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Welcome to London!

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Samira came up out of the underground in a cloud of steam and people. She paused out of the flow of people traffic and placed her briefcase between her feet. Her gloved fingers were clumsy as she pulled out her guidebook and directions and consulted them. They appeared to have been translated from an obscure dialect of French Medieval Mongolian.

She muttered a few unrepeatable things under her breath and stuffed her book back into her jacket pocket. She squared her shoulders and took a deep breath and took off in what she hoped was the right directions.

2 blocks later she stopped and looked around. In front of her was pocket park clothed in winter white with an elementary school on one side. No traffic circle. No statue of Churchill looking all pompous and statesmanish. No pub across from the statue and worse yet, no clinic next to the pub. She sighed and retraced her steps back to where she had come up from the subway.

She sat down on a bench and placed her briefcase across her knees. This time she spread out the map better and bit her lip in concentration. Over head she heard an American voice pull her companion to a halt.

“Stop James, I think she’s lost.”

Samira looked up at the pair bearing down on her. The lady was short, nearly as short as herself with curly dark hair piled on top of her hair. Her dark eyes twinkled down on Samira’s tilted ones. He was really tall, 6 feet or more with fair, silvery hair and intense blue eyes. The lady smiled encouragingly.

“Hello,” she said softly. “I am sort of lost.”

“Where are you going?” He said, craning his neck to read her directions.

“St. Bonaventure’s Residential Facility. I followed my directions, but it was not where they said it would be.” He looked again at the directions in her hand.

“Not a problem, love, looks like you got off two stops too soon. You can hop on the bus or I can call you a cab.”

“Could you please call a cab? I have an interview and I am afraid I will be late.” He plunged into the crowd over to the street side and tried to catch a cab. The lady sat down.

“I’m Sarah, by the way, and that was James, and you are?”

“Lost” she joked weakly. “But I am Samira when I am not lost.”

“Job interview?”

“Yes, thank you for stopping, I want to have a good impression” she said as a cab nearly smooshed James. He leaned in and gave directions as they walked over. He handed her in and they both yelled “Good luck!” as the cab whooshed her away.

Sarah tucked her arm in his as they walked away.

“She was very pretty, ” she said conversationally. “Unusual eyes.”

“Exotic. ” was all he had to say. “Would you remember them if you saw them again?”

“Real subtle, babe!” she laughed up at him. “I hope she gets the job, whatever it us.” she added, exchanging a conspiratorial glance with her lover.

Three weeks later, Samira moved to London.


The daily grind as St. B’s was starting to get routine. Samira spent four days a week on 8 hour day shifts, seeing patients and running therapy groups. The remaining “day” was a 12 hour overnight on call, camped out in the staff room waiting for emergencies. The patients were mostly young adults and teens in varying degrees of emotional pain and disability. This afternoon, though, she had been late and left her dinner on her kitchen counter. She skipped her first break so she would have time to run to the deli on the corner. She ran through the rain and into the deli. As her feet hit the wet floor she started to slide and fetched up against the counter, grabbing it with both hands to steady herself. She exchanged a rueful grin with the counter lady and gave her order, taking her number and some coffee and looking for a table.

“Samira? Hey Samira?” Someone was waving and and calling her from a table in front of the windows. She worked her way through the crowded room looking unsurely at the giant. Then she saw his face in the light and smiled.

“I remember you! You rescued me!”

“That’s right.. I’m James, you’re Samira, now sit down before someone smooshes you.”

She laughed as she sat down. He smiled and tried to catch her eye. She flushed as he did so, than looked down at her coffee, playing with the spoon.

“How is Sarah?”

“She’s fine. She ought to be here soon. So you got the job?”

She nodded. “I am working with troubled kids over there.”

“Ah, so it’s Dr. Samira. and you’re what 12, 13?”

“26!” she said and glared at him, then laughing.

