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Isaiah McDermott shifted his pack to ease the pressure on his shoulders. He rested a bit as he checked his bearings. It appeared as if he was on course toward his destination. According to his map there should be a farm house near by. He had to avoid it at all cost. The “Aggressors” would be watching it. It was on a natural choke point where the roads crossed because of the terrain. The creek and the river in conjunction with the hills made this the easiest way to get to the main highway.

He carefully checked each possible place the enemy could use as an observation post to control the crossing ahead. He felt a jerk at his sleeve and looked down to see a child tugging at his sleeve. It said, “Mister, please help us, our Momma is real sick and we need help.”

He scanned the area quickly. What kind of trick was this? “Please Mister, please.” The little face looked up at him. Tears ran down the dirty face.

“What is wrong with her?”

“She won’t wake up and she feels real hot, Mister. Please help her.”

Surely they wouldn’t stoop so low as to use a child like this. “Show me the way to your Momma. OK.”

“This way Mister.” The child ran back down the path and he followed. The farm house appeared ahead of him shortly. The child ran into the door. He followed. He heard a baby crying and followed the child into a bedroom. A woman lay on the bed. He shrugged off his pack.

“Can you hear me Mam?”

She didn’t move. He put his hand on her forehead. She was very hot. Way too hot. He looked around and saw a bathroom. He entered it and found a wash cloth and ran cold water on it. He returned to the bed and gently wiped the woman’s face. Her eyes fluttered and she look up at him. “Please help my babies.” Her eyes closed. He looked at the child. “What is your name?”

“Sue Ann, Sir. Is Momma alright?”

“I don’t know yet, do you have a phone?”

“Yes sir, but it has been disconnected.”

“Show it to me.”

The child pointed to the front room. He followed and the child pointed to a wall phone high on the wall. He picked up the phone and dialed 911. He heard nothing. He hung it up. He hurried back to the bed and looked at the woman. He gently shook her. She didn’t respond. He walked to a crib an looked at the crying baby. He felt it. The diapers were wet. He checked a couple of drawers in the dresser. Then he looked at the little girl. “Sweetheart, where does your Momma keep the babies diapers?”

“Right here in this bag, Mister.”

He picked the baby out of the crib and looked around the room. He spotted a basinet near the bathroom. He lay the baby on the top of it and took the diaper off. Wow it really stunk. Nothing smells worse than a shitty wet diaper he thought. He looked under the basinet and found baby wipes and cleaned the child’s little bottom. He just had every thing clean when a stream of hot urine hit his hand. It almost hit his face. He smiled. Definitely a boy.

He cleaned the mess and put a new diaper on the baby boy.

He remembered his own son. He shook his head and picked the child up and carried it to the kitchen. Sue Ann followed behind him. “Sue Ann does the baby have any food?”

“Yes, there is formula in the refrigerator.” You have to warm it up. I am not allowed to touch the stove or I would have fixed it for Bubba.”

“Where is a bottle?”

“I’ll get it for you.” She ran in the bedroom and was soon back with a bottle. He washed it and found the bottle brush. There were other bottles in the sink. He found a pan and washed it and poured some formula in the bottle. He placed the bottle in the pan in some water and put the pan on a burner. Nothing. He saw the box of kitchen matches on the shelf by the stove, took one and rubbed it along the strip on the side of the box. He turned the knob again and held the match to the burner. Poof! It was lit. He looked down at Sue Ann. “Have you had anything to eat today, young lady?”

“Not since yesterday, Mister.” He looked in the refrigerator and saw nothing. There were several empty soup cans by the sink. “Did you have soup yesterday?”

“No, I fed it to momma.”

“I’ll fix you something in a minute. He felt the formula on his wrist. Still cold. He carried the baby with him out to the porch. He lifted his pack and carried it in the house. He opened a pocket and found his last MRE. Ham Patties. Yuck! Better than nothing. He juggled the baby and managed to get the package open. He opened the meal pack and put it in a clean pan. He felt the bottle again. Just right He carried the baby back to the crib and gave it the bottle. It slurped happily away.

He returned to the kitchen and moved the meal over the flame. He found a cup and poured the hot water in on top of a coffee pack and added creamer and sweetener. Tasted pretty good. He checked on the woman again and wiped her down with cold water again. He was checking the med kit in his pack when he heard the truck pull in. It was the EMT people. He showed them to the woman. They took her temperature and one said, “OH! Shit. We have to get her to the hospital right away. Everyone else alright?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“OK we have to hurry.” They put her on a gurney and hurried to the ambulance. They took off in a cloud of dust with the siren screaming.

Isaiah looked around. Shit, what now?

He went and got the baby and sat on the porch in the rocker and rocked the baby. The bottle was empty. The baby started to cry. He put it over his shoulder and burped it. It looked up at him and cooed. The baby boy smiled and kicked his legs. He grinned back at it and gave it a finger to tug on. He looked up and saw Sue Ann looking at him. He jumped up and ran to the kitchen in time to save the food in the pan. He put the baby back in the crib and then fixed a plate for Sue Ann. She wolfed it down. He smiled at her. She smiled back and said he was a good cook. He laughed at her. “You are just real hungry, Thank you anyway.” He took stock very quickly and found there was very little food in the house. There was no more milk or formula for the baby. He looked at the little girl, “Sue Ann, does your Momma have a car or truck?”

“Yes, in the barn. I’ll show you.” He followed her to the barn and found a clean Toyota Corolla. There was a baby seat and a child’s seat in the back. There was a stroller between the seats. He took Sue Ann’s hand. “Sweetheart, can you show me how to get to the nearest store?”

“Yes, I know the way. It is about ten miles I think.”

“Do you know where your Momma keeps her car keys?”

“Yes, they are in her purse by her bed.”

“What is your little brother’s name?”

“His name is Robert but we call him Bobby, just like my Daddy.”

“Thank you Sue Ann, I think we had better go to the store and get some things or we will get very hungry to night. Do you have any relatives near by? Where is your Daddy, will he be home soon?”

“Our Daddy is in Heaven, he got killeded in the war. The only other relative is Aunt Ginny. She lives far away in Atlanta.”

“Well I guess it is up to me then. Let’s go to the store.”

He found a little sleeper for the baby and put it on him. He helped Sue Ann wash her face. He found the car keys and they went to the car. He strapped Sue Ann and the baby in their seats. The car started instantly. The fuel was low but appeared to be plenty for ten miles. Sue Ann directed him and he had no problem finding the store. It was in a small shopping center, a Wal-Mart Super Center. He had brought the mother’s ID with him. He found pay phone and called the phone company and discovered the phone bill could be paid at the convenience store he was in front of. It would be back in service by five. He called the non emergency EMT number and got the number for the hospital. He inquired about the mother. She was listed in stable but serious condition with pneumonia. He asked to talk to the billing office. He gave them her phone number and address. They asked for the name of the person responsible for payment and he gave his name and address. He told them to send him the bill.

He got the kids from the car and put the baby in the stroller and went into Wal-Mart. Sue Ann could push the stroller and she showed him were things were. She was a very smart little girl he thought. He bought all their favorite things, plus the staples of bread, milk, formula, etc.. He bought more diapers.

They stopped at Burger King for lunch. He got the meal to go so he wouldn’t have to load and unload the kids. He had a new respect for mothers with children. He thought it was amazing that they could cope with it all. Especially when a husband was not there to help. He knew women were much better suited to this sort of thing than he was. He was too used to giving orders and having them obeyed instantly.

He got things on a schedule and organized in his head. In the next few days he mowed the lawn after fixing the mower. He made a bunch of repairs around the house. And even completed the paint job the mother had started in the kitchen.

