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Saskia’s Skinny Dipping Adventure

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I guess it was only a matter of time before my girlfriend Saskia got caught and the price she paid was interesting in the extreme I have to admit.

I mean you can’t go skinny dipping in people’s private swimming pools when they are away and not think that one day you just might get caught with your panties off, literally in Saskia’s case.

I got the phone call just as I was leaving my apartment to start my shift at the restaurant, it was from a man called Jake Prescott and he asked me if I was Adam Peters. I said yes, he then asked me if I knew a Saskia Eliot.

Of course I said yes, puzzled by the questions and then he told me that that he owned a house on the Coastal Road; my heart sank when I heard this for I knew that the Coastal Road was where all the big expensive summer houses where, the ones that were owned by wealthy business people who used them as weekend retreats.

And all the houses on that road had big outdoor swimming pools, and I knew at that moment with a sinking heart that Saskia had finally been caught doing her skinny dipping thing.

The man Jake asked me to come over, Saskia had given him my cell phone number, and sighing deeply I agreed.

It turned out that Jake was a wealthy business man who decided to arrive at his summer home a day early and who should he find swimming in his pool without a stitch of clothing on but my girlfriend Saskia.

Far from being mad he seemed amused whilst Saskia for once was embarrassed because it was one thing to skinny dipping on your own, it’s another to have an audience.

She was sitting on a pool chair stark naked when I arrived at the house. Jake hadn’t even offered her a towel and there were no sign of her clothes. I later found out he had thrown them into the garbage shute, to stop her from grabbing them and running away.

Saskia looked sheepish and her face was red and I turned to Jake who gave said in a calm voice.

“If you use something of mine you have to pay for it.”

Jake was a tall man, over six foot tall and under his expensive city suit I noticed he was fit, his muscles though not over developed were firm, he worked out I suspected.

He had a shock of blonde hair, and when he took off his glasses I saw he had blue eyes and his skin was tanned with only a few lines here and there and I guessed his age to be about 40 to 45.

I was just a bit shorter than him and I was dark haired, dark eyed and milky skinned, an antithesis to him and I was not as fit either though I worked out but not as much as he did.

I looked at Saskia and she gave me a half hearted smile, I twisted my lips and turned around to Jake.

“I’m really sorry Sir,” I said, “She does dumb things like this; I’ve told her she’d get caught one day!”

“I should call the police,” Jake said and Saskia let out a little whimper of protest, her parents would go mad if she was bought home in a squad car.

Now Saskia isn’t really dumb, just a little wild and spoilt really, she gets her kicks by doing things that most people wouldn’t even dream of doing.

She’s 18, to my 20 years, a leggy red head with freckles, a paid for tan, cat green eyes, a snub nose and the biggest pair of natural breasts you’ll ever see on a tiny chest.

Her waist is small too, she’s kind of like a real life Barbie doll when it comes to her figure, big outsized tits, round firm ass and a real small waist.

Jake looked Saskia up and down and she squirmed under his intense gaze. Now I should have been offended by this business man’s obvious lecherous eyes devouring my girl friend’s naked body but instead I felt my groin stirring.

Jake turned to me and said.

“I’m open to suggestions for reparation,” he said to me and I was quick to catch on to what he was implying with his words.

So was Saskia and she looked indignant, sticking out her chest and crossing her legs so that her shaven crotch didn’t show too much.

“I was only swimming in your pool,” she protested and then she was squirming under Jake’s hard gaze when he said.

“Yes you were, it’s called trespass, shall I call the police then?”

She shook her head and she looked at me imploringly.

“I warned you,” I said with a sigh, “It’s your own damn fault, I can’t get you out of this mess, you’re going to have to do this on your own! ”

Now Saskia might be spoilt and wild but she’s not a slut but she was about to become one very soon and I think she knew it.

Jake chuckled at the sulky expression that was forming over Saskia’s pretty face.

“Little girl,” he said gently, “There’s a price to be a paid for everything in this world, I’ve got a feeling your boyfriend understands it more than you do!”

