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When a Picture isn’t Good Enough

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In the previous chapter Fact or Fiction with my lovers called back to war, I was left standing on the steps waving them Goodbye. If you haven’t read that chapter then may I suggest you do so. Again many thanks to all those offering encouragement: The one problem being, is the more encouragement I get, the longer my episodes become.


It all started about midday, I was busy cleaning the house when the phone rung. It was the local post office saying they had some letters for me, and would I like to come and collect them, as they had been there over a week. Hearing this news I cussed since it meant getting dressed, for as we all know I enjoyed nothing better then working around the house either in the nude or wearing just the skimpiest pair of panties or perhaps a thong.

Deciding to do my weekly shop at the same time, I first made for the post office, where I picked up the usual junk mail plus a bundle of at least a dozen letters. Throwing these in the back of the car, I continued my way to the supermarket before heading home.

At home having put away the shopping, ‘boring’ and made myself a cup of coffee, I made myself comfortable in the living room and began to read the letters. Several were addressed to my father, mainly to do with bills etc; a couple from long distant friends and the remainder being love letters either from father or Chris since he was becoming very fond of me and reading between the lines of a letter from daddy, was thinking of asking me to marry him.

There was one letter however that intrigued me; it was from Chris himself asking for revealing photographs of me. They wasn’t directly for him, but to be mascots for his company; apparently the way I had said goodbye to him on that fateful morning had got around the battalion and, every since Chris had taken up with me their luck had changed. My pose was to be revealing but in a delicate way since anything blatant would be immediately rejected by the senior officers.

This request posed two problems; one I didn’t have a decent camera and two, who the hell could I get to develop and print the film. Mulling this over for a couple of days I came up with the ideal solution. For months I had thought about buying myself a modern computer, but had always put the idea off, now I had the real need of one; for I had read all about ‘capturing yourself on camera, then sending your loved ones the images over the net etc:’ Having ‘tarted’ myself up and armed with a list of my needs I made my way to the local computer store and sussed out the bargains.

I shrewdly wandered about the store, looking at the bargains, and then once my mind was made up I seeked my prey. A young man who seeing a pretty young piece of ‘skirt’, would do anything to make a sale: It took some persuading and a lot of flattery but eventually I got my way; a top of the range laptop with printer, camera, leads, external speakers etc; and free home setup for less than 800 pounds, the salesperson even threw in a 1.3 Megapixel webcam.

Sure enough the following day an engineer came and set up the computer in no time, attaching everything, even the webcam. He needed an Instant Messenger (IM) name for me and I came up with ~~~~~~~. He added his name to the Yahoo menu and even IM himself to show me how it worked. I wasn’t sure if my friends used Yahoo but I’d figure it out.

For kicks I took the pc and all its gear up into my bedroom, using my dresser as a desk I linked up the camera, set it to webcam and looked at myself. This was so cool; I’ve got to get my friends interested in using webcam. For the next few hours I took various intimate shots of my body and paraded myself in front of the camera looking for that elusive shot; eventually I found one and saved it. Now came the more difficult part, how do I get these shots to Chris; I could always email them to him, but didn’t know his address or I could ‘burn’ them to a disk and post it; it was however the rumbling in my stomach that interrupted my thoughts, looking at the clock it was almost midnight. “Surely I haven’t been here all this time”, thought I as I shutdown the pc.

The following morning it all became clear to me, all I really needed to do was phone daddy’s barracks and ask if he had an email address, saying I wanted to send to him something urgent. A few hours later they, so as to be sure of my authenticity asked me to send them an email, then they would reply with both a gateway address and daddy’s email address. I was getting excited now, for I had climbed the first rung of the ladder; all I had to do now was talk daddy into giving me Chris’ email address, if he had one of course.

Whilst waiting for daddy’s reply, I started to take very and I mean very intimate shots of my body; they ranged from close-ups of my clit and pussy to shots of me masturbating myself with one foot on a stool. After several hours daddy came back with the reply I wanted. Yes Chris did have an email address and he would love to hear from me. Again it was too late in the day to start thinking about sending emails so I got myself something to eat, watched some TV before going to bed; again my mind asked “Where has all the time gone”.