The second afternoon, with the kids taking a nap he sat in the rocker on the porch and sipped a NA beer. It tasted good for a change. He looked up and saw a car coming down the long drive. It stopped in front of the house. A woman got out of the BMW and strode toward him. She wore a light weight beige suit and high heels. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth as she had trouble with her heels sinking in the sandy dirt. She walked up on the porch and stood in front of him. “Who the hell are you? Where are my sister and her kids?”

“How do you do, Ma’am? I am Isaiah, the lady of the house is in the hospital with pneumonia, the kids are taking a nap. I assume you are Aunt Ginny. Please sit down before you break your neck in them there heels.”

“Thank you, I am Virginia Marston, Susanna’s sister. How is she?”

“She is doin’ jest fine, Ma’am, she was real sick for a spell, she should be comin’ home in a couple of days. You look like you could force down somethin’ wet and cold. How ’bout a coke?”

“Is that a beer you are drinking?”

“Yes’em, it shore ‘nuf is. Would you like one?”

“Yes I would, thank you. He rose out of the rocker and went to the kitchen and brought her one. “Sorry, but I just drink non alcoholic beer.”

“Mmmm, it tastes good. Hit’s the spot. Just who are you?”

“Ma’am, Ahm jest a passerby. Lil’ Sue Ann said her momma was sick and she needed help real bad so I stopped tryin’ to escape and gave her a hand. Got her Mom to the hospital and been looking’ after ’em ever since.”

“What were you escaping from. Jail?”

“No Ma’am, I am a United States Marine. We are loyal, trustworthy and honorable men. I was on an Escape and Evasion Training Drill. E&E. I called in and told them I would be detained.”

“What happened to your hick accent?”


She laughed, “May I go look in on the kids?”

“Certainly!” She walked in the house. Bare footed he noticed. She was back in a minute. She smiled at him again. It was the first time he had seen her without her sun glasses. She was a stunning woman. She smiled at him and he suddenly felt very old. She was really beautiful when she smiled. She said, “I am impressed, everything is neat and clean. I don’t see any dirty clothes or diapers piled around, no dishes in the sink. Everything is spotless. Your wife has you well trained.”

“Thank you very much, I have been well trained over the years by various women, but I have no wife. She couldn’t stand being a Marine wife and ran off with the grocery store manager last time I was sent to war.”

“I am so sorry.”

“Hey, she is happier now I guess. Although my oldest son says she wants to come back now that I am retiring. I don’t think so.”

“How old is your boy?”

“He is about your age, he just turned twenty nine.”

“Flattery will get you a long ways. I don’t think you are that much older than I am.”

“Are you married? Kids?”

“No and no. Haven’t had time yet.”

“Don’t wait too long.”

“I know, my biological clock is winding down. No prospects in sight.”

“Girl, I just can’t believe that. There should be guys lined up wanting a shot at you. What do you do for a living?”

“I am a trial lawyer in Atlanta.”

“Oh! Well that explains everything.”


“Calm down, I was just teasing. Let me feel your hand. OH! You must not be a real lawyer, your hand is not at all slimy.” She hit him hard on the arm.

“You are a fine one to talk, baby killer.”

He grinned at her, “You a cute when you get angry, makes me want to kiss you.”

She looked at him, startled. Then she grinned back. They grinned at each other. He said, “Let me carry your bag in so you can change to something more comfortable. OK?”

She took the bag from him and walked in the house. He sat and looked out across the fields. He couldn’t get her out of his mind. No use dreaming, she was way too young. He heard a faint sound and turned to see her in cut-off jean shorts and a well filled halter top. He stared at her. She blushed and said, “I just brought home clothes, I didn’t think I would see anyone. Savanna and I were going to paint the kitchen. I see she finished it.”

“Don’t blame that on her, I saw it needed finishing so I did it last night.”

“So how long have you been a Marine?”

“Thirty four years.”

“Wow, since I was five years old. You must have liked it. Did you do well?”

“I did OK I guess. They are just now getting around to getting rid of me.”

“What rank are you now?”

“I am an O-8, but will retire as an O-9.”

He watched as her lips moved and she counted on her fingers. Her head jerked up, “Major General, to Lieutenant General? Really, Wow, and they send you out on drills?”

“Well they don’t exactly send me. I like to say I won’t ask my men to do anything I won’t do. I still join the troops and do a ten mile forced march with my full pack and gear. I still run five miles with a forty pound pack. I finish with the top ten percent too!

“I just love to run, not with a forty pound pack though. I can do a 5K with out hurting too bad.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t hurt. Sometimes I think I can’t make it but I always do. Often takes days for me to recover now.”

“You appear to be in great shape.”

“Why thank you girl, I think your shape is truly magnificent. I love it.”

“Aunt Ginny,” shrieked Sue Ann as she ran through the screen door to the porch.

Virginia hugged the little girl to her breast and kissed her over and over again. They cried together. She looked up at Isaiah and said, “I love this girl so much. Can I take her to visit her Mother this afternoon?”

“I doubt that they will let her in. Let me call and find out, maybe you can talk to her.”

He walked in the kitchen and called the hospital. Mrs. Bushnell would be able to take and make calls after five that afternoon. No visitors under 18 years of age. Visiting hours from noon till nine. He walked out on the porch. He gave them the information. Sue Ann was disappointed. He motioned for her to come to him. He hugged her and whispered in her little ear, “Sweetie, I know you are sad you can’t see your mommy, but just think of how happy your mommy will be to see Aunt Ginny. Won’t that be fun for her. Maybe you can talk to her after five. That will be special too! I’ll fix us a special dinner to night. What would you like?”

“I love Mommy’s tuna casserole.”

He looked at Ginny, “Can you tell me how to make that one?”

“I sure can. You cook ½ a package of egg noodles, then in a skillet you melt ½ a stick of butter. You chop a small onion and brown it in the skillet. Then add 1 can of cream of mushroom soup, then 1 can of milk. OK, next you melt chunks of American cheese or Velveeta. Next we add a can of tuna. Then you grease a casserole and pour the contents of the skillet in the casserole. You crush Saltine crackers and sprinkle them over the top and bake it at 350 Degrees for 45 minutes. Nothing to it.”

“Well, I think we have everything we need for it. I’ll give it my best shot.”

Ginny and Sue Ann looked at each other and giggled, “Right.”

Isaiah jumped up, “I hear Bobby. His formula is in the little pan warming on the stove, you may have to cool it a hair.” He got the boy from his crib and changed his diaper. He handed the baby to Ginny and said, “Here is your nephew. Is his bottle ready?”

“Sure is, right here.” The baby fussed and cried reaching for the man. It wouldn’t take it’s bottle.

“It looks like he wants you, General. Here he is.”

He took the baby and cuddled it and gave it the bottle. Bobby cooed and slurped it right in and began noisily sucking on it.”

Ginny grinned at him, “It looks like you men have really bonded. That is so sweet. You must have been a wonderful father. I see you have everything under control, I am going to change and go see my sister.

Ginny came out a few minute later. She looked at the big Marine as he sat rocking the baby. He looked up and saw her. She wore jeans, very tight jeans, She had on a light jacket over a T-shirt. His eyes slowly closed then popped open. A slow smile built on his face as he carefully looked her over, from her little low cut sneakers to the baseball cap with the ponytail out the back. “Girl, you look delicious, are you sure you are out of high school?”

“Yeah! About a hundred years ago, but I love your saying that. I will see you guys in about an hour.” She bent over and took his face between her hands and kissed him softly on his lips. “Bye now.” She turned and walked out the door. He watched as she got in her BMW and drove off. He gasped for air, he had forgotten to breathe. Wow!

He put the baby in the crib. He stood and watched it sleep for several moments. He turned and went to the phone. He dialed a number from memory. The phone was answered, “Second Marine Air Wing, Commanding General’s Office, General Zeigrfeldt speaking.”

