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It was Friday evening and I was home. Not something a red blooded nineteen year old girl like me wants to admit but I was. Well I was trying to save and nights out with the girls had stopped that dead in its tracks, so I was home; Mom was in her bedroom, my eighteen year old sister in hers (three months after having me)- I know you’re dying for details ‘breastfeeding made me horny’ she told me when I was trying to explain why we were so close- unlike all my friends who had respectable gaps between next in line siblings- and I was in the lounge. Dad had left a few years ago so it was a girls only zone.

I had gotten some XXX DVDs from the video shop to watch. I knew the girl (Laura)who works there ,a little anyway, and I had seen she was watching me as I made my picks. She struck up a little conversation as I stood at the counter to pay for my selections. We chatted and I became aware of her eyes; I’d never been aware of eyes in that way before (not on girls anyway) but I felt ,well, not spooked but maybe dominated like I wanted to please her. It wasn’t creepy or anything just a sense that, you know, as I said I wanted to please her and I was pleasantly surprised when she reached under the counter and handed me a DVD in a plain cover.

“Watch this after one of these,” she looked at them,”oh they’re both hot as, good picks.”

On my own I put the first one on, a standard lesbian porn movie, two young females, one sunning herself by the pool, the other girl was the gardener- in hot pants and a tiny singlet and it went on from there. Well it had me wet and part way through I was digging my fingers as deep into my pussy as I could.When it finished, with four girls in a daisy chain, I put in the one Laura from the Video shop had given to me from her own collection.

To my surprise it was a privately made one and the first person on it was Laura’s Mom Sandra. She wore a string bikini and her hands were tied behind her back. I watched spellbound as she talked about her life as a BDSM slave. As she talked Laura appeared on screen stark naked. She wore full goth make up with a leather stud choker, her hair had been undercut and she had oiled the top strip down so it looked as though she was bald with the sides just oiled skin.

She walked behind her mother and started to fondle her butt as Sandra carried on talking. After a while Laura pulled her mother’s bikini bottoms down as Sandra carried on talking as if nothing had happened. Laura produced a pair of scissors and cut the top off. Now naked Sandra continued to talk about her time as a BDSM slave. She talked so calmly about the things she enjoyed having done to her and as she spoke Laura poured oil on her and rubbed it all over, a close up as she did her pussy pushing her fingers deep inside and another as she spread it over her breasts and pulled hard on her nipples. She even poured it on her head and rubbed it into her hair and all over her face.

When she had finished rubbing in the oil she held Sandra’s chin up with the index finger and thumb of her left hand and slapped her hard with her right then changed hands and slapped her with the left. They were sharp slaps and Sandra’s head shook with the force of them. She stopped talking to the camera to thank her daughter for slapping her, then turned back to the camera and kept on talking.

I had started with my panties and shorts pulled to the side so I could get my hand in there and my tee shirt pulled up over my tits, which were jutting out and which I was teasing like crazy with my other hand. Partway through and my shorts and panties were half way down my thighs; when Laura slapped her they came off altogether followed by the tee shirt.I thought of what if Mom or Tracey come out and find me like this but I ,oh I was going to say I didn’t care and you’re going to think My God what a slut but the thought made me anxious but turned on at the thought of discovery when they saw me-that’s getting too Psych 101 isn’t it? Hey, I decided I’d really like one of them to see me and with that thought in mind I carried on masturbating as I watched this incredible film.

I was standing naked in front of the widescreen TV legs apart one hand digging deep into my pussy with the other working my nipples, when the door opened. It was Mom; she was wearing her robe and her slippers. I saw her out of the corner of my eye and turned to acknowledge her.I’d just been caught by my mother masturbating stark naked to a porno film in the lounge (yes,OK, as I had really hoped. OK? happy?) and knowing she was watching me made me even hotter. I smiled and turning towards her just flicked my nipple as if to say “You like?”

She smiled back and came over. The screen had been obscured to her from where she was and out of curiosity, like “oh my daughter is stark naked frigging herself like mad- I wonder what’s on,” sort of thing she came round to see what I was watching.

She gasped, ” Oh my God! That’s Sandra, I play Bridge with her. Oh God!”

But she wasn’t offended, far from it, she was turned on and as she stood watching I saw her hand go to her sash; she had been masturbating with her vibe in the bedroom- I’d heard the hum as I had walked past her room before I’d put the first DVD on. She was torn between watching Sandra and me. I was next to her naked and she had seen me from behind from side on and just now she had a real good look at me front on. I had watched her face and it was clear she liked what she saw.

