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Roommate Fun

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The day hadn’t started well for Dave. To begin with he was late to his 8AM class this morning. Dave was pissed about that class anyway because he had always heard that the 8AM classes were for the freshman & sophomores. He was in the last semester of his junior year and he was once again stuck with an 8AM class on the far side of campus.

His alarm didn’t go off this morning and he had to rush out of his apartment to try and get to class on time. He still ended up being late and in his rush to leave he forgot the book he needed for his next class. As he climbed the stairs to his apartment he grumbled to himself about how he was now going to be late for his second class in a row.

As he opened the door he heard the stereo. Living with a roommate like Hal was almost too much on days like this. Hal never seemed to have a class before noon. Dave needed to talk to Hal someday and figure out how he did it. Officially Hal & Dave were the only two tenants of the apartment, however Hal’s girlfriend Emily had essentially become the third roommate. Dave was fine with this arrangement because Emily was a really cool person with whom he had a lot of fun hanging out. She also helped kick in for food and some other expenses, so it wasn’t like having a freeloader around the place. It also didn’t hurt that Dave thought Emily was a total knockout and that he had a pretty big crush on her. Since she was around a lot and often spent the night it wasn’t uncommon for Dave to see her wearing pajamas or one of Hal’s shirts late at night or first thing in the morning. Sometimes he would see her on the way from the shower in the morning with only a towel wrapped around her. That alone would usually be enough to spark a fantasy that would get him through that night’s masturbation session.

Dave got out as much as he could and dated regularly, but in general he wasn’t what one would call a ladies’ man. On more than one occasion Dave had spent a Friday or Saturday night alone in his room surfing the net or doing homework. Often on these nights Dave would be interrupted by the sounds of sex from Hal & Emily’s room. Dave wasn’t particularly proud of it, but on some of these nights when he was feeling particularly horny he would put a glass to the wall and eavesdrop on his roommates. Dave was embarrassed by this, but the very idea of Emily getting fucked was enough to make him hard let alone his being able to actually hear her groans of pleasure and shouts of joy as she orgasmed. As he would eavesdrop he would always play with himself and imagine he was the one fucking her.

Dave hurried to his room and snatched the book off his desk. He quickly turned to leave and as he stepped into the hallway he noticed that Hal’s door was open a few inches. As he walked by the door he took a quick peak inside on the off chance he might catch a glimpse of Emily partially dressed. What he saw made him come to an abrupt standstill.

He had hoped to see Emily but instead he saw Hal. Hal obviously thought he was alone as he sat naked on the corner of his bed. He was leaning back on his left hand and had his right hand wrapped around his erect cock. His hand and cock appeared to be coated with some lotion, as they both looked greasy. Dave had never though of another man sexually before but the something about the sight of Hal fascinated him. Hal’s head was thrown back and he was lazily stroking himself oblivious to the fact that Dave was standing just outside his door. From where he stood Hal was facing directly toward him.

Hal stopped and picked up a bottle and squirted more lotion onto his hand. He began rolling his balls in his hand for a short while before returning to his shaft. His strokes became faster and Dave watched with fascination. His own cock had grown hard and was painfully bulging against the front of his pants. Dave shifted to allow his dick some room and watched as Hal stroked himself with a firm, steady rhythm. With a brief flurry of strokes Hal grunted twice and started cumming on himself. The first shot of cum hit his stomach as the rest came out less forcefully and soon coated Hal’s dick and hand.

Dave watched as Hal finished cumming and quickly realized that he needed to get out fast. He would die of embarrassment if Hal found out that he had watched him jerk off, and Hal would probably kick his ass for good measure. He hurriedly picked up his bag and headed for the door as quickly and quietly as possible. Just as he got to the door it started to open and Emily stepped inside. “Morning, Dave,” she said in a cheery voice.

Dave grunted something and pushed past her and left without saying anything else. “What the fuck is his problem?” Emily wondered as she shut the door. He had looked completely flushed and had that been a hard on she noticed? “Hey baby, you up?” she called out as she turned the corner into Hal’s room and found him still sitting naked on his bed cleaning cum off himself with a towel.