Come morning I placed all my shots in a folder, before composing my first email letter to Chris. In it I asked him directly if he wanted to marry me, if so, I would only accept his offer only if we could keep the present status quo. I also told him about the webcam and asked what messenger service he used if any. As this was my first email I kept my letter very tight and very brief.

Having repositioned the webcam, I knelt on the bed with my legs apart, imagining I was straddling my lover’s hips. The tip of my rabbit ran along the inside of my thighs as I looked at myself on the screen, this visual sensation only heightened my need to have the toy inside of me. It trailed up to my hardened clit and hummed along its swollen pinkness. I moaned out loud as it sent wave after wave of pleasure through me. All of my muscles tensed and my body shook with desire as I moved it between my legs.

I held it under my dripping pussy, raising and lowering myself onto the pulsating toy. It began to rub and tickle my clit, gently at first, but with more intensity as I adjusted the buttons on the sex wand. My fingers explored the folds of my pussy as my friend re-acquainted its self within my throbbing pussy. I lunged up and down on it, there was no need to for the machine was quiet capable, but I had to do something. The deeper it went, the further I wanted it inside of my dripping walls. All the muscles in my body seemed to tense up at once, readying themselves for the impending orgasm. It felt as if I would explode. Everything in me begged for release, but I didn’t want it to end.

I began to slow down the vibrator’s thrusts before removing it from my sopping pussy. I dragged it along my stomach leaving trails of honey as it bounced along the tense sinews it found there, before it trailed to my breasts. The moistness of my juices still lingered on its shaft. It felt warm to the touch as I traced my nipples with the tip of the wand then with its ears; again I imagined it was the hot saliva of my lovers’ mouths as they wrapped their lips around my breasts.

I let my hand continue to massage my clit until I knew I could wait no longer. I spread my lower lips wide with my fingers before thrusting the vibrator back inside. It was an incredible and long awaited pleasure. My hips bucked wildly on top of the toy as it hummed furiously inside of me. I pinched and tugged at my nipples with my free hand. Then using a pillow to hold my friend in place, I pinched and tugged at my nipples with both hands. My breath quickened as my nails dug into the tender flesh of my bosom. The sudden pain was all that salvaged my sanity during the orgasms that overtook me. Each time I came and thought I was spent, another wave of euphoria crashed over me. The juices flowed from my pussy in torrents onto the pillow and bedspread. I collapsed onto the mattress, panting and covered in sweat and my own nectar. I lay there a while unable to move, whilst my friend slowly extracted itself from my sopping cunt.

Recovered I went over to the pc and replayed the last scene, it was incredible, the autofocus on the webcam had captured all my movements, ok there was some frame jitter but the content was there. Thinking of my lovers I saved this to disk, for I’m sure they would enjoy it at some later date.

A couple of days later, I received Chris’ reply to my letter; in it he told me that he had asked father if he could marry me and we could keep the status quo. It also went on saying that they used Yahoo messenger and continued to explain how to set up a secure account. Last but not least was a big Thank You from Chris’ company thanking me for the photo and could they have more. (Cheeky beggars)

So armed with all the details I curtailed my Yahoo account so only Chris and a couple of others would have access, I then copied all my recent cams to its online folder. Chris’ last request was to make certain changes to my pc so I was able to leave it and messenger ‘online’

At 6:00 the next morning I was woken by a ‘ping’ from the pc. Bleary eyed I peeked over at the screen. A few seconds later Chris’ name popped up on the viewers watching list. Seeing nobody there I got out of bed and went for my morning shower.

Chris couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw me walk by wearing just a towel. I wandered by a few more times. He could see my hair was wet. Chris found himself talking out loud. “Drop the towel, please, drop the bloody towel;” as I dried my hair in front of the mirror. But to no avail his words went unheard.

After what seemed to be a lifetime Chris sighed relief when I stooped to open a drawer. Chris loved how my hair looked when it wasn’t in my standard ponytail. And then it happened. The towel fell to the floor.

Chris practically stopped breathing as he stared at my naked figure; just in time he clicked the ‘save image’ button before my nakedness disappeared a second later for I was now out of shot. Thinking quickly Chris wrote a note, ‘Turn your sound up’ and left it propped in front of his camera for me to see.

