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Weekend Surprise

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The week had been pure hell. Work was driving me up a wall, and I was beginning to fear that I would soon lose it. I had enough stress to supply the eastern seaboard for life. Anyway, it was Friday night, and I wanted to put the week behind me. I picked up dinner on the way home, and fought my way through the evening traffic.

My wife Anna opened the door as I tried to fish my keys out. “You’re late.” She said simply.

Jesus, I didn’t need this shit. I drug myself through the door, an obvious look of displeasure on my face. “Traffic was fucked. I brought dinner with me.” I said sourly. Boy, the weekend looked just like my week.

Anna stopped me and gave me a hug from behind. She knew how bad the week had been, and had only been teasing. “Hey, don’t be so grumpy. I have a great evening planned out. One that I know you will like.”

Anna took the bag of food and went to the kitchen while I shucked off my coat and bags. I glanced at her as she left. She was dressed in a short black slip, apparently ready to relax for the evening. “Go ahead into the living room. I’ll bring dinner in there.” Anna called from the kitchen.

I was pleasantly surprised as I walked into the living room. A warm fire was churning in the fireplace, and the sweet smell of incense filled the room. The fireplace provided the only light, leaving the room bathed in a soft glow. The floor in front of the fireplace was littered with our collection of soft satin pillows. I sat down and relaxed amongst the pillows, and bathed in the warm heat of the fire.

“I was hoping that you would take the hint and use the pillows.” Anna said as she came into the room. She was carrying the food on a platter, with a warm smile on her face. I looked over the platter as she sat it down on the pillows. The bag had been sealed when I picked it up, and I didn’t know what she had ordered. The platter was full of strips of chicken, chunks of an assortment of vegetables and small bowls filled with sauces. I was looking at the platter when I heard a noise coming from the kitchen.

“What’s in the kitchen?” I asked Anna. She smiled at me as she settled down into the cushions. “That’s the wine being poured.” She said with a wicked grin.

I was about to question her further when a throat cleared. I looked up to the doorway, and there stood Anna’s friend Claire. She stood for a second, holding a large glass of wine. The glass was more like a goblet, and easily held an entire bottle of wine. I quickly noticed that she was also dressed in a slip like Anna, but the color was red. Claire is nice, but it now seemed like what could have been a romantic evening was shot.

“Hi Mike. Anna told me you had a bad week, I hope your weekend gets better.” She said as she came over to the cushions. Claire made herself comfortable on the cushions, still holding the glass of wine.

“Yeah, it’s been pretty rough with all the downsizing and all.” I replied

Claire nodded her head and smiled, Anna smiling as well. I was beginning to suspect that something was up, but I couldn’t be sure. I reached out my hand to take a piece of the chicken from the platter, but Anna slapped my hand away. “That’s not what I have in mind.” Anna said. “Claire helped me with some housework this afternoon, and we got to talking. I thought a nice relaxing evening would be good for you, and she had a few good suggestions as well.”

Anna scooted off the pillows and retrieved a box that had been conveniently hidden alongside the sofa. She tossed the box in my lap. “We’re already nice and comfortable for the evening. Now you need to go and change into what’s in the box.” She told me, still grinning like a Cheshire cat. I glanced at Claire who was also grinning. It was just like the two of them to come up with something like this. I decided to play along. There was no reason not to.

I stopped in the bathroom to freshen up, and then went to the bedroom to change. I thought about everything as I stripped my clothes off. I would have thought this the beginning to a wild night, but I knew both Anna and Claire. Anna wasn’t into the girl thing, and for all of Claire’s flirting, she was harmless. It was a shame, because Claire was very interesting. She was petite like Anna with an innocent look that belied her risqué nature. The girls were close friends, and had been so since high school. Even if I were the kind of guy to sleep around on my wife, who I wasn’t, it wouldn’t be with Claire. They were the best of friends.

The box ended up containing a pair of satin boxers ad a matching robe. The outfit was comfortable. It was loose and flowing, with plenty of room to move around. I came back into the room to find Anna and Claire talking. “Wow, that fits pretty good.” Anna exclaimed as I settled back down amidst the pillows. I reached for a piece of chicken, and Anna knocked my hand away again. I was about to protest, but she scooted around behind me. She pulled me back until my head was leaning against her breasts. They were soft and firm, so I had no problem.

