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Our New Tenant Ch. 2

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Cindy was now sound asleep, and Sandy and Erika were at the bedroom door watching in amazement, as well as lust, as Tina gave Cindy a shattering orgasm.

Then Erika said, “God, I need to get off like that, I was just about to cum when Sandy and I heard Cindy moaning like a wild animal in heat, I just had to watch you.

I’d love you to do to me what you just did to Cindy, it sounded and looked so fucking awesome.”

“Look,” Tina said to Erika, “right now I’m really tired and very sleepy, as I’m sure Sandy is; I’m going to go to bed, but Erika, why don’t you and Sandy go to bed as well, and I’m sure that Sandy can get you off at least a couple of times before she zonks out for the night. By the way, how long are you girls going to be here before you have to back to school?”

“About two weeks, maybe a couple of days longer, it just depends how eager we are in wanting to go back, or how much fun we’re having here. hehe”

“Goodnight,” Tina said with a smile as she crawled into bed with Cindy, and tightly wrapped her hot body around her, as if to benefit from Cindy’s body heat.. Tina started drifting off to sleep thinking about how much fun she and Sandy were going to have with these two young beauties for the next two weeks or so, She rubbed her hot wet pussy lips against Cindy’s thigh, spreading her juices as she came.

Early the following morning, with Tina fast asleep, Cindy quietly crawled out of bed to go see her mom so that she could talk to her before the rest of them woke up. Cindy was an early riser for the summer, since she was doing construction work on community projects; Erika was as well, but she knew that Erika must have gone to bed much later than she had. She thought that she had an erotic dream about Erika in her sleep.

Cindy walked to the kitchen, but not seeing her mother there, she quietly went to her mom’s bedroom. Cindy was still naked, but she knew that her mom had accepted the fact that she ran around the house naked, and wouldn’t be upset about seeing Cindy naked now.

Once in her mom’s room, Cindy realized that her mom was still fast asleep, so Cindy decided to get into bed with her until she woke up. She cuddled up to her mom, she loved doing this with her mom when she was younger. She quickly became aware that her mom, Laura, was naked, and was surprised only because her mom never went to bed naked, even after Cindy had teased her about being a prude.

Laura stirred a bit, still sleeping but almost being aware of the presence of another body. Laura must have been dreaming as she rolled over on her side facing Cindy and started rubbing her wet cunt against her daughters body.

As shocked as Cindy was, she just laid there as still and quietly as she could, totally confused by her mothers behavior. Laura reached one hand over and put it on Cindy’s breast, twisting her nipple as she pulled herself closer and then started humping Cindy’s thigh. She felt her mom’s hard clit as it rubbed against her leg, and then in a matter of minutes, Cindy heard her mother saying inaudible things in her sleep, and then she started moaning rather loudly to a shivering orgasm and felt her mom’s warm love juices being spread on her leg; then, after a few minutes, Laura just quietly rolled over on her back and into her deep sleep.

Then another shock, Cindy now became aware of the fact that her mother’s pussy was hairless, Cindy was now totally confused, this was so unlike her mom. Cindy decided before her mom woke up, that it would probably be best if she got out of the room and take a quick shower, but their was no question about it, what just happened also aroused Cindy sexually.

Cindy got into the shower and started to try to understand what was going on with her mom, but also realized that the more she thought about it, the more aroused she was getting. “Damn,” she thought, “I wish that Erika was with me right now, she would help me out. But Erika wasn’t with her as Cindy started to slowly caress her breasts with both hands, then as her nipples hardened, she pulled on them and felt the shock go straight to her pussy; she lowered one hand down to her crotch and slowly started to run her hand up and down her puffy outer lips. Why was she doing this? Was it because she was so turned on t just thinking about her experience with her mom?

Cindy thought that she should get out of the shower and stop thinking these perverted thoughts about her mother and what just happened, she quickly pulled her hand away from her pussy, but it was too late. She felt her inner lips open up like a blooming flower bud, she felt the wetness inside her cunt, and she knew that she had to take care of it or she would be frustrated for the rest of the day.

Cindy leaned her head back against the glass wall of the shower, she took both hands down to her waiting pussy, there was now a sense of urgency as she felt the pulsation of her cunt, anticipating immediate attention. With her eyes closed, not being aware of the presence of someone in the bathroom. Tina was watching every move that Cindy was making, through the clear glass walls of the shower.

Cindy was moaning as she was building up to her orgasm, eyes closed, her mind totally concentrating on her impending orgasm, rubbing her cock like engorged clit. “Hi Cindy, it’s Tina, I had to use the bathroom, I needed to pee badly. If you’re ready to get out I’ll just wait and hop into the shower, if you don’t mind.”

“Oh god,” Cindy thought, “why couldn’t she have come in just a few minutes from now.” Cindy quickly pulled her hands away from her pussy, not knowing how much that Tina had seen, but felt like crying from the frustration of not cumming. Tina smiled.

