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After School

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“Come on in, Peter.” Laura Rogers said with a big smile, “How was school today, dear?”

“Pretty good, Mrs. Rogers.” Peter replied quickly, “I was so excited about our session this week, so my mind wasn’t on my studies today. I did what you asked, and waited all week.”

“How sweet of you.” Laura answered while kissing the young lad on the cheek. “Lets go inside I have some cookies and milk.” Laura cooed wrapping her arm around him, “I’ve been thinking of you all week myself. I have a special surprise for you today.”

“I want smokes and beer. Is it smokes and beer?” Peter blurted out sarcastically.

“Those aren’t good for you. They’ll stunt your growth, make you stink, and make you sick.” Laura laughed playing along.

“Smokes and beers, smokes and beers. That’s what they say. All the guys smoke and drink so do most of the girls.” Peter mocked in a disgusting tone bobbing his fist up and down in the air in a masturbatory gesture.

“Have you ever seen any of the other ‘Guys’ over here?” Laura commented pointedly

“No! I’m glad too! I like you Laura I pretend that I’m the only one, but I know that you have other friends and I want you to know that that is okay. I like spending time here. Those other boys are going to have trouble later on aren’t they?” Peter asked as he salaciously looked at Laura.

“Oh how sweet you are, thank you.” Laura acknowledged then cautioned, “Don’t let the others taunt you into their bad habits; and yes they are going to have trouble later on.” And then with a wet grin beaming purred, “I wish I had a camera so I could capture that look on your face.” Her voice trailed off with a quiet twitter.

Her comment though he know it was kind made him fidget around and lose his precious smile. “I won’t; I know it’s bad, plus it’s really expensive.” Peter assured as he nuzzled Laura’s arm.

“Hey you want to go out to the backyard it’s sunny?” Laura tempted.

“Yea sounds good your cookies are good, but all I really want is ice water, it’s hot, and I’m thirsty.” He said staring out the window.

“Peter is something wrong?” Laura asked concerned at the distance in his voice.

“Well yes and no. I’ve thought of nothing else all week long, and all we are doing is talking about cookies, smokes, and ice water.” His voice trembling slightly, then demanding, “Look at my pant leg I’ve soaked it, and my dick is so hard it hurts.” As he stood back from the window Laura could see a tent like bulge at the crotch of his jeans, as well as a big dark wet spot around the tent and a streak running down just passed his knee.

“Oh honey! You poor boy come over here let Mama Rodgers kiss it and make it all feel better.” Laura cajoled warmly holding her arms open bidding him to walk closer with a broad smile beaming from her face, “Now be a good boy, and let me have your hard cock.” Laura sang as she hurriedly unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and shoved them and Peter’s soaking boxer shorts down around is ankles, his hard penis bounced free from its cotton prison, flinging a long stringer of precum onto Laura’s face. “My, my, Peter.” Laura noted excitedly and with a very husky voice observed, “You do have a soaking penis but a hard one at that.”

“Yea its been oozing since I knocked on your door.” Peter purred as he stepped closer to Laura he stumbled slightly as he kicked his clothes across the room. She pulled a pillow from the couch and put it under her knees.

“I could suck you for hours.” Laura said eagerly, wrapping her hand around the base of his ridged penis, and sniffed at it’s wet slippery head. As she squeezed the base of his shaft a long stringer of precum stretched down to her tongue. Peter reeled and gasped as Laura gave his gland a firm-sucking kiss while milking the length of his shaft.

“Oh…! God…! Thank you Laura.” the young Peter crooned thickly as the forty-ish teacher gently stroked his rapidly throbbing erection, “Ar…are you going to suck me off now?” asked Pete as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“Do you want me to?” she asked softly, as another long drop of precum stretched and hung from the end of his big hard cock.

“Oh yes, please.” he pleadingly asked and moaning added, “It has been so long I feel, I’m going to burst!”

While still masturbating him slowly she sucked the drop into her mouth then asked, “Tell me, Peter, how often did you masturbate before you met me? I’m sure a horny young man like you gave that hard young cock all of attention it demanded.”