“Hi,” Hal answered with a big grin, “thinking of you got me so hot I couldn’t wait for you to get here.” Emily laughed because, as corny as it sounded, she knew it was true. She had never met anyone as horny as Hal.

Suddenly she thought of Dave and asked, “Has Dave been around this morning?”

“Nope, he’s got early classes today so we’ve got the place all to ourselves.”

Emily smiled a devilish smile as she realized why Dave must have been so out of sorts when she saw him. She never mentioned to Hal that she had seen Dave but couldn’t help but think he must have seen Hal jerking off. Dave must have been watching Hal, she reasoned, that would explain why he seemed so flustered when she saw him. She realized she had almost walked in on him watching her boyfriend jerk off. The whole idea excited Emily greatly and she broke into a wicked smile as she watched Hal clean the lube off his soft cock. Emily smiled bigger as she realized what it might mean if she was right about Dave and decided that she would have to find out.

“Think you’ve got something left for me?” she asked Hal as she dropped to her knees before him and engulfed his cock in her mouth.

“Oh, baby, fuck yea,” was all Hal could mutter as Emily wildly began sucking his cock and stroking him with her hand. It took a little while but she got him back to a full erection before pushing him on his back, stripping her own clothes off, and riding his hard cock until she was screaming out in a wild orgasm. The whole time she fucked Hal she thought of what it would be like if Dave were also there and imagined that Hal and Dave took turns sucking each other’s cocks as they alternated fucking her.

As she lay in Hal’s arms and they both recovered from their wild fuck Emily decided she had to see if she could make her fantasy a reality. She began to wonder how and when she could do it.

The following Friday morning Emily put her plan into motion. Instead of going out as usual she suggested to Hal that they just hang out at the apartment. She also told Dave that he was more than welcome to hang out with them that evening if he didn’t have other plans. He declined at first saying he didn’t want to be the third wheel even though he didn’t have any other plans. Emily continued asking him and insisted that they would love him to stay until Dave finally agreed.

Emily had known that Dave had a crush on her and she enjoyed knowing that he had lustful thoughts about her. She had noticed him many times sneaking a glance at her tits or ass but had never said anything to either him or Hal. The truth of it was that she enjoyed the attention and knowing that Dave felt that way made her feel all the sexier. She knew that ultimately all it would take to convince Dave to stay was a little flirting. She did her best job of flirting with him as she convinced him to stay and even went as far as letting her tits brush against his arm as she stood behind him at one point.

Dave still felt totally weird about what happened the other morning and that was why he initially said no to joining them. Ever since that morning he was sure Emily knew what he had been doing and thought he was some kind of freak. He also worried she had told Hal, and that coupled with his own guilt about watching Hal also made him feel odd around his roommate. He still couldn’t shake the idea that he had been really turned on watching Hal jerk off. Was that normal, was he gay? He didn’t know what to think. Emily still seemed to be acting totally normal to him, so maybe she didn’t suspect anything. He hoped maybe this night together would help put his mind at ease. Besides, after Emily had brushed her tits against his arm he would have done just about whatever she asked.

Dave tried to focus on this classes as the day passed but his mind kept going back to the soft feel of Emily’s tits against his arm. Electric jolts of energy had pulsed through him when he felt her soft, beautiful tits against his arm. If he hadn’t been on his way out the door for class he would have certainly gone straight back to his room and jerked off. As it was he sat through his classes with a vague hard on and visions of Emily in his head.

Dave and Hal were hanging out watching TV that evening when Emily called and said she was on her way over. Hal ordered a couple of pizzas and sat back down as they waited for Emily to arrive. About 15 minutes later Dave heard a key at their door and saw the door open. Emily stepped inside and said, “Hi boys,” as she shut the door behind her. Dave watched as she took off her coat and was surprised by what he saw. She wore a very short skirt with back nylons. When she leaned over to kiss Hal Dave watched her skirt ride up slightly to reveal the tops of the nylons. “She must be wearing a garter belt,” Dave thought excitedly. He had never known Emily to dress like this. The only way to describe her look tonight was slutty, but it was driving Dave wild. He figured he’d be hearing some hot fucking tonight through the wall. Emily turned around and Dave’s breath caught in his throat for a moment. She was wearing a button up style dress shirt and she had the top 3 buttons undone. Her cleavage was clearly visible through the opening and Dave had to work hard to pry his eyes away from her chest as he said hello to her.