Cindy hesitantly got out of the shower, and Tina could easily detect the poor girls dilemma as she looked down and saw the flush color and the still engorged lips of Cindy’s pink pussy.

Tina said, “Hi hon,” as she took the towel from Cindy, “let me dry your back for you, as long as I’m here. I guess you’re an early riser, I didn’t even hear you get out of bed, did you sleep well last night?”

Cindy said that she did and explained to Tina about her summer job where she had to get up early every morning, but Cindy was slowly becoming aware of the fact that as she was talking, Tina was drying her legs all the way up to her pussy, that was more than ready for some more stimulation.

“Please,” Cindy said almost desperately, ” thanks but I can do the rest, but that was sweet of you.”

Tina turned now and faced Cindy, “Beautiful, anything I can do for you, just ask. In just one day here, I feel as though I’m part of the family. and that you were my little sister. I adore your mom, the two of you look so much alike, you’re both so beautiful and sexy looking.” Then Tina pulled Cindy to her, both naked, as their firm breasts pressed against each other, and Tina gave Cindy a deep open mouth kiss.

When Tina let go of Cindy, Cindy pulled away in a state of confusion. Her young mind was trying to understand what was happening, not quite aware of the fact, like her mother, that she was being seduced by this amazingly beautiful woman.

Cindy then said, “I think I better go and get dressed and then check on my mother, she didn’t expect that I’d be home before today at the earliest.”

“Dressed!!, hon, it’s too warm to get dressed, we were all running around naked yesterday, even your mom, and having so much fun. Laura mentioned that you always stayed naked around the house, but she didn’t, but Sandy and I convinced her that it was a heck of a lot more comfortable; so don’t be surprised if you see her naked today.”

This was too much, Cindy thought. How could her mom change so quickly from being a prude about nudity and sex, to being naked with women that were almost strangers. Then again, she realized that she was feeling a special warmth towards Tina, and even a sexual attraction that again made her aware of her sexual need.

Cindy combed her hair and then went to the kitchen, she knew if she went back to her bedroom, that she most certainly would try to get herself off, and with her luck, one of the others would come charging in and frustrating her even more than she already was. She heard her mother humming a cheerful tune. Then she saw her, beautiful as ever, and without a stitch on.

“Hi mom, I got home last night but you were fast asleep and I didn’t want to wake you.”

“Oh sweetheart, how I’ve missed you, but I didn’t expect you back till today. It seems as you’ve developed into a women since I saw you last, you’re so beautiful.”

“Mom, are you aware of the fact that I’ve never seen you walking around the house naked. Remember how you would always tell me that I should put something on in case dad should come home unexpectedly, and I used to call you a prude. And since when did you start shaving your pubic hair, I mean it looks great, but I don’t quite understand.”

“I, uh, oh come here and give your mom a nice big hug, gosh how I’ve missed you.” Cindy went to her mother’s open arms and gave a nice hug, but now got a different feeling as their bodies touched; it was if her mom was another woman that she felt attracted to and somehow, the touch seemed to excite her. Laura felt it as well.

When they separated, Laura said, “so did you get to meet our new tenants last night?” Laura wanted to get off the subject of her nudity, as well as her hairless pussy

“I sure did, and oh, Erika came home with me, in fact that’s why I got home last night. She gave me a ride home and I invited her to stay with us until we both went back to school together, I wasn’t aware that you rented out the guest room.”

“Well where did all of you sleep last night? I haven’t talked to you since I thought of renting the room out, but we really needed the extra money since I lost my job, as well as dad getting a demotion since the take over of his company. And now he’s gone a lot so it gives me some company as well as bringing in some needed income, I think that those two are just so great, I’m really lucky to get them as tenants.”

“First of all, Tina and I slept together in my room, and Sandy and Erika slept in the guest room. As for Sandy and Tina, they seem to be very nice and I found it pleasurable sleeping with Tina. I was so tired so when we went to bed, she gave a fantastic massage that had me having fantastic dreams, I felt great this morning. Best sleep I’ve had in a long time.”

“Oh, aren’t her massages just fantastic? She gave me one yesterday and the same thing happened to me, I think it has something to do with her soothing voice. I had the most fantastic dream of being on a tropical island, and you were even in it, and uh, oh it was beautiful, and after I woke up, I felt so relaxed.”

“Well what was your dream about, mom? I mean you said you saw me in the dream and that it was fantastic, c’mon mom, you have to tell me so that I can enjoy it as well.”

“It really wasn’t that great, now that I think about it, we were just relaxing in the sun on this, uh beautiful island, and uh, there were these natives, and they, uh, were all naked, and uh, that’s about it, really.”

“Mom!!, c’mon, you’re not telling me the truth, I’ve learned to know when you’re holding back things from me, I bet it was a naughty dream, c’mon, tell me.”

“What’s your mom not telling you, Cindy, is she holding back some secrets from you? Laura, it’s not nice to keep secrets from us. You know that we’re all family now, and that we have to tell each other everything, and not have secrets, so tell us what Cindy wants to know, that way, we’ll all be open to one another, O.K..”