Glancing at the screen I adjusted the volume control as requested before plopping myself in front of the mirror. My nipples were erect from excitement, could Chris had been watching. For the first time that day my hand slid between my legs and I began to masturbated myself, and it felt good, really good. Looking at my own webcam on the screen, now saw what he was seeing for the notice had been removed. I fought the urge to look into the cam and tried to focus on something else; which I couldn’t.

Chris still off camera watched and listened intently as I abused myself. He watched my pretty face slowly contort as I approached my goal. Somehow his cock found its way out of his pants and he was rapidly stroking it. Chris now looking directly at the screen noticed me look at him, it was then and only then we spoke to each other; for each willed each other to come in unison.

We both knew this voyeur moment wouldn’t last; for soon the cries of “YES! YES! Fucking YES!” screamed through both speakers as we watched each other come.

Chris loved what he saw. I was a bit disappointed for not seeing Chris’ contorted face, but there again I was so out of it everything was a blur.

Over the next week our mutual abuse continued. I would sometimes masturbate out of focus and even go a day without giving Chris anything to see, my voice being his only inducement. Chris was hooked; how much he’d give to be able to put his cock inside me and inject me with one of the hundred loads he had already unloaded just thinking of me. Over the days that followed Chris talked me into setting up a wireless network, so I could take the camera and laptop around the house.

Apart from abusing myself or doing the housework; I was spending more and more time playing with my new toy. For it had given me a new interest. In the past when I used the internet, my old pc took hours to download the pages I was interested in, with this one it took a matter of seconds. Having transferred my files over from my old pc, I flashed through my favourites. The capabilities of this new pc seemed endless. I even took to masturbating to some of the free online videos, a thing I had never done before.


One day, completely out of the blue Izzy; an old school friend rang telling me she was in the area and could she come and stay with me. Initially I was overjoyed because it brought back fond memories of our recent holiday together and it would be nice for me to have some company, then reality set in, for it meant I would have to wear some clothes and forget about my self abuse for the time being.

Late the next afternoon Izzy arrived. Having greeted her I immediately took her up to the quest bedroom, showed her where the toilet and shower were before leaving her to unpack whilst I made us a pot of coffee. By following the aroma of fresh coffee Izzy found her way to the kitchen.

Its not that our house is complicated, it’s just huge; for not only are there front stairs for the guests; but back stairs for the now defunct servants; in fact daddy has been approached several time by property dealers asking him to sell but has always turned them down.

After a good long chat, filling in the details we missed on holiday, I took Izzy on a tour of the house, she was absolutely amazed that I lived alone in this place, but when I told her I had fond memoirs of my mother living here, she understood perfectly. By this time it was getting late so I suggested we ate out.

“My treat” cried Izzy then continued to say “After all you are putting me up.

Quickly I phoned a really good local restaurant and made a reservation for two at 9, followed by a call to the local taxi service to pick us up about 8:30; we then hurried up stairs to get ready. As Izzy was disappearing into her room I told her to put on something special.

Following their showers:- Sarah’s five foot four inch frame was tightly sheathed in a black evening gown that left little to the imagination. Her figure was lush, with lovely, soft curves in all the right places, but in profile her belly was flat with only a slight rounding just above her pubic bone, which showed prominently through the clinging material of the dress. The cloth of the dress clung lovingly to her shoulders, sweeping low across the tops of her breasts and dipping to a daring depth between them. If you got close enough, you’ll be able to see her navel through the cleft.

Izzy’s five foot eight inch frame was similarly attired in black, though her dress clung less tightly to her slender hips and torso. She had elected not to wear a bra, her 32DD breasts pushed her aureoles and tiny nipples fetchingly against the gauzy fabric of her gown, whose high neckline provided an excellent backdrop for a lovely diamond and ruby pendant. Her long platinum hair was gathered at the back of her head in a severe bun that made her look very elegant while highlighting her long, slender neck, and delicate ears. She wore no other jewellery, the effect was stunning.

Both ladies wore high heels which shaped their calves, highlighted tantalisingly by the slits running down one side of each skirt.

I was the first to arrive in the living room, so making myself useful I poured ourselves a couple of stiff drinks and waited for Izzy. Well when we both saw each other we just laughed for this was becoming surreal, for again we were of the same mind, we first did it on holiday and now we were doing it again. Being too late to change we toasted each other on our choice and awaited the arrival of the taxi.