Sarah arrived at the same time as the waitress with their dinner. She eyed the three clubs with chips and the bag with a sandwich and a cup of soup for later. She leaned over for a deep passionate kiss that raised the temperature in the room about 10 degrees. She dropped a kiss on Samira’s cheek and raised an eyebrow at the amount of food on the table. “Hungry, hon? Planning on burning it all off later?” The look she sent James was smoldering, and Samira swallowed nervously. “Don’t look at me, sweetie.” “It is mine, ” Samira said with a blush, “I forgot my lunch tonight when I left for work, and I did not feel like facing the vending machines in the staff room. Today is my long night, so I need to take something back” “Darn! here I was hoping for a wild night..” She laughed.

“That can be arranged” He sent her a look that made Samira melt, even though she was not the recipient.

Sarah noticed her blushes and mercifully changed the subject. They talked about weather and rainy London and jobs and all that over the brief meal. As Samira reached for her bag, Sarah frowned and caught at her wrist gently.

She turned it under the light, revealing a vine henna-ed in. It ran down her pinky and flowered at the base of her palm. The vine trailed off under down her wrist, disappearing beneath the lacy cuff of her shirt. A hummingbird hovered in her palm, feasting delicately on the flower.

” Oooh, ” she said softly. She looked questioningly at Ysabet as her fingers hovered over the cuff. Samira nodded, and Sarah worked the sleeve down nearly to her elbow. James leaned in closer. Samira blushed as their warm breaths mingled and ghosted over the sensitive skin at her wrist.

“Does it go all over?”

“How far does it go?” The questions came together and she could not say who spoke first.

“Yes.” was all she said as she cupped her other hand against the first. James slid that sleeve down revealing the mirror image on the other side.

Time seemed to stop for a moment as her heartbeat sped up. James rested a gentle thumb over the racing pulse in her wrist. All took a near simultaneous breath as the moment passed and time resumed it’s normal course.

Samira pulled her hands away with a sigh. “I have to go back to work.” She pulled on her coat and fled into the night.

Later she tossed and turned on the narrow cot in the staffroom as she tried to sleep. They had dropped off her forgotten lunch, with a note, inviting her to call anytime. So many thoughts were milling about that sleep remained elusive. She liked both men and women, and if she was not mistaken they were both interested in a close friendship. Very close. But would it work? Three ways could be difficult. And then there was her thing..

She liked pain. A lot. It was so much a part of her psyche that she needed it. She could just see them freaking out when she asked to be flogged or spanked or beaten or whatever. She sighed in frustration, thinking they had to be a little kinky themselves.

Samira thought of them often, remembering the feeling of both their hands holding hers. Smiling at Sarah’s voice in her memory saying ” Stop James, I think she’s lost.” Remembering how James’s eyes twinkled at her. But when she finally got brave enough to call the number, they had moved… She still thought of them often though, especially when a tall, fair man caught her eye, or an American accent caught her ear in a crowd.


It was raining again when she got home from work a few weeks later. The air had turned bitter cold again and the rain was turning to sleet. It had not been raining when she left so she had left her umbrella at home. She ducked under the ledge at front the building and tried to wrap her frozen fingers around her key. “Hey, Samira! Let me help you.” “James? what are you doing here?”

“I, or rather we live here. We just took the big flat on the top floor.” he raised one lofty eyebrow. “and just what are you doing here?”

“I lived here, first. Right across the hall from you, in fact. Of course, now that they are letting people who talk funny in, I may have to move..” She teased as he reached around her and opened the door.

” Seriously, we moved in last weekend. Are you okay? You look a little blue.”

“I am okay, just cold and wet. Does it ever stop raining here?”

“Not really, you know how to tell when summer comes?” She shook her head. “The rain’s warm instead of cold!”

“I will keep that in mind.” she gave him an evil look. They stopped outside his door.

