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Fresh Start

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I was getting ready for work and had already had my shower. I sat down at my dressing table, dressed only in peach French cut panties and a matching bra. As I brushed my hair, my mind drifted to thoughts of the two men I work with now, Tim and Ned.

I was new in town and to my job, having found work in a small office downtown. Tim and Ned were both very attractive, and in the past few days I could not stop fantasizing about them.

Sometimes it was about one, sometimes both, but all I knew was that I wanted them equally bad.

But could I do it? Could I actually attract these two men? Could I attract even one of them? My confidence had been badly shaken in my divorce. I could still hear my ex telling me I wasn’t attractive, was less than a woman. I knew that was his way of lashing out because he couldn’t sustain an erection, but it didn’t stop it from hurting.

Less than a woman? My eyes drifted over my body in the mirror. I had a nice figure; maybe it wasn’t the same one I had in high school, but it was as good as many others. I slid my fingers across the tops of my breasts and over the soft cups of my bra and watched my nipple harden. Trailing my finger down my stomach and over the front of my panties, rubbing softly, I enjoyed the tingles it produced. I looked at my reflection and wondered aloud if I was “woman enough” for Tim and Ned. I sighed and pushed the thought out of my mind. This was no way to build up my confidence.

I finished putting on my makeup and doing my hair, my thoughts lingering on Tim and Ned. They were both tall men, although Tim was the taller of the two, with dark, short hair. Ned had dimples when he smiled and his hair was lighter and curled slightly at the ends. Either one of them could make a girl’s heart beat a little fast – together, they were heart stopping.

“Tammy, you look wonderful,” Tim offered as I settled down at my desk.

“Thank you,” I answered, blushing slightly.

The day dragged by until about 3 o’clock when Ned asked me if I would like to have dinner with him and Tim tonight. My mind froze. What do I do now, I thought to myself. I gave myself a mental shake, accepted the invitation, and endured the rest of the day.

My mind wouldn’t be still; one minute I was thinking they both wanted me and my dream was about to come true, the next minute I was positive there was a legitimate business reason for their offer. All I knew for sure, was the I was so horny and hungry for them, that my panties were soaked through. Finally, 5 o’ clock came.

Ned took my arm on the way out of the office saying, “Let’s go in my truck.”

Smiling, I squeezed in the middle of them, my heart fluttering slightly as I wondered if I had really felt Ned’s hand brush gently against my ass as he helped me in. As we started off, Tim seemed to press his thigh unnecessarily close to mine.

“So where are we going?” I asked, trying my best to sound composed.

“Well, actually we thought we could just maybe order pizza from my place,” Ned answered sheepishly.

My eyes widened and I suddenly laughed saying, “I hope you ordered a lot of pizza.”

Taking my comment as encouragement, Tim slid his hand up and cupped my one of my breasts and leaned over, kissing me softly. Moaning against his mouth I flicked my tongue against his.

“Ahhh Ned, we were wrong she does have on a bra,” he groaned as he slowly unbuttoned my blouse and trailed soft kisses across the mound of my breasts.

My head moved back and forth, gazing at first one then the other, my heart beating faster. Ned reached over and slid his hand up my thigh, pushing my skirt out of the way. He softly stroked one finger up and down my slit, through my panties and grunted with pleasure as he felt the moisture there.

With both of them teasing and tempting me, the trip to Ned’s house was over very fast for me. As Ned parked the truck, he maneuvered a finger inside my panties and deep inside my pussy. Oh, I couldn’t believe the sensations that rocked me. Tim was twisting and pulling my nipples through my bra, and I was quickly overwhelmed with my first orgasm.

“Yessssssssss, ohhhhhh god yesssssssssss!” I screamed, as waves of pleasure flowed over me.

In seemingly no time I found myself in Ned’s bedroom without really knowing how I got there. With a lot of kissing and caressing, we all undressed each other. Kneeling in front of them, I took a cock in each hand; Ned’s was darker, almost purple, and Tim’s was just a slight bit longer. Leaning forward I rubbed my lips, first against Ned’s cock, then Tim’s. Breathing in the wonderful smell, licking my lips and tasting that wonderful taste. It had been so long since I had touched or been touched by a man.

Groaning softly, I slowly traced my tongue around Ned’s cock, teasing him, flicking it against the ridge, before sucking it into my mouth. He tangled his hands in my hair and moaned as I sucked him deeper in my mouth. With Ned’s cock pumping in and out of my mouth I slowly jacked my hand up and down Tim’s. Then I switched and gave Tim’s cock the same loving treatment as Ned’s, slowly licking and sucking, teasing him, making him harder than ever.

Ned reached down and helped me lay back on the bed. Watching them kneel on either side of me, my breath caught in my throat. What gorgeous men they were, and they wanted me. Sighing happily I again reached for them, but each one caught a hand and pinned me down. Ned leaned down and sucked a nipple into his mouth. Reaching over, he tugged and pulled at the other one as Tim moved between my legs, placing a hand on each knee, spreading my legs wider. Gasping I waited to feel his cock entering my pussy, but instead, I felt his tongue running gently over my pussy lips, over and over. Then, dipping between them, he flicked his tongue on my clit. Arching up I moaned in pleasure.

” You like that don’t you? That hot wet tongue licking against your clit, driving you insane,” Ned whispered in my ear.

Then I felt his mouth on my tit again, rougher this time, biting then licking to soothe it. I felt Tim licking my clit then pushing into my pussy. Trembling and tensing up I started cumming harder and harder. Tears slid down my face; it had been so long since I had felt this way.

Together they coaxed me up onto my hands and knees, then Ned positioned himself behind me. I felt his cock pressing against my pussy and I strained to accept him. He held me still, his touck warm on my hips, as more and more of his cock pushed into me.

Tim moved in front of me, grabbed my hair, and muttered, “Suck me babe.”

I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock in deep. Almost gagging, I moaned and started sucking, running my tongue over his cock hungrily. Almost sobbing in pleasure, I could feel my pussy being stretched around Ned’s cock. Pushing in and out, my pussy was grasped it tightly as I pushed back against him. Then Tim pulled away, and turned to lay under me. I felt his tongue tracing around my pussy lips and clit, and sucked his cock back in my mouth. It throbbed as I sucked and teased with my tongue. By now his tongue was flicking hard against my clit and I heard Ned moan and knew he could feel Tim’s tongue against him too. Grabbing my hips roughly, I felt Ned fucking me faster and harder and felt myself start to cum again. I sucked Tim harder, moaning around his cock.

” Yesssssssssssssssss,” Ned groaned as I felt his hot cum shooting into my pussy.

He kept pumping deeper and deeper until he had no more to give. One more flick of my tongue and Tim flooded my mouth with cum also. Sucking greedily, I swallowed it all, licking and sucking and wanting more. Spent, we collapsed on the bed, spent.

Suddenly the silence was shattered by the phone ringing. Startled I looked at my reflection in the mirror and realized I been fantasizing again.

Snatching up the phone I answered, “Hello?”

“Uhhh, Ned and I wondered if you would be interested in having dinner with us tonight after work. We thought maybe we could grab a pizza and some beers and go over to Ned’s house and watch a movie,” Tim asked tentatively.

“That would be nice,” I answered, smiling to no one in particular.

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