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Who’s The Boss?

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“What?!” I half yell as I turn around to see who keeps calling my name. I should have known it was HIM. We had gotten off to a bad start when he started at my parent’s medical practice a year ago and we had never tried to make peace with each other. Things were…well…tense when we were around each other so we tried to stay out of each other’s way as much as possible. It was really hard though when we worked together all week.

I was the office manager at my parent’s medical practice and I was in control of everything but the medical aspects so my days were pretty hectic. Both of my parents are doctors, along with my sister and brother, so I was a black sheep of sorts when I chose to go down another path in college and entered the business world. I had been a double major with a 4.0 GPA but that had never been good enough for my family. If you didn’t have a medical degree, you were not accomplished or good enough to be called a Callette. Five years ago my parent’s had opened this practice and had asked me to run the office. Eventually my sister and brother had joined on and last year four more doctors had joined to expand the practice even further. Needless to say, I was very busy and frequently worked from home on my days off. That left little time for romance or a sex life so I had spent the past five years alone with my trusty blue vibrator to tide me over. Not a glamorous life, but I actually enjoyed what I did and looked forward to work. That was until Dr. Michael Davies had joined the practice as a Cardiologist.

At 49, he was established in his career and was very good at what he did. Patients came from across the country to see him and word was that he had an excellent bedside manner and was extremely patient with even the most difficult patients. The same couldn’t be said for how he acted out of the exam rooms or in my office. The first day we had met he had to come in to see me to complete his paperwork and to get him situated into his new office and with his new staff. He somehow assumed that I was there to serve him and had waved me away when I was showing him around. “I can figure it out. Now, be a peach, and get me some coffee. No cream, a dash of sugar,” he said while waving one hand as if to dismiss me and using the other to check his phone.

“Excuse me?” I said sarcastically.

When he looked up at my tone of voice and saw me standing there with my hip cocked out and my eyebrows raised, he simply smirked. “I said, get me some coffee,” his gaze slowly working its way down my body. How dare he treat me this way!!

“You listen to me, doctor,” I had snapped. “I don’t work for you, you work for us. Go get your own damn coffee and I better not ever hear you talk to my girls the way you just talked to me or I’ll make sure that you don’t stay here very long. Got it?”

I could see his throat working to keep from saying something back at me when he saw my dad step out of his office to see what all the fuss was. “Everything good out here, Amy? Dr. Davies?”

“Everything’s good, dad. I was just showing Dr. Davies the ropes around here. Right, doctor?” I asked, my voice dripping with sweetness.

Without taking his eyes off of me he quickly backed me up, saving face with my dad. “Everything’s good, Dr. Callette. Amy is very professional. I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.”

“Good, good. I heard something about coffee. I was just heading down to grab a cup. Care to join me, Michael?”

“Sure. I’d love to.” I rolled my eyes at his retreating back but caught his gaze when he glanced back at me as if to say this wasn’t over. I quickly forgot about him when Vanessa, my assistant, found me and asked me to go over some numbers.



“What!!” I exclaimed when he finally found me. “I’m busy, and thought that you were too. Oh, don’t tell me. You’re printer ran out of paper and you need me to fill it for you, is that it? No…wait. You need your shoes tied. No…I know…you need a fresh cup of coffee.” I say, straightening up from Vanessa’s desk when I glance over and catch sight of his flashing blue eyes and lips pressed together so tightly they almost disappeared.

“Can we speak? Alone?” The last word is almost growled at me when I wave my hand at him to continue.

My gaze holds his for a minute before I turn away, “Fine. You think you got it from here, Vanessa?”

“I think so, Miss Callette. Thanks again!”

“No problem.” I smile back at her and watch her cheeks flush and her shy smile bloom. She is easily embarrassed but was sweet and caught on really fast. She had been a lifesaver when I had hired her on a few years ago.

My heels click on the tiles as I make my way to my office, not waiting to see if Michael will follow me or not. I sit behind my desk and wait for him to close the door behind him, gesturing towards the red leather chair that I keep in front of my desk. I liked color and my office was loaded with pops of blues and yellows and reds.

