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Black Lit Room

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I could smell the sex in the stale air of the room. The blindfold had been removed but all I was in complete darkness except for the dim glow of a black light creeping around a door. Despite the position I was in I was not frightened though my adrenaline was racing full on. I waited.

Jen and I had driven a hour to the big Halloween party at the OU campus. We wandered from house to house drinking, dancing and acting like fools dressed as school girl sluts. The last house we entered is where I am now, I think. I had been waiting in line for the bathroom when someone in a executioners costume with a skull mask led me to another bathroom in the basement. I entered and shut the door behind me. Just as I was finishing the light went out I let out a startled scream and stood up leaving my panties on the floor. The door opened and I saw the glowing skull of the person in the executioners costume. I screamed again and he grabbed my hand telling me that I was safe and that the power had shorted out due to the DJ booth upstairs.

He led me through the basement and into a room where a black light illuminated the small room. The walls were dark and the floor was covered in thick shag carpet, the padding underneath was thick and I had a hard time walking in my heels. I held onto the executioner to avoid falling as we crossed. A pair of hands took hold of my free arm and before I knew it several more were all over me. I tried to scream but a gag was shoved into my mouth and I was forced to my knees. Five more glowing skulls came into view and I was stripped of my clothes except for my shoes.

A blindfold was placed over my head and I struggled and fought but the skulls were too strong each taking a flailing limb. My legs were spread apart and I was lowered slowly onto a large dildo attached to a pummel horse that I had not seen before in the dark room. I went rigid as the lubricated rubber cock disappeared inside me. I let out a muffled grunt as it penetrated into my womb. My hands were shackled with fur lined cuffs and secured to the handle of the horse. My legs dangled and the more I moved them the more that huge dildo worked inside me.

Hands pushed me forward and I felt the tip of a well lubed shaft enter my puckered asshole. It stretched me to the limits before my muscle constrict around the tapered end securing the butt plug inside my stinging ass. My head was spinning and I nearly fainted from the pain, fear and pleasure of the event. The gag and blindfold were removed and my eyes blurry with tears watched the glowing disembodied skulls exit the room. I heard the dead bolt slide into place with and echoing clank. I waited.

My clit was swollen and I longed to touch it. The thick shaft of the stationary dildo prevented me from moving forward to my shackled hands. I tried to raise my legs to lift myself from the dildo but thought better of it when I realized that I could easily break my arms if I fell. I swung my legs working the dildo inside me and putting pressure on the butt plug. In the darkness I was ignorant of time but it didn’t take long before orgasmic waves ripped through my naked body. I tried to quiet my moans but a bang on the door told me that I had been heard.

Just as the last waves passed I was rocked by the buzzing vibration of the dildo and butt plugs inside me. Someone was controlling them and I was thrown into another intense orgasm. The vibrations didn’t stop and a series of violent orgasmic convulsions tore through my shaking body. The vibrations ceased and I fell forward feeling my warm juices trickle down my legs. My hair clung to my sweat drenched face and body

The door swung open with a grinding metal creak and violet light poured into the room. I watched as a steady stream of floating green skulls entered the room. My head was spinning so badly that I couldn’t be sure of their exact number but I knew that at least a dozen had entered. I was lifted gently from the pummel horse and the butt plug was removed from my now gaping ass. Held in the air by several big hands I was placed into a fur covered harness. My hands were drawn and secured over my head. I heard the metallic ratcheting clicking of pulleys and as the harness was tightened from the floor and ceiling so that I was dangling stationary in the air. My legs were outstretched on either side and secured with more furry cuffs. A glowing skull floated inches from my face. I could hear his quickened restrained breathing inside the plastic mask and shedding his black robe his cock entered me.

I gasped biting my lip as he sank his thickness inside me, behind me hands fondled my quivering breasts and another fat cock was sliding into my open ass. They pumped their cocks into me and I felt the heads touching through the thin walls inside me. I was screaming like a banshee, my hands clawing at the air above me. I felt the pulsing of the cock in my ass spew it’s load into my bowels and seconds latter the cock inside my throbbing pussy followed dumping sperm deep inside. They withdrew their cocks and I came as two more entered me.

They unloaded their seed into me and were replaced by two more. The room was steamy with perspiration and the smell of semen. I threw my head back screaming as I came again shaking my restraints. Another pair of cocks penetrated me and when the cock in my pussy erupted the new skull replaced his cock with his fingers gathering a handful of combined cum and forced his slimy hand into my mouth. I sucked greedily at the gooey mess until his hand was clean. He scooped another handful from my dripping gash and fed me again sliding his own cock into me. I lapped at his hand bathing it with my hungry tongue.

Cum was smeared all over my face and I longed to taste more. The taste of the mixed loads was intoxicating. The cock in my ass unloaded and was quickly replaced. The man in front of me spewed deep inside me and swiped his hand under me catching the cum that poured from my holes and tipped the goo into my waiting mouth. He then smeared the remains on my heaving breasts as another cock entered my pussy. I heard the door creak open and still more skulls entered to fuck me.

Each time one would unleash his load anther would take his place. My ass and pussy though well lubed with cum were starting to ache. More cum was fed to me and I was penetrated by at least a dozen more cocks in each hole before I was untied and lowered to the soggy cum spattered floor. I laid in a panting heap cum oozing from my swollen holes, face crusted with sperm. I opened my eyes to see that the group of skulls had circled around me and were jerking their cock furiously. One stepped forward splashing his load on my shoulders.

I sat up and quickly drained him when another cock squirted on my back I turned and drained him as well. One by one they stepped up and unloaded on my body and I was covered from head to toe in slimy cum. There were so many spurting cocks near my face that I just opened my mouth and let the creamy cum cover my face and pour over my tongue. I drained as many as I could taking them spurting into my hungry mouth. They had all spent themselves on me and watched as I cleaned the cum from my body like a cat. I took my time licking where I could and scooping large globs into my mouth with my fingers from where my tongue would not reach. My belly was full of sweet cum and I collapsed to the sticky carpet exhausted watching the skulls file out of the room.

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