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New Zealand Cruise with Linda

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Linda and I had been planning a trip down under for several years. Finally, we booked a cruise around New Zealand and you have to read this story.

My wife is a round and sexy woman. She has huge tits and is not afraid to show off a bit of cleavage when she’s in the mood, which is most of the time. Our sex life is great.

Linda loves giving blow jobs while she has a vibrator stuck up her pussy. We add to the blitz by bringing in imaginary partners, usually through the stories on Literotica. Linda reads a story, usually about a gal and a couple of guys, while she rubs me the right way with KY lube. I’m always good and hard by the time the story’s through.

Then my wife gets down under the sheets and gives me a good blow while we talk about doing what we’ve just read about. It doesn’t take long for the vibrator to knock Linda for a loop and it doesn’t take long for my wife’s suction to bring me out of my shell…so to speak.

OK, I have only had two sex partners in my life. I was a faithful husband. I had a one night stand. Then I met Linda. She gave me my second blow job of my life. If my first wife hadn’t been dead I would have had to kill her. I was totally addicted to blow jobs.

My sex life had been fairly boring. But, Linda’s was just the opposite. She grew up in the 60’s: “If it feels good, do it.”

I grew up in the 50’s: “If it feels good, you’ll go to Hell.”

Before I married Linda, she told me about all her sex partners. She had had three at a time, during her hippie days. She had had double penetration and gang bangs during her disco days.

Linda loved to tell me a little about her own stories while she had that vibrator deep inside and she would suck me dry…in no time at all. Damn, she was hot.

While in the heat of the moment, I would always say to Linda that we needed to find some unknown guys and do a double penetration, and she would agree…but after her orgasms stopped, she would always back out and say that she would NEVER really do that. After sex, she would always back out of actually living out our (or my) fantasies. This seemed strange to me because she had broken that barrier and done a threesome before.

Now, Linda was reluctant due to the prevalence of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Ok, she had a good point, but we could take care of those concerns with condoms. It seemed like more than that, but I didn’t know what.

We flew 14 hours from San Francisco to Auckland, New Zealand, where our cruise began, and had gone a few days early to cope with jet lag. A lot of things “down under” were odd, or at least different than in the good ole USA. For one thing, our “maid” was a guy.

Our “maid” was under twenty, buff, tan, and I knew he would remind Linda of her lovers in Hawaii. He was a beach boy with shaggy hair that fell into his eyes. He wasn’t very good at making up the room. He didn’t vacuum or pick up trash. He wasn’t the type of guy who would normally have this job, so I figured he was a little more adventurous and kind of “trashy” himself. He didn’t look like the kind of guy who would turn down a free fuck…and he seemed like the type who would do just about anything for money, just as long as it didn’t require any “work”. Just the type of guy I was looking for.

Linda is a very sound sleeper who usually slept naked, though occasionally she wore night shades. And, in a hot clime like Auckland, she usually pushed off the cotton sheet, leaving her breasts and, sometimes, her clean-shaven pussy exposed. It was almost impossible to wake her up in the morning. Everyone in her family was like that. So, this made my little ménage-a-trois a fait accompli.

I woke up before her, as I always did, and put out the “Please Make Up This Room” sign. Then pulled the bedding down and exposed Linda’s “everything”. It took quite a while for that lazy maid-boy to finally get to our room.

When I heard someone fumbling to get the door open, I jumped back behind the closet door. It had louvers so I could scan the room. I really had a pretty good view, but the boy would have seen me if he came all the way into the room. My heart was pounding. That surfer boy was just standing there trying to decide what to do. Time just hung in the air. Tick. Tock.

I really didn’t know what would happen at this point, but he took the bait. The kid quietly shut the door behind him. He stared at my wife. Then he sat down on the edge of the bed and unzipped his pants. He started jerking off. His erection was pretty huge. Hell, he was hung like a young horse. This was my fantasy coming on for real.

