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Slick Pick Up

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Phaedra and I have a unique friendship- mostly best friends and partially (whenever we possibly can) fuck buddies.

It all started when I called to tell her I was in town for a family emergency and that I would be around for most of the week. She explained to me that the only night she could slip away (and for only about an hour), was that night.

I was instantly hard thinking of our meeting. Rarely had I been in her company without at least an incredible make-out session as a life-long memory. And so considering it was a rare occurrence that we actually meet (since we hadn’t in awhile), I posed the following question:

“Can you do me a favor?” I asked sheepishly.

“Depends,” she said, a bit apprehensively.

“Did you try on the vinyl?” I asked.

“Not yet- the only piece I found was the black pants,” she responded.

“Do they fit?” I asked.

“Well- they’re too tight,” she lamented, almost sorry sounding.

“But they fit- I mean, you CAN put them on- right?” I pleaded.

“Yea, but they are t o o t i g h t,” she repeated- a bit insistent.

“Yea yea yea, but tight is good- and I want to see your delicious ass in them- PLEASE!!- (I’ll make it worth your while I promise),” I was SO pathetic.

“I’m sure you will,” she teased.

“So it’s a date then?” I asked.

“Sure- when and where?”

“7:00 when it’s dark- Shop N Save parking lot?”

“Okay- see you then.”

She hung up.

It was difficult keeping my mind on anything while I waited for the time to pass. The last times she wore vinyl (she has a whole wardrobe- shorts, a dress, a couple pairs of pants, and knee-high boots)- we fucked like monkeys in heat.

The end of the day arrived. After I showered and dressed, I made an excuse of having to meet with a couple of friends to my family, and took off to meet her.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the Shop N Save, I saw her standing against the wall. Big coat, darkness, then heels. She was finishing up a cigarette. As I drove closer, she saw me, took a last drag on a cigarette, threw it away, and started walking with a brisk pace. I stopped the car, and leaned over to open the door.

As she got in, the smell of perfume and just a whiff of exhaled cigarette smoke met my nose. She swung her legs in and all my senses heightened- the squeaking of her vinyl-clad ass against the smooth calfskin leather of the seats made my already hardened cock that much more hard and straining inside my pants.

I just took it all in for a second and told her:

“Thank you- you look, sound, feel, and probably taste delicious,” I said looking hard at her.

“Well that’s probably one of the nicest things I’ve heard in a long time- I almost forgot how much you appreciated how I look,” she said looking out the window as I drove away.

“That sounds sad,” I said partially tauntingly.

“It is,” she pouted.

“But I really need…” I stopped.

“What?” she had now turned to me.

“I really need..” I stammered.

“What??” she was both upset and inquisitive.

“I, I really need you to suck my cock,” I said- half shaking and giggling because it was a line she had used before.

“I would love to. I’ve been thinking about it ever since I slipped into these pants,” she said as she rubbed her crotch, purposely making it squeak against the leather seat.

“I’m just wondering if we have enough time to fuck,” I said almost to myself.

“I hope so- I want to fuck you too,” she hissed as she swiveled in her seat, pulling down my zipper, and pulling my cock into the cool night air.

She flicked her tongue over the head, collecting my pre-cum on the tip of her tongue and paused enough to mumble, “But we might not have time.”

“Mmm- just how I remembered it,” she said as she summarily slid her mouth over my cock, plunging down as much as she could. She sucked and slobbered all over me as she pumped one hand and cupped my balls with the other. The obscene slurping and sucking noises she made with each trip up and down my shaft got me closer and closer to the edge.

“I can’t hold off too much longer,” I was almost catatonic.

She pulled off me with a loud pop- still stroking.

“I want to suck you off so bad,” and with that she again sank all the way to my groin. The second she did, I was not ready for the sensation, and I came for what seemed minutes down her throat as I clutched her hair- not letting her go as I emptied into her sucking mouth.

Finally, she pulled away to get air.

“That was delicious- thank you,” she said gasping and licking her lips. I believed her.

I responded (if only too eager), “My pleasure- thank YOU- I needed that!”

I pulled her into a deep kiss. I could taste my cock and cum on her breath as her tongue met mine, but she pulled away, slicking the vinyl fabric with her hands- the shine made visible by the moon and street lights as they passed by the windows.

“So- what do you think?- too tight?”- she was a gothic sex goddess.

“Can never be too tight,” I said, obviously drooling.

“I knew you’d say that,” she kidded.

“You think you’re ready?” I teased.

“For what? prey tell,” she asked as she stroked me, and I rubbed her obviously bare pussy through her vinyl crotch.

“For me to slide my cock deep inside you- I need to fuck you- can you handle it?” I asked.

Her stare was glazed over.

“That would be very nice, but I bet you wish we can do it with the pants on- huh?”

All at once I had a thought.

“I got an idea,” I said, springing into action I leaned over.

“Can you move just a bit so I can get into the glovebox?” I said suddenly very busy.

“Sure- anything for you,” she shifted more in her seat. The grinding of vinyl against leather was almost too much.

“You keep doing that- I’ll come right now,” I said half-jokingly.

“Really? You mean like THIS??” she said twisting hard in her seat making a racket.

“Do you want a spanking too?” I chided.

“THAT would feel amazing in these,” she smiled back.

“No YOU feel amazing in these,” I said rubbing her smooth legs.

As I fiddled in the glove compartment, I was aware of a pause in the conversation.

“So now that we are both horned up what are you thinking about” I asked to pass the time until I find the object of my desire.