Our entry to the restaurant was spectacular, the maître d’ couldn’t do enough for us, and I’m sure some of the older customers thought we were a couple of tarts for their eyes followed us everywhere.

For the duration of the meal, I tried to keep the conversation light, but Izzy kept on about had I a recent boyfriend, how did I spent my time at home etc; invariably we always slipped back into talking about sexual matters, leaving plenty of opportunity for titillating innuendo and sexual metaphors. Izzy and I by now were highly intoxicated after consuming at least four bottles of wine, blushed prettily at the thoughts that were evoked, and contributing our own double entendres and risqué anecdotes.

After dessert, we were served each with a glass of excellent brandy, along with our coffee. By now , both very drunk, we asked the waiter to order us a taxi.

Stumbling through the front door I turned to Izzy and asked. “Do you want to make love with me?”

Izzy’s face lit up with a smile as she replied, “It’s a little sudden, but yes, I would love to.”

I leaned over and kissed Izzy on the cheek, taking my arm from Izzy’s shoulder I lifted Izzy’s chin with the pad of my forefinger. Slowly, gazing passionately into her eyes, I leaned over and kissed her gently. Her mouth opened to greet me, and her arms slipped around my neck as my tongue slowly entered her mouth. She moaned into my mouth and pressed urgently against me. Turning her by the shoulders until she was facing away from me, I slowly pulled the tab of her zipper to its stop and slipped the fabric of the dress off one shoulder, taking care to use the flat of my hand whenever I touched her so I wouldn’t set off her tickle reflexes. I firmly, but gently, kissed the curve of her neck where it met her slender shoulder, sending a shudder through her body. I repeated the procedure on the other side, this time eliciting a low moan, as I gently bit the soft flesh of her shoulder. With the front of the dress still hiding her chest, I slipped my hands underneath her arms inside the fabric, and engulfed her breasts, warming them in the palms of my hands.

Izzy’s hands came up and cupped mine from outside the fabric, pressing them more firmly to her chest. Returning to the other shoulder, I kissed and bit softly, just letting her feel the pressure of my teeth, while rolling her tiny nipples between thumb and forefinger. Izzy moaned and wrapped one arm around my neck as I continued to nibble at her neck and shoulders, her other hand pulling mine tighter to her breast, her buttocks grinding against me through the diaphanous cloth.

I gently forced Izzy’s arms to her sides, and slid the dress off her arms, letting it fall to puddle around her feet. To my utter delight, she too wore a garter belt and stockings, surmounted by a sheer lacy panty that was cut high on the sides, and only covered about half of her slender buttocks. I didn’t take a lot of time admiring her, since I didn’t want her standing there, cold and alone, too long. Resuming my position behind her, I pulled her close against me by reaching across the front of her body to recapture her tiny nipple with my left hand, while slipping the flat of my right hand down to cover her mound. Izzy gasped and when her head lolled back against my shoulder, I took her right earlobe between my lips and nibbled at it gently, sending chills down her spine.

“Undress me?” I whispered into Izzy’s ear.

Reluctantly, she stepped clear of the ring of dress fabric, showing off a pair of long, slender legs that any model would have killed for. Fumbling from nervousness, lust, and drunkenness she repeated the actions I had performed upon her until we were both standing naked in the hallway. Together like young lovers we made our way upstairs to my bedroom. Looking over my shoulder at Izzy, with an ‘are you coming?’ glance, Izzy’s face seemed to radiate a light of its own.

From this angle, I could see moisture seeping through the crotch of her scant panties. I reached past her knees and slowly peeled the garment down her legs, holding it to my nose and sniffing the delicate aroma. Dropping her panties, I quickly pushed Izzy onto the bed before slipping out of mine, and knelt beside her on the bed, my pussy squelching with each time I moved. Izzy reached for it, but I gently forced her hands up and back, whispering, “Pretend they’re tied there!”

She moaned in frustration, but did as I asked, and I bent and kissed her again on the mouth. After a long, lingering kiss, during which my hands roamed freely over her body, I worked my way down her torso, touching only with the flats of my hands, my lips, and my tongue. When I reached the voluptuous mounds on her chest, I mouthed each of them for a good long while, playing with each nipple with my tongue, ever so gently nipping them with my teeth.