I wanted him to fuck my wife, not just beat off, but I wasn’t sure how to get this to happen. I didn’t want to scare this kid away. So, I kicked a shoe out of the closet. It was enough to make him turn and look but not enough to freak him out. Then, I stepped out from behind the door and held a finger up to my lips in the universal “shhh-don’t-say-anything-or-we’re-fucked” sign. The kid wasn’t stupid and he stayed and stayed quiet. He knew who I was. So, he watched me to see what I would do next.

I only had my underwear on, because that’s what I sleep in and what I wear for lounging around. It was obvious that my dick was bulging out a fair bit. I gave him sign language that meant, “Take your clothes off and lie down next to my wife.” That took him about two seconds. I went to the door, took off the sign for the maid, and gave the dead bolt a twist.

We closed the curtains and shut off the lights making the room nearly pitch dark, though there were a few rays of soft light coming from the bathroom. Linda always sleeps on her right side, curled into a quasi-fetal pose, and surfer boy was behind her. He reached over and started fondling Linda’s left breast. If there’s one thing my wife hates, it’s being groped while she is sleeping. She pushed his hand away and made that infamous, “nooo!” whining sound that only pissed-off wives make. Then Linda turned over on her stomach to protect herself from what she thought was my hand.

The boy reached over and held Linda around her shoulders to calm her. She went back to sleep. I was beside myself with excitement and scooted onto the other side of the bed. While pretty boy held Linda, I inserted a finger into her vagina. She must have been having a good dream because she drew out a muffled quiet moan, maybe even a sigh, and I very slowly pumped my finger in and out of her slippery hole. The movements touched into her dreams. She turned over so her breasts were out in the open. The kid very carefully cupped her breast, just warming it with his hand.

Linda was getting wet, but she was still very truly asleep. The timing seemed right. I had the kid put his finger into her pussy. Then he turned her over slowly and slipped his surfer-dong into her opening. It took Linda a minute to realize she was not dreaming. Then she put her arms around him, thinking it was me, and said a very sleepy version of….something like, “What the fuck?” when she realized that it was a skinny tall guy with deep muscles on top of her. It wasn’t her husband.

Linda started to freak. She was making all kinds of noise and I didn’t want to have a scene with the hotel management, so I told Linda it was all right. I told her I was right there and not to be afraid. So she settled down. She didn’t know whether to be pissed or whether to enjoy this.

My wife started to say things that were a bit hazed…like she couldn’t remember where we were. I told her gently that we were in a hotel in New Zealand and we were on vacation. So, she seemed to decide, “what the heck,” and started moaning and moving her hips in time with surfer boy. She fell back into her old ways. It was just another fuck to her. It was just like the good times, when no one had a care in the world. And, it was surprising how quickly she fell back into the fuck fest.

Linda threw her legs around the boy’s waist. He was really pounding into her now. She was breathing audibly and moaning from time to time. He really was a good fuck. Hell, he was a good sport about this whole thing. I wondered if this happened to him often.

I grabbed Linda’s head. She had been shaking it from side to side in a continuous non-stop fuck-frenzy do-it-to-me-now orgasm. I turned her head to the right and shoved my big banana down her throat. It was too much too fast and Linda started gagging. So I pulled my dick out a bit to give her room to breathe. I didn’t mind scaring her, but I didn’t want to kill her. She was a great wife and she loved to suck cock. I pulled out, grabbed some lube and slid my slippery snake back into her sensitive mouth.

Sucking and fucking…it pushed my little lady over the edge. She was trying to pull the semen out of my balls, she was sucking so hard. I didn’t know how much of this I could take.

I had never actually been in the room with another couple screwing. I had never done anything like this in my perfect little Catholic boy life. I was bombed by overwhelming sensations of decadence. Why didn’t everyone do this? Why had I waited so long? And, I….was….going…to… COME!

