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Dancing Competitions

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To find the full background leading up to this story readers should read “The Dinner Dance” — my previous submission. Otherwise a brief summary is as follows:

Geoff, my husband, is now completely impotent as a result of an accident he had some time ago, and so his one wish in life is to see me happy. In order to achieve this he almost encourages me to have a good time, and makes no objections to my having other men friends if necessary just so long as I remain medically aware.

So when Clive asked me to be his dance partner at his firm’s dinner/dance which entailed an overnight stay he was more than willing to agree.

Clive proved to be the soul of discretion when we next met for his lesson, and made no reference to our last meeting for his firm’s dinner-dance other then to thank me once again for being such a wonderful dancing partner. He did kiss me at the end of the lesson, though, but other than that he made no reference to the sexual side of the night. In other words, he continued to be a model student of ballroom dancing.

Clive was already an extremely proficient dancer, and had gone right through his medal tests with flying colours, and now he suggested whether or not he should go for an even higher standard by taking a professional exam. I told him that I would do all I could to help him achieve this goal, as his standard was already high enough, and all that he had to do from then on was to learn how to teach. In fact, I remember actually suggesting that perhaps we might be able to employ him on a part-time basis.

And so his lessons continued, and apart from the kiss at the end of each session he was a model student who never took advantage of what had occurred in my story of the Dinner Dance.

That is until about three or four months later. The British Open Ballroom Championships were to be held, as usual, at Blackpool, in the Winter Gardens, and Clive suggested that perhaps we could organise a coach for some of our students to go there for one evening at least.

It seemed a good idea to me as well, as it meant that some of our students could see for themselves at first hand what high standards were attainable.

It was no trouble getting sufficient numbers for a coach party, especially as many of the students were already either husband and wife or partners in other ways, such as being engaged or even just going out together. The ones who were single also managed to balance in such a way that there would be equal numbers of both sexes, ideal for a dancing occasion.

Because the finals of the competitions would be on two evenings, though, we also had to book accommodation, which I managed to do on the South Shore for us all, even though we had to use two different but adjacent hotels.

We also all agreed that as this was a special occasion, that we would also go for the two nights — the Friday night being the finals of the professional ballroom classes and on the Saturday the finals of the professional Latin classes.

So, late afternoon Friday saw us travelling up the M6, a party of some twenty of us altogether, all looking forward to watching some brilliant dancing, but also being able to rub shoulders on the dance floor with many others of similar standards.

As I said, we were actually equal in sexes, being ten men and ten girls, although this included Clive, which meant I was seated next to him as all the others were already paired off in one way or another.

Unlike last time when we went to his dinner-dance I was dressed more casually, whereas last time I had dressed accordingly. So I was wearing just an ordinary mini-dress, the hem well above the knee for ease of movement, and beneath which I wore a bra as well as a thong and tights, the whole outfit in black.

Many of the other girls were similarly dressed, and the men all wore lounge suits.

I would be telling a lie if I said that Clive was on his best behaviour as we travelled, as sitting in such close proximity lent itself to a little body contact. He began by holding my hand as if we were a couple, and I accepted it. As we travelled up the motorway, though, he appeared to be trying to doze, and his head lolled onto my shoulder. I grew a little daring. After all, he had been so well-behaved in his lessons in spite of the intimacy we had enjoyed at his dinner-dance that I felt he deserved some appreciation. Mind you, what he did not know was that when I had booked the rooms for the party I had carefully allocated both single and double rooms according to marital status, etc., but I had deliberately not booked a single room for myself – I was intending to share the double I had booked for him!

So, as his head lolled onto my shoulder I carefully put my arm round him and drew his head down towards my breast. It was then that I also knew that he was in no way asleep and was trying it on, because I felt his mouth nuzzling the breast and his hand dropped onto my uncovered knee.

I ignored his intentions for a while, enjoying the sensations as he nuzzled at my bra-covered breast and his hand gently began to slowly creep along my thigh, gently inserting itself beneath the hem of my flared skirt.