I did understand acutally, I just kind of hoped that Saskia wouldn’t be one of the people who had to pay this kind of price, but hell, she was the one who liked to skinny dip, and I’ve told her often enough, we all reap what we sew eventually!

Jake sat on a lounger and parted his legs to reveal a large bulge in his designer slacks.

“Make your mind up,” Jake said to Saskia and with a gulp my naked and embarrassed girlfriend got up from her seat and walked slowly over to the stranger sitting on the lounger.

Jake’s eyes took in her trim long body, taking in her bouncing tits, her tiny waist, her crotch with only fiery red wisps of hair curling delicately over a pale mound of Venus.

I noticed she had painted her toenails purple and that she had goose pimples all over her body because there was a steady chilly breeze coming in from the sea which was about half a mile away.

She stood in front of Jake and his eyes rested on her crotch.

“Put your fingers in your pussy,” he said shocking her and she started to protest but when he reached for the mobile phone that was on the table beside the lounger he was sitting on she quickly obeyed him.

“Rub yourself,” he said and my girlfriend began to rub her pussy with her fingers, back and forth, slowly and both Jake and I watched her.

“Harder,” Jake ordered her, “Hmmmmm, sway those hips, make your fingers go in deep!”

Saskia was embarrassed I could see and feel it. Saskia’s not a blushing virgin in any sense of the word but she’s been a strictly “do it” in privacy kind of person and now she was standing in front of a complete stranger on a pool-side rubbing her pussy for his entertainment!

Now you can’t rub your pussy the way that Saskia was rubbing it and not get aroused, plus the swaying of her hips was helping the sensation and I sensed a slight change in her, her body was responding, she was getting turned on, as was I!

Jake didn’t let her rub herself to a climax; he suddenly ordered her stop and kneel in front of him.

I licked my lips, I knew what he expected Saskia to do and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. I remained silent, impassive, watching as my girl-friend got down and dirty with a man she had only just met.

Saskia knelt down in front of Jake and he reached out and began to stroke her breasts.

She didn’t respond outwardly at first, I think she was still a little mad that she had been cornered into having to put out in such a way but Jake was not only a rich business man he knew how to get a spoilt brat like my Saskia ready for a heavy fucking session by the pool-side.

He stroked, fondled and caressed her pendulous breasts, then he began to pluck on her nipples, not gently but with hard tweaks that made her gasp and made my cock twitch sharply in my shorts.

Saskia was getting aroused despite herself, her pussy was probably still throbbing slightly from the rubbing she had been doing and when Jake lowered his head and began to lick at one of her tits she groaned, her hands moving from her sides and going to his knees and gripping them whilst arching her slender back.

Jake lapped, sucked and nibbled on each of Saskia’s nipples, increasing the pressure with his expert mouth, making her moan in pleasure and then he looking her in the face whilst he stroked and fondled her breasts again with his hands and her breath was increasing, coming in shorter gasps, and she was trembling and it was not from the cool chill that drifted in over the pool

Jake looked at me, glanced at my crotch, aware there was a swelling happening down there, but didn’t give me away.

He cupped Saskia’s head in both his hands, and drew her head to his, and their mouths met, she didn’t resist at all when he kissed her, in fact her tongue slipped into his mouth first.

He let go of her head and moved his hands to his slacks and I heard a zipper go and I saw his cock spring out and my eyes widened in appreciation.

Now I’m pretty well endowed in that department but Jake had a monster in his pants, it was a good ten inches in length and at least four inches across.

Saskia didn’t protest when he pulled away from her kiss, and he lowered her head downward to his purple erect rod.

Saskia’s eyes went huge when she saw it, and I found myself grinning from ear to ear, Saskia was going to get some serious fucking today.

“Oh my God,” I heard her say in awe and then her words became muffled because Jake took to rubbing her lips with the thick throbbing helmet of his circumcised cock.

“Lick it you cock sucking slut,” he ordered her suddenly and she looked startled. I didn’t talk dirty with Saskia when we fuck, I want to but I have never plucked up the courage to do so.

With baited breath I awaited her reaction.