Izzy’s breath rasped in her throat between moans and her pussy leaked fluid over my fingers as they played inside her, gently I stroked her g spot as my palm rested on her clit. Her hips rhythmically rose and fell, trying to suck my invading digits in further.

When I changed position and replaced my hand with my tongue, Izzy shrieked her way through her first orgasm. I didn’t let up, though, and continued to suck, lick and nibble at her most private flesh, while my hands kneaded her breasts and abused her tiny nipples. Three more times she came, each louder and longer than the last. As she approached the precipice for her fifth climax, I suddenly backed off, leaving her moaning in frustration.

Soon my face was between her legs, hers likewise. Izzy’s fingers opened my folds and the feeling of her tongue sticking inside my wet hole almost caused an immediate orgasm. I opened my mouth.

“Ho-ly shit!”

“Well get ready, cause it’s going to get a lot better.” And with that her tongue licked my clit, teasing it with small circular movements. New to the game of female love I decided to follow Izzy’s movements. What she done to me I would do to her.

I closed my eyes when she blew her warm breath on my pussy. Suddenly, her tongue stabbed into my labia, my fingers clawed at Izzy’s thighs.

“Owww!” she yelped.

“Sorry,” I moaned. “It’s just you’re driving me…, Oh God.”

Her fingers now spread my lips apart and her tongue explained how over it she was. A finger from her other hand found its way to my pussy and eased in without a problem, thanks to how wet I was. This was bliss. I was moaning so loud that anyone passing the house would hear it. It was a voyeurs dream. Izzy’s finger continued to pump in and out of my pussy for a while before she removed it. I moaned in protest before I felt it moving up my anus, looking for another opening. She found it and the tip of her cum soaked finger pressed into my rosebud, easing its way in until she began pumping in and out while still eating me. I didn’t last long.

“Ohhhh! Fuuuuck Yessssss!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!” I believe those were my exact words as I came all over Izzy’s face.

She let me come down from my high- for about two seconds. I thought her tongue was simply lapping up my juices, but another finger joined the one in my ass and they began pumping in and out. I felt another orgasm building quickly and started moaning loudly again. Izzy was bringing me over the edge.

I came so hard that I gritted my teeth and pushed my face deep into Izzy’s pussy, my face was covered in sweat and pussy juice. Unseen the lower half of her face was so coated in my cum that little droplets were hanging off of her chin. She pulled her fingers out of my ass, stuck them in her mouth and sucked on them.

Breaking our embrace I rolled off Izzy, saw what she was doing and uttered “You’re a very naughty girl.” as she pulled the fingers from her mouth.

“You have no idea how naughty I can get.” Briefly it looked like the pose for some erotic photograph or painting. I’d cum twice in the last fifteen minutes and I was wet again.

“Ready for Round Two?” she asked in her sultry voice.

Nodding acceptance, Izzy quickly ran to her room and came back with a large velvet bag.

Izzy climbed back onto the bed and reaching inside found what she wanted, and opened the top of a squeeze bottle, she squeezed a small amount onto her finger and offered it to me.

What is it?”

“Raspberry,” she replied. “My favourite.”

Izzy must have sensed I was a novice to this form of love, so we decided that she led; my job being the apprentice was to watch and learn.

Izzy rolled me onto my back, grabbed the bottle and started pouring syrup onto my breasts.

She put the bottle down and started licking my right breast. I moaned as she worked her way from the outside of my globe towards the nipple. She took it into her mouth and sucked until it was rock hard, then began scraping it with her teeth.

“Ohhh, yeah, oh, that feels so wild,” I said.

She moved over and gave my left breast the same treatment, enjoying the raspberry covered treat. Leaning up on an elbow, she grabbed the bottle again and aimed for my navel. I have one of those small, deep navels and she filled it until the gooey stuff was leaking off to both sides of my body.

She licked up each of the streams and then stuck her tongue deep into my navel, swirling it around inside while my hands squeezed her breasts and my fingers flicked her nipples. When she finished sucking all of the sugary liquid out of my navel Izzy moved lower towards my other two holes, until she got to my clit where she gave it a quick lick and a kiss.

