asked her point blank.

“Well, let’s see. About a month ago, Hannah was having one of her sex toy parties, and we all came. Several times in fact. (laughs) We had gotten into a pattern of stripping down and trying her sample toys, driving ourselves into delirium, and then having coffee and chatting, still nude. Hannah brought up the point that one out of three husbands would have an affair this year. Heather didn’t understand that at all, so we got out a dice cube. It was decided that a one or a six meant an affair. We had to roll four rounds before we didn’t have an affair.” Rachel paused to let that sink in fully.

“The girls started getting frightened, desperate at losing their husbands. Camille really loves you, and couldn’t bear even trying to raise your children without you. We all came to the conclusion that we had to do whatever was necessary to keep our husbands in the fold. Then someone came up with the bright idea of a pre-emptive strike, having each of the wives try to seduce each other’s husbands. We glumly concluded that would work, but would only guarantee the destruction of our marriages. Hannah pointed out that she would be willing to make love to any one of our husbands, and then no one would have to get divorced. She was going to sacrifice herself for all of us. (laughs)”

“Heather didn’t like that one bit. She thought it should be fair, equal, open to a11, so to speak. (laughs) So I drove the concept home, explained how we would all have to be the wives to each of the husbands, one at a time. Each of the wives had fantasies about one or the other of the husbands, so it was easy to convince them. Then Hannah and I worked out how to break the news to you guys, in a hot way, so that you would be more likely to say yes than to say no. It worked.”

Rachel and I tenderly made love that day, several times. I watched her limber up and dance. We talked, we kissed, we went on walks through their garden. We made love inside, we made love outside in the fall leaves. I hoped deeply in my heart that Camille was having as good a time as I was. Then came time for bed, and we made love until we fell asleep.

Sunday morning, I awoke to coffee, rolls, and talk again. We made love, we talked. We kissed for hours, and we talked. I learned so much about Rachel, her smart, deep mind, her classical tastes, her background, her life, her hopes, her dreams, her fears. Her greatest fear was loosing Matt. That was why she had been so driven to form the witches circle. Not only did it solve their problem, but it struck at the heart of hers. Matt could never leave her now. Where would he find a woman who would share other women with him like this? I saw her at once as more fragile and stronger than I had ever suspected. At the end of the day, she had her driver take me home, dressed in one of Matt’s suits. Camille was walking on cloud nine. She had clearly had some marvelous sexual experiences, but adamantly refused to talk about it. She was still so turned on that we never made it to the bedroom, screwing fiercely in the hallway upstairs as we heard Nana drive up with the kids. That ended all discussion about the matter, and other than the greatly increased libido and desire for each other that lasted for two weeks, we didn’t speak about it again. She was my wife. I was her husband. We loved each other, and that was that.

The week before Thanksgiving, Nana took the boys again, and Camille drove me to Johnathan and Kirsten’s. Kirsten wanted to go dancing, and we did, hooping from club to club. She was wild, she was hot, and she didn’t wear any panties. We went to Georgetown, hitting all the best clubs. We got thrown out because she was sucking me off in the back of one of the bars. We took a cab back to her place, and started in on a wild festival of oral sex. Kirsten could really put a hurt on you, she knew her way around a cock. We came so many times I lost count. She could always blow me hard again, until I passed out from exertion. In the morning, I got up and fixed her breakfast. We talked briefly, then she had a whole list of things to do, places to go, things to see. I’d done D.C. years ago, but we took the Metro and saw Air & Space, The National Art Gallery, the Old Post Office, and finally the National Zoo. Then we went home, ate a pizza, watched XXX films and screwed until dawn. I got up, made breakfast again, even though it was noon, and we spent the afternoon sucking and licking each other into ecstasy. Camille dropped Jonathan off as she picked me up, and we had a very quiet ride home with smiles a mile wide. We didn’t even get up to the rug in the hallway upstairs, but slammed our bodies together in the roughest sex I can remember right on the hardwood floor of our den. No explanations, no excuses. We went back to being more tender, but the heat didn’t fade.

Two weeks before Christmas, Camille dropped me off at Nora’s. She kissed Michael hotly, then left. Michael was picked up by Hannah, who kissed me hotly, then Nora and I were alone. Her brownstone was really remarkable, a great example of what can be done to restore an older home. We bundled up, and took walks in the snow in the park, talking and learning about each other. She cooked me a fabulous meal, with wine and soft warm bread. For dessert we had fudge sundaes.