I scoot my chair up to my desk, silently slipping my heels off for some much needed relief and sigh quietly. I look up when he comes around to my side and props one hip on the corner, arms crossed over his green scrubs and white lab coat, face set in a glower.

“I need help.” This was the last thing that I had expected to hear from him.

“Excuse me? The almighty Dr. Michael Davies is asking for help from me? What do you need? Somebody else to boss around? I don’t think so. You’ve got plenty of staff.” I start to turn my attention back to the papers on my desk when I see his hand placed directly in front of me, on top of the papers I am trying to look at. I look up to see that he has shifted and is leaning towards me, one hand on a knee while bracing himself on my desk. I cock one eye brow, silently asking what the hell is he doing?

“You need to hire another Cardiologist, Amy. I can’t help them all and this practice could use another one.”

“Where did you get the idea that we’d hire another doctor to help you and who told you that I do the hiring? That’s my dad’s job, not mine. Go talk to him.” I said while rising from my chair, attention shifting to the other tasks that I still have to deal with today.

His hand snakes out to grab my wrist, pulling me in front of him before I can retreat across the room. I stare up into his face, seeing the fresh lines etched on either side of his mouth, the fatigue evident in the way his shoulders are slouching down and the deep purple bags under his eyes. I can see more silver in his hair than there used to be and I know that he is not putting me on this time. He needs help and I start to wonder why we have two gynecologists but only one heart doctor?

“Amy, I know I’ve been a jackass but I care about my patients. The longer they have to wait to get in to see me, the chances that they can lead a full life greatly decrease. I know a great cardiothoracic surgeon in Dallas that is looking to move here. I went to school with him and he’s one of the best.”

I yank my arm away from him but his words follow me while I start pacing across the room, trying to release some of my stress. What he said makes sense but I just don’t know if I can get the other doctors to approve the hiring of another doctor and where would I find the money in the budget?

Michael stands and walks over to stand against the wall, crossing his arms and legs. I know he’s waiting on my response but for once I am speechless. I just don’t know what to do or say because he has a valid point and for once I can’t argue with him.

I stop mid pace to look up and find him staring at my bare legs and feet, eyebrows raised. “I thought this was a no shoes, no shirt, no service type of place.”

“Yeah well, mind your own business.” I know I’m blushing at having been caught. I always take pride in my appearance, my strawberry blonde hair always up in a bun, make-up done and clothing professional. I had never liked heels though and as soon as I had a chance I always slipped them off. At 5’10” I am pretty tall and heels have always made me feel like a giant, but my mother had instilled manners into my sister and I and we were taught to dress like a lady, and that always included high heels.

I catch his smile before he wipes it off his face but my thoughts are already racing at what needs to be done and how we are going to do it. I’m going to need to talk to my dad and then make a presentation to the other doctors in the practice to get a vote on adding another one into our fold.

“How sure are you about this?” I ask as I stop and stand in front of him. At 6’5″ he towers over me and I find myself looking up at him.

“I’m positive. I’ll even take a pay cut if it will help.”

“Let me talk to everybody and crunch some numbers and I’ll get back to you. Give me a week and I’ll have an answer.” His gaze tells me that he is skeptical of my promises so I lay my hand on his arm to reassure him.

“I’m good at my job. I’m not a magician though and if the numbers aren’t there, then you’ll just have to refer new patients to somebody else. I’m sorry, but that’s how it is.”

“Whatever. I’ve got a patient to get to. Keep me posted.” When he pushes himself off of the wall and shrugs my hand off, I know that I am dismissed and somehow that just pisses me off again. I don’t know what it is about this man but he pushes every single button I have to set me off. I blow my breath out and get to work on writing emails to the other doctors and making a list of what needs to be done.