“Want to come in for a warm up?” She hesitated. “C’mon, Sarah will be home soon and she’s bringing dinner.” Samira thought of her cold apartment and pondered how long it would take to warm up, cause she turned the heat way down whenever she left. The warm air wafting around her ankles and up her skirt decided and she stepped inside. He took her coat and her briefcase and stuck them in the hall closet with his own. “Goodness, you’re soaked! Pop in there and get out of those wet things.” She gaped at him. He laughed at the look on her face. “Silly woman, I’m going to get you something dry to put on.” He gave her a nudge into the bathroom. She blushed scarlet and ducked inside.

She stripped down to her underwear, standing over a heat duct. She hung her wet things over a towel rack. She hesitated about removing her bra and panties, but her blue nipples peeking through the wet material decided her. The door opened a bit and a denim clad arm proffered a robe. It fit pretty well, so she decided it must be Sarah’s. It was just a little long. She pulled the pins out of her hair, and ran a comb through it. Then she opened the door and peeked out into the hall.

James was nowhere to be seen, but she could smell cocoa in the air. She followed her nose to the kitchen. She stood in the kitchen doorway, waiting for him to notice her. She was starting to worry, thinking this was a Bad Idea. What if something happened? What if nothing happened? What if she had totally misread the signals from them. What if Sarah came in and saw her in her robe and got upset? She started to wish she was miles away from here, oceans away. Back in Jordan or even the dark side of the moon.

He turned suddenly and did a comic double take, then grinned at her. “Lovely outfit, by the way.” She blushed again. He came over and kissed her cheek. “Wow, they really do go everywhere.” He traced the reddish gold flower beneath her collarbone with a gentle fingertip.

“I, er, yes they do.” She hated how her voice got high and squeaky when she was nervous.

“Sarah will be home soon; I just called her. She’s bringing dinner.”

“James, are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, it will look really really bad, Sarah coming home and I am all undressed and in her robe?”

“No, she’s fine with it. Really.” He dismissed her objections casually. “She knows the weather’s being crappy.”

Samira panicked, suddenly thinking that she was wrong, they were not interested in intimacy, just friendship. She thought that she had totally misread the signals. She started to slip out of the kitchen. “I am so sorry, I think I have misunderstood you. We should just say it is cause of my sometimes bad English, and leave it at that.”

He got very quiet. “No, dear, I’m sorry. We should have been more clear. Come sit down, we need to talk.” “No, it is fine, I will just go now.”

“Samira, come and sit down and listen to me.”

He led her to the couch and she sat down, curling her legs up against her chest and resting her chin on the top. He pulled up a chair and watched her for a moment. She looked up at him.

“I am sorry I have misunderstood you.”

“I am sorry we weren’t more clear. Sarah is my life, my love. But we frequently enjoy having other join us. She likes the ladies just as much as I do. We thought that it would be fun to invite you in.” Samira was quiet, mulling it over. Finally she answered him.

“Okay.” He sighed at her.

“Is that okay as in you’re thrilled, okay as in you’re scared, or okay as in no way in hell.”

“Okay as in the first two.”

“I take it this would be new to you?”

“Sort of, I have been with a lady and a man, but never together.”

He just smiled. Sarah burst in then, dropping the brown carrier bag with the Chinese in it onto the end table. She stopped and pulled James close for a kiss. He ran his hands down her back and cupped her backside, pulling her close and moving suggestively against her. Samira flushed again and looked away.

“MMh, James, we’re being rude.” She sat down next to Samira and hugged her close. She pressed her cool cheek against Samira’s hot one and then kissed her. She looked into her eyes and said “I’m glad you stayed.”

“Yes,” Samira said, “I mean, I am glad too”

Dinner was an informal affair, nibbled directly from the boxes and washed down with white wine. Sometime later, the ladies deposited the leftovers in the fridge and James poured the last of the wine. Samira was back on the couch, Sarah was sitting next to her. James smiled at them from the big chair across the room. Samira had relaxed a little, but she was getting flutters int he pit of her stomach as the atmosphere in the room subtly became more charged. James’s sweater had disappeared; most likely running off with Sarah’s blouse and skirt. Sarah was just wearing her slip and stockings.