We snuggled on their couch, listening to soft jazz and talking through our lives. The kissing started gently, then built through layer after layer of intensity. We stripped down without even thinking, and the cold leather of the couch was a real shock to my bare skin. I took her upstairs to her bedroom, a soft four poster bed, and we made very slow and tender love, while we opened up our hearts to each other. I knew more about her experiences with Michael, Wil, and Kevin, than I did about Camille’s. Wil had been very rude at first. Nora had put her foot down, and that was what Wil needed. He eventually left with both of them on good terms, but it was not her favorite situation, clearly. Kevin was a fabulous lover, attentive, gentle, and very well skilled. He was also well equipped, I was informed. She had practically made Hannah peel her off of him the way Heather had to be peeled off of me. I found out that her oral skills were no match for Kirsten, but she was a great ski bunny, the kind you like to ride slow, making tender love to, while it snows outside. We went on walks, we had snowball fights, we made angels and a snowman, and a very well stacked snow woman. Nora’s large breasts were very sensitive, so I teased them the entire time we made love, just like I did her clit, and the strength of her climaxes told me that I was a very good lover indeed.

Camille was naked in my chair, playing with herself when I got home. We locked into an oral embrace that ended only when we had to rush upstairs when Nana came home. Her time with Matt left her on a high burn that didn’t fade for days. Every time we had a spare moment, we were on top of each other. Even the boys noticed “Mom and Dad are in love again!”

Rachel had planned for a grand New Years party, but half of us couldn’t come, so they ended up canceling it. Matt had been raving to her about Camille, and she wistfully told me that one of the reasons she had set up the New Years bash was so she could make love with me again. “We’ll have our chance.” I told her. “I hope so. I truly hope so.” she said. Midway through the first month of the new year, Heather got her wish. Camille dropped me off, and her plain home had the evidence of Wil’s drinking. None of that mattered to her, and her body glued to me the moment I came in the door and didn’t let loose except when she really, truly had to. She nearly crushed my head with her muscular thighs when she came as I ate her, and her mouth was always on me. Even when I tried to watch some TV Saturday night, she was there, sucking on me, like a little baby with her pacifier. I couldn’t imagine how Wil could treat this woman the way he obviously did, but I was only her lover, and he was her husband. Camille pried us apart, still hot and wet from her session with Kevin. His cum was still inside her when we got home, and we could barely crawl into the den, screwing all the way. Camille played with herself all the time that week, and an orgasm was never more than a few minutes of concentrated touching away. Camille and I made soft tender love every night, until very late, as she moaned into her pillow. She still wouldn’t tell me a word.

Valentine’s Day weekend, Camille dropped me off at Hannah’s. Hannah welcomed me at the door in just the same firehouse red lingerie she had worn the night of the first party. Her panties were drenched, and her pungent odor was strong, but not unpleasant. I got to know that odor and her taste very well. She was a great lover, and she took care of all my needs. She had fruit for us to rub on each other and lick off. She was skilled orally, and she even used her auto suck toy on me, just as we used a great variety of vibrators, _dildos, oils, and body paint’s on her. She was incredibly playful, and I found her both an erotic ally and someone I could confide in. By turns I found her to be a hot lover, a playful child, a den mother, a stern taskmaster ( when eating her out), then the softest teddy bear I’d ever had. We made love, we fell asleep. We woke, we ate, we played, we talked endlessly, before, during, and after. I learned secrets about my wife, and every other one of the women.

Camille was practically cold when I got home. Wil did not play well with others, I guessed. Camille spent a lot of time on the phone that week, and I felt something was going on, but I didn’t get let in on it.

The middle of March, a new twist unfolded. Rachel had set up this weekend to be by agreement. No one really wanted Wil, but Nora and Michael finally agreed to trade. Camille’s second choice was Matt, but she and Kirsten were both asking for him, and Kirsten won. That left Hannah and Kevin. Hannah suggested that we just stay together as a foursome. Camille was wary, but when I enthusiastically said yes, she caved in and agreed. We drove to their house, and they met us in comfortable robes. We had a cookout, started out with back rubs, then front rubs, then slid into gentle rounds of oral sex, men on the women, switching back and forth, then women on the men, switching back and forth. I got to see my wife take another man’s large cock into her mouth, and then into her tight pussy, for the very first time. We went on like that for hours, and finally Kevin and I petered out. Hannah started in using her toys on Camille, and Camille grabbed a vibrator and started in on Hannah. It rapidly escalated into a very hot sixty nine, and Kevin and I finally rejoined them, taking the place of the vibrators as they licked each other to the limits of sanity and beyond.

We still keep to that original schedule. I know I will make love to Rachel each April and October, as long as I want to. Wil is in A. A., and he is finally getting his life straight and treating people right. Camille is still incandescently hot every time she comes back to me, but we have more foursomes, and the circle has been a great boost to all of our sex lives. I have a greater variety of women in real life than most men have in their fantasies. Even better, I’ve gotten to know those women, as real people, and I treasure them. Our relationships have given me people to talk to about anything, people who love me deeply, people I care about deeply. So I beg of you, if the witches spell comes to your neighborhood, surrender to the enchantment, go where it leads you!

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