I glance over at Michael while he maneuvers the car through downtown Dallas traffic. It had been a long month to get to this point, but we now had another heart doctor. I had found myself having to work with Michael more than I ever had before during the whole process, and while he still infuriated me, he actually wasn’t that bad. He genuinely cared for others and backed everything I said and did to get to this point. Our meeting with Dr. Carl Shepard had gone off without a hitch and next month we expected to add him to the practice. He was a short, bald man with sparkling brown eyes and a quick wit and we had instantly hit it off at dinner earlier this evening. I had had one glass of wine too many and had enjoyed myself immensely. It wasn’t often I got to travel and I was loving being free from the office.

We hadn’t said a word to each other since parting ways with Dr. Shepard but for once it was a comfortable silence and not one full of tension. Michael had been funny and charming tonight and I found myself actually enjoying being around him. He was very good looking in his black sports jacket and pale blue Oxford shirt, opened at the collar with just a hint of black chest hair showing. His salt and pepper hair was perfectly messed up, curling slightly at the ends around his ears and collar and his strong jaw had a hint of stubble. He had smelled good with some musky cologne that I couldn’t place and I had caught myself more than once smiling or laughing at one of his jokes.

With my head leaning against the head rest, I close my eyes and listen to the wheels gently bumping along the road and the rain softly hitting the windshield as we make our way back to the hotel. I had decided to stay an extra day instead of leaving tomorrow. I had arranged for Michael to leave first thing in the morning so I’d have an entire day by myself to just relax and do nothing.

When the engine shuts down I glance over to find him staring at me and my face instantly reddens. I’m normally not a bashful person so it is frustrating that he can do this to me.

“What?” I ask, gathering my purse and jacket to exit the car.

“Nothing. I just wanted to say that you did great tonight. Thank you.” Before I can say anything he is out the door and walking towards the hotel entrance.

I roll my eyes and mutter “you’re welcome” under my breath and move to catch up with him, holding my jacket up over my head to keep from getting wet.

He’s holding the door for me when I catch up so I slip around him to enter the air conditioned lobby of the hotel. The cool air hits me and sends goose bumps dancing across exposed skin and I let out a tiny shiver, digging though my bag to find the key card to my room as I walk to the elevators. On a whim, I decide to ask him up to my room for a nightcap. I was feeling generous and a bit buzzed from the two glasses of wine at dinner and figured I could overcome my animosity and continue the pleasant evening we were having.

I tuck myself into the corner of the elevator, far enough away from Michael so I can see his reaction, “Would you like to come to my room for a nightcap?” His head turns, his eyes finding mine and I wonder what he sees when he looks at me. “You know what? Never mind. You have an early morning and it’s pretty late already,” backpedaling before he can answer me.

“Yes.” His voice is deeper than usual when he speaks. “He knows this is just a drink, right?” I think to myself. While he is a good looking man, I don’t mix business with pleasure and wasn’t about to start now.

I glance over as the doors open on our floor and know that he is right behind me as I walk towards my room, passing his as we pad across the carpet. I hear the faint click of the lock giving way when I slip my key into the slot and open the door for us both, cold air sweeping over me. Geez, it’s freezing in here! “The wine is on the dresser and there’s some whiskey in the mini-fridge. I’m going to turn the air up. Be back in a second. Make yourself at home.” I say, slipping my heels off and kicking them across the room.

He is holding a glass of Merlot out to me when I come back and take a sip, tasting the deep richness sliding across my tongue and slipping down my throat. I start to wonder if this was a bad idea. Why did I invite him in? What was it I wanted from him that hadn’t already been said?

“What are you thinking about?” he asks me. I watch him raise his glass of whiskey to his lips to take a sip.


I look back up into his eyes and see a small smile tugging at his lips. “I was thinking that maybe I was drunk when I asked you here.”

“Do you want me to go?”

I pause, thinking about his question and realize that I don’t want him to go just yet. “No. I want you to stay.” I watch him stride over so he can sit in the chair across the room, giving me my space while I perch myself on the edge of the king-sized bed.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Depends on what it is,” I reply taking another sip of wine.

“Why are you the only one in your family that’s not a doctor?”

“Why did you become a doctor?” I counter, not ready to answer his question yet.