It was then that I whispered to him as I did not want to be overheard, that I was wearing tights and that he would therefore be frustrated if he tried to go further! He looked up at me, then, and grinned. I grinned back in reassurance, as I then told him to be a good boy and to behave, and who knows what treat he might earn as a result. After all, we were in public, in a way, and I would not want most of the others to know that there had ever been anything between us.

Luckily no-one was looking in our direction at the time, and so he sheepishly looked at me and agreed that now was not the time.

Eventually we arrived at our hotels and I saw to the allocation of rooms in each hotel, and everyone went to change and freshen up before we all went on to the Winter Gardens, where I had already booked tickets.

It was then that Clive had his surprise. He had gone to his room for a shower, and I had seen to the last of our party’s arrangements. He had a slight shock, from which he quickly recovered, when his door suddenly was opened by my key and I went inside to catch him fully naked as he was about to go to his bathroom!

“My room, too!” I announced. “That’s why you have a double bed!”

His face was a picture.

“So you see — it was worth holding back on the coach, wasn’t it?” I asked him, as I also began to strip off.

“I’ll take my own tights off, if you don’t mind,” I told him. “They are new and I do not want them laddered. But you’re welcome to help me with anything else, although remember we only have about half-an-hour or so before we have to go out.”

Clive was all for having a fuck there and then, but I stopped him, reminding him that we did not have enough time, but allowing him to have a quick fumble before we showered and dressed for the evening.

Opening my case I took out what I intended wearing that evening “I shall be wearing knickers tonight,” I told him, “as we shall be in public and they may well show if we do any vigorous dancing. But I shall also wear stockings as they make me feel so sexy whenever my skirt flies up and exposes them. Shall I wear a bra or not, though? ”

I knew what his answer would be before he said “No. I like watching your breasts jiggle when you dance.”

We both laughed, and I put on my dress for the ballroom. Unlike the one I had worn for him on that last occasion this was not full length, but was flared whereas than the one I had worn on the coach was short, and beneath it I wore a flared petticoat which would not only help its appearance but it would also help it fly out more if I were to twirl round.

Meeting outside with the others we caught one of the trams for which Blackpool is famous and went to the ballroom. Although we started as a group, during the night we began to split up although I did try to dance with as many of my students as possible in turn, although Clive was my most frequent partner as we danced between the rounds in the competition.

When I was with Clive especially, though, he made sure that I was twirled as much as possible, so that even if he was unable to see my display of legs and stocking tops, at least he made sure others could.

In fact, on our way home one of the girls whispered to me that her husband had really enjoyed my display and said it had turned him on no end to watch my stocking tops being revealed. She said it had made him randy and that he was going to insist that she, too, wore stockings for the next night.

Once back at the hotel it was late, and so we all turned in for bed. After all, we had journeyed as well as danced and it was beginning to tell on us. Tomorrow would be a different story.

Once in the bedroom, though, Clive came to life once more. He immediately flopped backwards onto the bed and sat up looking at me. I knew what he had in mind, and so I stood in front of him whilst I slowly unbuttoned my dress and then removed it to stand in front of him in just my tiny thong and hold-up stockings. He lost no time, then, in standing up and taking my breasts in his hands he slowly licked and nibbled them in turn, his hands dropping to my thong and just inserting them under the elasticated waist.

“Take them off — everything!” I told him, and with no more ado he carefully peeled off both stockings and thong, leaving me proudly displaying my smooth pussy which had started to puff out with anticipation, helped by the fact that I was also trying to push that part of my anatomy towards him.

He dropped into a kneeling position, and his mouth sought and tasted my dampening lips, as I told him now to undress, as we had all night for whatever we wished to do. There was no having to get home again on this occasion.

It only seemed seconds before we were both lying in bed, Clive uppermost as his rigid cock was being swallowed by my eager cunt. “I’m on the pill, as you know,” I called out to him. “Don’t hold back or waste anything!”