“Well, I was just telling Cindy about the wonderful massage that you gave me yesterday, and how relaxed I felt after I drifted off and had this, uh, nice dream while Cindy and I were on this beautiful island with natives and all.”

“So what happened, remember, no secrets, and now I’m anxious to hear it as well, so you have to tell us what happened to make this such a great dream?”

“Well, uh, do I really have to. It’s kind of a uh, naughty dream, I mean, uh, it’s kind of uh, sexual in nature, I really don’t uh, think that it would be appropriate to tell my daughter.”

“Laura, enough of these games that you play. First of all, you’re as sexual, if not more, than any of us. You try to cover it up by pretending that you’re a prude, but in reality, you’re horny most of the time, and you just don’t want to admit it to yourself, never mind your daughter or anyone else.”

Laura started crying as she held her head down so that her sweet daughter couldn’t see the shame that she felt.

Tina took Laura’s hand and said, “Here, give me a big hug, you beautiful sweetheart.” Tina whispered something in Laura’s ear and Laura, still sobbing, nodded her head. Tina continued to whisper in Laura’s ear and Cindy noticed that her mom’s sobs were now turning to soft moans.

Cindy was confused as to what was going on with her mom, when she heard her moan, “oh god yeas, yeas yes oooh god yes, I want it, ohh pleaase yeeeaas.”

Then Tina pulled away from Laura as Laura tried to hang on to her and was actually trying to rub her pussy against Tina’s pube, but Tina pulled away.

“See how horny your mom gets. I’m not going to tell you what I whispered to her, but I just wanted to show her, as well as you, that your mom is a very sexual woman, and a very beautiful sexual woman. Now Laura, you’re real horny, aren’t you. Now tell us the truth, as well as telling yourself.”

“Yes, I’m very horny. I’m sorry honey, I shouldn’t say this to you, but Tina is right, I have to admit it to myself as well as you. All these years I tried to tell myself that sex wasn’t that important, and all these years I’ve suffered from depression, and not knowing why. But now I know, thanks to Tina.”

“Hey, what’s going on?” Sandy said loudly, with Erika standing beside her. “Wow, did Erika and I have a great nights sleep, but I’m sure ready for some coffee and some nice pussy, I mean eggs. hehe”

“Oh mom, this is my wonderful friend, Erika, isn’t she beautiful, I just love her nice pointed breasts with those sexy long nipples. We had a great summer, and now it looks like we’re going to have a great time for the next couple of weeks before we go back to school.”

“Look at us, five beautiful women, completely naked, and having a conversation as casual as could be and with no hang-ups.” Tina said, “plus the fact that we were talking about sex, and Laura telling us how strong her sexual drive is and accepting it. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I want to go out and lie by the pool so that I can get a perfect tan. Oh Sandy, could I talk to you for a second regarding some work of ours.”

Tina and Sandy went out of the kitchen, “Here is what I want you to do,” Tina said to Sandy. “After I take the girls out to the pool, I want you to stay in the kitchen and tell Laura that you’re going to help pick up so then you can come out and join us. Laura is real horny, so I want you to work her up some more, then take her inside and talk her into some hot lesbian sex, and I don’t think that you’ll have to do too much talking, both Laura and Cindy are horny as hell, then I’m going to send Erika in for some beer, and I’m sure she’ll see the action.. So how did it go last night with Erika? I think that she and Cindy have had sex together.”

“Damn, Tina, that Erika is a fucking sex machine, I want to get her on our fuck machine to see how long she can last. I think she’ll even wear out the machine.”

After breakfast, Tina told everyone that they should go out and enjoy laying out in the sun. Sandy told Tina that she was going to help Laura clean up and then they would join her.

“Sandy, you should go out and join them, I can pick up here. in fact I don’t mind doing this by myself, go out and join them and I’ll be out shortly.”

“I think that you’re being sneaky Laura, I think that you’re just horny enough to want to masturbate in privacy,” Sandy said as she got behind Laura and put her arms around her and started massaging Laura’s breasts.

Laura’s attempt to deny it was weak at best, as Sandy was massaging Laura’s breasts, she was nibbling on her ear lobe and then licking and kissing Laura’s sexy neck. With one hand pulling on her nipple, Sandy dropped her other hand slowly down to down Laura’s stomach and then to her pubic area, massaging her bald pube and putting upward pressure to force her large clit to be fully exposed.

“Oh Sandy, your hands feel so good, it seems as though since you and Tina arrived, all I can think of is sex, and how much I need to be touched. Your hands are so soft and warm, and I just want to open up to both of you. Oh god Sandy, I’m even turned on by my own daughter and her friend, am I sick?”

“Not at all, sweetheart, it’s just all this pent up sexuality that you’ve been suppressing all these years, and now you’re letting it all come out, and we’re going to help you. We’re going to let you release all of

your sexual inhibitions, and we don’t want you to hold anything back. Now let’s go into the den so that I can try out a new fuck machine that I know that you’ll enjoy.”

