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What is There to Do?

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I had a date on Friday with a boy I had seen a time or two before. I liked him well enough for seeing a movie and dinner, but there were no sparks between us. I hadn’t slept with him, so this date was kind of the point where we either were or we weren’t, and I just wasn’t sure whether we would. And then he called and asked if it were okay if we doubled with a friend of his and another girl.

I wasn’t sure that sounded like a good idea, but also he suggested that the four of us might drive up to the ski resort on Friday to ski Saturday and Sunday. I love skiing, so I agreed.

I was watching from the window as they pulled up in front of my dorm to pick me up in a gray Jeep that looked horribly familiar. Austin hopped out of the passenger seat and ran up to call for me. The driver stepped out and I just cringed. It was Tom, the last guy I had dated, the one I liked so, but who just been interested enough in me. Oh, great. And then a girl got out of the rear passenger seat. She was blonde and pretty, and I had seen her naked. Her name was Lindsay, and she and I had met at a very intimate party about two months earlier.

So, of the three of them, the only one I hadn’t done it with was my date.

That should make for an interesting weekend, I thought as I rolled my eyes and answered Austin’s knock. My skis and bags were already waiting in the lobby, so I grabbed my coat and headed down to face a very awkward situation. I could just imagine the introductions. “Oh, sure, Austin, I do know Tom. In fact, I’ve had his cock up my butt. Oh, and Lindsay? Yes, she’s lovely. I’ve had my tongue in her pussy too.” I could just see myself batting my eyelashes ingenuously at that.

It was actually much easier, with both of them acknowledging that we knew one another without either letting on just how well. Well, Tom smiled more than he might have. Lindsay was just precious. She gave my hand a squeeze to let me know she was happy to see me again.

The snowstorm we ran into an hour out of town was beautiful at first. Then the road started to cover over, and Tom had to drive more slowly, even after putting the Jeep into four-wheel drive. Still two hours from the resort, it became obvious that we should get off the road. When we saw a sign for a motel up ahead, Lindsay suggested we do just that. The boys argued for going on, but even they had to admit stopping somewhere was a good idea when we were forced to slow to no more than 20 miles per hour. A lot of other travelers had the same idea, and the parking lot of the motel was jammed. We were lucky to get one of the few rooms they had. Even so, it was only 4:00 in the afternoon.

We took in our luggage and looked at the two beds and the close quarters and wondered what we were going to do until morning. The snow had filled up the satellite dish, and so TV reception was horrid. Tom had brought a twelve pack of beer, and that was gone within the first hour in the room. The motel pool was drained for the winter. We had no playing cards, only two books (mine), and, within two hours, we were about to drive each other crazy. Tom looked like he wished Austin and I would take a long walk so he could fuck Lindsay, but he was way too polite to say so. Lindsay was quiet and looked generally uncomfortable.

I decided to take a shower and wash off some of the day and the road. When I came out, I slipped into a tee and jeans in the bathroom alcove out of sight of the boys. Lindsay joined me there and stripped off her clothes, slipping past me and into the shower too. Her bare breasts grazed over my thinly covered ones as she did. I quivered with delight as we touched. I kind of felt funny about it though. I dried my hair while looking at the blurred outline of her naked body through the frosted glass of the shower door. Finally, I moved to sit on the empty refrigerator so that I could still sort of see her and look out the window overlooking the parking lot as well. It was still coming down.

Watching the snow fall got old fast. Tom was reading one of my books and Austin was watching the snow on the TV screen, trying to find a channel that would come in. I combed my hair out and stared at the four walls and the two boys and finally Lindsay as she stepped out of the shower wrapped in a towel and began to blow dry her hair while standing before the mirror in the bathroom alcove. From where I sat, I could see her nude all along one flank where the towel parted and fell away as she leaned over. I didn’t think the boys could see her though. I bit my lip as I looked at her, my tummy fluttering as I realized that seeing her like that was turning me on. Another girl was turning me on. Again.

“Oh, hell,” I said finally, “let’s just all just fuck.”

The boys stared at me. Lindsay laughed. It was a light laugh, but one that showed she was glad the tension had broken. She turned off the hair dryer and stepped out of the bath alcove and into the room with the rest of us.

“What,” asked my date, Austin, “all of us?” He looked at Lindsay and Tom.

I nodded. “Yes, all of us. You and me, him her, me and her, whatever.” I pulled my t-shirt over my head and free of my hair and cast it away.

