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Tongues and Toes

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It was a warm spring night, for a dinner with friends at an upscale, trendy restaurant somewhere in the city. We both dressed a little nicer than the norm because the occasion and location demanded it. I was in a blazer, blue shirt and blue and green striped tie, but I couldn’t hold a candle to how beautiful and sexy you were–a slim, shiny black cocktail dress, thin straps at the shoulders and a little lower in the front than usual. You also wore black stockings and heels. When you were getting ready, I caught a peek of my favorite black thong nestled in the front and rear of my gorgeous wife.

During the dinner, I could tell you tried to be playful tonight. While waiting for a drink at the bar, I stood right behind you as the bartender assembled things. I was surprised, for a second, to feel you inching back into me, your behind pressed firmly against my groin. Once we had cocktails in hand, you slid slowly across me, making sure I felt it. As we sat next to each other throughout the night, we found ourselves engaged in touch the whole time. My arms draped around your shoulders, just to have my thumb graze the flesh of your back. You rubbed my thigh as a friend told a story, your finger nails giving me goose bumps when you inched too close to the top. Whispers in your ear, hands intertwined by dessert, and playful pats on your rear as we prepared to leave told you that I was happy to reciprocate.

The valet returned with the car and opened the driver’s door.

“You drive home, ok?” you requested sweetly.

“Ok,” I replied.

As I got in, you walked around to the other side of the car and opened the door to the back seat. The valet had moved to the next car, and I couldn’t figure out what was happening.

“Honey, why are–”

“Just drive,” you instructed, this time more stern than sweet.

“But, I–”

“I have to fix something on my dress, and I need more room, ok?” you finally explained, a little exasperated. “And can you turn on the heat? It’s chilly in here.” I was starting to feel guilty for interrupting what had been a perfect night, hoping I hadn’t ruined the flirty spirit in my wife.

I pulled out of the lot and headed up the street. The good news was that I drove to the restaurant and knew the way home. Rather than take the highway, I navigated a few side streets to get to Marietta Street, and then headed toward home.

The radio on low, I could hear you moving around a bit in the back seat.

“Do you need help?” I asked. With the random streetlights only providing glimpses, I couldn’t tell what you were doing.

“Actually, I do need help.” Between the two front seats I felt something protrude. I glanced at your two legs, which I could see from the knees down, aloft on the arm rests. “I don’t want to wrinkle my dress, so could you take off my heels?”

You knew I would be glad to fulfill such a request, and I obliged quickly, using my right hand at the base of each heel to lift off each one. I didn’t say a word, and could hardly catch my breath, and I tried to remain calm so you couldn’t see my excitement. Without shoes in the way, you crossed your ankles and rested them on the middle console. Using my right hand, I grasped the toes on your left foot, gently massaging them. Warm and soft to my touch, I spent time stroking each one encased in a satin stocking. It was difficult to concentrate on the road, but I kept my eyes ahead while my hands rubbed for a few minutes.

After a couple of blocks, I felt you withdraw your legs. I was both relieved and sad–maybe you gave me a little treat just to entice me before we got home, but it probably wasn’t that comfortable for you anyway. I hear a bit of a shuffle and then feel your legs on the console again. At a stoplight I glance down to see your stockings at your knees.

“Can you get those off using one hand too?” you ask in a quiet whisper. I look in my rearview mirror and you catch my eyes. Glaring right at me with direct sensuality, I respond with my hand as I peel each stocking down and off your smooth and silky legs.

As the car starts rolling, my hand runs up and down your legs, to your luscious, red-painted toes, to your soft soles, and I can hear your deep breathing, a little louder than before. I can’t say a word because I’m more than aroused. The very pit of my stomach is aching at the touch of your body. I want to pull over and take your body into my hands, but we’re far from home.

It’s a minute or two later when you slide your legs back, and I take inventory of myself. My ears are hot, my mouth is dry, and I can feel sweat on my brow. Having taken a pill stealthily during dessert, your indulgence in my secret craving has produced a monstrous erection and I’ve been leaking a small pool’s worth of liquid during the fun. My chest is tight and firm–what I wouldn’t give to feel your hands or tongue caress my chest to bring me closer to ecstasy.

