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What She Wanted

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“You’ve never had an orgasm?”

“That’s not what I said. I said I’ve never had a man give me an orgasm. I’ve kept Eveready in business. You gave me a few when we were teens, I pay a surcharge on my electric bill for vibrator use and I let my fingers do the walking, but no man has ever been able to get me where I want to go.”

My wife Kathleen was talking with her sister, Samantha. I was in the next room supposedly working on my computer. I heard their conversation. I wondered where Kathleen would go with the revelation her older sister had just made. Kathleen was thirty-six and Samantha was about to turn forty. They were together to plan a small party or wake for her fortieth.

“Pete could give you one.” Kathleen said. I yelled in my head, ‘Yeah!’ Sam was a knockout! The thought had crossed my mind about having her as a sex partner a few thousand times since I married Kathleen. Kathleen and her sister were almost the same height, weight and coloring. However, Kathleen was blessed with the breasts that will probably never sag. I’ve heard it said that more than a handful is a waste. Kathleen’s super sensitive breasts are just a mouthful. She wears a bra occasionally, for fashion sake or because she wants to wear the lace. Never for support. Her sister wears a bra most of the time. Gravity will have it’s way with her breasts eventually. When she stayed over, a couple of years before the conversation I’m telling you about, I peeked in her suitcase and saw the tag on her Olga bra, 34C.

“You’d let your husband have sex with me?”

“Yes! You’re my sister. He’s a great lover. If it can be done, he can do it! Would you like that as your birthday present from both of us?”

“It feels like your offering him cheating on you. I don’t want that.”

“If I know about it. If I set it up, how could it be cheating? Cheating is when you screwed Bobby Franklyn when you were a senior!”

“You’re never going to let that go, are you? I’m sorry. You made him sound like such a stud I just had to see if the hype was true.”

“Ok. Bobby Franklyn is over. Done. Finished. I won’t mention him ever again.”

“If I accept your offer of Pete for my birthday, how do we do it? And, when?”

“It’s Saturday. None of us are due to work until Monday morning. Do you have anything you must do between now and Monday morning?”

“You mean like laundry, eating, sleeping, cleaning my apartment? Nothing except all those things.”

“The eating and sleeping can be done here. If I go with you we can get your place clean and laundry done by dinnertime tonight. We’ll take Pete out to dinner and bring him home and start your birthday present.”

“When in this process are you telling Pete about his part in your plan?”

“Now! Come with me.”

I hit a few keys on the computer and an EXCEL page showed. They came in and I looked up. “Lunch time already?”

“Nope.” Kathleen said, “We need to talk. Is now a good time?”

“Sure!” I pushed my chair back a few inches and they both sat down.

“You know that Sam’s birthday is next week. She told me what she really wants and it can’t be bought. It has to be given and you’re the only one I believe can give her the gift. We want you to give her the gift this weekend. Ok?”

“Do I get to know what this gift is?”

“Yes, but I want you to be clear that what she wants is personal and that you giving it to her is my idea. You won’t be breaking any rules or agreements if you give her what she wants.”

“Ok, If it’s within my power to give her whatever it is, I will happily give her the gift.”

“Great! Right now we’re going over to her house and we’ll be back by seven. We will take you out for dinner when we get back and the gift begins when we get back from dinner.”

“What is the gift?” I asked, knowing full well what it was but playing along.

“I’ll tell you on the way to dinner.” They got up and within a minute were out the door and gone. I thought a lot about the gift. She wants an orgasm given to her by a man. This man. She’s almost forty, great looking and has men flocking to her like flies. What could possibly be keeping her from giving in and allowing her body to have an orgasm?

Over the next two hours I thought about the various times we had been together with her and the men who lusted after her. What was missing? It hit me like lightning! She was Kathleen’s sister.

Both appeared strong, self-assured and assertive and it was accurate… everywhere except in intimate relationships. The first few times we, Kathleen and I, had been together, in the Biblical sense, I had been the gentle, sensitive lover the women’s magazines talk about. Then I had a really bad day at work. My boss came in and yelled at me for something I had nothing to do with. When I left work at five I had a flat tire and ruined a good pail of slacks changing the damn tire. By the time I picked Kathleen up for our date I was still seething inside but put on a pleasant face for the public.

