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As the family wagon pulled into a small truck stop in the middle of nowhere, Jack’s father turned to him and his mother.

“Who else is hungry? ”

They had been driving across state to visit family and were now heading back home again. The problem is that it’s a long drive and Jacks iPod ran out of battery a long time ago.

Since then all he has had to entertain himself was his imagination, and like every other teenage boy, his couldn’t help but fantasies about things of an x-rated nature. All this had gotten him rather hot and horny so as his parents headed into the small cafeteria attached to the gas station he told them he was feeling a little car sick and needed to go to the toilet for a while.

“Okay Jack” said his mother. “We’ll be inside having lunch, take your time darling. But make sure you have something to eat okay?”

“Okay” muttered Jack as he headed off in the direction of the arrow marked ‘Toilets’.

He walked around the corner of the small service building close to where some other cars and trucks were parked, and headed away from the main road. The toilets seemed like they where pretty far away but that was okay with Jack, he would need some privacy. Around the back of the building stood a small wooden hut with two toilet stalls inside, Jack thought it didn’t look much like a public toilet but he was in too much of a hurry to care. He entered the small hut and closed the door, unfortunately it didn’t have a lock so he moved past the sinks and into one of the stalls. This door had a rusty old lock that looked pretty flimsy, but the other stall was not an option, it was just too filthy, so Jack closed the stall door and sat down.

He pulled his jeans down to his knees and removed his hardening cock from his tight underwear. He was young but handsome. 19 years old, Jack was slim and rather muscular thanks to athletics at his high school; he had dark blonde hair and brown eyes and was covered head to toe in a nice tan. He began to rub his cock which grew even harder in his hand, at its full length it was about 6 and a half inches but looked large as Jack shaved and waxed most of his body as it made certain sports easier. All of the fantasies from the car trip rushed through his mind and he felt his orgasm building up. He noticed the graffiti on the back of the door, there where some stupid tags but front and centre was a drawing of a large cock dripping with cum. Strangely this aroused Jack who was straight but he put it out of his mind to focus on the task at hand.

He was jerking his cock nice and hard when Jack heard footsteps outside the toilet and froze, worrying that it might be his parents or that he might have been moaning loudly, he sat in complete silence. The door of the bathroom opened and jack heard someone enter, he listened as they walked slowly across the dirty tiled floor and stopped outside the stall he was sitting in. then, without warning the lock snapped off and the door flew open to reveal a large trucker standing there with his grubby hand holding the handle. He was big, he took up the entire door frame with his size, he was hairy too, beard stubble covered his dark rugged face and thick black hair ran down his exposed forearms. He wore a red checked long sleeved shirt that was rolled up to his elbows, black jeans, workers boots and a cap which covered more dark hair.

Tall and bulky, the trucker looked down at Jack, who was almost half his size. Jack tried to cover himself up but he was frozen with shock and fear.

“Heh heh!” the huge stranger laughed in a deep and menacing voice. “Listen up whore! I’m gonna fuck you hard and rough and you’re gonna like it! No one can hear you scream back here so don’t even try it! And if you don’t do exactly as I say, I will pound the shit out of ya. Then I’ll go and pound your mom and your dad too! You got that?!”

Jack sat there stunned. This guy was definitely not joking and Jack knew he had no chance against this guy, he was just too big and strong.

“Do ya hear me cock-slut?!!!” The trucker yelled as he moved forward and grabbed Jack by the back of the head.

“Yessssss!” Jack squealed back as his head was jerked down by the truckers’ huge hands. The stranger stank of dirt, sweat and beer, Jack saw how dirty and grimy the guy was and felt the strength of his arms.

“Good!” said the trucker as he leant down to come face to face with his prey. “Now do as you’re told and you will be fine! But if you don’t act like you’re enjoying it, then I’m gonna get rougher and a whole lot meaner! Understand?!!!”

“Yessss!” Jack groaned under the weight of his attacker strength. He knew that to disagree would mean that the trucker would beat the shit out of him and his family and he also knew there was no way to escape. It seemed hopeless, he was fucked either way. So he made a decision there and then. Jack decided to act like a female pornstar, he was going to do everything that he saw them do in porno’s because if he did what the trucker wanted then it would all be over a lot quicker. If his parents came looking for him, then they where all in trouble. So it had to be quick.