Now she stood beside me and pulled on the sash to release it and as she did that her robe fell open. She stretched her arms up and pushed her chest out so the robe fell open to each side of her breasts and as she brought her hands down from her stretch she moved her fingers inside the robe at her shoulders and slipped it off leaving her as naked as I was, well apart from the slippers,I guess.

By this stage on the DVD Laura had fitted Sandra with a ball gag which Sandra had opened her mouth obediently to accept and had untied Sandra’s hands. They moved over to the table and Sandra lay on it on her back with her legs wide apart. The camera went in for a really close look and as it did Sandra pulled her pussy lips as wide apart as she could. The close up lasted some seconds and both of us were spell bound by the wet pussy and the movement at the mouth of her vagina- it was moving slightly opening and closing.

Mom had moved to stand beside the arm chair and had put her left foot up on it- her right hand and wrist were now completely inside her pussy.

“Oh fuck!”I thought, “shes got her whole effing fist up there.”

She turned towards me slightly so I could see what she was doing.

She still had a great body, she worked out and it really showed, great tits- she had never had them done and they looked great just drooping a bit and now the nipples always prominent stuck right out and her pussy was shaved so clean.

“Fuck this is making me so horny Deb, ooh fuck,” and her voice trailed off as she twisted her hand inside her pussy and pulled hard on her nipples with the other one. Sandra was being pussy spanked with a plastic ruler when I came the first time.Laura just held it in place and pulled the end right back then let it go so it smacked real hard straight on her pussy. Sandra shrieked with the pain and closed her legs a bit to start then she was able to keep them wide open and the shrieks became moans.

I could feel my cum was oozing out now and turned to face her. I brought my knee up to touch my chest then pulled my leg round and straightened my knee hooking my arm round the raised leg to hold it in place while I balanced on one foot to let her study all of my pussy.

She was staring at my gaping pussy and my whole body was just tingling as I felt my cum flowing out, sliding down to my thigh and tickling as it slid down there. It wasn’t easy to keep my stance and Mom reached over for me to take her hand and steady myself.Finally I could feel I had finished and brought my leg down but still holding Mom’s hand.

I stood there feeling soo relaxed after it and I switched between the DVD and watching her fist her pussy. Mom’s pelvis arched forward as I watched her and I heard that inhaled “ah ah aaah ah ah ohhh,” and the exhaled”, oh God , oh oh fuck,” as she had her orgasm too. She had pulled her fist out and I watched her shaved pussy as it too opened and closed as the cum came flowing down.

She took her foot off the chair and we cuddled. I’m a bit taller than Mom and she held me with her face under mine. She opened her mouth wide and waited for me. I had never kissed my Mom before, well not like that, and my girl experiences were very limited, just a few times when I was younger, and I knew I should do something erotic but what.

My mouth was full of saliva and I was sucking on it about to swallow it down so I wasn’t too wet when I kissed her when she gave me such a sexy look , nodded and moved her mouth right up close to mine. She wanted me to spit? In her mouth? I worked up some spit and let the string dangle from my lips and descend gently towards her open mouth. She would close her mouth or move away or something I thought; there’s no way my Mother is going to let my spit fall into her mouth.

But she didn’t move and the end of the string reached her tongue followed by the rest of it. She let it rest there, a white pool on her tongue, then closed her mouth, swirled it round and swallowed. She opened her mouth again and it was gone. I had seen it done on porn videos of course but its different in real life and when its your own mother. I was just so turned on and the next time I hoicked up a big gob and gave her a look, she nodded gave me a wee grin and waited with her mouth wide open again. I spat straight into it and she swirled it round and opened her mouth to show me it on her tongue. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed.She opened wide again and licked her lips for me.

We kissed after that, a wet sloppy kiss with our tongues going over each others’ mouths and faces and back in the others’ mouth again. It was just fantastic to be held by Mom and to be fondling and enjoying her beautiful body. When we finished and returned to watch the DVD a lot of action had passed and we both wanted to see it so I reversed it to the point we had gotten, um, preoccupied with each other and we stood with an arm round each other and holding hands, while we watched Mom’s Bridge Partner have her pussy spanked, weights suspended from clamps on her pussy lips and her tits and finally have a plastic bag put over her head. She just lay there, her hands weren’t secured so she could have pulled it off but she had them clasped behind her neck and as her mouth opened wide and she was gasping for air she didn’t move them. I watched in horror as her face changed color and she passed out. She lay limp, with her head rested on one side and her eyeballs rolled up.