She invited me in after our date and in our first kiss I became the Hulk. I turned green and aggressive. I ripped her clothes off her body. I demanded what I wanted and I got it. She loved it! She surrendered herself to me and had her first screaming orgasm that night. What she wanted was to be my submissive. She wanted a place in her life where she could be taken care of. She didn’t make a single decision that night, from the first kiss on.

Everywhere else in her life she is powerful, assured and capable. In our sex life I am the master. She had figured out that her sister needed the firm hand too. I closed the computer down and began preparations.

It was after three when my cell phone played the song that told me Kathleen was calling. It played, “When You Say Nothing at All”, by Alison Krauss.

“She wants me to dominate her?” I asked.

“I knew you were listening! Yes! Are you ready?”

“Willing and able. The playroom is complete and I just have one question for you. Are you available for playing too or this just for Sam?”

“You know I am always willing. I bow to your judgment.”

“When we get home from dinner you will take Sam into our bathroom, strip her and get her showered. If she isn’t shaved, shave her. Then use a blindfold from the drawer in the bathroom and bring her to the playroom. You will both be nude and wet.”

“I just flooded myself!”

“Do not clean up. Stay wet. As soon as I get off the phone go back to Sam and tell her how turned on you are at the thought of her having sex with me. If she says anything or does anything that says she doesn’t believe you, show her your wet cunt!”

“Oh Jesus! She hasn’t seen it since high school!”

I closed the phone. I would be playing with both of them. I was already playing with both of them. From this weekend on Sam would be mine just as much as Kathleen. When everything was ready I went back inside and got ready for dinner. I called and made reservations for us.

At six-fifty they arrived. Kathleen parked in the driveway. I was glad I’d had the Explorer detailed on Friday. They came inside, Kathleen kissed me hello and went to quickly shower and dress. Sam stood a few feet away from me in the kitchen, dressed for a night out clubbing, dancing and rubbing her body on various men. The dress hugged her, ended half way down her thighs and showed a generous hint of cleavage. She wore no jewelry, which was pretty standard for her.

“You look great! When Kathleen came home she gave me a kiss. Do I get one from you as well?”

She jerked a little and said, “If you want one, sure.”

We stepped together and I gently kissed her for a few seconds. No fire, no flames, no reaction. I drew back and said, “Enough of the kiss we’d share after Church. I want a kiss.” My hand pressed on the back of her head and our lips crushed together. A few seconds passed and I pushed my tongue inside her mouth. Her hands didn’t know where to go or what to do. When she surrendered to the kiss I broke it and stepped back.

“Thank you, Sam. That was a good kiss.” Kathleen came into the kitchen hopping on one foot as she put her shoe on the other foot.

“I’m ready!” She said. I guided them out to the Explorer and opened the back door. Kathleen jumped in and slid over to sit behind the driver’s seat. Sam needed a little help getting up into the truck. When she was in I closed the door and went around to the driver’s door.

“Seat belts, please.” I said as I hooked mine.

As I drove down the street Sam asked, “Why didn’t you sit up front?”

“If he puts me up front and you back here alone he has put you down. He has physically said I am better than you. If we both ride here he is saying we are on equal footing. I can’t feel superior, you won’t feel put down.”

“Oh. I didn’t know that.”

“Pete thinks about things like that.”

At the restaurant I opened the door to let Kathleen out first. When Sam slid over I got a glimpse of her panties. Blue, like her dress. I held their hands and we went into the restaurant. We were led to our table and seated.

Sam looked over the menu and talked as she decided what to have. Kathleen and I had eaten there often enough we didn’t look, we knew what we would have.

Orders were placed and our drinks delivered. Both women had a glass of a white wine.

“Ok. Now, I want to know what the gift is.”

“Pete, Samantha wants you to give her an orgasm. She has had them with vibes and fingers but never with a man.”

Sam looked at her plate and blushed. She was sitting to my right, Kathleen to my left. I shifted to face Kathleen a bit more directly and said, “So, you are asking me to have sex with your sister?”

