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All the things I am going to write about are true. The names have been changed because my Master told me to change them.

Several months ago, I met my Master in a chat room. It seemed he had the attention of the ladies in the room, so at first I didn’t think he noticed me. While others threw themselves at him, I was more reserved. Soon he began talking about things I had some knowledge about and we started talking.

We didn’t start out talking sexually, although he always seemed to be flirting with the women in the room. We just ended up in more and more private conversations. When I finally gave him my phone number, I never expected him to call. He just didn’t seem like he was interested in that.

One night we were chatting online and my phone rang. The voice saying hello was unfamiliar, but I suspected I knew who the caller was. As I attempted to figure out the identity of this caller, my IM light began blinking incessantly.

“Hello? Are you there?”

Fortunately I have a mobile phone and was able to hold the phone to my ear and type, “I am here.”

“Where did you go?”

“brb, phone”

“OIC, the man on the phone is more interesting than I am.”

My mind was torn between the conversation with the stranger on the phone and my friend on the computer. I told the voice on the phone, “Hold on for a second.”

“I don’t know who is on the phone.” Then it clicked. “Is it you?”

Almost simultaneously, the voice on the phone and the instant message asked, “What are you wearing? I knew then the person I was chatting with was indeed him. I was so excited that maybe he was interested.

As we began to talk I stopped typing cause I finally was talking with him as I always wanted. At first we talked in general how his business trip was going and so on until the conversation became sexual.

He told me to go lay on the couch so I could get more comfortable as we talked.. What’s your favorite position he asked? I giggled and said rather quietly that doggie was my favorite position. I was a little nervous telling him my deepest secrets; but compelled to do so. I heard him say mmmmm as I told him things so I felt like I was going in the right direction.

He told me to touch myself as we talked and I remember the way it made me feel. Soon I was begging for him to let me cum, but he made me wait. He would bring me so close and then make me wait. As we played he would stop me or ask me touch a different spot.

I want to suck your cock I told him. How would you do it was his reply. I told him first I would start with a long kiss and then move to his ear. Nibbling the lobe and rimming the shell.

MMMMM he said; so I knew he was enjoying this. What next he asked? Then I would move down to your neck giving little bites along the way.

Keep going he said. I smiled as I told him how I would lick my way down his chest. Nibbling on first one nipple and then the other. By this point I was really excited because giving head is one of my favorite things to do.

Don’t stop now I heard over the line. I then told him I would run my tongue down his chest following the line of hair I like to call the goodie trail. As I reached his cock I would kiss and lick around his cock without touching.

Damn I heard him say so it gave me the courage to go on. Then I would take your cock into my hand I told him. I am going to lick just the head and then along the slit. I had my dildo so as I told him what I was doing I proceeded to do it to my dildo so he would know the sounds I was making.

Then I would move down to your balls sucking one and then the other into my mouth I told him. Of yeah I like that I heard.

Now I am going to take you deep into my mouth sucking you deep. I sucked it in deep being sure to make sucking noises. I wanted to excite like no one had before.

. The feeling was so intense it was as though he was there with me. I was so excited. I reached down and played with my clit as I continued to suck him.

I am going to fuck you now he told me. I was so ready. Yes fuck me; fuck me now I said. First I am going to put your legs over my shoulders and drive my cock into your pussy. Oh fuck yeah do it I shouted. .Then he said he would turn me over and fuck me doggie style. I told him to pull my hair and fuck me hard. I could feel his hard cock going in and out of my wet pussy. I felt his balls slapping my ass with each stroke. Finally he allowed me to cum and it was stronger than ever before. I begged for more. And so the game began.

We began to talk daily, sometimes for hours. Each time there was sexual innuendo but we didn’t get to play each time. I began to call him Master, because I felt he controlled me. I want to make him happy. He told me he was going to give me assignments to accomplish each day. I knew that I had to obey him. As we said good night he told me my first assignment. I was nervous I listened intently wondering if I could surpass his expectations of me. That was the first of a list of assignments. This is why I am writing this story because it’s my assignment for the day.

As I went to work that morning I remembered what he said my first task would be. I must say that I had a hard time driving in that morning. As I thought of it I pictured in my mind what his reaction would be that night as I told him. I knew my pussy was getting wet so I moved around in my seat trying to get comfortable which only brought my panties closer to my clit. My task was to go into the bathroom at certain intervals during the day and play with my clit not coming but coming as close as possible. We sent messages back and forth that day. I telling him of my frustrations of being so turned on he telling me to take it a step further knowing I could do it. Each time I would go into the bathroom I would think of him and in no time I was close to coming. Once I almost screamed out his name which I know I wasn’t supposed to do. He is my Master no other name is needed. I could hardly wait for the day to end knowing he would soon be fucking me.

My next assignment was to rub my pussy and clit while I chatted with him. Then I would have to insert ice into my pussy while rubbing my clit. As the ice melted I then had to insert something warm. He would say he had to leave for a second but I had to continue.

BRB he said, hurry back was my reply. I figured I could ease up for a second because the feeling was intense.