“I wanted to help people. I was good at science and math in school and I’ve always liked learning about how the human body works. It just made sense to go to medical school. You didn’t answer my question, Amy. Why are you content to work in the office while everyone else holds PhD’s?”

“You’re getting pretty personal, don’t you think?” I start pacing the floor, a habit I picked up from my mom when she worried about something or was deep in thought.

“I don’t think so. I want to know why you are the way you are.”

“Why should I follow in everyone else’s footsteps? Why can’t I be different?” Michael’s hands are up in the air in front of him as if he’s warding off my verbal attack, but he settles deeper into the chair, legs spreading as he slouches down to make himself more comfortable.

“You know what? This was a mistake. Maybe you should just leave and I’ll see you back in the office.”

“What are you scared of?”

“What the hell? I’m not scared. I just don’t want to talk about my personal life. You can be such an ass, you know that?” I’ve stopped pacing and am standing directly in front of him now.

“You know what I think?” he stands up so we are mere inches apart and takes my wineglass from me to set it on the table next to his empty whiskey glass.

“I don’t care what you think about me. I’m good at my job and I’m not going to apologize…”

He continues as if I never even said a word, “I think that you were going to be a doctor but your parents always told you that you weren’t good enough so you gave up on your dreams. You thought that if you studied hard and were the perfect student that you could win their approval but it never happened, did it?” He slowly walks towards me, forcing me to step backwards as he continued his verbal assault.

“You don’t know anything about me.”

“I do. I see the way they treat you, like a piece of trash, but you’re the first one they come to when they get into a jam at work, and even at home. You’re so smart and beautiful and talented but they’ve never told you that have they?”

My cheeks are burning at his words and I only faintly hear his beautiful comment as we slowly make our way across the room.

“You let them walk all over you every single day. Why? I see the look in your eyes and I know that I’m right, aren’t I? Why didn’t you start your own business? I know that it’s you that runs the practice and you’re extremely talented at what you do. Why, Amy?” I jump when I feel my back hit the cold wall behind me. He is standing directly in front of me and I can barely swallow because my throat is so tight. I want to cry but I’ll be damned if I do it in front of him.

“It’s none of your damn business.” I hiss through clenched teeth, fighting the urge to punch him.

“Oh, I think it is.” I stare at him when I feel his hand brush down my arm, sending goose bumps through me. “You stood up to me that first day and you still do. You give me hell on a daily basis, which I happen to thoroughly enjoy, but you back down and take it when your brother berates you in front of everyone else when something doesn’t go his way. I want to beat the shit out of him but yet you just take it and move on. Why?”

“Get away from me before I make you.” I’m ready to explode at this point.

“Make me, Amy. Take it out on me. You’ve let it all build up for years and you’re so tightly wound you’re ready to snap.”

“Stop it. Just stop it.”

“Come on. Let it out, honey. What happened to you?”

“Get out!” I scream while shoving him as hard as I can, making him stumble backwards in surprise.

“No! You’re going to talk to me and I don’t care how long it takes.”

“Fine! You know what? I’m nothing but a screw-up. Okay?” I yell at him.

“Come on, baby. Let it out.”

I’m sliding down the wall and sit on the floor, feeling the soft carpet under my bare legs and resting my head in my hands. I’m so tired but now that the door is open, I think that I want to let out my demons and Michael is the perfect punching bag right now.

“I got pregnant at 16,” I say glancing up to see his reaction. He is silent now but sits down across from me and pulls my hands from my face so he can see me.

“He was my brother’s best friend and his dad was my dad’s best friend so the two families were pretty close. Steve was two years older than me and so good looking while I was such a tomboy. I guess they were all trying to play match-maker but all I wanted to do was study and read my books like the nerd everybody said I was. My parents said that I was lucky to have somebody like Steve dating me and I just let him take control of everything. I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised when he hit me for the first time.”

Michael’s warm hands are holding my now cold ones as I tell my story for the first time. I still can’t look at him though because I’m afraid that I’ll see the blame and disgust that was always on my family’s faces at the scandal I had caused. His thumbs are rubbing circles on my wrists when he softly tells me to go on.