Outside, Tina and the girls were laying on the grass by the pool, side by side, and of course, Tina managed to be in the middle.

“Isn’t this great? Relaxing under the sun with not a care in the world except our own pleasure. Speaking of pleasure, Cindy, last night while you were sleeping, I heard you moaning and I could swear that you saying something like, “ooooh yea, Erika, that feels soo good.” Were you having a nice dream about Erika, like I sometimes do about some of my girlfriends?”

“Uh, well, I might have, I mean I don’t really remember, I mean like did I say anything else?”

“To tell you the truth, Cindy, I’m almost positive that you came, because it sure sounded like it, and I’m positive I could smell your sex. Listen, Cindy, don’t be like your mother, don’t be in denial of anything that you think or do sexually, you’ll only hurt yourself. Erika, would you be nice enough to go and bring us a cold beer, and see what’s keeping Sandy and Laura, tell them we’re waiting for them.”

Erika went to the house and Tina turned to face Cindy. “I hope that I didn’t embarrass you about what I heard you say about Erika in your sleep. Are you and Erika lovers?”

“Oh well, I might as well tell you, somehow you seem to find out everything anyhow. During our summer work, sometimes we had to sleep together, and even though I didn’t let Erika know, sometimes when she thought that I was sleeping, she would play with my breasts, and then would masturbate me until I came. I really enjoyed it but for some reason I just didn’t tell her that I was awake and how much I enjoyed it. Sometimes I would get so frustrated but it was difficult to have any privacy for me to be able to masturbate, so when she did it to me, it was so intense.”

“That’s more like it, see how much you become aware of your sexuality when you’re willing to talk about it openly and honestly. One more thing, when I saw you masturbating in the shower this morning, but you didn’t get to cum, what got you all hot and bothered that you had the strong urge to get yourself off then? Now tell the truth?”

“You don’t miss a thing, do you Tina. Again, if I lie I know that you will know that I haven’t told you the truth. Well, I went to my mom’s room to talk to her, but she was sound asleep so I just crawled in bed with her. I was surprised that she was naked, but even more surprised when she rubbed herself against my thigh, and then she, uh, came.”

“So that got you hot, that’s fantastic, it just shows how much you love your mother. But I also know, just by the way you’re fidgeting around, that you’re still so horny that you can hardly sit still.”

Tina put her hand in back of Cindy’s head and pulled her towards her, and gave her a nice wet kiss. Cindy didn’t resist, because Tina was right, she desperately needed to get some relief, as well as she was strongly attracted to Tina. But then Tina pulled away.

“Did I do something wrong, Tina? I mean, you were right, I’m horny as hell and I really wanted to get it on with you so that we could both enjoy it. I’ve got to tell, I’m really attracted to you. I’m not a lesbian, really, but there is something about you, from the very first when I met you last night, that’s all I’ve thought about, having sex with another woman, and even thought about it with my mother.” Then Cindy started to cry.

“Would you really want to have sex with your mother? Is this something that’s making you feel ashamed of yourself; if it is, forget it, just about everyone I’ve ever known, at one time or another, has felt the same way about one of their parents, as they grew up. But right now, I want you to take care of your problem, I want to watch you masturbate for me.”

“Oh god, Tina, I’d be too embarrassed to do that, I’ve never let anyone see me masturbate, yea know, it’s just such a personal thing, and sometimes when I’m masturbating, I say things and, well, I don’t know.”

“Now I want you to take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and pretend that there is no one but you.” Tina was saying in a very soft and sultry voice. “You’re all alone as you feel a warm breeze caressing your body, you smell an erotic scent that is so sensual as you breath it in deeply, you feel it going to the very core of your being. You’re all alone and you feel the warm breeze playing with your breasts, stimulating your nipples. Your nipples are responding as they grow and get hard. Do you feel the wind and do you smell the scent, my sexy Cindy.” Tina was now talking in a most hypnotic voice.

“Yea, yes, I feel my nipples getting hard, and what is that scent that is almost intoxicating. I’m feeling like I’m alone on an island and that there isn’t anyone else but myself. I feel myself getting very aroused, I can feel the wetness between my legs.”

“Now you feel as though that you have to touch yourself, you have that strong urge for the need to masturbate. Now your hands are massaging your sensitive nipples, but wait, you see someone behind the bushes, she is watching you, you recognize her, it’s Tina, and you see that she’s getting excited watching you as you fondle yourself. She knows that you’re going to masturbate, but she’s spying on you and you want to get her aroused so that she will want you after she sees how strong your need for sex is. Are you going to please her? You know that you want her to want you, don’t you?”

“Oh god yes. I want Tina, I want my mom and Erika and Sandy, I want all the beautiful women that I know; I hope they’re all watching, I want to make love to all of them, I’m so horny, I just want to cum and cum, over and over again, Ooooh yea.”

“You are all alone, now spread your legs, god, you’re cunt is all wet, your lips are swollen and are waiting for attention. Your cock like clit is throbbing, now start playing with yourself, like you usually do when you’re alone.”