My seat nudges forward, something pushing it from behind the headrest. As we pass another streetlamp, I see your legs propped on the top of each seat, high in the air. You’ve slid forward a bit, arched so you can explore your own body. Still entranced by your deep, rhythmic breaths, I’m dying to know what’s happening. And then I hear it, the unmistakable sound of you coaxing the wetness from the deep of your sex.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” you moan slightly while your fingers stroke delicately. Driving faster to the next light, the flicker lets me see your moments of pleasure. I can hear you enthralled, and I’m dying to be with you. I want to plunge my hands, my tongue, or my screaming rod into you. I want to spread your lips, I want to taste your sweet honey, and I need to bury myself deep inside you.

Your legs slide over the shoulder of the front seats, and I feel your left foot brush from my neck to my cheek. Tingling with sexual energy, I can’t contain myself and must have some part of you. I turn my head slightly and take your toes in my mouth, slightly cool and salty on my tongue. I can feel my loins spasm and a stream jets from my hard member to soak my shorts.

“Oh………ohhhhhh,” you utter, making me shameless and uninhibited in enjoying myself. I roll my tongue around and between each one, taking my time savor every moment that I’m licking and sucking until I take them all in my mouth again. Three more contractions pulse my short orgasm to a close.

I can hear your pace quicken, and I know you are close, and then your hand eases a bit.

“I want you inside me. I want to cum with you.”

We are almost home, my hands shaking to turn the wheel as we arrive at our street. Peeking behind me, I see your perfect naked body, save for the black thong pulled to its side. One of your hands pinches your left nipple while the other rubs gently on your clit. I love watching you. I love you for letting me watch you.

As I pull in the driveway, you straighten and sit up, leaning forward to whisper in my ear.

“Can I have my shoes? I don’t want to get my feet dirty,” with a wicked smile you say, “or at least not until you get them dirty.” My mind races at the thought of your toes between my legs, stroking me until stream after stream covers your feet as they are soaked with my seed. Shaking myself from the vision, I lean to get your black heels and stockings from the seat and turn to hand them to you. Our faces meet for a deep, long, tongue-twisting kiss. I can feel your passion, your love, and your desire to share everything with each other tonight.

“I can’t wait to have you upstairs,” I say as we break. I turn to open my door and you slide on your shoes. The garage is open, but no lights are on, the house and street are dark. I stand by the car waiting for you to appear, and when you do, I am speechless. Dress in one hand and purse in the other, you climb out of the car in your heels and thong, baring your body to the world for a couple of seconds–a sheepish smile on your face as you do it. Four casual steps cause your breasts to bounce slightly, and I gaze at your perfect ass as you walk by. At the edge of the garage I find you with my hands, grab you by the waist to pull you close. A small gentle kiss turns steamy again in the cool, quiet dark.

“Surprised?” you ask while I’m caught with my mouth wide open. “Now let’s go inside! I’m freezing!” I hear you squeal a little and scoot to the door, waiting for my help to get you inside.

Door unlocked, alarm off, to the kitchen for water, and you beat me to the bedroom to get under the covers. I’m still in my shirt, tie, and pants, and it’s clear that I’m overdressed.

Already on the bed and under a blanket, I can see your legs are slightly spread and your hands are already bringing your juices back to life. Pillows are propped behind you to keep you mostly sitting up as you watch me undress. Kicking off my shoes and socks first, I work quickly to remove my tie and shirt, and my pants drop in a second. Standing in my t-shirt and boxers, I look down to see the stain on the right side of my shorts.

“What happened?” you ask in a comforting tone, but I can tell you are nervous that our night could be over.

“Um…that’s from the car when…umm…” I’m stammering and shy, though we both know what I did.

“When you sucked on my toes? Did that make you cum?” You seem curious and delighted by the idea.

I’m paralyzed. What do I say? My face is red. I can’t look at you and turn to go into the bathroom.