I said what I always say, according to Linda, “Take it! Take it deep! Take it all!” and she did. This took Linda to a higher plateau of sexual-blissful-floating on air. She swallowed what she could and started shaking. The sight of the sperm gushing out of Linda’s face, and the contractions in Linda’s pussy, had the usual effect on a young and healthy motherfucker like surfer boy. He sweated more. His penis grew larger in Linda and she made some deep-voiced sounds something like, “Yeah, oh, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” in time with his thrusts. He shot off a wad of come deep into Linda’s hole. Exquisite. There was just enough light to see her eyes roll back as she moaned low and gave in to the perfect moment. Pretty boy gave up a vocalized, “Yeah, oh fuck!” as the last twitch and squirt petered out of his low-riding dong.

The kid rolled off of Linda, found his pants, shoved his dick back in. Grabbed his shirt and sandals and was out of there as quickly as he came. So much for spooning… well to be fair, he was at work.

I was so turned on by the whole thing that my dick puffed up to rock hardness within a minute or two. I had never done anything so sexy in my whole life. I stuck my hard penis into my wife’s slippery, sleazy cunt and I came again within seconds. I didn’t go soft right away, so I just kept pumping and pumping until my rod was so soft that it slipped out of the goo and plopped onto the bed between my wild wife’s legs. Yeah, I thought, this is what a vacation should be.

So, knowing how sleepy Linda is in the morning, I went out and got some croissants and juice for my lovely wife. After breakfast, we talked about what just happened. Linda called me some names for tricking her into a threesome, but she did agree that it was sexy-great and recalled a few blasts from the past for her. I pampered her all day. I brought over her favorite book, so she could laze around in the afterglow of a sexual romp. I made an appointment for a manicure and a pedicure and to have her hair washed and dried. I bought her a curvalishious body-hugging sundress and we went out to a chi chi dinner with the fou fou food that I hate, with all the swirly sauce decorating the plate.

I decided to romance her into doing this sexy wild-thing again. A few drinks. A little cuddling. And, soon she would be getting with the program.

The next morning down at the hotel’s free breakfast, I ran into surfer-boy, the maid. He said he had a great time and was wondering if I wanted to do it again. I just perked right up (all over). I found out his name was Steve, and Steve wanted to bring some friends. I jumped at the chance and told him that I could make it happen tonight if he could get the guys together by then. We agreed on 10:30 pm. I told him to let himself in with his key. Surfer Steve was going to try to bring 3 of his friends to party on down.

I spent the day being the happy chaperone to Linda. I did all the things I hate, like art galleries, and wandering the city so my wife could take some dorky artsy photos….hell, just buy a postcard, will ya? And, I was sweet and didn’t complain and didn’t try to get her to eat a big Mac, which was what I really wanted. Hell, I really wanted to see the semi-naked bodies on the nearby beaches, but I stuck to my plan because I knew there would be a payoff at the end of the day.

I made sure there was plenty of wine and hard stuff in the hotel room. I had our concierge find us some razzle-dazzle phony-romantic restaurant for dinner. I wanted Linda to get good and soused, just drenched in alcohol. I was careful to look like I was meeting her drink for drink, but after a while she would never notice that I was alert and sober. I walked Linda back to the hotel room, actually, I carefully guided her around unstable sidewalks and cars that came from nowhere and were always on the wrong side of the road.

It was around ten. We got in the room and I kicked off my shoes. Linda plopped on the bed and was teasing me for a little loving. She gets horny when she drinks. I talked to her about the other day when she fucked the hotel boy and she admitted that she loved it. She didn’t want to do it again, but… well, it was fun… maybe she would think about doing that again sometime.

I took her clothes off her. She helped a bit, but I was doing all the work. I took off my clothes, got in bed and told Linda how incredibly horny it made me to watch her fucking another guy. It was the highlight of our marriage. I was looking at my watch and timing my moves so that I was fucking Linda when the four guys arrived.