Seconds later I felt him pumping for all he was worth. The poor lad must have been really pent-up, not to have lasted any longer. I felt the flood as it spurted from him, but was slightly disappointed that I had not been able to match his speed. However, the night was still young, and next time he might be able to control his emotions better.

Nor was I disappointed when I found myself being wakened again as once more he was entering my most sensitive area. This time he did control himself more, perhaps due to the fact that I was causing him less friction as I was already so wet inside from his last ejaculation.

I lost count of the number of times we made love that night. Even in the past with Geoff I had not had so many fucks in so short a time. His stamina was great.

Next morning we were awakened by the maid bringing tea. Neither of us had dressed in night attire, (I had none with me purposely), and so when we sat up we were both naked from the waist upwards. It did not matter her seeing Clive with a bare chest but I was quite nonchalant about displaying my firm breasts as if I always slept completely in the nude. Typical of hotel staff, though, she pretended not to notice, especially as the morning tea had not only been ordered for our room by number, but also in our respective names! And these were naturally different!

Casually we showered, dressed in the clothing we had travelled in, except that I was now wearing a different pair of knickers, which I had decided to wear as we did not know what we would be doing that day until the dance competitions.

On going down to breakfast, though, we decided to go into the dining room together. After all, no-one would know but what we had met in the lift or something.

We joined a couple at their table, Linda and Harry, and bade them good morning. To our surprise, though, Linda asked if we had had a good rest, adding that they were in the next room and knew that we were in together having seen us both enter and close the door. She then tried to put our minds at ease by saying, “Look, Janice. Some of us have seen you and Clive together in the past, and we know how you look at each other at times, plus your behaviour on the coach — we were behind you there! We won’t say a word to Geoff if you do not want us to, but let us reassure you — we are also swingers, and often spend nights with other spouses!”

I scarcely knew which way to look at first for embarrassment. They were my students! They were married to each other, I knew, but this confession was a revelation to me. Clive, on the other hand, seemed to be taking it easier, and then he said, “I knew this, Janice, about Linda and Harry. I once met them at a party, although I did not participate in any of the frolics as there were only one or two there who were actually into swinging.”

Harry spoke next. “Don’t worry, Janice,” he said. “We shall keep your secret and it will not make any difference when we have our lessons. We are the very souls of discretion. In fact we have suspected for some time that you had Clive had eyes for one another, as I said. And Joan and Michael have said as much to us on occasions — they are great swinging friends of ours, too. But just to show you how discreet we can be you are probably hearing about our way of life for the first time, are you not? And yet you have known all four of us for two or three years!”

I told them that this was the first time I had ever heard of or even suspected their extra-marital activities, and that they all four had managed to conceal it from the rest of the world.

So, after promising that my secret was safe with them we finished breakfast, and went for a stroll down the famous Blackpool Promenade.

We all met again as we ate our early evening meal, before we all changed once again for the Latin Championship session.

This time I would be wearing a Latin costume more suitable to the occasion a dress as short as that, but again I made sure that they were as skimpy as I could get away with, especially as I did not intend wearing tights as I would have done had I been competing.

On the other hand, knickers were essential with that dress, and I had the very pair of a very flimsy nylon. I knew that the actual material was fairly transparent, but I was away from home, I was unknown apart from my own students and I wickedly had the idea that it might show some of them a new side to me. Mind you, I was also hoping that one of the other men would be partnering me so that Clive could have the opportunity to ogle me.

So I asked Clive to stay out of the bathroom whilst I changed and then put a coat over my outfit so that he would have to wait to see my mode of dress for this evening.

Arriving at the Winter Gardens we girls all went to the cloakrooms after arranging where we would be meeting the men. I was amused to see that one or two of the girls were also dressed a little provocatively (although none of them had been as daring as I was), and suspected that they had taken a little of my lead from the previous night when I had so readily flashed. Certainly Linda was in a mini-dress and it was obvious that she wore stockings, as the tops were starting to show when she sat down. But from what I had gathered at breakfast this morning Linda was not averse to displaying herself at any opportunity.