“Oh, yes.” he groaned, as Laura squeezed and stroked Peter’s shaft and gland suckling on each testicle in turn, “I did it at least twice a day, sometimes three times a day; once in the morning before school, and at night after I went to bed.” And with an impish smile beaming added, “Some times I might cum twice before I went to sleep.” And after a long pause Peter embarrassingly added, “I used to jack-off in the shitters once in a while too.”

“Mmmmm, that sounds so sexy.” Laura sighed, while squeezing and suckling his big gland, “Weren’t you afraid of getting caught? What do you think about when you masturbate?”

“I usually think about some of the girls at school.” Peter replied softly with a warm smile and then a look of concentration washed across his face, “Funny the fear of getting caught made me cum harder and faster.”

“Any one special.” Laura pressed and nosing further asked, “And could you see her face when you were cumming in the john?”

“Yes.” Peter hissed dreamily and then his body tensed and he gripped Laura’s hair.

“Be very still and breathe slowly and deeply.” Laura coaxed, “What’s her name?” she asked prying further without stimulating the near ready to explode member.

Peter squirmed as his muscles tensed and his voice caught in his throat from wanting and not wanting cum or to betray her name, “Uh… it it’s Becky… Becky Gains.” Pete moaned in surrender as the tensions grew, “Laura I am really close to cumming! The way you were squeezing the head of my penis felt ‘sooo…!’ goood…! It… It feels like my heart is beating in my balls.” Peter’s body was beginning to relax

“Have you ever taken her out?” Laura asked and her stimulation still on hold letting just let the turgid member throb in her mouth and hand.

“Oh, no.” Peter answered quickly, “She’d never go out with me.” And as his disappointment came into mind his taut shaft relaxed slightly.

“Why not?” Laura asked as she began massaging his scrotum, and started mouthing his gland again and between slurps remarked, “I’m sure if Becky ever saw your big cock, she would fall in love with you. I want you to close your eyes and think about Becky, I want you to pretend that she is the one putting your big hard cock into her mouth, and that it is her throat that will soon get soaked with your hot thick sperm.”

“I suppose you are right…?! but can’t I please…? Please I want to think of you? I like you, and it ‘has…!’ been you that has been drinking my cum these last few weeks.” He cajoled then grabbed two handfuls of Laura’s black hair and pulled her face to his curly hairs shoving his penis deep into Laura’s throat.

“I’m sure if Becky had your dick cumming in her mouth she suck your cum down.” Laura argued after catching her breath from a soft gag and cough.

“I don’t know about that.” he said doubtingly, as his penis turned semi-flaccid, “She looks and acts like she is afraid to get it on her face much less in her mouth.”

“Do you know what Becky would do, if she were here right now?” Laura asked softly as she quickened her ministrations.

“No.” he gasped nervously, “What would she do?”

“Well.” Laura replied under her breath, “she’d do this.” Laura dropped her head, and took all of Peter’s cock into her warm wet mouth, pressing his testes to her chin with one hand and fingering his anus with the other while nuzzling his pubic hairs with her nose.

“Oh, God…! Yesss…!” He hissed through clenched teeth, “That feels incredible.” As Laura swallowed the full length several times, and then suckled on the head as Peter’s rigid shaft swelled and pulsed in her hands and then singing out added, “Oh…! Oh…! Right there…! Just under the head of my dick, oh yeah, right there, mmmmmmmm, Yesss…! Massage that thick skin!”

If there was one thing that Laura adored, it was having a young hard cock full of sperm, to suck and swallow, a cute teenage vagina full of nectar to suck on and drink was nice too. Peter had one big cock and sack full of testicles to match for his age, and he gave them to her eagerly. She had sucked the head enough to make his precum start to flow into her mouth, and she noisily swallowed every drop.

He wasn’t physically imposing. He only weighed one hundred forty five pounds or so. Laura was fixated on his big hard dick she always measured her boys to see how they compared; and Peter had a thick, seven and half inch boner. It wasn’t just the length and girth of his dick that put him in the top-ten list; or the size of his testicles, nor was it the copious amount of semen, but the explosiveness of his ejaculations. She had never seen another man cum as much or as powerfully as Peter did during orgasm; one time after having sex in bed she found a thick rope of semen oozing down the wall, she mused as she looked at it slowly sagging and thought it had to have landed there after he accidentally slipped out of her vagina. Even during a second orgasm, it would explode into her mouth faster than she could swallow or surge out and run down her thighs when it was inside her vagina.

