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Two Sons Ch. 2

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My sons and I had found a wonderful and special relationship on our camping trip. I tried to replace a small piece of what they had shared with their late Father. I doing so I had found myself sharing my body with my sons. I am not sure if I seduced them of they me. Either way I am my sons lover and mother or as my youngest, Paul, he is the one with the dirty mouth, puts it. I am his cocksucking slut mother. Oh, yes and he said, “I love you Mom”. I must admit I have enjoyed my sons in a while different way and it is erotic and exciting. To say nothing about how well they take care of their mother’s needs.

I was enjoying my sons twice a day. David in the morning and Paul at noon then both in the evening before we turned in. I was having the time of my life fucking and sucking showing off my body and letting my sons investigate every orifice I have. It was Paul that first brought up the subject of anal sex. Anal sex was not new to me, but never during my marriage to their father. He was just not interested in anything but straight sex for his own end. So when we were sitting around the fire in the early evening after dinner. Paul said, “Mom, I have heard some of the guys at school talk about fucking girls in the ass. Is there such a thing?”

I had not thought of anal sex for many years, my ass was virgin up till the time I may a sexy guy in college. I did not want to get pregnant and he wanted more than a few blow jobs so her proposed I let him fuck me in the ass. After a few finger probes and lots of lubricant I started to enjoy the thought of having him run his cock up my ass. So one night after a few drinks I let him get behind me on all fours and with a lot of K-Y jelly on my ass hole and his cock. He managed to get the head of his average size cock in my ass. I felt good after I learned how to relax. It was great once he got it in me and started to fuck my ass with a nice slow rhythm. I reached back between my legs and rubbed my clitoris and in a few second I was screaming with delight, along with a wonderful climax. I enjoyed his attentions to my ass hole for only a short time as I left college. So here I was standing in only my panties and T-shirt and my son was asking me about anal sex. David had the larger cock of the two boys. But if Paul were to fuck my ass first then I felt that David could also fuck me in the ass with out difficulty.

“Yes, Paul, some girls enjoy getting fucked in the ass. Or so I have heard also.”

“OH, come on, Mom, you mean you have never been fucked in the ass by anyone?”

“Paul did any one ever tell you, you have a dirt mouth.”

David, joined in and said, “I have told him he needs to clean up his mouth. He is always talking dirty, well up here in the camp any way. Dad, never minded what we said up here.”

Paul countered, with “Well maybe I do, but you were the first one to say Mom, had great tits and how you wanted to fuck her.”

“Wow, now you two stop it, when we are alone talking sexy, is not dirty, talking out in public that was is dirty. OK, now you guys understand that.”

Paul smiled and ask again, “So Mom, tell us about ass fucking. Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“well if you must know, yes a long time ago. Your father never wanted to have any kind of fun sex. Just hop on and hop off. So it was a long time ago. So long ago I had forgotten all about it.”

Paul, said, “Can I fuck you in the ass, Mom, I think that would be fun. You got such a great ass. I love to see your fucking ass when I am fucking you from the rear. You , now doggie style. I like to look down and see you little ass hole when My cock is up your cunt. I t makes me horny when I can see your fucking ass hole. I think it would be wild to watch my cock slid up your ass.”

David, was now standing by my side and he ran his hand down in side my panties and put his middle finger on my ass hole. Paul was not to be out done so he came and stood next to me also. He said, “David pull Mom’s panties down so we can see her ass hole. I get some, gee do we have any K-Y jelly, Mom?”

“No, we don’t Paul, but if you guys really want to play with my ass, get some butter that will work.”

