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Neighborly Gloryhole

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Dave’s wife Sue was going to be out of town for the weekend, so he invited several of his buddies over for poker night.

They had played for about two hours, and downed half of a keg of beer when Dave mentioned that instead of smoking cigars after the game, he had an alternative activity. Everyone was curious and when he told them the plan, they all agreed that it sounded fantastic.

Dave explained that, through a guy at work, he had arranged for a hooker to work a gloryhole for us. He had set it up on one side of the garage, where Sue would have parked her car.

They walked out to the garage to find that he had built a partial wall of wood framing and paneling. It was standing in the middle of the garage, cutting it in half. Dave’s truck took up the rest of the space. Sure enough there was a hole in the middle just big enough to stick a hard cock through to the other side. He’d even gone to the extra work of wrapping the hole in duct tape to avoid splinters.

“Is someone really back there?” one of the guys asked.

“Heck yeah,” Dave replied. He walked over and tapped on the wall.

“Charlene, show the guys that you’re there.” He said aloud.

Sure enough, as they guys focused on the hole in the wall, three manicured fingernails extended through the hole and wiggled at them.

“Man, that could be a dude and you’re pulling a bad joke on us.” Steve mentioned.

“Charlene, prove that you’re a lady,” Dave told the girl behind the wall.

They watched the hole as first one, and then another nipple poked through.

“I’m good!” Steve said quickly.

Dave told them that he’d already had a go at it, so the five guys drew numbers and put the lineup together.

CJ was first, and then Steve would have a go at it. Hunter would be third, with Lance and Jim followed behind him. Everyone went out to the patio as CJ nervously walked into the garage. They gave him a hard time, encouraging and poking fun at him as he stepped inside and closed the door.

Behind the wall, Sue sat nervously on a big fluffy pillow. She had heard the door close and the footsteps approach the wall. She was naked, and her pussy had been wet all day long in anticipation of tonight. She was so excited.

She couldn’t believe that Dave had done this for her. They both were so into sex that he did everything he could for her to live out her fantasies. They had watched a gloryhole video on the internet and Sue had mentioned that it turned her on. Dave had built this little wall in the garage as a surprise to her.

He had taken her into it blindfolded and then stepped away. When he told her to take off the blindfold, she was surprised to not only see herself behind a wall, but to see Dave’s thick cock poking through the hole. She had sucked him and groped him until he finally shot his load into her mouth, across her cheeks and down her neck. After that he had teased her for an hour, bringing her so close to climax and then pulling away. When she finally started begging him to let her cum, he told her his plan. At that point she would have agreed to anything, but the thought of having all of those guys shoot their cum onto her body drove her over the edge. When she agreed to do it, Dave fucked her good and hard until she came so violently that she had passed out for a few minutes.

Now, she was naked and on her knees and his buddies were coming in for blowjobs. She saw the light change at the hole in the wall as CJ approached. In seconds his hard cock was poking through the wall.

It was beautiful, and so hard. It was an average sized cock, but he was so excited that it looked like the mushroom head was about to burst. His cock was pink and the head was a reddish-purple. Sue could feel the heat from it as she moved closer.

She gently reached out her hand and ran it softly from tip to base. The cock jumped at her touch and again she marveled at this wonderful piece of manhood. She softly squeezed it in her hand, and then applied pressure. A drop of precum oozed from the tip and she worked her hand across it, spreading the natural lubricant across the head. CJ’s cock jumped in her grasp as her palm rubbed the sensitive tip.

Sue leaned forward and began licking the cock. First she pushed her lips against the head in a kiss, then swirled her tongue all around it. Then she ran her tongue down the sensitive underside of his cock. She worked her hands and tongue around the shaft, milking and pumping it and then she slipped as much of it as she could into her hot, wet mouth.

She could hear CJ moaning from the other side of the wall. She continued sucking him in her mouth and sliding her hand along the shaft. Soon he was thrusting himself against the wall and Sue could tell he wouldn’t be long.

She had just taken her mouth from his cock to take a deep breath when he slammed himself against the wall and a hot spurt of his semen hit Sue right between the eyes, the cum sliding down the side of her nose onto her cheek.

Sue quickly took him in her mouth again, pumping his cock to get the next jet of cum. He reared back in her hand and she felt the stream hit the back of her throat. It was so hot in her mouth. She pulled back, and the next spurt hit her at the base of her neck. She took him in her mouth again, spreading the cum already inside all around his cock. CJ continued pumping cum for a few seconds more and then he pulled his cock back through the hole when he couldn’t take the pleasure anymore.

“Oh wow!” he muttered, out of breath. “That was the best I’ve ever had.”

Sue pushed her mouth through the hole and blew him a cum-covered kiss. Then her tongue came out and she licked the dripping cum from her face.

Steve was next and he wasted no time thrusting his cock through the hole. His cock was a bit longer and more slender. It wasn’t as pink but the head of his cock was as red as a rose. Sue sucked and played with him for about five minutes before he moaned out that he was cumming.