He was very highly sexed; it took three months of once a-day sessions, before Laura was finally able to suck him for extended periods of time, without peter ejaculating in the first few minutes. Although he gained a modicum of self-control, over these past months, he was still just a young man, as far as sex was concerned a very eager young man. Just then Laura felt his cock turn hot, and sperm oozed into her mouth. Then Peter’s whole body stiffen, he exhaled loudly several times as explosive torrents of hot cum gushed into her mouth and down her throat. It squished out between her lips and Peter’s pulsing shaft and spilled down Laura’s chin and neck. Laura grunted softly as she greedily swallowed the hot copious surges of sperm, and slurping loudly as she gasped for air. When Peter finally stopped cumming Laura slid his full length deep into her throat and held it there until she needed to breathe.

“You did especially good for waiting a whole week.” Laura cajoled, “How did that feel, Peter?” she asked softly then started suckling the head of his still erect penis.

“I saw stars.” Peter excited exclaimed and then adding, “I thought my toes were going to burst, and that you were sucking my guts through my penis.”

Laura purred contently, “I’m glad it took as long as it did. You taste wonderful.” And then she sucked down another healthy post-climax, squirt, milking his shaft with the fingers of her right hand, massaging his scrotum with the other, and suckling with her mouth.”

“Oh Laura.” he panted, “You know just how to do me. I swear it feels like you’re sucking my whole body, through my dick.”

Chuckling softly under her breath, Laura asked softly, “Do you think I’m better than Becky?”

“No question about it she’s just a nice fantasy, fantasy.” he replied and then added, “She is nice and all and I like her even if she is afraid to get gooey. The tension began to grow anew. Peter looked down at Laura resting her forehead against his stomach and tenderly ran his fingers through her hair and whispered, “There is more cum in my penis, please milk it some more. “You know… Ooohh…! Yesssss…! That feels nice. You know we never made it out side.” He moaned raspyly while his shaft was deep in Laura’s throat and her nose in his curly hairs.

“Yea that is okay.” Laura purred then placed Peter’s turgid penis half way into her mouth, and with her lips she gripped it as tight as she could, as she encircled the base with her thumb and fore-finger of one hand, with the other she firmly squeezed both testes again, and then slid her thumb up the length of Peter’s tube, and sucked his gland causing him to gasp loudly and his knees to quiver.

“I’m sure she is one of your fantasies, but she is very real too,” replied Laura after swallowing more of Peter’s sweet sperm, and then slithered on top of him and with hands free deftly slipped his hard member into her womb. “If she were here right now, what would you do to her?” Laura asked teasingly while stroking his hardening penis with her undulating body.

“I guess I’d slip my hard penis into her.” Peter replied, as he pushed it deeper into Laura adding, “I’d love to get on top and just ride her hard!” and began to flail as he pumped feverishly into Laura’s eagerly waiting vagina.

“Mmmmmm, that feels wonderful.” Laura replied as her body responded to Peter’s pistonning and as she started to buck into his thrusts asked, “Wouldn’t you want to suck her sweet little pussy first, and taste her sweet juices? You do remember what we talked about how best to use your dick inside a woman?”

“Oh, yeah. I remember.” he answered breathlessly, after a moment of thought, He said slyly, “I’ll bet she does have, a sweet tasting, little pussy! Eee…! Ya eee…!” Peter sang out loudly as Laura’s body coaxed him to another orgasm, panting for every breath Peter’s body relaxed under Laura’s slowing orgasmic dance.

“Yes… I do.” came a voice from across the room cutting through the gasps of spent passion, “It’s sweeter than any pussy you’ve ever dreamed of. I promise you that!”