“Oh fuck, it feels so good to rub my aching cunt, I hardly have any privacy anymore, but now I’m all alone. Oh fuck yea, my nipples are so sensitive, if I play with them, I can make myself cum.” Cindy was talking to herself believing that no one was near, she was all alone, but she was sure that Tina was spying on her.

Cindy continued to pull on her nips and put a couple of fingers in her wet cunt, and then take her soaked fingers and rub her swollen lips and her throbbing exposed clit. Again she started talking to herself. “Look mom, your sweet little girl is finger fucking herself because she’s naughty, and I know that you don’t like naughty girls. I do this all the time when I’m alone because it makes me feel so good when I cum. Oh fuck, momma, I’m getting ready to cum, I just wish that I had another hand so I could stick a finger up my ass. It feels so fucking good just before I cum, but I can’t stop now. Ooooohh fuuuucck, I’m goooiinng to fuckiiiing cuuuum.” As Cindy was frantically fingering her cunt with two fingers, and her thumb rubbing her large clit, she came and her body shook.

Tina gave the girl a couple of minutes until she caught her breath, and then very softly said, “That was so beautiful sweetheart, that’s a good girl.”

“I knew that you were spying on me,” Cindy said. “and it got me so much more excited knowing that I was being watched.”.

Meantime, Erika had gone into the house on Tina’s request for some cold beer, Tina knew very well what Erika would see. Erika heard the loud moans coming from the den; and then, very quietly worked her way closer to the source of the noise, then she froze.

On the floor on her hands and knees, was Cindy’s mom, a robot fucking machine was plunging a beautiful large cock, in and out of her steaming cunt. Sandy was sitting on the floor in front of her, her legs spread wide and with her pussy just under Laura’s face, that was now buried deep into Sandy’s crotch. Erika started playing with her pussy as she watched this erotic sight in front of her.

From a side glance, Sandy observed Erika watching. “That’s it, baby, suck on my juicy cunt lips, stick your tongue as far as you can into my hot cunt. Oh god, you sexy bitch, you’re a natural cunt eater, suck up all my juices like a good girl, you horny cunt. Do you think that Erika has a pretty cunt, and would you like eat her like you’re doing to me. I think she’s very sexy.”

“Oh god yes, I’d love to suck on her young and tender clit, she’s so sexy and hot looking, I’d just love to squirt my hot cum into her sexy mouth. Oh Sandy, that beautiful cock is filling my hot cunt and it feels so good, but I think I’m going to cum soon. Fuck me you bastard, fuck me harder with that big cock of yours while I eat Sandy’s fat juicy cunt.” Laura put her mouth back down on Sandy’s engorged inner lips and sucked away.

“Oh Damn, sweetheart, you’re going to make me cum any minute now; that tongue of yours is like velvet, Use your teeth, chew on my clit, oh shit, hon, fuck you’re making me cum, open your mouth, Immm cummmminnng, oh fuck baby, you’re awesome.”

Then Laura yelled, as she turned the remote to full speed, and the giant cock was pounding away as she moaned out, “Oh yes, oooh fuck yes, I’mm cummminnng, keep fucking me I’mm cuuummiing.” and then Laura fell down as the cock was just fucking the air, splattering Laura’s cum all over.

Erika quietly moved away as she pulled her soaked fingers out of her pussy, and went back to the kitchen and picked up some cold beer and then quickly took them out to Tina, her pussy juices running down her thigh.

Tina saw the flush look on Erika’s face immediately and knew that Erika had witnessed Sandy and Laura. “Damn, that was a long time for you to get a few beers, everything O.K.. Where are Sandy and Laura, anyhow. My god, it certainly takes a long time to pick up.”

“They should be out any minute,” Erika said, breathing hard from what she just saw. “I think that they were just finishing up what they were doing.”

A couple of minutes later, Sandy and Laura came walking out to meet them, holding hands, and they both had smiles on their faces, or better yet, a look of contentment.

“You must have done a heck of a job cleaning up, it took you long enough.” Tina said with a smile on her face. After taking about an hour for small talk and relaxation, Tina said. “I want us to all form a circle, sitting with crossed legs, and with the heel of one foot in a position so that we can rest our crotch on it. That’s it, and now I want us all to hold hands. Now I want you to follow my lead as I chant softly, and listen to my words first, and then you’ll repeat them.”

“Uuuuummmmm, we are children of the earth, we are women that are being liberated, we are sexual beings, and we shall shed all of our sexual inhibitions. We will rock ourselves to an orgasm so that we will reach that plateau of extreme pleasure together without shame, without inhibition, as we chant with our friends and loved ones. We will never again suppress our sexual feelings. Uuuuuummmmmmm.”

As they followed with the chanting, and repeated the words, they were rocking on their heels, and holding each others hands, tightly. They were in unison as they were getting closer and closer to reaching their orgasms. The chanting became slightly louder and the words were being mingled with moans of ecstasy. Still holding hands, they started rocking faster, breathing harder, and as if a signal was given, they all reached that plateau together. “I want all of you to open your eyes and look at one another as you cum,” Tina instructed. And then came the release of the tension that is followed by an intense orgasm..