“You’re not serious,” Austin said, still not believing it. Tom was looking from me to Lindsay and back, smiling.

I wasn’t wearing a bra, so the boys and Lindsay got a good look at my breasts as I got up from my chair and began to slip out of my pants. I am tallish and slender, with small, but nicely formed breasts. I think they only really look good when my nipples are hard though, and they were hard right then. I held out my hand for Lindsay, and she came to me slowly. Once she did, I looked directly into her eyes to see if she was going to go along. She gave me a look that said she kind of liked the idea and wasn’t quite so sure too. Well, I wasn’t so sure it was a great idea either, but what was there to do? Besides, it was all her fault, turning me on like she did and all.

A strange question occurred to me. Was it seeing a naked girl that had turned me on so, or was it Lindsay herself who did?

Reaching out, I untucked her towel and let it drop. Lindsay shivered, turned to look at the two boys briefly, and came into my arms. She was warm and soft and fresh from the shower and felt wonderful as I touched my bare skin to her.

The two of us let the wonder of two naked girls standing in each other’s arms wash over the two boys. I brought my lips to Lindsay’s neck and kissed and licked her there. She cooed and purred, wriggling to me before turning her face to mine and kissing me.


Tom was up and out of his pants in an instant. His sweater flew across the room, and he was up and tearing the covers from one of the beds in just his jockeys.

I sashayed over to Austin and tugged him to his feet. The boy was in shock, it seemed. To have his shy, demure, never-more-than-a-little-hand-holding-and-a-quick-peck-goodnight date standing before him in just her panties was a bit much for him, so say nothing of the curvy blonde holding my hand. I helped to pull his sweater off, and Lindsay opened his pants and tugged them down. Giggling, we pushed Austin onto his butt on the bed and worked his shoes off and took his pants all the way down. As we held his legs, I looked right into Lindsay’s sexy brown eyes and let her know I wanted her again. Her eyes said it all. She knew. We let go of Austin’s legs and moved a step closer. Curling her fingers around the hip band, she tugged down my panties and helped me step out of them.

Leaning in to barely whisper to me, she said heatedly, “I want you.” Her head pulled back again, and a huge grin split her pretty face. I looked at her, and she nodded, then she kissed me, deeply and longingly. We held the kiss for a moment, out bodies touching. And then all too soon, she rose and moved to Tom on the other bed. I saw her flow down to her knees and dip her head between his open legs. I turned away before I actually saw her take him into her mouth. I mean, this whole group sex thing had been my idea and all, but seeing her give him head was more than I could stand right away. Maybe ever.

Meanwhile, in our bed, nothing was happening yet. Austin lay across it, stretched out on his back, and so I moved over him, my hands stroking his bare chest and up and down his body. His skin was warm under my touch, and I bent my head to lick and taste him. He shivered a little as I curled my tongue around his nipple. Behind me, I head Lindsay and Tom doing it. No longer was she sucking him. They were fucking. She was crying out as he did her, as he fucked her and made her cum. He was inside her, but I didn’t want to turn and see him inside of her. I needed a bit more time before I could stand seeing my ex-boyfriend making love to a girl who had made love to me. I wrapped my fingers around Austin’s cock and stroked him, feeling him had and smooth under my touch. I could hear Lindsay cumming again. I lifted my leg and slipped over Austin’s body, holding his cock up to my sex and touching the head of it to my wet lips. I rubbed against him, slipping the length of him along my pussy to my clit. Austin groaned at the touch of me on him. I rolled my hips, grasped his cock and held it up straight to take him inside. The head of his thing pushed inside of me. I drew back, wetting the head with my cream, then I pushed down again, taking him further into me this time. I rose again, leaving his cock shiny with my excitement.

I kept on fucking to him, taking him a bit deeper into my pussy each time I slid down onto him until finally I rested my clit on the base of his cock and rolled my hips, trying to get that exquisite feeling I can sometimes get that way. I was rewarded with the least little tingle, then I rose up, feeling the tug of his prick dragging out of me, stretching me, and then I fell down on him again, his penis shoved deep up and filling me. I leaned over him and dragged my stiff nipples over Austin’s chest. We began to move together, with me now lying across his body. I was in no hurry, and, being on top like that, I could slow the boy down when I felt him getting too excited. We moved leisurely together, just fucking. It was nice.