Peter jerked his head around in surprise, wondering who, else was in the room. Much to his surprise and delight, there stood Becky Gains, with just her white cotton panties on! “What are you doing here, Becky?” Peter gasped and stuttered from the shock, and while his dick was still inside Laura’s womb it turned hard as steel and pulsed to his heartbeat.

“I just wanted to see this super cock, for myself; the way Laura’s been prattling on about it for the past month and a half, well I’ve dreamt of nothing else.” Becky crooned, and as Peter stood Becky’s eyes grew wide and blinked, a drool slipped passed her lip, as she spoke, “I can see, she hasn’t been telling lies Laura has been teasing me about it every time she sucks my pussy.” Becky paused to look at Peter with a beaming smile, and then gazed fixedly at his erect penis watching a stringer of sperm form and stretch from it’s flared head, and at the base of the shaft and his huge shiny wet scrotum that held the eggs Laura cackled so about. Becky gasped as the stringer slipped into Laura’s waiting mouth and with a loud exaggerated slurp it vanished.

Peter seemed, to be a bit tongue-tied but obviously primed for action, so Laura interjected, “Oh, don’t let her intimidate you Peter, she’s got this nasty habit of acting like a smart little bitch, but she begs for more when she gets her sweet little pussy sucked on and warmed up.”

As the dazed look of surprise was replaced with a sly smile Peter sounding amazed said, “I would have never guessed you were into swinging Laura.”

“I have a wide range of tastes; and my age has not effected my appetite, just my looks.” Laura brayed as she looked at Becky she added, “its Becky that got surprised at how quickly she began to fawn for my ministrations but like me it takes a hard throbbing cock full of sperm to slake our thirst.”

Becky took her place next to Laura smiled and cooed, “Au Laura you know you are still a very beautiful woman and right too there just isn’t anything quite like a cock gushing sperm into my womb.” and stuck out her tongue at Peter in a mock put down; and gave Laura an open mouthed kiss, suckling on both of Laura’s lips and then sliding her tongue into her mouth sealing their lips for a long passionate kiss. When Becky finely looked up smiling she looked right at Peter’s erection, bobbing up and down in perfect rhythm to his heartbeat, and his huge hairy sack swaying as he wriggled.

“See, what did I tell you.” Laura exclaimed softly as she diddled with Becky’s clitoris adding, “Just look at the incredible size of those balls, and the girth to his dick,” and then teasingly added, “He came twice but he is ready to cum again.”

“Oh! My! God those are huge can I touch them, I want to touch and squeeze them?” Becky murmured, her eyes glistening and her breath, becoming louder, as she made glancing looks between Laura, Peter’s face and his scrotum.

“You’ll have to ask Peter.” Laura whispered back to the now shivering eighteen years old.

“Please, Peter,” she begged, as she fingered her clitoris too, “Can I hold them just for a minute?”

For the first time since Becky had sauntered into the room Peter realized that it was she who was in need not him; although he wanted to ride her and ride her hard, he knew instinctively she was his for the taking. So he motioned with his hand saying, “Sure, honey, go right ahead, be easy at first, and use both of your hands.”

Gratefully Becky reached out, and caressed his hard cock, and testicles with her soft little hands, bringing a low moan from his throat, that turned into a full fledged groan as she squeezed his solid shaft sucked the big smooth head into her warm mouth, milking it with her hands as it slipped in and cooed as more of his post ejaculate spilled into her mouth.

“That’s my girl.” Laura said softly while sliding her hand into Becky’s panties and fondling all of her sweet genitalia.

Becky’s face turned a soft red as she looked on while Laura lifted up her dress, sliding her free hand into her own panties and started fingering her own hairy pussy, and cajoling musically said, “That’s my good girl, suck him off, he just loves cumming in a mouth, oooohhhhh…! God, girl suck him all the way in! He’ll cum for you Becky just milk those huge balls.”

Peter had been sure that never in his life would he find a woman to compare with Laura. Much to his delight, the delicate little blonde was now using her smart mouth to swallow his throbbing penis, pushing it to the back of her throat and down. She was massaging his scrotum with one hand, milking his shaft with the free one, and exquisitely suckling his gland with her wonderful mouth. She was good but not Laura’s equal, and in some ways better her throat was smaller, but Laura knew exactly how to make a man feel really good and cum. If this were a few months ago, Peter would have already blown his load, into her hot little mouth. Now he has, a little self-control, and plus Laura had already milked his seed twice.