“Oooohhmyyygaaawd, I’mmmmm cuuuummmiinng. Ooohhh fuuuucckk yeeeaaas.”

They were muttering in unison, as if they were one, they were all voicing their feeling of intense gratification as they still held each others hands and looked at each in the eyes.

After a few minutes, and they had caught their breath, Erika said. “That was so fucking awesome, I can’t believe that we all came together, and the feeling of my orgasm was if it came from my very soul. And since we’re letting go and being honest, I want to now confess to Cindy, during the summer and when we slept together, I’d get so horny, as well hot for you, I’d masturbate you to orgasms while you were sleeping..”

“I also have a confession,” Cindy said. “Erika, I was awake when you did that to me, I would pretend to be asleep, and I enjoyed the orgasms that you gave me more than you can believe. Also, mom, when I first went into your room this morning, you were still sound asleep, so I crawled in next to you. In your sleep, you rolled over on your side and started to massage my breast, and then you rubbed your pussy against me until you came. Also, it made me very horny as I thought about it.”

I guess it’s my turn,” Laura said, “I’m sorry, honey, but I only pretended to be sleeping. I knew it was you, and I just felt so guilty because I wanted to make love to you, but I knew it was wrong. But just thinking about it as I held you, got me so hot, I couldn’t help myself as I rubbed my pussy against you and came. There, I said it and I feel so much better.”

“Well girls, I guess it’s my turn.” Tina said. “I never told you what type of consultant work that I do, as well as Sandy. I’m training Sandy now, but I consult groups of women on how to accept their sexuality, just as I’ve been doing with you. Some is with hypnotic suggestions, and then there is visual stimulation, and of course, the art of seduction. Even though you may think that I, as well as Sandy, are lesbians, we’re not, we are BI-sexual, even though its been a while since I’ve had sex with a man, only because it’s easier for me to enjoy sex with a woman at this time. Men still have a lot to learn about truly satisfying a woman, as well as women have to learn how to loosen up and how to enjoy a fantastic orgasm.”

“For right now, I’m going to enjoy the sun and work on my tan.” Sandy said. “And as for the rest of you, I’d suggest the same. Tonight we’ll watch another movie with the girls we saw last night, and this one will get us all hot, however, we can go to bed horny because we invited them over, and we’re going to see them live tomorrow, and I assure you, these beauties are about as horny as you can get; Also they’ll expect us to give them a good TREAT in return.”

A couple hours later, “Ladies,” Tina said, “Before we get lazy and fat, we’re all going to the local school and run a few laps around the track. It’s now 4:00 and we’ll run, or do a fast jog for no less than an hour. I have stretch hot pants and ‘T’ shirts for all of you to wear, and I’ll guarantee you one thing, we’ll have every guy and gal around that track with either a rock hard cock, or a wet pussy when they see our hot pants go deep into our cunts, as well as our nipples sticking out through our sweaty “T” shirts.”

Laura asked about putting on panties and a bra and Tina only laughed at her ant told her to forget it, knowing full well that they were all going to get aroused from the stimulation of the fast walk with the hot pants riding into their cunts and rubbing against their pussy lips as well as their clits. Their nipples will get their share of stimulation as they’re brushed by the fabric of their “T” shirts.

As the were walking at a fast pace around the track, they were aware of the staring eyes of all the others, just as Tina had said, watching them very closely with looks that could only be taken as lust.

Cindy and her mom were walking side by side when Cindy said to her mom. “Gosh mom, Tina and Sandy are really something, aren’t they? I never saw, or thought of you in this way, you were always so, you know, prudish. I can’t recall when you ever talked to me about sex, or ever even would let me see you naked. Another thing, I don’t think that I ever heard you and dad having sex, or even touching one another, so how come?”

“Honey, I don’t want to bad mouth your dad, he has always been a very kind and considerate husband and father, but he just didn’t know how to display his love for us. As far as our sex life, to tell you the truth, as much as I desired it, I just thought that there was something wrong with me, that I was over sexed, because he rarely initiated having sex, and then it was never fulfilling when we did do it, so I just forced it out of my mind.

I now realize how much pleasure I can enjoy from having sex, and also, now I can truly tell you how much I love you, thanks to Tina and Sandy.”

“Mom!!!, Tina was right, these hot pants are riding right up into my pussy and rubbing my clit, I’m really getting wet and horny, in fact I don’t dare look down at my crotch because I know that it’s soaked through and those stares I’m getting are probably from those people think that I peed in my pants. When we get home, can we go to your room for a little nap?”

“As much as I feel the same way as you do, honey, it just isn’t right. I mean that that’s incest and as much as I want you, I know that it’s wrong.”