I had just entered her drunken pussy when the door opened. Linda was too into herself and her orgasm to notice. Well, when they sat on the bed, she opened her eyes wide. They had stripped naked. They were quick little buggers, I’ll grant you that. No time a wasting.

Linda started to protest, but I knew she was just trying to be a “good girl”. She didn’t want to be the wanton slut that she had been in her good old days. But she knew, and I knew, and Steve knew, and Steve’s friends knew that she was asking for it. She was ready for it. She was smiling and trying to hide that smile…but we all knew what was coming.

Linda was too tipsy to do much other than lie back and get the brains fucked out of her. And, if a guy had that option, we would do the same thing, only we wouldn’t have to get drunk first.

So the guys came over to the bed. Really, there was nothing Linda could do if she wanted to. What could she do? Yell, “Rape!…?” Yeah, right. Besides, I could see that her horniness factor was shooting through the roof. I don’t think she had ever “played” with 5 boys before, but it was time for a show down… or maybe it was just time for a show…

So I finished up and squirted a bit of goo into Linda, just to get the party rolling, and I sat back in my chair to watch the promised “show”. I didn’t have to do anything else, I just got out of the way and lit up a cigarette…which was probably illegal. Though, I don’t think that anything else going on was. Just five happy campers playing house.

Steve put his hard dick into Linda’s mouth. She gagged and giggled when he pulled out for a little lube. I could see that she was ready for some fun. Some big guy got under Linda and she went face down on top of him. Big Guy put his zinger into Linda’s semen-slimed pussy. A skinny kid got on top of Linda to make a nice Linda sandwich. I got up and handed Skinny some lube because she hadn’t been fucked in the ass for quite a while and she would need it, no matter how much wine she had had. It worked and Skinny slid in an inch at a time while Linda tried to get him to slow down, but all she could say was, “kwwahh,” or some other unintelligible word because she had Surfer Steve’s dick down her throat.

The other two boys were just wanking around waiting their turn. They were waiting for Steve to give the go ahead. It came when Steve started moaning, “oh, oh, oh, yeah, fuck yeah.” Then he pulled out and shot sperm all over the whole group in a sadistic exhibitionistic sort of way. Skinny guy got most of it and gave Steve a dirty look, but then went back to the ass he was grabbing and fucking. One boy was faster than the other and got Linda’s mouth. He fucked right into that bitch’s face. Wait, that bitch was and is my wife. Cool. What a great show. It got me so hard, I almost shot off right there.

Well, I think it was the smell of semen or my wife’s cum smell or something and it all happened really quickly. Skinny shot spunk into my wife’s ass. He pulled out quick as shit. Then the lonely boy, the last wanker pushed skinny onto the side of the bed and rammed his hotrod into Linda’s ass before she even knew it was someone else.

Oh, Linda by the way, by this time was fading in and out of consciousness. You could tell she went dark when she was quiet. And, then something jerked her back into reality and she would be moaning…as best she could with a hog in her mouth. But, she was loving it. I know my wife. She was really hot and heavy into this. Fuck. One long rolling orgasm after the other, who wouldn’t be. The big guy on the bottom grunted and groaned and finally came inside Linda’s pussy. But there were too many people on top of him, so he just stayed inside Linda and let the cum leak out. The guy in Linda’s ass was done as well. He walked away in a haze of sweat. I got up and dumped another load into the slippery mass of ass that just about everyone had tasted.

I was exhausted but mesmerized. I poured a drink and went back to my chair. People got moved around. Steve was coordinating the fuck-a-thon. He was older. The guys listened to him. Soon Linda was quiet and seemed to be sleeping. I told Steve to end the party. The guys finished up as much as they could. Grabbed their clothes and pulled them together. They waved to me and left. That was weird.

But, what was really weird was how I liked watching my wife be a fuck-a-tronic-toy. I loved watching white cum shooting and dripping all over her. I liked the fact that she liked fucking. I couldn’t believe that I did this to her, but then again, I couldn’t believe that she liked it.