They sat around and talked for a while until the pizzas arrived and they ate. Dave was having a hard time not staring at Emily and was sure that at least a few times she had caught him looking where he shouldn’t have been. Hal seemed similarly distracted, but he had the advantage off being able to grab her ass or rub her leg as they sat together. He did both often in addition to commenting several times how hot she looked. Dave agreed while trying to not sound too enthusiastic about it.

Emily had brought a couple of videos with her and they decided to start watching the first one. With the way the room was arranged the couch was really the only good place to see the TV so Hal sat on one end and Emily sat in the middle beside him. Dave started to drag over a chair from the kitchen but Emily said, “There’s plenty of room on the couch. We won’t bite.” Dave shrugged and sat down next to Emily. It was a fairly tight fit so his leg and hip rubbed against her’s as they sat. The feeling of her rubbing against him was making him really horny and he tried to shift to conceal his growing cock.

As the movie played Hal and Emily got more and more romantic and Dave felt more and more like the third wheel. Dave tried not to watch as the couple groped each other through their clothes and tongue kissed a few times. The movie ended and Dave started to make some excuses about being tired and needing to turn in. “It doesn’t look like you two need me hanging around anyway,” he added. Hal apologized for making him uncomfortable and asked him to stay even though Dave figured he wanted nothing more than to be alone with Emily so he could rip that trampy outfit off and fuck her silly. Emily also apologized and asked him to stay.

“Besides, I think you’re going to like the next movie I brought,” she added. There was something mischievous in tone of her voice that grabbed Dave’s attention. He agreed to stay for the next movie but left the door open for bailing during the movie if he got ‘too tired’.

Emily looked cool on the outside but her heart was racing and her stomach was tied in knots. Everything so far had gone to her plan. Hal was horny and ready to fuck and Dave was feeling left out but also horny. She hoped she hadn’t overplayed her hand with her next move. “Only one way to find out,” she thought as she steeled her courage and slipped the tape in the VCR.

She resumed her place between the two guys and held her breath. The credits started and it soon was obvious that this was a porno flick when instead of the usual credits, commercials for 1-900 lines appeared. “You guys cool with this?” Emily asked trying to sound much more confident than she felt. She paused the video so the guys could answer.

“I’m cool if you are, baby,” Hal replied as he snaked an arm around Emily and copped a quick feel of her breast.

Dave paused before speaking as he couldn’t see this heading to anything other than frustration for him. He was about to come up with some excuse and leave when Emily put her hand on his thigh. She gave him a quick squeeze and said, “C’mon Dave. I promise it’ll be fun.”

Her touch sent chills through his body and a charge through his dick. He agreed to stay. Emily gave his thigh another squeeze with her hand and restarted the movie.

The credits flashed on the screen but Dave wasn’t paying much attention to them. He couldn’t figure out what exactly was happening or why Emily was behaving like this. Part of him wanted to leave but part of him was curious to see where this might be headed. The video started with a couple getting ready for bed. They soon started fooling around and just as they started to really get into it the doorbell rang.

The woman on the video insisted on answering the door despite the guy’s attempts to get her to ignore the bell. She answered the door wrapped in a robe and a second guy introduced himself as the first guy’s business partner. He looked a little embarrassed at seemingly interrupting their evening but said he needed to drop something off for a meeting the next day.

The woman invited him inside and called her lover downstairs. He soon appeared wrapped only in a bath towel. All three of them chatted for a bit as the woman started flirting with the new guy. She and the new guy were soon kissing. They kept that up for a short while before she began alternating back and forth between the two men. Very soon all three of them were kissing and fondling each other before they went back upstairs to the bedroom.