Laura very calmly released the tie round her neck and put what I assumed to be smelling salts under her nostrils. Not long after Sandra came round. She had clearly been out and was giddy for about thirty seconds until she seemed to be fully recovered. She got up and was sitting on the table. Laura had moved to her and Sandra hugged her like mad, it was pretty obviously a hugely emotional experience for her.

At this point Laura removed the ball gag and just as I thought I’d seen pretty much everything Sandra slipped off the table to kneel directly in front of Laura and open her mouth. There was a close up of Laura’s pussy and as it opened right up I thought “she’s not, no way, Oh God!” as her flow started. It splashed on Sandra’s face to start with then the solid yellow stream went straight in her mouth. I could hear the sound of her peeing and it tinkling as it hit the pool of piss in Sandra’s mouth.

Sandra took enough to fill her mouth right up, another close up, and Laura stopped as Sandra closed her mouth and swallowed it all down. The camera stayed in close up as she opened her mouth wide to show it was all gone. Laura started peeing again and the same as before , mouth full of piss, close and swallow, open, all gone. Two more and Laura was drained.

I stood stunned; Mom and I turned to each other at the same time and I saw the look on her face, her mouth open and her tongue licking under her top lips and the sheer sexual tension on her face. I knew I looked the same because I felt like she looked. I’d seen pee clips before, I loved them, but to see some one I knew do it, oh wow that was something else and I came again as Laura was peeing into her mouth.

By now it was the end and Sandra got up to stand beside Laura and they both took a bow at the end of the performance. A voice, female, off camera said “that’s a wrap” Then Laura spoke again,

“No, just one more thing. If you’re watching this its because I gave it to you to watch. Text me on… and let me know what you thought and if you’d like to join us in our life style. Bye darlings.”

And with that both she and Sandra waved at the camera and the shot went to the cell phone number.

“What did you?” I asked and the unfinished question hung in the air.


I nodded.

“I just so want some of that. Hey why don’t we txt her and make a time to hook up if she wants, meantime, well we could play some together, maybe?”

I licked my lips and looked her up and down from head to toe. Her nipples were still jutting out and her pussy was swollen (engorged they call it)Oh and she had that look on her face too. Yeah, I was keen. I just wanted to get my hands on her, to slide them all over her body. I smiled and nodded. We stood in silence.

“Oil,” I said out of the blue.

“Uh huh, lots of it. Hey I’ve got a bottle in my bedroom, and some toys, want to go get it?”

Well I did want to so I went to her bedroom and came back with the oil and some more interesting items from her drawer. I put them on the kitchen bench just at handy reach distance from where we were in the lounge and helped her spread out the plastic sheets she had gotten from the kitchen drawer. She had bought them a few years back for when my cousins would come over and make all sorts of mess on the floor. “Our turn now,” and I grinned at the thought.

The sheets spread she picked up my mob and sent a txt to Laura-the number on the screen.She showed me before she sent it. It read ” Hi Laura, Debbie here, just watched your dvd with Mom. Now standing naked together have cum 3x and Mom 4. Love 2 meet u.”

I shook my head at her awful attempt to sound like a young person had typed it but it was OK so I grinned -again- and she sent it.

She went over to the kitchen, put the mobile on the bench and the oil in the microwave to warm it up. When the microwave beeped she took the oil out and brought it over to me,

“I want your hands all over my body babe, don’t miss anywhere will you,” I got a shoulder wiggle and a wink with that and I grinned back at her. I squirted the oil on her front, back, butt and legs. She stood with her arms wide as I rubbed it all over her. When I had finished she gleamed and as I stared she did a sexy little belly dance for me while giving me those come hither looks and drawing her fingers up under her tits ending with her fingers pinching her nipples and pulling them at me while she did her X rated dance.

I was dripping wet as I stood there watching my mother do this amazing erotic display. She picked up the bottle and now I stood still with my arms out wide as she squirted the oil all over me and rubbed it in. She kneaded my tits and pulled hard on my nipples, then pulled me tight up against her as she did the same to my butt, her fingers toying with my butt hole and sliding down my crack and pushing into my pussy from behind.

My hair was in a ponytail and she gathered it up and tied it in a little bun on the top of my head to get it out of the way. The oil on the plastic sheets was making it hard to stand and we both slid to the floor to go into another hug.

“Know what turned me on the most?” Mom asked me.

“The pissing?” I answered because it had done it for me.

