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The Internship

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Chap 1 – A Tourist Accident

I was in my third year of medical school when my parents died on an eco-tourist expedition to the Zambezi. Despite prolonged and expensive efforts, no trace of their bodies, or of the other tourist couple and the guides in their canoe, were ever located. The only explanation that came back to me and other members of the family from Africa was that a rogue male hippo in the grip of mating fever was responsible.

About a month after the accident, there was a service for mom and dad in their neighborhood church. I was expected to say something, and did. I was brief. I recounted the energy with which they attacked life, whether at work or at play. I pointed to the efforts they supported to improve the human condition. As their only child, I said that I felt a special duty to carry on as they had. I named a charity where contributions could be sent. Afterwards, I stayed the minimum amount of time necessary to say hello to the friends and relatives present, and made my excuses.

It took only a day or two for me to see that sitting around in a gloomy funk was a hell of a way to grieve. If my dad had been there, his advice would have been, “Get off your ass and do something.”

My parents had made several large gifts to the medical school, and the Dean looked me up to express his regrets. He added that if I needed some extra time to get back in sync with my classmates, that could be arranged.

The conversation brought me up short with the realization that the frenzy of the last year of medical school was leaving me behind unless I really did get off my ass.

In a month, I was caught up, but without enthusiasm for the work. The M.D., and the internship and residency beyond it no longer seemed like the Holy Grail. I went for hard early morning runs and lectured myself that it was foolhardy to throw away seven years of university just because of a personal tragedy I could have done nothing to prevent. I kept at the grind.

My dad’s lawyer called and said the accidental death outside the U.S. with no bodies meant months, probably a year or more, before any estate matters got settled. He said that as trustee of my grandfather’s trust for me, he could invade it for a variety of emergency needs and I shouldn’t worry about money while finishing school.

My sometimes girlfriend Alison and I had been drifting away from each other, and the accident ended us as a couple. I kissed her and told her I had too many issues to have a girlfriend.

Graduation and the internship letters came right after each other. I stood looking at the posting with my classmates. I’d gotten my first choice and was being pounded on the back for my good fortune. I closed my eyes and knew with sudden clarity that I wasn’t going to accept. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but it was not a medical internship. I found Alison, who was sniffling a bit over getting a third choice and told her internships were a year of ridiculous hazing regardless of where you went, and that she still had a great chance at a good residency afterwards. Then I sought out our academic advisor and told him of my decision. He gave me a hard look and said, “You’ve thought about this, haven’t you?” I told him of my doubts about life direction and the need to find myself again. Then I asked for a special favor, and said that if he could replace me with Alison, that would be very nice, because she had been kind to me after the accident. Two weeks later, Alison showed up at my apartment door. I showed her in and offered a drink. When I came back to the living room, she was sitting on the sofa with nothing on but a smile.

“I owe you a special thanks. Professor Allen says he talked me into your intern slot!”

I handed her the glass, but she also grabbed my hand and pulled me down into her lap. Suddenly, I was looking up at her past two jutting nipples on the front of the nicest boobs around. First, I got a nipple brushing across my lips and then I got a long hot kiss while her free hand was undoing my pants.

She panted into my ear, “After we broke up, I was sure I could find another guy, but nothing worked. I haven’t had any sex in six months and I am really horny.” She closed in for another kiss.

I decided not to tell her that between one thing and another, I hadn’t been laid in six months either. I stood up and stepped out of my pants and picked her up. I walked into the kitchen and sat her on the counter while I made us two super sized margaritas and found some munchies. It took several detours for kisses and nipple tweaks to get things ready. I think she was discovering that what she thought was a sympathy fuck was looking up. I was smiling and telling her jokes. Actually, making the decision to pass up the internship had lifted a load on me. Or at least it felt that way. I picked her up over my shoulder so I could massage her fine ass and went into the bedroom, where I gave her a big toss that landed her in the middle of the bed. I went into the bathroom and grabbed the special tube my sister left the last time she was in town, then stopped in the kitchen for the drink tray and returned to the bedroom. My former lover was stretched out with one leg up and everything showing. Her eyes were fastened on my prick which was erect and pointing at her.

I set the tray down on the night table and climbed in behind her with my back to the headboard, cushioned by pillows. I pulled her up on my thighs facing me and handed her a drink. I clinked glasses with her and toasted, “Here’s to the nicest, sexiest woman in my class, and the best intern St. Agatha’s Hospital will ever have.”

She took a large gulp of the drink and let it work its way down inside her. Then she hitched herself forward until her front was up against me and gave me an incredible kiss. My fingers worked her nipples as my cock rose up between us. She whispered, “Why did we break up? This is very nice. I’m in love with you all over again. ”

I grabbed the green tube and showed it to her. “Read me what it says.”

“Lover’s Cream, guaranteed edible.” She looked at me and blushed. “Tony, you’re not…”

I interrupted. “Hold still. Put your hands on my shoulders and kiss me.” She obeyed and I spread a generous layer of the cream on my fingers and moved them to her pussy right down in front of me. A very wet and throbbing pussy. Our tongues were trading spit back and forth. In between kisses she was twitching and letting out low moans. I worked the cream carefully into her pussy lips, and then sent a fingerful up into her cunt, which contracted around me. I stayed away from her clit. If I rubbed her there, a giant orgasm was likely. I squeezed a line of cream out across her breasts, then brought my fingers up to work it in, making sure the stiff nipples got their share.

“Tony, I can’t take more of this. I have to have you.”

With my mouth tightly fastened to her left nipple, I placed my hands on her ass and raised it up and forward. The tip of my erection was grazing her cleft.

“Tony, please, please.”

I let her down on me. We had been coupled many times before like this and it felt good. Damn good.

“Oh shit. I am really going to miss your big cock, Tony. ” She squeezed me, hard. I thrust up into her, gently.

“Relax a bit, Alison, we’re not in a hurry, are we?”

I reached over and got her drink. She took another large gulp, stared at me with her best “fuck me” eyes, and rocked back and forth.

I tried to guage how much loving our six months of abstinence would produce. All night? Half the night?

I said in a low macho voice, “I haven’t had a chance to taste that stuff my sister left behind.”

She hissed in my ear, “You are NOT going to make we wait while you lick that all off!”

By the time she finished saying that, I had her off my prick and was sliding down under her.

Thirty seconds after my mouth and my fingers went to work, Alison was screaming her head off with a giant orgasm, twisting and shaking and beating her hands on me. Her cream and my sister’s cream were like a warm milkshake. I pulled her down alongside me and fed her my cream coated fingers.

She melted into me and her tongue filled my mouth. Her eyes were closed but her body was still doing little twitches here and there.

She whispered to me, “What about your lonesome cock?”

“Unless you’re racing out of here to your next date, he’s feeling patient.”