“Yes. But, not just sex. She needs to have an orgasm given to her by you.”

I turned again and faced Sam. “You dressed like this for me?”

She nodded.

“Are you agreeing to this?”

She nodded again.

“If I agree it is with stipulations. I will do nothing towards your gift without your agreement, now.”

“What agreement?” She whispered.

“From now, this moment, until you have your orgasm with me or Sunday night at seven you will obey me. You can be embarrassed, angry, scared or upset and, you must obey anyway. I promise I will not do anything to you that your sister has not had done to her. Do you agree?”

Kathleen said, “I will do anything you ask me to do. I will obey from now until Sunday night at seven. No questions, no arguments, no hesitation.”

I kept looking at Sam. She looked at Kathleen and finally she said, “I agree.”

I raised my glass. “I propose a toast. To a weekend of discovery and orgasms.”

Our glasses clinked and we drank. Dinner was served. We ate. Halfway through the entrée I said, “Kathleen are you wet?”

“Yes, Pete. Very wet.”

“I’d like a taste, please.” Sam’s fork fell to her plate. She looked at her sister.

Kathleen slid her hand under the hem of her dress and when it came back out it was obviously wet. She smiled and inserted it in my mouth. I sucked it noisily.

“Thank you. You are particularly sweet this evening.”

I turned my head to Sam and asked, “Are you wet?”

“Yes, Pete. Very wet.” Her voice was a low whisper.

“I would very much like to taste your wetness, please.”

Ever so slowly she reached between her legs, looked around the restaurant to see if anyone was looking and then brought her wet finger to my mouth. I sucked it, just as I had Kathleen’s.

“Thank you. My first taste of you was wonderful. I will think about more of that as we finish dinner.”

She smiled at me and slowly resumed her dinner.

As we were finishing up a couple we had played with three times in the past came into the restaurant. The wife spotted us and said something to her husband, who smiled and they headed in our direction. When they arrived at the table we exchanged pleasantries and introduced Samantha to them. As they were ready to go to their table I asked, “Do you consider your palate sensitive?”

“I think my wife’s is more sensitive than mine, but generally I’d say mine is pretty good. Why?”

“I’d like you both to taste something and tell me if you like it. Ok?”

“Do you like it?” He asked.

“I love it!”

“Ok. Me first.” He closed his eyes and opened his mouth. I nudged Kathleen and watched as she dipped under her dress and gave him a taste of her own juices.

He sucked her finger dry and opened his eyes. Kathleen drew back her finger and he said, “I loved it! It has a subtle flavor and reminds me of someone. Sweetheart, you should have a taste.”

His wife smiled and opened her mouth. Kathleen dipped again and gave her the wet finger. While she sucked it she reached up under her own dress and gave Kathleen a taste of her juices.

Sam stopped breathing. When they turned to go the man said “Thanks for an early dessert.”

We did not order dessert. In the parking lot I opened the back of the SUV and got two small towels from a box. I gave one to each of the ladies.

Kathleen promptly folded hers in half. Sam saw her do it and followed the example.

“Give me your panties, please.”

“Here?” Sam asked, as she watched Kathleen reach under her hem and pull her thong off. She handed it to me. I held my hand out to Sam. She repeated Kathleen’s actions and handed me her thong. Both were very wet.

“Sit on the towels on the way home, please.” I opened the back door and they got in.

“Sam, have you ever touched your sister’s pussy?”

“When we were in school, yes. A few times.”

“So not since both of you have become adults?”


“Kathleen open up to Sam and Sam reach in and find her clit with a finger tip.”

Kathleen opened her legs and turned a bit towards her sister. Sam did as she was asked, slowly. When she found it Kathleen said, “Oh yes! That’s the spot!”

I said, “Now use your other hand and find yours. Please.”

She did. She moaned a tiny moan when she touched herself.

“Which one is bigger at this moment?”

Ten seconds passed. She said, “Kathleen’s.”

“Continue to hold your finger on her clit until we get home. You can let go of your own, if you want.”

I glanced in the rear view mirror and nodded to Kathleen. She rocked her hips against her sister’s finger. Before we got home Kathleen had her first orgasm of the weekend.

