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Lust For Luciano

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It had been three weeks since my incredible session with the hottest bear I had ever encountered and I couldn’t get him out of my head.

For three weeks I had been celibate: it was longest time I had gone without sex in ages but I just couldn’t bring myself to look at anyone else, let alone think about making out with them. Luciano had promised to call but of course he hadn’t and I felt too vulnerable to make that call myself at first;

when at last I did make the call I got a voice telling me that my call could not be connected. So every night I wanked myself crazy thinking about Luciano’s sexy eyes and that deep, husky voice of his and his juicy big thighs and firm, full butt. Every night he came to me, in my imagination, and overwhelmed me with his masculine presence and his charm and good looks before flipping me over onto my belly and drilling me deep until the cum just about flowed out of my ears.

So imagine my surprise when I was strolling along in a shopping mall and I saw the ass of my dreams lazily rolling about in a pair of faded denims. I would know that ass anywhere and I felt panicked. What the hell was I supposed to do, Go up to him and casually ask how he was or turn on my heels and make a swift exit? My head said leave but my heart said no. The sight of those beefy cheeks quickened my pulse like nothing in the whole wide world ever had before. Memories of his sweet kisses and gentle caresses flooded my brain. I could no more leave the mall that cut my arms off. I needed this big butted man back in my life so I had to take the chance and face rejection.

I quickly walked past him, shielded by other shoppers, and then pretended to be look in a shop window. As he drew close I quickly drank in the beauty of his handsome face and admired the way his big goose eggs had worn the fabric in the crotch of his jeans to the point where it looked like it might just give up the fight to stay intact. And then he saw me and his face just lit up. I had never seen anything like it and I felt absolutely elated.

‘Dan, Dan!’ he cried. ‘Is you, no?’

‘Yes Luciano, it’s me.’ I stupidly replied and he pumped my hand in his beefy paw.

‘My phone is lost.’ He said. ‘I don’t got your number.’

‘So that’s why you didn’t call.’ I said.

‘Why you didn’t call me, huh?’ he demanded.

‘I tried,’ I told him ‘but I couldn’t get through. Maybe I took the number down wrong.’

‘You show me this number.’ He said.

I had to fight back my laughter. There was something about the way he spoke that just got to me. I felt like I was being chastised, but I’m sure he didn’t mean it. I took out my cell phone and showed him the number I had stored there.

‘Aah,’ he said ‘is missing the seven.’

He took out his cell phone and took my number down again. I was pleased to see that it wasn’t the same one that he had had last time so it wasn’t just some lame excuse not to call me. When we got done taking down numbers, and double checking them, there was a moment of awkward silence between us. Was this all a big act, I wondered. Did he really want to see me again or was he trying to let me down gently. Suddenly Luciano leaned in close and whispered in my ear.

‘Do you want to fuck?’ the magic words, that only I alone could hear, rushed straight into my brain and hungry cock.

I smiled and told him that I did. I asked him to lead the way out of the mall because I wanted to check out his big, beautiful bum and he chuckled and did exactly as I asked. I noticed that he had his bunched fists pushed into his pockets which drew the fabric even tighter around the pleasure mound. I thought of all the tiny asses I had known in my time and realized that I would never again stray from the beefier side of town. There was just so much visual pleasure to be had from Lucian’s ass before I even got my hands on it. I had to put my own hands in my pockets to hide the stirring beast that lurked down in the cotton cage of my underpants. How it longed to be out in the fresh air and feeling the sexy bear’s hands and mouth working its shaft. I could almost see the headlines in the newspaper if I gave in to the base thoughts that jangled through my brain: man arrested for fucking in a car park.

My hands trembled as I inserted the key into my front door. My knees were like jelly as I opened it, let us in, and shut the door on the world. Luciano picked me up in his massive arms just then and kissed me and I clung to him like my life depended on it. He carried me through the house to the bedroom where he lay me down on the bed and just about ripped my clothes of me. As soon as I was naked my hard cock disappeared into his warm mouth and I reached down and held his large head in my hands while he nursed on my cock. It had been too long and I’m ashamed to say that my cock exploded within five minutes, blasting fountains of my joy juice down his throat.

‘I’m sorry, Luciano.’ I said as he came off me licking his lips.

‘Nothing to be sorry for.’ He said. ‘All these three weeks I am thinking of drinking your juice.’

He lay down on the bed, fully clothed and held me in his arms while we talked. And all the time he talked he stroked my arm. I had never felt so loved in all my life. What was it about this big dude that got under my skin? Although I was still horny I felt peaceful enough to just lie there and enjoy his caresses.

In time those caresses grew ever more ardent. My hungry bear was unfulfilled and feeling the power of his lust through his warm hands and horny tongue was starting to get me ready for round number two. I let him know this by reaching back and grabbing his thick cock through his jeans. He got up off the bed and asked me to put some music on. I quickly turned on my bedside radio and was amazed as Luciano began the most sensual strip I have ever seen performed. His eyes sparkled and those cherry red lips looked so inviting. My eyes were out on stalks and my throbbing cock leaked a river of precum as I watched him slowly reveal his multi colored rug of chest fur. My mouth ached for those juicy nipples that he had teased into erection. In a lust fuelled daze I watched his hands slide down his belly and undo his fly buttons; he now turned around and wiggled his fat ass at me and I had to restrain myself from prematurely ending his sexy strip.