I pulled the spread up over us. Her head was tucked into me. I kissed her hair and played with her ears. She lay back and said, “I thought I was going to be in and out of here in an hour.”

“Do I get to kid you about giving the orphan his sympathy fuck?”

“No, I don’t think so. I wanted to say a proper goodbye and I wasn’t even sure there was sex involved. You were really down when we broke up.”

She added softly, “Things are better?”

“Things are definitely better, but after all these years of having my life totally organized for me, I actually have to figure a few things out.” I leaned over and kissed her again. She sat up and drained her glass. One hand was fisting me back to life. Then she was stretched out on top of me, having gotten herself speared nicely.

“If I invite you to see me at St. Agatha’s on my once a month weekend off, will you come?”

“And have sex with you while you catch up on sleep deprivation?”

We laughed. She mused at me, “Did I ever get awakened by your eager cock in me?” She squeezed me to make the point.

Before I could respond, “Of course, by then you’ll have a couple of hotties on each arm.”

“And some tall alpha male will be buried ten inches deep in you.”

She turned us over. “Fuck me, Tony. Give me something to remember you by.”

I did. By morning, she was hoarse from cuming at least a dozen times, and I had shot off in her four times myself.

I smelled coffee and opened my eyes. The sun was shining on those marvelous tits, and she was extending a fresh cup to me.

Alison lay back against me and sighed. “Why don’t we fly to Vegas, get married, buy a Jeep, drive to some green mountain meadow in Utah, open a clinic, and live happily ever after?”

I hugged her and sighed myself. There was a thought in my head that marrying this woman might make me a better man than I was, and chasing rainbows with her would be fun.

She sat up. “I can smell me. I can smell you on me. We better have a shower.”

The hot water hit us and there was a total meltdown. Tears from both of us. Our lives were turning corners and it wasn’t all that fun. I soaped her and rubbed us together. We stepped into each other and cried some more. When the hot water ran out, the tears were gone.

Her folks were coming at noon to help move her stuff out of the apartment. Which reminded me to get organized to move out myself.

Hugs and kisses and strangled goodbyes and it was over. I gave a last wave as she turned the corner.

Chap 2 – Helen

I called Frank Conover, my father’s lawyer, on Monday morning and asked to come by and get an update on where things stood with the estate. Told him I had some vague plans about what I wanted to do next with my life. He said to come over just before lunch.

I sent Randy Francis, my best buddy and skiing partner from high school, an email asking “You there?” and telling him to call me when he had a chance.

I called my aunt Helen and asked if I could spend a week or two at the family lake cabin.

“Tony, you are always welcome there. Please do go up. Malcolm and I won’t be around until the 4th.”

I went down to auto row and bought a used Toyota pickup of recent vintage with all the offroad options, and headed over to Frank’s office.

He had some news. “We’ve started the process of getting a court determination that your parents are legally dead, so that the estate can go to probate. It’s going faster than I thought but we are months away from a judgment. I should tell you that my inventory of the estate shows that it will likely exceed twenty million after debts and taxes are paid. And you are the sole heir under their wills. In the meantime, your grandfather’s trust, which will terminate when you are twenty-five, three years from now, has done very well lately, and has a value of nearly five million.”

He smiled at me, “Do you suppose you can get by on five million until the estate is settled?”

“Frank, I really appreciate your dealing with a sad piece of business. I know my folks wanted me to make my own way in the world, but it won’t hurt to have resources.” I smiled back at him. We agreed to stay in touch by email because I wasn’t sure where I was going after moving out of the apartment.

The next stop was a store to acquire an armful of boxes and tape.

I was feeling acutely lonely at Alison’s departure. A little voice said, call up one of the other girls in your class. I said, shut up, I’m still in love. I thought about calling her, and realized that was the worst thing I could do.

After an hour of taping boxes, I either had to go for a run, or go to a bar. Actually, I did both. As I sat at the bar in the old student hangout, munching on a too large hamburger, and slurping a too large beer, the end of year enthusiasm around me was loud and joyous. Whatever the outcome, another school year was over. Hallelujah. I looked around carefully. When you come back, buddy, everything is going to be past tense. That made me gloomy. Everyone tells you to live in the moment, but when the moment is up, some part of you is gone.

I was almost back to the apartment when my phone rang. It was Helen. “Hi, believe it or not I’m in your backyard at a conference. I was going to suggest lunch, but it’s a little late for that now. ”

I broke in and asked if dinner at my place would work. She gushed at me, “That sounds wonderful, Tony, is there one of your margaritas to go with that?”

“For my best aunt? Always.” I gave her directions and stopped at the market for supplies.

When I opened the door, there was Helen looking incredibly impressive in a tailored suit and heels. She was a tall woman, and in her heels, her eyes were level with mine and I am six foot.

I showed her in and offered the promised margarita. “Could I possibly use your shower? I really need a cleanup.”

I had the margarita waiting and was working on a salad when she appeared in the archway with the big bath towel wrapped around her. I smiled at her and said, “Well that’s an improvement. If you weren’t joined at the hip to Malcolm, I’d make an instant pass at you.”

She smiled and blushed at me. “Tony, you have those dancing Calabrese eyes that get girls into trouble. How’s your love life? Before you answer that, please let me have one of your big shirts or something. I can’t stand the idea of getting back into those conference clothes.”

I came back from my room with a nice clean white shirt. She dropped the towel, showing me a fine back view, and pulled on the shirt. It went to the bottom of her butt, barely. She turned around and asked, “How many buttons do I need to close?”

I turned her back around, pulled the shirt open and took a grip on her firm breasts. Then leaned forward and kissed her neck. She relaxed against me. “I guess it is not just your eyes that are dangerous, is it?”

Before she detected something getting hard, I moved around and got back to fixing the salad. The soup was already simmering. She sat at the counter, with a lot of chest showing, and sipped her drink.

“You’re very nice to take in an old lady like me. Are you going to offer me shelter for the night? I’d just as soon not go back to that hotel room. Why do I feel so damn comfortable around you? You didn’t answer my question about your love life.”

I laughed. “That’s an awful lot of questions at once. First, yes, please stay the night, we can fix up the sofabed in the living room. Second, I feel as comfortable around you as you say you are around me. We must have good chemistry. Third. my girlfriend and I cried our eyes out the night before last because she is taking up an internship at St. Agatha’s and I’m not. ”

I finished the salad and started serving the thick soup I had prepared. She walked around the counter, hugged me to her ample chest, and kissed me on the lips. “Hmmm. I remember my college first love and I went through that kind of breakup too. We were going to grad schools thousands of miles away from each other. I cried off and on for a week.”