My ass came up as I drew off his cock, and I felt a swish across it. I turned to see what it had been, and there was Lindsay grinning at me, her brown eyes dancing with fire. Leaning down again, she swiped her tongue across my skin. I blew her a kiss and turned back to Austin, gripping his shoulders and crushing my breasts to his chest, giving Lindsay as much access to my bottom as she chose to take. Mmmmmmmm. The bed moved as it took her weight. Her little tongue crept between my cheeks again, and she wickedly lapped at my dark star. She had done this once before, and I had really liked it, even though it had seemed so strange for someone to do to me. Kind of dirty, you know?

I began thrusting my hips, rotating my pussy around Austin’s cock high up inside me and trying to find just that right pressure on my clit as Lindsay pointed her tongue into me and pressed. I groaned and moaned and gripped Austin tighter. Lindsay wetly sponged my ass with her tongue, exciting me. Then, abruptly, her tongue was gone, and I felt her breast graze my back as she brought her mouth to my ear.

“Kelly, darling, do you think you can stand this?” she whispered. Then I felt Tom behind me. His thighs brushed mine as he stroked his cock along the cleft of my bottom. I was scared, but excited too. Were they planning what I thought they were? Lindsay kissed my lips and moved back again. I felt her hair softly on my ass as she rested her head upon it and took Tom’s cock into her mouth. She was wetting him too. Wetting the both of us so she could join us together. I felt her head roll, and her tongue once again swept across my skin, found my star and wriggled against it. Her lips pursed as her tongue pushed a dollop of saliva into my butt. Then the head of Tom’s cock touched me there, along with her tongue, and I held still on top of Austin as he began to push into me.

I looked into Austin’s eyes as I felt Tom begin to enter me. He must have seen so many things in mine if he cared to see them. The little sharp pain at first as Tom stretched my ass and he entered me, Lindsay’s hand guiding his cock into my ass. Then the incredible stuffed sensation as I took him deeper inside of me. Lust. Desire. Depravity. I hooked my arms under his and wrapped my fingers over his shoulders from behind to give myself more support, then I pushed down onto Tom’s cock. And onto Austin’s cock. Oh, gawd. I had never felt anything remotely like that before. I grunted and growled and howled and made all kinds of un-girly noises, I am sure. I pulled forward, feeling the two cocks leaving my body. I pushed down again, and the two of them rose up into me once more. Tom’s hands caught my hips, and he began to guide me, setting the rhythm now, taking me.

“Oh, god, Kelly, you have Tom’s cock up your butt,” Lindsay whispered in my ear. “And Austin is in your cunt. Can you stand it?” I nodded, as it was starting to feel really really good. Amazingly good. Fantastic. God! She kissed me, shooting her tongue into my mouth and fucking my face with her passion. She pulled her tongue back, grinning wildly again, and said, “I’ve never kissed a girl who was having her ass fucked before.”

I giggled, and then grunted. “I’ve never kissed a girl while having two cocks inside of me.”

She kissed me again. “Oh, Kelly,” she cooed around our joined lips, “you are so fucking beautiful right now. A cock in your pussy and one up your butt. How do you feel?”

“Full?” We both laughed, and I felt Tom increasing his thrusts into me and I moved to slam down onto Austin with the same fervor. Then Austin cried out and grabbed my boobs as he came, lifting his hips off the bed and filling my pussy with his hardness. I ground down, onto him and onto Tom and finally felt that sweet spot as my clit rubbed just so to the base of Austin’s cock. I lost it. I found it. I reared back, tossing my hair as I did so that it fell over Tom in a calico cascade, and came. I lay my head on his shoulder and pushed my ass down hard onto his cock. He reached around and covered my little breasts with his big hands, flattening them to my chest and holding me tight as I rode out the magnificent orgasm that tortured my body with such delight.

Lindsay caressed and kissed me again as I gasped. The feeling in my body was terrifying in its intensity. I couldn’t breathe. She peeled away one of Tom’s hands from my breast and covered my stiff tip with her lips, sucking my nipple as my breathing returned. Austin’s dick wilted inside of me, but Tom was still hard and wanting more. I rose up and lifted one leg so Austin could slip from under me. I knelt on the bed, leaning down onto my elbows and pushing my bottom at Tom’s cock once again.