With that, the huge, dirty trucker lifted Jack up and grabbing a fistful of his shirt, tore it off over his head. He then pushed Jack back onto the toilet seat and lifted his legs to pull his shoes and socks off, before stripping Jack of his pants and underwear leaving him completely naked. He then threw Jacks the shoes and clothes out through an open window high above the toilet. Trembling, Jack tried to compose himself and act like the ‘slut’ this guy wanted.

The trucker blocked jack into the stall and kept him sitting on the toilet as he undid his own fly and pulled out a big dirty looking cock. It was not fully erect but still nearly twice as big as Jacks. The trucker thrust it into Jacks face and swallowing hard, Jack took it. He took hold of the thick, dirty cock and began to rub it, feeling it grow in his hands. When it became hard it stood at nearly 14 inches long and 4 inches thick. It was a monster, bigger than anything jack had ever seen, even in porn.

“Now suck it bitch!” commanded the huge trucker.

Placing his hands on the truckers’ hips, Jack licked his lips and opened his mouth. The giant cock wobbled just in front of his face. It was long, thick and dirty, much like the trucker himself, his cock reeked of sweat, dirt and cum. Jack leaned forward on the toilet seat, trying to get the end of the truckers’ giant meat in his mouth as it swayed in front of his face.

Mouth open and tongue out, Jack seemed ready as the trucker thrust his massive rod into his warm wet mouth. His fat snake was so big that it stretched Jacks lips and cheeks wide until spit and pre-cum began to run down his chin and naked body. He nearly gagged at the feeling and taste of this stranger’s dirty fat cock in his mouth, but knowing the consequences of not doing what he was told, he began to suck the cock, moving his head back and forth along the truckers hard shaft. He was completely vulnerable and at the mercy of the strong, dark truckers sadistic desires.

“That’s it, oh yeah! Good little whore!” moaned the trucker as he watched the young kid suck his fat cock.

“I haven’t cum in weeks! I need this badly, so you better make me cum!”

As he sucked the thick man meat in and out of his mouth, Jack took his hands off of the truckers’ hips and grasped the shaft of his cock. He then jerked the huge snake as he sucked and licked its head. He looked up at the trucker and licked his cock head gently, before taking it back into his mouth again. Jacks other hand found the truckers’ balls which felt huge even compared to his cock. Its was obvious that what he had said about not having cum in a while was true, so lifting up his massive cock, Jack took one of the truckers’ dirty, hairy balls into his mouth and sucked it softly before doing the same to he next one. Just like the massive cock, Jack had trouble fitting the balls in his mouth but he knew that the quicker he could make the trucker cum, the sooner it would all be over. He then licked the truckers’ cock, all the way up the shaft from his balls to his head before sucking the end of his giant prick back into his mouth.

Jack was astonished at how easily it all came to him. Maybe it was due to the fact that he was incredibly horny before this all happened or the fact that it was so naughty and so wrong that Jack was even more turned on at being dominated so roughly. But sucking a big fat cock didn’t bother him as much as he thought it would, he knew he wasn’t gay, but there was still something about it that mage his heart beat faster.

The trucker groaned in pleasure and relief before grabbing Jack roughly and turning him around, where he placed him on his knees facing the toilet. He then lifted the toilet seat up and pushed Jack forward until his head and neck squeezed through the hole in the seat. Jacks’ head was stuck through the seat which now rested on his shoulders with the trucker holding the seat above his head and pushing it closed again. This move forced Jacks’ head down into the toilet bowl and moved his ass up into the air. Jacks realised what the trucker was about to do, but was powerless to stop him, especially now that he was trapped with his face in the toilet bowl just above the water.

The trucker pulled his own shirt over his head and kicked his pants and boxers off. He was now naked except for his big workers boots and baseball cap. He then knelt down behind Jack, his huge frame hulking over the trapped young man.

“Hold steady you little bitch! This will hurt a whole lot more if your squirmin’ around!” the trucker said as he lined himself up behind Jack and grabbing his victims hips he aimed his spit covered cock directly at Jacks bare ass. Then he spat on jacks exposed asshole and gripping him tightly, the trucker pushed his monster cock slowly into Jacks ass.

The pressure on Jacks ass was very powerful until the big, fat cock of the mysterious trucker popped passed his butt hole and pushed deep into his bowels.

Jack screamed into the toilet bowl as he felt the truckers massive, rock hard pole drive deep into his ass, it stretched him wide but luckily it didn’t rip his anus. His screams where muffled by the toilet bowl and the water, but it didn’t matter anyway, the trucker was right when he said no one would hear him scream back here.