We took the bowls into the living room and sat down on the sofa next to each other. The tail of the shirt was not quite covering up Helen’s best parts. I grabbed the throw from behind me and spread it over her knees. She looked at me and said, “Decency is restored?” I leaned over and pinched a nipple through the open slot in the front of the shirt. “Naughty.” But it didn’t sound like she meant it.

The soup was good. The salad was good. The toasted french bread was good. The pinot noir was excellent.

She was hungry and the food went down fast. I looked at her empty bowl and said, “There’s some ice cream to go with that, if you like.”

She pulled up the shirt tail, uncovering a very flat belly for a woman close to fifty. “You see that. It doesn’t stay like that because I eat ice cream!”

She lay back, still maintaining decency with the sofa blanket, and said, “turn out the lights and come back here and cuddle with me so we can talk. I haven’t been this relaxed in years.”

As I was about to climb in behind her, she said, “And lose those pants too.”

We wiggled around for a minute, getting adjusted. I wasn’t hard, fortunately, but wondered how long that would last, especially after she placed my hand under the shirt on her warm, handfilling boob.

“There, that’s better. Now we can talk.”

What happened was that we both were asleep in an instant.

I woke up as she was gently removing my hand from inside the shirt. “Have to pee,” she said.

I followed behind. “Me too.”

She took my hand and pulled me into the bathroom with her. When she sat down and noisily let loose, she also reached out and fondled me. “You are nice and large, Tony. The girls must like that.”

With her hand on me, I was getting larger fast. She laughed and stroked me some more, then leaned forward and kissed the head. She wiped and stood up. “Now you.” She pulled the hard thing in the right direction and pointed it down. I obliged with a stream. She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. I found a glass in the dark and got us some water.

“Is it ok if we crawl into your bed? That sofa is hard on my old girl back.”

She padded into my room, pulled back the covers, dropped the shirt, and slipped inside. I went to make sure the front door was locked and chained. On the way back I decided she wanted bare skin in the bed with her and obliged.

In my ear, she said, “I feel so naughty, naked in a bed with my studly nephew. In my mother’s day, this was living in sin.”

I pulled her back against my front, lifting her leg to make room for my erection, and said, “Sleep, woman, not sex.” She sighed and we went quickly to dreamland.

I heard the shower in the morning, but decided to stay where I was until she finished. It shut off after a while and I was about to get up when she walked into my room, wrapping her hair in a towel, but otherwise gloriously naked.

She pulled the sheet down, baring my backside, and began applying lotion to her legs. I turned over and admired her. She looked at me, and my hardening cock, and went back to her lotion. I sat up behind her, put my hand around front and asked for lotion in it.

Her neck and back were tense, but loosened nicely as I worked the muscles. She made approving noises and said, “I’m going to turn over, but you are to do all of me, both sides.”

The tone was light, with an edge in it. She lay there knees up and closed and waited for me to work on her feet. I sat crosswise to her legs and worked all the bones and muscles of her feet.

“God, no wonder girls love you. I’m already wet, and you haven’t got to my good parts.”

I sat on the foot of the bed, facing her. “Put your feet on my shoulders.”

I went to work on her calves and thighs. There was a lot of muscle needing attention.

“Are you still playing tennis? These legs are in very good shape.”

Her thighs were partially spread, with the dark bush between them providing a hint of mystery. Between her legs, she could see my erection, which she was studying.

“I’ve been awake on and off during the night, deciding how I was going to ask you to put that beautiful thing in me.”

“What did you decide?”

“Until you told me about Alison, I was worried about poaching. After that, I decided to just tell you I’m insanely hot for you and please, please make love to me.”

“I’ll be right back.” I went into the kitchen and fixed some special juice for her. And another version for me. I started the espresso maker and in a few minutes had a tray with juice, coffee, and toast with marmalade.

I went back into the bedroom. She was entirely spread out, with fingers idly buried in her pussy. Her her best bedroom eyes looked at me. I thought of the picture of the naked Maja in the Prado which I had seen with my parents years ago

My cock was slowly gaining altitude. I set the tray down and handed her the glass of juice. “You’ll like this. Special recipe.”

She drank from the glass and lay back, flexing her hips in my direction. “No sex before breakfast?”

“I had a teenage lust for you off and on for years. I’m just as anxious looking at you today as I was when I was fourteen.”

“My god, Tony, that’s almost ten years ago.”

I passed her the espresso cup, and a piece of toast. Her eyes were dilating, so I could tell the special juice was working. I sipped my own and kept staring at her.

“What were you thinking about just then?”

“You are very beautiful lying there so relaxed and just being your horny self, as you put it. I was thinking about the time my parents took me to the Prado and we spent time in front of the two paintings of the naked Maja. One with clothes and one without. Mom said it was ok to look at nude women’s bottoms in museums, but not other places.”

“So, years later, you have middle-aged me to gawk at?” She brought a knee up and opened herself more for my view.

“Do you like to talk about sex before you do it?”

“When I was your age, with my hand around a hot, throbbing cock, and my panties wet, I just wanted to get that hard thing into me as fast as possible.”

I reached over to the drawer and got out the tube of cream. I pulled her hand out of the way, stretched the lips open and squeezed out a liberal amount, from the prominent clit down to her juicy opening.

“Try your fingers in that and then taste them.” I sat back and tore off a piece of toast. The toast tasted great.

She looked surprised, but did as I asked. She had a good technique. I suspected her fingers got more of a workout in that furry cleft than Malcolm’s cock.

She put her tongue out to check the fingers, then pushed them all the way into her mouth. Very sexy.

“Tony, what is that stuff? If I wasn’t waiting for that cock of yours, I’d come in a minute with it.”

“My sister left it the last time she was here. She said my women friends would love having me lick it from them.”

“Are you serious? Your tongue is going to work me over?”

I laughed as I eased myself between her legs. “Does it taste good?”

“Hell yes. Incredible.”


I wrapped my arms around her thighs and took a firm grip on her hips as I buried my face, my lips and my tongue in her. The taste was fantastic. My sister wouldn’t tell me what was in it. Just said girls loved it. I decided to hold her down and torture her until she fessed up, the next time I saw her.

Helen was having a delayed reaction to my attack. I guess she had her focus on my hard cock driving into her, and instead she was getting a bath from my mouth and tongue.

It wasn’t very many seconds, though, before all her pelvic muscles were in action and her little moans got very much louder and then quickly were screams as she came. And then came some more, and some more.

I let up and she pulled hard on my long hair. “Get up here, you bastard. Who said you could get me off like that? You have no permission to make me scream.”

She was still muttering as my cock eased into the creamy cunt. I gave her another good taste of the cream with my tongue, which meant her mouth was full when the next orgasm took her.

This was a good one. The spasms went from her toes to her head and back. I began driving harder and harder into her, trying to prolong what I hoped was a great fuck. Harder, harder, and then a major blast from me into her channel, which produced an even louder scream and pounding on my back and violent kicking of her heels on my butt.