“You’re insatiable,” Lindsay laughed, then shimmied around so that her sex was right there under my chin. Her fingers caressed my face, leading me down to her, and I kissed her pussy softly as Tom continued to do my ass. I used my lips to tug gently on her hair. She had dark pubic hair. I felt the heat rising in me again. I had come before from his fucking my ass, when we had dated. I was sure I was going to again. Lindsay stroked my hair and lifted her hips a little as my tongue followed the line of her labia. I licked gently, still kind new to this whole pussy-licking thing. Pointing my tongue, I slipped it into her, felt her reach for my hands and intertwine her fingers with mine as my tongue slipped between her lips. I swept up with my tongue, over her clit, flicking there because I remembered she had once done that very thing to me. I think it was her, anyway. Her body trilled in response, shuddering and dropping back onto the bed. I lapped again, the throbbing sensation in my ass growing as Tom hurried his thrusts again. That Tom. I swear, he could fuck all night without coming, just to please his lover again and again. His hands on my hips bounced me up and down on his hard cock, and I felt another orgasm growing up inside of me.

I clutched Lindsay’s hands hard in mine and closed my lips down over her clit, pressing down and tugging, letting the suction of my closed mouth pull at her skin. Softening, I repeated the touch, all the while feeling Tom driving hard and fast into my ass. Lindsay’s hands left mine as she wrapped her fingers tight around my wrists and dug in. I licked at her pussy still, then gasped and opened my mouth as I felt Tom push hard into my ass and then held, the thing he always did when he was coming. I pushed back hard to him, letting my body take his cum, hearing him gasping and crying out his pleasure as he blew off.

I stopped tasting Lindsay for that moment, concentrating on Tom and his marvelous cock and what it did to me. I came again, shuddering around his hardness in my softness. I am loud when I come, and I tried to stifle the noisiness of me by pressing my lips to Lindsay’s pussy again, but she caught up my hair and lifted my mouth free.

“No, darling, I want to hear you,” she said softly. I looked into her eyes again, and she smiled her wicked smile once more. I cried out freely, my body alive with such bliss and sensation in that moment.

Lindsay turned and lay her head on Austin’s lap, catching my eyes again as they opened and she slipped her lips over his soft cock. She drew up, released him from her mouth and wrapping her fingers around his shaft as she mouthed, “I taste you,” to me. She pushed her lips onto him again, taking his erection in her mouth. I didn’t mind seeing her suck Austin’s cock at all, though the idea of the way seeing her suck off Tom earlier had made me turn away. I wasn’t in love with Tom or anything, but he had dumped me, and I guess I was hurt still. I didn’t know why he dumped me. That he had taken up with Lindsay, who is blonder and bustier than I, struck a chord with my insecurity about my looks and small chest. Danged old busty blondes. Who do they think they are anyway?

This particular busty blonde must have thought she was a pretty fine little cocksucker, I’ll say that for her. She had Austin hard again in moments and twisted her luscious body around so that she could bob that blonde head up and down on his cock with abandon. I had never seen anyone giving a blowjob before in person, so it was really quite fascinating to watch. Added to that was the sensation of Tom’s cock softening in my ass and eventually slipping out. Good old Tom. He was excellent about that, always leaving his cock in me after we fucked and came. Some guys do you and come and then take it out and collapse on the bed next to you and, you know, it just leaves me feeling so fucking empty afterwards it almost makes me want to cry.

Austin had just seen his date get butt-fucked and lick another girl as/after he had fucked her himself for the very first time. That is probably a little much for most boys, I suspect. Lindsay was reassuring his guy ego with a bj from heaven. If you are going to have group sex, it helps to be part of the group, you know? By making him shoot off in her mouth, Lindsay both gave herself to him and included him. I pressed my lips to her pussy again as she raised her left leg for me. I wanted so to make her cum on my lips and tongue. Slipping two fingers into her, I curled them up and wriggled. Lindsay cried out, lifting her head from Austin’s dick to gasp for air before taking him in again and bobbing her head up and down urgently

Tommy had gotten out of bed and was washing his cock in the bathroom sink. He always did that after anal sex, just in case any girls wanted to put it into their mouths or pussies. Such a polite boy.

Austin came as sweet Lindsay moved her mouth up and down on him. I hoped that she too was relishing the moment as she pressed her face into his pubic hair and held him deep in her mouth. Her eyes bulged when she felt him cum, and I saw her throat muscles moving as she swallowed. I reached up to clear the hair from my eyes, wondering if that was how I looked when I swallowed. Maybe I should look in a mirror while going down on Tom sometime and see.