“I got pregnant when I finally gave in to him. I told my parents and they said that I was a disgrace to the family and that I’d never amount to anything. I was three months along when Steve came home from college for a visit. Both of our families knew I was pregnant but our parents were able to keep it pretty quiet. I guess he wasn’t feeling up to being a dad because he started calling me a slut and pushed me down the stairs. He was still there when my parents came home from work to find me bleeding on the floor. I was told to keep my mouth shut after I came home from the hospital with three broken ribs. No questions were ever asked and it was just swept under the rug like it had never happened. They said that I was a disgrace to the family and that I had just proved that I would never amount to anything. After that, I kept my nose clean and became Valedictorian before moving across country to go to college. I thought that if I kept up my 4.0 GPA and double majored that I’d win their love back but I never did.”

I still won’t look at him so he scoots closer and uses one hand to lift my chin so I am forced to look at him. “It wasn’t your fault. You know that right?”

“You became the scapegoat for all that went wrong and you were blamed for something that was not your fault. Have you talked to anybody else about this?” When I shake my head no he just sighs and rests his forehead against mine, moving to press his hand against the back of my neck so I won’t move away at his touch.

“Well, I’m glad you did. I always knew that there was more to you and I always wanted to know what it was. Have you mentioned anything to any of your other boyfriends about the abuse or miscarriage?”

“I only had one other one but it lasted six months before he broke it off because I wouldn’t have sex with him. I never told him anything though.”

“I’m the only other one who knows besides your family and Steve’s?”

This time he pulls me closer to him so I’m almost in his lap, my head resting against his chest. I nod my head against him and just let him hold me. It had been so long since I had been touched and I found myself enjoying it and him. He wasn’t quite so bad when he wasn’t at work and I liked this side of him.

“Please believe me when I tell you that you are incredibly smart and sexy and to hell with anybody who thinks otherwise.”

“Thank you, Michael. I appreciate that.” I raise my head to find that his face is close enough to kiss. My eyes search his and when I find nothing but kindness, I raise my hand to rest it against his stubbled cheek.

“Take what you want from me, Amy,” he whispers as he cradles the back of my head with his hand while pulling me closer. His lips are so soft and warm when they gently touch mine and I hear myself gasp in surprise before I tentatively kiss him back.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise,” he whispers against my lips. I want to believe him but I’m still not sure what I want to do. If things went any further, I’d be breaking my rule of mixing business with pleasure.

My thoughts are whirling through my mind as I try to absorb all that has happened. I’m still not sure why I told Michael about the baby or my ex but I feel closer to him than I ever had with any other man and I want to feel good again. I’d had sex a handful of times over the years but the guys had always done what they wanted and didn’t really care if I got off or not. At 32, I was still fairly inexperienced with men and sex and had never found my voice to express what I wanted in bed.

“Stand up,” I whisper. He takes my hands in his as he does so we are both standing. I glance down at his suit jacket and he realizes what I want before I say anything, slipping it off of his shoulders and down his arms before tossing it across a nearby table. I’m biting my lip, wondering what to do next when he takes my hands and lays them on his chest, his warm hands staying on top of my cold ones.

I stand on my toes, glancing up at his eyes before I look at his lips, pressing mine to his. My breath catches in my throat as my eyes drift close, enjoying the simple touch. Michael doesn’t make a move so I decide that I’m going to just go for it, moving my lips against his and feeling his response. I pull back briefly to look at him again, and when I don’t see hate or even sympathy, I close my eyes and press my lips back against his. My tongue flicks out to run across his bottom lip as I reach one hand up to run it through his thick hair, pressing his head closer to me so I can deepen the kiss. When our tongues finally meet, I feel his arms slip around me to press me closer to him so there is no space between us.

“I want you,” I whisper against his lips.