But I was planning my strategy. We watched the preliminary round of the competition, and then a Samba was announced for general dancing. I was quick off the mark, and asked Pete, one of the single males, if he would take me on the floor. “Your samba needs a little polish” I told him, “although you already have a high standard.” Then I turned to Harry and Clive and asked to watch closely in order to help Pete correct any slight faults.

I deliberately kept close to our party’s seats, and saw that only Harry and Linda plus Clive and Penny (Pete’s fiancée) were still seated, and all four of them sere avidly watching not Pete, but me as I made certain that I was showing as much of my scanty knickers as possible, knowing that it would have been possible to see quite through them had they been closer.

In fact, when we finished our dance and we returned to our seats Harry sat next to me as he congratulated me on my audacity. He spoke so softy to me, and as I was at the end of a row there was no-one on my other side to overhear, as he told me that he and Linda had discussed inviting Clive and me for a drink in their hotel room when we returned, when he said he would be able to speak louder about what he thought of my display. Would I accept?

I was seeing Harry and Linda in a new light on this trip. I hesitated only slightly before telling him that I would love to have a chat — or something – and I put a slight emphasis on the “something” as I said it. He responded by giving my bare thigh a squeeze before turning to speak to Linda, trying not to be too obvious in front of the others, although a far as I was aware none of the others were taking much notice of our collusion.

The rest of the evening went off really well, and as we hailed taxis to take us back to our hotel I was amused to find that Clive and I were sharing a taxi with Harry and Linda. It was slightly arranged so, I suspected, but the arrangement was even more apparent when Clive climbed into the front seat leaving me sitting between Linda and Harry. It came as no surprise, either, when Harry immediately turned towards me and once more placed his hand on my thigh, parting my coat to do so. What was a little surprising, though, although actually it was not as surprising as all that, was that Linda, too, placed her nearer hand on the other thigh! I half expected one or both hands to start wandering in an upwards direction, but they were evidently trying not to push their luck too early.

However, we arrived at our hotel, and began to follow Linda and Harry to their room. I remember thinking to myself, “This is it, Janice. You are either going to enjoy sharing a secret tryst or your reputation is going to fall into tatters. Anyway, here goes, as you have already committed yourself and your feelings for Clive have already been discovered. So either way you have been compromised.”

As we entered their bedroom Harry turned to me, and, asking Linda to pour out some drinks, he said, “I hope you won’t mind but in our little circle we don’t believe in beating about the bush, and we say what we mean with no inhibitions. Is that all right?”

“OK with me,” I answered. “I promise not to beat about the bush, either, and will say what I mean. And I doubt if you would ever embarrass me — you have only seen one side of me up until now — that of your Dancing Teacher. I do have another side, as Clive can vouch.”

Clive nodded in agreement, as we all waited for Harry’s next words. In fact, his words did not surprise me in the least, especially remembering the way he had ogled me when I was dancing — even though I had practically asked him to do so!

“Right,” he said. “You’ve been flaunting them all night for us, so let us see those knickers properly!”

I laughed. “Is it just my knickers you want to see or what is inside them?”

Before Harry could answer Linda had answered by saying loudly — “Both!” We all looked at her and the laughter repeated itself from all three of us.

“Would you like to help me take this outfit off, then, please?” I asked in general. “There are so many hidden hooks and fastenings and I cannot see the back properly.”

“I’ll do that, please,” said Linda before the other two could answer. “The men might by too clumsy and damage such a delicate dress.”

As she began to help me off with the costume there came a knock on the door — three raps, followed by two raps, followed by one rap.

“I’ll go,” said Harry, “but please continue, Linda. We know who it is. It’s Joan and Michael’s special knock,” he explained to me.

I had not known that Joan and Michael were in the secret as yet, and if they were not they were in for a pleasant surprise, I thought.

But to my own surprise when they came into the room they were both wearing dressing gowns!