The trucker then began to slide his fat greasy cock in and out of Jacks tight ass, thrusting into him hard until finally all 14 inches of his massive tool where deep inside Jacks rectum, stretching him to the max. As the trucker pumped harder and faster into his butt, Jack was pushed harder into the toilet bowl, its putrid smell unable to take Jacks mind of the rough treatment of his ass.

Jack was being completely manhandled, as the trucker, fucked his tight ass hard and pounded him into the dirty toilet bowl. After a few minutes of having his butt hole reamed by a giant trucker, Jack found the sensation to be slightly better, the pain had left as he began to loosen up and now it was just sex. Hard, dirty, violent sex!

The trucker then pulled out of Jacks ass and pushed the toilet seat back over his head before picking him up and pushing him against the wall. Holding him by his ass, the trucker lifted jack up the wall so that his legs where spread out to the side and his ass hole sat tantalizingly close, just above to the truckers juiced up cock. He then lowered Jack down onto his hard pole letting it slowly push up into Jacks’ flexed butt hole. Jack grimaced as he felt the massive man meat push up into his ass. He was helpless in the truckers’ strong grip, and found himself a more turned on by it. Strangely, he liked being dominated like this. The trucker began to fuck up into Jacks stomach, pounding his ass raw as he held him there, pinned against the wall.

“Oh oh oh oh!” Jack began to gasp as he was lifted up and down on the monster cock of the dirty trucker.

“You like that don’t ya? You fucking whore! You like daddy fucking your asshole?”

There was no denying it now; jack was really aroused by the whole situation. This combined with the extreme pressure on his prostate lead to something Jack never expected. His legs shook in the truckers arms and he arched his back against the wall as his limp cock began spurting a hot load of cum all over itself.

“Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!” he moaned as he orgasmed.

“That’s right you fuck-toy! I told you that you would like it! You God damn slut!”

Jacks orgasm seemed to turn the trucker on too. He pulled out of Jacks’ ass and pushed him down onto the ground where he put Jack over the toilet facing upwards and once again pulled the seat down over his head. Jack was now stuck sitting on the ground leaning back with his face looking up through the toilet seat. The trucker then squatted over him and stuffed his thick, dirty cock back into Jacks mouth.

“That’s it you fucking cum-slut! Clean that mess off my cock! Yes! You like that don’t ya!”

Jack choked and gagged on the filthy monster cock that had just been deep in his own ass. The trucker fucked down into Jacks mouth, forcing his hard cock down his throat, as Jack spluttered all over the truckers huge balls. He was being face fucked and there was nothing he could do about it. Then the trucker grunted hard as he came, shooting his steaming, massive load of cum hard into Jacks unsuspecting mouth, right down his throat. There was so much cum that it spurted out of Jacks mouth, squirting out the sides around the truckers cock spilling down Jacks chin onto his chest. The trucker then pulled out of Jacks’ mouth still cumming like a fountain, and began to spray jizz all over Jacks body.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!!! FUCK!! YES!!!” the trucker shouted, wringing the last few spurts of cum from his swollen balls.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh yes!”

His head no free of the toilet seat, Jack began coughed and spluttered, spitting up cum and trying to wipe it from his eyes. He was drenched it hot man spunk, it was in his hair, his eyes, his nose, it dripped from his mouth and ran down his naked body. The trucker stepped forward again, still groaning, and began to slap the half blinded Jack in the face with his deflating cock.

“Open up whore! Drink the rest of the cum from my cock!”

Jack sucked the truckers softening cock back into his mouth and licked the cum from it, slurping the last remaining drops from deep within his balls. The trucker moved away, getting dressed while Jack struggled with the pool of cum he had been drowned in. as he finished wiping jizz from his eyes, Jack looked up to see the now fully dressed doing up his fly before walking back over to the toilet stall. He looked down at Jack, at what he had done to him, and laughed.

“Ahhh…I told ya you would like it! I knew you where are filthy little cum-slut just begging fucked hard the moment I saw you get outta the car with your parents! Now run along whore! Go and tell ya folks what a dirty little cock-whore you are!”

Jack heard the trucker laughing to himself as he left the toilet, leaving Jack drenched in a pool of hot cum, struggling to catch his breath. His ass and throat hurt. His whole body ached. With no clothes and no way to properly wash all of the thick white cum from his sweaty naked body, Jack wondered how he was going to get back to his parents, and what he would say to them, when they came looking for him.

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