Paul, got some butter and rubbed it all over my ass and David, started to push his finger in. “Easy, David,” I said, “Take it very easy till I see how it feels”

“OK, Mom, easy does it.” I was still standing with my hands on the counter where I washed dishes, my panties were around my ankles. Paul had his hands on my ass cheeks holding them apart so he could see his brother’s finger probing my ass. The whole thing was kind of sexy to me. My son with a finger in my ass and the other watching up close. Then I felt Paul put a couple of fingers in my cunt. I was wet and they went in easy. David’s finger was deep in my ass and it was starting to feel pretty good to say nothing about a few memories flooding back. I smiled and could not help but moan and wiggle my ass to show how much I was enjoying it. David had his middle finger in all the way and that is when I felt Paul started to push a finger along side of David’s. Two fingers in my ass and a couple of fingers in my cunt. Oh, my this was getting very erotic and I told then so. “Oh, that feels so good, finger fuck my ass, and my cunt. Push another finger in my ass. David did, now I had three fingers in my ass and I was beside myself with sexual emotions. I wiggled my ass and screamed as I reached a climax. I flooded their hands with cum from my cunt. I was marvelous and I wanted then now to fuck my ass and make me cum all over again. Paul, was first as he stood up behind me and with butter all over his cock head, he pushed it up my ass. He did not take it easy but got right to fucking my ass like he does my ass. Fast, hard and deep. David got two fingers in my cunt and he said, he could feel Paul’s cock in my ass.

Paul, said, “God, Mom, I can see my fucking cock going in your ass hole, Look David, see my cock is in Mom’s ass hole, Holy shit, What a fuck this is. I am going to cum. With this he filled my ass with his cum. Young boys have so much cum. God I loved it.”

I felt the warm flow of sperm and after a few more wild jerks his cock slid from my ass. David did not waste any time, Paul moved out of the way and David was ready with his wonderful cock. It slipped up my ass easy and smooth. David, fucked me slow and easy. He was driving me nuts and I told him so. I screamed I was about to cum. David, pulled back and slammed his cock into my ass, so deep and hard he was. I screamed and he joined me with a shot of hot thick sperm. MY ass felt like it was on fire and yet, I was beside myself with tremors and shaking. I had never been so well fucked or so high on the emotion scale as I was just them. I don’t think David had his cock out of my ass when my legs gave out. I fell to the ground. Paul was there in a second and took my arms pulling me toward my sleeping bag. He ask if I were all right, I told him I was fine and I was just so excited my legs gave out. Paul, said that was the best fuck he had and he wanted to do it again. I told him later after I recovered. David, said, fucking my ass was great. We managed to wash up and go to bed with out any more sex play. The boys were learning that a little rest in between made it nicer the next time.

I was fixing breakfast the next morning. This was our last day in camp. The boys wanted to go for one last swim and I wanted to lay on my rock and get a little more sun. I had on my bikini, and Paul came up behind me and kissed me on the neck, ‘ How’s you fucking ass MOM?”

“Just fine, no thanks to that wild fast fucking you gave it>”

“OH, shit Mom, I am sorry about that, but it was so exciting to see your fucking ass hole it just drove me nuts. I am sorry. really, nest time I ‘ll. take it slower.” I turned and kissed him on the cheek.

The boys were off to the shore line and I found my sunny rock. This lake would have been full of boaters and swimmers if it had not been for the fact that it was five miles off the beaten path and there were no road in to it. I loved it. I took my to off and laid down. I have no idea how long it was but all of a sudden I felt like some one was watching me. I knew the boys liked to look at me but this felt different so I slowly opened my eyes. There off the one side under a tree in the shade stood a Ranger. He was just leaning against the tree looking at me. He smiled as I rose up on one elbow. MY tits were there for the whole world to see so there was no need to cover up now. I said, “Hi, do all the rangers walk around looking at half naked ladies.”

His smile grew wider, “No, Mama we would never allow anything like that.”

I liked his smile so I ask, “Well what do you call what you are doing?”

“Oh, I just happened to be going by and I wanted to look out at the lake , you just happened to be in the way.”

“Well, Mr. Ranger, you are the lucky one, now you have seen a pair of tits that you have never seen before, will that make your day?”

“Yes that would make any ones day, when they, the tits that is are as nice as yours. But you see I have seen your tits before.”

This took me off guard for a second. When had this man seen my tits before. Then it hit me. Oh, my god, he must have seen the boys and I in camp at some time. Oh, god this is not what I wanted to happen. Was I gong to jail. He sensed my shock. “No, please do get up set. I am not here to do any thing to up set you. But I did see you and those boys having a little sexual party yesterday.” I sat all the way up and put on my bikini top. I stood near the rock and ask.” So what are you going to do about it.?”