She then had me flip over and gave my ass a quick lick and a kiss, then spread my cheeks and caressed my anus with her tongue.

“Ohhhhhhh,” I cooed “you said you were a naughty girl.” As she poured raspberry all over my ass, sucked on her middle finger until it was good and wet and eased it into my rosebud. While her finger pumped in and out Izzy proceeded to lick the rest of my bottom clean. My arms gripped the pillow tightly as I moaned louder and louder. Izzy made a mental note about how sensitive my ass was.

When Izzy was finished she turned me over again and kissed the top of my pussy, before pushed my legs up and back as Izzy grabbed my knees and pulled them towards her face. Lowering her head to my spreading lips, she swiped her tongue the full distance along them.

“You’re not going to sweeten the pot?” I asked, indicating the raspberry bottle.

“This honey pot is sweet enough,” Izzy replied. Her tongue took another swipe and then she started licking in earnest, moving all around my lips and occasionally taking a shallow dip into my hole. I started pinching and rubbing my nipples. I let my fingertips roam lightly over Izzy’s buttocks as she ate me out, my clit was now being hit constantly, and causing me to flinch and breathe in short gasps.

“You like that?” she asked.

“What is it?” I asked with panted breath.

“It’s a tongue stud. I didn’t know it would make such a difference.”

She dived back in, my clit sticking out like a little cock looking for attention. I yelled again as her tongue and the metal stud licked and battered my love button. Her left hand held my folds open as I coated the fingers of her right with my juices. She slid her right index finger into my pussy as the middle finger eased into my ass. I took in a loud, sharp breath as Izzy began pumping both my holes as her tongue continued on my clit.

All this attention soon worked me into a frenzy, my back arched and my hands grabbed and twisted the bedspread so hard that I worried about them finding my head. I kept waiting for the climax, but every time I approached the summit she managed to stretch it out a little longer. Finally, I let out a long yell. “Ohhhhhh fuccckkkk pleassssseeee!!” And after taking in another breath I screamed, “MAKE! ME! CUM!”

Izzy realised I was over-stimulated by all this attention. She pulled out her fingers and simply clamped her lips onto my clit and began sucking. My whole body began shaking, Izzy managed to close her eyes just before I exploded all over her face. Letting my legs fall back onto the mattress and with her laid trapped between my legs we lay there for a while. Izzy thought I was asleep until my feet began to caress her body.

Izzy now on all four’s, was licking out the juices from the inside of my legs, when I heard the distant ‘ping’ of the laptop. Oh my god is that the time I thought not realising its impact.

“Good morning sleepy…….WHO THE FUCK IS THAT!” boomed over its speakers as Chris gave me his usual early morning call.

“Morning darling” I cried out, as Izzy quickly tried to extract herself. Not realising where the webcam was she gave him a full frontal as she scampered towards the bathroom.

“WHOA GIVES US MORE” cried Chris trying to attract Izzy’s attention, but by then she was gone.

The conversation then got serious between us; not wishing to offend anyone I gave Chris the briefest of details and promised to follow it up with an email. Chris, thank god; understood fully and told me the only reason he called was to say that he was soon going on patrol soon and I wouldn’t be hearing from him for a couple of days atleast. As an after thought Chris pleaded with me to get a few shots of Izzy for the lads to see, for she was something. I called him a cheeky beggar and wished him well; soon after that we lost our connection.

With Izzy in the shower and cut-off from Chris, I suddenly realised how tired I was, so thinking no more of it I curled up in bed and quickly fell asleep.

As in a dream I felt a hand on my hip. “Roll over,” whispered a female voice. I complied and felt her tongue on the globes of my ass. She licked them all over, eliciting moans when she reached the sensitive spots where my legs connect to my ass. But they were nothing compared to the sounds I made when her hands spread my cheeks and her tongue licked the length of my crack. She did that two more times before narrowing her attack down to my rosebud.

I felt her tongue move back and forth over my anus, and combined with the post-orgasmic bliss it created an oddly calming sensation. She gave my ass a little kiss as she finished and crawled up beside me. I rolled onto my side, pulled her to me and softly kissed her on the lips. Our tongues wanted in on the deal, and the kiss grew in passion as our hands travelled to each other’s breasts and tweaked our nipples. At the same time our pelvises ground into each other and I felt myself getting wet again.