“Hey, Jack how are you? Everything under control?”

“Sure is boss. No problems. Every thing is on schedule. How are you doing?”

“Just fine Jack, put me down for a couple more days of leave. And check and see if I can stay away a few days after that?”

“Mack, you know you have forty days of leave on the books you are going to loose if you don’t use it. Say, is that a baby I hear crying?”

“Yes, Jack, it sure is, I’ll call you later.” He walked to the crib and picked up the baby and burped it. It closed it’s eyes and went back to sleep. He saw Sue Ann watching him.

“Sweetheart, can you please help me get dinner ready?”

“I can help?”

“Sure Sue Ann, find the right skillet and casserole dish for me. Let’s see. Do we have any grease? Oh! Here is some Crisco, that is just what we need, do you know how to grease the casserole dish?”

“Yes I do. Can you get the grease on a paper towel for me and I can do the rest.” He scooped a little Crisco on a paper towel and lifted her on to a stool so she could reach the dish on the counter. He watched her while he got out a stick of butter. He broke it in half and put half in the skillet. He found a onion and chopped it up.

He looked very carefully at the casserole. She had done a good job of covering the inside with grease. He said, “Yes! That is a very good job. Thank you.”

“Mister, can I call you something besides Mister?”

“Yes, Dear girl, you certainly can. All my best friends call me Mack. Would you like to call me Uncle Mack?”

“Yes, that would be very nice, I like you, Uncle Mack.”

“That is good, Sue Ann, because I like you a lot too!”

They worked well together and put the casserole, less the toping, in the refrigerator. After Sue Ann crushed the crackers she sit them aside.

He called the number he had been given for Savanna’s room. A familiar voice answered. He said, “Is this Virginia Marston?”

“Yes it is Isaiah, Is everything all right?”

“Everything is just fine, except I miss your smile. Is your sister able to talk to Sue Ann?”

“Yes, put her on.”

Sue Ann cried as she talked to her mother. Then after a bit she smiled and handed the phone to him. He listened and heard nothing. Then a weak voice said, “General, there is no way in the world I can ever thank you for what you have done for me and my family. I can’t wait to meet you. Both my daughter and my sister think you are wonderful. Thanks again, here is Sis.”

“Hi! I’ll be home in about an hour and make that casserole for dinner.”

“It is all ready to go in the oven.”

“You really made it already?”

“No, Sue Ann and I made it. I need to share the blame if it does not turn out well.”

“I’ll see you in a while.”

He was sitting on the porch with Bobby in his lap when he saw the BMW coming down the dirt road to the house. It took her way less than a minute to travel the mile. She slid to a stop and ran up on the porch grinning.

He glared at her and she stopped in her tracks. “What.”

“You! You are a idiot driving that fast. You scared the hell out of me. I don’t have time to scrape you out of the dirt, I have my hands full, damn it.”

She was surprised to see a tear run down his cheek. She searched his eyes. “I promise I won’t ever do it again. I just love to go fast.”

“Young lady, you don’t know what fast is. We have a saying in my game, ‘Speed Kills. Too much or too little will kill you.’. That is very true.”

“What game is that?”

“The jet fighter game.”

“You are a fighter pilot?”

“All my adult life.”

“I thought you were a ground pounder. What do you really do?”

“My official title is “Commanding General, Second Marine Air Wing. I command all the Marine Aviation assets on the Eastern half of the US of A.”

“Wow! Now I know why I want to stand at attention and salute you. I need to discuss something with you. It is very important to me.”

“Sit down, girl. If it is something I can help with you can count on me,”

“Well, I am a little restricted in what I can say now. We will talk after dinner. I would love to learn more about you now though.”

“What can I tell you. As a person or as a Marine?”

“Both, tell me about the Marine first.”

“In a nutshell. I am the son of a Marine Master Sergeant.

He died a couple years ago. He won certain Medals that entitled me to compete for an appointment to the Naval Academy. I went in the Corps after the Academy and served two years before I went to flight training. Been all over. Now my career is almost over.”

“I hope this doesn’t embarrass you, did you win any medals for valor and bravery?”


She grinned at him, “I thought so. Hell no! I knew it. And I knew that was the answer I would get. How about the man?”

“Married at twenty two, fathered two sons, divorced at forty, still single.”

“Boy, you sure don’t brag on your self. I’ll just have to look you up.”

“I brag now and then. I am a superb cook. A fine fisherman and sailor. A good hunter and an outstanding diaper changer.”

“I can’t argue with the last part.”

“Here hold Bobby and Sue Ann and I will put the finishing touches on the casserole and get it in the oven, come on Susie Annie, let’s go!”

They were back in a few minutes, laughing.

“What is so funny?”

“Uncle Mack bet me a kiss that you would be kissing Bobby when we came in.”

“Uncle Mack?”

“All his friends call him Mack, he said I could call him Uncle Mack.”

She smiled at him, May I call you Mack?”

“I would love that.”

Dinner was excellent, Ginny surprised him with a bottle of Zinfandel that went well with the casserole. Ginny tasted the tuna dish. “Wow! This is really good, much better than what we make. What did you do?”

“Sue Ann and I added a couple of secret ingredients.”

“What did you add?”

“We are sworn to secrecy for ever, right Sue Ann.”

“Uncle Mack said if we told it wouldn’t be a secret anymore. It is very good isn’t it.”

“Very good. I love it, save some for your Momma. I’ll take it to her tomorrow.”

After dinner Mack asked Ginny to help Sue Ann with her bath, he said he thought she might need to wash her hair.”

When the children were in bed Ginny sat on the couch next to Mack, she looked at him without saying a word for a long time. He looked at her, “Spit it out, you have been holding something inside for a while. What is it?”

“As I told you, my biological clock is running down. I want to have a baby. I can go to a sperm bank for an anonymous donor and have a AI done. I would rather find a donor myself who has all the traits I want in a father for my child.”

“AI? Artificial Insemination?”

“Yes, I don’t really want to go that way but I am scheduled during my next fertile cycle. In 28 days.”

“Ginny, I don’t like the idea of single mothers. I believe a child needs both parents. I think you should find a husband first.”

“Look at Sue Ann, her mother is a single mother. She is as sweet girl as you can find. I have found the perfect man, he has every trait I want in my baby’s father.”

“First, Sue Ann is a jewel. But Savanna is not single by choice. Ask her opinion. Can you afford to stay home for the first critical months of the baby’s life. Or will you have to hire a nurse to be the primary care giver? Who do you think the child will bond with? Second, if you will be fertile in 28 days you are fertile now, right, so haul your butt home and get this guy in bed as fast as you can, I’ll take care of things here.”

“He is not at home, he is here!” She put a little forefinger in the center of his chest.

“Who? Me!”

“Yes, dear man, you, I want you to father my child.”

“I don’t know if I love you yet. I really like you a whole lot. Better than any woman I have met in years. Love takes a little time, I’ve only known you for a couple of hours.”

“Mack, I am not asking you to marry me, just make love to me. I will handle everything after that. I have a good career, I make good money. I can take care of it. I really don’t want a husband right now.”

“I have no problem having sex with you. You are only truly beautiful when you smile, you are merely gorgeous the rest of the time.”

She smiled at him and took his hand and looked into his eyes. “I want you in my bed. Now.”

He watched as she rose and looked back over her shoulder at him. His heart seemed to catch in his throat. “Let me lock up.”

He stepped in the bedroom and saw her standing in just her panties and a sheer little bra that hid nothing. She walked to him and pulled his head down for a kiss. His lips parted and her little tongue slipped into his mouth. He ran his hands down her back and over her small rear end. His hand made another trip up and down her back, this time slipping under the waist band of her panties. He gently squeezed the globes of her ass.