The scene started like any normal three way shot, but Dave was soon shocked to see the two male actors embrace in a wild french kiss. As the scene continued it was obvious that Emily had rented a bi flick. The two guys on screen sucked and fucked each other as much as they did with the one woman. Dave had never seen anything like this and, against his initial instincts, found himself getting excited at watching the various positions the threesome on screen tried.

The scene climaxed with one guy fucking the woman and cumming on her stomach as he sucked the second guy’s cock. After the first guy came he really got into his blowjob and soon had the second man cumming all over his face.

Just as the scene reached its peak Dave jumped slightly when he felt Emily’s hand on his thigh again. This time the touch was softer than before. Dave froze for a few moments not sure of her intentions. He didn’t want to do anything to make her stop so he sat still as his mind raced trying to figure out what was going on. He finally did glance over and saw that her other hand was similarly positioned on Hal’s thigh.

The movie continued with a variety of guy on guy and guy on girl scenes. As the movie progressed Emily’s hand moved closer and closer to Dave’s crotch. She started massaging his inner thigh and was gradually letting her hand slide higher and higher up his leg. Another two guy, one woman scene started on the screen and Emily’s hand finally completed its journey and fondled the bulge in Dave’s pants. Judging by Hal’s moan her hand had reached his crotch at the same time.

The scene continued on the screen as Emily stroked each man’s dick through his pants. Dave wasn’t sure if Emily wanted him to continue watching the video or if she wanted him to respond to her touch. He kept glancing over at her through the corner of his eyes and saw that she was still watching the video closely. He took his cue from her and kept his eyes mainly focused on the video.

Hal responded to her touch first and started to undo the remaining buttons on her shirt as she continued to rub their crotches. Dave tried to watch as much as he could without making it seem like he was staring. He was still sure that at any moment Emily and Hal would rush off to the bedroom leaving him alone to take care of his hard on.

If Hal had any reservations about Dave’s presence he wasn’t making them obvious. Still, Dave decided to wait before doing anything to Emily to make sure his advances would be welcome. For now he simply watched Hal undressing her and enjoyed her hand fondling him. Hal soon had her shirt completely unbuttoned and was trying to undo her bra when Emily stood up and turned around to face them. She slowly and seductively let her shirt drop off her shoulders onto the floor. She also unzipped the zipper and the back of her skirt and with a small wiggle of her hips let that fall to the floor also. She stood before them dressed only in a black bra, a black thong, a garter belt, and black nylons.

“C’mon guys, this won’t work if I’m the only one undressed,” she playfully said to the two guys who were silently watching her from the couch. Dave guessed from Hal’s expression that he did not expect this at all and wasn’t in on whatever Emily had planned.

Hal and Dave made eye contact briefly. Hal smiled, shrugged and said, “What the hell?” He stripped off his shirt and stood up and started to unbuckle his pants. Dave did likewise and soon the two guys each wore nothing more than their boxers.

“Much better,” Emily said as she pulled each guy toward her. She first kissed Hal deeply and Dave could see their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Emily broke that kiss and, turning to Dave, met Dave with the same sort of kiss. Dave could feel his dick swell as his stomach pressed against the smooth, naked flesh of the woman whom he had often fantasized about.

Emily sat down on the couch and took a moment to survey the two almost naked men standing in front of her. She reached out and let her fingers gently run across both men’s stomachs. Hal stared at her hand as Dave stared in awe at the beauty of Emily in her sexy lingerie sitting before them. She placed a hand on each man’s hip and gently guided them closer until Dave and Hal were standing right next to each other. Emily then moved both hands to the waistband of Hal’s boxers and slowly pulled them down until they were lying around his ankles on the floor. Hal quickly stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Emily’s fingers ran through Hal’s pubic hair without actually touching his cock as she stared at his hard cock standing out straight in front of him. Dave looked over at Hal’s cock but tried to make it look as though he wasn’t. Clearly Emily had plans for them both but he still wasn’t sure he was comfortable with his new feelings toward his roommate.

After admiring Hal’s cock for a short while longer Emily turned to Dave and put her hands on the waistband of his boxers. She deftly slipped them past his raging hard on and down his legs until he too stood completely naked in front of her. As she had done with Hal she teased him by massaging him all around the base of his cock without actually touching it. Dave’s head was spinning in a mixture of lust, confusion, and anticipation. He couldn’t wait to see what Emily had in store for them next.