“Wait.” You pull the blanket aside and gesture for me to get in bed with you. “Honey, it’s ok. I know you like my feet, and if it makes you happy I want to do it for you. I was really turned on knowing that you were enjoying it. It felt a little weird at first, but I kind of like it. As long as I don’t have to do it to you, you can have my feet and toes anytime you want. We should be able to tell each other what we want, right?”

“Right,” I say, still feeling embarrassed, but lucky that such an amazing woman loves me.

“So if you want me to do something for you, just tell me, ok?”

“I guess so. What about you?” I ask, turning things just a bit.

“What about me?” you say, a little puzzled.

“What do you want? You did something nice for me, but what would be good for you?” I ask as I slip my hand under the sheet to touch your breast. My hand gently grasps your flesh and squeezes from the sides. After playing for a few seconds, I finally reach your nipple, hard and ripe for me to roll between my fingers. You inhale quickly and close your eyes.

“What do you want?” I ask again.

“I want you in my mouth.”

“WHAT?” as I withdraw my hand from your chest and sit up a bit.

“You asked what I wanted, and that’s what I want. I’ve been thinking about it since the car.”

“But this sounds like something else for me. I want to do something to you, make you feel good” I hesitantly reply.

“Are you going to argue with me about getting a blowjob right now? Kneel in front of me,” you command sweetly.

I oblige and peel off my boxers. Since you’re sitting almost straight up, this will be a weird position, but I’m not going to question it. I straddle your body with my knees near your waist. When I go from sitting to upright, my soft but swollen member is right in front of you, and you go to work immediately.

A drop of clear liquid extends from the tip and your finger swirls it around the head. Next your tongue begins to lick the under side of the shaft, and my body responds as the blood rushes to get me hard in a flash. Satisfied that it’s ready for further attention, you plunge your mouth onto my quivering cock.

“Ahhhh…oh god……ohhhhhhhhh,” I can’t contain myself from uttering. I love the way you suck, gentle but confident. Your mouth is so warm and inviting, and watching you love me gives me even more pleasure. Between the long, slow sucking motion and the faster stroking of your hands, all of the nerves in my body are on fire. You inhale me once more, taking the full length of my shaft deep into your mouth. Hovering for a moment, I feel a small spasm from deep below as your throat caresses me more.

I don’t want to lose control, so I withdraw to cease your oral skills. You look disappointed, but I need a short break. I lift my dick and pull it up toward my body, away from your hungry mouth, which gives you an idea, one I don’t expect. Holding myself, I close my eyes and slow my breathing, when I feel a moist sensation again, this time on my balls. Your tense, firm tongue prods each one, and wanting more, you open your mouth and take them. A gentle sucking motion has me squirming with pleasure.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” I exclaim as I’ve never felt that sensation before. I look down and your eyes connect with mine. Unconsciously I start to stroke myself again while your mouth still works on my balls. Finally you come up for air and smile at me.

“That was awesome!” I erupt with a thankful tone.

“I think I got a hair,” you say and then attempt to retrieve it from your tongue. “Now what do you want?” you ask once again.

“It’s got to be your turn,” I respond in exasperation.

I dismount and roll over on my back. Your hand on my penis keeps my passion alive. You slide down my body and begin to suck me again. Once my manhood is inside your mouth, your hands push my legs wider. First on my balls, then underneath, you finally reach a vulnerable spot. My body tenses and I don’t know what to do.

Your mouth pops off for a moment to say, “Trust me.” I feel your finger run circles around the spot, and it feels good. I trust you and love you and don’t want you to stop. You’re licking and sucking me while a finger caresses me, making soft circles on my sensitive flesh.

“Mmmmmmm….oh god……yes………”

Perhaps satisfied with your work or tired from all the effort, you withdraw your hands and mouth from my body and slide yourself up on top of me, when your face meets mine. I kiss you as passionately as I can, plunging my tongue into your mouth, swirling it with your tongue and lips. I can taste myself on your mouth, and it drives me wild. The salty, bitter taste of my own sex tells me you love each and every inch of my body, and I love you back for it.