“Then take me,” he whispers back, pulling away to look at me. In an instant I know what I want and pull him with me to the bed, pushing him back so he is sitting on the edge and I’m standing between his spread legs. His hands are resting on my hips, waiting for my next move when I move back to kiss him. My hands find the buttons of his shirt and I work my way down until I have to pull the tails out of his pants. I make quick work of his shirt until he is sitting there bare chested. My hands roam, feeling his coarse chest hair and working lower to his flat stomach. While he is not muscular, it is obvious that he keeps himself in shape.

My hand brushes against his erection so I pull back from his lips to glance down. I can see that his pants are tented and decide that I want to taste him. Dropping to my knees I work to unbuckle him and get him freed from his pants and underwear, then make quick work of his shoes and socks before tugging everything off of him so he is left naked in front of me.

My thoughts try to intrude but I quickly push them aside and just think about what is going to happen. I move to get closer to his cock, looking at the way it juts up from his body at an angle, the tip glistening with precum and his balls hanging low and full. It’s not large but it’s slightly thicker than the scant few that I’ve had and my pussy gives a pulse at the thought of him entering me.

Without a word being spoken, he leans back on one hand he has placed on the bed behind him while the other gently pushes into my bun. I realize what he wants and reach up to pull the pins out, letting my curls cascade down my back and over his hand then focus my attention back on his cock. I’m not good at giving blowjobs but I think that he won’t mind so I run my tongue from the base up to the head, tasting him as I move back down. Michael spreads his legs wider so I can move closer and I repeat the process, moving my tongue up one side of his cock and over to the other, tracing veins as I go.

My tongue flicks over his balls, making him groan, so I do it again. Over and over I run my tongue up around his rubbery head then back down to suck his balls before I sit up on my knees to take him into my mouth. I want to feel him slide down my throat and I slowly work my way down, holding him with one hand while I brace myself on his leg with the other. I feel my hair being pulled back into a loose ponytail so he can watch me suck his cock. I glance up and meet his gaze as I move up and down, coating him with my saliva so I can slowly jack him off while I suck him. His eyes close as he throws his head back and groans.

My pussy pulses and I feel myself getting wet but I’m still not sure what I want and I keep thinking about what we are doing and how wrong it is. I’m breaking my own rule and I think that things could get very complicated if we go much further. But then again, it was going to be pretty hard ignoring the fact that I had seen him naked and I was kneeling in front of him, sucking his cock. I stop moving my head and hand and sit back but he seems to know where my thoughts are headed and untangles his hand from my hair to cup my chin so I am forced to look at him.

“Stop thinking and just feel, Amy.” I stare at him until he cups my head in his hands, gently pulling me up as he stands with me. I very rarely get this unsure of myself and just wish that I had never asked him to my room because I wouldn’t have put myself in this situation.

“I won’t hurt you…I promise. But if you want to stop, we will, okay?” I nod but still say nothing and look into his eyes. I trust him but I can’t get out of my head to let myself enjoy anything and find it ironic that even now I’m a disappointment.

“I have an idea,” he says, leaning down to kiss my forehead.

“What?” I finally manage to say.

“You trust me, right?”

I answer without hesitation, “Yes, but…”

“No but’s. You trust me and I think you know that I’m not going to hurt you.”

He pauses until I nod my head before he continues.

“What do you think about being blind folded? I want you to feel but I don’t think that you will if you can see me. Make sense?”

I consider what he offered and find that the idea is growing on me. I’d never done anything like it but I had heard that it was incredibly erotic.

“Okay,” I say.



Michael kisses my forehead again before moving away to my open suitcase. I watch him sift through until he finds a silk scarf I had planned on wearing tomorrow, striding back over to step behind me. His arms brush mine as he moves until I see the scarf in front of my face. I take a deep breath, eyes closing, briefly nodding to let him know that I am ready before he ties it around me head.

“Are you still okay?” he asks.


His fingers trail down my arms and I feel him lean down to kiss my bare shoulder as his fingers travel back up, sending goosebumps dancing across my skin. “Trust me,” he says into my ear before moving away from me. I don’t know where he went and turn my head, trying to hear his movements before I feel his hands on my shoulders again, making me jump in surprise.