I helped them out of the SUV and sent them into the house. Kathleen already knew what to do. I cleaned the back seat so the vehicle wouldn’t smell like sex for days. I tossed the wet thongs into the washing machine and I unlocked the playroom.

Inside the playroom I stripped and waited. Soon the door opened and Kathleen guided her sister within. I helped guide her where I wanted her: against the “X”, a seven foot high wooden “X” built to hold someone either for torture or pleasure. Sometimes for a bit of both. Kathleen lifted one of Sam’s arms and I quickly wrapped some plastic wrap around the arms and the wooden cross member. We moved quickly and secured the other arm as well.

Kathleen knelt and tapped the inside of her sister’s thigh. When she didn’t move Kathleen slapped her harder. She moved. The plastic wrap went around her knee and the cross member. I handed the plastic to Kathleen.

“Move your free leg to the left.”

She did. I pointed to the opposite wall and Kathleen positioned herself on the “X”. I wrapped her in plastic and went back to Sam. I stood very close to her and took the blindfold off. She blinked a few times as her eyes grew accustomed to the light.

“Sam, I have no intention to hurt you. However, you need some safe words.”

“I had no idea you two were into this! I’ve read about it. Red, yellow and green.”

“As long as we are green we are full steam ahead. At yellow we will stop long enough to talk things over and at red we are done. If you say red we will stop, all activity will end and you will be free to go. You will be required to leave the playroom for at least a week. Neither of us will touch you sexually during that week and you must specifically ask to come back. Do you understand?”

“Are you going to flog me?”

“I don’t know yet. I am going to give you what you asked for. That much I guarantee. Want to know where Kathleen is?”

She nodded. I grasped her breast in my hand and started to tighten my grip. “You must answer with words, every question.”

“Yes, I want to know where Kathleen is.”

I stepped aside and she looked at her sister.

“You look just like she does. What I do to you I will do to her. Sometimes her first and sometimes you first.”

I walked to Kathleen and held her head in my hands. We kissed. Passionate kisses filled with frustration from Kathleen. Her hands couldn’t reach me. She couldn’t press her body against mine.

When I stepped back she gasped.

“Tell Sam about that kiss.” I said.

“I want him inside me! I want more than just his mouth, but I’m not the boss. I’m not in control. Kissing him is like kissing power and I want more! His lips control me. They’re hot and strong.”

My face was an inch from Sam’s. I whispered, “Open to my kiss. Surrender to me.”

I pressed my lips to hers, gently, then with increasing pressure and when I probed into her mouth she opened easily and welcomed me. My hands held her head. I made sure I didn’t touch anything but her mouth and head. When I backed away I asked, “Kathleen what did you see?”

“I saw her legs straining at the plastic and her hands clenching and unclenching.”

As I walked back to Kathleen I asked, “What do you think is next, my sweet?”

“I think you will torment my neck and my breasts. You know how sensitive my neck is.”

“Right!” I kissed her neck, tracing a line of kisses down from under her ear to her collarbone. I pushed a rolling chair in front of her and adjusted it so my mouth was at her nipple height. I kissed, nibbled and sucked all over her breasts. She squirmed to get more.

Sam watched and saw me slide the chair across to her. “Pick which breast gets my attention.”

“The right!” It got my full attention. After a few minutes she said, “My left please.” I stayed with the right. I sucked harder on her nipple, pulling back until it popped out of my mouth. “Oh Jesus! It’s like you’re pulling on something inside me.”

I worked as much of her breast into my mouth as would fit, then I sucked. I sucked long and hard on her right breast. “Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus! Oh please.”

My head pulled her breast out away from her chest until the suction failed and it popped from my mouth. She tossed her head back and moaned loudly.

My chair rolled across the room. “Pick a breast.”

“My right!”

What she had watched me do to her sister she felt me do to her, while Sam watched. She talked to Sam. “Oh Sam, when he sucks I can feel it pulling inside my pussy! Could you feel it too?”

Sam’s voice cracked as she spoke. “I felt it! I want more!”

When Kathleen’s breast popped out of my mouth she said, “I almost came! My juices are running down the insides of my legs! Are you leaking too Sam?”