She pushed him back and her fingers tore at the buckle and zipper of his jeans. He reached down and helped her slide them down along with his under shorts. He stepped out of his clothes and felt her hand grasp his erection. She looked up and grinned, “He is just right, perfect. I love him already.” She stood and reached behind her back and her bra fell off her breasts. She stripped her panties down and turned and rolled to the center of the bed. She held her arms out to him.

He accepted the invitation and stretched out beside her on the bed, then rolled towards her, his arm partly across her chest. His lips found hers and she grinned to herself. She felt a large hand gently move over her skin and caress her body. Down across her belly, then up over her hip. His fingers softly moved their way around and over her breasts, exploring each in turn. A thumb and forefinger twisted her nipple, then pinched it between them. His lips left her mouth and hurried to enclose a rigid nipple. She moaned softly as the mouth sucked at her tender nipple. She almost screamed when the suction stopped. Ah! There it was at her other breast. Fingers caressed the first breast while the second was loved by that wonderful mouth.

She squirmed and pushed him down over her body. His tongue swabbed out her navel then moved on down over her lower belly. Her legs parted as a big hand slipped over the smooth shaven mound. Her hands pushed him on down. Lips and a hot wet tongue traced their way to her most private place. Gentle fingers pressed her labia apart. She heard the sharp intake of his breath when he saw her open pussy. She pulled his head sharply in. Oh! God, what a tongue.

Her legs spread further apart and trembled at the feel of the tongue gently invading her pussy. A real hard orgasm rocked her with a force she never experienced before. He had already given her small fast orgasms when he played at her breasts, but nothing like this one. He raised quickly and moved up over her. She felt his hand trying to guide his cock between her pussy lips.

Then she felt her sheath being stretched as never before. His cock thrust forward, then pulled back some. Then forward, deeper, much deeper. She was afraid to move or even breath as it inched in. It was heavenly, she pulled at his hips, then she felt his pubic hair against her mons. She knew he was all the way in. He started moving in and out. Strong thrusts rocked her whole body. His pelvis thudded against her clitoris with each stroke. Flashes of pure joy washed over and through her entire body. She clamped her hands over her mouth and wondered if she could survive the continuous orgasm coursing throughout her entire being.

Then she felt him slow. He moaned loudly. She felt him shake and tremble, then the pulses of his sperm squirted up inside her cervix and into her womb. This was a new feeling for her. Then he was still. She felt his greater weight pressing down on her, She hugged him tightly to her, she loved the feel of his weight. She had hated and fought against it with other men, this man was different. She wanted desperately to hold him there.

Finally he eased off of her and his lips found hers, his tongue softly feeling her lips. She heard him whisper, “Sweetheart, that was by far my best ever.”

She sobbed, “Mine too! I want to scream for joy. I just didn’t know it got that good. Do some more!”

She felt his body shake with laughter, “Maybe those young lovers can do that. I have to rest a bit.”

“Mack, no lover ever took me the places you just showed me. None of them, not even close. I can wait for you. I will wait for you. I wanted to keep you on me and in me forever.” She rolled on her side and caressed his face with her small hand. Her eyes feasted on him. She whispered softly, “Were have you been, I have waited so long for you. I love you.”

He was not really sure he heard what he thought she said.

“Please say that again, I hope I heard you right.”

“I know that was my heart speaking, not my head. I said I love you. My heart means that. My head is spinning and doesn’t know what to say.”

“I know exactly how you feel, I feel it too! My head says you don’t know who this exquisite little creature beside you really is. My heart says, yes I do, she is my soul mate.”

“Mack, that is the sweetest thing anyone ever said to me. I will never forget it.”

“Come and cuddle with me. I need to hold you. I keep just wanting to kiss you all the time. Your lips are sweet and delicious.” His lips found hers again and again. She kissed him back, loving his sweet gentle kisses. His hand gently caressed her back. Suddenly he jerked up. “I forgot to do something.”

He tossed the covers back and slipped down beside her, he forced her legs apart. He moved between her legs. “I forgot to clean you up down here.” She felt his thumbs part her inner lips. His tongue licked every inch of her pussy. He lapped and slurped at her juices.

“There! That’s better. Oh! No! You are getting wet again. Let me get back to work.” He felt her little body shake as she laughed with joy.

“Get it all, darling, every bit.”

“If you sit on my face some more may run out. Next time I’ll hold you up so it all runs down inside you.” He rolled on his back and guided her to where he wanted her. His tongue went back to work. She felt his big hands on her thighs, God he was gentle for such a huge man. It was like he was afraid he would hurt her. She adored the way he treated her. Before she always liked guys to treat her a little rough now and then. She liked this the best of all. She twisted and looked behind her. She saw his cock laying along his belly. She reached back, it was like satin over steel.

She lifted and grinned at him. “Your turn big guy. Let me taste you. I need you in my mouth but I want you to cum inside me, Dear.”

He felt her little hands slide up and down his shaft. He could feel her warm breath on his cock as she carefully inspected him. The tip of her tongue caught the drop of pre-cum coming from the slit in the head of his cock. She pulled it in her mouth. It was good. She liked the way he tasted. She knew it was the best she had ever tasted. She put her mouth over as much of him as she could. Her heart jumped with joy at the way he felt in her mouth. She had never really enjoyed giving head before. This was somehow totally different. She liked the way he moved and gasped when she licked the spot just below the head. He would moan when she swirled her tongue around the helmet. It thrilled her that she could please him like he pleased her.

She worked her mouth as far over him as she could, he was nice and slippery. Her hands grasped him and they followed her mouth up and down his shaft. His balls were now tight against the bottom of his shaft. She twisted her hands back and forth. He said he was getting close.

She moved up over him slowly. She felt his cock flip up and touch her pussy as she moved over him. She slipped back against it and it was inside her, She worked her legs up until she was squatting over him, his cock buried in her pussy. She grinned and swung her legs and knees to the left as far as she could. Then she twisted back the other way as hard as she could. She got the rhythm going now. Her little pussy grasped at his cock as it rotated back and forth. He had never felt anything like it before. It was delightful. He told her he wouldn’t be able to stand that for long, it felt way too good. She giggled and sped up her twisting. She felt him stiffen and loudly moan. Then she felt her reward. Cum pulsed into her.

He froze for a bit then pulled her off of him and placed her on her back. He lifted and held her upside down. He gently shook her. “There that ought to do the job unless I’m shooting blanks.”

“Please don’t worry about it. I loved every second of our loving. We will just have to keep trying. Over and over and over. Then we will start all over again.”

“I like the way you think. Let me rest and we will try again.”

Two days later Savanna came home. She was as beautiful as Ginny. She was thin and worn down. Her beauty shown through. The three of them sat the first evening she was home and talked. She looked at him and asked if he knew what her hospital bill came to. He said he had no idea.

She looked at Mack and said, “You obligated yourself to pay my bill. It came to over forty thousand dollars. Can you afford that?”

He looked at her, “Hey, I fell in love with your daughter and your son. I can afford it. If you are well and happy it was worth it. I have no one else to spend it on. Just please be happy.”

Ginny looked at Mack, “you are really something else, why didn’t you tell me you were footing her bill. You don’t have to do that, I’ll give her the money.”

“Dear ladies, I felt like Sue Ann and Bobby needed their Mommy a hell of lot more than I needed the money. Little Momma here needs to get well with out worrying about a damn hospital bill. I do not expect to be repaid either. I’ll let her pay me by letting me visit Sue Ann and Bobby from time to time.”

Ginny looked at both of them, “I can only stay two more days, then I have to be in court in Atlanta.”