He pushes me back until I feel the bed hit the back of my legs and I’m forced to sit back on it. I scoot myself up further and feel the bed dip a second before he straddles my thighs. I reach behind me to brace myself and feel my dress and bra being slipped off of my shoulders and down my arms, forcing me to lay back on the bed with the restriction of not being able to move.

His mouth finds my neck and lightly sucks before biting me, making me yelp in surprise. His tongue leaves a wet trail up to my ear and traces the edge of it before moving back down my neck to my shoulder, biting down again. He repeats the process on the other side and I feel my pussy getting wetter.

He lifts me up enough to slip my dress and bra completely down my arms before pushing me back onto the bed. The force takes me by surprise before I feel his mouth sucking on my left nipple. His tongue swirls and his teeth nip while he holds my arms out to the sides so I can’t move to stop him but each pull on my hard nipple is making me forget why I was so reluctant to continue before. The pleasure is mixing with pain as he sucks harder and bites down. My heart is pounding and my breaths are coming out in pants, not knowing what he’s going to do to me but not caring while he continues to work on my breasts. He finally moves to the other one and treats it like its twin while he slowly releases my arms, testing to see if I’ll move away from him.

When he realizes that I’m not going to move, he moves to roll my nipples between his fingers and works his way lower, trailing kisses and bites down my stomach. He pauses long enough to loop his fingers into the waistband of my panties and I lift my hips so he can pull them down my legs with my dress.

He settles between my legs and when I move to put my legs over his shoulders, he stops me by pressing my legs apart and again says, “Trust me.” I keep my arms where they are but my hands clutch the bedspread and my hips buck up when he sucks my clit into his mouth and I let out a loud groan.

His tongue runs from my clit down to my ass and back again and I know that he is tasting my juices. His teeth sink into my clit and I let out a loud “Fuck”, my back leaving the bed with my hips. I’ve had my pussy sucked before but he is pushing me farther than I’ve been sexually and I am more turned on than I’ve ever been in my life.

Michael continues his assault on my pussy, alternating between sucking my clit and lapping at my pussy. I feel his fingers push all the way into me and his tongue tracing circles around my clit, my orgasm getting closer and closer. His fingers thrust up into me hard and fast now and I can actually hear how wet I am with each thrust.

He surprises me when he pulls back and I feel my face turning red in shame and disappointment, thinking that I had managed to turn him off when I feel his lips touch mine and his tongue pushing into my mouth to kiss me. “You taste so good,” he says before kissing me again and this time I concentrate on how I taste. It’s a bit tangy but sweet at the same time and I am finding myself getting turned on even further.

His fingers continue to dip into my pussy and to pinch my clit while his other finds my neck and lightly squeezes. I know he’s not going to hurt me but his touch scares me and I try to pull away. “Trust me,” he says again and I know that I have to at this point because I have no idea what he can do.

He kisses me again and I feel his cock brush against me when he moves, my senses on high alert at not being able to see what he is doing.

He moves lower to my breasts and bites down on one, and then the other just as my pussy explodes. My breath catches but I can hear my heart pounding in my ears when he presses harder on my throat and I start to see stars before he lets up on the pressure and I scream his name, not caring who can hear at this point. It feels like my whole body is cumming and my pussy is on fire as I gasp for air and thrash around, seeking relief from his relentless fingers but wanting more at the same time.

This time he doesn’t stop me when I wrap my arms around him and pull him to me for a wet kiss as my pussy slowly returns to normal and my screams turn to pants.

Still not saying a word he moves so he can position his cock at my pussy entrance and in one thrust sinks all the way into me. “Fuck!” My pussy is still sensitive and each thrust makes me groan and call out his name in pleasure.

“Michael…please…” I beg, not knowing what I want but knowing that I want more of his cock.

“What do you want?” he asks, nipping at my ear lobe and then sucking on my neck.

“I want to suck you,” I manage to get out in between particularly hard thrusts.