He smiled and said, “I understand how this could get started and I can understand a mother loving her sons so much she wanted to have sex with them. I see nothing wrong with that at all. I think it is great that you can share so much with them.”

He had a nice voice and I sensed there was some kind of sincerity in his voice. He was looking at me with wide sad eyes and yet, I found him to be very handsome. He was tall, broad shoulders and kind of rugged looking. I was drawn to him. I said, “how is it that a man can understand as much as you seen to unless he has also engaged in such playfulness.”

His smile got wider, “Well you are a smart one, Yes, I know how it is. I had sex with my mother right up till she died a few years back. I now enjoy sex with my daughter. When ever we can get together. She is off to college. So we don’t get to see one another as often as I would like.”

I saw something in him that I liked. “What about your wife, does she know and understand also.?” “MY wife died when my daughter was only twelve and we did not start to share a bed till she was seventeen.”

“I am sorry.” I said, “You seen like a very nice man, but I don’t want to upset my boys, so would mind being gone by the time they return from the lake.”

“Look, My name is Daryl Winter, I hope you don’t think me to forward, but I find you very attractive and it you would allow me I would like to see you again.”

“Mr. Winter, I also find you very nice, it would be nice to see you again, but we live way down in the city. It would be hard to see one another again. Oh my name is Helen Carson. But I guess you know that already from when we checked in.”

“Yes, I did read the check in sheet. And that is way I came up here the other day. I knew your husband and I came up just to check on you and make sure you were OK. I was not sneaking around I just happen to walk up you three. I thought if I had let it be known then it would have spoiled the whole camping trip for you. But I did want to see you again and let you know how I felt and that there are others out here in the world that enjoy a family unity like yours.”

“Daryl, Your very nice and it is wonderful that it was you that saw us rather than some one that did not understand. How can I say thanks for all your kindness.”

“Helen, if there was time.” He smiled and there was a twinkle in his eye. “I am sure we could think of something.”

I smiled back and felt a warming toward this man. “Oh, I bet we could, if there was time. Daryl, maybe there is time if you would like me to give you a little satisfaction. How would you like that?”

“Helen, I know what you mean and that would be wonderful. But I would not want to leave you hanging. ”

“Daryl, my boys will be back soon and they can take care of any need I may have.”

“Helen, OK, on one condition, that you allow me to visit you in the city soon.”

I told him I would like that. I stood close and he pulled me to him, he kissed me and it was a warm soft kiss. It made we want to know him even more. My hands were busy with his zipper, he kept kissing me and at the same time he loosed his belt letting his trouser drop to the ground. I fumbled for his cock. If was not hard to find. It was long, thick and the head was large and bulbous. His hands were on my tits and ass. His large hands were as gentle as the wing of a butter fly. I pulled back and dropped to my knees. Even on my knees his cock was well above my face. I had not realized how tall he was. My hand circled his lovely cock while my mouth circled the purple head. I don’t think I ever wanted to suck a man off so much in all my life. I really wanted to make him cum for me. I wanted to pleasure him so much. I never felt so erotic about wanting to excite a man. I think, somehow he knew how I was feeling. I swallow as much as I could take and sucked on him. Working my mouth on the long shaft drove me wild. My bikini bottom was wet. I started to finger my cunt as I sucked on his cock. I felt it started to swell ever larger. I knew he was not going to last very long. I waited till his cock head and balls got hard and that is when I took the whole fucking head into my throat. The first spurt was hot as it shot down my throat. I swallowed and drank his cum till he was spent. The cock head grew smaller and slid out of my mouth. I milked down the soft cock and licked every last drop. I wanted him to know how much I wanted to do this for him.

“That was wonderful, you are a marvelous cock sucker. I’ll have to tell my daughter all about you. That is if you don’t mind.”

After he dressed and I was once more standing I told him it would be fine to tell his daughter. If he thought they both would like to come visit I and my sons. He smiled and said, “God, now that sounds like fun, I’ll bet your sons would like her. She is beautiful and has a great body. Oh, yes and she like to get fucked in the ass to.”

He was gone by the time the boys returned and I had wonderful visions as we packed up for the return trip home. I wondered how soon I could expect a visit from this Ranger.

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