She was mostly passed out. I wasn’t far away from that myself. I got up and staggered into the bathroom, moistened some hand towels with hot water, and returned to do cleanup.

I whispered in her ear, “If I posted a video of that on You Tube, it would make you an instant star.”

She turned and tried to swat me. Didn’t work. “I’m going to get you for this. All I wanted was some quiet loving from my nephew. Instead, I get biggest fuck of my life from a sex fiend.”

She rolled into me and covered my face with kisses.

“I suppose you are going to run me through the shower, into those awful clothes, and send me back to the conference?”

Before I could answer, my phone started ringing. I picked it up and saw Alison was calling. OMG, now what?

“Tony, my dad has to fly to New York with an emergency and won’t be back until the end of the week. After all those tears, are you willing to have me back for a few days?”

Oh shit. How do I rate two of the hottest women around?

I said, “Hang on a minute, someone is at the door.”

I put the phone on mute and pulled Helen into me. “I have an idea, but you have to decide right now. I was going to suggest you tell Malcolm that you’ve convinced me to go to the lake cabin with you and do the opening chores. But this is Alison, who says she miraculously has three more days here and is it ok if we get together. If you are willing to share, the three of us can go up there.”

Before I finished, Helen had my cock in her hand, squeezing viciously and whispering yes, yes, yes.

I turned the phone on speaker and said, “It was just a package. About getting together, I’ve promised my aunt Helen to go up to the family lake place and help open it up. Would it work for us to go together?”

“Yes, yes! But we have to do something with my mom.”

I thought of me and three women to keep happy and said, “Tell your dad that you are spending a few days with your dearest, loving boyfriend and he needs to take your mother with him and show her a good time, especially in bed.”

“Tony, you are as bad as ever. But I’ll do it. When do you want me over there?”

“As soon as you can. Helen said she would show up any minute now.”

Click. I turned to the sexpot in my arms and kissed her. And ran my thumbs over her nipples.

“You are making me gush again, you devil.”

I was nicely hard, so turned her in to straddle me, and let her slide down until we were bone to bone again.

We rocked back and forth. She squeezed me. I thrust up into her. Not much energy left in us, but it felt nice.

She put her head on my shoulder. “I’m happy to share you, but what about Alison?”

“I have some ideas. Just follow my lead. Now, if you don’t want to put that impressive executive clothing back on, you’re free to see what you can find in my closet.”

I went out to move my car so Alison could park in its place. I’d just finished when Alison came zooming in. She leapt out and into my arms, exclaiming, “Tony! I feel like I just got out of jail!”

Lots of kisses later, Helen came up to us and said, “Ah, the young lovers are reunited. I’m so glad you can come with us, Alison. We can work on our tans and terrorize Tony as he does chores.”

Chap 3 – At the Lake

We loaded the car and I insisted the two of them get in back so they didn’t have to shout across the seat at each other.

Helen had on a pair of my running shorts and a sloppy white t-shirt she found somewhere. The shorts were loose on me and tight on her. The long legs looked fabulous.

I let them chatter away until the the conversation level died down, and said, “Alison, I have a confession to make. I was feeling very lonely without you around. And not going to be around, damn it. So when Helen came out of my shower in only a towel, I lost control and went after her. I hope you don’t mind.”

Alison was looking at me in the rear view mirror, and then she was looking at Helen. And she was smiling. “Well? What did you think?”

“I’ve never come like that in my life. He’s incredible.”

They embraced, hugging and kissing. Alison giggled, “Honey, Helen’s going to be our landlady at the lake. I think she is going to want privileges. Can you take care of two horny women going around naked to get rid of their tan lines?”

Helen leaned over and whispered in Alison’s ear. Suddenly, the view in the mirror was of four gorgeous tits bouncing with the car. The two of them kissed some more while their fingers were busy feeling each other up.

“If you two don’t stop that, there is going to be a wreck because I’m looking in the mirror instead of at the road.”

“Tony, you know all about these tits, you don’t need to look right now.”

But she leaned back and pulled Alison on top of her, kneading and pinching the muscular butt. I was still looking in the mirror and hard as a rock.

“You do it.”

“No, you do it, you need him more than I do. I’m still recovering from this morning.”

Alison’s shorts came off and my naked lover was in the front seat undoing my pants. “Tony, I’m not doing this unless your eyes are on the road. Don’t pay attention to me, watch the road.”

How, I wondered, can you pay attention to the road when a warm mouth has swallowed your cock? Alison gave great blow jobs, but up to now I hadn’t gotten one while driving.

Helen was leaning over the front, her bare tits poking at me. She was watching Alison’s technique and making dirty comments. “Hey kiddo, that’s not bad. Do you take it all the way down? Do you let him shoot inside there?”

Alison looked up at her with an innocent expression, “Helen, you have so much more experience than I do. When we get to the lake, can I have a deep throat lesson?”

I grabbed my cock back, stroked a few times and blasted them both in the face.

Their expressions went through shock, anger, and giggles as they licked me off of their bodies, then frenched each other for a long time.

“Ok, wenches, we’re almost there. Better get decent.”

Helen’s stern voice came from the back seat, “Now, let’s get one thing straight, this is my lake house, and my rules.”

Silence from the front seat.

“There are only three rules. Clothes are optional. Be nice to your friends. Enjoy yourselves.”

Soon I was trudging up the hill to the sunny deck, weighted down with suitcases, but not minding because of the incredible view of two women with sneakers on and otherwise showing off their naked charms. Looking at those tight butts, I suspected I was going to have trouble on our daily runs. Could my ego stand to be beaten? There was enough white skin to justify a lot of laying out. With sunscreen, of course. Which I would be required to apply. Things were looking up, so to speak.

The house was cool and musty and all the utilities were off. After an hour of instruction from Helen, I had water on, water heater on, faucets and toilets checked, and was getting ready for a general hosedown. The women were making a shopping list for the country store. On their way out the door, Alison smiled and suggested the kitchen floor was really grimy, and if there was to be a nice dinner, then perhaps some scrubbing was in order?

I treated myself to a beer and found a cushion for one of the deck chairs in the sun. Was I enough of a man to take cleaning orders from my girlfriend? Or should I show my macho side and go canoeing?

By the end of the beer, I was on my knees with ammonia suds and a brush. The floor was filthy. Must not be too many servile males around. Speaking of that, a voice in my head was saying that I would be a fool to give Alison up. But the other voice, full of self-pity, said I had to strike out on my own and get my life back together. The real me scrubbed harder and harder, letting the voices argue. The in love voice said how was I ever going to find another woman like Alison, who was all broken up about not sharing our lives together. The self pity voice answered that college lovers broke up all the time, did not ruin their lives, and found great partners later on. How, the voice asked, was I going to find myself if I was weighed down by love and someone else’s busy medical existence.