I broke the kiss and said, “I have an idea.” I positioned the two of us so our legs scissored each other and Izzy and I began to grind our pussies together, the wetness lubricating each other’s lips like a French kiss. “I saw this in a porno,” I said.

“Ohhhhhh…” escaped from her mouth. I looked over and saw her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted. She leaned up on her arms while I lay on the bed. It felt so sexy doing this, grinding her pussy up against mine. She bent her knee and suddenly her foot was in front of my face.

I don’t know if she did it purposely or just to get more comfortable, but it was an invitation I just couldn’t resist. I pulled her foot to my face and began to lick her toes, then worked my way up to her ankle and back down again. When I started licking the bottom of her foot, Izzy pushed against me harder and moaned louder.

Her clit must have brushed up against my wet folds because she cried out, so I moved my hips to try and find it again. When I did she cried out again, I stopped licking her foot and closed my eyes as she grinded into me. I felt her shudder and realized she was cumming. After she was done I got between her legs and licked up her honey.

I lifted my head and said, “I just realized I’m a horrible hostess. I haven’t offered you anything to drink yet.

“I’ve had plenty to drink, thanks.” As she said it, she used her thumb to wipe a drop of her cum off of the corner of my lip and licked it off.

“Well, I could certainly use something.”

With that, naked as we were, we made our way to the kitchen; there we made ourselves toast and coffee before taking it into the living room. Where we sat on the sofa and talked about our lives.

Izzy forever the chatterbox was the first to start; apparently at grammar school, the other kids used to tease her by saying she had a snake in her mouth because of her long, thick tongue. Back then she hated her tongue for all the grief it caused her, and the ability to touch her nose with it was of little consolation. But a few years later, when she was having sex with a boy, she found some of the advantages of having a snake in her mouth. It was only in her later years, where working as a PR for a fashion house she became bi-sexual and then found her tongue useful on both sexes. Bringing me up to date, Izzy was between jobs, touring and just visiting old friends.

When it came to my turn, boy did I lie. I told the truth about my mother’s death, and how with my father being in the army I was moved from one boarding school to another, but when it came to talking about boyfriends and the like, I lied through my teeth. With Chris I told the partial true, yes he was my boyfriend/fiancé, yes I was having regular sex with him but that was all. Thankfully a rumbling of stomachs broke our tête-à-tête.

“I guess you don’t mind if people can see in,” said Izzy as she pointed to my windows; for the curtains were pulled back and we were still naked.

“No, we’re so far off the road nobody can see in and if anybody does come I can usually hear them coming up the drive.”

“Aren’t you concerned about being naked?” asked Izzy

“No, I’m like this most days during the summer, if you’re lucky you may find me wearing some panties or perhaps a thong.”

By now we are in the hallway stood by the pile of clothing left from last night. Izzy was the first to speak.

“We must have been pretty drunk last night, because I can’t remember how the hell these got here?”

“Yes, if I remember correctly we were, I think it started with a kiss and progressed from there. That’s the problem being pissed.”

Between breaths Izzy managed to say, “Never… I’ve… never… uh… wow. Couldn’t have said it better myself.” She leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. When Izzy leaned back I noticed her eyes looked glassed over, almost wet. She looked so vulnerable at that moment.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yes, just hungry and tired, I’ll be ok after some food and some sleep.

“How does a full English with scrambled eggs grab you?” Knowing I had everything immediately available in the fridge.

“Darling, I could eat anything right now, I’m that famished.”

So be it; a full English it was, whilst I left Izzy to look after the toast and coffee, I got on with cooking the rest. Moving around the kitchen, Izzy would occasionally brush my ass with her hand or perhaps stand behind me and give of my nipples or clit a tweak, I would invariably force my body against hers and enjoy its warmth.

As we sat enjoying our meal and each others company, a strong musky smell overpowered the aroma of my feast. It was then I remembered that I had missed my daily shower. I looked at Izzy, who still continued to eat as if it was her last meal. So, not wishing to spoil things I continued eating until I had had my fill then got up and started placing things into the dishwasher. Izzy by now was stuffed. Taking the remainder of the coffee into the living room, we lounged around until we agreed it was time for bed.