You breathing is fast and your mouth covers mine as I feel your body meet mine down below. The head of my cock sits at the door to heaven, and you push down to slide my shaft inside of you. We both gasp as I enter you, and our eyes lock, filled with lust and love.

Up and down you move, your body pressed against me. You lean back, arching your body straight up, and I can see your chest flush with red. Your breasts are tight and firm, and your nipples ache for my mouth, so you lean your right side down to me. I take a breast it in my hand and plant my mouth to suck it gently, then firmly.

“Ahhhhh,” you moan softly while we thrust together.

“Wait,” I say, as I interrupt the fun. You stop moving and I roll you off of me.

“What’s wrong?” you ask.


“Why did you stop?”

“Because it’s you’re turn,” I say as I change the arrangement to have you on your back. “Tell me what you what,” I request innocently.

Silence from you.

“Tell me. It’s not fair to play it this way, you know.”

“Ok, ok,” and you finally give in. “I want your tongue between my legs, and then I want you to take me from behind.” There is assurance and comfort in your voice, and it’s exciting to hear you say the words.

I smile and kiss you sweetly. From your mouth, I kiss your cheek and then down your neck. My hands have already moved between your legs, and I can feel your juices covering your lips. From your neck I run my tongue down to your shoulder and then I cover your chest in small kisses. I give one nipple a suck while I tug the other, and I know you are getting hotter by the second. I pick up from the middle of your chest and down to your stomach, where I hover at your belly button to build the tension. I kiss down one side all the way to your hip, then lower to the inside of your thigh. I jump across the middle again to kiss the other thigh, and you squirm because you can’t take anymore.

“Please,” you exhale, and I can see the hunger in your eyes.

“Please, what?” I tease just a little longer. I finally sink lower to meet the spot of my dreams, glistening with honey and waiting to be devoured. Except for a small tuft of curls at the top, your area is shaved neatly and slick with your juice. I can wait no longer to give you what you desire. Starting on the sides, I plant little kisses, making my lips wet with my tongue each time. To the top of your slit I move my mouth and then slowly drag my tongue down the length of your lips. A light touch, barely parting the outside layer, just enough to sample what’s inside. I roll past your nub and you twitch at the feeling, so I proceed lower to seek your hole. All the way down, my mouth covering your gaping pussy, I wiggle my tongue deeply into the folds. You gasp and moan, and I can feel my own blood rushing to arouse me again. I circle your opening before extending my tongue inside, savoring the taste of your flesh.

Your moan and writhe as I work to bring you pleasure. I see your hands tweaking your nipples, and I know your body wants even more. Drawing my mouth up from down under to your clit once again, I circle the spot with my tongue. Wanting to hear you moan or scream, I plant my lips and start sucking as I insert a finger inside you.

“So good…………that feels so fucking goooood……….” you say, confirming that you love both sensations, but I think you want even more. Still lapping your button and its folds all around while fingering you in a rhythm, I decide to use my other hand to satisfy your next craving. Gathering lubrication from below your dripping mound, I rub slowly and gently on your little hole, feeling the soft flesh moisten with each round.

“ohhhh….ohhhh……ohhhhhh,” you exclaim as I add more pressure to my touch. I know what you want, and I’m glad to oblige, sending the tip of a finger into your ass. Carefully penetrating when your muscles relax, I finally reach my prize. I hold for several seconds to let you catch your breath–nipples pinched by your own hands, your clit being sucked, your canal so open and ready, and your tight hole fingered so well.

Your gasps have grown louder, “OH..OH…OH FUCK,” and I know I’m making you feel good. I want you to cum so I can taste the gush of juices from deep inside you. I love when my mouth and chin are covered in your scent so I can taste you until the next day.

“OH…OH…… feel so good. Oh………please stop. I want to cum with you.” I pause and open my eyes to see you looking at me, and I smile. Pulling my hands from your body, I feel your small contractions as you release me. I kiss the outer lips and your thighs again before I sit up on my knees between your legs.