Before the argument ended, I was finished with the floor and heard the car coming up the drive. I went down to help with the groceries, asking myself how I was going to get out of this pickle.

In addition to the groceries, the women had dropped in on the dry goods store next door, which had a summer supply of swim suits among other things. After more cleaning, I proposed a canoe ride to try out the new suits and check the lake. Off came the flowery sun dresses, which apparently did not need underwear beneath them. On went matching bright yellow bikinis. Actually, the tiny scraps didn’t hide a thing. Nipples were very prominent. The buns were completely uncovered, and the fronts were a disgrace, with pussy hair showing all around.

“If those are decent, I’d hate to see what is indecent.”

Helen and Alison giggled and thrust their hips at me. “We are just trying to attract a little male attention! Do we have your attention?”

“Is there a waxing place around here?”

Helen said, “I suppose you want us bare as babies?”

Alison chimed in, “Actually, he likes us natural. At least that’s what he tells me when he is about to stick his face you know where.”

I kissed them both, grabbed some refreshments, and got them into the canoe. Helen lounged on a cushion in the middle. Alison had the bow, and I was steering, or trying to with a lot of distraction from the gorgeous feminine flesh right in front of me.

How much better does it get than lazing around in a canoe on a lake with two beautiful women you know you are going to have sex with tonight? All the important worries occupying me were melting.

The sun was dropping toward the trees when we got back. The women went up to start dinner and I hauled the canoe out.

Helen was in the kitchen and said, “She’s in the shower. Why don’t you join her because the hot may not last.”

Good advice. There was a real shower in the bathroom, and Alison was in it. “Coming in with me?”

As I wrapped soapy arms around her, I said to myself that I wasn’t going to let her get away. Just that much decision. I wasn’t going to let her get away. We could work out the rest later.

With the roast in the oven, I made a pitcher of margaritas and we settled on the deck to watch the sunset. Alison was nestled into one side of me, and Helen had the other. The sofa felt special with such lovely arm rests. I took a long sip of lime and tequila and kissed them both.

I let the silence of the moment wash over us and said to Helen, “I made a decision today. I think you are going to like it.” Alison thought I was talking about something to do with Helen and sat relaxed. I gently pulled her into my lap and kissed her again. I whispered slowly into her ear, “I can’t let you go.”

More silence. Then she said, “What did you say?” Her eyes were wide open. She tried to sit up. I glanced at Helen, who had a very wide smile on her face. I held Alison down and whispered again, “I can’t let you go.”

This time she jumped up and stood in front of us, coloring, and shouted, “Tony, you can’t do this to me! I can’t take jokes about us!”

She sobbed back into my arms, “You’re not fair. Not fair.”

Helen’s eyes were saying, “You mean it, don’t you?”

I hugged Alison and said, “Have I ever said something important to you that I didn’t mean?”

She pulled my head down and kissed me, violently. Helen got up and went into the kitchen, making cooking noises.

Alison scrambled up and straddled me, grabbing my hair and kissing everywhere she could reach.

I pulled her in tight. “I don’t know how we will make it work, but we’ll figure something out.”

She leaned back and looked at me, tears streaming. “You really mean it, don’t you, dumbnut?”

“Yes, I do, Doctor Alison Thompson. Will you be mine?”

She grabbed my hand and led us into the kitchen. “Did this guy just propose to me?”

Helen hugged us both, a little teary herself. “I think he did, honey. I think that’s what he did. Are you happy?”

“Oh. My. God. This good for nothing new M.D. breaks my heart last weekend, then he gets me up here and breaks it again today. But at least he broke it in the right direction.” She was laughing and smiling through her tears.

“I shouldn’t tell you this but I cried myself to sleep last night. I was ready to ditch the internship, go back to your apartment and crawl into your bed.” She was tight in my arms, still shaking.

Helen said, with emotion in her voice, “You know, I think the two of you might just be right for each other. Now, let’s have dinner.”

The two lovers were pretty messed up, but Helen took charge and poured a lot of wine. She said it was our engagement party. She went and found her camera and took pictures. We kissed a lot.

She even found some brandy to go with the strawberries, out on the deck. We wouldn’t let her go back in the house when she said we should have time to ourselves. Alison got a blanket and the three of us cuddled under it. The stars were bright. The lake was quiet.

Alison broke the silence with a giggle. “Helen, you are not leaving us alone in bed tonight. We came up here as a guy with two girls, and that’s how it is going to be.”

“I’ve never been to an engagement party where the bride to be invited me into bed with her man. This should be interesting.” She giggled too as Alison and I drew her across our laps under the blanket, removed the dress, and went to work on her best parts.

“Stop that, you’re getting me all hot and bothered.” My fingers were working in her pussy. Alison was twisting her nipples in between wet kisses.

“I mean it, you’re going to….” All the pent up emotion of watching two lovers get engaged came out in a rush of orgasm. She buried her face in Alison’s bosom and screamed out her climax.

Alison and I leaned in and had yet another tender kiss. She whispered, “So the two of you are going to do that to me later?”

Helen pulled down the front of Alison’s dress and gave a good swipe with her teeth at the welcoming nipple. “Why later? You just attacked me for no good reason.”

We moved the party inside and went upstairs to the bedroom overlooking the lake. Alison and I brushed our teeth and Helen ran a soapy washcloth between her legs. “The two of you should be ashamed making an old lady come like that. Such disrespect!” Her nipples were still sticking out a mile and she had that makeout look on her face.

We climbed into the big bed together. Before Helen could get anything going, Alison said, “I have a favor to ask. I have such a nice glow on, can we save the sex for tomorrow? I promise you can chase me around and take me in every room if you want.” More giggles. Instant sleep.

The fresh coffee aroma woke me up. Brilliant sun was shining in the window. The woman I got engaged to last night was still snuggled up to me, eyes closed. The warmth from the other side was missing, but arriving up the stairs with breakfast.

“Hey, it’s seven-thirty. Doctors don’t get to sleep late. But just this once, the love birds get their breakfast in bed.”

I sat up and pulled Alison up with me. She was still out of it. Maybe an emotional letdown in progress.

Helen handed me the tray, dropped her robe and climbed in. I looked at her and mouthed “kiss.”

She smiled, happy not to be forgotten when love was being handed out. Alison rolled over me sleepily and latched onto a breast.

Helen said, “If you’re not careful, a little squirmy thing is going to be doing that to you one of these days.” She ran her fingers through Alison’s hair and hugged tightly. Alison kept sucking and made little comfort noises. I sipped my coffee and kneaded the curvy behind that was across my thighs.

She disappeared into the bathroom and I asked Helen, “Can I spirit her away this morning for a run and some talk?”