“Now, lets try and eat.” Anna said, reaching around me to the platter. I watched as she took a piece of chicken and dipped it into one of bowls of sauce. She then brought it to my mouth, which I opened gratefully. The chicken tasted great, and I chewed contentedly as Anna retrieved another piece. She took the next piece and offered it o Claire, who opened her mouth. I hate to say it, but it was pretty interesting to watch Claire open her mouth, her tongue swaying as she accepted the warm meat. I tried to clear my head. My cock had found it a pretty interesting sight as well. It stirred, and I didn’t want things to go any further. In erection in satin boxers is way to noticeable.

I tried to just relax and enjoy dinner as the two women fed each other and me. Claire offered me a sip of wine. She held the glass to my mouth and tilted it. It’s not that easy to drink when someone else is holding the glass, it’s especially difficult when looking into the eyes of an attractive woman. A few drops of wine dribbled down my lower lip when she pulled the glass away. Before I could react, she pressed a finger to my lips, dabbing away the excess. I watched as Claire sucked her finger and smiled.

Dinner continued, and I found myself even more distracted than before. I was well fed, but I was concentrating on watching the two women more than eating the food that was being given me. Both Anna and Claire giggled and made little sounds while feeding each other that made keeping my cock down very hard. I was both relieved and disappointed when all of the food was gone.

“That was pretty good. Are you enjoying yourself?” Anna asked me.

I let out a long sigh and stretched. “This has been pretty damn good.” I exclaimed.

Claire grinned. “We thought this would be fun.” She said as she leaned back on her elbows. “I’m kind of curious. What else do you want to do?” She said, her hand toying with the hem of her slip.

“Yeah, what else honey?” Anna added.

“I’m not sure. I’m enjoying just relaxing like this.” I said, playing it safe.

Claire looked at Anna. “I think he’s not being very honest. I think his mind is on other things.” She said, and Anna agreed.

“Maybe you didn’t get enough to eat.” Claire said. “Or maybe you just want dessert.” She added as she slid her hand down her leg. She slid her hand back up, and let her chemise rise, giving me a healthy view of her bare pussy.

“Well, it seems like you two have more than just dinner on your minds.” I said, not being able to take my eyes off of Claire’s apparently bald beaver.

Anna ran her hands over my chest. “Claire and I were discussing a book about woman’s fantasies that we both read. It was about realizing and expressing your fantasies. Seeing how we both have thought about women before, we thought it could be fun to try things out. That’s if you agree.” She explained.

“I’m game for anything you want dear.” I replied, feeling almost at a loss for words.

Claire must have been waiting for my approval, because she quickly sat up and crawled forward. She straddled my hips with hers and ran her hands over my chest and Anna’s hands. “Still think you can share? I’ll understand if you can’t” she asked my wife. Anna gripped Claire’s hands in response and pressed them into my skin. “We’ve always shared our clothes, and you’ve never ruined anything, so I trust you.” Anna said, a giggle in her voice.

“I think I feel Mike agreeing with us.” Claire said while wiggling her hips.

I had to agree. My cock had given up all pretenses and was flaring to full life. Claire was warm and soft above me, and the scent of her perfume was making me wild. I’m pretty sure that me attraction to her and long suppressed desire to have her added something to it.

I took the initiative and reached up to touch Claire. I ran my hands over her breasts. I gave each a squeeze, excited by their soft firmness and the newness of it all. I felt her nipples become instantly hard against my palms, and she let out a small sigh. One of Anna’s hands left my chest and joined my hands on Claire’s breasts. I let one of my hands lower as Anna’s took its place. She had a priceless look on her face as I glanced up and back at her. It was that look that every guy gets the first time he touches a breast. I could tell that the soft feel was exciting her. I looked back to watch as she stroked Claire’s breast, then gently pinch the stiff nipple.

“Oh god that feels good.” Claire moaned.

I pushed my hips upward and found the head of my cock lodged in the fly of my boxers. Claire felt the brief touch of skin on skin and slid her hips back and forth with approval. She reached down between us and wiggled her hand between us. Her hand wrapped around my cock and I wanted to explode.

“He’s ready. Can I?” Claire asked Anna.

“Yes, but I want to see.” Anna replied.

Anna slipped from behind me, leaving me to prop myself up on my elbows. She knelt next to my head and watched as Claire rocked back on her heels. I could almost taste the anticipation as Claire held my cock. She brushed the head against her lips, and it came away slick with her cream. A thick rope of juice connected us. She rubbed again, and then pressed down, forcing the head inside. I was going out of my mind. The sensations were familiar, but so different at the same time. After a few slow thrusts of her hips, she settled down on to my lap, and my cock slipped deep into her wet slit.

“Oh shit.” I moaned. Not being able to stifle my feelings.

Anna smiled down at me. “I take it that you approve?”

“Oh yeah?” I replied.