To my utter amazement Saskia obeyed without a word of protest, immediately her tongue flicked out between her luscious red lips and she wrapped it around the end of cock and began to lap at it like an obedient puppy whilst looking up at Jake with her cat green eyes, waiting for his next command.

I exhaled long and hard and I felt my hand go to my crotch, rubbing my own cock with my palm, slowly in a circular fashion to get the best sensation I could.

Jake took his time, he let Saskia lick his cock head steadily and then he began to push his monster into her open mouth.

“Open wider,” he ordered her sharply, “You’re going to take this all the way in, don’t gag you little tramp, keep licking, that’s it, lap it up, Adam why don’t you find out how wet your slut of a girlfriend really is in her cunt?”

Jake’s words almost blew my mind, I was just thinking about Sakia’s cunt and how wet and throbbing it must be.

Saskia’s body stiffened at his words and she let out a little moan but her mouth was too busy working on Jake’s cock, with each suck and lick, his cock was going further and further into her mouth, she’d be deep throating him soon!

I moved like I was on air to where my girlfriend was now on all fours in front of Jake and I in turn knelt down beside her and I place one of my hands on her bare bottom for leverage and then my other hand was snaking between her legs to find her crotch and then her cunt.

She parted her legs slightly, and my fingers were instantly saturated with her juices. She was so wet it was like a cunt pool and I began to move my fingers in and out, and she gurgled against the cock she was sucking harder and harder on.

“She’s real wet!” I heard myself marvel, “I can’t believe how wet you’ve got her!”

Jake laughed and said in a voice that was beginning to feel the heat of my girl’s friend’s tongue and mouth ministrations to his cock

“She’s gonna be wetter real soon, how about we swap places? My cock’s ready for her cunt and I think your cock could do with what’s she just given mine!”

He wasn’t kidding. Saskia didn’t get a chance to protest, there was a popping sound as Jake’s cock slid out of her mouth, some of his pre-cum dribbled down her chin and then she was squatting in front of me, her ass in the air and I was guiding her mouth to my rigid cock which I had pulled out of my pants.

Jake was lining his monster up with her swollen and very juicy cunt. I watched Jake whilst enjoying the sensation of Saskia’s mouth; he began to push himself into Saskia’s cunt. She was wet but he was real big and her bottom undulated, trying to accommodate him in her contracting cunt.

He grunted and she mewled but she continued sucking my cock, her tongue was like soft sand-paper, her lips like cherry cola, sweet and burning, and her throat was like spandex, it gave with ease and absolute comfort for me.

I gripped her shoulders hard, pushing into her mouth and down her throat, not caring how uncomfortable she was because I was enjoying the sensation too much.

“She’s tight,” Jake grunted and he began to make little short thrusts into her cunt, “Wet but real tight!”

Bit by bit I watched as his cock disappeared into her swollen cunt, Saskia bucked, she sucked, she groaned, she murmured out her protest, she jerked, she rocked from side to side and then Jake and I found a rhythm, I pushed into her mouth, he pulled out of her cunt, I pulled out of her mouth, he pushed into her cunt.

It was totally amazing; we were like two pistons working a well oiled engine to its final destination.

I reached down to get a hold of her tits, and I began to play with them, squeezing, pinching, fondling, and caressing them.

“Make the slut’s titties throb!” Jake ordered me and I found myself obeying him, pinching harder, pulling on her nipples, it became obvious she liked what I was doing because her tits were so hard they were like stiff cardboard and I began to rock harder and harder inside her mouth whilst pulling harder and harder on her tits with my fingers.

“She doesn’t like to be come inside of!” I gasped as our strokes got more urgent and faster. Jake gripped Saskia’s hips and gyrated his cock inside her, hitting her sensitive clit each time and making her body go into mini little orgasms, not the big one but enough to make her suck harder on my cock and buck harder on Jake’s.

“This little slut is going to be our very own cum bucket,” Jake chuckled as he rammed home his organ faster and faster inside, “She’s gonna get it both ends and she gonna love every minute of it, aren’t you our cock loving little tramp?”

He slapped Sakia’s butt as he spoke, not too hard but enough to make her squeal, a muffled squeal and I thrust harder and harder into her sucking, licking, tonguing mouth.