I want us to join together so I start stroking myself. Seeing your sex swollen and engorged makes me horny as hell. Then I watch your hand slide between your legs to give me another show. Our eyes meet again, yours glassy with pleasure but focused on what you want. You are the hottest woman on the planet when you let yourself give in to your sensual side. Men would kill to be with you right now, and I feel so lucky.

“Get it hard for me. I want you inside me…I want to feel your dick going in and out of me from behind.”

I almost shoot off when I hear your words, so sexy and sultry. My moans show how much I love your comments, and you give me another dose to be sure.

“Are you gonna fuck me with your big cock? I’m so hot…my pussy is so wet for you…”

And just when I can’t take any more, you raise your legs to plant your feet on my chest, and your toes go to work. I have to stop stroking and instead focus on the sensations your feet produce. Lightly rubbing your toes on my nipples brings my body to an electric state, all while I watch your fingers rub and spread your lips. You know that I’m watching so you use both hands to open yourself wide, exposing a giant, hard clit and a gaping wet hole. After what seems to be an eternity in ecstasy, you drop your legs again and turn over onto your stomach. Diagonally stretched across the bed, your head rests on your right forearm, which sits on a thin pillow. I move into position behind you and gaze at the wonders before me–a slit covered in shiny liquid waiting to be filled and a cute bundle of flesh quivering for touch. My mouth fills with water as I think about licking your pussy and ass, but I know you’re ready for something more.

Up on my knees, I guide the head of my rod to your opening. I ease in an inch at a time as your warmth envelops me. I feel my body pressed against yours, and I know I’m in deep as the tip reaches the limit of your insides. I withdraw slightly and re-enter you again.

“ohhhhhhhhhhh….” I hear upon the third thrust. Watching my member slide in and out is so sexy. Your lips grip me well, and I feel your wetness leaking from the base of my cock and onto my balls. I increase the pace of my movement to bring you closer to climax, and I know your left hand is hard at work on your clit, rubbing firmly and steadily.

“Ahhhh…oh god….ah,ah,ah,ah,” I exclaim as I continue to pump you from behind, holding your hips, rubbing your ass, and reaching around to tug on your breasts. Twenty, thirty, forty times I’ve watched my hips press into your soft, sweet behind.

As I pause for a moment to not lose control, I hear your breathy whisper from below, “Touch me…there…”

I know what you want, and I’m ready to give as I pull back to get more room. Using my thumb I gather lubrication from the top of my penis and move directly to your ass. Rubbing up and down on the entry, I feel it getting slick, and I wait for your muscles to allow me in. Still thrusting from behind, I worry I may cum too quickly so I slow again while playing with your ass. My thumb has peaked in and the tension is gone, giving me more access. I start pumping again, using my hand and my sex to fuck both of your holes, and I know it won’t take long. Your hand goes to work faster between your legs, and I can feel you grab me inside.

“OH, AH, OH, OH…OH…OHHHHHH,” you twitch and spasm as the climax hits you over and over again. Your insides contract, squeezing my dick and pushing my thumb from your ass, and you buck against me four, five, six more times.

“Ohhhhh……ohhhhhhhh….” deep breaths replace your panting, and your sweaty body comes to a rest. I’m still anchored behind you with my hardness inside, having avoided release so far. I pull out and hear the soft pop when the head reaches air, and I look to see the results of my work–my prizes, both rosy and red, shiny and wet. You ease to your stomach, and I lie down next to you, proud and content with the joys we’ve shared. We exchange sweet kisses, and I lightly rub and scratch your back. It is in these, the quietest moments that I feel closest to you and most loved by you. I share my self, my soul with you.

You roll to your side and snuggle into my arms, when you notice a small obstacle to our connection. “Did you cum? I thought you were cumming with me at the end. Why are you still hard?”

I play silent and try to tuck this raging skin torpedo under a sheet.

“Honey, did you?”