Mack looked at them and said, “I checked in with my office this morning. I have to go back today. They are sending transportation for me soon. I have to confess that I don’t want to go. All four of you have a place in my heart. I will not be able to stay away long. Ginny I wanted to tell you this in private but your sister should know this too. I have fallen in love with you. I know you have your career and do not want to get married. I will try to live with that. It will not be easy but I will try. As for our other project ,I will help you with that next month if you want. I think I hear my ride now.”

The thunder of a helicopter passing low over the house was deafening. They looked out the front to see the chopper land in the field in front of the house.

Mack walked out and signaled the pilot to shut the engine off. He came back and got his pack and picked Bobby up and kissed his forehead. He picked Sue Ann up and searched her face with his eyes. “I love you little baby girl, I love you a whole lot. Please don’t forget your Uncle Mack.”

She hugged his neck and cried, “I love you too, Uncle Mack, please come back to us soon.”

The tall Marine turned to Ginny, he hugged her tightly and whispered, “I love you very much girl, you have my number. Call any time night or day. I am afraid I will never sleep again. He kissed her for long time. He crossed to Savanna and kissed her too. “If you need anything, anything at all, please call me. I really mean that.”

He walked off the porch and returned the salute of the waiting Marine. The chopper rose in the air and he was gone.

Ginny stared after the plane long after it was out of sight. Tears ran from her eyes. Savanna watched her. “Oh! God! Sis, you are really in love with him aren’t you?”

“I don’t know, I do know that I feel sort of numb. Like half of me is gone.”

Three weeks later Ginny sat at her desk looking out the window and seeing nothing. In her mind she saw a big man holding a tiny baby and grinning at her. A tear dropped on the papers she was holding. There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Her secretary opened the door, “Miss Marston, this letter just came in the mail for you. I thought you might want to see it.”

It was a large invitation sized envelope. The return address was:

Major General Isaiah McDermott, USMC

Commanding General 2nd Marine Air Wing

MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina

Her heart skipped a beat. She carefully opened the envelope and pulled out the card. It was an invitation to the change of command ceremony and retirement of General Isaiah Mc Dermot, USMC. RSVP.

She picked up the phone and dialed a number. Savanna answered. Ginny said, “Did you get an invitation today?”

“Yes I did. I guess you got one too.”

“Yes, are you going?”

“Sue Ann will kill me if we don’t go. He sent plane tickets for us and his note said we would be met at the plane and escorted to the VIP quarters. He will meet us there. What did his note say to you?”

“Just four words, ‘I love you. Mack.’.”

“Are you going?”

“Sis I don’t know. I just don’t know. I think of him all the time. I want desperately to see him. But I am scared.

“Scared of what?”

“I am five days late with my period, you know how regular I am. I got a IPT but haven’t tried it yet.”

“Would it be his by any chance.”

“It could only be his.”

“Why aren’t you jumping up and down with joy. That is what you wanted isn’t it?”

“I told him I didn’t want to get married, now I want that more than anything in the world. I want my baby to be with it’s father, but I don’t want him to think I am using the baby to get him.”

“I think that would be the last thought in his mind. I could tell he is in love with you. Call him, now.”

“Why hasn’t he called me.”

“You told him you didn’t want anything from him but some sperm. He was probably afraid you would reject him. Call him this minute damn it. Do it right now and then call me right back. If I don’t hear from you in fifteen minutes I will call him and tell him you are pregnant and that you love him.”

“I’ll call.”

She buzzed for her secretary. When the girl came in she handed the envelope to her, “Please see if you can get this man on the line for me.”

“Yes Mam!”

A few moments later her intercom buzzed. “Yes.”

“your party is on line two.”

“Hello, Mack?”

“Yes, Ginny, How are you?”

“I got your invitation in the mail today. Are you sure you want me there?”

“More than I can tell you. I would try to tell you how I feel but I would probably scare you off.”

“Do you mean that? Do you really want to see me?”

“Hell, yes, I miss you so much. I cant get you out of my mind, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. I am going crazy. If you don’t come I have to warn you I will be knocking on your door the next day.”

“Mack, why didn’t you call me?”

“I thought you would call me. You said you didn’t want marriage.”

“Mack I have something to tell you. I think it worked.”

“What worked?”

“What we tried to do, I think I am pregnant.”

“WHAT! Are you sure?”

“I haven’t had a test yet but I am five days late for the first time in my whole life.”

“WOOPEEE! Wonderful, will you marry me?”

“Do you really want that?”

“You know that’s not the question, do you want it?”

“More than I have ever wanted anything in my whole life…..Mack are you still there?”

“Yes! Oh Yes! I am here, I just can’t breath. I can’t believe what I just heard you say. Wait a second!…….

I’m sorry, my office people heard me yell and wanted to know if I am all right. Now, where were we. Listen, can you meet me at DeKalb Peachtree Airport in two hours?”

“Yes I can.”

“I’ll be at the Operations Office by three o’clock.”

“I’ll be waiting for you dear.”

“I love you, I am on my way.”

At two minutes before three Ginny saw the sleek gray Marine fighter jet taxi in and park. The canopy lifted up and she saw him climb from the plane. He talked to a man in a Follow Me truck and headed for the office. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. He held her tight for a long kiss. He carried his gear bag and a garment bag. He said he would be right with her. He stepped into the men’s rest room. In five minutes he stepped back out carrying the bags but dressed in his Marine uniform. The gold braid on his cap visor, the broad chest full of ribbons and badges and the twin silver stars on his shoulders were impressive. “Wow”! she thought, “what a handsome man.”

She took his arm and she showed him to her BMW. She grinned at him, “I love you. Damn, in that uniform you are enough to melt a fair maiden’s heart.”

“Wait until you see me in my dress Blues with full medals and badges. I have little lights that blink all over me.

Ginny, you look simply good enough to eat. Show me the nearest fine jewelry store, we need a ring set. OK?”

“Yes, Sir! My lord and master to be. Any thing you say, Sir!”

“Well, at least I am getting a little respect from you now.”

“Oh Mack, you are getting a ton of respect and a gazillion tons of love from me. I’ll prove it when I get you home. But dearest, would you do something for me. Would you come to my offices and let me show you off in your uniform? Please.”

“Sure, but you would look much better with my ring on your finger.”

“Oh yes. We can stop on the way. They all think I am crazy because I just dropped everything and tore out of the office to meet you.”

“How do you think my people reacted to me ordering my car and a jet for immediate departure and just left my desk cluttered with stuff?”

“How long do I have you for?”

“Until noon tomorrow.”

“Is that all?”

“Yes, this time. Can you get off for a while?”

“Yes, I think so, especially when I tell them why.”

“Great, I want to marry you before I retire. I think it makes a difference in your benefits if I die. You do want to be a General’s wife don’t you?”

“Yes, but I really hope it will not be for long.”


“Yes Dearest man, I am afraid they will want you to go to war again. I won’t let you go.”

“You scared me for a second.”

There was an impromptu party at the law offices where Ginny was a junior partner. The office was closed early and everyone wanted to kiss the bride and shake the groom’s hand. Everyone admired the engagement ring on Ginny’s finger. Ginny’s boss, the senior partner hushed everyone and made an announcement of the engagement. Then he took Ginny’s hand and said, “There was a decision made months ago to be announced next month. I am retiring too! Ginny Marston has been selected to become a full partner in the firm. Congratulations Dear lady. We are all proud of you and the wonderful work you have done here.”

Ginny covered her eyes and then looked up. “Thank you so much, you have just made me very proud. Please forgive me, but I am proudest of this.” She held up her engagement ring.

“I am going to marry and spend the rest of my life adoring this man. He is everything any girl could want. He is handsome, a real hunk, a much decorated genuine hero, he is hung like a stud horse and knows how to use it. He is kind and very gentle when he touches me but I know he can be a killer if necessary to protect me. He is my match in intelligence and in athleticism. But most important is that we deeply love each other. I am so happy I could just scream, I know I will later tonight when he loves me. I am the luckiest of all women. Thank god for him.” She reached up and gently pulled his lips to hers.