“I think you should. How are you going to deal with her internship? Not that it’s any of my business.”

“Dad’s lawyer says there is quite a bit of money in the estate. Seven figures worth, probably. I’m thinking about medical outreach somewhere useful. I don’t need a license to practice for that. The M.D. by itself will give me credibility.”

I kissed her forehead. “You know, in a crazy way, having great sex with you and being up here is making all this better.”

Alison heard that coming back into the room and pounced on my aunt. “Yes, yes, yes. I heard Tony say he’s taking me for a private run, so there has to be some ransom paid.” She pulled down the sheet, exposing my hard cock. Helen let Alison maneuver her over and down on me. My gorgeous forty year old aunt was getting a morning fuck engineered by my fiance. I worked on Helen’s tits and wondered if this event was in the bridal planning book.

Alison had her hands on Helen’s hips, urging her up and down, faster and faster. I pinched and slapped the tits lightly. I was getting there very fast and so was Helen.

“Help, he’s going to come in me! That stuff is for you!”

Alison caught Helen on the up stroke with a hard slap on her behind. Then another and a regular tattoo.

“Oh god, you’ve done it to me again.” Helen was gasping and squeezing me and screaming out an even better orgasm than last night.

I flipped Helen off and grabbed Alison. “Are you sure you haven’t been doing threesomes before. Your partner is getting pretty good sex.”

Helen said, “Pretty good? I’ve never had sex this good before.”

Alison leaned over and kissed her. “You have to promise that after Tony and I are married, you will still come over for some group loving.”

“Oh, it’s really hard for me to promise that. What will the neighbors say?” Helen was completely splayed out on the bed, dripping, and smiling from ear to ear.

“Another thing. How come I’ve had sex twice and Alison hasn’t had any? Do you need some help getting the parts to fit?”

I said, “Alison and I need to go on a run and talk about our future. Also about problems with our sex life.”

This got instant attention and two female bodies advancing on me. I scrambled off the bed and went looking for my running clothes. I overheard Helen saying, “If you need me to put him in his place, just ask.”

Alison came over, rummaging in her duffel next to me. “I’m going to get you. We haven’t even consummated our engagement and we have sex problems?”

I innocently asked, “What does it mean to consummate an engagement?”

She drove a hip into me and said, “You’ll find out about that on the trail.”

We downed some more coffee, grabbed pieces of toast and were out the door. The first mile was hard. The altitude and last night’s fine wine beat on us. By mile three, we were in the groove, more or less, and could talk.

“Do you want to talk while we run, or talk when we get somewhere?” She looked sideways at me and upped the pace. So that’s it, I thought. If you can talk, you’re not trying hard enough. Luckily for me, by the time we’d covered a 10K, we arrived at a glacial tarn I had always loved.

Stopping for only a second to dump clothes and sneakers, Alison was into the cold water in a flash. By the time I was ready to follow, she was halfway across to a small island of smooth rocks.

I climbed out and lay beside her. I was frozen but the sun was warm and the wind was calm.

“So, smartass, what was that about sex problems?” She glared at me.

“Hey, it was innocent funning!”

“In front of your aunt, who just had another of her incredible orgasms and was making me feel self-conscious?”

I closed my eyes and put my head down on my arms. “Ok, ok, I promise never ever to make a crack like that again. Promise.”

Silence. Then a warm body draping itself over me, and a soft voice saying, “I like you teasing me. I like teasing you back. We have to not take each other too seriously.” Kisses were being applied.

I opened my eyes and asked, “Do I get to turn over?”

“Are you hard?”


“If you turn over, I’ll slide myself down on you, and then people on the trail will see us having sex out here. Is that what you want, showing my naked body being fucked in front of god and everyone?”

“So we do have a sex problem. You are planning on making me take you in public any time you want to?”

“I thought we already agreed to that?”

I flipped over and coupled with her quickly. She kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I could tell she needed this fuck by the insistent urgency of her movements. I did too. I sat us up to improve the angle and noticed that, sure enough, there was a couple on the trail gazing at us. But Alison couldn’t see them and was too far gone to care, anyway. After a series of ever louder moans, she came hard, gasping and mumbling she knew she would always get good sex from me.

The couple on shore were clapping. I waved to them and gestured to come on out to the rocks.

“What are you doing?”

“We had an audience, just like I suspected. They clapped for you, and they are coming out to join us.”

“OMG, really?” She was still impaled and I was still hard, and I wasn’t letting her go anywhere. I did turn us sideways, so she could see the swimmers approaching. The woman felt bottom and stood up.

“You’re sure it’s ok for us to join you?”

Alison laughed and said, “He told me we would end up with an audience. Sure, come on up. I’m going to wash him off of me.” Alison walked into the water to her waist and splashed a lot in the right place. My item was well shrunk, but glistening in the sunlight.

The man said, “Hi, I’m Mark and this is Annie. She said it would be ok to watch.”

Alison and Annie hugged each other, bare wet boob to boob. “Wilderness voyeurs are you?”

Annie had her arm around Alison and said, “If I was getting such good sex, I’d expect to find you watching too.” They both laughed.

“I’m Alison and this is Tony and we got engaged last night.” Her smile was brilliant.

“Oh my, no wonder you were really into it. Mark and I are out here getting ready for grad school. We’ve been going together for a year, and living together since Christmas.”

Alison looked at me and said to them, “So Mark doesn’t have a lot of back pressure?”

I rolled my eyes and said to Mark, “I’m sorry, she just made me promise she could tease me without consequences.”

Alison walked over to me and whispered, “Can I ask them if they would like to stay a night at the cabin?”

A second roll of the eyes and I whispered back, “Go ahead, she deserves a bed to get screwed in.”

She swatted me and pulled my hair. The four of us sat down and Mark produced a waterproof sack with goodies in it, which they shared around.

Alison said to Annie, “Are you camping?”

“Yes, we have a permit for tonight and tomorrow night at Grouse Lake up the trail.”

“That sounds great. But it is supposed to thunderstorm today, and I wonder if you would like to spend a night at our place down at the main lake?” She laughed, “It seems as though we already know each other a bit.”

Annie had a thinner frame than Alison, but equally perfect breasts. High and firm. Cute pink nipples. And no tan lines.

Annie looked at Mark, “What do you think? You promised me a nice time out here. And that doesn’t mean cooped up in a tent with lightning all around.” She had a wonderful pout. And then smiled a wide grin.

I broke in and said, “This is a really nice rock and we need to let you take the sun here and do whatever else you feel like. Alison and I will finish our run and go down for some chores. If you decide to take up Alison’s invitation, just come down whenever you’re done messing around.”

I stood up with Alison and we went down to the water. She turned around and said, “Have a good time messing around, I did.” More female giggles.