“Mom, it’s not as if I have a cock and that I’m, yea know, like fucking you, we’ll just be touching each other. You know that Mr. Clinton said that unless it’s intercourse, it isn’t having sex and he was supposed to be a smart man. Remember when the girl put the cigar in her pussy and then sucked him off, so that will be the same as we would be doing.”

“Well maybe he was right, I mean Mr. Clinton. I’m going to tell Tina that we’re going to take a short nap and then we can have a lite snack for dinner, maybe just a healthy salad.”

When they got home, they all seemed to be in the same state of arousal as Laura and Cindy. Tina told them to take off their shorts and “T” shirts and to just put them in a pile.

“Well ladies, it looks like our little walk did as much for us as those that were staring at us, I don’t see one pair of shorts with a dry crotch, you naughty girls.”

“Tina, do you mind if Cindy and I go lie down for a little while, and then when we get up, I’ll make us all a nice healthy salad.”

“Of course you can, Laura, I’m sure that a little nap will do you good, and just take your time, and we’ll just do our own thing.”

Little did Laura know that Sandy had managed to put wireless hidden cameras in all the bedrooms so that they could be viewed and taped.

“Well Erika, the three of us will just sit and watch a little T.V.. I know that there will be something very entertaining on.” Erika wasn’t quite sure what Tina was leading up to, but thought that it would just be another lesbo video.

Laura and Cindy got on top of Laura’s bed, and then they started talking to one another. “Well sweetheart, we finally got to have some private time together, I just wish that I had spent this kind of time with you when you were in your early teens. There were so many times I pictured us like this when, I uhh, masturbated. There, I said it, I don’t know how I could have ever told you how much I really love you if it wasn’t for Tina and Sandy.”

“I feel the same way, I can’t believe what’s happening to us, I’ve always loved you, but you seemed to want to keep your distance. You were the most beautiful mom, the smartest mom, but for so long, I thought that you just didn’t love me. Oh mom, I want to hold you tight and kiss you, I love you so much.”

Laura and Cindy now faced each other as they lay on their sides, and they both, with open mouths, hungrily and with much passion, kissed each other deeply.

“Well girls,” Tina said, This movie looks like it’s going to be quite exciting, I think that we’re really going to enjoy watching it as we relax. Sandy, why don’t you bring us some nice dildos so that we can feel the excitement as well as watching it.”

Sandy came back with a half-dozen assorted vibrating dildos, “well Erika, take your pick. Erika, have you ever had it in the ass, I mean a guy or a dildo?”

“Not really,” Erika answered. “But sometimes when I’m masturbating I like to put a finger in my butt-hole as I rubbed my clit, I loved the sensation, in fact one time when I was alone in the house and I was real horny, I got a carrot out of the fridge, warmed it up, and then I did it to my butt, just like I would to my pussy, it felt great.”

“I know that you’ve played with Cindy’s pussy and gotten her off, and I know that Sandy got you off last night, but have you ever been with another woman and had some real hot sex where you get into a hot sixty-nine and ate each other to a few dynamite orgasms?”

“No, not really, I’ve fantasized about it when I’ve masturbated, but I never did anything with anyone else besides Cindy, Cindy and her mom really get me hot. But I’m not a lez, I mean I still enjoy a good hard cock, if a guy knows what to do with it and is a good lover, but most guys are in too much of a hurry and I end up masturbating to get myself off.”

Laura and Cindy were exploring each others bodies, not aggressively, but just touchy feely type of thing. When Cindy was playing with Laura’s nipples by pulling and twisting them, Laura moaned out, “Oh hon, it feels so good when you do that, it makes me think of when you were a baby, sucking and pulling on my nipples for milk, and I would be rocking on my chair, I’d moan softly so dad wouldn’t hear and wouldn’t know that I was cumming as you drank my milk, I’d feel so guilty.. I never wanted to stop nursing you, it was so pleasurable. Would you suck on them now for me, my little baby?”

“Oh god, baby, that’s it,” Laura moaned. “It feels like you’re just like my baby again, only now I can tell you how much I love you. Sweetheart, I know that Tina didn’t want us to do anything sexual because her friends are coming over tomorrow, but could you put your leg between mine so that I can rub my pussy against your leg , and you can rub your pussy against mine. Oh hon, do you think that I’m awful, I mean will you lose respect for me because now you see how sexual I am?”

Cindy put one of her legs in between Laura’s, and then Cindy said, “mom, I’m so proud of you, and now you make me feel how strong our love is for one another and I just don’t want to let you go.”

As Cindy and Laura were rocking themselves, hugging and kissing as their wet cunts were rubbing against each others thighs, Tina and Sandy were teaching Erika how to get the most pleasure from the assorted dildos. There was one that Erika really liked, it had a dildo for her asshole, a larger one for her love hole that was designed to hit her G-spot, as well as a clit massager that stayed on the clit as it was being pushed manually in and out of the ass and cunt.. It also had a suction cup on the end.