Sarah reached out and traced a flower on her knee. “What is it?”

“Mehndi, henna painting..” Samira’s voice was squeaky again. Her breath caught as Sarahs’s fingers disappeared beneath the edge of the robe. Sarah lay her hand flat and caressed the soft skin.

“Breathe, Samira, it’s okay. I’ll stop anytime you want me to.” Samira drew a shaking breath. “If you want to stop, just say so.”

“I am okay, really.”

Sarah leaned in and kissed her softly, gently teasing her lips with the tip of her tongue. Her nails traced up Samira’s leg, pushing the robe aside. Samira gasped as the cool air began flowing over he heated skin. Sarah took advantage of her parted lips and deepened the kiss. From across the room, James smiled at the ladies. Sarah’s hand looked so luscious on Samira’s dusky skin. He could just see the shadowy cleft between her legs beneath the robe. He came over and sat on her other side.

As soon as Sarah broke the kiss, he leaned in. His kiss was a little rougher, demanding a response where Sarah’s kiss had been more beguiling. He felt the robe fall open under Sarah’s nimble fingers. Samira squirmed softly, blushing again as her hands came up to cover her small breasts. He gently pulled her hands down and away then covered her breasts with his own hands. Long fingers teased her, making her moan as he kissed her neck.

Raising his head, he smiled at Sarah and offered a cinnamon colored nipple to her waiting lips. She circled it with her tongue, enjoying Samira’s moans. Samira jumped as her lips closed over it and she used her teeth to tease it into a hard point.

“Let’s get you undressed.” James’s voice was low and rough in her ear. She nodded and leaned forward slightly. He pulled off the robe as Sarah made love to the other nipple, her soft lips and hard teeth making it hard to breathe. He leaned over and kissed Sarah too, then sat back on the sofa, guiding Samira til she was laying down. Sarah gently drew her legs apart; a kiss from James forestalled any objections. She closed her eyes as Sarah’s soft fingers traced the patterns on her upper thighs. The contrast between James’s long and hard hands and Sarah’s softer ones made her head spin as Sarah’s finger traced her damp slit.

“She is so wet..” she purred as her finger dipped inside. She raised her damp finger to James’s lips. He licked it, than bit her fingertip softly. She laughed; Samira shivered at the sound. She shivered again as Sarah leaned closer, licking her lips. She looked away as Sarah’s lips touched her.

“No sweetie, watch Sarah.” She felt the words more than heard them, pressed against his chest as she was. Gentle fingers against her chin and turned her eyes back on to watch.

Sarah’s tongue traced up her slit. Samira jerked in his arms and the tip suddenly dipped inside, going right to her clit and making her cry out. Sarah brushed gently against it, taking her by the hips and pressing her further open. One long finger slipped inside and she writhed, barely noticing James sliding out from under her. He was calling her name softly, she looked up at him hazily.

“Open my fly.” He said softly.

She reached out with fumbling fingers and opened it. He pulled out his cock, already stiffening. He held the tip to her lips and she pressed a soft kiss to the weeping slit. One of his hands cupped the back of her head. She traced the head with a wet tongue. Just then, Sarah bit down gently on her clit. Samira gasped and he thrusted, driving his cock between her lips.

Samira tried to relax between them as he slowly pushed deeper in. It was hard to do, between the lovely silken shaft between her lips and the tongue lashing she was receiving. James thrust deeper into her mouth as Sarah’s tongued dipped deep into her pussy. In the back of her head Samira realized that this was something they had frequently shared.

She tilted her head back further, feeling the head pressing against her throat. Every time he pulled out, she swirled her tongue around the shaft. Sarah plunged two fingers into her wetness, and sucked her clit deep into her mouth. Samira moaned around his cock and felt him shudder.