“When he did that to me I flooded. I’m sure I made a mess on the floor. Please Pete, come back to me.”

Her eyes widened when she heard the wheels on the floor. “How many fingers do you want in your pussy?” I asked when I was close to her.


“Are you certain? You don’t sound certain.”

“Two, please.” My hand slid up the inside of her thigh, gathering her own juices and I got closer and closer to her freshly shaved pussy. My other hand spread her lips and I pushed two fingers deep inside her.

And, stopped.

“Please Pete! Fuck me with your fingers!”

Ever so slowly I pulled my fingers out of her. I stood and shoved both fingers into her mouth. “Suck!”

She did. Fifteen seconds of sucking and I dropped back down and slowly shoved them back inside her. All the way inside her.

And, stopped.

“Please Pete! I need more!” She screamed.

My fingers pulled all the way out and I added a third finger. Back inside. As soon as I was all the way in she expected me to stop. I pulled out faster than I had gone in and said, “Faster and faster until you turn to butter!”

She strained against the plastic holding her. She moaned and yelped and finally screamed as she came. Her juices covered my hand and ran down past my wrist. She hung limply held up only by the plastic.

I rolled to Kathleen. Her eyes were glazed in lust. She whispered, “I am yours. Do anything to me.”

My fingers came together at her opening and I pushed all four inside her. When I was knuckles deep I pistoned in and out as fast as I could. She stiffened as she screamed in release.

I untied Kathleen and helped her to the shower. On the table was a pitcher of ice water and glasses. I handed her a glass and she drank. Sam watched us. We kissed in a full body embrace. I guided us to Sam.

“How’s your weekend, so far?” I asked.

“The best birthday ever! I didn’t know.”

“We aren’t done, I don’t think. I gave you the gift you asked for, but I don’t think you knew enough to ask for what you really want. What do you think, Kathleen?”

“She agreed to stay until tomorrow night. She agreed to follow orders. I think she should stay.”

“It’s up to you, Sam. Here’s what I promise, if you stay. I promise more orgasms, different orgasms and I promise I will fill your pussy with more than my fingers. I will fill you with my cock. I will let you watch as I fill Kathleen’s every hole. But, don’t give us your answer yet. You need a few minutes to think it over.”

“Kathleen, while she thinks, please get her some water and a straw.” She did and Sam drank half a glass. I took the glass and said, “Kathleen, sit on the floor between her legs and lick up all her juices from her legs and pussy.”

“Oh, Please! I’m too sensitive. Just let me think.” Kathleen heard her but didn’t obey her sister. At her first lick, just above Sam’s knee on her left leg Sam moaned. Kathleen licked all the way up to Sam’s shaved lips and then started at the other knee. When Kathleen molded her face to her sister’s cunt Sam screamed and came again. Kathleen ate her through three more orgasms.

I touched her shoulder and she stopped. We unwrapped Sam and helped her to the shower. She drank more water, we put her on the massage table and covered her. In seconds she was asleep.

“What do you think will happen when she wakes up?” I asked.

“She will want to move in.”

“That decision, yes or no, is yours. You will live with her more than I will. Can you co-exist with her as a co-wife? More importantly, do you want to?”

“I want to. I can. I’m willing.”

“Ok. We all need rest. Let’s get into the house and to bed.” We woke Sam and helped her into the house and to bed. Kathleen slept with Sam. I slept alone. All three of us slept well. In the morning I walked into the kitchen to the smells of breakfast. Both women were sipping coffee. Kathleen heard me and got up, poured me a mug of hot coffee and brought it to me. I took a good sip and sat the mug on the counter. My arms went around Kathleen and we kissed good morning with our whole bodies. As we let go I said, “Good Morning. Did you sleep well?”

She nodded. I saw Sam get out of her chair and head my way. I watched her walk. She was wearing a pale green teddi I bought for Kathleen a few months before. It fit tightly.

“I have no coffee you bring to you. May I have a Good Morning kiss anyway?”

“Yes!” We came together from knees to lips and arms encircling both of us. Kathleen wrapped herself around us both and I kissed Sam’s mouth. She surrendered. She welcomed me but didn’t insist or become aggressive.