Later as the sat in a trendy Atlanta restaurant holding hands he said, “Ginny, I have a sort of confession to make to you. I was preparing to come after you after my retirement if you did not come to me. I bought a large motor home and was going to pursue you where ever you went. I want you to come to North Carolina for the ceremony. As early as you can, hopefully tomorrow. We will be married as soon as we can fill out the forms and get our blood tests. I think Savanna and her kids will be there too. After the fuss is over we will board my new home and head south and take your sister and her kids home. Then you and I will go where ever you would like for our honeymoon. When you need to be back I will bring you back and park the bus where ever I can, and start taking care of you, sweetheart. You can go to work in the mornings and I will stay home and become the best househusband you could ever want. By the way, did you call your sister?”

“Yes, Dear, I did. She and Sue Ann are tickled to death.”

“I suggest we pay our bill and go find a nearby bed.”

“Mack, that sounds like a plan to me. Let’s go home.”

They rode along in her BMW and she stole a glance at him. “I have a little confession to make too! I am all packed and ready to go. I was going to leave in the morning for North Carolina. I was going to find you before you retired and left and I wouldn’t ever find you.” He watched as a tear ran down her cheek. “I have had that nightmare every night for a week now.”

He looked at her, “Really? You were coming after me?”

“I couldn’t bear the thought of never seeing you again. I was on my way in the morning.”

Mack reached in his flight bag and got his cell phone and dialed a number. “Is this the Staff Duty Officer. Good, this is General McDermott, please patch me through to Brigadier General Zeigrfeldt.—–Jack, this is Mack. I am in Atlanta with Ginny, she has agreed to marry me. She was planning to drive up there, leaving tomorrow. I am going to drive back to Cherry Point with her. We will either get married on the way or when we get there.—– What? Yes,, just one moment, Ginny, my second in command wants to talk to you.” She took the phone. “Good evening General, I hope Mack didn’t interrupt you at anything important. Thank you.”

Ginny Gave him all of her vital information. Date and place of birth, home address and much, much more. She laughed and thanked him again, then handed the phone back to Mack. “What was that all about Jack.—–You are? Thank you Jack, one other thing , send the FA18 trainer with two pilots to Atlanta’s DeKalb Peachtree Airport to pick up my plane, It is supposed to be all refueled and ready to go. Thanks again pal.”

“Well that’s all settled. We are getting married tomorrow afternoon at the Base Chapel. Jack said he would take care of everything. He is a damn good man. He will do it right. Do you have a suit or something to get married in?”

“Yes, Dear, I have a perfect white suit to get married in, I even have a hat and shoes to match. I am so excited, will Savanna, Sue Ann, and Bobby be there in time?”

“I don’t know, Jack said he would take care of that too.”

“Honey, everything is happening so fast. My head is in a whirl.”

“Do you want to slow things down? We can easily do that you know.”

“No! I am so happy and I love you so much, nothing is going to stop our wedding now! You will be all mine tomorrow afternoon. I just can’t believe it.”

“I have a feeling that when the word gets out there will be a lot of broken hearts in Atlanta.”

“Well, maybe a couple of guys will be a little disappointed. Nothing they won’t get over.”

“I would be devastated if I heard you married someone else.”

“Never gonna happen my love, never. I have waited all my life for you. I am not going to let you get away now. How long will it take us to drive it.”

“About eight hours if we don’t stop too long for pit stops and lunch.”

“I won’t be able to sleep anyway, let’s get a early start in the morning. OK?”

“Six suit you?”

“Thee or four would be better, then we can take a nap when we get there.”

“Aw shucks, I won’t have time to love you the way I want to tonight.”

“Six is fine.” She giggled, “First things first. If we go to bed at nine that will give us nine hours to make love. Sounds about right!”

“I have a feeling we are both dreaming, but I am willing to give the plan my whole hearted effort. If it doesn’t work out we can continue when ever it suits us.”

“Or start over and over until we get it right.”

“That will do it. Do you have your IPT with you?”

“Yes, that is the first thing I am going to do when I get home, in about thee minutes we should know. The brick house on the right with the green shutters is mine, sorry Darling, ours.”

Mack grabbed his bags and followed her in the garage door. It was a very large colonial style house. She yelled, “Make your self at home. I’ll be right back!”

Two minutes later he heard her whoop and a door flew open. She ran to him with a huge grin on her lovely face. “We are, oh yes, the test says we are pregnant.”

She looked up at the tears running from his eyes as he pulled her to him and soundly kissed her. It was a long delightful kiss. She took his hand and led him up the stairs to her bedroom.

He grinned at her as they both hurried to get undressed. “Well, we don’t have to make love anymore now that you are pregnant.”

“That’s right, Ho Hum! Let’s just go to sleep.”

“Right, you little minx, if you think you are going to sleep, you are in for a hard time. It will be up to you though.”

“It damned well better be ‘hard’ and ‘up’ for me. We need to practice for the next time.”

“Ginny, let me just look at you and touch you, I can’t really believe you are going to be mine. This is beyond my wildest dreams. To have you forever. God! I am so lucky. I think I am going to cry again, cry for joy. Yeah I am crying, some tough Marine, huh?”

“Hush, my sweet lover, just hold me tight, I am crying too!”

Their lips met in a loving kiss, full of passion and desire. Full of wanting and needing. Full of love for each other. For the first time they felt the need and urge to couple was tempered by the desire to please the other. The urgency was gone. Now they just wanted to combine into one being. Two hearts beating as one, being absorbed into one another. A melding, a fusion, a merging, a blending of two parts combining to make a new whole. Their lips, tongues, eyes, and hands explored each other leisurely. Waiting to see the other persons reaction to a kiss or lick on a special place. Feeling the joy of finding a pleasure place on the other and filing that spot away in memory for further use. Touching a nipple and hearing the sharp intake of breath from the other. Nibbling on an ear lobe and hearing a soft sigh. Caressing a warm belly and seeing their love’s eyes slowly slip closed. Tasting a sweet breath as they sucked on a tongue or lower lip. Gently stroking a shoulder or a thigh, learning how to give and receive the greatest pleasure was the purpose and the reason for joining together. Procreation was no longer the only desire, pleasing was now the primary object. And please they did.

Virginia Marston lay on her back, her legs widely spread, his face was buried in between her legs, his fingers spread her vulva, his tongue was gently and wondrously touching and licking the entrance to her vagina. It felt so very good. She moaned softly and held her breath, what would this marvelous lover do next. She felt something touch the around the entrance and then slowly slide inside her. Yes it was his fingers, two or three of them. It felt as if he were worming his way inside her, she loved it. She gently pulled his face up so his tongue was at her most sensitive place, her clitoris. His tongue was like a live little animal that wanted to devour her clit. His lips sucked and pulled at the little nub of nerve endings. Then his tongue, or was it a finger tip, no it had to be a tongue flipped the clitoris rapidly back and forth then from side to side. She felt the surge of ecstasy flow through her, the pleasure was greater than anything she had ever known. She screamed as loud as she could. She was unable to control her legs and she felt her whole body surrender to the joy of the feelings that rocked her body. He pulled back slightly and she clutched at his head, “No, don’t stop now, that is sooooo damned goooood. I love it, I love it.” She pulled him up over her and kissed his lips, she was surprised that his face was soaking wet. She knew it was her juices. She gently licked some off his cheek. It tasted good. She hugged him to her as tightly as she could. “Mackie, I love you, you are so damned good. I wish I knew how to please you like you please me. I just don’t know how to do it. Teach me, please.”