“Well…a little bit,” I say, trying to assuage your interrogation. I’m sure it will relax and go down, and after such a wonderful ending, I feel guilty pressing you into further action. Plus, you’ve already done all of my favorite things tonight, so any more would just be greedy on my part.

‘That’s unacceptable,” you declare and push me onto my back. Within seconds your hands grip my shaft, and your mouth heads to the left side of my chest. You know it’s the fastest and easiest method to get me off. It feels so good to have your lips and tongue dance around the peaks on my chest, and as you climb on top of me, your right hand joins the task. I can feel pressure building, and the release would feel great. But…

“Honey…can….you….um” I hesitate to interrupt your expert work, but you perk up to respond.

“What? How do you want it?”


“I can give you a hand job, or I can do something else. I know you like my feet. Do you want me to do that? Just tell me. I think I’m too sensitive to have you inside me again, but I can do other stuff.”

“Sit up, between my legs. Drape your legs onto my body.” I’m on my back and my legs are spread. You are sitting between them, facing me, with your feet on my ribcage. I start to move your feet toward my chest, and you anticipate what I want. Rubbing in circles and dragging your toes across my firm nipples, my body fills with excitement. I feel your hands between my legs, one stroking up and down and the other massaging my swollen balls, so full and ready to share their prize.

“Ohhh…ohhh…that’s good….oh…” I close my eyes and lose myself in the sensations. I love the way you touch me. You are so good to me and make me so happy.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah,” my pulse quickens and I feel my climax building. Your hand jerks me faster, taking great care to grasp the head every few turns, while your fingers have moved under my body to explore the softer places. Pressing the button so gently leaves me feeling vulnerable and open. But I know that you love me and want to please me, so I relish your intimate touch even more. You know that in an instant I could cum, and to push me over the edge, I feel your foot slide up my chest even further. Your toes reach my chin, you plunge them into my mouth, and I gladly and greedily suck them.

“Mmmmmmmmmm…mmmmm…mmmmmm,” I’m in heaven already as my body starts to tense. All blood rushes downward to the head of my cock, and the first spurt announces pure joy. Second and third splashes cover your fingers as your strokes halt to let my orgasm finish. Another jet and more dribbles out, coating your tender hands.

Peeking through the slits of my eyes, I see a broad smile on your face. You look down at your reward–a giant mess over my stomach and your hand–with pride and love. Covered in liquid, you tease the head a bit more to see it twitch and move. A giggle escapes you, and your hand spreads the juices over my sac. Seeing you unashamed and unafraid of my body and its expressions makes me feel like I can share everything with you. Massaging the cum over my cock and balls, you bring me wave after wave of pleasure. You pull back your legs and climb on top to give me one last passionate kiss. Lips touch, mouths open, and tongues dance. A peck and a smile, then you roll off and walk to the bathroom.

I’m naked and alone in the dim light of our room. It’s difficult to piece together what’s happened on this night, perhaps the greatest and most passionate night in our twenty years together. After sharing so much of each other, and myself I’m filled with a blend of joy and fear. I know you are my wife, committed to me forever, and my lover, sharing our most private selves, but I wonder if you see me differently now. My answer arrives when you stroll through the room again in a towel.

You visit my side of the bed and bend to kiss me. “I love you, honey.” Four simple words, but each carrying infinite weight in my heart. “Love you too.” Fear, shame, embarrassment, anxiety, and all other negative emotions are washed away when I see in your eyes the passion and connection that has sustained us for so long.

You dress, I change the sheets, you climb in bed, and I climb in the shower. Minutes later we are both in bed for the night.

“Honey?” I begin, not sure of what I’m going to say.

“Yea?” you respond, eyes still fixed on your iPad.

“I had fun tonight.” Understatement of the year, but it’s the best I’ve got.

“Me too. What are we doing next Saturday night?” you ask innocently.

“I don’t know. Do we have plans?”

“I think so,” you propose, but then your voice drops softly. “It’s called Truth or Dare. And I’m going first.”

My pulse quickens, and I know I’m not going to sleep tonight, or any of the next six, thinking about what that night will involve.

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