And I was also right when I surmised that they were not yet into the fact that Clive and I were about to be accepted into their circle! This was apparent by Joan exclaiming, “Janice! This is a pleasant surprise! And Clive, too! We knew that you two were becoming an item on this trip, but we did not know that you were swingers, too. And we have known you for such a long time!”

“Yes. When Harry and Linda told us that they would be having some special guests round for the night we had no idea it would be you.”

By now Linda had succeeded in removing the main part of my costume, so that all I was now wearing were the transparent knickers.

“But we are so pleased the guests have turned out to be you. I said to Michael whilst we were in the ballroom that I would not mind having a closer look at those knickers you were showing whilst you were dancing,” added Joan. “I pointed them out to him as he had not noticed at first!”

“And now we can see them properly!” said Michael with a little excitement in his voice.

“I expect Janice will let you examine them closer if you ask her nicely,” quipped Harry. “I was about to do just that when you arrived.”

Linda was standing just behind me at this point, and although I was half-expecting her to do something it took me a little by surprise when she deftly pushed her hand down the front of the knickers, palming her hand directly over my pussy, as she said to everyone else, “Look how see-through they are. You can definitely see my hand through them!”

This brought the retort from Michael — “I prefer what was on view before to being able to see your hand!”

Linda took this as a signal, and immediately pushed them down to my thighs, exposing my pussy lips properly for the first time. I was ready for this, though, and stood proudly facing them all, as Linda now came round for a better look herself.

I was beginning to enjoy myself better than I had done for some time. I had always wanted to act out an act of exhibitionism, and now I had burnt my boats by agreeing to join in this spree I was determined to enjoy it for all I was worth.

“Right, then,” I challenged. “You can all see mine — I want to see all of yours!”

Immediately Michael and Joan shrugged of their dressing gowns, revealing themselves to be completely naked beneath. They had really come prepared! Linda, Harry and Clive were a little slower as they had more to divest, but soon we were all six of us in a state of complete nudity.

After that it became a “free-for all”, with no holds (or holes) barred, so to speak. Whereas Clive and I had played with one another, fucked one another, and touched and kissed one another everywhere, last night’s capers were now repeated except that there were five others involved instead of just one besides me.

I remember very little of what happened afterwards as the whole night became turmoil in my mind, as so much happened. I remember at one point that I was lying on the bed with one cock in my pussy and another one in my mouth, whilst someone’s lips were pinching my nipples. Three at once! I remember finding myself wakening up whilst on the bed, whilst on the floor, on my own, in someone’s arms, being fucked, and so on throughout the night.

Luckily Harry and Linda had cancelled their early morning call, so at least we were not disturbed by any maid appearing suddenly to find us in the state we were.

But when it came to returning to our own rooms, as we had to check out that morning, Joan and Michael were all right — they had their dressing gowns. Clive was all right — he just dressed again. But I doubted if it would be right to walk through the hotel corridor wearing my dress from the previous day — that would have given too much away. Anyway, I was able to borrow a dressing gown from Linda, and so Clive and I made our way back to our room where we dressed sufficiently for breakfast, returning afterwards to re-pack.

The coach was waiting for us, and as luck would have it the rear seat was vacant – the “back seat” usually sought after by couples who were not averse to a little sexual play whilst on the road.

Clive and I sat there on one side, and to my delight we were joined almost immediately by Joan and Michael, who told the next couple seeking it that they had promised to hold it for Harry and Linda.

So for our journey home Clive and I were able to pet undisturbed, the only ones able to see without deliberately trying to look being Joan and Michael. Not that we did much petting. We were too worn out from last night, but we did cuddle together close than we would normally have done all the way home.

But on bidding farewell to the rest of the party when we finally arrived I did have a sobering thought. How would I face the next private lessons with Michael and Joan, and with Harry and Linda? How should I behave when they came? I looked at Clive and remembered how right and proper he had behaved after that first time. But would the other four behave in the same way? I decided that it was not use worrying about that, but to face up to the fact that I would just have to wait and see.

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