I sat on the edge of the bed and stroked my cock the way it demanded me to. He tuned around to face me and smiled at me now as he slowly slid his jeans down his big, furry thighs. They slid down to his ankles and he stepped out of them and he was now clad in just his socks and underpants. His big thick cock peeked out of the waistband of his undies, trapped against the dark fur that grew there. It was a rosy red color and so fat and juicy I almost had to sit on my hands. He danced up to me and pressing his large right hand behind my head ground my face against his full and furry crotch. I caught a whiff of the stinky cheese that had zapped its way through my taboo barrier and straight into my brain last time. My hands instinctively reached for his warm thighs so that I could steady myself as I nuzzled his crotch but he had other plans. With surprising speed he turned around and pressed my face into his beefy butt crack and I inhaled his intoxicated musk. I was so far gone I just had to have this man now. In my eagerness to get him undressed I ripped his underpants to shreds and buried my face in his deep, masculine crack as my hands stroked up his thighs and searched out his big, fuzzy nuts.

Luciano groaned and bellowed like a love-sick bison as I ate out his hot hole. He held his massive cheeks apart for me as I tongue dived into his love chute. His was begging me to fuck him but I had other plans. My hands teased his massive balls before sliding on up to his leaking, overheated cock. I relished his sigh as I spread his cooling gel over his flared cockhead. I knew the little guy needed a home and I was just the man to give it to him. I asked Luciano to lie down while I quickly lubed my asshole. Then I kneeled over my big bear and once more just gazed in lust and total awe at this mountain of a man with the big heart. He smiled at me and I could feel all reserve melting away. I wanted him completely; I wanted – and needed — to be taken by him and used for his pleasure. But first I wanted to please him a little more. I kissed his brow and then down his face, soft little nibbly kisses that he appreciated. He turned those juicy lips toward me and my tongue plunged into his mouth and writhed pythonesquely against his horny tongue. I felt his hand reach down and squeeze my little bubble butt but I was not quite ready to give it to him.

I broke free of Luciano’s kiss and licked down his neck before pushing his arms above his head and licking his luscious pits. He writhed and cooed as I licked his salt and sweat and I could tell my poor beefy bear was almost close to the limit of his endurance; I could feel his hard, thick, slippery cock prodding me in the belly. I licked down onto his nipples and teased each one in turn. Next I kissed down to his belly button and let my tongue slither deep inside it before traveling lower still. I could feel his anxious fingers digging into my shoulders as I nibbled the creamy pale, silky smooth place where his left leg met his torso. His big balls rolled around in their sack as he waited for me to move a little higher and take his hungry cock into my mouth. I quickly peeled back his foreskin and rubbed the pungent cheese off the underside of his cock ridge. I sniffed my fingers and drove myself crazy over the horny scent as I moved back over his prone body and impaled myself on his fat cock.

We both gasped: me because of a twinge of pain as his fuck flesh slid all the way home and Luciano because at last I had given him the release he so desperately desired. His big hands grabbed hold of my slender hips as he started thrusting into me. His forehead and eyebrows were knitted in concentration and I wished I had a camera just then to capture that horny look on his handsome face. He fucked me slowly and steadily and my protesting ass soon relaxed and adjusted to his girth. Now it was my turn to ride the wave; I could feel pleasure emanating from somewhere deep inside me and spreading out to every single cell and nerve in my body. I was being taken by the man that had tortured my brain with longing these past three weeks. I had given up hope of ever seeing him again and yet here he was deep inside me, slowly fucking me and mumbling things in Italian that I couldn’t understand but that I guessed were in appreciation of the tight, warm vice-like grip that I held him in now. My big, soft cock flopped against his belly; I was in no hurry to do anything with it as this was all about Luciano.

I braced myself against his strong, hairy arms as I snuggled down deeper onto his fat hog so that his pubes were now mashed up against my ass. I wanted this moment, and this intense pleasure, to last forever. On and on he fucked, with so much tenderness and yet so incredibly passionately; it was as if this man had been born to fuck. I felt something akin to love as I looked down at his handsome face all screwed up in concentration and lust. His magic stroking soon had my cock back on the bone and he reached for it now and began to gently milk it in his beefy paw. I looked down at the fur on his fingers and felt incredibly turned on by seeing my cock massaged by that massive, bear paw. It was as if I was stroking my own cock; he seemed to know exactly what to do to turn me on. He alternated concentrating on my inflamed cockhead with jerking just the base of my cock and he was starting to drive me crazy. My ass took on a life of its own as it gripped Luciano’s cock tight as I started to ride his throbber. His bass groaned rumbled through the quite of my room as he felt my asshole grip his cock so insistently.

We were locked in lust: him thrusting and me ridding and both of us groaning. I could feel the soles of my feet start to tingle and I knew I was done for. I started bucking against Luciano’s stiff prick and begging him to give me his jizz. His hand flew faster and faster over my over stimulated dick and suddenly it all became too much. I think I must have blacked out for a second or two and when I regained my senses I saw a massive rope of thick cum spray out of my cock and land on Luciano’s chest. It was followed by a second and third jet of spunk that landed in the dense fur of his belly. And then I felt myself being pushed higher into the air as Luciano strove to get every last bit of his cock deep inside my ass. He whimpered as orgasm washed over him and he blasted a geyser load of hot spunk up into my satisfied chute. I collapsed on his broad, furry chest and lay panting as he wrapped his arms around me as I savored the feel of his deflating cock slide slowly out of my well used hole.

He kissed my nose and smiled and I knew then that my lust for Luciano had turned into love.

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