“You can use this dildo in a couple of different ways,” Sandy was explaining to Erika. “You can lie down, raise your butt a little, and just push it in and out as you would do with any dildo, except with this one, you’re getting it in your asshole and your cunt, remember, your asshole has many sensitive nerve endings, and with the vibration stimulating all three erogenous areas at the same time, you’ll have an explosive orgasm. You can also use this by sticking it onto a flat surface with the suction cup, and just squat up and down on it, I love it that way. Now get on the floor, and we’ll try it out.”

Erika didn’t hesitate for a second, she was on the floor with her legs spread wide open. “Let me put a pillow under your butt, there, now I see that your very wet so I don’t need any lube, but I’ll just take some out of your pussy and rub it onto the butt dildo.”

Erika let out a moan when Sandy put a couple of fingers deep into her cunt and scooped out some of Erika’s precum and then spreads it on the lumpy dildo and then proceeded to insert it into Erika’s openings. Sandy turned on the vibrator and started pushing it in and out as Erika started moaning out her pleasure. Little did Erika know that she was just being teased.

Laura and Cindy were really into each others warmth when Laura said to Cindy that she thought if they continued any longer that would she would cum. Cindy moaned out that she was also on the verge of cumming, when suddenly the door opened and Tina came over to the bed.

“Laura, we’re getting hungry, so would you please get up and put something together so that we could have something to eat. A nice healthy salad will do, we do want to keep our girlish figures. I hope the two of you had a nice refreshing nap?”

“”Oh, we did,” Laura said with a detectable sound of frustration, as she quickly got out of bed as she untangled her leg that was entwined with Cindy’s. Tina could see the shiny wetness on her pussy, as well as the wetness on her thigh where Cindy was rubbing her pussy against it.

Cindy, with a fake yawn, then said, “I think that I’ll stay in bed for just a little while longer.” Tina, knowing that the only reason that Cindy wanted to stay in bed longer, was so she could masturbate a little longer so that she could cum. Tina told her to get her cute little butt out of bed, much to Cindy’s frustration.

At the same time, Erika was really getting into it with her new toy, and Sandy could tell that if she let Erika continue any longer, she would certainly cum. Erika was moaning, “Oh god, Sandy, this feels so fucking good. I’m not sure where I’m getting the most pleasure from, whether it’s from my ass, or my cunt, between those two and my clit, it’s driving me wild. Oh fuck yes, yes, I’m going to cum in a minute. Ohhh Fuuuucck.”

Sandy said, “Ops, we have to stop,” as she pulled the dildo out of Erika’s hands and the detached it from Erika’s body. “Cindy and her mom are up and we’re all going to the kitchen to have a little something to eat. You know that we have to keep our bodies nourished so that we stay healthy.”

“Oh god Sandy, couldn’t I just use it for another couple of minutes. I mean it felt so fucking good, oh damn, I hurt and I need to cum real bad..”

“Let’s go see what we’re going to eat, they’re all in the kitchen and are probably waiting for us. Maybe a little later we can all go out and relax in the Jacuzzi, that should make you feel better.”

When Sandy and Erika got to the kitchen, the others were ready to sit down. you could see the look of frustration on the faces of Cindy, Laura and Erika, and if you looked between their legs, you would see their juices running down their thighs.

“Well ladies, Sandy suggested that after we have digested our meal, that we can go and relax in the Jacuzzi for a while so that we can be relaxed and have no trouble falling asleep.” Tina gave Sandy a quick wink, knowing very well their friends were going to be frustrated all night long..

When they got into the Jacuzzi later on, Tina noticed that their frustrated friends were all trying to get into a position so that the jets would be directed at their open cunts, but Tina was not about to let this happen, knowing very well that the pressure of the jets could easily make them cum.

Tina had the controls for the jets, to turn them hi, low, and off, this way if she saw any of them look like they were ready to cum, she would lower the pressure, or just turn it off.

“I’m really looking forward for you to meet some of my friends tomorrow, they’ll be here in the morning, and I just know that you’ll like them. They just love sex and when they see you beautiful ladies, they are going to go wild. I’ll have them demo some of their toys, like the fuck machines with the large cocks that will slide in and out of their wet cunts. They’ll show you how to get the most pleasure from their tongues and fingers.”

Tina was almost taunting Laura, Cindy and Erika with her erotic descriptions of what her friends would be doing, knowing very well that it was just heightening the already aroused three ladies, as they were nervously shifting around, but knowing that they couldn’t touch themselves as long as Tina had instructed them not to. Tina was in control, she knew it, as well as the girls now became aware of it, they didn’t want to be uncooperative.

Tina noticed that Laura was shifting around quite a bit, obviously trying to get into a good position for the jets to stimulate her open cunt. “Laura,” Tina said. “You seem to be restless, why don’t you come over and sit beside me, Laura obediently obeyed, she knew that from now on, Tina was in charge, and she knew that she would do anything that Tina asked of her, regardless how perverted it may be.

* * * * *

If I get enough requests, I’ll continue with this story, otherwise I’ll go on to something else. One way or another, I always enjoy hearing your comments, so please write me.

I also want to thank all of you for the many kind letters that I’ve received.

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