This was the greatest, most wicked day of my life. I didn’t think it would ever really happen. But, it was better in life than in print.

One guy put his erection into her mouth as one entered her anus (a first for Linda) while the two other guys sucked her breasts. I almost immediately dumped a load into her pussy and was replaced by one of the guys who were sucking her breasts. Linda was constantly having orgasms. The guy in her ass exploded just as the one in her mouth did. This went on until 2 AM with all 5 of us guys each cumming in her cunt, mouth and ass before we were totally drained.

At 10AM we checked out of the hotel to get on our Princess Cruise ship and planned to continue our adventure.

At around 11 AM our Ocean View room on the Diamond Princess was ready. A few minutes later our cabin boys Paul & John knocked on the door and introduced themselves to us. Both of them were Canadian citizens and had been working for Princess for 11 months. After they left Linda said they were both very cute and she would not mind fucking their brains out. Just the thought of that gave me an instant erection and we were soon in the 69 position with me eating her dripping pussy as she sucked the tip of my penis which really puts me over the top quickly. Sure enough I came into her mouth within a few minutes as her juices nearly drowned me. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and quietly put out the “Service Wanted Sign”.

We continued to kiss and fondle each other as Paul entered the room. He turned red and said “I’m so sorry please excuse me”. I said the sign said “Service Wanted” don’t apologize just join us.

Linda got up and started rubbing Paul’s growing erection thru his pants. She then opened his fly, took out his impressive cock and started licking it. As she was sucking Paul’s dick I inserted my now stiff cock into her from behind. This position had a plus as I could see Paul’s cock as she sucked him from the penis head to the balls in long continues strokes of her bobbing head. I could feel her pussy almost milking the cum out of me as I fucked her. Paul’s eyes were closed and he soon jerked as he came into her mouth then all over her lovely face and breasts. Paul still blushing was trying to put his pants back on when I suggested he page his fellow cabin boy John to join us. He seemed very excited about the idea and quickly paged John to come to room 645.

When John entered we were all still naked. John got the idea and quickly stripped as Linda was already kissing him and rubbing his now erect cock thru his pants.

My job was to organize the scene. I instructed John to lie down on the bed and enter Linda and spread KY Liquid on Linda’s butt so Paul could take her in the ass. I put my cock into Linda’s mouth. The three of us then went to town on Linda. John not having come before shot his load into Linda in less than 5 minutes while Paul and I lasted for 20 minutes. What a beautiful sight cum dripping from my wife’s cunt, ass and mouth as he convulsed over and over again. John & Paul left to continue their rounds as Linda and I just smiled at each other. Linda agreed this will be the cruise of a lifetime.

At around 1 AM Linda decided to order dessert from room service but did not order a dessert for me! I asked why didn’t you order me dessert and she said one is coming for you too dear and winked at me. Little did I know that she had talked to Paul earlier that evening and he told her the room service person after 1AM was a bi and very horny gal from Ireland named Kathleen?

She asked me to repeat the drill by hiding in the closet. At 1:30 AM a gentle knock on the door was heard and Linda naked and ready in bed said come in please. Kathleen came in and asked where to you want it meaning the food tray. Linda rubbed her now swollen cunt lips and said here.

Kathleen was on Linda cunt in a second eating her pussy out while flicking her clit with her fingers.

Linda then whispered something into Kathleen’s ear and Kathleen said “by all means please”. Linda called me out to join them. So as Kathleen sucked Linda to one orgasm after another I slipped my cock into Kathleen’s warm pussy and fucked her hard and deep until I filled her with a big load of cum after which Linda wanted to switch positions with her eating my cum out of Kathleen as I fucked her with my still hard cock.

The cruise was unforgettable with Linda fucking 6 different cabin boys, 2 room service gals, the ships’ doctor and even the ship’s chaplain. We now cruise every six months.

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