“Then suck me,” he says and pulls out of me, rolling over next to me. I still have the scarf tied around my head so I have to feel with my hands where he’s at and then work my way down his body so I can kneel between his legs without crushing his cock and balls.

His legs spread wider so I have more room to work and his hands find my head to guide it to his cock. I can smell myself on him as I get closer and then my lips are on his cock head. I suck it in and swirl my tongue around then sink my mouth all the way down, my lips flaring to take him all in. His low “Fuck” tells me I’m on the right track and I repeat my movements, moving up then all the way back down.

My fingers move lower to tickle underneath his balls and I realize that he’s letting me do what I want to him so I move my fingers lower to his ass and then back up. I’m listening to his moans and looking for direction as to how far I can go. I want to please him like he did me and, while I’m not sure he’ll like his ass played with, I decide to go with it.

I reach underneath me to gather up some of my own juices to coat my fingers then bring them back to his ass and lightly rub them around his puckered hole, feeling his feet come up to rest on my back to give me better access to his ass. I continue sucking his cock while one finger starts to probe his ass, feeling the resistance give way at each gentle push.

I slowly work my finger in and out, every so often reaching up to catch some of my saliva that’s dripping down his cock and balls for some lubrication so I don’t hurt him. “Fuck, Amy. That feels so good. Keep sucking my cock, baby.”

His hands work to loosen the knot at the back of my head and the scarf comes off, making me blink at the bright light before I glance up at his face. His eyes are slammed shut, his mouth forming silent words at each push of my finger and swirl of my tongue on his cock.

I work to add a second finger and pump his ass, concentrating on moving my fingers with my mouth in tandem. I feel his balls tightening against his body and know that he is close to cumming.

My mouth lets out an audible pop when he pulls me off of him and my fingers are released from his tight ass a second before he pulls me up his body, crushing my mouth to his before rolling me over onto my back.

“Get on your stomach,” he says and he is on top of me before I can fully extend my limbs. His knees slip between my legs as he settles on top of me. His cock finds my pussy and again he sinks all the way in with one thrust, making me gasp in pleasure. He buries his head in my neck and his arms wrap around my chest while he pumps into my pussy. I know he won’t last long so I let him go at his own pace and hear his pants in my ear as he gets closer and closer.

At the last minute he raises his torso off of me and braces himself on his arms to really get into his thrusts. I glance behind me and see the sweat running down his face, his eyes find mine and I feel him start to cum inside of me, sending another small orgasm through my pussy.

His thrusts slow down until he is barely moving at all and I feel a kiss on my shoulder before he rolls off of me and collapses besides me.

I’m still on my stomach but rest my head on my folded arms and turn my head to look at him. He catches my look and rolls over onto his side, propping his head on his hand and running his fingers down my spine, sending goose bumps across my skin.

“Did I hurt you?” he asks me, holding my gaze to judge my reaction.


“Are you sure? I got pretty rough.”

I think for a minute before answering, “I think that I was scared at not knowing what you were going to do but, no, you didn’t hurt me. I never thought sex could feel that intense. Thank you, Michael.”

“Sex feels as good as the partner you’re with. If you have a bad partner, which I know you’ve had, then it isn’t good. But, if you find somebody that respects you and wants only to make sure that you experience all the pleasures they can give, then sex can be incredibly intense and intimate. By the way, I never would have thought you were into anal play with a man. You continue to surprise me, Amy,” he says with a wink.

I smile back at him but I know that my cheeks are burning at his words. I had never thought about anal play but after what he had done for me tonight, I had only wanted to give him the same amount of pleasure.

“What time are you leaving in the morning?” I ask.

“I actually changed my flight to match yours,” he says and then laughs when I jump up in surprise.

“You did what?” I ask.

“I’m on the same flight. Don’t look so offended, Amy.”

“I’m not. I just thought that I had planned this trip out but apparently nothing is going like I planned,” I say and sit up so I’m sitting with my legs crossed, naked as the day I was born but not caring.

“Who’s the boss now?” he says before pouncing on me, making me laugh.

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