Finally she wrapped her fingers lightly around Dave’s cock and reached her other hand over to Hal’s hard dick. Hal smiled silently as her fingers wrapped around his shaft, and Dave let out a moan as her soft fingers held his cock as he had fantasized about dozens of times. For a few moments she caressed both of their hard ons as she moved her eyes from one to the other admiring both dicks. Keeping her hand on Dave’s dick she leaned forward and engulfed Hal’s cock in her mouth. She took nearly his entire length into her mouth before slowly pulling her head back. She teased the end of his cock with her tongue before again swallowing most of it. Hal had his eyes closed as he enjoyed Emily’s blowjob. Emily’s hand continued slowly stroking Dave’s dick as she sucked on Hal. Dave watched her intently as she swallowed and released Hal’s dick repeatedly.

Emily shifted positions and began giving Dave the same blowjob he had just watched her give his roommate. Her mouth was warm and wet as it slid up and down his hard shaft. As hot as the sight of watching her suck Hal’s dick had been it couldn’t compare to watching her devour his own dick. She opened her eyes and made eye contact with him as she sucked the tip of his head. She held his gaze for several seconds opening her mouth so he could see her tongue glide over the tip of his shaft. It was the hottest thing Dave had ever seen and he thought he might blow his load right there, but Emily gave him a quick wink and released his dick.

She pulled the two men closer together so their legs were touching and the tips of their dicks were only inches apart. Dave was very aware of the closeness of Hal and was torn between being scared and wanting to pull away and being turned on by having him naked and so close by. Emily leaned forward and began licking the tips of their dicks. As she did this she pulled them even closer until she could feel each man’s cock on either side of her tongue. She teased both cocks like this for a while as the men stood with the tips of their hard ons nearly rubbing. Dave was frozen with a combination of lust and fear, and as his mind was reeling Emily made her next move.

Emily opened her mouth wide and engulfed first the tip of Hal’s cock and then the tip of Dave’s cock. She held both cocks in her mouth and tried to give them both a simultaneous blowjob. She squeezed their cocks together with her hands and tried to fit as much of their combined dicks as she could into her mouth. She tickled and teased both cocks with her tongue as she held them together.

The sensation from Emily wasn’t as strong as when she had given him a blowjob a few minutes earlier. As much as she tried it was hard for her to fit both cocks in her mouth and be able to do much. However, the feel of his cock being pressed against Hal’s was amazing. He watched Emily work on both cocks and could feel Hal’s dick sliding against his own. They both were coated with Emily’s saliva, so they slid freely against each other as Emily held them. Dave kept his gaze on Emily and never looked at Hal. He knew having his cock touch Hal’s turned him on, but he didn’t know if he was ready to reveal his newfound bi- tendencies to another guy.

Emily made her next move and removed both dicks from her mouth. She held one in each hand and began to rub them together in front of her face. She began to slowly rub the tips together but Hal pulled back slightly apparently uncomfortable with this much contact with another guy.

“Relax Hal,” Emily said in a deeply seductive tone, “we’re all friends here. I think you’ll find we’ll all have more fun if we all relax. Anyway, I don’t expect we’ll get any complaints from Dave, will we?”

Dave froze at this last sentence. There could be little doubt now that Emily knew exactly what had happened the other morning when he had watched Hal jerk off. He was still hoping to avoid revealing that to Hal so he played dumb and didn’t answer Emily’s question.

Emily continued, “I happen to know that Dave here watched you jack off the other day and, judging by the bulge in his pants when he left, he seemed quite interested in it. My guess is he would enjoy a chance to feel your cock himself.”

Dave was embarrassed at Emily’s confession and could feel his heart jump into his throat and his stomach knot. However, he was also very turned on by the prospect of being able to simultaneously fuck Emily and maybe touch Hal’s cock. He looked up quickly at Hal to try and check his reaction and their eye’s meet briefly. As he expected, Dave noticed anger and confusion in Hal’s eyes but there seemed to also be something else. It may have been Dave imagining what he wanted to see but he thought he may have seen a glimmer of curiosity in Hal’s eyes.