“Yeah, that was just amazing- want to try it?”

“What here? Now?”

She shook her head,”no dear next Tuesday.”

Sarcasm at a time like this- but she was right,I was just being a chicken shit- as usual.

“Who goes first?”

“I want you to do it for me, is that OK?”

Well it was but I wondered how much we would have to piss with so I suggested maybe if we had lots to drink when we peed it’d last longer.

She grinned and nodded so we crawled over to the edge of the plastic sheet and Mom reached for a tea towel lying untidily on a chair- where I had left it, yes mucky pup- and wiped the soles of her feet. She went into the kitchen and poured two large glasses of orange juice , handed me both then got down on the floor next to me and, taking hers, sculled it in one go. I drank mine down and she got up to get refills. It wasn’t long and I was beginning to feel like I was bursting.

We were going to wait just a bit longer when Tracey came in.She looked at us and grinned.

“Mother daughter bonding session?” she asked in that innocent ” I know what you two are up to” voice.

Mom, untroubled, pointed to the DVD remote.

Stand there” she pointed to in front of the TV, “and watch the DVD in the machine.”

Tracey gave us another look and did as she was told. We weren’t a big wander round and ” gosh I’m not wearing anything but you’re family so it doesn’t matter does it, oh by the way think I should carry on trimming or should I shave?” sort of family. Like we weren’t prudes but we didn’t flaunt it if you know what I mean. Now we were flaunting it and I had so gotten off on having Mom see me nude and I was tingling again from knowing Tracey could see all of me too.

She now stood in front of the TV.

“Oh Mom that’s your friend isn’t it? Its Sandra, she’s got the red MX5, its her- isn’t it?”

“Yes love, we play bridge…”

“Oh that girl, its, its, she’s at the video shop, what’s her name?”

“Laura,” I supplied.

“Yeah Laura, hey hasn’t she got great tits,” she asked , well stated really.

“What’s wrong with mine and your sisters then?” Mom asked with a broad grin on her face.

“Oh sorry, nothing.”

Mom and I looked at each other, she was hooked- just like we had been. Well we had to pass the time so we lay there getting more and more uncomfortable watching her. She had come in wearing her nightie this was now hoisted up to her waist and her night panties were pulled to the side so she could finger herself, not long after she had stepped out of the panties and her nightie was held just above her titties and soon after that it was off altogether and she stood with legs wide apart one hand working her pussy the other pulling on her nipples.

I couldn’t last any longer so I told her to fast forward to the pissing scene at the end.

“The what!” she exclaimed, as if she didn’t understand what I was saying- yeah right sis, as if.

“Holy fuck!” I heard and I got up to watch it again. She had rushed past the asphyxiation bit- that might have scared her, probably not though cause she was obviously just as big a slut as me and it got me hot- and was watching the part where Sandra is waiting for the pee flow to start.

I watched her as Laura started peeing into Sandra’s open mouth.

Tracey’s mouth fell open and her eyes were on stalks then when Sandra swallowed her vigorous fingering of her pussy moved up to frantic and I saw her body tense as she had an orgasm then went back to fingering- her hand making slushy noises now.

“Come over here doll,” I told her and she came over.

“Mom and I have been having fun, we’re going to pee, like in the film hopefully. Wanna watch?”

Her jaw dropped.

“You mean you and Mom? Peeing? Now? Really?”

Mom looked at her,

“Come here sweetheart and we’ll oil you up..”

Tracey did as she was told and we both rubbed the oil Mom squirted on her all over her slim athletic body.

We stood all together and Tracey and I kissed as Mom pressed her body against Tracey’s back then Mom kissed her and I pressed up against her.

“Kneel here with me Hon,” Mom told her as she herself knelt on the plastic sheet in front of my pussy,”I have always wanted to do this; Deb is going to pee in my mouth and you can watch and if you want her to…you know just open wide.”

I could see by the way Tracey looked at Mom and at my pussy that she was very interested. She knelt with her mouth slightly open and stared at my pussy. I pulled the lips wide and arched my back to try to aim into Mom’s mouth. The pee started in spurts and the first went all over her face, the second on her hair but she just grinned and waited. Now my stream flowed and it went straight in her mouth. She made expressions with her eyes to show me she was loving it.

She got to full and I had to try and stop or the pee would just be wasted but as I was wondering what to do Tracey opened her mouth. I gave her a questioning look and she nodded decisively. I turned slightly wetting Mom’s shoulder and Tracey’s face before getting the aim right and peeing into her open mouth.