“You already please me way more than any other person has even been close to doing. Just let me hold you for a while until I can get my breath. When I feel you really have a great orgasm I think I forget to breathe I am so eager to please you.”

“Yes Dear man, hold me tight, did I drown you?”

“No, Dear it was delicious. I love it when you do that, then I know I am pleasing you. Let’s go take a shower together.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“Wow this is a huge bathroom. The shower looks as if it were built for two.”

“At least two, watch this.” She turned a valve and water sprayed from all directions. She laughed as spray caught him in the eye.

“Poor baby, did it sting you? Let Momma kiss it and make it better.” She pulled his face down and kissed his lips.

“Ow!” He yelped holding his cock. “This hurts too!”

“Oh, my! Let me see! Oh my dear baby, let Momma kiss it.”

“You should have been a doctor, you sure know how to fix a boo-boo.”

“Mmmm-Ummmm! Slurp. Is it better now.”

“It still hurts some.”

“I don’t believe you big guy. You just like this.”

“You are right about that. I love it. Come up here, I know that tile must hurt your poor knees.” They carefully washed each other then got out and dried each other. They kissed a lot too.

“Come on girl, let’s get in your bed and snuggle. I missed cuddling you something fierce, I don’t sleep with out you touching me.”

“Oh, me too Mack, I toss and turn looking for you.”

Let’s not ever let that happen again. OK. I don’t have any pajamas with me. I’ll have to sleep in the nude.”

“I will too then.”

They arrived at the gate at Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station. The sentry looked at Mack’s ID and snapped to attention. “Good afternoon, General, we have been expecting you. Welcome home.”

Mack drove to his quarters and was surprised to find none of his things were there. He turned and Jack Zeigrfeldt grabbed his hand and shook it. “I took the liberty of moving your things to the VIP quarters, your other guests are already there. I guess this beautiful young girl is your bride. Ginny, I am very happy to meet you.”

“I have heard a lot about you General, Mack thinks the world of you.”

“Mack, I’ll follow the two of you over to the VIP Quarters.”

Mack grinned at Ginny, “What did I tell you, he will do it up right for us.”

The VIP quarters were very impressive. They were set in a lovely wooded area. It resembled a huge old Manor house. Jack pulled up behind them and escorted them to their suite. He turned to Ginny, “Mam, your sister and her children are next door in the adjoining suite. You can go in through that door.”

Ginny opened the door and was almost knocked off her feet by a small body screaming, “Aunt Ginny, Aunt Ginny.” Sue Ann smiled up at her. Then the little girl walked over to Mack who grinned down at her. He reached down and lifted her high in the air, then hugged and kissed her. Sue Ann looked at him very seriously. “Uncle Mack, Momma says you love Aunt Ginny too.”

“I sure do, girl.”

“Do you like to kiss her?”

“Yes I like that very much.”

“Then put me down and do it.”

He did as he was told.

Someone tapped him on the shoulder, he looked down to see Savanna smiling at him. “I want one too. You guys look great together.”

“Come here girl, I have a kiss I have been saving just for you. I know I am a little early but I am going to start calling you Sis right now. I have never had a sister.

Jack entered, “I hate to interrupt, but it is time for every one to start getting dressed. This is my wife, Jan. She will help the ladies and they will meet us at the chapel. I’ll be in charge of getting Mack there.”

“Don’t you dare let him out of your sight, I don’t want him to get away.”

“Ginny, all the forces in the Marine Corps could not keep this man from being there.”

Mack grinned at Ginny, “See you at the altar, Babe.”

The wedding was as spectacular as only a military wedding can be. The newly weds walked out through an arch of crossed swords. She was in a white suit with white hat and short veil and gloves. She threw her bouquet to the bride’s maids. Savanna made a great leaping catch and stood giggling.

The reception at the Officer’s Club was very well done. They were greeting people in the reception line when a young Marine officer stepped forward and Saluted Mack. Mack shook his hand and hugged him. He turned to his bride, “Ginny, this handsome young officer is my son, Micajah.” Virginia held her hands out to him and was soundly kissed. “Wow, you kiss almost as good as your daddy. I would like you to meet my little sister, Savanna Bushnell.”

The young office took Savanna’s hands and gently kissed the back of them. Savanna introduced Micajah to Sue Ann. When the reception line was finished Mack and his son spoke. Micajah told Mack his new wife was beautiful and wanted to know if Savanna was married. “Son, she is a widow, all I will say is that she is a very special person. Don’t do anything to hurt her. She is having a tough time as it is. OK?”

“Dad, you know I don’t do that sort of thing. I just think I want to know her better.”

“Son, you should know that she also has a baby boy.”

I bet that is some sort of package deal, right Dad.”

“Right, a damned big responsibility.”

“I still feel I need to get to know her. She is very lovely.”

“Smart as a whip too!”

“Good, I like that in a woman.”

Mack felt a hand on his arm. It was Ginny. She grinned up at him. “Your son is a nice boy. He seems interested in Savanna.”

“I agree, he was just asking me all about her. I think he is very much interested in your baby sister. He doesn’t plan on making the Marine Corps a career. He plans on getting out in about another year.”

“What will he do then?”

“I don’t know. He has always loved animals and raising things. Maybe he will be a rancher or a farmer. I am not sure he knows what he will do. His grand father on his mother’s side left him a very large trust fund, he really won’t need to work.”

They spent several hours meeting and talking with the people who worked for Mack. All of them expressed great happiness for him in his marriage and greater sorrow that he was leaving. It was quite obvious to Ginny that he was greatly admired and respected by his men and their families. A number of the wives gathered with Ginny and all were very vocal about the high respect they had for her new husband. They all said he treated his people with the utmost respect and did everything he could to make their lives better. He expected and got more from his men than most commanders. The thing that endeared him most to the wives was the extra counseling and services he made available to wives when their husbands were overseas. Many of the programs he put in place were copied by other units and even other services. They were all unanimous in saying she was very lucky, They said all the wives rated him as an A-1 Prime Hunk!

Mack walked over and rescued Ginny telling all the ladies they were expected elsewhere. As they walked away Ginny wanted to know if he had seen Savanna and Sue Ann. He said he hadn’t seen them for a while. They spotted Jack and he said Savanna told him she and Sue Ann were going back to be with Bobby. Mack thanked Jack for all he had done for them. Ginny kissed he and his wife Jan and told them she would always think she had the best wedding she could ever imagine.

Mack’s Staff Limo was waiting out side and whisked them back to the VIP Quarters. As the opened the door they hear loud laughter and giggles from the living area. They stood in the door and watched as Sue Ann rode on Micajah’s back around the room. Little Bobby lay on his stomach and wiggled his little legs trying to follow them. Savanna smiled at them and grinned at Ginny. Savanna rushed to the two and kissed them both. “I hope you are not angry. We didn’t know anyone and we missed Bobby, your son volunteered to bring us here. He got us lost but we finally found the place. Your son is a very nice guy. Sue Ann really likes him, and so does Bobby. Bobby wouldn’t eat unless Mica held him. I think Bobby thinks Mica is Mack.” Savanna took Ginny by the hand and said that needed to powder their noses.

When they were alone Savanna looked at Ginny, “I think I am falling in love with him. I have never met anyone I was so attracted to. Do you know much about him?

“Not much. I thought he was very handsome, just like his Dad. Mack did say he has a large trust fund and that he is not a career Marine and has about one more year to serve. I think Macajah said he is stationed down in Camp LeJune. I don’t think that is too far from Ashley Heights where you live.”

“I told him we lived just off the Fort Bragg Military Reservation to the south side and he said he knew about where that was and promised to come and see us next weekend.”

“Savanna, I haven’t seen you so animated and really happy in over a year.”