We got back into our running clothes and started up the path, trying to keep our eyes off the couple on our rock. When we got around the first corner, Alison stopped and said, “I want to see if they go at it right away. She laughed at me and crept carefully back to a spot where she could see them. I followed and looked over her shoulder. Annie was on top of Mark, leaning so her boobs were in his face, but wasn’t on his cock, which we could see reaching for the sky in front of her. I slipped my hand up inside Alison’s shorts and pinched her.

“Ouch! No hands please, I’m watching.”

“No we’re not, we are giving them some privacy. You already got to see Helen get fucked this morning. By your fiancee, no less. Your fiancee who gives you good sex, you say.”

She turned and kissed me and vanished up the trail.

I’m not sure what kind of high we were on, but in not very many minutes we were three more miles out and in the middle of a grassy meadow.

“What do you say we put some sunscreen on, and go over a few things?”

Alison took her top and running bra off and lay down on them, shielding her eyes with her hat.

“Talk to me, and put some sunscreen on too.”

“We don’t have to talk now, if you’d rather not.”

She pulled me down for a kiss and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be flip. I know we have a thousand loose ends.”

“Ok, I don’t want you to change your plans because we are together. You have a tough year ahead and I’m going to have your back as much as possible.” Her hand reached for mine and squeezed.

“Dad’s lawyer says there will be a generous amount of money when the estate is settled. Seven figures generous. I’m not sure yet, but I think I’d like to use some of it for a medical outreach effort. There are a bunch of people I should talk to about how to make a difference without getting tangled up in bureaucracy and paperwork.” Another squeeze.

“If that sounds all right for starters, why don’t we drive up together to St. Agatha’s and find a house that an always tired intern can collapse in, and a crazy guy can set up an office and start an organization?”

“Can I add one little thing?”

“You are half of this enterprise, go ahead.”

“Promise me that every night we are in bed together in that cozy little house, you will make love to me.”

“I’m in, but there are going to be some nights when that’s going to be hard. The world has a way of undermining dreams.”

“I know, that’s why I’m asking now, so we make it a commitment to each other.” She rolled over on top of me and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

I kissed her back, hard. Suddenly Alison was crying again. Little sighs and cries and tears.

“Oh god, I never thought I would ever like crying, but crying with you is so nice. I feel like a total fool. Just hold me, please.”

We lay like that, with the warm sun beating down on her back, and the noises getting quieter and quieter.

She got up on all fours and said, “You could do me again, right here in this beautiful meadow.”

Her breasts were pointing at me, and I gave them a nice fondle.

“Are you marrying me, or my fine tits?”

“Everybody likes fine tits. What were you doing this morning with Helen’s fine tits?”

The moment passed and we collected our gear and started back. Around a bend we could see thunderheads collecting, and found Annie and Mark coming at us.

Annie and Alison hugged each other and had a whispering session off to the side. Mark and I looked at the weather. He said, “It’s really kind of you to offer two strangers a home for the night. We’d like to take you up on the offer, if that’s ok?”

“Yes, of course. If you want to check out Grouse Lake, it’s maybe three miles up. You should be able to have lunch there, and get down to the cabin before the rain hits.”

I gave him directions for finding Helen’s place and we went off in opposite directions.

Alison asked, “You still happy about inviting them?”

“Sure, why not. You got to check him out, and I got to check her out. Although I didn’t let you watch them actually doing it. Are you going to invite them into our bed tonight?”

She took a swat at me. “Pervert, deviant. You’re turning me into a swinger already?”

“I seem to remember that you had been introduced to Helen less than an hour before the two of you were naked in the back seat going at it like true lesbians. Who is the deviant in this picture?”

She took my hand and responded in her best little girl voice, “Oh master, I’m just a little girl with a strong sex drive. I hope you’ll tie me up and punish me like I deserve.”

We were both laughing and then she was off down the trail like a cheetah, leaving me in her dust. And wanting to amble a bit anyway.

Near the end of the trail, I took to the lake and approached the cottage from the lake side. Two naked beauties were on the deck taking the sun and reaching for a fresh cherry every once in a while.

I slipped off my trunks and hung them on the rail. “What if I make some sandwiches and bring them out? It would be a shame to disturb two lovelies in the middle of their tanning.”

Helen opened one eye and gazed at me. “Alison, are you going to put lotion on him, or shall I? We can’t have his vital parts getting burned, can we?”

“You two stay right where you are. My package will take care of itself. And later on, it will take care of you, as well.”

“By the way, it is a good thing I am back, because anyone going by would be forced to ravish you, if I were not around to provide protection.”

Helen sat up and leaned over to whisper something in Alison’s ear. She nodded and they walked over to my lounger. Putting a leg over me, Alison sat down on my chest and Helen sat down on my thighs. They faced each other and both laid a hand on my cock, which obliged by rapidly expanding upward.

“He thinks he is protecting us with this.”

“It IS an impressive tool, isn’t it?”

“You two better watch out, or you are going to get caught by Annie and Mark arriving.”

Alison hummed a little melody. “We are going to get caught, get caught, get caught.”

“What if I get on it, so when your friends get here, it looks like he is doing your mom. Make him look like a total monster.” Helen had a sinister smile on her face. She hitched herself toward Alison and went down on my cock like a champ. They clinched, laughing and kissing and rubbing their tits together.

They did get caught. I heard a noise and looked around Alison just as Annie said, hesitantly, “We can come back later….”

“No, please come right on up. Tony is providing a little pre-lunch entertainment to help our tanning.”

Mark got to the deck and said, “Now that’s what I call entertainment.”

Helen flashed her gorgeous tits at them and said, “Hi, I’m Helen, Mark’s aunt. Every once in a while, I get panic attacks and have to come see Tony to receive therapy. You see, my shrink says I suffer from an orgasm neurosis, and I discovered Tony is the only male who can give me nonstop orgasms.”

She nodded at them, “Please make yourself comfortable, I’ll whip up some lunch as soon as I come.”

She said to me, “Get busy, stud, we’ve got company to take care of.” She was rocking and smiling and laughing. Alison came out with beers for the guests, who were not certain they should be watching us have public sex. Naked Alison sat down next to them and said, “Quite a pretty picture, isn’t it? I was so scandalized the first time Helen did this to him. Can you imagine how I felt when Helen marches into the bedroom just as we were getting it on, says she has a special prescription from her therapist, and starts riding him and calling for orgasms, just like she is doing now.”

The three of them watched us. My cock was having a great time, and I decided there was nothing to be embarrassed about. Our guests had been doing it on a rock in broad daylight, Alison and I had been doing it in public, and now Helen was getting her moment in the sun, so to speak.

I started talking dirty to her. “Are you going to ride me all day, old lady? I thought you said I gave you orgasms.” I humped up at her, going for paydirt.