Emily finally broke the silence with one final plea to Hal, “Come on baby. This has been a big fantasy of mine for a long time. For me, baby?”

Hal seemed to relax some with Emily’s request and she quickly alternated giving each man’s dick a quick lick and suck. She then resumed her previous position and began rubbing their cock’s together. She pulled Hal and Dave closer together and began slowly jerking off each man’s cock as she deliberately rubbed their cocks together. Emily continued doing this until she couldn’t take anymore and, releasing their cocks, said, “I think it’s my turn now.”

Emily sat back on the couch and looked expectantly at the two men before her. She slowly and deliberately spread her legs revealing her dripping wet pussy that was barely covered by her thong. The thong looked to be completely soaked with her juices as she had obviously gotten very excited by rubbing the cocks together. She motioned to Hal and he quickly dropped to his knees between her legs. He brought his hands to the thin straps on her hips and pulled her thong off as she raised her hips off the couch slightly to help him. He tossed her thong aside and lowered his head to her wet pussy.

Dave watched in an almost stunned silence as Hal started sucking her pussy. He looked up at Emily’s face and, as they made eye contact, she motioned for him to come closer to her. As he sat on the couch next to her Emily pulled Dave down and pushed his head toward her breasts. Dave ran his lips and tongue over her revealing bra before reaching around behind her and unfastening her bra. Emily rolled her shoulders and tossed the bra aside revealing to Dave the objects of countless masturbation sessions. Dave took first one, then the other, nipple into his mouth and teased them until they were hard. He massaged her breasts with his hands as he focused on her nipples with his mouth. He could hear Hal sucking and slurping at her wet pussy and tried to catch glimpses of it when he could. Emily was groaning with pleasure and was beginning to pump her hips into Hal’s face.

As Dave continued teasing her breasts he felt her hands pulling his head away from her. “I think Hal may need some help,” Emily said as she pushed his head down toward Hal and her pussy. Dave repositioned himself on the floor next to Hal as Emily pulled her legs up to spread her pussy even wider.

“You two play nice down there,” Emily teased as Hal and Dave tried to figure out how to suck her pussy with a minimum of contact between them. Although their dicks had rubbed together a few minutes ago they were both clearly still uncomfortable with man to man contact. Dave focused on Emily’s clit as Hal focused on her dripping wet pussy hole. This position minimized their contact, but occasionally one or the other of them would get overzealous in their teasing and they would end up touching their tongues together. They each pulled back quickly when this happened, but Dave began having thoughts of trying to bury his tongue inside Emily right next to Hal’s essentially french kissing Hal inside Emily’s pussy.

Before he could act on these thoughts Emily began moaning louder and was obviously quickly approaching an orgasm. Dave began flicking her clit with his tongue and Hal shoved his tongue as far as he could inside her pussy. Emily screamed, “Oh yes!” and began cumming. Her hips bucked as she placed a hand behind each man’s head and held them into her pussy. She came in wave after wave and held Dave’s head tightly. Her orgasm finally subsided and she eventually released Hal and Dave’s heads. Both of their faces were covered in a mix of Emily’s pussy juices and their own saliva. They both sat and watched Emily as she recovered from her bliss.

“That was amazing boys,” Emily finally said. “Hmm, looks like you two can play nice together. Why don’t we go somewhere a little more comfortable?”

She got up off the couch and looked down at the two excited men kneeling on the floor in front of her. She slowly raised one leg onto the couch and seductively unclipped her stocking from the garter belt and slowly rolled it down her leg as she alternated making eye contact with both men. She repeated this with her other leg and finally removed the garter belt itself leaving her completely naked and standing over her two lovers. She reached out a hand to each man and held it as they got to their feet.