He gently pulled Becky off his cock, and after giving her a lingering kiss, he sucked and bit both of her lips Peter quietly ordered, “Take her panties off Laura, I want to watch you suck on Becky’s clitoris, and nibble on her sweet little pussy lip!”

Laura slid Becky’s panties down exposing her smooth bottom, kissed each cheek, looking at Peter and then slid them the rest of the way off, throwing them on Peter’s face and he caught them with his teeth. Laura wrapped her arms around Becky and pulled her to the stool in front of her; Laura then parted Becky’s thin pink labia with her finger and thumb and as she peeled back Becky’s clitoral hood with her thumb she beckoned Peter to look, as he drew near to watch she sucked it into her mouth. Becky howled and groaned, her soft white skin turned red and bristled with goose flesh and turned slick with sweat. Becky entwined her fingers in Laura’s long shiny black hair began to buck her hips into Laura’s face grinding her vagina allover her face gasping, and groaning loudly. Becky’s own face twisted as if from agony while her body flexed and unflexed from the raging orgasm racing throughout her body and then Becky swooned, her face turned soft, her groans turned to cooing and then silence.

With a wave of her hand a nod from her head towards Becky’s clitoris; “Quick!” Laura ordered, “You’re going to miss her sweet love dew, I saved some for you.”

Becky was almost hyperventilating as Peter put his mouth and suckled the sweet creamy fruits of her passion, and in an overt display of lewdness lying on her back cradled in Laura’s arms her legs splayed widely as did her toes, with one leg held high another held low, her hips tilted upward in an open invitation, to Peter and Laura’s hungry mouths and racing for another orgasm. The creamy beads clung to Laura’s finger as she swished it over the bright red labia, and Peter joining in and licking them from the pliant folds with his tongue as Laura nibbled the soft flesh of Becky’s thigh.

Laura running her fingers up, and down the length of Becky’s genitalia covered by her downy hairs, opening her labia enough to see inside she whispered, “Jesus…! Peter…! She’s about to come again! Just suckle on her clitoris like I told you.”

Compared to Laura’s huge raven black hair covered vagina, Becky’s was small, tight, and pink and covered with blond downy hairs that barely had a single curl to them; though Laura’s vagina was big she had perfect muscle control and could squeeze a persons baby finger and they both had just the right amount of plumpness, to drive a man crazy with lust!

“Keep sucking my pussy you bad boy,” and added as she placed a hand on the back of Peter’s head, “Laura has been teaching you what good pussy sucking is.” She paused as she bit her lower lip and Becky’s breath gust through her nose cried out “I’m close, I’m so close.” Becky panted while running her hands all over her breasts and then over both of her lovers.

She was somehow in control, and out of control. For the time that was all right, cause both Peter and Laura were hungrily eating her sweet pussy cream. Becky’s groaning moans filled the room as both lovers pleasured her with their tongues snaking out and into her vagina, on and around her hardened clitoris, while Laura licked and nibbled on her labia. Becky’s body began lunging from another shattering and wet orgasm; her pussy juices squeezed onto their cheeks and chins, like a floodgate had opened. Both Laura and Peter slurped up and swallowed as much of Becky’s creamy juices as they could. Soon Becky’s gasping cries turned to urgent demands.

“Oh…! God, suck me!” she demanded while grabbing Peter by the back of the neck forcing his mouth harder onto her opened pussy, “Ohhhh, Peter, ohhhhhhhhhh…! God! Laura; don’t stop.” She gasped as her body undulated between Peter and Laura. She went silent as her body arched, legs lifted, and spread wide, and her toes splayed. As Becky lay there breathing heavily and running her hands over her body and gazing at Laura and Peter dreamily.

Providing one climax with his mouth was a good start, as far as Peter was concerned. He looked at the two of them Laura was teasing Becky’s hard nipples with one hand and kissing her ear, and swirling her fingers inside Becky’s wet vaginal opening. Becky smiling dreamily still gulping each breath, Peter could see she was getting ready to cum again.