“I know! I guess I better be careful, but he seems like such a sweet guy. We better go back.” They found Mack holding Bobby. He looked up at them and grinned, “Just practicing for our baby dear.”

Micajah said, “What, she can’t be pregnant already, you just got married a couple hours ago.”

“Son, when you are a little older I’ll explain the whole thing to you.”

“OH! No wonder all the ushers were armed, it was sort of like a shotgun wedding.”

“You got that right son. Only I was afraid GINNY would get away. I just couldn’t take a chance on that.”

Mica looked at Savanna and said, “I know just what you mean.” Savanna blushed and Mack looked closely at the two of them.

“What am I missing here?”

“Honey, just let it go, OK?”


A maid entered and said dinner was served.

They all entered the dinning room and Micajah helped Savanna with a baby seat for Bobby. It was delightful meal.

When it was over Mack announced that he and his bride would spend the night in his motor home which was hooked up behind the building. He said there were no special activities planed for the next day. There would be buffet meals for breakfast and lunch in the dinning room. There would be an informal dinner at seven. Other than that there was nothing planned. The following day, however, there were several planned events they could enjoy at their leisure.

Ginny and Mack said their good nights and walked out to the motor home. He opened the door and they couldn’t see any practical way he could carry her up the narrow steps to the coach. They would save the traditional ‘carrying over the threshold’ for another time.

Ginny loved the coach. It was very roomy with three different slide out rooms. The furnishings were lovely and she was very impressed. She threw her arms around her husbands neck and kissed him with much passion. He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. He rushed back and locked up, turning out the lights as he returned. He turned on a night light in the bathroom. She was undressing when he returned. “Please wait until I call you my beloved husband, it will only be a moment.”

It seemed an eternity to Mack but in reality it was only a few minutes. He sat on a recliner and watched the door to the bedroom. Finally she appeared and beckoned to him. He could only see her head and an arm. He walked to her and entered the bedroom. She stood waiting for him. She wore a beautiful silk gown that was molded perfectly to her lovely body. She was gorgeous, she took his breath away. She smiled and held her arms out to him.

He took her in his arms and gently kissed her, he was trembling as he wanted to ravish her in his wild lust for her. She felt his ardor and admired his control. She watched his eyes as she stepped back and slipped the thin straps from her shoulders. The gown slithered down her body to pool at her feet. He tore his clothes off as he looked at the lovely vision before him. His erection pointed straight up, solid steel covered in smooth warm throbbing velvet. She grasped his penis and pulled him with her to the queen sized bed. He rained kisses on her face and neck. He kissed her ears, eyes and nose. She moaned and pulled him on top of her.

Her legs spread to cradle his hips so he was in position to enter her. Her little hand found him again and led him to her entrance. She rubbed his cock up and down her warm, wet, flowing sheath. He entered her effortlessly. She gasped as he completely filled her. He did not move for a long moment. She searched his face with her eyes and saw the love as he leaned forward to press his lips to hers. He began a long slow movement that delighted her. She could feel the ridge around the head of his cock as it moved inside her. She was sure she was feeling his pulse inside her too! She softly sighed, this was heaven. She had never imagined it could be this good. Then her first orgasm hit her like a tidal wave of pure joy. She clutched at him, her long nails raking his back. He never felt it. All his feelings were concentrated in his penis. He was unable to think, he could only feel. Feel the smooth wet sensation as his cock was rubbed by the inner walls of her slippery sheath. Her vagina seemed to grasp him as he moved in and out. It felt so good he knew he would explode any second. He felt her trembling and thrusting against his thrusts. He heard her moaning and murmuring his name over and over. He tried to slow his movements but just couldn’t do it. She was constantly screaming now. She was telling him he was doing every thing just right. Then he felt the sensation in his core and knew his time was very near. He said, “Baby, I cumming now, right now, I can’t stop.”

She screamed, “Oh Yes, Yes, Yes. I love you Dearest Mack, I love you.” And they both felt the cock moving inside her pulse out the streams of sperm that coated her vagina with a slippery warm lovely feeling goo.

They collapsed and cuddled together. He softly kissed her eyes, cheeks, and lips. She lifted his face away from hers, “My God, that was incredible. Damn, you are the best ever, each time you love me, I can’t believe it.”

“That I because I love you more each time we make love.” He reached and turned out the light and pulled the covers up over them. The two lovers were fast asleep in minutes.

During the night he awoke to find her gone, then he heard the toilet flush. She knelt beside the bed and he heard her whisper, “Dear God, thank you for my wonderful husband, thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen.”

She slipped under the covers and snuggled up to him. He wrapped her in his arms and kissed her tenderly on her forehead. “I love you, my Ginny.” She sighed and they were soon back asleep.

The next two days were enjoyable and exciting for all of them. Ginny and Mack watched as Mica and Savanna grew closer and closer. They had a great deal of trouble keeping their hands off of each other. They spent most of the time just in casual contact with each other. It was obvious neither wanted to be away from the other for even a second. Ginny and Mack wondered what they were doing at night. Ginny said, “I don’t know, but Savanna looked very happy and dreamy eyed this morning.”

“Well they are both adults, it’s not our place to tell them what to do. Hell, a few weeks ago we were acting the same way.”

Ginny looked up at him and giggled, “We sure were, and I still can’t keep my hands off of you my love.”

“I hope we will always be that way.”

“Me too!”

The retirement ceremony was magnificent. The Secretary of Defense, and the Commandant of The Marine Corps each gave speeches honoring Mack and outlining his career. At the end of his speech the Commandant introduced the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The craggy Marine General took the podium and said, “I have the great honor and privilege of presenting Major General Isaiah McDermott with a medal for heroism. He turned to Mack and said, “Please stand before me old friend.” When Mack was in front of him he turned to a Major standing near by. “Please read the citation.”

“The Secretary of the United States Navy takes great pleasure in the presentation of the Navy Cross to Major General Isaiah McDermott. On September of Two Thousand and Three, General McDermott accompanied The Secretaries of Defense and the Navy on an inspection trip to Baghdad, Iraq. During a visit to one of McDermott’s units the group was inspecting a mortar position. A live hand grenade was thrown in the enclosed space. General McDermott, jumped on the grenade and dropped it down the mortar tube. The grenade detonated half way down the barrel. His quick thinking and total disregard for his own safety saved the lives of over twenty men, including the Secretaries of Defense and the Navy. General McDermott acted in the highest traditions of the United States Marine Corps And the Naval Service above and beyond the call of duty.”

The crowd cheered as the Medal was pined on his chest by his wife. Ginny’s eye were clouded with tears as she kissed him. She proudly held his left arm as he saluted the Marines who passed in review before them. The scream of flight after flight of Marine fighter jets and attack aircraft flew by in close formation was deafening.

There was A reception at the Officer’s Club after the ceremonies. After much hand shaking and back slapping Mack and his family gathered at the VIP Quarters. Mack, Ginny and Savanna’s family were packed and ready to leave after changing to casual attire. Savanna looked at Mack and Ginny, “Mica has generously volunteered to drive the kids and I to our home following behind you.”

Mack said, “I have a better idea, we will all ride together in the coach and tow Ginny’s BMW behind us. Mica and I can take turns driving. If we get tired we can find a camp ground for the night, or we can drive straight through. How does that sound, that way the two of you can look at each other and hold hands most of the time and with out wrecking the BMW.”

Savanna and Mica blushed and both smiled at each other.

Mica said, “Sounds good to us Dad.”

Sue Ann said, “Yea! Uncle Mack said I could ride in his lap while he drives.”‘

Mack picked her up and kissed her, “No, Honey Child, I said you could ride in my lap when someone else was driving.”

As they drove through the Main gate at Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point , North Carolina, the illustrious career of Mack McDermott, the Marine, ended and the career of Mack McDermott, husband and father, started.

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