I was going to come soon, real soon and it was going to be one hell of a gusher, I could feel it building up in my balls, they were boiling, ready to explode at any given moment.

I might add this was the first time I have deep throated Saskia, it seemed that Jake’s cock had stretched her mouth and throat for me and I slid right down it with ease and she accepted without even gagging.

I felt a strange tickling sensation on my balls and I looked down to see what it was and it was when I started to really come.

Saskia was licking my balls, not only licking them but she was pursing her cock sucking lips and kissing them too!

Can you believe that? Saskia’s never done that before and I could tell by the look of concentration on her straining face that she was enjoying herself.

Well I found myself thrusting harder and harder, a crow of pleasure welling up inside me and then my balls boiled over and I came, spurting down her throat in a rush of cream cum and I heard myself yelling at her whilst I pulled on her long red curly hair.

“Lick me clean you dirty little slut, that it’s swallow it all, oh my GOOOOOOOOOOD!”

Jake came then and so did Saskia. His balls were pounding on her ass so hard I was sure she would have bruises in the morning I was sure and then I was pulling my cock out of her mouth, my cum oozing out of the corner of her mouth whilst she in turn let out an orgasmic scream as she came too, her cunt thrashing against Jake’s cock as her rippling, tidal orgasm shook its way through her whole body from the tips of her toes to the top of her thrashing red curls.

Jake pounded into her cunt and then he was ramming home his load, squirt after squirt of cum he shot inside her, he didn’t withdraw, she took the lot and she didn’t even complain, in fact she screamed out for him to fill her up to the brim!


Which Jake did with ease I might add and his spunk flooded out of her when he withdrew his flaccid cock, grinning from ear to ear.

Saskia sprawled out on the poolside tarmac, cum dripping out of her mouth and cunt, sobbing in sheer pleasure, her body shaking and trembling as her orgasm slowly died down.

“So,” I heard myself say almost weakly, “Has she paid for trespassing?”

“Not at all,” Jake said and I found myself grinning too at his reply, “This is just the start!”

He pulled Saskia off the ground and forced her to lick his cock and balls clean. She did it without a word of complaint, and with an eagerness that made me realise that she was enjoying herself despite her earlier protestations.

“She’s not just a slut now,” Jake said suddenly, “She’s a bone-fide poolside whore!”

“Oh yes,” I heard Saskia groan and I was momentarily shocked and then I was turned on. And so was Saskia. It seemed that my girl-friend liked the idea of being called a poolside whore!

Come to think of it, so did I, Saskia had been okay in the sack before, but this was much better, in fact it was downright wonderful in fact!

Jake and I worked Saskia hard by the Poolside for the rest of the afternoon. She got no let up I can tell you but she wasn’t reluctant any more.

She took it up the ass, first from Jake, that made her green eyes water, I’m surprised no one reported her yelling as he rammed his monster up her ass hole and filled it with his glorious spunk and then he made her squeeze her buttocks shut so it stayed up there until I had shot my load inside her ass as well!

He then made her squat on the grass near the pool and we both watched our spunk flood out of her ass in a hot sudden rush and she let out a groan of pleasure at the sensation.

“Oh yeeeeeeeees!”

Jake hadn’t been joking when he said she’d be our very own cum bucket. I’ve never jacked off over her face before either, I wouldn’t have dared even suggest it but I did it by the pool as did Jake.

My favourite moment was when Jake and I sat side by side on a lounger and Saskia moved from cock to cock, sucking and licking, licking and sucking them alternatively until we both came, this time all over her tits giving her a pearly new bikini to show off.

Eventually we were sprawled on the grassy area by the pool, Saskia was lying between Jake and me like a floppy contented Raggedy Anne doll who just been fucked by Raggedy Andy and Teddy too!

Saskia let out a contented but exhausted sigh, fully sated for the moment.

“Can I have swim?” she asked Jake and he nodded his head. She got up and we watched her wobble her way to the pool, spunk dribbling out of her cunt and ass and shed lowered herself into the cool water with a sigh of pleasure.

She only swam a couple of laps and then got out and joined us on the grass verge, her body glistening with droplets of water.