She led the two of them down the hall to Hal’s room. Once inside the room she directed Dave to lay on his back near the head of the bed. Emily climbed over Dave and lowered her head to his cock. She began giving him a blowjob as Hal positioned himself behind Emily. Hal quickly maneuvered behind her and began fucking her doggie style as Emily sucked Dave’s dick. Hal was soon driving himself into Emily quite hard. Emily held Dave’s cock in her mouth and let the force of Hal’s thrusts move her up and down on Dave. Hal was thrusting faster and faster and Dave watched as it was clear Hal wasn’t going to last much longer.

Emily released Dave’s dick long enough to say, “Give it to me, Hal.” She popped Dave’s dick back into her mouth just as Hal grunted loudly and started cumming inside her pussy. Dave watched in fascination as Hal emptied his cum into Emily. He still couldn’t believe that he was now a participant in the act that he had heard through his walls so many times before. Hal continued pumping until he was completely spent and then pulled out of Emily with a sticky, slurping sound.

Emily sucked Dave for a few minutes and then moved over him. She positioned her dripping wet pussy over his cock and lowered herself onto him. The combination of her own juices and Hal’s cum made her very, very wet and Dave easily slid into her. She began fucking Dave as he reached up to fondle her breasts. Hal had moved off the bed and was sitting on a nearby chair watching his girlfriend fuck his roommate. Emily fucked Dave slowly as he continued to play with her breasts.

Hal started stroking his own cock as he watched the slow fuck happening in front on him. Seeing Emily fucking another man was making him hornier than he could believe and he was surprised that he quickly regained stiffness in his cock.

Despite Emily’s deliberate fucking and his own desire to make this fuck last as long as possible, Dave knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold back his own cum for long. He massaged her tits and teased her nipples as she smoothly guided her pussy up and down his cock. Dave held out much longer than he thought he would but finally he felt his cum getting ready to erupt. He grunted loudly as he exploded inside Emily with a force and intensity beyond anything he had previously felt. When Emily felt his cum filling her she drove herself all the way down on him and started grinding her hips in small circles as his cock shot load after load of hot cum deeply inside her.

After Dave finished cumming Emily sat over him for several minutes keeping his cock inside her drenched pussy. Dave massaged her tits, stomach, and legs and tried to memorize everything about the way she looked and felt at this moment.

Hearing movement next to the bed Emily looked over and saw Hal watching her intently with a semi-hard erection in his hand. She smiled wickedly and motioned Hal over to the bed. Hal stood up and walked over to the bed. Emily reached out and wrapped a hand around his dick. She lowered herself onto Dave’s body, keeping his softening cock inside her pussy, until her face was positioned just over Dave’s. She then pulled Hal closer and began sucking his dick.

Dave watched intently as both he and Emily noticed Hal at nearly the same time and as she motioned for him to approach and started rubbing his cock. He was shocked to see Emily engulf Hal’s dick right in front of his face. Emily looked deeply into Dave’s eyes as she worked Hal’s dick in and out of her mouth only a few inches from Dave’s face. Emily soon settled into a rhythm of sucking Hal that had him fully erect and that she maintained for many long minutes.

The sight of Hal’s dick sliding into Emily’s mouth fascinated Dave. He watched intently and became more and more horny. Sensing Dave’s interest Emily moved her mouth to the top of Hal’s dick and then lowered her head brining Hal’s dick even closer to Dave’s mouth. Before he could even think about it Dave raised his head slightly and licked the underside of Hal’s dick. Emily released Hal’s cock and smiled wickedly as Dave kept licking Hal’s cock. Hal had his eyes closed at first but when he suddenly felt a mouth touching him from a different direction his eyes shot open and he saw Dave licking at him. Hal’s first reaction was to pull away but then he saw Emily as she watched Dave and saw the look of complete wanton lust on her face. He initially paused from that but soon realized that he found the feel of Dave’s tongue exciting.