Retrieving our crumpled clothes from the hallway, we made our way up the stairs. At the top I announced I was going to take a shower before getting into bed. Izzy surprised me by asking if she could join me.

With the bright afternoon sun streaming through the window, Izzy and I bathed under the gentle spray of the shower. Here we gently explored each other bodies. Whereas I have a 32B perhaps C boyish figure, which seems to be filling out now I’m on the pill. Izzy even though big busted 32DD; she has the typical hourglass figure ‘bitch’.

Our hands mimicking each other, now caressed each others boobs, tits whatever. Mine have three distinct areas, there’s the boob itself, a typical champagne glass shape topped with raised darkish brown areolas and button type nipple. Izzy’s are full and firm, I asked her if they were false but she denied this, her areolas are of a slightly darker pink topped by a very small nipple. Moving on down to the navel we are both ‘innies’, mine small and deep, hers saucer shape and shallow.

Taking the lead I squatted down and examined Izzy’s pubis, here I had a shock for just above her very high ‘cleft of venus’ was a tattoo. In our drunken state last night I must have missed it. It was a tattoo I had never seen before and couldn’t figure it out.

Izzy sensing my bewilderment spoke out; “Its mistletoe.”


“Yes mistletoe, Oh come on silly, everyone kisses below the mistletoe.”

With that I obliged before parting her lips and examining her clit, by this time Izzy was highly aroused and flinched every time I brushed against this sensitive organ. And it was because of this advantage, that Izzy cried out when I plunged my tongue into her hole and began fucking her with it. She moved her body back and forth, mashing my nose into her clit and inebriating my sense of smell with her sweet musk.

Her gasps became grunts as she came closer and closer to orgasm, causing her body to move with greater force. I moved my fingers up to her folds and played with them when I could catch them; her body was moving so violently. With my right index finger good and wet I managed to move it along her crack and find her rosebud, position it slightly inside and on the next thrust I pushed it in.

“OH GOD!! OH GOD!! OH GOD!!!!” she yelled, following it with a scream that I’m sure a deaf man would have heard. Izzy exploded onto my face again, covering it with her cum as her body went into convulsions. I tried lapping up as much as I could, but most of it still ended up on me. We were both breathing heavily and, as I stood up beside her, I realised my body was sweating under the gentle spray of the shower.

Quickly washing our bodies, we hurriedly dried ourselves and rushed into bed, for we were both knackered. Izzy lay flat on her back, I lay to one side, with one leg draped across hers, my arm resting on her stomach gently stroking her breast. A soft murmur came from Izzy’s lips as she slowly fell asleep. This was the moment I fell in love with Izzy, and all because of one word. Magical. She used the same word I had thought of last night to describe the kiss. That’s when I knew. It was that simple.

I awoke to the rustling of paper, stirring I turned and looked bleary eyed towards Izzy; she was reading some kind of magazine. Sensing my movements Izzy spoke out; “You’ve been holding out on me.”

“Wot!” I answered feebly.

“All this lot I’ve found in the cabinet.”

The penny now dropped, oh fuck; this is going to take some explaining. Seemingly unsurprised I slowly got out of bed, turned towards Izzy and uttered “Coffee” before making my way, naked, down the back stairs towards the kitchen. There I made us another pot of strong coffee before making my way back upstairs and face the inquisition. The hardest part was explaining the photo I had of Daddy and Chris standing naked and posing together.

Lying through my teeth, I told Izzy it was taken at some nudist resort last year when we all went on holiday. This started a barrage of questions about how, when and why did I enjoy being naked: I think I satisfied Izzy’s inquisitive nature. As for the other items she found in the cabinet these were self explanatory, for she too had a collection of these at her flat.

For a whole week Izzy stayed with me. I enjoyed her company and learned a lot from her. I had even managed to talk her into having some nude photos and videos taken; for once she learned who they were for she went wild. We even took several of us together; what Chris or my father would make of them I hated to think.

Come the day of our parting I was in tears. As she stood by her car I kissed her. It was a kiss as passionate as the one we first had in the hall. Now weeping openly I just stood there waving, as her car made its way down the drive and out of sight.

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