She lay between us both; on her back so we could both see her now clean and spunkless body. She stretched herself, her purple toes curling, her tits pointing to the sky, her cunt and ass probably still hot from the way they had been used and abused.

Jake pushed himself up onto his elbow and looked at Saskia.

“You know Adam,” he said in a matter of fact voice, “We never got to eat this whore’s pussy, did we?”

Saskia’s eyes widened at his words and my cock twitched once more, despite the battering it had been taking over the last few hours.

Jake parted Saskia’s legs, lifting them onto his shoulders and he lowered his face into her crotch and he began to eat her pussy.

He lapped, and he licked at her cunt in hard expert strokes of his tongue and she jerked against him, crying out, her face contorted in sheer pleasure as her clit was rubbed and grazed on with his teeth.

I found myself lowering my head to her tits and I began to suck on them, making her chest as well as her cunt jerk spasmodically.

She came quickly, and it was then that Jake invited me to fuck her cunt as he wanted to get a taste of her licking and kissing his balls like she had done for me earlier on.

I didn’t object and my cock slid into her juicy cunt, full of her juices and cream and plenty of Jake’s spittle.

I took my time, thrusting steadily up and out as I gripped her tiny waist and I watched as Jake lowered his muscular body over Saskia’s face and her hands moved willingly to guide his cock into her mouth.

She lovingly wrapped her tongue around his cock head again, I could she really liked doing this and Jake let out a sigh of pleasure as she licked it steadily, holding the thick shaft with both her slender hands and then she began to draw it into her mouth properly.

There’s nothing quite like seeing your girlfriend having her face fucked and her enjoying it as much as the guy doing it to her!

Saskia had hold of Jake’s butt with both hands and I could hear her lapping at his balls with vigorous eager licks as he called her a dirty cocking little slut.

Jake came first, I’m not surprised; Saskia was sucking on his dick like it was her very own Popsicle.

I saw his butt move faster and faster in front of me then he exploded in her mouth and down her throat.

I heard her slurping away, and Jake sat over her face until she had finished her task.

I heard her moaning in pleasure as she licked, lap and slurped up every last drop of his cum.

I came with a contented grunt inside her swollen cunt, shooting my spunk load in her soaking wet pussy, saturating her womb and filling her up with strong hard strokes before pulling out of her and collapsing on the grass gasping for breath and wondering if you could have a heart attack from too much fucking.

As Saskia dosed on the grass once again leaking spunk heavily from mouth and cunt I looked at Jake who had slid off her face and was lying beside her. He grinned and then he gave me a sly wink.

“She’s a great pool-side whore,” he said and I sighed with pleasure at his words. I couldn’t agree more and he added that he didn’t think she’d be skinny dipping in stranger’s pools again because she’d got more than she bargained for by this pool!

I wasn’t so sure about that, but Saskia assured both of us that this was the last time she do such a thing, she might have enjoyed herself in the end, but she certainly had not expected to fucked, sucked and stuffed by not only a stranger but her boyfriend too!

I left an hour later; at Jake’s suggestion I let Saskia make her own way home seeing as she had come on her own in the first place.

It took Saskia several hours to get back to my apartment. She had to leave it until it was dark as she had no clothes as Jake had thrown hers away.

She was covered in scratches and bruises but far from being mad at me she was totally turned on by having to hide in bushes, dodge joggers, people walking their dogs, not to mention the main roads she had to sprint across, stark naked and shivering.

And on two occasions she had been forced to hide out in someone’s garden because there were too many people about.

She admitted to me she found the humiliation of her skinny dipping naked experience a total turn on, not to mention the fact she liked being fucked by two guys!

She was more than willing to repeat the experience, perhaps not in the same way, but could I think of things we could do that would get us what we had both experienced at Jake’s place?

I could think of loads of things we could do that she would enjoy, and how about by starting now, my balls were itching to be licked and kissed in the way she had done it by the poolside.

As I watched her head bob up and down on my cock, her lips and tongue working in sync I closed my eyes and began to plan what Saskia and I would be doing very soon, me and my very own poolside whore…

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