Dave and Emily made eye contact and she leaned down closer to him almost imperceptibly. Their lips met, and he and Emily exchanged a sloppy french kiss as Hal’s dick bobbed just inches away from their mouths. Emily parted their kiss and sat up over Dave as she took Hal’s cock in her hand. She pointed Hal’s cock at Dave’s mouth and Dave immediately opened his mouth and engulfed the tip of Hal’s cock. Hal groaned deeply which gave Dave more confidence to continue. Dave sucked Hal’s dick in his mouth and swirled his tongue around Hal’s tip. He thought of how he liked to have his own cock sucked and began pumping his mouth up and down Hal’s shaft. Dave wasn’t sure what to do but figured that if he did what he liked himself it would be a good start. Both Hal and Emily were moaning loudly as Dave continued sucking Hal’s dick.

Dave moved to the tip of Hal’s dick and began sucking and licking the sensitive area. As he did this Emily moved her hand up and down Hal’s shaft jerking him off. Emily had moved her free hand to her own clit and had been wildly fingering herself as she watched Dave suck on Hal. “Oh God, that is so hot,” she said as her fingers quickly teased her clit to the edge of another orgasm. “Suck him, Dave.” She continued talking about how hot it was to watch them until she was overtaken by her orgasm and she began to groan loudly. Dave’s now mostly hard cock was still inside her pussy and he felt her pussy twitch and shake as he watched her cum. Emily kept playing with her clit and came so wildly that Dave raised his head and released Hal’s cock to watch her. Hal also turned and watched Emily until her orgasm passed and she started to settle down.

After recovering for a few moments Emily opened her eyes again and saw the two men watching her. She had stopped jerking Hal’s cock as she came but she immediately resumed and again pointed him toward Dave’s mouth. Emily started jerking Hal faster than before and Dave sped up his work on Hal. Hal was grunting loudly and was obviously close to losing another load. Emily continued her dirty talk after she came and started to fuck Dave’s now fully hard cock once again. She urged Dave to fill her pussy with cum and told Hal she wanted to watch him cum on Dave.

Hal threw his head back and groaned as Emily continued pumping his cock and urging Hal to cum. “Cum all over him,” she said, “cover him with your cum.” She pumped faster and faster until Hal said, “Oh God!” and started cumming. Dave tried to push Hal’s cock out of his mouth before he came as he still wasn’t sure about taking cum in his mouth, but he was too slow and took Hal’s initial jet of cum inside his mouth just before releasing his cock. The rest of Hal’s cum sprayed over Dave’s chest and shoulder and felt warm on his skin as it landed. Emily pumped Hal until he was spent and then quickly lowered her head onto Dave’s chest and began sucking the cum off him.

Dave held Hal’s cum in his mouth not sure what he should do with it. It was warm and salty and he held it in his mouth until Emily noticed that he hadn’t swallowed it yet. She moved her mouth to his and drove her tongue inside his mouth. They wildly kissed as they passed Hal’s cum back and forth between their mouths. Emily sat up and seductively swallowed the cum in her mouth before looking down at Dave and saying, “Swallow it.” Dave did as instructed and was surprised at how exciting it felt to swallow the portion of Hal’s cum that remained in his mouth.

After she saw him swallow the cum Emily shifted her focus to Dave’s hard cock still buried in her pussy. She began fucking him for a short while before rolling off him and crawling onto all fours. Dave quickly moved behind her as he had watched Hal do earlier and drove his cock deep inside her pussy. He gripped her hips tightly and began to wildly fuck her as Emily moaned and Hal watched from the edge of the bed. After all he had just done and seen it didn’t take long for Dave to be overcome by his orgasm. He drove himself as deeply as he could inside Emily and held steady as his cock again erupted inside her. Emily moaned appreciatively as she felt his warm cum fill her. Even though it was his second cumshot in a short time he had rarely cum so hard or so much as he shot stream after stream into her.

After taking Dave’s second load of cum Emily leaned forward and let Dave’s wet cock slip out of her. She collapsed onto the bed and Dave settled beside her. Hal crawled into the bed on her other side sandwiching her between himself and Dave. It was crowded on the bed but none of them minded. Hal and Dave both fondled Emily as Emily lazily returned their caresses. Dave wanted to keep on caressing Emily’s body like this all night and even had thoughts of reaching across her and fondling Hal’s soft cock, but before long the efforts of the encounter overtook him and he fell asleep. Hal and Emily continued caressing each other for only a short time before they too fell fast asleep.

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