“Why you little pipsqueek….”

I leapt up with her in my arms, ran down the steps and dashed straight off the end of the pier with a giant splash.

“Why’d you do that, I was almost there.” She clung to my neck.

I kissed, nipped and pinched all the parts of her great body that I could. Facing away from the deck, I said, “I figured we had put on enough of a show. They didn’t need to watch you have one of your fine climaxes. I have proprietary rights to those.”

We were breast stroking slowly back to the ladder on the pier. “Who says? Last time I looked, they were MY orgasms.”

She tried to climb the ladder but my arms were around her with a firm grip on both boobs.

“Those are mine too. Let go.”

I smiled at her and did. She smiled at me and launched her body square at my head, taking us six feet under.

When we surfaced again, there were three bodies – naked bodies – standing on the dock looking at us.

Alison was between Mark and Annie, getting her her nipples pinched, and trying to beat her attackers back. Mark winked at me and propelled all of them straight into the lake.

There was a swim float and we swam to it. The women were flushed and giggling. “Who let these oafs take liberties with us?”

I thought to myself that there might not be all that much sleep tonight if Mark and I had to keep three hot women going.

I lay out on my front. Alison sat on my thighs and slapped my ass in a rhythm. She said to Annie, “I almost lost him. We broke up at the end of school. We didn’t know it, but we were both in bad shape and then, accidentally, we met up and it was like turning the switch back on. Then he gets me up here with his super hot aunt, and tells me with no warning that he is not letting me go. I cried and cried.”

Annie said to Mark in a low voice, “Honey, this is getting me so hot, I can’t stand it. Maybe we can go inside…”

Even before she finished he was pulling her to his front and firmly dropping her on his cock. “Oh, Mark, you are so bad. What will they think?”

He pulled her back against his chest, his hand fastened tightly to her breasts. She moaned and tried to escape his cock working her insides.

I said to Helen, “You must be responsible for this show, the way you rode me in front of them.”

Alison lay on Helen and tortured her with teeth and fingers. “Yes, you are a terrible embarrassment. Look at them having such a fine fuck right there, inches away!”

The three of us were enjoying the show, which got better. Mark had Annie’s beautiful tits in his hands, working them in every direction, pulling harshly on the big fat nipples.

Annie screamed and came, shaking in his arms. “Oh Mark, oh shit.” She sagged against him.

Quickly, he uncoupled and thrust her to my lap. “Take care of her, Tony, I have to deal with Helen.”

My surprised aunt found herself thrown into the lake again, with Mark right after her. He took her in a fireman’s carry to the dock and they disappeared up the path and into the house.

I comforted Annie, who had just watched her boyfriend leave her for a wicked mature woman of lusty charms.

“Oh Tony, he couldn’t resist. He was rigid with jealousy watching her post on you up there. Wait till he takes her, there is going to be a scream.”

At that very moment, there was a long drawn out howl from the house. “No, no, no, no…”

While we were diverted, Annie managed to down herself on my erect cock. “Oh, that is so nice. Alison, you have a winner here. Will you share him once in a while?”

Alison sat behind her, nails scratching dangerously, teeth attacking wherever they could.

“Witch, dreadful witch. Why didn’t you ask? The decent thing is to ask. You are going to be punished.” She sealed her threat with a long, wet french kiss that went on and on. Annie was getting hotter and twitching on me. I drove several short hard thrusts into her tight athletic cunt, and she came immediately. Alison dove on the shuddering chest with tongue and teeth. I rolled them into a ball and kept pushing until they were dropping off the edge into the lake.

One of them reached up and got my ankle, which had me in their arms in the water in no time. Annie asked, her head dripping, “Do you always have this much fun?”

As we breast stroked to the dock, Alison and I fought for the privilege of having our hand up tight against Annie’s sex.

We clung to the ladder and I answered, “Only when we are able to waylay a passing graduate student.”

I brought towels to the deck and went back for refreshments. Mark and Helen were on the sofa under a blanket, not moving. I tiptoed away.

“They are napping.”

Annie was in Alison’s lap and they were playing aggressive kissyface.

I glanced up and Mark was standing there, wiping his generous prick with a wet cloth. He looked at me and said, “She is seriously wild. You better keep her happy.” His glance was on my limp equipment. We laughed. Two guys with three hot women was not our standard recipe.

I said, “You’re not dumping…”

“Are you kidding? She doesn’t get six inches away from me except into your arms. When we saw you this morning, she whispered in my ear, ‘I want some of that.’ ”

He smirked at me. I started to answer when two heads shot up and said together, “Do not get cocky, we can take away your privileges.”

Mark and I got ourselves decent in some shorts and took on the grilling chores. Alison and Annie went to work on home fries and different salad makings. Helen wandered out from the shower, toweling herself and looking totally disheveled and sexy as hell. She went to the other women and kissed them hard. “Oh my god, I thought I found one great lover and now there are two! I don’t know how many times I came in there, but my girl parts are tingling like crazy. This is taking years off my life.”

The girls hugged her, sat her on a stool, and fed her large gulps of their margaritas. “Helen, you must stop having sex with every guy who comes along. What would mother say? You are hot as a pistol. Just feel these tits, Annie, they would get any guy going. I think she is going to be tough competition.”

They hugged and kissed and giggled and looked out the window at Mark and me, who were listening to the total babble.

“Three incredible women, how do we rate that?”

“How are we going to get five of us in the same bed tonight?”

“What are we going to do when they’ve drained us dry and want more?”

Alison came out with the marinated meat for the grill and punched us. “Well, studs, you are not doing too badly, are you?” She giggled and we pulled her into a sandwich and groped her.

“I’d scream for help if I wasn’t so far gone. I’ve never been this horny before. Is there something in the air?”

“M’am, if you are looking for a slut experience, you have come to the right place. Drop your shorts and bend over that lounger…”

She ran back inside, hollering, “Rape, there are mad beasts on the porch. And I just gave them raw meat to grill!”

Everyone ignored plans and obligations and just laughed and joked our way through dinner. Helen and Mark and I were sent to build a nest for five upstairs out of mattresses and pillows and whatever we could find. Ice cream and berries were served in the new location, which had a view of the sun setting over the lake.

Annie whispered to Mark, “This sure beats that tent.”

I had her feet in my hands, massaging them and tweaking toes. Alison noticed and hid under the duvet so she could capture a warm breast and work on its nipple with a cold tongue.

Annie handed her bowl to Mark and pulled Helen into a clinch. “Alison told me you do girl sex too.”

Their tongues played with each other and Helen responded, “When an especially juicy young thing like you comes along, I kidnap them.”

Annie pulled Mark down for a hot kiss, “Honey, I’ve been kidnapped, we have to stay another day.”

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