This time she was ready and she aimed his cock at her open mouth. Steve must not have cum in a good while because he really unloaded on her. She took as much as she could in her mouth, and then just let it shoot onto her cheeks and chin until it dripped down onto her naked breasts.

While she waited on the next guy, Sue smeared the cum across her chest. She brought her cum-covered fingers up to her nose and breathed in the musky scent. She loved it all.

She had just taken her slick fingers down to rub her pussy lips when Hunter stuck his cock through the hole.

His dick was of average length, but really thick, and there wasn’t a lot of space left in the hole as his cock extended through. Sue couldn’t open her mouth wide enough to take it all in for long, so she really worked him over good with her lips, tongue and hands.

When Hunter finally came, Sue thought he was going to push the wall down on her. He really slammed into that hole hard. Everyone comes different, especially with age, but Hunter surprised her with huge ribbons of cum that sprayed out onto her face. It was a slick liquid and it was hard to control the direction. He really covered her face! It was so wild. She quickly ran a free hand down to her clit and almost came before he pulled back through the hole.

Lance had been waiting at the door and he quickly ran in when Hunter stepped out. In seconds, Sue had another hard, hot cock poking at her. She rubbed the cum away from her eyes, watching as Lance’s cock bobbed up and down, waiting for her touch.

She reached over and wrapped her slick fingers around his throbbing dick and began stroking it. He came in her hands.

Surprised, she quickly put the cock into her mouth and he moaned really loud as her tongue worked him over. She took the last few drops of cum and swallowed it down.

“Damn it!” she heard him say through the wall. She felt bad for him so she kept softly sucking him. Soon, he was hard again and Sue began a soft, slow blowjob. He lasted much longer this time and Sue’s mouth was beginning to cramp when he finally blew his load again.

She pulled him out of her mouth as he came, and she massaged his cock while he spurted out onto her tits. When he pulled his cock away from her, she heard him softly whisper, “Thank you.”

As she heard the door open, the other guys razzed him for taking so long. Sue smiled to herself.

Lance had left the door open and she heard the guys say, “Last one! Go get her Jim!”

Now she knew who this cock was going to belong to. It was Jim, her neighbor. She had sucked him off once before on a wild afternoon that had Dave fucking her at the same time. They had never done anything again until now, but this time she would have Jim all to herself and he would have no idea of who it was.

After Jim put his cock through the wall, Sue played with it for a few minutes with her hands. She caressed and massaged it. She squeezed it, milking it until the drops of precum oozed from the light purple head. She combined the liquid precum with her tongue and soon had Jim’s cock slipping through her tight hand. Sue was really getting into this. Suddenly she had an idea.

She let go of his cock and quickly stood up and bent over with her rear to the hole. She backed up until she felt the heat of his cock at her wet pussy. Sue worked his cock slowly up and down her pussy lips, parting them and just letting him slip in about a half inch and then pulling back out again.

“Ohhhhh, man….” She heard him mumble. She took a deep breath and pushed back until his cock was buried deep inside her. She adjusted to the feel of it, and let her inner muscles squeeze him once and then she pulled away. She hadn’t planned on going that far, but she knew that it was Jim and she was so turned on she just had to know what his cock felt like inside of her. She quickly turned around and took his throbbing cock in her mouth and hands and worked him over until he too, was pounding his body against the wall.

“C’mon…come on me.” She whispered. She pumped his cock until he came hard, shooting jet after jet of creamy white semen all over her. She smeared the hot liquid all over her cheeks.

When his cock pulled out, she stuck her finger through the hole, beckoning him to come closer. When his finger hooked around hers, she pulled it through the hole. She stood up and awkwardly pushed her body against the wall, spreading her legs wide. She directed his finger to her pussy.

Jim knew right away what he felt and he began fingering her clit. She was so wet that his finger was quickly covered with her slick juices. In seconds, she was cumming hard and she slammed her body up against the wall just like the men had earlier.

Jim pulled his finger back through the hole.

“Cock!” Sue moaned. “Stick it back in!”

Jim obeyed. He was already hard again. He stuck his cock back through the hole and Sue clamped down onto it with her pussy. She adjusted herself until the head of his cock was resting against her clit.

“Mmmmmm” she moaned in appreciation. She stood there for a minute, just enjoying the pressure from his hot dick against her clit. Finally, the tremors from her orgasm slowing, she stepped away.

Jim stumbled back, and stuffed his erection back into his pants.

He leaned back against Dave’s truck in the garage, catching his breath. Jim glanced around the garage as he fumbled with the buttons of his jeans. Because of where Dave had placed the wall, just for a second, in the passenger side mirror of Dave’s truck he saw the reflection of the girl behind the wall.

He saw Sue. Sue had been the “hooker” behind the wall.

“Well what about that?” he thought to himself.

As he began to walk out, Jim whispered loud enough for her to hear, “Thanks Sue, see ya tomorrow.”

In reflex, Sue responded, “Sure Jim, goodnight.”

Sue’s brain froze as soon as she said the words. “Oh no! He knows!”

Jim chuckled when he heard Sue suck in a deep breath. “You should know by now that I can keep secrets,” he told her and then he stepped outside.

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