That was a test I heard him say as we used a mic on all our conversations. I had to ease up for a second I told him. Never do that again he demanded because I will know if you stop. Now you have to try twice as hard to make me cum he told me.

It felt so good I wanted to cum right away; but always held on for more. He would tell me what he was going to do to me; letting me know how excited he was. He would always fuck me a different way each time more intense than the last.

Smack that ass he demanded oh yes I said. As I began to smack my ass as hard as I could. Ram that cock up your ass fuck it hard. I remember the first time I did so. Oh my the pleasure was so intense I came hard. But still we continued. I remember coming over and over that night. It holds so many wonderful memories for me. Then I would put my dildo in again and again and fuck myself. The feeling was so intense I thought I would lose consciousness a time or two. We didn’t play for a while after that which just made me want it more.

From then on I only called him Master. I wanted to please him. Our games became more intense with each night. We would send each other email with sexual innuendos. I would tell him how I wanted to suck his cock until I felt the cum hitting the back of my throat. I wanted him to fuck my tits so I could taste the head of his cock as it slid thru my breasts.

He would have me suck his cock and then put the dildo in and fuck myself hard. I always wanted to make him cum because I felt I didn’t do my job if he didn’t. As each task was set before me I wanted to surpass each one to give him more pleasure than ever before. I would sit each night obediently waiting for my next assignment.

The next step was to send me movies to watch while I played. Now he had stepped it up a notch. I had to play the whole time but could not cum. As I watched of course I was thinking only of him and ways that I could satisfy him. As I watched the woman in the movie being fucked roughly of course it was I that was getting it done to by him. As he smacked her tits I wanted mine smacked. So what was happening on the movie was soon happening to me. It made me hotter than ever. Each smack made me beg for more. I couldn’t get enough. I know I couldn’t cum but I wanted to make it good for him

Please fuck me Master I begged. Who are you fucking he would say to me. You Master I screamed. Make me your bitch please Master I begged. To be my bitch you must let me fuck your ass he said. Do it fuck my ass hard Master. I want it so bad .Smack my ass Master fuck me I begged.

When he got close he fucked my mouth and held my head down on his cock until I gagged. But that didn’t stop me I wanted to taste his cum. I continued sucking and licking his cock till I felt his hot cum hit the back of my throat; I swallowed it all down. I told him I would lick the cum off his cock and clean him up for that was part of my job. He wanted to see how far I would go in watching the movies, to push the envelope if you will. So I was unsure what he would send me next. Little did I know it would get a very surprising effect out of me.

The next movie he sent had two women and a man in it. I never really thought about another woman but watching it made me hot cause I knew he wanted that.. I told him as I watched what I was feeling. I wanted to be the woman in the video. I wanted to kiss her lips and suck her tits. As I watched the woman get fucked in the ass while she ate the other woman’s pussy I imagined myself in that position. I wanted him to fuck me while I was eating her. I told him that to see his reaction. I could tell he wanted that too. That hasn’t happened yet but who knows. LOL

Each time we play I get closer and closer knowing I can’t cum until my Master says I can. But knowing he cums each time is enough for me. He brings me closer and closer till I almost scream in ecstasy; stopping just short of cumming. I wait in anticipation of each episode knowing each one will bring me closer to cumming one day.

The next assignment was to go to a local convenience store for coffee early in the morning. I was unsure of this because I didn’t know how I would respond to a complete stranger. The first morning I was supposed to wear something revealing. Each time I would wear something more provocative. Each morning I would go in braless so he could see my nipples. I would innocently lean against him so he could feel my hard nipples. As the week progressed I became more daring with him. My Master had me to insert ice before entering the store knowing how excited that made me. He wanted to see how far I would go with him. One evening while we chatted he asked me would I service someone for him. If you asked me to I replied. Knowing what I was agreeing to but couldn’t say no.

This past Wednesday morning when I went in I had on a tight top and jeans knowing it would show my nipples quite well. After I got my coffee before going to the register; I pulled my top askew so that my nipple peaked out. The thought that a complete stranger would see my nipple really excited me. I gave it an extra tweak nice and hard so it would really be visible. As I went to the register the clerk had a surprised look on his face. He looked down at my chest rarely meeting my eyes. He told me I might want to fix my shirt; I look down innocently and adjust my shirt thanking him as I leave the store. I could feel his eyes on me watching me leave. I was hoping that he was as turned on as I. I could hardly wait to get back home cause I knew my Master would be checking in to make sure I had completed my task. As we talked he told me I did a good job but I needed to do more tomorrow. We played for as long as time permitted before I had to leave for work.

On Thursday as I entered he was back at the coffee maker so he played perfectly into my hands. I had to accomplish my task for the day. I came up to him and ran my nails down his arm telling him how he made my morning being so sweet and kind. I leaned in and kissed his cheek telling him again thanks for telling me about my nipple showing. As I leaned over for a lid I made sure my hard nipples brushed against his arm and chest. When we got to the register I noticed he adjusted himself so I knew I had excited him. I thought of taking him into the restroom to take care of his problem but I didn’t have permission from my Master.As I took my change I held his hand and thanked him yet again for being so sweet.