Her belly tightened as she writhed on Sarah’s hand and lips. Her legs were shaking and she whimpered at the feeling, knowing that she was about to come. Samira was insistently pressing a wet finger around her pucker, the tip just barely passing the tight ring. The pressure was too intense and she ignited, yelling around the James’s cock. He pulled out as she struggled to breathe. Sarah raised her head and bent to kiss her lips, clearly savoring the taste of her.

Sarah climbed up onto the couch and Samira crawled closer, kissing her softly. James refilled the wine glasses from a fresh bottle and handed them to the ladies. He sipped his slowly, clearly enjoying the contrast between Sarah’s fair skin and Samira’s duskier skin tones as they cuddled. They two ladies exchanged a conspiratorial glance as he stood before them.

As one, they leaned forward and both of them went for his cock, pressing open mouthed kisses on the shaft. He nearly dropped his wine glass as Samira suckled the head and Sarah went lower to tease his shaft and balls. They kissed each other around the head of his cock, tongues dueling around him. He put his glass down and told them to stop before he came, he had other plans. Neither lady listened to him and finally he grabbed a lock of dark hair from each and gave a sharp tug. Not enough to hurt, just enough to get their undivided attentions away from his throbbing cock. They both looked up at him, identical looks of feigned innocence in their eyes. He kissed them each, and then whispered roughly to Samira..

“On your knees, hon. It’s my turn.” she started to say something and then closed her mouth, slipping to her knees, legs spread wide, breasts and torso resting on the couch. “You wanted to say something?”

Her face flamed.. “I, um, wish I could taste Sarah, too..”

The object of her hunger laughed. “All you have to do is ask, hon” She lay back on the sofa and spread her divine legs. Samira knelt between them and leaned closer. She pressed a soft kiss on her belly just between her navel and mound. She kissed down to her slit and gently opened her with her fingers. She pressed her lips to her clit as James knelt behind her, running his hard cock up her thigh and teasing at her clit..

He was stroking her slit with his cock head as she lifted Sarah’s clit in the tip of her tongue and suckled it. She was rewarded with a groan and a rush of wetness as he paused at her entrance. He did not push in, but stroked the length of her pussy one more time. He stopped at her pucker and she shuddered against Sarah. He slipped down suddenly and plunged inside her tight little body.. She groaned against Sarah, who whimpered in return. He laughed as he pumped into her, pressing her down against Sarah and the couch.

She traced her tongue down to her tight little pucker and swirled it around teasingly. Her thumb was pressing insistently on Sarah’s clit and she stroked it, feeling it twitch beneath her fingers. She used her tongue like a spoon, scooping sweetness from deep inside, drinking deeply. James reached around and strummed Samira’s clit, enjoying the tremors within her.

Sarah was moaning now, hands clutching the cushions on either side of her hips as Samira worshiped her. Her hips were pressing up against her as she dipped a finger deep deep inside.. She moved it down to her pucker, moving the the wetness down and questioningly teasing her pucker..

“yyeees.” She hissed and Samira pressed further and slowly twisted and fucked her ass. Another warm rush bathed her lips and hands. James gave her clit another tug then took her by the hips.. He was thrusting harder now, not too roughly, but hard enough that she knew she would feel it in the morning.. She whimpered on Sarah’s clit as his cock twitched inside her, feeling his hips slapping against her. Thoughts of spankings and other lovely things filled her mind and sent her over the edge. She came abruptly, this one was shorter and more brutal, shaking her like a puppy shakes a chew toy and dropping her.

Her spasming body set him off with a shout and a gasp. He pounded into her, the heat of his coming burning into her. She gasped against Sarah, who was moaning urgently beneath her, tangling her hands in Samira’s hair and pulling her against her thrusting body. Another finger slipped into her pucker and she was off, shrieking in joy and lust, pressing against Samira’s lips and hands. Samira stayed on her, teasing her clit and pucker until she gasped “no more”.

James pulled out of her and collapsed on the sofa next to Sarah. Samira smiled up at them shyly, even after what they had just shared. A few breaths later, he pulled Samira up into his lap, to tangle her limbs with theirs and snuggle.

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