Laura looked at Peter smiling wetly, and whispered, “She may have just climaxed but she is ready to cum again so mount her Peter use your penis like I told you.”

Peter slid quickly up covering her body with his kisses, while Laura reached for his cock, and rubbing it against Becky’s clitoris until she started gasping loudly then guided it deftly into, Becky’s hot, wet pussy. Peter drove it in, just past Becky’s labia, and then worked his gland with short fast rhythmic pushes. With Laura’s suckling Becky’s earlobe and teasing her nipples and Peter’s flared gland stretching her labia Becky reached one very wet orgasm. As she bucked and squirmed between them Peter felt Becky’s vagina dilate and, hot juices squirt all over his seven and a half inch cock, and with several loud gasps her sweated body went limp again.

Peter knew; it was his turn now, and pushed until he achieved full penetration, with both of their pelvic bones were pressed together he took her upper lip and suckled it into his mouth. He put his full weight on Becky freeing up his hands. Peter searched for Laura’s breast squeezing it firmly and kissed her warmly, then watched Becky’s face, with his hard cock pressed deeply, into her groin. Peter gave a slow full-length slide burying it deep into her making her gasp loudly. He ground his pelvis against hers trying to get deeper. Peter started pistonning the full length his dick inside Becky’s vagina. The hot little girl’s thighs spread wide and her hips thrust upward to meet Peter’s downward thrusts, in just moments Peter began to moan raspyly, and lunging without rhythm, as his sperm spewed into Becky’s womb and squeeze past his shaft dripping onto Laura’s black pubic hairs then silence. Both Becky, and Peter spent their youth-full lust together, and they rolled off Laura and the two of them lay there quietly.

Peter lay between Laura’s legs resting his head on her breast and Becky was nuzzling Laura’s neck and kissing her ear. Becky looked up with an impish grin and nudged Peter with her foot. When he looked up she motioned subtly with her head, grinning slyly from ear to ear. Peter knew what she was saying; it was time for them to give Laura a working over. Laura was gazing, with her eyes half closed, as she rubbed Peter and Becky’s juices into her hairs while fingering her vagina. She didn’t cum yet, but just the same Laura was in an orgasmic haze too, after helping the two young teenagers cum.

Becky slid her tongue over and under Laura’s lips as she moved her sleek smooth body on top of her, and began squeezing Laura’s large soft nipples turning them hard. All the while Peter was kissing and sucking the pliant skin on Laura’s thigh, and working his way up to her raven-haired pussy, leaving large red hickeys at each stop. Her large meaty labia had turned bright red as they began to swell and fan out and Laura’s thumb sized clitoris was now erect and pulsing. Her vagina had dilated to a roundish opening, and a shimmering thick cream slowly seeped out forming a glaze over her labia and black hairs. Laura’s breasts heaved as she loudly gasped and her body arched as Peter sucked her clitoris into his mouth, and buried his face into her thick, long, black hairs. Becky muffled her moans with an open mouthed kiss, slathering her tongue inside Laura’s mouth. Peter slid two fingers into her anus and swished his thumb over her labia. Both ministrations were quickening Laura to orgasm; her mature clitoris pulsing, legs fanning, and toes wriggling. Peter’s thumb’s rhythmic brushing her labia caused her abdomen to surge inward and then distend, her vaginal walls dilated. Laura shuddered and stiffened as her genitals erupted in a simultaneous explosion releasing a torrential flood of cum, sweat, and urine, and Laura went limp just as they did.

“Good God…!” Peter gasped while resting his soaked head on her sweated thigh next to her still gaping pussy, and sighed, “I swear your both trying to kill me!”

The two women slid together, cuddling and kissing each other, and both Laura Becky ran their fingers threw Peter’s hair.

Deeply, Laura sighed, “Yeah, but what a great way to go, right, Becky?”

“Right Laura.” Becky purred.

“That is exactly right Becky.” Laura dreamily echoed.

“Ooohh yeaaahh you girls are right on…” Peter crooned as he kissed all four thighs


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