A little cold chill hit me as I realized I was having that thought about Tom and not my date. Tom had a girlfriend now. Okay, so that girlfriend had my date’s cock buried in her mouth at the moment with her throat working his cum down into her tummy, but that was just for tonight, right? It wasn’t like the four of us were going to ever do this again. But what about three of us? What about that?

Pretty Lindsay drew herself up off of Austin’s penis and came to me, kissing me and taking me into her arms. Her warm, soft breasts pressed wonderfully to mine, and my arms went around her, touching her and caressing her. Lying back, we sprawled over the bed as our bodies responded to one another. Her tongue opened my lips and slipped between them as it sought out my own. Under my fingers, her nipple stiffened. So, here I was in the arms of a girl again. IT was different this time, but darkly the same as that earlier time in the fall too. In that moment, in the motel room, it was just we two girls. The boys were witnesses, not participants in this expression of our desire.

I tasted Austin’s cum on her lips and felt delightfully wicked to be doing so. She had just sucked off a guy, and here I was kissing her mouth and tasting him too. I still hadn’t even gone down on Austin, and he was my date. I had lost sleep after the last time I had made love to Lindsay, from the whole magnitude of that experience, because of what I had done, homosexuality being such a dirty word to so many. Lesbian. Just what all parents want their little girls to grow up to be. I really didn’t think I was a lesbian though. I mean, I had just fucked two boys, after all, as much fun as holding Lindsay and kissing her was. I wondered what was going to make me loose sleep this time. The girl-to-girl thing? Or doing two guys at the same time? Guilt sucks.

I gave myself over to the experience, telling myself it didn’t matter, that kissing Lindsay was making me excited and wet and who cared why. She pressed me over on the bed, onto my back, and my legs just opened so naturally to her. She broke the kiss grinning that wicked grin again as she straddled my face and lowered her sex to my lips once more. I extended my tongue to lick her. Down below, between my open legs, she dipped her head and touched her lips and tongue to me. Her dangling hair fell and tickled on my naked thighs and ass as she moved her tongue. I cried out at her touch, right into her pussy, hearing my passion muffled by her pussy. Then that bad girl licked lower, to my bottom again, her pointed tongue wriggling into my dark star.

Licking me there was something Lindsay apparently liked to do, and I decided it must be something she liked to feel herself. And if she was dating Tom, knowing that boy likes to do girls in their bottoms, there was a pretty good chance that he had fucked her there. I lowered my lips away from her sex, tilted my head back and reached up for her hips, pulling her down to me and pushing out my tongue to touch her there. I had never, ever, licked anyone there. I was a little afraid, but I wanted to give her the pleasure she had now given me three times in that intimacy.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed my tongue up, tasting the tart, mustiness of her there, finding it was not really so bad at all, for all of its nastiness to think about. There must be a name for what I was doing, probably dirty ones. I laved her ass with my tongue, and I was rewarded with the response of her luscious body, shivering above me as I did. She cried out and curled on top of me, her breasts dragging over my tummy, teasing me with her nipples as the pointed with pleasure. Her ass lifted, and she moved her sex back to my mouth, wanting me to bring her off, I could tell. My lips closed over her clit, and I massaged her with them as my tongue pressed to her. She began to bounce lightly, everything in the way she moved telling me to go on, to do just that, to take her away.

Her mouth moved to, doing to me as I did to her, first licking at my pussy with long, broad strokes, the circling my clit, pushing and moving me in ways that made me cry out again and want exactly more of that very thing. Her orgasm surprised me, empowered me. It was different than I expected, her thighs stiffening around my head and she held her body still as it grew rigid as sensation swept through her. Then I felt my own orgasm reaching up and rushing through me under her tongue. I fell back from her pussy keeing, my mouth open and gaping as that ultimate pleasure filled me up and emptied me.

I lay there, gasping for a moment, unable to breathe once again it seemed, unable to think, unable to do anything but feel. And I felt so very good.

The bed moved around and under me, and Tom knelt above me, straddling my face, his cock hard and stiff and clean. He pointed it at Lindsay’s pussy, stroking her lips with the head, like a painter with a brush, wetting it in her. Then he pulled back and dropped it to me, to my lips. I reached for it with my tongue, curling around him, tasting the tartness of girl on his skin. He eased his cock past my lips, moving in and out of me gently. Taking himself out of my mouth, he touched his cock to Lindsay’s pussy again, this time pushing all the way into her. I watched as he pulled back, that long, clean shaft coming out of her shiny with her cream, then disappearing into her again as he thrust forward. It was fascinating to see, going in and out of her, stretching her. Her sex opened and pulled, the shape of it changing around him as he fucked her.