I filled her too and as she closed her mouth I raised my fingers in a stop sign then turned to Mom and emptied out in her mouth. Mom had swirled the first lot round before swallowing it down and she did the same with this lot. Tracey had held the pee in her mouth and when I had finished peeing she stood up with her face forward and I stood and arched back with my mouth under hers. She held me with my side pressed to her tits and let the stream of my piss fall into my open mouth.

I closed my mouth when she had finished and swirled it round inside my mouth. Hmm, slightly salty-I’d read it would be- but I could taste the orange juice too, not too bad really and I swallowed it down. mom was still down there and I felt her tongue in my pussy as she licked me clean.

She stood with feet wide apart and waited while Tracey and I positioned ourselves in front of her with our faces cheek to cheek and our mouths wide open. She pissed on me first, all over my hair and face, it felt great, this warm soft stream on me and then it went to my mouth and I held my mouth open and tried to fight the instinct to swallow. Too late and I had to swallow or I would have coughed. I still had the taste, wonderful, well she was a water and fruit juice gal whereas I drank coffee by the gallon and coke by the barrel so ,yeah have to admit, nicer than mine.Once again Tracey got to share- this time with Mom and as I had she arched her back and was held up by Tracey as she let the piss dribble into Mom’s mouth.

She swallowed and smiled. We both looked at Tracey.

She grinned,embarrassed, “oh I went before I came out to see what all the noise was for, I don’t need to go yet.”

I looked at Mom and then at the fridge . She beamed and nodded and headed over again. Tracey took the glass and grinned at us.

“Wonder why I got this at this time of night, wouldn’t want to wet my bed,” and she did the roll the eyes thing before giving me a stare and her face broke into a grin.

My phone beeped ,again-well I’d been ignoring it, and I picked it up.

Laura had replied,”Glad you liked it Hon, bet you’re busy txt when you can speak love Laura XXXOOO”

We had decided we would watch the DVD again from the start so Tracey swiveled the stand round so we could see it from where we were because we all loved being coated in oil and we sprawled on our tummies with our chins propped up on our palms and watched.

I txted her and a few seconds later she rang.

She told me to put the phone on speaker and the other two said hi to her.

I told her we had done the pissing and loved it and we were watching it together again.

‘You understand Sandra is a pain slut, you know what that is Tracey?”

“Someone who gets off by being hurt?”

“You got it. Deb hon, I have you picked as a pain slut and Kisten I have to tell you that when Mom saw the address and surname she said you would be one too but Tracey, how about you Hon? We do all sorts of things but we never do anything if the person doesn’t want it.OK?”

Tracey was silent then she spoke,

“I kind of have these fantasies where I get spanked and that sort of thing but I’ve never tried, I don’t know but um, it sounds kind of enjoyable so I guess so.”

I heard Laura laugh then her voice,” I think you’ll have fun, you all will, come over to our place tomorrow, get here at four. Don’t worry about what to wear- you won’t have it on long.”

We all agreed and said our good byes, we had gone from chatty to respectful and when we watched the DVD it was as if we were studying what ws being done rather than just getting off to it, for a while until I saw the others had swung round to watch on their backs, propped up on one elbow while, in Tracey’s case, fingering and in Mom’s fisting. I joined them and got all four fingers in but couldn’t push past the knuckles.

The DVD finished and Tracey quietly mentioned that she was bursting. Mom and I both snorted and helped Tracey to her feet then knelt in front of her and after getting peed on got some in our mouths, I swallowed some down- it was really nice and I held some back so she could do the arch your back and have your own pee dribbled into your mouth too thing and after we had all swallowed we agreed her’s tasted best of all.

It was really late now and we left the mess to go and have a group hot shower. After we had dried Mom asked us if we would please sleep in her bed so she wouldn’t be lonely ( yeah right Mom) and we lay on her bed with arms and legs over each other.

“I loved that,” Tracey said into Mom’s shoulder.

“Did you Hon, I did too,Oh Deb I have so wanted to see you naked, God you’re hot-oh you are too Trace.”

I lay there glowing, she had wanted to see me- I reached for a hand and stuck it in my pussy. It was Mom’s and as she fingered me very gently I opened my legs wider to enjoy her teasing me down there.

Finally the hand stopped and just rested with the fingers in my slit- it felt so nice.

We were all ready for sleep now.

‘”Night Mom, night Deb, love you,” Tracey murmured.

“love you hon, sleep tight,” I heard my Mother say and as I was going to say something I just drifted off.

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