I ended the kiss and asked what we were having for breakfast. Kathleen gave me some options. She took Sam with her to the counter and together they made breakfast. When we sat to eat I looked at Sam and asked, “How are you doing?”

“Fine, I think. I feel great. Satisfied yet wanting.”

“What do you want? First for today and tonight. Then, what do you want for after tonight?”

“Just like that?”

“Anything you don’t say you have no possibility of getting. Speak. What have you been thinking since you woke up?”

“I want what my sister has. What you gave me I want more of. You said if I stayed you’d give me more. I want to stay.”

“You like our playroom?” I asked.

“Like is too soft a word. I love it! I love what happens to me there. I love being with you, even when we aren’t in the play room.” She took a breath and looked at Kathleen, then she spoke to both of us. “I want to be more than your sister. I want to be more than your sister-in-law. I don’t know what the words are to describe what I want, but I know what it is. I want to be married to both of you, live here with you and love both of you all the time.”

“All because I gave you a couple orgasms yesterday?”

“No! All because I have wanted the kind of relationship I saw you two having for years, and I want it too. All because I’ve read the stories about domination but they weren’t like this. I want this. All because I think we can be great together.”

Kathleen nodded and I said, “Ok. This is Kathleen’s house right now. For it to become your house, together, you need to organize it, together. I trust you both. I will keep doing my part. Upkeep on the house and yard. Maintenance on the vehicles. We will sit together the last weekend of each month and do all the bills. You can work out the logistics of getting Sam moved in. I’ll help however I’m needed. Ok?”

“You’re serious? Just like that?”

Kathleen spoke up. “Well, not quite that easy. Before you can move in you have to agree to a few things. One, no secrets. We don’t keep secrets. Two, we are a partnership outside the sexual arena. We do everything by consensus. In the sexual arena Pete rules. No arguments, no hesitation. Three, all our money is pooled and used for the family. Our family. Us. And, four, we only have sex when Pete says and with who Pete says. You won’t play with anyone, ever, unless Pete says.”

“Agreed.” Sam said.

“One more thing,” I said, “No babies.”

“I can’t have any. Had to have myself fixed fifteen years ago.”

“I didn’t know.” Kathleen said, touching her sister.

“You were back east and I didn’t want Mom to know, so I just never said anything.”

“I think we can play after lunch.” I said.

“What time would you like lunch?” Kathleen asked.

“When you two have a solid plan for her move, with prices, timetable and agreement.”

They both kissed me and I left the kitchen. I took the SUV to the car wash. I drove there with the windows open. It still smelled like pussy. The two Mexican guys who opened the doors and started vacuuming spoke to each other in Spanish.

“This car smells like sex!”

“I like this car.”

“It looks like there were two women in here!”

“We better scrub the seat again.”

“I’ll bet he has a big one.”

“I’ll bet he wears it out!” They both laughed.

When I drove home the SUV smelled like a pine forest, not pussy.

At one they came to me with their plan. We went over it and then made copies for all three of us. Sam would be fully in by the next weekend. We would have a busy week.

Kathleen pulled her shirt over her head and asked, “Can we go to the playroom, please?”

“Is that what you want?”

Kathleen nodded. Sam said, “I want to go to the playroom and turn my life and body over to you.”

“I may pinch your breasts.”

She pulled off her shirt and stepped close. “They are yours to pinch or kiss or whatever.”

“I may shove my cock inside your cunt.”

“If that is what you want, I promise to love you doing it.”

“I may have you anally.”

“You will be the first and if that is what you want… I’m yours.”

“I may have you eat your sister to a screaming orgasm.”

“Please do.”

By the time Samantha needed to go home so she could sleep and then be at work on time the next day we had done all of that. That was 1998. We remodeled the house, added a bigger shower, enlarged the bedroom and added a shower outside by our hot tub. Some of my friends think it’s sad that the sisters live with me. “Doesn’t it cramp your romance?” They ask. “Is she always in your business?” “Does she at least have a boy friend?”

I tell the truth. “Having her around doesn’t cramp our romance. She’s never in my business, she’s part of our family. Yes, she has a boy-friend.” Me.

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