Later that night I told my Master what I done and he seemed pleased with my effort, Soon we were playing yet again. I put the dildo inside my pussy and had the vibrator between my legs and then sat in the chair. The pleasure was intense. I played with my clit as we talked. My Master told me to pull the skin back above my clit and then sit down again letting the vibrator hit my clit. The pleasure was as none before (until this morning but that comes later). He had me tell him in detail of the morning escapades. He had me fuck the dildo hard and then suck it deep into my mouth until I gagged. Then I put it back in my pussy until he came. As we were saying good night I was kind of sad cause I knew I wouldn’t get to talk to him Friday night because he had plans. Then he told me of my next assignment.

I was to go to a strip club and get my first lap dance. I was a little nervous of the assignment because I had never done that before. So after leaving work I picked one of the strip clubs not knowing it was a nude one. LOL As I enter I look around trying to pick the woman for my dance. I watched the women interact with the men to see which would be the most daring. I decided on a blonde with nice breasts.

As she led me to a separate room I was nervous yet excited. What brings you here she asked. I thought to myself what do I tell her. I remembered my Master told me I could bring him into the conversation so that’s how I started.

I have a Master and he ordered me to have a lap dance I told her as she began to move to the music. I explain to her I have to report back to him what all went on.

She gave a short laugh and said well lets really give you something to tell him. She tells me to sit on the couch as she started taking off her clothes to the music.

I had again inserted ice before entering the club as ordered by my Master. He knows how this affects me so he tells me do this on most occasions. I am really getting excited. I think to myself is it the ice or can I be attracted to what she is doing.

She leans in and brings her face close to my chest. Then slowly down my body until she is at my feet. Then she begins to grind on my lap. She brings my hands to her bare breasts and lays them against her.

I want you to pinch my nipples she tells me. I am apprehensive but does as she says. Wow I am touching another woman’s bare nipples I think to myself.. I am beginning to get more aroused as she continues

Then she brings my hands down toward her legs and brings my hands to her pussy. She opens her legs as she grinds bringing my fingers near her clit. I am touching another woman’s clit for the first time. I am nervous yet turned on. I want to bring my fingers inside her but I am too scared. I wondered what she tasted like. Maybe I will never know. After the dance she tells me come back if he likes it I am sure I can top that. I give her a nice tip and leave with a smile on my face.

I know my Master was supposed to home by midnight so I nervously awaited his call. I hoped I did well on my assignment. I was excited when he called me earlier than expected. He asked if I had a good time. I told I did. As I replayed what happened at the club; I could tell it excited him.

As I played with my clit and fucked myself with the dildo I told him in detail as to what happened. I told him I wanted to taste her but didn’t have the nerve to do so. He told me that would have been a good thing had I done so. We continued to play bringing me closer and closer. I had to beg him to let me stop for a second because the pleasure was too great.

He would let me stop for just a second only to demand me to start again. He would bring me to the edge and then stop me before going over. He made me continue fucking the dildo harder and faster telling me his was going to cum deep in my pussy. The thought of it brought me so close to the edge; but I knew I couldn’t go over. As he told me he was cumming it was as though I felt his hot cum hitting the back of my pussy


My next assignment was to be nude when I was at home ready for him at all times. This was something new and invigorating. Knowing that he could ring me at a moment’s notice kept wet and ready. If I was talking on the phone with someone I had to insert ice in my pussy and rub my clit. LOL that has gotten quite a reaction from some of my friends. Asking me what’s the matter. I come up with something and keep talking.. When he calls he always asks if I do as he says. Sometimes he tricks me aren’t you talking to me go get some ice for punishment. I do as I am told but with a smile on my face. Because I know I am going to enjoy what’s coming up. Everyone should try the ice/heat method at least once. It’s well worth it. Which leads me to this morning.

He rang me at the usual time our conversation starting quite innocent. I knew to have my toys close by. As he tells me to get them I become so excited because I want to please him. He tells me to put his cock in my pussy and to sit with the vibrator on. I am supposed to last an hour but I don’t know if I can.

As we talk I am rubbing my clit as I feel the vibrator hitting me in the right spot. The feeling gets to intense so I beg for him to let me stop for a second. He agrees but it comes at a price. Now I have to turn the vibe on high and sit back down on it. As I continue to fuck the dildo I am told to rotate my hips in time with the vibrator. Asking whose cock are you fucking? Yours Master I reply. I want to ride his cock hard. He tells me he is getting close and when he tells me he is cumming; I am to bounce up and down on the dildo as though I was riding his cock.

Over and over I bounce up and down on his cock. Wanting to give him the ride of his life. The pleasure is so intense I almost scream out but I hold myself in check just short of cumming. I tell him this and he laughs knowing I gave him another secret to use against me later. He tells me I might be in trouble a little later. I wonder what this evening holds.

Which brings me to this assignment I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed living it!! I have sent him several revisions but each time he tells me you can do more. It’s almost ready he says. I am sitting here wondering if this will be the one you read. I also wonder if I will get to cum in celebration of this story being published? All I can say is stay tuned. LOL

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