A squeeze from Claire made me lose concentration as she began to work the muscles in her pussy. She sure knew what she was doing. I was almost beside myself as she began to move with more force. She began rising higher, lengthening the strokes to the point that she was almost free of my cock before slamming back down. I wanted to hold out, but knew that the end was coming quick. Claire must have known it too, and stopped her thrusting, letting herself be content with my cock wedged full inside of her.

I moaned in half frustration, half ecstasy. I wanted to climax but didn’t want the fun to end too soon. Claire sighed and pulled Anna forward, locking them in a deep kiss that threatened to leave even me breathless. Anna was visibly shaking with need as they broke the kiss. I rubbed my hand against her ass and back, and felt her shiver.

“Mike can help honey. Let him have some.” Claire whispered huskily. I understood, and encouraged Anna by tugging on her leg.

Anna shakily climbed above me and settled her pussy above my mouth. I could smell the excited scent of her, and see the heavy trail of cream that leaked from her lips. I drove my tongue into her as she sat down, and held her hips like a lifeline. Her pussy was more than wet, and literally flooded my mouth as she wiggled her hips. I lost myself inside of her, sucking her juices and nibbling like an animal on her clit. I could barely make out her words.

“Fuck, eat my pussy damn it, eat it.” She growled as I did my best to comply.

My body reacted like it had been jolted by electricity when Claire started to move again. Her pussy was even wetter than before, and it set my mind on overload. Everything was beginning to move in one great blur. My whole body was rigid, and I gripped Anna’s hips so hard that she yelped from the pain. I buried my face in her cunt, slurping down her wetness like a dog. I felt her shake and moan, then felt her hips began to churn. She screamed when she came, and her cunt convulsed around my tongue, spraying my mouth with cream.

I kept licking as she came, causing her to shake uncontrollably. I knew she was going out of her mind. She tried to pull away, but I held her hips tightly, continuing to devour her creamy cunt. It must have made for quite a sight because I could feel Claire’s thrust becoming brutal and ragged. She was slamming down so hard that my pelvis was aching, but the pain only heightened the experience. She began to slam down with a force that took my breath away. I found myself gasping into Anna’s still twitching cunt. After three especially brutal thrusts, I felt Claire stiffen and yell. My cock felt like it was trapped in the crushing grip of a python. I wanted scream. I wanted to cum so badly that it hurt.

My legs thrashed as Claire slowly slid off, my cock achingly coming free of her cunt. I moaned as I felt a thick glob of her juices ooze out over me. I moaned again as she scooted down and I felt her cool mouth and tongue working against my cock. I thought that I was in heaven, at least until heaven arrived. Anna leaned forward and I felt her hand grip the base of my cock. Her tongue joined Claire’s and the feeling was exquisite. It was so good. Their tongues dueled and lashed against my excited skin until the moment came. My hips had begun to rise and buck on their own and then I felt them kiss. It wasn’t a normal kiss, but a deep searching kiss, with the head of my cock trapped in between. That was it! My body jerked and I felt cum surged through my cock and spurt onto their lips. Each spurt felt as if it came from someplace inside that had never been tapped. I came for what seemed lie forever, the sensations causing my by to lose all control.

They continued to suck and lick long after I had ceased coming, leaving my to groan and nurse on Anna’s delicious cunt. I was exhausted when Anna moved from atop of me. I knew I had a goofy grin on my face, but couldn’t help it. I watched as the girls shared some wine, and then accepted a drink myself. We then relaxed beside the fire, one sweaty contented pile.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself.” Anna said while lazily running a hand through my hair.

“Oh Yes I did.”

Claire smiled and grasped my cock in her hand. “I thought you would. But you never asked what all of our fantasy was.” She said.

“I thought your fantasy was to play around with each other.” I replied.

“Oh that’s one of them. But we each want a few other things.” Anna answered.

:”Like what?” Hell, I was getting curious again.

Claire released my cock and stood from the pillows. I looked at Anna and gave her a kiss. “If all of your fantasies are this good then I am up for anything.” I told her.

“That’s good, because we have a busy weekend ahead of us.” She said with her same smile.


“Yes, we have so much we want to do. Beside, you won’t be doing all of the work.” She said.

What did that mean? I wouldn’t be doing all the work? I got my answer quickly. I heard Claire come back into the room, and looked up at her. My mouth was wide opened as I stared up at her. She had removed the chemise and was naked except for the black straps around her waist holding the very real looking cock dangling in front of her.

“Ooh your mouth is already open, that’s perfect for the first part of my fantasy.” Claire chuckled as she stroked her shaft.

It seemed like I was in for quite a weekend, but that’s a story for another time.

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