I raised my head and let my tongue run over his cock as it came out, caressing him before he moved into her again. I licked lower, over his balls, but I knew he didn’t like having his balls sucked. Some guys do. Not Tom. Instead, I swept my tongue up, licking behind his balls, to his ass, pointing my tongue to press it to him there. He tasted different from Lindsay, more male, I guess, not bad at all, just totally different. On and on we went, me licking, him fucking, Lindsay mewling softly with pleasure as he did her. That cock had been in me. In my mouth. In my pussy. More recently, in my ass. I loved that cock. I wanted that cock. And that pussy. I wanted them both so.

I felt the power of their fucking growing as he slammed into Lindsay, taking her away again, her orgasm surging through her body until she wrapped her arms around my thighs and buried her mouth in my sex. I felt her pressing to me, holding me as she came again, loving that she was coming. Tom held his cock deep in her until her body quieted again, then he stroked her gently, keeping himself hard in her. With a deep sigh, she drew off of him, and slipped from atop me, falling onto her side and curling, reaching out to touch me gently.

I rolled up, onto my knees and took Tom fully into my mouth, eager for him, using lips and tongue to give him pleasure. He was coated with essence of her. Inside my mouth, I wrapped my tongue around his shaft and dragged it over his length as I drew my head back and then pushed forward to take him inside. Lindsay reached up to caress and fondle my boobs as I knelt on the bed, and I curled my back to press them to her, wanting more.

The bed behind me moved again, and I felt Austin touching his cock to me. I rolled my hips in invitation. Unlike the first time I had taken him inside of me, he filled me with just one thrust, going all the way in past my wet lips and stroking deep. I marveled at this new sensation too, once more with two boys inside of me, one in my mouth, one in my pussy, pushing and pulling, filling me up. My, oh my.

I felt supremely sexual in that moment, making love with the three of them, being made love to by the three of them. The boys stroked in and out of me, neither in a hurry to come again, each of them having come at least twice already. They were going to last this time. I didn’t mind. My fingers reached for and found Lindsay, slipping between her legs to tease her, my fingers going in her and fucking her. I was eager for her to be part of this moment too. Then I caught movement somewhere away from us, and I twisted my eyes to see what it could possibly be. In the large mirror over the dresser, I saw us: a tall, slender girl with calico hair in complete disarray with a boy fucking her from behind and another boy pushing his cock in and out of her mouth while a gorgeous blonde girl slid under her body to catch her nipples and suck them. We looked amazing. I liked that I looked that way. Sexual. Sensual. Daring and bold.

I felt Austin speeding up again and knew he was about to let go inside of me. I wanted to meet him there, to cum with him. I wanted Tom to shoot in my mouth too. I wanted to taste his cum and swallow. I bobbed my head faster on him, working him with my tongue as Lindsay’s fingers began to strum my clit. My own fingers were between her open thighs too, wanting her to be there with us. I twisted my head again, looking at our reflection. Austin grunted as he came, slamming deeply into my cunt. I whined as I tried to match him, not quite there. Then Tom pushed in and held my head to him, and I watched in the mirror as he came down my throat, and I saw the way my throat moved as I swallowed cum.

I was so close and eager, I spun away from the boys and found Lindsay again, replacing my fingers with my mouth as she scrambled beneath me to lick me all the way there.

I came, vocal and loud once again, crying out as her mouth delighted me so. I wanted to give the same gift to her, and I found her clit, slipping fingers up and inside of her once more, curling to find that spot up and around, to the roughness that tells fingers that is just the place to rub. Lindsay’s cries mingled with mine, filling the air, falling down like the snow still wafting from the sky outside our room.

I became aware then that all was quiet. Then I heard breathing all around me, irregular and rasping, then slowing and becoming even. I lay down beside Lindsay and cuddled her, pressing my breasts to her back, my sex to her bottom, and my lips to her neck.

I sighed deeply.

Austin, my date, lay his body up behind mine, his soft cock nestled to my bottom. On the other side of Lindsay, Tom, my lover again, reached around to fondle one of Lindsay’s breasts and found my fingers already there. We laced fingers together and fondled her as one.

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