“Your cock,” she said simply.

“Really?” I inquire.

“Yep- I love sucking it, and I love how it feels inside me- you’re right- it’s been way too long,” she said, almost matter-of-factly.

“Thanks- I feel much the same about every opening that I’ve had in your body,” I responded in-kind.

Just then I found it- a compact folding knife.

She took in a sharp breath when she saw it.

“What are you going to with that?”

“Don’t worry, I have a plan,” I assured her.

“You have a plan- sure,” she sneered.

“Here, turn around,”

I helped her turn around in her seat. Feeling the cool slickness of the plastic, I worked my hands around and into her pants. The feeling of the material against the syrupy wetness of her pussy drove me wild. As I reached around inside, she started to whimper a bit. I pulled the material away from her writhing body, and while opening up the knife with a flick of the wrist, made a cut from just below the zipper in the front, all the way around to the mid-part of her ass.

She held her breath the entire time- and so did I.

After I was done, I folded and put away the knife.

“Now lets find a place,” I said, sliding my hand into the newly made opening and 3 fingers directly into her sopping pussy.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, eyes closed, head back.

I start to piston my fingers in and out. After a minute or two, she pulled my hand completely out and sucked my fingers. My cock responded with a twitch.

“We need to get there soon!” I muttered under my breath.

“Yessss we dooooo,” she moaned- she was in her own world.

We drove for what seemed forever until we reached a fairly wooded section of a local park we had been to before.

I pulled around the entrance until I saw the perfect spot (where we could see from all sides and yet still be relatively hidden). As I stopped the car, Phaedra was already climbing over the front seats to get in the back, her cut-open vinyl pants winked at me as she passed between the front seats- I grabbed her ass and gave her slit a quick lick- she jumped.

“Hey!” she shouted.

“It was just a quick taste,” I responded.

Since I wasn’t that limber, I opened my door, got out, and by the time I closed my door and opened the rear door, she was already on all fours on the back seat, her tight vinyl-clad knees made distinct sticky squeaking noises against the leather seats with every movement.

My cock was made instantly softened by a blast of the cool night air, but at seeing her prone, “come fuck me” pose, I regained my hardness and closed the door.

“Stick that cock in me already,” she said wiggling her ass temptingly.

Spitting a little into my hand then coating the tip of my re-growing cock with it, I grabbed one cheek of her slick ass, and with the other hand coated the head of my cock with the wetness dripping down her slit until she could not hold out anymore. She pushed back onto my cock, impaling herself on my engorged length.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” she gasped- along with me. My mind started to race in order for me not to instantly start spraying her insides. Here’s my own private cock-whore, dressed in tight slippery, shiny, and squeaky black vinyl, with me holding onto, and feeling her body, while my cock was buried deep in her slick, wet, oven-like pussy.

I wanted to cum. I needed to cum. But I wanted her to cum first.

So I thought about all the anti-sexual things I could think of at the time and it seemed to work, but only for awhile.

She started grinding away at my pumping, until she finally collapsed, lying flat on her stomach- with me still buried inside, the contact feelings of her warm body in the slick, shiny vinyl, with the leather underneath were way too much and I started to feel that feeling again- all too soon.

“I’m going to cum,” I panted.

“Not in my pussy you don’t- I want it in my ass- PLEASE!” she panted back.

“Okay,” I said and pulled out of her (which was good because it stopped me from cumming too soon).

We were both so slicked up with all the juices down there, that when I rubbed the head of my cock at the entrance of her ass, it just started to slide in- no effort needed. Before we knew it, I was balls-deep inside her.

“Ahhh that’s it,” she hissed as I pulled all the way out- just leaving the head in, then all the way back in- one nice and slow-steady thrust- the squishing noises made were obscene.

She muttered, “Yess- that feels SO NICE!”

I hissed back- “Too nice,” the feeling built up quicker than I intended. She sensed it.

“Cum in me!” she taunted.

I plunged one more time and let it go- spurt after intense spurt of cum was sprayed inside her ass as we both stiffened with orgasm. She seemed to spasm with me. I felt like I was going to pass out.

When I finally pulled out of her, all our fluids came out with a gush.

It literally took about 5 minutes of us just panting, catching our breath, and waiting for our heart rates to return to something normal before we could even move.

Clearly she had a BIG orgasm, the first in a number of years, and it showed by the huge smile on her face.

We cleaned up using a towel I had in the back. As we cleaned we kissed, and as we kissed, well, we ended up fucking again- this time, missionary style. At just the right moment, I pulled out of her and shot what was left in my balls all over her face. She scooped up the remains and licked her fingers with relish.

“That was yummy!” she exclaimed.

“I thought so too,” I agreed while I started to re-clean my sticky cock.

“Wait!” she rushed over to lick and suck me into her mouth. A couple bobs later I was clean and hard again.

“Look- you have GOT to stop getting me hard or we’ll never leave!” I said, partially kidding.

“That’s alright, the second I slip out of these pants and into my beat up sweatpants, I’ll look like shit and you’ll lose all interest,” she lamented.

“That’s just not true- I’ve seen you plenty of times when you claimed you looked like shit- and I still got hard- remember?” I challenged.

“True, you have always been hard around me haven’t you?” she partially giggled as she got dressed and we both got cleaned up and returned to the front of the car.

As we drove off she turned to me with a dreamy look and said, “Maybe I should wear the shorts and boots next time!”

And that would be just fine with me.

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